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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 13, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> sfroon police a looking for back at the intersection of an californiand 30th avenue in the sea cliffneigorhood. buthe onlyust reporte the asult october
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she said a man matching this etch asked for direction directions she told police she got int his car to show m. that's whe the man took h t the dead end road and attacked her. police say the sman a white man, 25 to 28 years old, 5'8" inches tall and 1880 pous with a wide se. san francisco poli want you to call them if you saw or heard anythi. in san jose tonight, relatives blame an alcohol fuelled fight for san jose's 40 homicide of the yea last night, police wer called to the victim's hom on san antonio stet near the onramp for 680. the son and daughterdentify torres who wked as handy man. they say he and his adult stepson fought while drinkg last night. relatives the stepson deny at he was drinking atll. poli are not commenting. >> do you know what to dohen you see flashing lights from a ambulae or fire truck in your rear-view mirror ll, you should.
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ther drivers are ignoring the law or just unaware. because nta clara county is tea spendi money to teach you what to do. that's kind of driver 101. >> yeah, for some ofs that was a long time ago. t you know, you are supposed to know that. and in an energy emergency every second cnts. >> themt behind the wheelf this ambulance i naviging around drivers who either don't know to pull right and stop when they see lights a hear sirens, or they just don't care to. >> people do everything. they wl lock up their brakes in front of us. they'll pull to the right, pull to the left. they'll rn sidews. >> and that can delay response times. toda this crash between school bus and a minivan, as was this medical emergency at an east san jose high hool, but in som cases, every cond
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matters. drivers we tked with say there'no excuse for not knowing what to do. it is on the california driver's licenstest. >> they pass their driver's ed test, they should kn what to do. i think people are too mucin a hurr >> i think they have the radios on or they're talk on the phone d sometimes it's harto hear. >> that's e reason for these public service announcements that are hitting t air i santa clara count to remind people to pull to the rht for sins and lights. >> ery year in santa cla county,e have 250,000 vehics going to emergency calls using red lightsnd sirens. it's important tt theublic knows they shoulpull to the right and stop. >>on't stop on the freeway, just make way so the emergency vehies can get alongside you. >> a new promise from jet
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napolitano during herirst uc regents meetingoday. she omised a tuition freeze, but will it be approved? the ucsf mission bay abus, which sdents had been fighting for. governor brown wuss by her side today as she laid out her vision for the uc system. >> i think we need to think historical about the between this state and the university. and the state and the university both have been thrgh some tough times. d we've seen this dramatic spiking in twu wigs. so i will be fighting and to make sure that tuition freeze acally occurs. >> first her proposal, but it needs to be voted on by the regent she's bankn new grants and state support to keep costs down for students. >> new fares tonight. treasure islan might be dangerously radioactive. the fe stems from a memo from
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the california department of public health tha says alarming amounts of radictive material has been found in live locions on the island. jody hernandez reports the ople responsible forhe clean-up, there's no reason to be afraid. >> jessica, the navy has been working clean up treasure island for years. in fact, youan see hazardous kwaes and caution signs u throughout the isnd. bu as you mentione a newly released memo is stirring up few fears. but the treasure island development authorit says those fes are unwarranted. >> we see all the people pushing thlittle radioactive detects around. and it's crazy. oen treasure island are feeling, after learning radioaive material was unearthedhere thisast spring. a newly released iernal memo from the california deptment of public health, radioactive
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fragments were fou at five separate lations. according to the memo, one fragment hadadiation levels so high that holding the fragment hair loss and possible uls uls ration. >> i don't let my son play on the ground for one. t i don't know, it scares me. it really scares me >> but robert beck with the treasure iand development auority says the information ntained in the memo is nothing new. there hasn't been a conclusion by anyone that tre is an imminent dangeor hazard to children or others the island. >> says the memo recommends further testing to determine the probability of children picking radioactive fragments. and he says those surveys are being done. t despite news reports, he claims nobody's found the se the information provided by the cdph memo haseen
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misinterpreted by t author. these are items thawere entified last spring that s discussewith residents last spring. and there isn't new information in this memo >> now there is a lot of confusion on whether what is ntained in the memo is new informatior not. this amp, as the lead state agency overseeing the clean-up, dtscs concerned about this ne information. with the california department of public health and the navy to determine the appropriate next step. again,he treasure island development thority says those steps are already bng taken, and the department o public health says as long as residents follow the guidelines th they're given to live here, that include not digging in the dirt, everyone should be safe. m jody hernandez, c bay area news
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>> still ahead, a fight on the docks thatould end up on your dinner table. e new squabble over ab and homuch it could impact the pricthis holiday season. plus -- >> that's when everybody went oohhh. >> 's the last thing you want to happenhen you're an hot reak. a power outage at the bay area newest casino. why the focus is nown one car. >> a who's watchin the air? w allegation against local air monitors that aren't doing enough to protect the air from xins. >> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist. we'll have details on on fogn the 24-hour forest. how ch tempetures will warm thursday coming right up.
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>> another people who monitor our air quality are under fire tonight. inspectorsre usi outdated standards w determine if fires
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are sending tox kick fumes io fires like the massive burn redwood city. a review with what she's uncovered. >> when theires break out, we're often told to shelter in place. officials withhe air quality nagement district say theyl head out andinvestigate. we look back over the past seven years of what they've actually done and how they punh the companies when they're found responsie for theseoxic fires. we found since 2007 there have been five major fires in the biggest metal shredders ticipate fires in t bay area. the fires erupted in redwd city, oakland, hayward a san frcisco. each time, the district responded by analyzing what was in the smoke. they're lookingor microscopic particles people don't wanto bring in because thosere pollutants that can collt in the lungand cause health problems. depending what the district finds, it can issue a max much of a $250,000 dpien. we found t highestinessues by the a drikts after one o these fires was20,000 f a
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public nuisance violation in 2007. critics say regulatio is weak d it is putting publ health at risk. >> ihink the regulation and things like fire is absolutel ined a kwut almost criminal.oint where 's i mean, we've got tdo a better job. everody says it's not myob. >> the penalty authoties that . were set in state law were set years and yearsgo. so they may have bn adequate years ago, but we've recognized that we need to strength those or make those larger. >> simms metal management told nbc bay area in a statement it has made improvements to its facilies to respond and prevent these incides. tonight at 11:00, hea what the bay area air quality management district officialsre saying about how they're trying to strength their authority in the wake of this cricism that they're not doing enough. reporting live in the news room, news.ick kwi nguyen,ay area >> thank youvickty.
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>> it's a neway to clean up the town. the s. environmental protection agenc demstrated a new graffiti clean-up method in san francisco thatses ice and crhed glass inste of chemicals to remove the paint. it's se safe for the environment and the alth of workers who also use it. an emergency at an east bay hospit, not a bed call one but a fa one. partner with a provider in order to keep the doorsopen. it's los $1.5 million monthly over the past two years. doctors medical center serves 250,000 people iwest contra costa county. is it a sign of things to come? a series of sll earthquakes in san ramon is rattling e communit earthquakes in the past week including today. the u.s. glogical sury says it's the most we' had in a while. the quakes brought a lot of people and reporters to the usgs
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headquarters tay, but it's not yet enough to cl this an official swm. >> a swarm is a series of et quakes, there could be 30, 40, sotimes as many as 35 earthquakes that last for a period of a week or up to six weeks. this quake's magnitude 3.4 say they don't consider anything unr a magnide 5 to register as a big quake. >> temperatures warmed up quit a bit today. there.ok like fall out the leaves changi, temperures feeling anything bu late july for the numbers. to 83 in walnut cre today. 78 in livermore. of sunshine for was a lot but right now that marine layer
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is really kicking it in strongl here across theolden gait bridge as we lootowards the noh bay. sheets o drizzle right now across as motorists cross so the windshield wipers are on. also tempetures drping about 15 to 2 degrees in just the past two hours alone. you can see the marine ler a little bit better here we look across the east bay back towards the bay bridge. it's up at aut 800 to 900 feet at the current moment. th will help keep those temperatures cooling off throughout this ening. right now, 62 currently in the uth bay. so let go look at our 24-hour forecast in which you will find as we head throughout tomorrow morning, low 50s for the south bay. by t noon hour, catapultin up some 20 degrees in the lo70s in the forast. a ltle bit chillier here in as we head throughou the noon hour71 expected. san francisco,lso expecting at lunchtime abou two hours of numbers rit near 70 degrees. looking prey good. now as we get the rest of the
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mic microclimates in here, nor bay, mid 70s around noon. sunny skies expected stlou the entire day and for the tralley, 76 as we head thughout noon a also 1:00. if you like that 76, i just kno you're going to love the rest of the trivalley's forecast. wee looking at 79 in san ramo 78 in concord, also 73 expected right there i berkey. as weook ahead towards this upcoming weekend, we are acking this system. that's not only going to increa the wind, but the potential ofome rainfall in that fecast. we'll break it dow for you coming up a little bit later. >> tha you, jeff. a teenager isaking on ple. one girl's gay rights crusade, taki it right to the top thousand apple is responding also --. >> i'm sam brock. you wereromised you would be safer when the governor sold you prison realignment, b some prisoners have described it as quote, a get out of jail free card. which of those statements is ue. tonight's reality check. why the answer is really both, ahd.
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it's affecting wholefoods. the recall covers sal lids made by glass onion catering. the richmon base compy detected e.coli in some of their salads. artichoke wheat berry and southwessoofoo sad. there are 15 cases of e.coli salads beginning back in tse september. >> police are stl searching r the driver who caused the por outaget the new $800 million casino. it hpened around :00 last nigh you see the flames here. the driver hit a utility pole anthe car caught fire that knocked power out at the casinond surrounding area. emergency lightsame on and
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gamblers were forcedo evacuation. >> just cashed out. i went over to cash in my dhek and the lits wept out. everyo went oohh. it looked nicer. a little darker. 1 out o 10 machis were running. the black ja table coveredup. >> unexpected excitement. the casinoas back in business about an hour later. the machines ca track how much money was left on the machines and people will be reimbursed. e investigationhat's unfolding here in the bay area. also, bay areannovation leading theway, this time when it comes to disaster relief. the product that could play a starring role in typhoon relief. >>nd how many peopl have really signed u for obama re? and he's admitted to smoking crack cocaine. today, a new confession by the mayor of toronto. it's all nexin world tonight.
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>> desperation and despair turning to ang and anarchy. there's widesprd looti now in thephilippines. t the officials aren't calling them thooes, just people desperatfor food. there's still an urgent need for supplies after a storm that killed at least 2300people. pra. >> prayer, supplies and volunteers are now flowing from the bay area to the philpine.
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right now, a vigil is und way in downtown san jose to honor the victi of typhoon haiy. >> the vils started a few minutes ago and we've already heard several songs including "amang grace." several community filipino oups plan to share their stories of how their relates have been impacted by the pho typhoon. many familmembers in the philippines are bating iless, infection and injury. so ty're glad to know medical care is on the way fromhe bay area. >> the wovrs may stille ahead as victims cope with emt treex hunger, contaminated water and infections. diarrhea is a daily problem, leading to potentially ddly dedration. that's whylex wong, ceo of libely pla to bring with him
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suitcases full of this anti-diarrhea product made by his company. >> we're hoping we can get seral thousands, tens of ousands of our products right now to the health corker wh they enunter diarrhea when and if they start to get diarrhea, wean giv this to em, stop it rig away and give it bac to work. he says one dose can stop symptoms in just a few hours. the pruct has already helped people in the aftermathf the 2010 earthque in haiti. those injured in the typhoon may also soon receive medical attention fromordan the redwood city urgent care doc pls to send a team of about 100 doctors and nurses in from the bay area provide a lg list of mical care. >> from acute injury, people lacerations.nes and
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so i'm an urgent care dtor so i caclean them up and sew them . we can try and help people with respiratory infectns, with e infections, wi skin infections. the philippines are wiped out and airports can only handle a few planes, s team is work on finding way to safety access the injured. e call for help is getting louder every someday. and the bay area is stening. right now speakers who e talking. to offer food for the victimsfox the typhooin the philippines. reporting live in s jose, nbc y area news. >>obama's health carplan is in trouble. we have theatest enroment numberin our world tonight. >> just ove 6,000 people
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enrolled in the obama ce health insurance plan plan if the first period from october 1 to november 2. th's the half low thaern the 500,000 thathe white house had hoped for inhe first month. quarter did so throu the technically challenged website. the rest sieped up through state exchges, incding california which had more people sign up th the federal website, about 30,0. and another 29,000 haveigned up since november 1. today on capol hill, website managers continue toay that i'll have all the glitches fixed by the december 1 deadline. pleading for time secretary of state jo kerry is asking the tougher sanctio on iran for its nlear program. e house already passed a bill and the senate appears to be itching to do th same thing. wmakers say it's an insurce policy for the u.s. to encourage iran to strike a dealr face the consequences. lasteek in geneva, a deal was close betweeniran, the u.s. and its european allies.
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but fell apart in theend. e next round of tal is scheduled on nember 20. the obama administration wants congress to hold off until kerry out a deal.ther chance to ink more admissionsymbattled toronto mor rob ford. not only has he cfessed to spoking crack cocaine, in today's city council meeting he admitted to buying illeg drugs. nearly every council memr asked mayor ford to take a leave of absence, but the mayor refused step asid he again insisted hel let votersecide if he should stay or go in next year's mayoral election. and that is yourorld tonight. >> tha u. a are on muni. a run ay train took off witht a driver from the castro station today. out 10:00 this morning, this vio shows the muni train stopd to load passengers. there was a pblem wit the doors so the orator hopped out to check. now, you'lle able to see t vest, neon vest.form in a the doors then close and the train, rel,ook offn
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automatic mode it rollsowards the forest hills stion for a quart of a mile. finally a passenger pulledhe emergency brakeo stop the train. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> do you thinkou canhrink the sta prison population by expect the people of california to be safe >> that wagovernor brown's pitcto the public after passing the prison realigent program. now a new report puts his claims to the test. >> good evening. the lchpin of reignment, what makest work is that state prisoners, primarily drug offenders benefit from better access to rehab and mental health tatment at theounty level. but an eye openingeport from stanfo law shows that most of those offenders are figing ou ways to avoid the treaent, make the vernor's claim of better outcomes flimsy,t least until at problem is fixed. >> the lookover realignment has
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ways been about public fety. >> n by letting thousands of additional places for ding incarceration. >> gernor jerry brown told us by moving some state prisoners to the countylevel, where they can take advantage of habilitative service, public safety outcomes wil prove. but ho can those outcome improve? >> realignmt is like a get oyou have of free card. >> gene is arguably theost informederson in the country on realigent. he team of stanford researche spent the last two years sudden dicanning the rean nement, community, from judges and home runs t inhates and probation officers. the unearths a very disturbing trend. only 24% of e plizners sentenced in california are
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actuly serving spliten tens, whicis to say they're not getting treatmt and incarceration, most are just electing for straight il time. and thoseentences are actually getting shortened because the jas are running out o room so less time ijail and no habilitation. inmates know they talk to one anher, they told us, they learn what percent of me they will actually do. so if they g a year sentence and they learn that they're only going to do 30 days. ey'll pusho take the year, knowinthat they'll actually get a huge discount. >> theffenders are finding the shortcoming in t system a >> kim rainey is one of the stakeholders interviewed by the are researcher. he eels also the psident of the california policehief associatio he says the higr crime rates we've seen the last couple of years in california can be attruted to a number of factors, iluding reassignnt. rainey holds out hope that realignment will eventually be great benefito counties and to the public,ut he says not
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before some much-needed twes like mdatory treatment for inmates. >> dsn't the whole stem kind of hinge on that? that'she hinge of the system. realignment roetd out so fast. now 24 months into it, hopefully some of those programmings will get intopolice. >> what we find was the fir ye was really difficult. so we are two years into realignment now and ihink the cond year looks much different for ese stakeholders, t police, theshiffs, the probation chiefs. i thinit's looking very diffent the second year. there are improvements recommended by the fol she interviewed. got dumped into the county just systems. that's already under wa but others lik enforcing drug and mental healt treatment for prisoners, thatequires legislative action d until our lawmakers take
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th step and address loooles tohe very heart of the realignment program, it's pretty tougfor the govnor to argue that you'reafer now tn you were two years ago. that's todas "reality check. back toyou. >> coming up, a hiday tradition around here, but the's a new challengeacing bay area crab fisher nen season. >> andhat netflix is doing to get you toatch even more. our cnces of some showers cong up i the weekend forecastn just a few minutes nice shot of the bay bridge.
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te giant apple has responded to a complaint by a b more sensitive.e cpany to whil write an essay about gay and lesbian rights. she looked at the definition of gain the dictionary or her apple ptop. sh found it's slang for foolish. >> i nev thoughtt would be recognized as the definiti. i responses good for you, you wrote a lettero the ceo athey responded. th's fantastic. >> a representative ologized promising to look into t matter. disappointed againecause after a week, the definition is still in apple's dictionary. >> it is a makeover for netfx, but wil it crease business?
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the company launched a new look for its video streaming service. tflix also promises faster load times so nmore waiting for yourhow to start. viewers will notic a large slide show of shows when they log in and also get more informion on recommend programs. netflix hopes this will keep viewers glued to the seen even longer. >> that's what jeff is doing with his big weaer wall. >> hour offense practicing. my feet hurt. i feel like an dancer ou there. >> let's take aive look outsid you can see it's mainl clear from ts view of th bay bridge. there is fog moving in across the downtown. across theolden state brge. details of what tt means for
6:41 pm
your forecast tomorrow and who could hit close to 80 degrees in just a few minutes. hey, m. >> 80 degree s. l right. coming up in sports, col kaepernickhe responds to one of his critics while terlle pryor was not tang first team plus, ban wilson went from one athletes to one of its most lohed. why the closer may get a secd chance in orange and bck. detail nex .
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this will be a happy friy for a lot of people around here. the cr season offially begins. but there's a catch. new regulations couldmpact the miss and availability. re's nbc's bay area joe risottjr. >> it's an age old bayrea fishing traditio bustling dock thes at
6:44 pm
fisherman's wharf just bere crab seaso rich fitatrick ready to throw their ck to mother nature. >> thisear is a go. morrow morning we'll be setting our gear. >> forklifts wizy and fill hoists with traps, all part o >> when you've been doing something so long it'sind of routine. >> but somethi about this ye's season, which ope friday, isn't radio teen. californiarabbers are under new regulations, limiting their number of crab trabs. e regulations were iniated by bay area fishmen who long complained large out of state boats hauling thousands traps were wieing t the crab population sooafter the season opened. >> of there would tend to be big glut at the beginning of the season and we would get the crab mopped upretty quick. >> larry collins said the large boats that once haed some 2,000 traps are now limited to 500. >> thishould slo things down
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a little bit. hopelly we'll have live fresh crab longer into t season. >> b some large boa operators aren't happy with the w regulations. one fisherman who who didn't want to be identified said the limits are unfair. >> you know, they nt to put restrictions just to get rid of you know, and they do that, too. ey've done it in the past, random strikes to get rid of the bilg guys. all it is aonopolizing of the local fleet. >> how limits will affectrice remains to be seen. fishermen will getbout $3 a pound for their catch. one processorays consumers can expect tpay about $5 a pound before thanksgiving. crabbers wl set out before dawn trsday morning to begin setting their traps. >> you watch the seagulls compe, the sea lions coete. well compete. that's just fe. joerosao jr., bay area news. >> it's called. rati chiahua air lift
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nineurry flour four-legged passengers for a cro country trip for their new homes today. the aspca will transport the do to new homes. overpopulation of chihuuas have l animal shelters to look to the east coast for help where demand.ahuas are in high >> it takes a while. so they sit inennels for a long period of time where the get adopted, wreas they're lining up the east coast to get them. oh, how cute. the pet liaison of virgin americ it's o, of course, the world' cutest dog. boo helped a red carpet seoff. this is virginmerica's fifth air lift. >> i'm shocked you're not a chaperon for thi flight. >> they should have invited me. me.t would have been perfect for >> would you not agree, ff?
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would be perfect. >> verperfect, i'm sure. les look at the weathe forecast. you may have a few delay across sfo. we do have the fog returning. looks like it's not going to be strong enough throughout tomorrow. decrease temperatures too much acss the east bay. we're going to s numbers going as we zoom in, most of that fog rit now across the san franciscoeninsula and also into the northboun where we cuently do have swa of a fog stm happening. temperatures in the mid 50s. and the fog line is clearly visible herehroughout the eastbound, looking back towards the bay bridge. and the towers almost cered at this point th means the marine ler is up to about 700, 800eet. many o you know the traffic in palo alto can be bad a this time of night. heading northbound.ts on101 so do be prepare nd in the forecast for tonig with that clear skies. microclimate forecast, we will
6:48 pm
ha a bit of cloud cov to start. but sunny skies, 75 in znl zj. for the peninsul also looking pretty good there. ase get a loo at theestf the microclimates, trivalley will be the hottest. numbers abo s two to four degre out where we should be this triem of year. now that we've got an look at temperatures, will it's see h e numbers are gng to shift as w head towards the next big pattern change. 81 in santa rose sa for tomorw is expected to drop as we head
6:49 pm
towards this weekend. 68 to 61. love the screen wh you touch it and itorks. which is 99% of the time. 76 for tomorro to an expected -- we're not going to get that one to wo. an expectenumber in the 60s. u're going to see high prsure gradually kicki off towards the south as we head throhout tomorrow. that's going to make w for this area ofow pressure b this weekend. as that gets closer, we are defitely going to get wd in the forecast. the big question still remains, the infall. we'll ge to that in a moment. buts f buts for as far as the wind es, it looks like it wl be the strongest as we head throughout saturday right up against the immediate cotline. if you are headed to th coastline, that's where it will behe worst.
6:50 pm
could see anywher from trace amounts to maybe 0.1 of an inch. buight now, most of the models at this point swing pretty mh nothing. yes, we are looking at a very slight chance of maybe a few year going to have to watch that stm closely because just a few ra drops will definitely be big news for us. if few showers in the forecast. guys. locks prett awesome, you >> it is what a few ys away before the kickoff. 49s and saints. a t of back biting. right? >> there is a lot going on. let bees gin with the 49ers tonight after last sunday's loss, they find themselves furtherer bend seattle for the top spot in the nfc west.
6:51 pm
hat led to cricism from trent dilfer who says kaepernick becomes remeal after his first options taken away in t passing me. cappkaepernick and h coach responded today. >> iidn't hear what h ehad to say but he' not in the building with , so wt he's saying doesn't really affect met l. i'm worried about what this team thinks and what i'm doing with >> he's doing a grt job. he's one of thos rare quarterbacks that can play and winning football a at a very know, time in his he's one of them that can do th, has done it. you know, it's -- there's evidence tt he's proven it. the raiders we go.
6:52 pm
pryorurt his knee november 3 in the loss 20 philelphia. heried to play in sunday's lo against the giants. as a collective effort, we go day to datomorrow, you eknow, i want to get out and see howt feels. >> i'll evaluate it again tomorrow and s how it's feeling. if he's hlthy enough to flay, he'll play but if not, we'll go th matt mcgloin. sometimes the injury is o a nature that you just can't battle through it. so we'll have to monitor terrell as we go throughhe weeknd see how he's feeling as thweek moves on. >> if you've bn wondering where ban wilson might land pinstripes., won't be wearing wilson eliminated the ykees fr his list of possie suit suors because he will not be shaving h signature beard to coly with the am'solicy
6:53 pm
with facial hair, but could the beard be coming fwak to the bay? the answer, maybe. but according to multiple rerts, the giants he intere in bringing wilson back to san francisco after psing on wilson last season. him.dodgers eventually signe d wilson posted a 0.66 e.r.a. with 13 striouts. the a's continueo spok file rsatile players. oakland who signedick punto who a one-year contract worth a reported $2.75 million. the 36-year-old oy hit .2 with two home ns last season and we end with some sad news. todd christiansen passed away is morning in salt le city due to complications from surgery. through the 1979 season and won two super bowlsith the silver and black. dd christenson was onl57 years old.
6:54 pm
>> we have great memories of christnsen. >> back in moment.
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>>hop till you drop. e chain annoued this week it will open its doors for black iday supeales at 5:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. so you're going to have to have turkey for lunch. traditionay, the friday after thanksgiving is on of the ggest shopping days of the year. merchantings have been rushing and ening times earlier and earlier. for a handf of other store
6:57 pm
ening also on thanksgiving eving. macy'sthe first time in50 ars they're going to open thursday night. afternoon. though, 5:00 >> at some point, we're going to have thanksgiving onednesday we can open up stores thursday. >> it's ruining the plan. you're sposed to eat twic >> g your favoritehristmas movie going on. >> can you take us outside before we ave? >> ian, yes. we definitely sr would like some rainfa. but we're not going to see that fotomorrow. the fog is going state there r the commute, but temperatures by the afternoon for the interior valleys definitely lookarmer with upper 70s to about 80 and also sunny skies. morning commuters, fog at the coastline, the peninsula, the north bay, sunny elsewhere. >> thanks for joining us. have a gat evening. >> bye-bye.
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alec baldwin' accus stalker arrest again. w on "extra." i'm fed up. let's go >> alec's bnde fatal attraction going back to jail as her explit-mails to alec are very revealed. i will fulfill yourexual fantasy. gave up everhing for her. her disturbg threats to alec's wife, hilaria. kim kdashian shut down an entire freeway, pulled over in her $200,000 rolls did she talk her way out of th ticket? "exa's" got miley's ex, liam, talki dating and swearing he single?


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