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tv   Today  NBC  November 14, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbcews, this is "tod" with kathie lee giffd and hoda kotb, livfrom studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody, othis kind of chilly wines day wednesday, november 13th. it's areat show today. we've been here a long time alady. >>es. you wereeasing your big piece that you'rgoing to have on. >> yesmy most inspirational. it was a continues to be the reverend bil graham. yone who knows him, insists on being cald billy, which is precious. i haven't seen it yet. looking forward to it. >> can't wait to see that. and from the hit n show "the
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black list." >> that is a runaway success. this is rely her breakout role. >> she's terrific. and we're going to talk to her about her hair. whether you le the wig she wears, or her own hair do. we'll talk about i les talk about our matt. >> out in los angeles, on his way back now. he was a very busy boy. >> he was. he was on no, which we'll talk about in a momt. he was on ellen, okay? we wonderelast time he was on ellen, he danced a little. >>llenets somebody to d something you don't usually see them doing, which is why it's such a great show. >> which also is what happened yesterday with matt. >> sexie accent on the globe is -- >> french. >> french. >> i like the brith. i like the southern. >> you do? >> yeah, i like southern. there's something about a southern >> she lived in the south for a long time, folks. >> there something about tha acnt that i just like. it's slow. it's sof
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>>t's seductive, yes, ma'am. >> we would like to apologize something. apologize. here's why. there's a global wine shortage. >> global ne shortage. it's coming. at was an actual tracript. i don't know what they're doing there. i think i saw that show. >> rlly? >> i did, yeah. that's not out of the ordinary. >> no, it is not. that wig was -- matt'sig was ful. >> really bad. really bad. remember the last time y and i did ellen, i took -- she had the huge glass of red wi in front ofe and i chugged the ole thing and you all fe for it. you thought it was real wine. it wasn't. >>o, it wasn't, indeed >>t wasn't good. it was grape jce. >> grape juice. >> it's kind of sad when they read our exact transcripts. and that's what it is. was that really it? >> yeah,hat was it. why did you go to college? >> i don't know. anyway, the whe thing will be on ellen's show today. >> today. >>heck your local listings. >> and matwas on jay leno. >> a lot of people have been asking matt about th bathing
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suit he wore for halloween and how it all came to be. >> andook so womanly. to look so -- >>e is truly a man and we know. >> oh, really? >> uh-huh. >> anyway, let listen. >> willie geist decid he would do david hasseoff and they needed a pam andern. so again,o big or go home. >> did you volunte for this or -- >> yeah. >> wow. oh, w. >> it's freaking my kids out. th say to me after halloween, dad, you're making it tough at school. you really are. >> how do yokeep everything in place in a suilike that? >> that is called e "saturday ght live" people andur wardrobe people call it a concealer. it's not what women wear under their eyes for wrinkles. it was a device invented during the spanish inquisition. this doesn't look like much, but this ilike spanx injected th plutonium. thishing is a little torture chamber. >> i asse you can have no more children after weari this.
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>>o, no, there are no more children. i had wear this for an hour and a half. it basically puts them whereou can't see them. >> right. righ >> and then you keep your fingers crossed when you take it off they come back. [ laught ] >> rht. >> wkept looking, too. kept looking. yocouldn't keep your es off him. >> you couldn't tell. well, speaking of man/woman confusion -- >>re you going to tell that stor hoda? >>o. okay. so, what happened -- okay. so we went oside. >> we went to say hi to everybody, vernice people. >> people are bundd up. >> quickly, we were sayi hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. we came up to a person and kathie saioh, my god, we have keep his hands warm. and then she took a doubleake and said her hands. >> she haduch a tight hat on and no makeup. >> and you couldn't ll. i'm not sure you're righ i'm not 100% sure.
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>> just wanted to warmp her hands,hat's all. >>you wanted to get a first look athe lovers? the lovers. if you're wonderi what that was going to look le on entertainment week. this is it. jamie dornan and dock oata johnson. >> in clothes, which i doubt they'll wear for much of the movie. >> he does he his tie wrapped around his hands, thatill be a ominent player, that tie, in the actual movie. >> yeah. >> anyway, i d't know how i pictured them. i pictured -- >> youead the book. i didn't. i was so busy reading my ble, hoda. and i didn't have time. i wanted to ask you, is thathe y you pictured christian grey and astasia something? i pictured him more as the goon gekko type. i liked michael douglas, like in that time -- >> michael dougl in "fatal attracti." >> oh, my gosh, i did. i like him in almost everything. the perfect muer. >> even like him in "last
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vegas." >> i got a thing about him. and don't know how i pictured her. >>he did apparently say she doesn't want her motheand fath to see this movie. that's what you and i talked about when i -- you kn, cas just finishe wrapped a second film this pastummer. i think about it all theime, what's goi to happen if she ev does something thathe's not going to want me to see. >> thiss a tough one tshoot. if you've read the boo i don't ow how you're going to shoot a lot of thamovie. it has to have an x rating, doesn't it? >> i guess. >> it ts theaters on vantine's day. >> do you know wt cracks me up? you read oneand that was enough for you. natali of all people, read all three books. >> a couple of times, i think. not just one read thugh. think she went back d went back again. >>nd joanne sent me -- told her i have no interest in reading the book. shsent it to me five times. i haven't read it. m not going to read it. >> lady gaga -- >> i saw y reading it. >> i did not read it. although frank -this is funny.
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frank was on a plane. he saw it at a boostore, one of those hudson news' something and he said what erybody talking abou he had no idea. frangets it. >> did he get it? >> yea he read abo two pages. >> h readome of it? yeah, it wasn't pretty. >> yeah. i said you walked around wh that? >> because everyone ows that cover. except for frank. >> so lady gaga,ou guys, is on the cover of "glamour" magazine. when that "glamour" award cemony -- was it last ght? no, night before. >> mday night. >> she got up and she spoke, i remember she got up there, all these kids were sgingnd she said i wish i didn't look so glamourous on the covef the gazine. i wish it sn't quite -- my hair didn't ok so soft and my skin so air ushed. >> and she claed she was airbrued by the -- >> the tone of her thing was
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you know what? she s bullied when she w younger and doesn't think anyone shou be perfect. when she showed up at the "glamour" awds with the white wig and pasty maup, part of it seemed like a bit of a statement. she did than"glamour" and said i can't thank the people from "glamour" enough. however, i wish the cover would have gon t malal who is e young pakistani girl. >> i wish the nobel peace prize had gone to he i think a lot of pple do. >> "glamour" mazine did respond toaga's comments. and here's what they sai it says we love the cover, whi captures exactly the way gag looked aour shoot. but we thi her bigger point, that women like malala are cer wohy is right on and we couldn agree more. we're proud of theiversity of the women we show on our pages and the dirsity of opinions they represent. frankly, gaga's willingness to challenge how american institutions think is a major reason we honored her to begin with. >> gd. >> a lot of srs talk about
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body image or one of those shows, on "acss hollywood" or one of those ows i was watching, jennifer -- >> jennifer lawrence. >> yea from -- >> she's, what, 22 yrs old? >> she sayshe's tired of women criticizinothers and let's take a listen to what she has to say. >> whegirls are so mean to each oer. 're so unsupportive. i watch these shows and the media and wah these women on the television shows pointing to these won and judging them a calling them ugly and calling em fat. it's just like, ere have we come? why are we he? why are we doinghis to each other? women that are not supportive of other women probably mak me the most angry. i was also a teenagewatching these older women who we role models and celebrities and looking up to them and i think that the media doeturn a blind eye to the responsibity that we he to set a good example for how talk to each other and how to rate to each other. >> every time e speaks i like hemore. >> i know. >> every time she ys something. >> yeah. >>here's something abo her. >>eah. >> "the voic was on last night.
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>> everybody performed, 12 people, right? >> there was an elimination. two people got c. >> oh,ear. >>irst, though, sarah bareilles performed. let's watca little bit of this. ♪ i wonder wh would happen if you say what you want to sayet the wos fall out honestly nt to see you be brave ♪ >> like her. >> a bun of the girls sang with her. whatappened yesterday watwo peop got eliminated. instead of showing you all of th -- keep in mind, mo people made it. there were three in the bottom tier. of thosehree, one got saved. one got savethrough twitter. >> okay. so people voted for one. t's see if we can choose which e made it out of theottom the. ♪ i wantou to know ♪ i'm starting wh the man in
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the mirror ♪ ♪ i'm askingim to change his wa ♪ ♪ and no messageould have been an clearer ♪ ♪ maybe i could cry for help maybe i could kid myself ♪ ♪ blame it on the a.d.d. ♪t's another day another day for you and me in paradise ♪ cause it's another day for you and me in radise ♪ >> what do you think? >> i think that america, twitter, wou have saved the second singer. >> that's what i was going to say. >> thas what was going t say. that person in the short amount that we had to see had the most dynamic performance. >> so were weight? the artist in thirdlace based on the instantave and,
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therefore, leang us tonight is jonny gray. ve him a round of apause, everybody. america instantly ved -- kat robichaud. >> that's just mean. >> that must seem like the longest time. >>he credits were rollg. the show was ove theyade you wait until t last sond. >> that's why i like watching it with you t next day. because i don't have to go through all at. >> one of the lents, jonny, he's going tcome sing for us. kathie lee is going to tell us all about the remarkable pson who inspired h. the one, the only billy graham >> he has been my dear frid for years. i can'wait to see what our producer, allie berger, put tother. itas a special day talking about him. and coming up,he's the
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break-out star of tv's numero uno drama. we'll chat with megan boone from "the blacklis" >> i like the short hair. >> first these mesges. [ le announcer ] this is mike.
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mike's being healthy and chewg like a man. with one-a-day vitacraves for me it's a gummy multivitamin... with more b vitamins, which lp convert food to ergy, anhelp mike do manly tngs, li wrestle bears and take out thearbage. get $2 off at >> more than 15 milon people tune in every weeto watch -- "the blacklist," tv's mber one new drama. >> what did you say? >> number one new drama. >> -- starring james spadeas a fugive who turns himself in and megan boone who plays an agent. although she may be a roie -- she's also one tou cookie. >> a rookie and a cookie.
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>> did you hear ? i said i need his new name. give it to mor i'll have your field office tr your practice apart faster than you can say tummy tuck. >> it's not always a cedy. how are you? >> pretty well. >> i would say, yes. 60-hour weeks you're working but yore on a hit showbaby. rking across from james and all the great actors on that show. it has to be lika pinch me. i can't believe it's happening to me. >> i don't fl like it's me. i feel like it's a mie unfolding before my eyes and i'm like, wow, that girl is really lucky. >> you've tually been working as an acess for a long time, han't you? >> yeah. i've been working in educational theater and ve grown up acting i with his a 5ear-old girl puttinplays on, on my back porch with mcousin, you know? >> right. >> it's always been a passion of mine. i love it. i think that this is all happening at the right time. i came together with this role. and --
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>> how did you get the role? how did that come to be? >> fought for it. i s like a little soldier actress. >> really? yeah, elbowing through the trenches. >> hundreds and hundreds of actresses for ese roles but you knew when you ad through the script that it was going to be magical >> i did. i call it like a tunin fork that goes off with me. i'm not the kind of person that i can thinof a role i would like to play. i don't ever project that but when i read it, i know. d i just knew. >> i'm sorry. just real quick. e hair, we need to get that vong going. >> theoting thing. >> how does hair look? >> i love it short like that. >> but your characteis wearing a wig? >> that's right. >> we nt to know, while wee talkinabout it, we want our viewers to gto
2:23 am
and vote. whether you like the shorter look? >> youave to see the side where it'sll sexy and flirty. it's so cute. >> or do you like the long and flowy look she h for the show? is it comfortable wearing at wig when you're acting or you noti it? >> sorry, were you asking a >> helps them get to character actually. >> i find it to be a nice ritual at the end of the day to tak the wig off, cleanhe makeup off, go home. >> and take the aracter off, too. >> leave work behind me. >> what does hpen when you go home, miss boone? >> i learn my lines for the next day. >> oh, is that right? >> then i go to sleep and i get up and i shoot thehow again. >> and on days that you're off, like today, you comend talk about the ow. it a grind, we know. we're glad you're here >> no, i'm glad i'm here, too. you guys are a blast. >> you sweet thing, where did you get that gorgeous complexion? >> i grew in florida. my fily's retirement community. >> oh. >> that's theibusiness, so -- >> okay. i grew up with golfart lanes, golf courses everywre you n look.
2:24 am
and a lot of wonderful family who is very supportive of me now. >> it looks like you've ver been o in the sun a day in your life, though. >> you look eat. >> i keep telling hoda. >> sunscen, guys. sunscreen. >> tell her,lease. >> we' going to find out right now, iediately. that's how we do. weighing in onour hair. would you like to kn what people thinks this. >> whado you think they sa? >> i think that th said short hair. >> that they like better? >> if i had to guess go short or stay long for the show, 55% want youo stay long for the show. 45% said short. so long the winner. >> are you sious? >> but it was cle. it was very close. >> okay. >> now if it was an eltion -- t it's not. >> thankfully. >> you look adorable. so happy for you. say hellto james for us, oka >> thank you. >> you can catch that hot new show "the acklist" on mondays, 10:00,:00 central right here on nbc. fun ga of "who knew" you'll want to take stocin with aery special guest. >> he sures. look out there
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it looks like we'rgetting a special delivery from the postal service, hoda woman. >> we can't tell y what it is. we promise you'll bepellbound. that a big old hint righ after this. ♪ ooh baby here i am of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on settingup an t with an adjust. ted is n on hold with his insurance company. maxwell isot and just confied a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is ill waiting. yes! maxwell isut and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later d! online claimappointments. just click away on
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it's gummies for grown-ups hoda and i are about to get a ve special delivery from the unitedtates postal service. if you're fan of the harry pott series, you're familiar with the owl post, the system wizas anditches use to delir mail. >> let's seehat we have here. >> ray! >> you have a packageor us? >>f course. >> look there and smile. thank you,e really appreciate it. >> it looks ke this holiday seon you'll be able to send yourwn magical card and letters with the new limited edition harry potter stamps. >> harry potter stamps. 're getting an exclusive look, but since there a a little small, therere 20 in this, we'll show you five of them.
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are you ready? >> t first oneis, go! >> there's harry >> harryotter. and the second one -- whoo >> hmione. >> bring it on down, sister. and -- >> whoop >> that guy. >> oh, that's dumbledore. >> and -- whoo oh, that's voldemo. and -- whoop! >> hedwig. we'rplaying a very speci "who knew." >> yes, we are. a very special --
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> we're back with mo of "today" on thiwines day wednesday. we're ready to play ho knew," toy wor marking the niversary of the dut of the first stock ticker with some ll street trivia. >> we are? >> yes, we are. kathie lee is across the strt at the nbc expernce store, ready to hd out 100 bucks to those who got the aner right. to tse who don't, they g kathie lee cd. w lucky are they?
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anyway, hereo help m out is cnbc power lunch anchor tyler mythisen, who we suld disdisclose, hpens to be the sband of our senior producer, joanne lamarca as heeveals moments befo -- why is your wife scared? >> i don't know. maybe i'll have get the answers wrong and have to go back with five kathie lee cds. i don't know. >>ould be. kath, over to you. >> tyler, i'm going to fget you said that, all right? this lovely lady is celebrating her second or 39th or -- she says she's 39 again. anyway, you're from pennlvania? yes. >>appy birthday. >>hank you. >>ere is your question hog, h-g, is the stock syml for which company? rmel foods? >> hormel foods. >> no, but you lucky birthday girl. the correct answer harley vidson.
2:34 am
>> harley dadson, the acronym for harley owners group and the big bikes calledogs, which originatedith a harley motorcycle group that raced and their mascot was a h. when they won,hey would put the hog on the bike. now you know more than maybe you ever wanted tonow about hogs. >> you're right. >> harley davidson, hois their ticker. >>ow are you doing, jone? >> what doespo stand for, invement plan option, initial public oering, immediate pap order? or income parity offeri. >> b. >> you a right, indeed. >> absolutely rit. that is the rst day that a company begins to sell its stock onhe open market. last week,f course, twitter, the most famous one. >> how is twter doing now? >> it's come down little bit from the firstrice that day, but up from its initial offering price. they raised about $14 biion, $15 billion. >> chump change. across again to kathieee. >> from arlington, virginia, in
2:35 am
the film "wl street,"ed said alof the following except: lifellomes down to a few moments. this is one ofhem. lunch is for wimps. debride for ck of a better word, is good. blue horseshoe loves anacott steel. >> the third one. >> no. >> no, no, no, no, no. it's a lovely, lovely good thing. >> t correct answer is, a, fe all comes down to few moments. >> tt is the one he didn say. my apologies whos from my wonderful hometown oarlington, virginia. michael douglas won the oscar for that, his portrayal of goon gekko, the 20th most -- 25th most memorable mov character of all time. is that right? >> yes. >> i didn't knowhat. backcross the street to kathie lee. >> of the followin who has not rung the opening bell at the new york stock exchange? ronald reagan, usher, the aflac duck or kathie lee and hoda? >> iope it was the aflacuck. [ buzzer ] >> no.
2:36 am
go, eny. >> the correct answer is us. we are thenly ones who haven't rung -- >> in that gup you're right bew a duck. but you d ring the opening bell, you two ran the opening bell over at nasdaq. >> yeah, we did. >> it was in 2009. >> that w a lg time ago. >> it was along another things the appearance omiss america on your broadcast. >> we have time for one more. >> marion, indiana. >> the bull and the bear are symbolic of wall strt. the bear symbolis when stocks are down becausehey squat down, swipe their pa down when fighting, are always grumpy or all of the above. i guess it's all of the above. [ buzzer ] >> i guess it's t. i guess you'rene lucky guy. >> good day for kathie lee. the correct answer is b. >> is there are lots of legends abou this. one of them that mostly s stuck is the idea that bears swap their bear down when they're battling their preand
2:37 am
bulls thrust upwards with their horns. if you buy that, you buy that. >> nice, tyler, you're the best. >> joanne? how did he do? >> heid very well. kathie lee's inspiration is probably familiar to you. we'll talk abo and to him. and "the biggest ler" trainer lvett. on how you canhange your diet and lose some weight over t holidays coming up afterhis.
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♪ > now to our specialeries "inspired by," sharing our person stories. of the people who haveade a huge impact on our lives. on tuesday i sharethe story of two pele who inspired me. today is yr turn. yes, it is, hoda won. i've been inspir by this person forearly 50 years. to me, he's much more than an inspiration. he is dear friend. and last week i had the privilege of cebrating his 95th birthy with him. here is a look at how billy graham changed myife forever.
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what a tragedy it would be, i tell you,f you we not saved! >> nothing is toe compared to the love of god. god can be trusted even when life seems a its darkest. what is needed is moral and spiritual renewal. >> i'vnever met, in my life, a more powerful man who is as humble as billy is. jesus said, i am thtruth. >> i was 12 yearold, almost 13. and i walked in the door wle my mother ansister were on their knees sobbing and i thought maybe the president had been killed or somhing terrible had hapned. and they said, no, they hajust watcd billy graham and both of them had come toaith by watching the power of his message through a televion screen. ♪ a few eks later "the restless ones" were playing through this theater.
2:43 am
it's aut a young girl on t cusp of when you sta to make big decisions in your life, the kind that your parents don't make for you. am i gng to go toward that way of faith and trust god to make something beauful out of my life or am going to go the world's way? >> the moment u receive him, he gives you a n nature and the power toive the kind of life that you should live. >> i felt that i heardod say to me, and not audibly -- it wasn't a wrd thing. it was a magnificently sweet and simple thing. i ve you, kathie. and ifou'll trust me with your life, i wi make something beautiful of i >> get out of your st, come up out on thisield andtand here quietly. >> gave us an alter ll like in a movie eater and said whoever would like to comeorward and make this ste of faith, and i could t get out of my seat fast enough i just flat-out believed it. i have never stopped bieving it.
2:44 am
ivities 12 then, i'm 60 now. greast decision i ever made in my le. my ente family came to faith through billy. for eteity. >>his fine gentleman here has been so special in my life. >> i was doing ahristmas special here at my house. first people said, you know, he nerve do anything for secular television. i said okay, i understand. nexthing you know, they lled me and said billy would be delighted to be a part of your special. so, i was so touch. i was so gteful. he shows up aty house! and i said, billy, i just want you know, if there's anhing we can get you, anything you would like. he has a little twinkle and he goes, anytng? and i went, yeah. he goes, could iave a big mac? and i ought, billy graham likes big cs. you've got to ve it. he's just human. en i went through ve, very tough times, when was accused of awful things, the first phone
2:45 am
call i got was from billy gram. when my sband was unfaithful to me and it w a terrible time, yoknow who billy called first? frank. he called frank first. and he wanted to talk to both of us. he knew at healing had to be for bothf us. the y that the lord finay callbilly home, i will be overwheld with sadness that my friend iphysically gone and i will be overjoyed with love for him andratitude that he is in heaven, and his suggle wil be over and the lord will say t hi well done. my good and faithful servant. i hope i can wrap my arms around his dear neck as i have so many times through these ars and say, for the lt time, thank you, billy. i love you. and i did get that
2:46 am
opportunity just last thuray nigh hoda. frank and i ew down to asheville, tennessee. and therwere so many people around him but at the very d, i was able to just lk over. like the seaarted. there he was. i got up real close to him and i saidbilly, it's kathie l. and he goes, oh, kathie lee, i love you. >> oh, my. >> said, billy, how can i thank u what you've done for me and my family? i love youo much. and the secondime, he said, and i love you, kathie lee. and i haven't stped crying, inking about it, sin. i send my loveo him. >> that was beautiful. that was really beautiful. >> thank you, allie berger, who d a beautiful, beautiful job that. yes. tomorrow, matt is gointo tell uhis most inspiring. >> and carson will share as well >> we'll be back after this.
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> for 15 seasons, nbs "the biggest loser," has been helping contestants get healthy. rprise twist on last night's episode means the retn of contestant ofuben studdard who d been previously booteff the ranch. >>olvett quince, train on the ow, and also trained
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angela bassett and justin bieber. you love h abs. is promising to helyou drop 10 pounds in 21 days with tips from his book "t 3-1-2-1 diet." is to see -- nic toee you. >> good to see you t. >> h are we going to do it? >> how will we lose all that weight in that lite time? dy confusion exterior. >> what? >> confusion, rength and cardio, your body responds to that. what i you do it internally too? you eat clean three days. cheat on one day, eat clean for o y, and cheat for one day. and then go back. there's portion control throughout the book. specific recipes, smthies in the book >> when you deprive yourself o somethinyou crave it consntly. >> and think about it souch. >>ou go right back to . >> and eat more it than you would have. >> this is a lifestyle book. >> you can le weight by doing the cheat days eve so often?
2:52 am
>> absolutely. because ofhat body confusion metaboli metabolism. >> n that these are cheat -- >> a right. ving on. >> angela basset doesn't. >> oh, no, she doesn't. is it hard to trainelebs, by the way? >> no, it's not. -- it's not that hard. celebs are ey in a way. theyave an agenda. >> it's their b. >> ty want to look their bt. so, it's not hard at all. >> show us a couplof exercises we can do. a lot of people do sit during their day at cputers and things. >> hoda, you go he. kathieee, you go here. >> quhahould we do? >> wdon't have too much time. >> y don't have a lot ofime. >> yeah. >> put your hands on the back of a chair, for emple, and do leg extensions. >> i do that. >>eep it isolated. feel it in your hamstring and your glute. >> uh-huh. >> add a twist. raise the knee up, take it down and take it back. >> ooh! >> don't fall on me. >> now you're working youruad. >> o more. what's your best one? >> go wide. >> you go wide. >> we have spanx on. we c't do that. >> that's --
2:53 am
>> that's just wrong. >> that's doable. >> there you go. shs doing it. you n do it. yours in a little -- get hip action in there. >> talk to hoda that w. she'll d anything you want. we want to thankyou, the 3121 diet. >> sticking aroundo answer your diet and exercise questions. you can catch "the biggest loser" tuesday nights at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc >> so go. >> once you get shape you'll want to show offour toned bodies in sexy lingee. >> throwing a jama party next. >> smells good.
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>> hel! when you curl in bed at night do you throw on a t-shirt and comfy eats? the majority of you said yes, that's exactly whayou wear. >> that's what you wear, hodie. >> that's what i wr. >> comfy isn'tlways sexy, hoda woman. here wh lingerie looks to keep ings looking hot this winter is stylexpert jene luciani. nice to seyou today.
2:57 am
>> you didn't get the memo to wear your pjs? i ev have my stuffed anil. lealts look a the se look. we have jenny fir. >> sopsticated woman. she's in an oscar de la nta gown and robe. tually under aundred each. evenhen the temperatures drop, yo cantill look super xy without showing a lot of skin. >> that's gorgeous. >> high heels and everytng. >> the robe iselvet. i don't kn if you can tell. ally super warm for the winter >> verpretty. >> thank you, jenn >> reay good prices. >> something me casual, we have clarissa. >> short and sweet and she lov to show off her shape. a little cleavagis always od. this is from plus size lingerie, hips and and ally great for pear shapes, apple shapes, anyone w wants to sw off cleavage and hide trole spots below. >> in other wos female shapes. >> every feme can wear these shapes and ses.
2:58 am
>> tnk you. >> now we have jenea, a name very close to yours. >>ne of my best friend growing up. still one o my bestriends. she haa secret to tell. >> this is important. >> just we down ten dress sizes. she worked really, really hard. >> wow! >> yep. she's reallyctually showing that you can lk beyond the lingerie drawer. this is called hook-up shape wear, prevents that dreaded rolling down look that u have with other shape wear. like i have now. she went from a size 14 to a size 4. congratulations. >> isn't that amazing? rocking it. >> alicia is here with somhing sportier. >> wl, who says that -- >> i could weathat. >> i can wear it just fine. >> boy-inspired look from calvin klein. i added the frederk maribou
2:59 am
slippers because she is all woman. >> yes, she is. i love that be. it's adorabl >> she can wear ese with anything. >> let's bring out our man o the hour >> i'm sorry, but i see bulging ripples, arms. >> kathie lee. >> among oer items. >> i love a multipurpose item. >> i bet you do. >> kathie,ou are naughty. this is a jockey sport, a long-sleevetee, it's bra new, greator the ladies. no smelly guys. it's anti-micrial, and -- >> who cares? we're t listening. >> i knew you were going to get distracted. >> thank you vy much. >> coming . >> thank you. >>he cast-off from "th voice," jonny gr. >> that's not a nice word, cast-off. plus ambush makeovers. >> have a happy wines day wednesday, everybo. god bless.
3:00 am
>> i'm here to help. you d i will get throu this together. ♪


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