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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 14, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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loren. really want to tel y about some thick fog to start theday. nonethelesa nice sunny finish headed our way. temperatures areoing to climb into mid-70s. but a cooler day and then rain moves in. we'll tell you when in yr full >> as we're shong you the fog is an iss for drivers, the golden gatbridge has the cones moved but you can't see the flashing lights, therews at thsouth tower. we'll show you the rest of the commute coming up. >> we'll sho you a live outsid that is your bay bridge toll plaza. smooth saili buthen again 's still kind ofearly. on this thursday,ovember 14th, is is "today in the bay." >> a good thursday morning to you. i'm laura garciaannon. good moing.n kelley happening now inhaywd, pg&e crews theare work hard trying to get the pow back on for people in the neighborhood around hathaway anue and west
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street. out a power pole and transformer and that's causi problems. moe francis, he is live at the scene. not a great situation now. crews apparentl don't expt to hahe lights onntil later this morning. >> jon, that's right. the initial outage affected me than 5,000g&e customers and that's down to jus 336. you can see the pg& cws are here on the scene workingo restore power and you can see the broken utili pole there. the van that hit it h since been towed away. pg&e says it will take most of the morning to restore pow to the 300 or so customers still in theark. police said a truck smmed into the pole after 1:00 this morng and took o a transforr, and the dver took off runng from neighbors called police and the driver was aested about with a block from the accent scene. this happened wle most people who live on hathay avenue were sleeping so man are jus
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figuring out the power is out or they are stillsleeping. one neighbo told us he hoping t power comes on soone rather than later. >> m power just went out, everything in t house shut off. an you know, i reay hope pg&e, theyan get t power running becausi got to get to work in the morning. i needy alarmso wake me up. >> reporte the cause ofhe crash is under investigation but police are looking into whether alcohol played arole. we're told the driver is sti police custody and again, &e is saying it will take most of the morning t restore power to the remaining00 customers or so nte francis, "today in t bay." >> we appreciate t update. >> we are learning new details in the search for a missi soutbay teen. the17-year-old was last see headed for school. marla tellez is livey cuperto high where emma pickett wento school. >> rorter: good morning. the la anyone has seen of emma
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mentioned.ay morning as you she was o her way to sool he at cupertino high school. th was about 8: in t morning. so it's bn almost 48 hours since she has been missing. urtesy of her father we have these few pictures of emma to show you so do take a look. em picketett is 17 and you can see sheas short blond stylish but accordingo some posts i saw, from friends and people who know her, she could have some rple streaks med in wh the blond. something she may have done recent. en she was last seen tuesd shwas driving a car, similar to this one he. it's a black 20 jaguar s, her is the license plat it's 4 pij 247. e latest development is that this car, this jaguar, was found last night in san mateo county. the sheriff's partment which the ld agency says ty are not telling us exactly where
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in san mateo county. county sheriff's accident not giving us much information but i tells nbc bay area tt his ather daught has never run away and that this experience, this cident, is very unusual. on camera. was too upset to go whereabouts of emma pickett please callanta clara county sheriff's department. live in cuperto, marla tellez. >> let's hope people look at thanks so much. >> now to the recovery eorts in the philippine aid ilowly but surely tricklingnto the country but really can happen fast eugh at this point. hours ago japan announcingt's now sending 1,000 troops to the area, that is t largest relief dispatch in at country's history. the "uss geor washington"from arrivi in the regionours
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ago, ty are there to rep wh the recovery efforts in onef the hardest hit areas. soldiers are handing out rice, also water to any and all survivors around the today teams are also working to unbloc roads. early this morning there was a ma burial ceremony in tacloban wher30 people were buriedn a a sad heart wrenching situatn. authorities say more than 2300 people so far have been reported killed by typhoon iyan. lp is on the way fro here in the bay area. toght more than 1500 volunteer nurs will be flying o to the region taking o from sfo all the wato manila. many say they he personal or professional tie as to that ea. and theffort wastarted with people jumping into action after responding to a call fm the registeredurse response this was a movement formed back in 20 following the asia.ting tsunami in south >> the ceo of tesla says his
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company is thoroughly investating an industrial workers. that burned three two those are still receiving care a a medical center. that's where we find bob redell li outside the hospital with the latest. good morning. reporter: good morning to you. yes, where one of the workers has beeneleased last nig t twothers as y mentned, still being treed here for burns yesterd at tesla's auto plant in fremont. lastight they received personalisit from their multillionaire boss elon musk. he tells u the three men were burned by molten aminum when casting machine malfunctiod at the plt. musk says thene worker jesus is the most seriously hurt, the otr should be released in the next day or so. >> i went and checked on the guys on the team so weanted to ke surehey are getting care. >> any patient in our burn center is getting the best care
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possible. >> reporter: osha records show ere are other accidents at the plant including one in which a mache amputated a worker's finger. cal oshaill investigate while musk is vowg a thorough internal investigatio ming up in the next half hour sk responds to the string o bad publicity the companyas received over the past several reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we'll check back with you throughout the morning. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. lowanging clouds out there. how is that affecting the weather? commuters and you really want to take it easy especiay getting the little ones to school. probably try to allow ext time. that will do you wonders later on in the morng driveecause we are expecting these numbers to fall as we head throughout the next couple hours so it wl get worse before it get better. gilroy, 15 minutes agobout a mile and a quarter.
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just 1/4 mile. so really want to take it ea. especially if you are going to travel through the hills, appears the thickest but we can't en makeut san francisco. as well.nsula and theouth bay let' take throughhe hour by hour chang for tod because we are going to see a nice finisho the day. in theouth b by about lunch time 6 degrees, comfortab conditions a you break for lunch when theun is expected to come out. 12:00 p.m., good on the peninsul at about noon, 62 grees for the peninsula city. san francisco looking prett good, 62 for you. and tn as you mak your way home from the nor y, 67 degrees,till staying comforble. that's whe we have thick fog. it shod be burning off quickly. 62 degrees in the east bay tri-valley will b the warm spot. make sure you've got a sweat a jacket. much cooler weather th where we ended up yesterday. we had 80s. today only mid-70 let's check your drive and say goodorning to mike inouye.
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it could be a rough e. >> dinitely because of the fog. some of the camerasrom time to time loseight of the roadway. might be t case as christina points out in the north bay. the east bay, oakland fine, as far as speeds and visibility at the coliseum. on the maps even here we see spds dipping north ofhe colium. toward the maze and the approach, a nicerive across the bayith the arr toward san francisco . delays lower east shore through berkeley and emeryville. we have a slowdown as folks leavtoward pinole lley road. an overturn big rig. they have a numbe of vehicles as well as othersrying to right that. the slow le and the shoulder are blocked. it's a distraction with the lights all over the place. the north bay, orange because the traffic and weather syste ar tied together. fog north ofan rafael
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including san rafael so watch the hills. at a smooth drive, 101 at 68 we'll show u 280 coming up. >> thanks so much. >> a renaissce man. i like that. >> never know with that guy. maybe he'll know more about this one. two cities topping the list of the mostxpensive rents in the nation. detailon that new report. >> it's not always great to b number one. sometimes it's a drag. plus, the peninla city looking to eand itsew outdoor smoking ba
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welcome ba. a good thursday morning to you. there is new report out this morning at confirms what mos people in the bay area know. san frcisco is the most
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expensive place to live in the country. new u.s. census dat out this morng shows san francisco ats out allf the nation's largest cities when it comes to the highest median rent including neyork city. san francisco reports almost 50 of people living in the city pay more than $1500 month. medi rent in the cy is $1,463 per month. sajose second on the list with the median rent at $1,441. boston thd, but more than $200 behind san francisco. followed by washington, d.c. and new york city. >> tonight silicon valley throwing a party toasting the best and t britest in the techworld. the 13th annual gala in san jose. more tha1400eople there to celebrate and this year's global
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humanitarian dean cayman. the events will be sold out but you won'te left out in the cold. check out liven our weite, visit >> also tonight the release of play station 4. some adults may be liningup. >> i think is going to be lots of adults. averag age of the video gamer entertainment --to the >> as i well know? >> eight out of every i ten including laura garcia-cannon's househol hav a console. some will replace witthe play ation 4. not had a new console out since 2006. in waington, the bay area's jane yeln will face a senate committee as part of her nomition toead theederal reserve. an ear look at her prepared statement shows she is concern
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the economy is not rovering quickly enough, and is less concerned abt inflation. we're goi to talk a lot more about at that mns later in in the meantime let's get a look ahead to the markets. good morning. is live at cnbc futures higher afterhe dow and s&p 500 hit record hhs dnesday again mostf the gains did come in the final hr of trading. we'll g data on new unemplment filings, trade and costs.d worker productivity walmart reporting earnings before the bel disappointing wall strt on a number o commentary about the upcoming holiday a little more cautious. the dow rising 71 to 15,822, e at's where things ope up. >> i know you are a busywoman. i want toold you f a second and then let you g i saw a piece of videohere you
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get engaged. right? congratulationsn that. >> yes. >> you want to -- >> thank you verymuch. yes, basically, ts is a piece that actlly never aired uil toy. it wasn't live, it wasn't necessarily meant to go on tv. it was a setup. i was told that we we doing pretape for a holidaytory and then the q a a led me right into a propal. you n see. bu here for first time today actually >> probably gng to struggle like many of the mdle sized retailers. because -- just a tough time. >> jared. >> jared. hi. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> aong time. seven years. i le you so much. i've always known yowere the one. i love your smil i love youlaugh. i ev love the way you dance. >> we don normally get sap we the business report but tha was priceless. it was an adorae moment.but thk you for letng us run it. >> thank you. i'm gting all choked up all over ain. >> courtney reagan live a cnbc world headquarters. >> that is beautiful. yes. >> what a sweet mome. >> thas sweet. >> next fellow at goldm sachs, she was calledn oner day off to do thisreport.
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which never aired. >> thatas -- tnks for sharg that. that was touching. she wa tring up again. >> that's a nice ring, too. >>etter put a ring on it. >> congratulations.catch. that was fun. a little happiness. >> enjoyed that. nice. >> that's nice. okay. >> love in the morning. >> we li that. >> thank you, courtney,or sharing that. >> best wishes t them. 5:. the forecast now with meteorologist ristina loren. got to lov a good engagement. >> finitely. it's nice to find a man who loves the way you dance. we're looking goo plenty of 50s to go around. i really want to point out treacherous driving conditions across parts of e bay area with a lot of fog s check your these are going in and out as we santa rosa quarter mile, same for napa, dropping off in the fog is extending a the way into the tri-valley, way or gilroy is down to about a make sure you give yourself
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tra time andet readyo slow down. you might have to use your windshield wipers. with drizzle out the for today. take a look at youricro climate forest. your nghboring city and yr gion in the south bay. lookg good, cooler on average. about 72 degrees in gilroy. menlo park lookingt 67 on t peninsula. san mateo 67 drees for you. san francisco, sweater weather and as we head throught the rest of theay area we are expecting a little bit of a rmer day in the north bay. 74 degrees. danville.nt and 72 degrees i and remember, you can catch your seven-day forecast here athe bottom of the screen, we know you want iediate information in this age. and every region across the bay areas covered right there. he's coving your drive. good morning to mike inouye. good morning, got you covered. the fog also has us covere in many patches, ler clouds throughout san jose. we don't usually see that for
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drivers you're all righ near the t of thscreen you sethat silhouette for the krogs andhe glow because there are low clouds and theight bounci off of them. as we look at the map we say use your normal headlits, not the high beams. looking here toward t sth bay, the speeds arefine. an earlier crash north 280 at saratoga, but no slowing and no major problems around the bay, smoother drive. we have typical slower ots. want to show you this orange here,reeping in along 84 and we'll watch it along the pensula. a live lk at palo alto, we'll show y what things e like. the low cloudthere. but the orange on the map mean there is a chance for fog to be assue as far as your driving conditions. at's the case along the coast, daly city, here as you cross the bay, the dumbarton and thean mateo bridge you're all rht but you can't see across fro either se of the bay. you can see fine asou drive across the bay, noelays for looking good as bay
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you approachhe bridge, even richmond, here we do have west 80 at pinole valley road that overturned big rig. crews are trying to right that. we hope they clear it in the next half hour. wel see slowing if they don't. have to go back to cheing that cause my language slls a notorking right now. >> it's early, my iend. it is early. we'll check back with you. 5:21. some city council men wt to exnd the city's outdoor smoking ban. under a new proposal by the city's mayor viceayor and two uncil members smoking wld be banned in dowown and the california avenue busess district. the city decided to ban outdoor smoking in pks a public buildings earlierhis year supporte think that the proposed extension would make it restrictions.orce the city couil will discuss the issue on monday. right now an exclusivenit report, the students who need the help the most.
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districts, schoodistricts that is, creating barriers to their educatn? tonight, we investigate the atewide battleetweenarents and school districts over specl education services. federal law requires all school districts provide aree and appropate education for students with disabilitie t as the investigative unit learned, oftentimes that education does not come without a struggle. >> it's just an overwhelmingnd taxing on not only yourself but th entire family. >> i think some districts might count that, if we s no, we'r going to b in better shape because most families wl walk away from that. >> tonight y'll hear fromore rents who spent years battling the schl district in th courtrm before finally getting help in the classroom. we'll look at how widespread this problem reall , and how much money the legal bates may be costing your child's district. coming up at 11:00. >> we'll look forwa to it.
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hawaiian town asking tourists to stay away.
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weome back everybody. th is a live loo from new york city. that is rockefeer center and you know what that is, that is going up, 70-plus foot spruce theyre doing out there. some usual kind of ornamentation on it. i'm sorry, what, oh, that's scaffolding. yes, it is 40 days uil christmas. all sorts of things coming . >> ice skating down there to the right too. >> get in the spirit. >> there we go. there is a pr of hollyod superstars in th north bay tonight for the red cpet screenin of the newest film. >> every time a person walks in.
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that is "saving mr. bas" though tom han sounds like "forrest gump." the maki ofdisney's popular movie mary pop pins. also along side him emma thompson and colin ferrell. they will bet the screening which kicks off the napa vley film festival. >> intesting. from wine cotry to the beaches of hawaii, where one town is telling the state do not invite tourists. it'sutside of honulu it's where president obamaacations every christma now the neighborhood board is asking the state tourism agency to stop encouraging vitors to stay overnight. it's upset because many rentals do not have permits actuallyo operate in that ar. >> thanks for showing up but time too away. beat . >> 5:26 now. wean tell you t secret
5:27 am
service demote was to ants om the president's securit detail. what they are accused of. >> south bay teen vanishes. her parents are desperate for aners. marla teez will have a live update.
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reporter: good morning. i'm b redell. we'll take you live to the south bay. tw workers are being treated for burns after yesterday's accident a the tla motor ctory. that storyoming up. >> we'll tell you about the new y one community is coming together showing support for a riding an ac transit buile >> and we've got rlly thick fog t there. good morng to you. i'meteorologist christina loren. 'll tell y what the visibility is wre you live, when the fog will clear and we've got rain on the way for e weekend. lots toalk about. >> thick fog is onessue for thick traffic another for the east shore freewa wher the b rig crash is
5:30 am
startingo tie up your commute. a live look outside. that's the san mateo bridge. traffic ming ang there. we'll keephecking in ashings change. a lot of news ead. it's thursday, november 14th. th is "today in the ba" good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the ceo of tesla ss his investigating an industrial acdent thaturned three workers. two of those workers are still receiving care and that's where we find bob redellive this morningutside of that hpital in san jose. goodmorning, bob. reporter: good morng to you. yes, two of the workers who are from tesla are bei treated for burn here at valley med. these ar burns ty sustained yesterday afternoon when an aluminum machinemalfunctioned athe tesla pnt and burned
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them with molten aluminum. one of e workers should be released in the nt day or so. another whe handings were seriously burned is expectedo be here longer ts according to their multi-billion-dollar boss elon musk w vited his three emoyees last night before the third one was relead telling us he wanted to make sure they were in good hands here at valley med. osha rords show that there teslaotor plant inclung an t the employee's finger being putated by a piece o machiny. tesla has been in the news recently for three fires involving its model sedan. this was musk's reaction last ght to the bad press of late. >> there doeseem to be i think bit too much attention paid to tesla od and bad. ses like maybe we get an unusualmount of attention at tesla no matter what it is. >> reporter: cal osha will be investigating yestday's accident while musk himself is
5:32 am
wing a thorough internal investigation. reporting live in san jose, bob rell, "today the bay." >> let's followp with our business and tech reporter scott mcgrew. truth be told accidents not uncommon. bob mentioned some happened as the tesla plant was tesla. this is not unique. tesla plant t pject between he general motors and toyota. accidents weren' common but they ham. one pers run over by a pickup truck andnother lost his hand to a high pressure water hose. these ings are going to occur when you mix people a heavy machinery. that said it has been a statisticalldifficultouple of weeks for tesla stock. shares sliding after the car fires at bob wasalking about. down to about $ since their all time high. on musk in the cente has said
5:33 am
himsel thought the stock was overvalued. tesla suffersar fewer fis, by the way, ten any other r. whent comes to the car fires all three of the drivers in all threof the cars that were bued they ordered new teslas. >> teresting. ank you for the update. >>5:33. the santa clara county sheriff's department continuing search for a missing cupertino teenager who disappead earlier this week while heading to school. cupertino high whe emma pickett wento school. at's the latest? >> reporter: i was on line on th website for cupertino high scho. i did a search for emma pickett. she is a senior here at this high school. she is supposed to take part in aduation night of next year. was about 8:15 tueay morning when she left f school, that was the last time she was seen. she never made it re. we haveeen in touch with emm emma's father wh provided us with these photos of emmao.
5:34 am
ease do take a look. em is 17 years old, has short blond hair a you can seend at least in tse photos s wears red rimmed glass. tuesday she was driving a car similar to onee are going t show yo it's black 2001 jaguas, and the license plate number is 4 pij 247. a recent development in the case santa clara county sherifs deputies have found this car, they did so last night. rural area of san mateocounty. so just nth of here but still this morning i have left messag with emma's mothernd father. i'm waiting to hear back. i can tell that you n bay aa has spoken to emma pickett' father. he saysis daughter has nev run aw before, this is very usual and he's too upset to spk about it on camera as you can imagin if youave any information about emma pickets
5:35 am
whereabouts, contact the santa clara county sheriff's department. marla teez, "today in t bay." >> thanks for the latest. >> happeng now i the east bay, kind of aough wake-up call for a few hundred people in the dark. waking up i the dark this morning in hayward after a van crashes in a per pole. that takes out a transformer. this happened overnight. the dver ran fromhe scene but w later taken into custody arby. right now updating this, pe crews are at the scene butower not expected to be fully rested until later on this mornin this happeningn the ng in there. neighborhood surrounding hathaway avenue and wes a streets. monty francis he is on sce meking on the situation talking about the matest number of customers who are without wer. >> supporters of sasha fleishman plan to march through the streets of oakland in honor of
5:36 am
the en who was lit on fire aboard a bus. stroll for sha will startt 5:30 at the corner of park boulevard and mcarthur. after that st. paul luthen church is offering a free spaghetti dinner. they hope t show that love is ronger than hate. 16-year-old richar thomas is accused of setting sashs skirt fire on a bus. sasha identifies as a-ndered. thomas has been charged with a hate crime enhancent. he is expected to enter a plea torrow. >> folks love being stronger than hate. 5:36. christina loren is back to talk abt the fog machine in fu effect. >> it is really thick o there this morning. goodorning to you, jon and laura. good morning toou at ho. you can get your seven-day forecast here at the bottom of your screen. nd out when showers are late ed slated to mov in. you can see as per usual for
5:37 am
this time of year we're socked in wit fog. it's not just in the city by the bay. every region has reduced visibities. down to quarter mile in napa, real want to take it easy. d the south bay. w we'll really srt to get socked in at about a mile and a quarter in s jose. only a half mile visibility no down in gilroy so take it easy. i want to show you your tell-hour forecast. sothing om here o nbc bay area. at lunch time in the south bay we expect clearing, the ninsula as well. temperatures in t low to mi60s as you breakor lunch in the south bay and the peninsula. san francio looking pretty good. it's going to be a cool y. ma sure you bringour sweater or jacket. by 5:00 p.m. in the north bay, temperatures are still going to that's when the fog isoing to . roll back in so keep that in nd. the eastay looks good. noon.l be at aut 60 degrees at
5:38 am
also expecting thick fog in the ea bay. tri-valley good, 66 drees as you make your way home from work getting ready to kick off friday. we're ose to the weend. let's check your drive. >> good morni folk that f and the clouds sometimes ma it tough to see the easthore freeway. we see it now and y see the volume of trfic fillingn all lanes. at t limithrough berkey. we'll look at the maps and talk about the slowing, not for that part of theast shore freeway but off of the carquinez bridge it's gng to get worse because now instead of one we hav two right lanes blocked west at pinole valley road. that's causing backup and soundsike it'soing to take two more hours until they clear those lanes b the overturned big on the embankme so a lot of cre causing big distraction. the north bay has the fog, sometimes below a half mile, quarter mile we have an issue as well.
5:39 am
that may be the case north of san rafael, petaluma. the golden gate bridg the exame of fog. dense fog across the bridge. a light flow of traffic. we'll chk the south bay coming up. thank you.ick. 5:39. coming up on "todain the bay" these men they are fid protect president but we'll tell about tw moted accused of misconduct. >> plus, caught on camera, police loong for this man, of pohes.f stealing packages o in one bay area neighborhood.
5:40 am
5:41 am
welcome ck. it's 5:41. were yked off the presidential security detail foalleged
5:42 am
miscondu misconduct. trie potts live in washington. this is the latest scandal involving the secret service. >> reporter: remember what happen with the prostitution scandal that was investigated. now another. these two agents are n longer on the president's detail. they are still with the agency pendin an investigation and it hay-adams hotel notar fro the white house. there waan incidt where one of the agents had been in the room of a woman that he met at th bar, he left the room but then tried too back because he alized according to this report inthe washington post," he rlized that he left a bullet from his svice weapon in the woman'som. she wouldn't let him back in, they called security at th hotel. they ended up concting the white house. inhe process of investigang they wereooking at his e-mail and saw a sexuay explicit e-mails betwn this survisor, another agent, and a female
5:43 am
agent who was either -- as result ofll of that they both were dismiss from the president's tail penng investigation. no reaction from them, no reaction yet fro their this gets under way but it is a black markn the secret serce which had already been und investigation as i noted from presidentbama has replaced a woman in charge of the secret service, the first ever, that signaling that h wants to get to the botto of any sort o sexual misconduct within the agency. >> one to watch. thank you very much. >> the international scene. help slowly arriving over in the philippines this morning and they desperatelyeed any hel they can get. soldiers distributing rice, water and medical supplies to typhoon haiyan.ously c off by ews are goinghrough tacloban clearingut all of theebris so many more peoe can try to
5:44 am
get thereo help and arriven scene. aid from the uted nations and other cntrieseing stributed. the governmentow reporting mo than 2300eople he died, that's the official coun expected to continue to rise. families finally starting to get chance to l their dead to rest. there was a mass burial for s. about 30 of the peopl killed. >> ao this mning we are heing firhand aounts of allf the devastation in the philippine stories coming from people returng home here to the bay one couple we caught up with from redwood city said they are relieved t be back but they up leaving behindwhat they ended they arehe weavers. they arrived at sfo lastight from visiting family. their ildren's home in lehte was spared from typhoon haiyan
5:45 am
but they can tell us tt entire communities around it were leveled. they say what theyaw especially in areas near tacloban still hd to believe. >> deadbodies, pple all over the ace, the odor was -- >> i was getting pretty emotnal. people heryou have to see all of these people e. it is so heavy. >> the weavers also tell us they did see some international airplas but did not see a lot of help arriving in the areas hardest hit by this devastang typhoon. >> 5:45. just in we hav new images of a suspected sinkhole in florid a few hours a police evacuated a neiborhood in donedin near st. petersburg. the holes in the backyard. 's about 12 feet wide when
5:46 am
responders arrived. no reports of injuries. sinkhos are pretty common florida because the pinsula is made of porous rock. in february a manas killed i the tampa area when a sinkhole open up and swallowedim in >> with the water under the ground it gets so loose. looks like there was a swimming pool that started t collapse as ll. scar stuff. tough tim down ere. >> t forecast now with what are we doing?stina loren. >> weave thick fog. mostly in the 50s to start the y. if youon't want to wait for your seven-day foreca, we've got it for youere at t bottom of your screen. every region acros the bay area covered. not too early think about the weekend. you got to get to work and maybe take theids tochool before we get to enjoyhat ekend. we have thick fog, not just in the usual suspects likean fransco and along the peninsula, we're down to quarter mile even here in san jose. so you've got a poct where you can seeor about a quarter mile in napa, a half mile available
5:47 am
to you in santa rosa. and these numbers are gog to come innd out throught the morning. we'll tracking it f you every 15 to 20 minutes. i want to show you what we are expecting when it comeso the story of the day. the weath it's going to limit the sunshine coming in so it won't be nearly as warm this afternoon. as where we end up yesterday. wee got pockets of dense fog and drizzle. th coast will stay foggy at 8:00 a.m. partial clearin inland, then by noon we're talking widespread cleang, all of the area gettg sunshine later on today. 're going to havewait for it. i wanted to give you an idea. socked inn the golden gate today.l looking pretty good f 75 degrees i douglas so stl e. hitting the 70s. but done th the 80s that we enjoyed yesterday. temperatures are slatedo tumb as we get into the weekend. showers, we'll detail that in a
5:48 am
bit. right now let's get you out the front door ontime. here is mike inouye. >> y're going t be late if you come down the upperast shore freeway. first i want t show you the overall viewf the bay area. looks typical for most spots. the orange highlighted from time to timehat's the dense fog reported. that reall kicks in for daly ci as well. here's what i'm talking aut for t upper east shore freeway. off the carquinez brid, we have a big slowdown as the morng commute kicking in folks comes out of the north bay through hercules and pinole, pinole vley road where the overturn big rig blocks the shlder and the slow lane actionhey added a second lane. that's expected to last possibl to 7:30 so folks are slong off highway 4, is is aig backup. here to the north bay and the fog is an issue toward thisrea and across that bridge as well. we'll give you a look at t bay brid toll pla.
5:49 am
some are making their way to the bay bridge. a build f the cash lanes and the low clouds around the area. we'll t to the maps and end this as we show you the east bay t trivalley and the south bay, no big drama dowhere. >> thank you, mike. 5:49. this morning san francisco police are hoping a new sketch will help them catch a man wantedor sexual assault. police a he look at the sketch. a man matching the description assaulted woman back in july. e victim just reported the attack last monthment she was walking in the neighborhood when directions.led up to ask for that's when she deced to get in his car to help show him t way, that's when she ss this assault happened. >> the milpitas man accus of leaving his kids i his car ovnight wit be back in court. he haseen charg with two counts ofisdemeanor child endangerment. investigators say heeft his 10-year-old daughter and
5:50 am
8-ye-old son alone in his car for 15 hours. police fou the kids and took them into custody. they say reyes d not report the kids missing for almost 12 hours. he's pleaded n guil. >> ts morning fremont police are hoping they can catch and have the public help catch a creative package thief. ke a look at this. u can see the man drive wake-up alue sedan. the phos showim putown an empty box and walk away with two recently delivered packages. this happened earlier ts month on a house in thearm springs area. >> two women face charges aft they rortedly stole the patients.of several ccer investigators say selena soriano and a transnt regina kennedy were arrested at the "avar" hol in santa clara. officers went the hotel after
5:51 am
ey rent add room wit a fraudulent credit card. police found stolen mail and people.tion from at least 100 at least 15 were parts at the breast canr center. most told police they had >> two sections of the berlin wall on display on the pensula will officially be dedicat this afternoon. a ceremony wil take ple in front of the mountain view public library where the two 7-ton sections are. thwall fell in 1989 and an donated to the city by the family of frank goldson, a germ headline arican who passed away five years ago. for the dedication ceremy that will start at 00. >> close to a piece of story. >> hard ones. ofhistory. rumors are flying, pitcher brian wion could come backo the
5:52 am
ba we'll tell you what we're hearing coming up next >>plus, not ery silicon valley ipo works out the way everybody hopes. we'll take look.
5:53 am
5:54 am
> welcome back erybody. we take you live out to new yk city. that is 30 ckefeller center. benning to look a lot like christmas. theyave the big pine tree t scfolding setting it up. this is a visua spectacula people come even from around the world to check that o. new york city with the ice skating rink, getting readyor e holiday christs. days and counsel s and countin.
5:55 am
how abt a beard, a bigobust manly beard byrian wilson. could he come back to the bay area? reports say th giants among a long list of teams interested in we know one team wilson will not new york fo the that's rit. at the gm meeting the geral manager says look, we might be intereed but that guy there wilson refusing to shave off the iconic ard. so chman says, quote, cross him off the list. theyankees, they have a very strict facialair grooming pocy. i imagine it takes many to gom that beard. >> i wonder if it get itchy in there. a few nicks and cuts for licon's latest ipo. a bit of an embarrassment. >> shares fell below theirwn ideaprice which is not the glamorous way to make your
5:56 am
debut. chegg does rentals. that's how much inders paid for shares yesterday, 12.50, that's the ipo. when theyurned aroun and sold them tthe public the public said you know, what, how about $9.58. it's not every day y see insiders lose money. r chegg the prici was perfect. and big wig than anywhere else. so the next time you wish you cod get in early o an ipo, be glad you didn't get in early on this ipo. let's go across theond to europe. things are lookingdim. theuropean economy not recovering, it's getting worse in france, growth has slod in germany, and in italy, italy n in itsongest recession since the send world war. at's all we haveime for. more in a bit. >> all right. thank you very much. 5:56 now.
5:57 am
maki sure you have fresh crab on the table in time for thanksgivi. you a crab eater? >> i love se crab. >> the boats are out on the bay gettinready for the start of crab seas. we'll hear from some of the fishermen comingp. >> plus, thousands of people losing power early this morni when a c slams into a power pole. we'll gi you theatest and updaten this one coming up next. >> and crime boss whitey bulger abouto find out hifate. when our little girl w born, we got subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. ((little girlbye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my baru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what?
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(annouer) motor trend's two thound fourteen sport utility of t year. love. it what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ hey,that's the last cre! oh, did you wa it? yeah. we'll split it. [ fele announcer ] made freshso light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanksmom. [ female aouncer ] do you have enough pillsbury cresces? so should probably get the last roll... yeabut i practiced my baoon. [ mom ] ani listened. [ brother ] can do this. [ imitates robot everyone deserves ooey, goo, pillsbury cinmon rolls. make the wkend pop. it was a loud boom. i thought maybe a pne or something crashed. i me out and see it's a van. >> power lines down in one bay area city. the overnight crash and thousands of homes to go dark. >>e'll tell youbout a south bay teenager sti missing and
6:00 am
her car found empty along side a mote stretch of road. we'll tell you where she was la seen, that's coming up next. >> evacuations under way after the grou opens up andwallows a back yard overnight. new details just i to the newsroom about this skhole next. >> and give yourself extra time. we have really thick fog, not just on the peninsula, in san francisco, across the greater y area. we'll tell you when that will clear and when showers move into the forecast coming . >> the east bay has a terrible spot. the upper east shore freeway we'll show you h bad it is and how the fogs affecti these folks coming up. live look over san francisco right now. yocan see there the low clouds kind of swallowin the city wit the red light bouncing in th refront on this frida eve, alsonown on your calendar as thursday, november 14th, this is "today in the bay."


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