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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 14, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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her car found empty along side a mote stretch of road. we'll tell you where she was la seen, that's coming up next. >> evacuations under way after the grou opens up andwallows a back yard overnight. new details just i to the newsroom about this skhole next. >> and give yourself extra time. we have really thick fog, not just on the peninsula, in san francisco, across the greater y area. we'll tell you when that will clear and when showers move into the forecast coming . >> the east bay has a terrible spot. the upper east shore freeway we'll show you h bad it is and how the fogs affecti these folks coming up. live look over san francisco right now. yocan see there the low clouds kind of swallowin the city wit the red light bouncing in th refront on this frida eve, alsonown on your calendar as thursday, november 14th, this is "today in the bay."
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>> a very good trsday morning to you. i aost said friday. >> wishful thinking. >> i'm laura garcia-nnon. >> i'm j kelley. good morning. we are happening now we're telling you about pg&e crews they are slowly right now working hard t restore power to a nghborhood in hayward. it was all knocked out early this morning when a van crashes ght into a per le. taking out a transformer overnight. right now we can tell you the pg&e crews they are in the neighborhood surroding hathaway avenue and west a stre where monty francis joins apparently there were thousands wourtower originally but now we hear that's melte down looking at a few dozen? >> reporter: that's right. than 5,00 pg&e customers. more heard fro pg&e and understand that number is now down to just 48.
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e van that hit the pole has been towed away but you can see th broken utility pole there, it snapped in half and the top part o the pole is dangling in the ai the good news for people here is that pg&e will workaster than expected so people are wakin up with lights on. hayward police say a truck slamd into the pole after 1:00 th morning and took out a transformer. the driver took off running. neighbs called the pole and the driver was arreste about a block from the accident. is happened while most people who live on hathaway anue were sleepi. one residen up athe tim describes hearing e crash. i thought maybe like a plane or something ashed. i came outside and i see this van parked over there, thinking like what' going on. >> reporter: the cause of the crash i under inveigation. alcohollayed a role.nto weather custody.ld the drive is in
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again, 48ustomers whout power but we' told mor widespread power oages we're telling you about this morning appears that those hav been resolved. live in hayward, mte ancis, "today ithe bay." >> is 6:03. an the search continues ts morning for cupertino teen who vanied heading to school. rla tellez is live by cupertino high where emma picketwent to school. what'she latest? >> reporter: good morning. e latest development ishat deputies actually found the car of missing teen emma pickett. san mateo county.h of here in i'll have moren tha in a bit. still no sign of her. emma is a senior here at cupeino high school las seen tuesday morning on her way to school about 8:15 so it's about 46 hours since she w las seen courte of her father we have ctures of emma to showou so do take the time to look. emma pickett is 17 years old,
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you can see she has short blond ylish hair, but according to some pts i read on line, people who know emma, she could with the blond.eaksixed in as you can also see she is when she was last seen tuesday she was driving a car similar to onlike this. a black 2001 jaguars, this car was found last night in san teo coty. the sheriff's department which the lead agency ss ty found the jaguar in a rural area, not exactly sing spifically where they foundt but we know it has been locate still no sign of emma. her father tel nbcay area that his daughter has never run away before and as you can certainly imine relate to that he is too emotional to sak to us on camera. if you know anythingbout where emma pickett may beall t santa county sheriff's department. live in super tee no, marla
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tellez "today in theay." 6:04 this morning at least oneut o the three tesla workers still in the hospital aftern iustrial headquarters. fremont a look at valley medical center in san jose. all ree were taken for treatmt and burn workers in san jose last night. musk says the ree, they were burned after being spred with molten aluminum. good news all are expected to make a full recovery. cord shows thereave been other acdents at the tesla facility. cal osha now investigating. now sk, he also says the investigation aswell. we d have a team iplace covering the sto and will about 10 mites.coverage live in >> 6:05. to the recover efforts in p philippines. aid is slowly trickling into the couny. hours ago jan announced it
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woul send 1,000 troops to the area, the largest relief dispatch in that country's history. a strike force from the "s georgeashington" arrived in the regn to help with recovy efforts as well. one of the hardest hit areas, tacloban,oldiers are distributing rice and water to survivors, teamsorking to unblock roads in the area. earlier this morning there was a mass burl ceremony where 30 people were burd in a mass grave. people were killed by typhoon haiy. >> heartbreaking seein this. we can tell you that people in the bay areahey are jumpingn to hp out. tonight more than 1500 volunteer nurses will head over t manila. many have personal or possibly professional ties to t area. they all replied to a call from the registered nurse response netwk which was formed after
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the south aan tsunami in20. happening now, an entire neighborho in florida now evacuatedfter a sinkhole formed. th is near saint petersburg. the hole is in the bacyard of it appears at least 12 feet wide. it's unclr if anybody has been injured but you see part of the po as well. >> pretty common there. counties known as sinkhol alley. you see this too often. the ground maket easy to th haen. noa fun thing to wake up to. >> speakg of mild let's check t closer to home. a live look over san jose. you see that, tough to look out there. the w hanging clouds, fog out there making thedrive, maybe dicey as you go to work. take it nice and easy and slow. >> i think the day isoing to >>et's check with christina
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ren. >> hey,ood morni to you. we're getting close to the weekd now. we're going to track the fog but i wa to remind you we areot going to make you wait forour seven-day forest. we know you want your informatioright away and we've got your city scrolling here a theottom of the screen, all seven days so. roughout day,emperatures are going to be cool to start. plenty of low cloud cover this morning. i nt to show you what' haening when it comes t your visibility. we're startg to creep up a little bit, dow to a mil and a quarter. where we're really worried is because itoes look like we're going to see the fog drifting you might walk out t front it might be ear, then you encounter a thick pocket. we don't ually get socked in tohis degree so you want to keep that in mind. a mile and a qrter visibility. livermore wn to 3/4 mile. so really travel cautiously especially if you take the little ones to school. here is your 12 hour forecast
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for your region. by 9:00 a.m., 55 degrees, partial clearingn the south bay. your way home fro work in san jose. comfortable conditions. cloud cover lingering at that poin alon the peninsula temperatures are going to be comfortle today. lo 60s but y'll likely need a coat. throughout the mning hours out 58 degrees inan francisco, by noon 62, so staying cool in t city by the bay. quite the contrast whe we ended up yesterday in the north bay we're looking at 70 degrees at lunch time. you'll see a warm finish t the day after tha fog. should be clearingut of the noh bay between 10:00 and 11:00. the ea bay good, temperares at noonround 60 degrees. so close to friday. 62 degrees. and yeah, you know it get dark by about 4:40 in the afternoon hours so. try lley looks good. we're going to show you when rain moves in coming up in my
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next report. let's che your drive. >> w have a big issue for t east shore freeway. we lookt the bay bridge toll plaza. it's lighter here. let me sho you why. this big rig is on its side. the camera is not tilted. that's a hl. went u the hill and over its de. complicated is the fact tha this rig also hit a car in the area, this is new video we have in and the flares are bcking th roadway. two ght lanes are blocd. non-injury crh. the vehicle it hit was abonded but that may have played a part in this mess. no was nobody inside. but we expect it to last unt at least 7:30 with the lanes this might not affect your driv coming off thearquinez bridge, slow off interstate80 and toward hercules and pinole. ere's not a great alternate some folks saying you can use the benicia bridge and take
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highway 4 but that brings y back into the backup. that's not a good option. 680 to 24 through lafayette a inda, that coulde a good flow if 680 is an option for orange as well, that f might present an issue and getting toward the slow moving carquinez bridge a look at the rest of the y, a kip cal build. noa problem as far as t chp is concerned. the northbound krou starting to pick up but 101 here north of 680, a ltle slowg, the rest the area use caution because of the fog. a live look and see how things ar shaping up for01 the drive through san jose, and the peninsula i clear aside fromhe fog. >> thank you verymuch. 6:. a catch to ts year's crab season. new rules as fishermen head out from b area peer
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>> a big day f janet yellen. >> scott,og out there might cause you trouble. there a live look at san jose.
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>> a look at today's top stories. dozensf people waking up without power this mning in hayward after a vanrashed into a pole and took out a transformer. the driver ran fm the scene but was taken io stody. pg&erews sayhe lights won't be back on until ler this morning. >> sheriff deputie searcng thugh a rural area of san teo where thear belonging to 17-yr-old emma pickett was found last nit. the cupertino high school student was last seen tueay morning when she left for school. her family ss it would be highly unusual for her justo run away. >> crab season oicially kicks
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off tomorrow. but this morning commeial crabbers hitting the water. is year craill cost you probably about $ a pound. >> worth every bite. at lea one of three tesla worker remain hospitalized after injury at the auto manufacturer's plant in fremont. all threee can tell youre expected to recover. but theuestion that remains is will tesla recover on the stock market. >> we have a team in plac coveri the industrl accident and what it could mea for tesla today when the markets open. we'll check with business and tech reporter scott mcgrew. first, we begin with bob redell. >> who joins us le outside valley medical cente where the workers are ght now. how is everything looking? >> reporter: good morning. one of the wkers has been treated and released. we believe the other two are he. we know definitely one is being treated fo burns susined the tesla pnt in fremonnt at
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last night before one was released they received a peonal visit from tir multibillionaire boss tesla ceo elon musk. musk tells u the three were burned by molten aluminum when an aluminum casting machine malfunctioned yesterday. seriously hurt with burns to his the other if they haven should so.leased in the next day or >> cheedn jesus and kevin and w want to make sure ty are getting care. >> any patient in our burn possible. getti the best care investigate yesterday's accident and musk himself is vowing a thorough iernal investigation. into this.bring scott mcgrew what happened yesterday not the first te that there has been an accident at the tesla motor plant in fremont. coect? >> that's right.
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there had been seral accidents there, bothhen it was owned by tesla,here was somebody who had an injured hand, and then rememb before tesla itas toyota and general motors. there we accidents there as well. let's talk about tesla stock. sla stock is down about 30% fromts all time high in october. remember, you had three car fires that moremportantly have really affected tesla stock. even elon musk said the stock was overpriced. musk als complains he gets more tention than the average carmaker but that's because he's far from average. he has been called a modern-day thas ison. after making sure his eloyees we okay at the hospit, musk moved on and tweeted toughout picture of his latest rocke test using pried pa spart other news, big trouble i san jose andt starts with c.
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cisco stems did not reach wall streetexpectations. more importantly forecast lousy business ahead. cisco i a huge come. it's not the main causef cio's woes but the company did say the nsapying scandal has hurt sales of cisco equipments as foreigners are not trusting american devices. is about to testif to a senate commite as part of her nomition to head the fed. we do expect the senate to confirm her. sheould become the first woman fed chr. peop care less about her gender and f more about her monetary policy and it's quite soft. we have ten a look at her dr. yell be said hh unployment, low inflaon means the fed has more work to do and by work she mea pouring money into the economy. what does it mean for you? easy money policy means generally interest rates stay low. it a complex relaonship. we'll take tt on faith. easy mey meanshe dollar
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ays weak, american exports could be stronger, good for deficit but jon and laur bad for oil prices. 's gng to take more dollars to buy a barrel. it's bad news for europe which is suffering its own recession now, as americ dollars are cheap a our products are cheaper, that could be trouble for europe. >> one to watch. thank you ve much. >> 6:19. let's chec with christina loren to find ou what's going on. >> hey, goodorning to you, jon and laura. good morning t you at home. we've got densfog. i don't want to the catch you offguard. you can see mostly cloudy we have really deep pocketsut there so you do want to take it easy. thatog will likely slow you wait for your weend forecast, weave it right here a the bottom of your screen. every single parof theay area is covered. so let's talk about that fog and head throughout th w
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it's going to be ptty thick for the first part of the day. now.en gate bridge socked in the temperatus are mostly in the 50s b we hav low visility. by 8:00 a.m. the coast will stay foggy. by noon widespread clearing but give you an idea of what looks at ts golden gate bridge. the visibility creeps up and then gets worse. so you want to take it easy en if you walk out your door and it'slear you will likely fog on the way to fantastic.noons looking the soutbay looking good. s in san jose, the peninsula also going to see the upper 60s, a couple of low 70s. palo alto about 67. theembarcader san francisco, 65 degreesor today. area, north bay also looking good. in the 70 so we do he light rain on the wa i want to show you when we expect the rai to move in. byaturday we stop the clock at 9:30, you can seehe north bay getting a little activity.
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you can see how cold the air mass is going to be because we're going to get snow in tahoe maybe up to foot of snow on the way. ase hea throughout satday afternoon ou best chance for rain moves in. we're not expecting much. cold and cloudy and if you want yourtemperatures, they ar sclling on the bottom of the screen. it's foggy out there. it is. that's one of our notes. the oer is the crash i the uppeeast shore freeway. we'llalk about the bay, and we are looking at unusu plas for the fog. the peninsula,he north bay we expect that. lookt the south bay. our index painted myaps orang at means the weather center together about t computer tied system and they are notifying us that t roads might b touer to see through thisortionf e south bay. we have a lhter volume of traffic being a thursday and a gentle build from northbound 101 miles per hour north of kertner into downtown san jose. this issue, the east shore freeway it's jammed off of the carqnez bridge all the wayo
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pinole valley road. two lan are blocked by a big ri the fog here an issue and this big rigrobably not going to get cleed for an hour. is is a problem off of the carquinebridge. the bicia bridge has a lot of mis but thas a clear route you mightant to choose. a look here the big swing but that makes t bay bridge toll plaza lighter. better for folks ere. have the liv shot i'm goi to end withhis a tell you the peninsula t flow is moving smoothly. watch for patch fog in daly city. >> still ahead on "todain the bay," nes buried in the desert. new details about shallow graves that held aeadly secret for quitsome time down in sohern california
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today's medical examiner starting the process of identifying the bones of fou people found in two shallow graves in t mojave desert. theones wereound yesterday it aears that these rains have been there for some time. so far ty are not ae to idtify the victims ages or nders. >> officials still d not know why an artillery round suddenly exploded at camp pendleton kiing four marines. the marines were clearing a range of exploded artillery whenhe accident happened. theirdentities have noteen
6:26 am
reased. it's not theirst deadly training incident iolving marines there. since 201113 mi thir1201113. >> crime bs james white bulger wl find ouif he spds the rest of his lifin prison. he was convicted of several murders and oer charges. prosecuts they asked the dge to sentence him to t coecutive life terms plus an additional five years on topf that. in a courtroom yterday bulger sat stone faced as dozens gave stements, one even called him tan. >> sti ahead secret service be scandal. twoersonsed ants off the president'detail. >> how the nasdaq is reacting to the industrial acciden at tesla.
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>> curious george out there here in the bay area, some fog to greet you on your morning commute. the low bms on and take it easy out there. mike will help you through your morning commute. looking at roadwayscross the bay area including an erturned big rig on i-80 near pinole. ristina has a look at the forecast, when thing will clear up and warm up and what's on the horizofor the qckly approaching weekend. 6:27. a lot of news ahead.
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a bullet i a bedro now backfiring for agents. we haveew details about the late scandal hitting the secretserve. >> and tesla workers injed at the company's fremont facty. we'll tell you how they are ing today and h the company is responding. >> we look at t new york stock exchange, we'll see how things are bouncing around as e
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the day.roll in and we ring in now.ous george doing it right >> how cute. >> he's ringing the bell. do your thing, kid. i thought it was a bana. it's a bell. thishursday, novembe 14th, nice worgeorge, this is "today in the bay." thats curious. george. it's cute. 6:30. we're fans of curious george great to seeyou. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a live look at the nasdaq this rning. the is george, how can you beatt thismorning. a little jig. dance moves.w he had those >> tesla motors on nasdaq, it is puicly tradedhere and tla has been the best perrming stock in nasdaq 100 index for 2013 but it has lost% since
6:31 am
september 30. not good for investors. >> watching the numbers, investorwill watch to see how the markets will acto yesterday's industrial cident. yesterday afterno when they were sayed with molten aluminum. tesla's ceo elonusk jumped into action, he visited all three workers last night. some good news toreport, al three of themployees they are said to be set to recoverfully. >> another live look at the nasd where trading is getting under way. we're going to give the market as fewinutes to get going, then check back in with scoot mcgrew. >> this morning a pairf secret service supervisors no longer on president's detail. tracie potts liv in washington, d.c. right now and tracie, one of these allegations rht now inlves a bullet in a bedroom?
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>> reporter: right. and it's abedroom,jon, that was i the fancy hay-adams hot not far from t white use. accordinto "the washington post" one of the secret service agts who was a survisor, a veteran act, hooked u with a woman in the ba ended up in her bedroom, left but went back after realizing he left a bullet om his service weapon in her that caused a stir, thehite house got a phone call and that's how investigators became awarof this incident. when they started looking into , another mark o the badge. they looked a his e-mail. he and anoth agent had parently been-mailing a subordinate female oicer in what they called sexually explicitnappropriate e-mail and that's what launched this inveigation. that'shat got them both taken ofthe prident's detail. according thatreport. ofourse, it's not the first time that we hrd allegations
6:33 am
of sexual misconduct inside t secret service. remember what happened in columbia with thepresident's advance team. that led to more tha a dozen implated. now there is a woman at the hd of the secret service. present obama appently trying to sd a messagee wants this to stop. jon. >> tracie potts, thank u. i'sure there will be a lot of ternal investigatis on this one. >> right now let's check thing out, laura, take this. i like the way you open up the camera. the magic. >> turns out to be bu. >> look atthat. i got gruy face on. that's what ese folks are going to be experiencing. even tugh it's crowded it looks lighter than you might expect. some fks are held upy a crash on the upper east shore freeway. there you go for the live shot. the clouds are an issueor many. look at the maps, a we'll show you it's a nice drihrough
6:34 am
berkeley and the maze. the upper freeway, maybe an hour till the clear this up. there is a crash west 80, a big rig on its side. another caras hit. nonjuries butwo right lan of tt critical upper east shore freeway are closed. this is a critical spot. we continue to trackthat. we have more going on, this is south 880, building already and then crash, one earlier at a street moved to the shoulder. another past 92, that may be sticking around so tt's causing additnal slowing as the build continues tard union city and emont. south 680 at sunol, crash there. looks like it moved t the shoulder the speeds have started to recor. we have a slow drive off the dubl interchang you might catch patches of fog truck scales., 580, pt the herehe orange on the south bay
6:35 am
map, that's where our road weather indicates it might be fogs well. unusual for this portion of the bay area. north 101, 87 and 85 starting to show the slowdowns. palo alto quickly as well look at the low clouds but 101 your speedre okay. these low cuds and fog an issue for many of t daly ty. i guess that's the case in many ots. >> good morning to you. i do want to tell enthusiasm is the weather story of the day. pockets of fog, reay low cloud cover. ands we head throughouthis afternoon we should clear out nice but give yourself extra time. you only have a quarter mile of visibility in na, a quarter mile in santa rosa. throughout the morningours off at leastor the next couple hours. sanoseown to a mile and quarter. a quarter mile all the way out so take it easyut the.ivermore limited sunshi for the fir part of the day means our
6:36 am
temperatures are goi to be cooler but we stop on futurecast, mostl clear for the looks like.t if t east bay 54 deges now, low clouds and warm nicely by about 60degrees. at noon, 68 degrees, by 4:00 right now back t you, jon and laura. thank you so much. >> 6:3 sick. as we menoned during the top stories, three employees of painful accident.following a they were sprayed with moln tal. the latest.ew joins us with a very scary accident. >> really was. thaccident happene around noon sterday. ree worke burne two in the spital. tesla's ceo td reporrs the accident caud by equipment in thisuilding here. some sort of malfunction in a sting device.
6:37 am
tesla has had industrial accidents but no more than any other hvy industry. when it comes to the stock market investors are concerned about car fires like this one. three involving sir fairly all serious accidents. the drivere using insurance money to buy a new tesla. a driver in tennesseeitting a metal object tore through the battery assembly. hit with it a gasoline powered car y would probay get a fire as well. tesla shares are up a bit after that accident. th's good ns to hear for skern with the workers our real themselves also watching. si cisco down 13%. >> great perspectiven the accident with sla. >> still ahe do you find yourself wondering when will my adult kids move out of my house?
6:38 am
>> you got a fewyears. >> we hav less tn encouragi answerhan that coming up.
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welcome back everybody. if you are the pent of a 20 living y are still or at leas they ar living nearby u. d it may be due to the weak job maet outthere. or they love the fl of your sofa sitting around.
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the u.s. census showing a record number of 20 something deciding not torelocate for jobs. 23% adults age 25-29 move in 2013.month ending in march aot of them are stayi there in the community either living th roommates or staying home with parents. the census shows a lot of college graates are delayg fu time careers, delaying marria and also putng off having children. out 34 of the people in that age brack they ownhomes. the age bracket is now called generaon wait. >> interesting. >> ge, y. >> mes goodt-shirts. >> coming up, a teenager now missing almo two days in the south bay. we'll tell you where her ety and where she w lastseen. it's just aheadn a live report. >> plu lhts out in o city overnight. the chaotic crash causi thousas of homes to go dark.
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actively seeking employment had careers in the field within 6 months. now your time. apply by january 6 and find your career sucss in the bay area. visit > at 44. pg&e cws slowly restoring you power a neighbhood. rit now pg&e crews are in the neigorhood surrounding hathaway avenue a west a street where monte francis joins us. there were thousands without por originally. now we're looki at a few dozen? >> repter: that's right. the itial outage affected more than 5,000 pg&e custers, i'm told that is down to just 48. the van tha hit t pole has
6:45 am
since been tow away. you can still see the broken utility pole. it snapped in ha. the tois danglin in the air. the go news for people here is that crews haveeen able to restore poweraster than expected. police say a truck slammed into e pole after 1:00 this morning and took out a transformer and the scene.ook off running from neighbors called the pole and the driver was arrested about a block om the accident. this happened while most peoe were sleeping but o resident heard the crash said he was worried about not having per this morning. >> my power just went out. everything inhe house shutff and i hope that pg&e, the can get the power running because i got to get to work in the morning, i need my alarms to wake me up. >> reporter: the cause of the crash is under investigation. police are lking into wheth alcohol played a role. we'r told the driver isn custody.
6:46 am
48 customers left without power. they canxpect to have lights back on by 2:00 this afteoon. nte francis, "today in the bay." >> thanks much. >> good news. the suns out butlso theun shing us a lot of fog ou ther you need lika couple of knives to slice through it. >> it's like pea up. od morning to u. treacherous driving conditions. you want to te it easy. it's not jus in the san it's all across the greater b area. even down here i the south bay. take it easy. mperatures in the 50s no i nt to show you where the thicke fog s. down to a quarter mile in santa rosa. a lf mile in napa. really low visibily in places where we don't get that. a mile and a quarter in san jose. livermore with a qrter of au in mile dn in gilroy. so rememr travel ctiously even though you wk outhe frondoor it might be clear. you'll likely drive through fog on the way to work and remember,
6:47 am
yo can catch your seveday forecast scrolng here at the bottom of the reen. throughout the d this is what we expect from the fog. day.s the wther story of the we should see good clearing by about 80 a.m. inland. the coast wl stay foggy, then by noon widespread clearing. i wa to give youn idea of what driversre facg on the lden gate bridge. if you take the little ones to school give yourself ext ti. overall we're looking good. we'll see a sunny finish to the day. these are your microclimates across the bayrea hting the upper 60s to low 7s. south bay, 70 degrees i morgan hill. novato, 72. west dublin , and looking good at mirage, 69. the sen-day forecast here shows you shors on the way for satuay. we'll check thedrive. >> we have a tougher drive, first while i'm going to fade ay into the background there is fog. this i traffic flowing sohbound 101, curves at terra
6:48 am
linda. the map will show you the same thing. traffic and weaer so there you go, the entire north bay is going to have tough visibily and it's slow 101 io petaluma to novato. the bigger iss aoss carquinez bridge. crawling toward pinole lley ro t two right lanes blocked. let me get out of the way. this is video rlier. this is the big rig, up the embankment onts side. it hit a car. it was unoccupied. th means no injuries. but still 7:30 at the earliest when chp can reopen the two right lanes as the crews are the, you see the slowing about 45inutesago. 's worse no back to the maps,he wipers there, a small fire on the eastbound side tha has been tan care of and no injuries and nothing big from what it sounds ke. around the bay bridge toll plaza ghter but we have metering ghts on. thbackup to the overossing
6:49 am
and ao the fog, so use caution including the caldecott tunnel. castro valley y, and san e leandro, hayward and fremont, you have a l ofompany for south 880. here pretty typical pattern after the crh at sunol boulevard cleared. sout 680 slow. take as while for the recovery. an easy drive out othe livermore area. we're wching for the fog. no maj pblems reporte for and 680 down to the south bay. the northbound routes slong and all this orange means fog nort 280 past 880. back to you. >>bout 10 to7. this morning we're learning w details in the search for a missing south bay teenager. that is 17-year-old was las se heading off for cls. marla tellez is live in
6:50 am
cupeino high school where emma pickett goeso school. od morning. >> reporter: good morning. actually i spoke to a staff member here and he tells me that the student body here is very ch aware of emma piett's disappearance and says thathe school is cooperating giving them any information that they can. it waswo days agon tuesday that emma pickett was last seen on her way to school where she is a seni. it was about 8:15 in the morning when she was last seen. shnever made it re. have been in touch wither ther who gave us these piures. so take a look emma is 17 years old, she h short blond hair, be eyes. she wears red-rimmed asses. shwas driving a car similar t this one, it's a black 2001 jaguar s, now a recent development in the case is santa ara county deputies found this
6:51 am
car last night about 70 in ruralreaf san mateo coun. no sign of emma. cupertino. was an ety vehicl her father says it would be unusual for emma to run away. he is too emotional to talk to if you have information please contact the santa clara county sheriff's depament. >> let's hope she is found soon. thank you. this morning san francis police hop a new sketch will lp them catch a man wanted for sexual assaul take a good look. police say a man matchin this description assaulted a woman in a car back in july. the victim just reported the attack lastmonth. she sai she was walking when the man pulled up to ask for directions to the leej of honor. she got inis car to show him and that's when she say the sault happened.
6:52 am
>> supporters of sasha going to march today in honor of the teenerit on fire while riding on a bus. strollor sasha starts at:30 at the corner of park and mcarthur. ter st. pa lheran church is offing a free spaghetti dinner. they are hoping to show that love is stronge than hate. >> richard thomas is standg accused ofetting sasha's skirt on fire aboar thatbus. sasha identifies as a-gender. thomas h been charged as an adult, cald hate crime enhancement. he is pected to enter a plea tomorrow. >> this morning at let one of three tesla workers still in t hospital after an jury at the plant in fremont. all three a expecd t >> this morning we have a team inlace covering this industal accident.
6:53 am
we can tell you also what it could mean for tesla when the mornings are open u which they e now. we'll check with stt mcgrew. we'll chec with him in a moment. let's stt with bob rede. >> h joins us le outside valley medical centewith more on the injuries of the workers. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. two of those tesla auto worrs arstill here being treatedor burns that they sustain during yeerday's accident. this is when an aluminum casting machine malfunctioned and sprayed or hit them with molten alumin. one should be released, another ch is expected to be here longer. this according to theiross elon musk whoisited his three employees last night before a third one was releas. he wanted to make sure they were in goodands at the hospital. osha records show there have
6:54 am
been other accidents at the plant and including an employee whose fingeras amputated. tesla has been inhe news for thre fires involving its model s sedan. this was musk's reaction last night to the bad press. >> thereoes seem to be ihink honestly a bit too much attention paid to tesla, good or bad, we get an unusual amount of attention no matter wt iis. >> reporter: cal osha will b investigating yesterday's accident and musk himself is vowing a thorough interna investigation. again,ne employee has been released, the other two still here at the hospital. everyone is expected to survive. with regard to the business angle andhe stock price, i want to turn i over to our reporter scott mcgrew. >> looks le tesla is goio recover from this as r as the stock market goes.
6:55 am
tesla is down 35 cents. we're als watching cisco systems. we talked about it earlier. it's down better than 11%. unging this morning. cisco came win a big miss. what wall street hoped and t forecast lousy business ahead. cisco is san jose's largest live pictureshis morning out of wasngton where the bay area'sanet yellen turns fed vice chairwoman is about to we do expect theenate will apove her buthey will no doubt grill her first. she will bece the first woman too ever hd the fed. arguably the secd most powerful woman in the world. john and laura.
6:56 am
angela merkel i would thinkou would say is the - sller than ours but merl has aarmy. yellen is going to have an army of accountants andeconomists. soecond plac >> and sharpened pencils there too. >> 6:. tomorrow marks the official start for crab season but the ha work got under way. crabbers hitting the water to drop those traps. they are going to pull the traps up tomorro and fresh crab set to cost you about $5 a pound. >> there's crab out there. there mig be a lot of sport crab that aren't legal for commerci so we have to sort rough those. a lot of competition here this year. >> thiss the fst year statewide crab potimits they have complained that large out of state boats wipe out the population at the beginning of the ason. under the regulations the boats are limited to 500 traps.
6:57 am
the crabs a popular in a lot of thanksgiving tables. crabs are delectable.en but i like someone else to get the meatout. >> i'll do it for you. >> get a crab shell off i'm good. one final look at theeather for ursday. >> i you areharing i your assistant. good morni to you. we've got a good looking day once we get through with ts fog. a half mile up in napa, a half mile in livermore and even here in san jose we're socked in with a milend half of visibility. nonethels later on today the microclimate forecast shows you the south bay the upper0s peninsula looks gd with plenty of m to upper 60s. in san francisco a cool bay, low 60s. north bay a ne finish to the day with the fog burning off by 11:00 a.m. east bay a nice warm day.
6:58 am
try vall will be the warmest at 73egrees in livermore. it is foggy out there this morning. >> so that might be the biggest mostidespread issue this morning. as the peninsula picks up. here is 101 toward university. you see the lou clouds is an issue. here in palo alto it's no cake walk. christine talked about a mile d a half. for slowing on the maps.atch a slower drive northbound, 680, a crash at winchester is earing but stillslow. and 85 build, w have a slower drive sout880 out of hayward because of elier crashes. the bay bridge. it's lighter because o this sigalert which connues we have now one lanelocked but look at the jam o of th carquinez bridge. we don't expect the last to clr until 7:30. >> final check of e top stories. the fatr of the california
6:59 am
assembly man had been shot a killed. the home of joseph goto had been ransacked. goto who was elected three years ago to trent 43rd district. >> it's a matter of minutes the bay area's janet yellen facg a senate committeesart of her nomination to head up the federal reserv the chamber in washington, d.c. now where the hearing is set to take place. she wil likely be confirmed. >> an entir neighborhood i sinkhole formed this is near st. persburg. th holes appea to be at least 12 feet wide. >> tt's a little dangerous. watch your step. >> 59. th's what's happening "today in t bay."
7:00 am
good morning. w overnight secret service scanda help at least. the u.s. reaches what y be the most dangerous place in th world right now,urvivors in the philippines at a breaking point. new image, we e seeing just how powerful that orm was. and headg south, prin harry gets a little bit ofelp from the queen. as he launches his nt great venture, a 200-mile trek to the south pole today, thursday,


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