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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 15, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we'll show you what's going on as fars the guadeloupe parkway coming up. >> safe toay thiss a super wish come true. wel let you know how thousands of vunteers are coming together to give thisoung canceratient real life super hero powers. that smi is powerful. >> take overothamcity. we take a live look outside. we're ready for him, friday, noveer 15th, this is "today how you dog. good friday morning. anks for joining us. it's 5:00, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-canno we begin with an update to breaking newssheriff deputies aron the scene in east san jose investiting a deadly shoong. it happened last night nea the corner of south white road and marla tellez is live at the
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scene. she's joining us with theatest details. good morning. >> good morning. in the last few minutes since we spoke to you i can tell that you the coroneras arrivedn scene. i'll ste out of th way toive you anidea. you can see the stretcher out, thisf course is to remove the boat that has been he since thishooting happened just before 10:00. 1 calls flooded the dispatc center reporting mulple shots the sheriff'department responded asid san jose police and ems. en deputies aived cre were performing cp on is vtim in the parking lot. this is san jos so far, this victim a n, his identity has not been determined yet. i've been talking to the sheriff's spokesman and he says the victim was shot at least once homide investigators are still
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busy collecting evidence and talking to wnesses trying to figureut what happened. especially since whoever did this is stilln the run this morning. >> right now we don't have any one in custody. we don't he suspect information. we're asking f the public help. white road is pretty busy, contact us, hel us with our investigation. >> reporr: the sergeant tells me the weapon has not bn this ongoing investigation. the investigation istill very young, all of the tags that you see ou here littered throughout the parking t, each one represents a piece of evidence so technicians hava lot more too out here. you see the taking phos. relationship betwe theictim t's and the vehicle. as you heard, the sheriff's
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accidentsking witnees to come forrdf you hav any information, pase contact the sheriff'department. live in east san jose. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> pretty activ scene. thanks. >> also new this morning a east bay manehind bar facing false imisonment.dnapping and lice were called near sonoma boulevard for a reported ra. they arrestela ron milton. a woman cims hamilton convced her to move from kentucky to vallejo for modeling once at his thomeictim says she was held capve and said they was going to be forced into prostituon. soon be outfitted with body d mounted cameras. acrding to the "mercury news" the city council will take up the proposal at itsext meeting on monday. the devices would be purched as part of a 350,000tds
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contract to replace cm systems alady stalled. nine officer wouldest though f. approved. >> happening today a meeting to discs a possible tl hike on the lden gate bridge. a live picture of the bridge. a lot of you probably realize the toll hasn't changed sin 2008. but about each year there is talk. morning the administrators will hear aut a fun $42 million deficit. is is partly fro a seismic tret tro fit. among the ideas a $1 increase for the toll and a plan to end fa trackdiscounts. >> relief is in sight for the caldecott tunnel the four bore will openfter yes of consuction. crew are putting the final touchebefore opening to the
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public. l transhas not said when the board will open. there will be four lanes in each direction. for those of us moving our phones. >> 5:05 this is our feel good story of a friday morning. san francio being transformed intootham city. a little boy's wish truly come e through. >> i gi i got the chills. bob joins us live where nearly 12,000 people will be on hand to witness e young canr patient safe the qui. that's great, bob. >> reporter: good morni to san francisco is about to be hit by a crime wave and instd of relying on its officers, the chief of police will be calling upon a super her who weelieve istaying now here at the grand
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hyatt 18en tran. he goes b b kid,is name is miles, he is a 5-ar-old kindergartener who has spent leukemia.s in a battle against he is in remissio we're happy to report. he will fight crime. the nonpfit has reported signed up about 12,000 people to put on this fantasy ofurning san francisco into gotham. the "san francisco chronicle" is turnina special edition about his eloits through gotham ich will be handed out later. and miles has little idea his dream of becoming a super ho ll become true. he'll have to hop in the bat about an hour laterat kid and bat rash will stob the ridleer
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and in the afternoon while at the bger far i'll ash. kidnapped lulle.he pguin then after saving gotham, presenbat key with a key to the city. >> he likes to save -- be a super hero. he is one in o mind >> what makes him a ser hero? >>e beat an awful disease. >> mak a wish will b coastg d kit's fight in real time on twitte followsash tag. bob redell, "today the bay." >> that's going to be so exciting. thks a lot. >> the power of positivity.
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the healing powe young peoe like that, so resilient. wish we could hang onto that. witheteorologist christina loren. n't it a great idea. >> it's very inspiringtoo. we'r going to g bat kidis own personalized recast coming san francisco looking good, 51 degrees. you an idea of what we're ive expecting for the day. 65 degrees at 4:00 p.m. we do have wind headed our way and wre gng to see a change over the weekend. area of low pressure starts to mo true. it's going to terbein cool air. weekalking sater weather. and gusty winds later on this afternoon. i'll let you know when the entire bay area is slad to pick up good rainfall. we he a good chance coming .
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in the next report. you n get seven-day forecast the bottom of thescreen. that's a prey cool story. >> a great story, we'll sit toward the end. we're looking at san jose nobody 101nd we see traic flow smoothly. i had trained my cameras on the southbound side. there was a's an inciden that cleared withou slowin the south bay map sws you green dhat's a good flow of traffic. the yellow not a major concern but we had fire quood across some lanes. heading past downtown. eat news in theast couplof south 880, alvarado nis, sounds like a stalled car but i'll get confirmation. the is a look at the live shot, comg up to the coliseum.
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pretty victorious thout delays for oakland. back to you. >> ready for shell fish? >> always ready. here we go. the official start ofrab season has taken longer than the they p out the bots but many have -- the conditions to become >> and get our bibs o. >> christie smith is live with some o the crab fishermen. i guess the questn is when do they think they will see somef >> the fishermen we're saking with are in a gd mood considering we hav't seen crs. i spoke with one. he thinks maybe by this afternoon, he sa that the weather was pretty good and then suddenly the cditions chand. you ok out now and it's not too bad but they said it's different once you g father
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out. they are heading out again, even this mning to give it anoth try. coitions outside of the golden gate are not exactly what they were hoping for. so again, some boats going out. que a few up toward fishermen's wharf. thcaptain ofhe mad dog, said they got100,000 o crab on e line. he is going to head out again. >> it was nice weather yeerday. it came up pretty g after we >> what is your prediction when we might see crab out here? >> a couple boats out trying it. couple larger boats i know less. most of the large boats are tied athe dock. fishermenomplained that the
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large out o fame bore this season got started, and some not too thrilled. we are on the grab web. i'll let you know that they are here. reporting li in s francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> wwant to see a live one in your hands by the end of this broadcast. >>rab watch,2013. stil ahe on be the, makin your moment a little lighter. >> no, we're talking in terms of ney but the amountf plastic you have to carry around. >> investor we'll look at that share coming up in smith.
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tired of hing a purse or cards, here is a solution.bit how about one single card. it's calledcoin, it's develed by a bay area start-up. re is how coin works. works with your smart phone combines your cards into one. now, you keep the magnetic informatn for each of the cards in its memory. it allows you to rrieve that by swiping it through a small device on your phone. clever. you can store up to eig cards total. coin expted to be available by next summer. thiss going to cost you $100. >> don't lose it. not every silicon valley plan falls together. scott mcgrew, a high tech ipo earliethis week turd out to a flop. >> it's tt book renl company, started losing on t
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stock mart from the git-go. as we go into third day of trading f chegg, it ipo' at $12.50. that's wt bankers paid. it debuted on the stock market for $10 a share now trading at $8.88. so everybody is losing money so far. as the next fed chair.confirmed she gave testimony thursday. everythingent fine. senato were largely easy on the former calprofessor. she avoided getting pinned down on too many issues, one othose washingt things where little happens and everybody's happy. it was cle that yellen believes very strongly t fed's action to reir the economy rates are the rig thing to do. shis called a donovan, let's rn to bertha coombs.
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good morning. >> good morning. certainly exciting thedea of a woma fed chairperson. financial world on the planet. futures pointin to a higher start t dow and s&p 500 hit record highs. yellen told lawmakers sheould maintainhe current fed policy. that'shat wall street wanted to hear. we'll get data on industrial production and business inventors, probabl in about 13 minutes or so. the dow will start e day at 1576 after 54 points and the nasdaq is quietly ihing up to 4,000, startin at 3973, after gaining 7. so we'reetting back to 4,000. stl could be a wle before there.but we're working back working our way back to you. bertha, he a great weekend.
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5:17. the british version o vogue magazine called uk vogueecided to feature silon valley women inn article it'salling high tech roines. marissa meyer is the first woman of googl and yahoo!. and she is also married. as it happens we wille takg a closer look at women and engineering on press here as we talk to the creat of you were talking about p it the other day. it's goldie blocks. i kw they are u f a free super bowl commerciaas well. th is a young woman out of stanford who said i can make toys, blding toys, for gir th are me than lincoln logs. >> more than just dolls.
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get eative. >> approaching it from a feminine appach but not just making itpink. >> exactly. doesn't have to be pink to get r attention. >> thank you. 5:19. christina lon always makes it happen. >> aays gets our attention. >> it's going to be nice. stk around. it gadt friday. temperatures are looking good, in the 40s and the 50s. looking good jus abo everhere. what a dference 24 hours makes. we were socked in wit fog. we're looking good, but we have anges headed our way. one of theeasons it's so clear out there. the fishermen complning about p the weather because it's windy along the ast line. you see on th key, the reds and the oranges, that's where we have fierce wind unt about 10:00 a.m. and then theyill stt to relax. the sond half of the d t reas why they are going to get kied up we've got an ar of lop on the ray.
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we're looking at fueneorm numbers mostly in the 60s toy. soh bay good, los gato 65, burlinme 65, 62 in pacif ights, oria 67,68 degrees inivermore so. more change ahead. member, you don't have to wait for the seven-day recast. we've got it scrolling at the bottom of your screen. two prettyood chances for rain. in the north bay saturday. we stop the clockt 5:00 a.m. ineasing clouds, we might get a little activity in sonoma county then tuesd and wednesd we've got really good request looking weathermaker headed our we'll talk more about that. right now yourrive with mike inouye. >> gdmorning. it is friday, expect a lighter flow and ler build for the commutwe're seeing bot right now and tt's the good news. we have an easy drive through the south bay along the peninsula. where we see a little bit of orange. right here out of the altamont
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pass. spee 50 miles per hour prty much 55. no probls toward dublin pleasant. 84 shows a tiny build as more hit the roadway, we see a little owing at the transition. 680 a smooth drive out of san ramon. we have a nice drive. there' thean mateo drive, over to the peninsula, n problems for 101 on tha side o the bay. we'll show you how many,ou could count t numr of folks. good spacing coming off of the san mateo bridge higrise. no probls across the bay bring. an easy driveff the workly choyv. across the spa the lights are off. you want tget one of thosef you don't have one. looking to the north, very clear
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view sohbound. down to lincol there is none of the issue like e fog yesterday. all the way tohe colden ge bridge. >> 5:22. a possible way to keepids safe in the clasoom. the collapsible storm elter. why it's causing som controversy.
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> 5:24. from tornados and ethquakes to school sotings a company in missouri sayst's found a new way to keep kid safe in the classroom. >> the maker of the hide away collapsible stor shelter say thisan be installed in a classroom and deployed out from the wa. it can take about 28 students and a teacher. this one is bullet pof and can withstand an ef 5 toado. the product has been tested at
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the texas tech resrch center and the planow is to have it officially tested. but there is someesistance. some in t busess say they don't ust thesign. >> i saw that the sheer was advertising as that they were gog to do som business with schools as bullet proof shelr it's irresponsible. bull proof all depends on the caliberf the weapon that's being fired at . >> makers areellings that the sheers are made out of the same material on humvees or other military armor. but with all that'sappening there has been talk. doors reinforced. really fortunate. >> 5:25. let's me on to better news, take a loo at the forecast. though matter what youay the weekend's approaching. you can say -- goo morningo u guys. a good looking day, quite differen from yesterday at this time. it's clear out there and cold as a resu.
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take a lk at the north bay. 36 degre right now up there, illy conditions in the napa valley cities. upper 40s hded our wayor the first part of the da th we see a nicfinish, south bay good. temperures are going to climb by 5 to 8 degrees on average. as an area of l pressureomes it's a sweater weather day. as we head toughout tonight. wee going to take a closer look at th forecast, tell y what's going on in the bay area. that's coming up. fit let's check your driv >> an easierdrive. les look at the map fhe south bay. over head wiressue is causing folks to have t transfer at e chenoweth stion. watch for the updates. that's in the south bay. liveook to the outside, area past the coliseum, northbound 880 easy drive as you pass 98.
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the volume builds. the goln gate bridge, a clear vieweadlights out of the north ba aoss io san francisco. gets bier as the morning continues. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:. still to come on "today in t bay" we'll tl you about more news he a man found shot to death in san jose ernight. what deputies are now saying about this crime. >> 16-year-old accused of lighting another teenager on fire cld enter a plea. this stron message suppoers of the victim sent last night.
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a man is shot and killed in east san jose. out who shot to figure i'llave the latest on thi investigatiocoming up. >> and good friday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina lore we made it thifar. up.tty good weekend shaping
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i can tell you changes a on the horizon. temperatures a chilly now. rain in the recast. we'll detl all oft in your full forecast mentsaway. >> it is friday. a lighter volume o traffic but i'm watching for a n inciden that mightffect you downtown oaklan >> heris another reason fridays feel good this ones special. a wish come true. how thousands of voluners they e all coming together to give that young m there a cancer patient some real life super hero powers. >> it's going to happen in san francisco as we take a live look outside. iconic shot there. golden gate bridge. you made to the friday. "today in the bay."d this is >> tnks for staying with us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garciaannon. we have an update to breaking ws in san jose. the coroner nowt the scene of
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it's a few blocks from james ck high school. marla tellez i live at the scene. she'sot the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the coroner arrived about 40 nutes ago and looked like as you canee behind me in this parking lot tha they are getting ready to remove the body any mute now, in fact. the body has bee out he since la last night, the deadly shooting reported just befe 10:00. multiple peoe called saying they heard multiple shots fired. deputies found the victim in this pking lot right on sth white road. ems crews were oncene trying to perform life saving measures but that wasot successful. e man was pronounced dead at the scene. the suspect or suspes are still on the run and the weapon has not beenrecovered. a spokean here tells me the
5:32 am
man washot at leas once and investigators hope witnesses come forward. >> i do know wte road is fairly busy. i would assume tt hopefully there is somebody that saw something to help us piece togeer this inveigation. camry next to the body i also part of thisinvestigation. it's just too early to tell the relatiship between the victim and the car. agn, this is in the park lot of theante fe tack ria. it's part of the investigation as well in that athe very least investigators are speaking to the owner. perhaps at person knows anything about ts homicide. on the oth side of the lot re it's the sante fe rket, that's what you're looking live at. this is getting rdy to opent 7:00. i spoke to a few of the guys side. they jt arrived, to get the they are obviously surprised by
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the homicide, althoh they tell me theyave no information to give us. again, if you have information about this homicide, itappened last night. contact the sheriff's department. marltellez, "today in the bay." akusd of lighting another teen on fire now expected to enter a plea in court. richd thomas has beenharged enhancementccused of setti me 18-year-ol sasha flshman's skirt on fire whilee was eeping on a s. that happed in oakland. sasha identifies as a-gender, neither male or female. sash suffered severe legurns during the attack. ♪ >> continuing th sty, s, love is more powerful thanhate. that is their slogan. that's the msage several hundred people sen out last
5:34 am
ght marching through the streets to hon sasha. friends and family traveling macarthur boulevarto a on locaon where the attack happened. his parents say the march was and provide a teachable moment for the community. >> this is really about letti people b who they are and not being aaid of that. i think there's a lot of fea of the other, of anything different. >> we can tell you sasha, a berkeley high school studt, listed in stable coition. l >> ts morni police in cupertino pe a new sketch will help them catch a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the deanza campus. the victim toldolice she interacted wh the man in the past. she thinks he goes by the name jony but doesn't know hiseal
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me. the the assault happened last week 18 woman's bathroom. into atall and assaulted her. new details on the search for safrancisco city college student missing for ove a week. tnesses reported seeing 20-yr-old derek in san jo. they told police he looked confused. his familyoes not have a history of mental illness. he was seen walking to a bus stop last thursday. phone to three different aas thatafternoon. the has been no activity, however, nce. >> 5:35. we want to tell you about a big me traformation going on in thcity of san francisco. no longe for the days san francisco, we call itotham city. this is out a make a wishnd aittle boy. >> bob redel joins us live in san fransco where neay
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12,000eople will be on hand. to witness this young cancer patient savehe city. tell us about it. >> reporter: yeah, gd morning to you, laura and jon. i'm not live, when y're in gotham you know it's going to attacked by the riddler and peuin, two crinals too mh forothamolice department to handle. that's why later this morning the chief of police will be callg upon bat kid we believe is staying at the grand hyatt here f. you don't remember, maybe th will jog your memory. he is a kid you do notant to mess th. real name is miles. is a 5-year-old kindergtner who ent four yrs in a battle agains leukemia. hes in remission. today he will fight crime thas to the make-a-sh foundation. this nonprofi has signed up
5:37 am
about 12,000 people to help put on the elaborate fanta of turning fs into gotham. e "san francisco chrocle" is inting a special edition and howe saves the city. andmiles, apparently has little idea h life long dream of becoming a superhero is about to come true. >> superhero, he lik to be a super hero. he is one in our mind. >> what mes him asuperhero? >> he's beat an awful disease. >> what are y doing in san ancisco? >> going to be batman. >> reporter: so he will be helping out batman, he wl be bakid. miles doest know this isow it's going to play out. he wil receive the call fm the chief, at 10:00 this rning, that he needs t hopn the bat mobile to rescu a
5:38 am
msal in distress, about an hour laterat kid and batman will have to rh over to stop the rider robbing a bank leing to the burger bar over below will alert bat kid that th penguin kidnapped lucille of the giants. there will be achase, then mid afternoon after saving gotham mayor ed lee will present bat kid with a key to the city at you can follow all of this live on twitter #sf batid. we're going t follow it all mornin lon as well. >> milons all over the bay case with bat kid. ble and >> we have the bat kid forecast. >> good morning. for bat kid throughout this forast is just foryou, young man.
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by noon at union square when you 63 degree comfortable.distress looking good. 65 degrees. greater bay area nearly uniform later on toy. plenty of 40snd0s to start the day. headedoward the mid-60s, just about everywhere. 70s today and no upper 50s so the reason for the uniform numbers is becse we have a ak disturbance coming through that will pick wind but we're looking od, atunch time in the city 64, 4:00 p.m., a one of those days i like to call sweater weather. >> i feel maybe i might need a sweater. looking toward oaklan the opposite sit side of the bay. th is going to maybe need help from bat ki stick around the weekend and maybe miles c come to the east y. lookinat northbound 880. m watching traffic u toward
5:40 am
reports of a stall at the oak street off ramp. i see slowing on the approac but chp cleared that s this up.wdo hopefully will clear it'snly down to 58 miles per hour. that might be in line wh the the rest of theaze is smooth, the north bay across the benicia. carquinez and petaluma. you notice there is orange like yesterday. the fog inot an issue. we get live look atalo alto, 1 along the peninsula with the headlights comin up toward us. no problems her ardown. >> it's 5:40. comingp a vot change to where the health care law is heading to the house. how this is different from what the president oposed yesterday.
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the >>ouse republicans expected to
5:43 am
vote on a fix that would allow americans to keep health care plans that he been canled th morning but we can also tell you this one is diffent than whathe president proposed and that happened just yesterday. tracie potts now live on capit some of the cfusion here for consumers. good morning. >> reporter: we'll try to sort it out. what house republicans are plans indefitely so as the e present promised people who have health plans that hav been or may b canceled aost 5 million of them will be able to keep those. the presint is proposing is extending it for anoth year, but makingure the insance companies showeople what they e getting and what they are notgettin in other words, some of the plans we inpensive, they didn't cover a lot. the new law ruires maternity care and mtal services that wen't always covered. reaction fm insurance coanies, they weren't aware of
5:44 am
wh the president wanted to do before he annnced it. they say it's not fair to change th rules in theiddle othe game and they are warning that that's less money in the system and they may have to raise rates. >> tracie potts, thank you for helping us put perspective on this. thank u. as aid finally begins to get to the victims of deadly typhoon in t philippines berkey studen are offering show of vigil.t through a candlelight have started delivering food, waternd medical supplies t remote areas. even with the 8 beginni to arrive conditions are described as eak. thsands have been evacuated wi nothing but the cloth they are wearing. they are conflicting reports on the numberf dead
5:45 am
one agency said just over 2300 are confirmeddead. a un agey says is at least 4,000. >> also day, a 132,0 gallo oil spl was discovered leaking from a bar that was damaged by the sorm >> a developing story conties from pro football. jonath martin the player allegedly bully bid a teammate will meet with the nfl special investigator today. the league commissioned a full investation on this story. martin attorney said the accuse went well beyond hazing and harassmentor the year and a half he has been with the team he claims he was physically attacked. despite theselaims a lot of martin's teammates they are supporting richie. also a former fullback at kansas university i sng the ncaa accusing it of not ptecting
5:46 am
athletes from life lon effect of concussions. in a class actionawsuit chris powell organized the ncaa should have given aletes more information so they could have been better informed and made better decisions. the suit contends the caa knew or should have known the possible effects o head trauma and should have done more to protect its players. >> timeo check that warrant. it's friday. how are we lking? >> looking good. good the morning. mperatures are chill to start. thanks for wakin up wit us each and every day. you know what, i want to remind you, you can catch your ven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we know you want instant information. it's righthere for you every part of th bay aa is covere san francisco looking nice and clea we were recovered with fog. day we'll hit t wid 60s across the b area. a weak disturbance coming
5:47 am
rough is going to kick up bend. i wanto show you san jose, 6 degrees. geready tonjoy the weekend, 65 degrees between about 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. so overall the windsre going to betrong this morning, then this evening into the overnight hours. coolir will be lingering behind this areof low presre. it's going to fall apart through th bay area. for us little wind and cold air. we get a really good chance as we head into next week. i'll time out that system. good morning to mike inouye. >> we're looking at a lighter frid build as we typically find on this day. at this time we're starting to feel a little flow increase we have an issue a. note, light rail trains, transfer at a
5:48 am
chenoweth station. no further details tha that. stand by i you take t les they will let you know. we have slowing developing 101 north of 680 a look at the live camera and show you that folks are starting to get congested. the volume buis right here and thenorts itself out. back to the maps w see that 280 also shows a rst. that's a little ear for a friday to so any slowing. here 0estbound and now popping in eastbound. showing ait of a traffic inease and a little bit of sl. 0 outf the altamont pass. the volume for livermore as well wn isabel. slow out of walnut creek. 24hrough lafayette. an easydrive, tonight through saturdayhey are going to change things gting ready to open the fourth bore you may see flowing.
5:49 am
that's later on tonight into tomorrow. the east sho shore and theay bridge an easy drive. no major problems. an easy drive as ll. e golden gate out of th north bay across into the city a light ow. about midday this get crowded. ba to you. >> that's righ crab city as well. today actually marks the official start of crab season. ey were waiting for better weather to collect all of those pots. >> okay. >> trust christie smith live out there this morning. >>right. get your bibs ready or whatever the protect yr clothes from the butter >> reporter: sit it on the table because wish i had better news to start your crab report but the crab pots are allempty. shermen telling us they hoped to pull up crab but they got a
5:50 am
delay of game due to the weather. one captn this morning told me if cditions were right all the boats you see would be gone, they would be out tosea. they he come back empty han becae the conditis outside i'm told are very choppy. spoke with one crabber w has $100,000 on the line out this so he came back to get more ice and went back o. i spoke wit the immediate of the fisherman's association an vocate for bayrea fishermen, the delay is just tempora >> there may be a ttle bit coming in the some of the boats t at hoyer traps. the good news is we're goingo have crabor thankiving which couple yea we witness, becae either a price dispute and of course a few yearsba, the oil smile. thingsre looking good, a little delay because of weather.
5:51 am
>> one difference this year is for the first time california crabbers a under limits for the amount of crab tps they this was initiate bibay area fishermen o complained about the outf state boats were wiping out the crab populatio as soon as the season started. i want to tell youeforee go this is what the watering looks like. they are sayingnce you get o the other side of the golden gate a different bl game. we'll let you know. kroob cra christie smith, "day in the bay." >> thanks so much >> exercising patience. coming , thou warriors managed in the nba. one of the tghest >> theew play station is out. i promise we'll have very ltle productivity around the office. coming up as soon as we get it downloaded.
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>>happy friday morning. a very happy thursday night at acle. i'm sur tre are still good vibrations arod that one as the home othe golden state warriors was a place to cheer. ey called it roracl we have the pictur. this i a great game. warriors putting their defeeded home record on the line. back a forth to thewire. that shot rig there people thought thunder won. but no ane the giant. zoom. game over. ok, these guys get paid a lot
5:55 am
but that is one of the most fficult shots floating the corner nails it. there you go. puit on ice. thunder go down. warriors win 11115. try to keephe good vibratis going against the jazz saturday. scott going to keep goo vibratns going, a little hockey. u got pla station 4? >> i do and it's the obvious gadget this gadget friday. the play station 4oes on sale today in stes. sony hasn't had a new play stion since 2006. long lines, a lot of excitement in san francisco. sony executives came out and met with all of the chillyaithful as they lined up for a midnight release ere. that guy g his. lo. the average age after vid gameu sony is the first out of th gate with the new -- next
5:56 am
fray, we here in bot cases e going to b heart to get. this is nothing revolution area. it's getting there. every kid is going to have to dealith this. nothing rolutionary about these. they areust better. the play station 4 now ten times faster than play station three. it means better games and graphics and as with dices before you'll b able to access netflix and amazon and other seices. for the first time you'll be able to share video clips of your game, youan send a headline reelt to your friends on faceok. first come, first serve. ese are going to be hard to t. this is -- the last was nearly 10 yes. you may have to wait unti after christmas. >>cott does not wait.
5:57 am
>> got a whole thur go. >> still ahead, we want to tell you aboutreaking news, a deadly soting overnight. we'll let you know what deputies are telling us. marla tellez is liven the scene. >> the snaghat is threatening to rail the b.a.r.t contract. for saving gotham city.dy bad kid coming to the scue. the all out for the battle agnst leukemia.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news, bulletsly outside a south bay tacoia we're live at the scene. >> are wen store for round
6:00 am
the fine print that could send b.a.r.t.ack to the negotiating table. and a comic book adventure in the making. the make-a-wish coming te for a pint sized super hero next. >> love that story. happy friday everybody. gate thismorning.traighout the that means we'll see a lot of sunshine. mid to upper 60s, then the rain movein. i have your full forecas in moments. >> you might be expecting lighter friday and you have that for the most part but i'm watching the nimitz freey. >> lads and gentlemen, we showed you bat kid procting men, women and chilen. going to be a ball on this friday, november 15th, this is "today in the y."


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