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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 15, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the fine print that could send b.a.r.t.ack to the negotiating table. and a comic book adventure in the making. the make-a-wish coming te for a pint sized super hero next. >> love that story. happy friday everybody. gate thismorning.traighout the that means we'll see a lot of sunshine. mid to upper 60s, then the rain movein. i have your full forecas in moments. >> you might be expecting lighter friday and you have that for the most part but i'm watching the nimitz freey. >> lads and gentlemen, we showed you bat kid procting men, women and chilen. going to be a ball on this friday, november 15th, this is "today in the y." >> a good friday morning to you.
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i'm laura garciaannon. >>'m jon kelley. od moing. thks for joining us. i want to g youo the breaking news. e sheriff's department investigating a deadly shooting ne a busy resurant in east n jose this happenedast night near the corner of sthhite road and woodhaven drive a few blocks from james lk high school. article article hashe latest details. good morng. >> we are entering the ninth hour of this invtigation and since our last report at 5:30 the coroner has removed the body from the parking wlot this man was shot and killed. the body was fupd lying next to this hicle. deputies tell it's too early to identify the relationship tween the victimnd the vehicle. this will taken from the lot
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and considered aiece of eviden. this is the can ta bay taco ria, the nearest biggest intersection istory road. cause this is unincorporat sanose the sheriff's depament is handling this case. the big mystery is who pulled the trigger. technicis are busy taking pictures of the scene and then marking the evidence. ves dwers ar talking to witnesses t get a suspect descriion. as of now who ever did this is stl on the run. >> right now we don't have anyone in custody. we don't have suspect information. we're asking for the public's help. it's a pretty busy road. see anhing, heard anything, contact us. >> reporter: callso 911 for shot fired came in just before 10:00. sheriff deputies i p.d. both responded the ene.
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crewried saving the man. his identity has not been released. the weapon used in this hasot been recovered and i want to te you that accorng to the smaex m that an autopsy could be conducted today. if that'she case and if next of kin is successfull notified we could learn this man's identity as soon as today. rla tellez,today in the >> 6:. e b.a.r.t. boardfirectors found a problemith a newly approved contract. they are goi to hold a special meeting to talkbout it. they will meet to discuss the contract.e portion of the b.a.r.t. says six weeks o family leave isn't supposed to be part of eeal but it' in thcontract. >> ality to be away on family leave, i pefb for 6 weeks. and havehat paid that was negotiated out of the krort. but it maged toe in there. >> union leaders say mart
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manament is trying to go back on their agreement. b.a.r.t.ays it could be a deal breake >> drivers brace yourselv, soon you could be paying more to not too bad at this point. the bridge brd of directors will look at five options for a toll irease that could be put in place by april. the bridge's transportation $142 million shortfall.ojected tolls from5 to $5.75 starting e in apri then 6 in july. drivers would see the toll rise toy next april. >> a super hero surprise is in right now a symbol for help is
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shing. to make a comic book adventure come true. >> bob redell is live in san francisco right nowith fans gathering. going to transrman francisco into gotm city for the day and the kid is going to save it. >> reporter: goo morning to you. herenormerly sf now gotham. crime wave i a few hours.ig the chie of police will personally be calling upon a super hero we believe the staying here. he goes by about i kid. his real name is miles. he has spentour years in a battle ainst leukemia.
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hes now i remission. today he will figh kram thanks to the make-a-wi foundation. the nprofit has signed up around 12 thou peopleo be put on this for the audience of one. special etion aboutis ng a exploits and howe saved the there was trainin earlier to help him with today. apparely miles had little lo idea that becoming a superher is going to come ue. he will receive the call from morning.f o police, 10:00 this telling him he needs to bap io the bat mobile. abou an hour later they hav to rushver to stop the riddler. the afternoonhile eating over union square a flash mob wi alert b kid the penguin
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kidnapped lucille of the parents. after saving gotham the mayor willresent him with a key to the city at city hall. >>uper heroes. he lik to -- he is one. in o mind. >>hat makes him asuperhero? >> he beat an awful desire. >> what are you doing he in san francisco. [ >> going to be batman. >>eporter: make a wish wille posting bat kid's fight ainst crime in real lime on twitter, wit.cafollow hash tag sf bat >> so exciting love it. >> he gets to ride around the bat ca. people pouring in and help is coming in including a ctume shot. i have a picture thehop shared
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on facebook shong the finishing toucs on the threaded riddler'sos soom. also bat d. >> such a great thing. you can watch san francisco's transfortion andiles' reacon to it all right here on the same channel. bring it to you live at that's awesome. >> we've got the bat forecast a well checking in with meteorolist christina loren. >> yes.rning to u. it's going to be pretty nice throughout for all of his heroic duti. looking od. 63 grees. sunny conditions, nice out there at city hall, so we can't wait see that. find it all on our nbc new at
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11:00 a.m. it's chiy in theorth bay, the south bay at 45, we've got a good day with changes on the orz. we get into thiseekend a slight chance for an isolated shower. then widespread rnfall on the ray into next week. we're talking about significant chances. the wind will inease. cool breezy sweater weather. let's check onour ifrn. >> we hopehe know power. 880 northbound at high street butdy see flashing lightsff and north o there they may head to remove that. a live lk at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is your backup for all usually heavy for a friday.
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everybody's rushing in. maybe they're goingo help out with miles bat kid. look to the maps show you san francisco and the city, reports of dela, church and market, or the m-ocean all experiencin so sort of delays. major delays from what i undersnd. the south side, bta for the line, transfer at chenoweth because of issues cross a kener but then you're clear. pretty smoothly. ck to you. >> not so smoothly happening now. crab fishermenre supposed to haul in t first hatch of the season. live look at the fors some of the boats haven't even left. crews saidhose sterday. the weathers on topf their
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ca. christie smith is going to have a live report in about 15 minute >> i'm still ironing my b and getting ready. >> i used to pairhe plastic ones. still ahead, a former stanfor football player standgut about llying in professional football. who has been wit and the impact this could have on the culturgoing forward. >> keeping our eyes on the skies. taking a live look from the south bay this morning. ye. a lot more clear than all of the tage had yesterday. a lot more news ahead. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do sothing today. and there's never been a beer time because this year, devry university has $45 million llars
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brought you yesterday. a sinkhole in frida neighborhood continues to grow this morning in a town near st. petersburg. lookt the size now. overght the hole was measured at 90 feet wide, more than 50 feet ep. crews used a backhoe to pull a boat o of the sinkhole but th are in holding pattern until it stabizes. luckil no one h been injured. >> the other top stories, a man shot and kild outside a tacoaria. so far no aests and no suspts scriptions. today crges could be filed againsa homeown who shot a teenager on his porch. family membeay the 19-year-oldan to the hou to get help after a car accident. civilights group say race was factor because mcbride was
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black. deld of a tsa agenthot and t killed. ves dwers want to know why the officer bled for 33 minutes before he was taken. >> have you heard this, it's a strange artle 18 magazine. >>cott mcgrew going to talk about it. it's causing talk. >> it is. the british version of "gue." in the article you may see on the lower right-hand side there in the bush, it's highech heroes, the wives and girlfriends of silicon valley. google but run a genetic at company. melissamer, runs yaho.
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alley pinkess married t mark. the magazinays sicon valley, thanks tohe wives and identifies. thenny is more eye candy but stylish successful and sharp. you are re likely toee them power talking t a biness su. >> janet yeln will likely be confmed as the next fed chair. she gave testimony thursday, everything went fine. it was very clear, though, tt yellen believes strgly in t fed's actions to repair the ecomy through money and low terest tes. the stockarket loves that. the other is chegg.
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they ipoed at 22.5. they were at $9. yesterday they traded at $8.88. this is one o those situations ere you say if you don't want to be in on early on. >> you think it'soing to keep dropping? >> you wouldn't want to be part of it. >> it w good start. alys a nice start because it's friday. >> we love ouray area weekends. there is a lot happening. a lot to do for you and t little ones this weekend so stay tune temperatur mostly in the 40s and0s right now. temperatures are pretty chilly. and the stu is visible i san jose to start the day. i want to talk p your hire by hour chges. we'll climb into the 60s.
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that'shere are story of the day. that goingo keep your even at 4:00 p.m. cool side. reachingbout 65 degrees. you made it this far, the weekend is upon us your seveday forecast scrolling at the botto of the screen. area olow pressure is going t co through. this couldroduce light showers you want to keep that in mind. we'll see our wind speeds increase. then a pretty gd chance for rain intoext week. take a look at this. everyoneas been asking me when is it going to rain opportunity for that. owers still to the north of san jose. weead throughout tuesday night into wedsday we're talking about pretty impreive tals headed o y. uprds of a maf an inch. 1800 of an inch in almost we need that rain.
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>> good morning. overall lighter dri because it's friday. that is to predicd. north 101, unexcted, north 87, this is horrible,eading up to curtner. on of the people involved it lunds like ran away and maybe takes longer and vicm have to -- rlly quickly here north from 85 up to curtr. fos might bail out at 101. the t-valley a typical bld toward the dublin interchange. in through almost for 84 no surprises. toward caso valley. speedsip a bit as well as soutte toward the san laet bij. we hav a nice drive, a peak at palo alto on peninsula side.
6:20 am
traffic flows smoothly up towar the area there is an issue for the mini lines. all experncing deys, the west portal on the waters there back to you.of major delays. >> 6:20 now. a story profootball, jonathan mortgage in the to meet on alleges that he was bullied. that will be in order. beyond tradition locker room hazing. the team suspended richie incognito. martin was a two-time out stand. david shaw and former coach jim harbaugh expressedrecourse.
6:21 am
>> alex rodriguez to 6 to meet meeting bet for tad has been d a called off. she still in cifornia where him from making the trip.ent the major mlb handed them out for perrmance enhancing drug violence. >> possible blew thugh. bay area fishermen lking for it will be kraut ashore. why t first day may prove to be under whelming. [ male announcer ] llsbury grands biscus.
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ladies and gentlemen, time to g those hammers ady, crab francisco.e pier in san they sit empty, many of th boats are still docked. ey can't start the crab season weather out there.ll of the the current conditions not ideal but the official srt of crab seas, take you longer to get going tha originally thought. >> also wried you bring a hammer to eat crab. >> you got to pound. >> it's coming. they put the pots out yesterday but many fishing boats are still knocd. become more favorable.ns to
6:25 am
>> one woman throughout for us, christie smith with me of those grab fishermen. when when wil it take to seeing some crabs? >> not yet. we've seen some wildlife in the water, some fish being picked u but that's aut it. atrabbers are telling us is if conditions were right you wouldn't see any of tse boats. they would be out at see, and ey are not. if you can man over you look at we did see one crew trying t . load up some bait and heading out. fishermen areelling us is thatt the weather outside ofhe colden gate is rough. caughtp with a man who worked who says tha there will be cbn fo thankiving and the captain of -- it won't last.
6:26 am
>> what's your prediction when we mht see crab out here? >> this afternoon there'a couple of guys going to take a look. you see most of the lar boats e tied to the dock. i think that's going to divide on the volum of crowd. 6.99 to $10 a from say they are paid $3 a poun different.r: ts year something crabbers are under new regulations limiting the number of traps they canset. thegulations were initiat byay area fishermen. theyomplained that the b out of state boats coming in wh a lot of traps. sohere are limits and i wanted to show you back here live. the water looks so smyth. you get on the other side and
6:27 am
the difference, we're keeping our eyes on . soon as i see any crabs i'll let you know. >> sounds like the s gulls were waiting too. >> it's27. still ahead, is a fix it plan in store for obama care? the health insurancedling all of cancellations. mail. ns are getting in the m l >> the breaking ne. leaving one man dead. coming unext. wod look like john stas.
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>> right now live in new yor city just in time for the openg bell heading to the weekend. and we've got the nasdaqor you as well, two for the price of one. th sdaq, the kidset a chance to catchll ofhat confetti. this fday, novber 15, this is "today in the bay >> 6:30. good morning. thanks for scking with us. >>e continu to follow breaking new this morning in a man was shot and killed. ght now police are still seching for the suspect or suspects who pulled the trigger. it happened las night near south white road and woodhaven drive afew blocks from james lick high school. talking to investigors.scene she's gointo have a live repo in about 15 mites.
6:31 am
>> house republicans expected to vote on a fix to allow americans keep heah pns that have been canced b we can tell thusiasm is different from whatresident obama proped. tracie pot is live on capitol ll. she is here working hard for us trying to clear up some of the confusion for a lot of consumers out there. good morning. >> reporter: goodmorning. for 5 million of them who either got cancellation notices o may soon. take a live look a the house floor. this i coming u for a vote lily before mid afternoon. how republicans want to make sure people that had heah plans canceled get to hold onto just like presint obama promised. we'll see a vote on that on the houseide later today. democrats say they have tir own version ofhis plan tt mimics whatresident obama wants to do which is to extend the plans jtor another year but alsoo make sure the insurance mpany show consumers
6:32 am
what they are missinghen they they do not meet t sndards of the new health care act. not cover a lots what the ay president's argument is admitted once again that they de a mistake that theyumbled as he put it on the website and to their plans.ople holding on he says the buck stops here, he's responsible for it but now is trying to fix it wel watch for the vote later today. >> president obama, my bad, we'll see what happens from here. apprecte it. >> in the meantime more tha 4 million cancellation notic have gon out to people with individual health insurance coverage and more than a quarter of those people aren california. the state insurance commissione is askinghe state insurance exchange to extend the deadline the commissioner says 1.1
6:33 am
customers in california received notices canceling their exiing coverage as of december 31. california association of health plans says t state suld stay or risk fther rat increases so one we'll have to contie to watch. it's feel good friday. no matter where are it feels good. >> hey, good morning. it's going t be a nice weeken we need rain in the b area and we have them on the way. if you wonder when the rain is going to move incheck here at the btom of the screen. we've go all of the gion acrosshe bay area covered. that's where you find your seven-day forecast. for now san francis looking good. you can se all 48 floors. quite t contrar from yesterday. 65 degreesthere. about 4:00 p.m. and highs nearly unifo this afternoon. wind is going to pickp as
6:34 am
well. searching for the strongest win speeds. that will be the case. then the winds starto relax. so i want to te it to your 12-hour forecast for yr region. find your region, this is what we're looking forward in the south bay. 9:00 a.m., 52grees, looking good ther 60 degree as you break fortion. . oncehe sun sets jt before 5:00emperatures drop down to 58 at:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. in the nth bay. 49, t cool spot. keep that in mind. the best bay at 60 degrees for you and cool finish, 5:00, 59 in the east bay. the tri-valleyegion i can tell you everybody expecting the mid asks today. we're goi to talk about a good
6:35 am
amount of rafall. >> it's friday, we expec a not going to happen in a couple of key spots. look how heaven they volum is. it kicked in hard on north 101. 'll show you onmaps. but even to work, 87 northbound. i got notice four minutes ago the lanes cleared on the shoulder s still a distraction. coming up from capil expressway. that's adding to 101uilding so. watc it. eastbound, capital between the two freeways. pretty calmnd norma for the altamont pass. 680, slowing down into la knoll. the crash here is northbound watch that slow into highway4
6:36 am
and walnut creek. the w bridge. the kald cut. ok at t b bridge toll plaza. we're starting out wit the lanes to the right teft starting to show a break but they were all filled in. that's unusuals well >> thank so much. 6:36. ree pg&e ecutives will be questioned during a hearing o a potentiall dangerous pipe line a. top official has recommend ad utility be fined for more than 17 million for poor and potentially misleang infoation on pipe line itomes after offials learned about an unsafe pipe line by reading about it in the newspaper not hearing it from pg&e. a spokesman says the utility is disappoint the commission is dissatisfied with its efforts.
6:37 am
>> on "today in the bay"," if phones will be a new lead in a cold case. we'll tell you about the physicaling families. those remains likely belonged to. >> a midairree fa. w a pot says a passeer tumble out of the plane into e ocean below. we all he our little tricks.
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a follow-up now to the remas of four people found buri in shallow gras in the mojave desert. sources tell o sister station belong to four members of a san dieg family missing since 2010. investigators say they belve mexico.y family was headed to morcyclist found the remains monday morning north of victorville in san bernardino unty. the eriff's department wl give an upda ler this morning. >> rht now w have chilling video shong the terror in a mall after a gunman wal inde and proceeds to openfire. this is capturing richard walking into the garden state plaza mall wearing what appears be a motorcycle helmet. he fired several shots in the airith an assault rifle. police say the 20-year-old had the opportunity to shootnd kill people inside but instead after about six hours police did
6:41 am
find him dea from a lf-inflicted gunshot wound. >> thiss a bizarre incident leavin many unanswered questions in miami. after a man fell o of a small plane. investigators sayhean fell 2,000 feet after tumbling out a ssenger door that was ajar. the incident happene over biscayne b. fire rescue op with the coast guard hoping to locate the man's body. but they turned up nothing after several hou of searching. >> followi out aer moving plane. a long list of unanswed questions. coming up weave new detai on a breaking news story in the bay. the search for the armed suspect
6:42 am
is under way as we speak. >> possible sightings of a bay areaollege student missing for days. we'll tellou where he may have turned up. >> and a super hero surprise for a pint sized cape cw stater. the 5-yeaold boy, the special lile guy, a scial guy in store traformed into a city he could gave. people go to a matress store nd essentially they just get sold something.
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we provide the exact invidualization that your body needs. before you invest in a mattress, diover the bed clinicay proven to prove sleep quality. thsleep number bed. once you experience it, there's no going back. final days for our lowest price ever on c4 queen mattress sets-just $12. plus special finacing until 20. onlat one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleepumber. comfort individlized. 6:44 breaking news. the sheriff's department inveigating a deay shootin near a busy restaurant i east san jose. hapned last night near the corner o south white road and woodhaven drive a few blocks
6:45 am
from jam lick high school. marla tellez isive at the scene with the latest. good morning. >> goodmorning. we'veeen out here sce before 4:00 this morning so we watched this unfold. the big mystery is who shot and killed a m right in this parking lot. we're going to have youake a look here. you can see when we arrived actually on scene i want to tell you th the body wastill here lying next to this white toyot cameraou see. this is considered evidence but they are not explaing the relationip between the car and the victim. earlier cri scene technicians were photoaphing the scene. theoroner arrid, the body was removed about 5:30. the spesman tells me that peopletarted toall 911 just before0:00 lastnight. reported hearing multiple sho the man was shot at least onc and now the case lies in the nds ever witnesses so the sheriff's dertment is hoping more people come forward with
6:46 am
information. >> i do knowt's a busy road so hopefully is somebody that can help us piece together this investigation. >> reporter: this is a parking lot of the taco ria. so again if you know anying about th homicide you are asked to g in touch wit the santa clara county sheriff's department. once next of kin is notied only tn wl we learn this n's identity. because this is unincorporated san jose that's why the sheriff's depament is handling this case and also this is according to spokesman this is e department's third homicide investigation this year. live in san jose, marla tellez "today in the bay." >> appreciate it. 6:46. time to check out the weather. we ge you a snning look over san jose. little bitf that haze in the
6:47 am
sky. e krurocity in my ted how is it gng to affect the weather >> not a cool cat like jon kelley. good morning to you. we got t upper 40s to low 50s. yestday we were socked in with fog. this isan francisco. you can see for 10 miles or better. look at this butiful sunrise. temperates all across t bay area nrly uniform. so that means we'll reach the 60s just about all of your cities. 69 for friday, this i your you don't le in the north bay dot worry, we've gotour region covered. you' find your seven-day at the bottom of the screen. let's talkbout the rain we expect. you get into saturday the only chan is really into sonoma county. you want something to do with the kids this weeke take a ok at this. is goingo be
6:48 am
the charles schultz. on the menu toast, popcorn and jellyeans so they arerue to then as we headhrough tuesday and wnesday aetter chance for rain. i want to focus otuesday beuse as you can see t showers are going to be widespread. across t bay area, picng up pretty significant totals. wards of a halfnch at santa rosa. a lite bit toward a half inch in napa and everywher else a teh of an inc to 3 ch. we're looking pretty good i want to put thisn your map.. our hills are thirstyor rain. pretty good totals into next ek. he's always tracking your drive. >> popcorn and jelly beans. getting set up for thanksgiving dier as well. smooth drive northbound for 101 through palo alto and a the
6:49 am
way to san mateo. but nothing likehe fog.le haze daly city youe fine. 101 look at the map. peninsula side very clear getting overo the san mateo bridge is good. th bum >> the conrn is north 87 up to curtner. the earlier crash cared but we have a slow down fm 85, now 85 slows as well as the crash northbound past winchester. the build continues. tri-lley no problem for livermore. 580 and a good dve at the dublin interchange and 680 cleared up so that's great news. still slow out of concd, the only crash causing a distraction. 68toward 24. approaching the baybridge, to the caldecott moving nicely. major delays.e freeway with no
6:50 am
there's past the aa and throughiedmont and you watch for that. folks swervingff of the 580 interchange. ey have to clear that. likely have a traic break. see do have a backup. a tiny break comres to the right lane. for folks thrgh san francisco go news, no more delays for thatuni suay. we had earlier problems but now they have cleed. back to you. >> new details on the search for san francisco city colge stent now missing over a week. tnesses reported seeing 20-year-old derek shall in san jose. they told police h looked nfused. his familyays he does not have a history mental illness. he was last seen walking to a bustop last thursday. police say cell phone records traced his phone to three areas but there has bn no activity
6:51 am
since. >> the 16-year-old boy expected enter a plea in court. richard thomas stands charg as adult with a hate crime enhancement. he is accused of setting 18-year-old sasha fleishmas skirt on fire while he was sleeping on a bus in oakland. sasha identifies as a-gend, neither mal or female. suffered severe leg rns. >> police hope a new sketch will help catch a manccused of sexually assaultg a woma this is what they say heooks like. thsprim told pole she had interacted with the man in the past. sh thinks he goes by the name the assau happene last week in a women's bathroom at the school media and learning sther. the man burres into his sll. >> a little easier for commute
6:52 am
and the caldecott tunnel. the fourth bor will open u this week after years of construction. crews are there n butting the final touches on the bore. so caltrans has not sai exactly when the bore will open this weekend. the two-lane bore will give the kald cut four drains each direction at all tis. >> the interchange with a highway 17. th weekendoad work will likely stallour drive if you try go from the south bay to the beach. lane clores on highway 17, just nor of glenn wood drive. the slope of the road will be lowered to be compatible wh a retaining wall. it will lasthrough tuesday. so aote for you. weend plan >> i'mo jump stt. now they sit empy a lot of the folks, ty can't
6:53 am
start the cra seaso right because of the current wther >> the start taking longer than expected. fishmen wanted to get out what do they have to say? >> reporter: good morning. they are up and at them this morning. this is a busy operation. thes folks behin me, they are loading up. that i ce from crescent city and are eag to catch crab. it's gorous but looks can b deceiving. the weather is reall not cooperating. it hasn't been out of the golden gate. hold on and everything to go with it. this morning the crab traps hav not com back with trab. we saw one booeding up ain of the mad dog tells us it's a
6:54 am
minor delay. they will be bac out soon it he hasbout $100,000 on the line in the motion and yesterday he came up pretty big aft weame in so it was not so nice. >> what's your prediction on here.we sight see cb out of >> coupl bts out trying it. some of the origitorboats. are still td to the dock. >> reporr: they are untying this morng. one differenc for the first time this year california crabbe are under new regulations liting the number of tra they can se ny complain a lotf the large out of state boots were kiping out the c population. is a a lis i morning. these vicms very determined
6:55 am
and from what they have seen, whathey expect, healthy and robust at of grass. >> thanks so much. i wanto show you live pictures, dolition of a house, this is at the sinkholwe told yo about with not only yesterday but earlier. a sinkhole in a flori neighborhood continues to grow this morning. ey are trying to get as close as the can to take it down. it happened near st. peters burg. the hol was about 90eet ke. has to use a backole and pull a boat outf the sinkhole so far. >> therere no injurie reported as of yet. taking down that house now. >> luc people aren' caught in it. that's the great news out of
6:56 am
this. tough to watch. >> exactly. especiallyith the om hoowners there. always a good time, there would make sense. >> scott mcgrew got an early look at play station 4. it goes on sale today. we have one now. sony hasn't had one since 2006. take a look at the long lines. release.ul met f a midnight ry ghoul. microsoft comes out next friday. both will be heart toget. nothing technically we hav't seen. better. 10 times faster tnlay station 3. you'll be able to access netflix and amazon and other serves. clips as welle to share video
6:57 am
>> x box is going to include the camera that tracks you with the gamesome system. >> this is called aneck. i had not heard of it. thght we better go with the fid friendly game. >> ishappy, husbands? >> interesting. >> a great story. sur hero surprise in store for a bat kid. shining in san francisco. a beautif for a 5-year-old now fighting cancer. >> nobody redell jns us, which is transforming. good morning, bob. >> rorter: here little do be attack by the riddler.g to
6:58 am
it's too mh for the local department. greg will be calling upon bat d we're taking in the grand att in downtown. i think you'llgree when issue this. tread lhtly around thi kid. his real nam is miles. he is a 5-year-old kindergartener who spent most of his me in aattle against leukemia. he is in resuspicion. thanks to the make-a-wh foundation the signedp 1200 people to help turning sf into gotham. special edition about his a exploitsow he sav the city. t man and some of bat man's friends, ran miles through traing to help prepare f his crime fightin spree.
6:59 am
apparently after all of this miles has little idea that his life long dream of becoming a >> superheroes,e likes tooh be a superhero. he is one our mind. >> what mes him a super hero. he beat an awfulless. >> what are you dng in s frcisco? >> going to be batman. >> rorter: he will receive a call from t chief this morning to help. he will stop a bank robbery being putn by the riddler, and then the penguin he is going to rescue h rescue lucille, and receive a key from the mayor this afternn. bob redell >> thanks so much. 6:59. we have a emergency to tell you about. american airlines mb 80 making an emergency landing. moments after it took off.
7:00 am
nobody's hu. >> they actually think tt a bird flew io the engine t it landed safely. good morningthe humble president. >> we fumbled. ultimately i'm the hd of this team. that's ome. i'm trying to fix it. >> president obama does damage control onhe botched health care rollo with his legacy hanging the balance. how did it happen? the unthkable in the ses over florida. >> you said you had a passenger fall out of your pla? >>hat's correct, sir. he opened the back dr and fell out of the plane. >> the search and rescue mission underway right now. >> and holy split. ♪ o can say what the rd ♪ jean-claude n damme pulls off the stunt to e


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