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tv   Today  NBC  November 15, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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nobody's hu. >> they actually think tt a bird flew io the engine t it landed safely. good morningthe humble president. >> we fumbled. ultimately i'm the hd of this team. that's ome. i'm trying to fix it. >> president obama does damage control onhe botched health care rollo with his legacy hanging the balance. how did it happen? the unthkable in the ses over florida. >> you said you had a passenger fall out of your pla? >>hat's correct, sir. he opened the back dr and fell out of the plane. >> the search and rescue mission underway right now. >> and holy split. ♪ o can say what the rd ♪ jean-claude n damme pulls off the stunt to end all stus
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peop say it's all real. today, frida november 15th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbcews, this is "today" with matt uer and savannah ghrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> i don know if i should say good morning or light a candle. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie ist with al rokeand natalie morales. matt h the morning off. look at van damme. that looks like you at yoga class. >> every man is cringing watchi this. >> we can l do this but only ce. >> the stunt is al but jean-claude van damme is not real. >> i wonr how he got out of that. how could you recover? >> me on that in a minut also we have a "today" exclusive today. never before seen deos of john f. kenne. wel show them to you. >> cool stuff. campaigning for present and
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riding in the very limo he was kied in months before e assassination. they werrecently discovered after being locked away for almost 50 years. > but we'll begin with today's top story. president obama over the healt care rollout disaste peter alexander at the white house with the lest. good morni. >> reporter: gd morning to you. the president is the first to admit has a lot of work aad of him to regain the confidence of the american people. today is critical. we'll sewhether his idea for a temporary fix tobama care is enough to satisfy mocrats with legislative changes to the law. >> we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. >> reporter: in the ke of the prident's suggested fix the insurance industry ifuming. >> i'm offerg an idea to help do it. >> reporter: the president's idea, ask insurers to hold o dropping 5 million iurance policies that ha been cancelled cause they don't
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cover everything mandated. required coverage like emergency room visits and maternity care and ntal health. >> they should get the information technology hl of fame award. it's just one hell of a mess. >> reporter: insurers that s they were not consulted out the president's requt says mr. obama saying he is juspassing the problems on to them. it could result in higher premiums for consumers. >> this fix n't solve every problem for every peon but it's going to help a l of people. doing more will require work withongress. >> reporter: but today, dissatisfied house republica voten their own way forward, a plan to let americans that got cancellation letters keep current policies. insurers would also be alled to sell new plans that don comply wh the affordable care act. >> this bill will hopefully be able to ease some of the pain working families are feeling.
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>> reporter:he president was strikingly contre. >> did not have enough awareness about e problems in the webse. again, that's on us which is why -- that's one. and that's why i trying to fix it. reporter: determination, even as presint obama's leadershi comes under question. >> i'm up to the challenge. >> it's t just the future of the health care law at stake it's the future of h second term and his presidency. >>eporter: one house democrat to nbc news, quote, someone's head ought to rollecause of all of this. for the first time the president indicate tre will be an intense evaluation, savannah and willie, when everything is said and done to see howe got to this place >> top advor this morning takingt deathly serious. >> you cover this white house for twand a half years, i cover it across the street on rning joe. it was a remarkable press conference
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said this was on me. he was humbled. i don't think we he seen this president obama. >> even friends and admirers of the president don't use the word humble in descriptioof him. this goes to t core not just at health care was pt of his initiative but also the core of his political argument. he wanted to convince people that government can work to help people. government can be compett and this undermines th argument. >> one of the mo remarkable things that struck me yesterday is he said i didn't know befohand that the website sn't going to work. so his staffllowed him to go out time and again and s we're going to be fine and wre going to be ready on october 1st knowing there wereroblems in the pipeline. >> you wouldove to hear the conversations going on behind closed doors and don miss something else in the news conference, he sd it was a week aer the website was on before they even grasped how serious the problems were. >> how quickly things change. less than a month ago today,he utdown was here, some people writing the obituaes of the republican party, that story has
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changed this morning. we turn miami where investigators are tryi to piece together what happened inside a small pla over the ocn. the pilot tellg police his passenger fell out of th airaft and hasn't beeneen since. tom costello has t story for us this morning. tom, good morning. >> reporr: hey, good morning. in fact, miami de homicide detectives are on this ce. that doesn mean they think it's a homicide. this is a normal part of the investigatio they don't know if hfell or jump. it's a real mysterwhat happened out over the ocean. f key biscayne, florida, a searchy air and sea for a victim who may have fallen nearly 2,000 feet from private plan it was just afte1:30 in the afternoon when theilot of a small pipeaircraft radioed an urgent call to aircraft controllers. mayday! yday! i ha a door ajar and a passenger that fell down. i am six mes from miami.
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>> you sd you have a passenger that felout of your plane? >> that's correct, sir he opened the back dr and just fell o the plane. >> reporter: the stunned controller marked the area on the radar and thenotified police, fire and coast guard who began urgent search of th area. anwhile, the pilot returned to e airport for an emeency landing. >> novembe164 lima delta, do you require emergency assistan on the gund? >> i don't. i just have the door on but i reire emergency assistance for the passenger that fell two milefrom the shore. >> reporter: the plane marke off by police as detectives met the pilot. >> the pilot is cooperative with the investigation. he has beetalking to them all ternoon. >> rorter: the question this morning, how in the world did the plane's door come ajarnd how d a passenger then fall out? it seems the oy person who knows is the pilot >> mayday, mayday, mayday! >> they are not describi the
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relationship bween the passenger d the pilot. thsearch continues tod in the aiand the sea but they say it's uikely anyone could survive at fall down into the ocean. tom, thank you so much. thdeath toll in the philippines skyrocketing overnight. natalie is on that sto. good morng to you. >> good mornin guys. it's bn a week after typhoon haiy struck the philippines and they're king a massive effort to get to them. the death toll now topping new gures toppling over 600 people and aid is now pouring in from all across the globe and dr. nancy snerman continues with t report from cebu. nancy, good mornin >> repter: good morning, natalie. we hea a lot of sad stories this week and now we're starting to talk about hope b we havet talked about all the philippines at have been
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affected. the world descended the philippines this week. the israeli air force has arrived, too. th brought their medic expertise to a small town few people have hearof, bogu, a drive north cebu. israelis are knownor security, top notch medicine and moving quickly. dealing with dister is no exception. they arrived yesterday a open their gates today. problems range fm accidents, spiratory problems, fever, and dedration. they're t seeing the trauma witnessed on the other islan. >> what's the probm? >> diabetes. >> will you leave uipment hind? >> we willot take medical supplies that are needed in this region of e world. take them back to israel. >> reporter: but amid e lost houses and illne, there's also happiness. one hour after their doors were openedthe first baby was born. >> congratulationsom. typhoon hit your family ha?
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>> yes. >> you must have beevery sced being pregnant. >> yes. >> theaby boy's name, israel, ofourse. >> reporte so one of the doctors who was part of the search tm said, one, people lost their homes. two, they lost their crops, and three, they're so much poorer than some of t other towns that havbeen profiled, it's, in fact, going ttake them longer to come back to normal. natalie. >> a right. good to see e bits of hope ther snooid nancy snyderman, thanks so much. north texas residentare anxiously waiting toet back in their homes this morning after a huge gas pipelinexplosion. flames could be seen for miles as the pipelinburned near the townf millford. no one was hurt but hundreds of residents re forced to evacuate. we have chilling newideo showing the terror inse a new rsey mall after a gunman opened fire.
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the video shows richard shoop lking through the mall wearing all black and what appears to be a motorcle helmet. though no one was inred shoprs ran for their lives in terror. authorities found s body in a remote part ofhe building. he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. al baldwin can rest easy this morning with histalker drama w over. the canadian actressas found guty thursday of stalking and harassing thactor. a new york judge sentenced genevievsabourin to 210 days in jail. he also issued a ptection order prohibiting bourin from contacting baldwin and his wife for five years. baldwin deni the two ever had a romantic relationship. take a look this, high school runners in arizona got expected competitionast weekend after a coyote decided to join in the css country state chpionship. look how this happen. it happenebetween mile one and two at phoenix golf course there as coyote chasina different
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kind of roadrunner. al. >> mmeep-meem. >> he was in the re for about 50 feet and then ducked away. the human runners re unfazed as thecontinued on toward the finishine. >> that's because the coyo wasn chasing them. >>on't have to run faster than the yote, just faster th you. >> exactly. thank you. al, things warming up a little bit outside. >> warming up here but we' also loong at pretty good snows making their way into the west. let's showou what's happening. good new skiers delight, we are looking for owers making their way. snow around salt lake city. we'll watch as the day wears on and into the weekend. big storsystem coming out of the canadian rockiesnd that will be pushing to the south bringing wh it a lot of snow. we he winter weather adsories and winter stm
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watches into colorado and into e west from snohomish. we're loing at rain along th cot but anywhere from 3 to 12 inches of snow all the way to spokane and, in fact, in the mountains, somplaces could pick up two to three feet of snow. we'll get to your local foreca cong up in the next 30 secos. ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [an ] i'd be aaker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ n ] i wanna be a pilot. [oman ] i'd be an architt. what if i told u someone cod pay you and what ifhat person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what rerement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ happy friday to you. i'm meteorologist chrisna loren. what a difference a day makes. completely clear to kk off the da even in san francisco. no fog to be found. the 40s and 50s. now mostl in and we're going to see almost
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uniform temperatures later on this afternoon. sunshine as it will becool. 65 in the south bay. bay 69 degrees.baynd the north anthat's your latest >> thank you so much. we have new developments this ag nbc's mara schiavocampo has the latestn this case. mara, goodorning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. e family disappearedn 2010 and relatives have fought for answs ever since. investigators thought they may have left the country voluntarily. now we may be one st closer to finding t what happened to joseph mcstay and hiwife, summer, and their two young sons following a artling discovery in the california desert >> families of foujust don't disappear. >> repter: for the past three
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years mike mcstay has not given up hope his brother will be und along with his we and their two young so. >> what does it take for a family of fo to survive right now where ever they're at? >> reporter: this morning, investators may have a major break in the case after a back country motorcyclist discovered human remains in e desert outsi of los angeles. authorities ha been analyzing evidence and conductindna testing. they have scheduled a press conference for later today to announceheir findings. it was february 2010 when the mcstay familwent missing. there were no signs of suggle. food was left on the kiten counter. the mcstayhad no known financial problems. it was not until neighbo complained aut the family's barking dogs tt investigators discovered thewere gone. addingo the mystery, the family car was later found some 70 mil away. and in 2012,he san diego sheriff's department ruled the family voluntarily walkeinto mexico based on this grainy surveillance video.
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now there's reasono believe that theamily never crossed the border and that they met a far more tragifate. and while that may answer the questionf what happened to the family, we may nev know why. the mcstays' relatives have always maintained they would never have left the country thout telling anyonend since their disappearance investigators y the family hasn't used their crit cards, cell phones or any of the mone in tir checking account. officials will be hold a news coerence on this case later this morning. strangand sad story. thank yovery much. >> officials in florida are assessing e damage and danger from the massiveinkhole that swallowed up hes. jat shamlian has the sry in a opper high above the scene. you. this sinkhole has own in size overnight and there's more debris fling in. from our vantage point we're
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abou1,000 feet over as you can see these homewere could be swallowed up. this morning, ey know how luckthey are but the queion , what happens next? last night, 15 hours after the earth firsopened up the 90 foot wide, 50 foot deesinkhole was still gring and eating away at th house. i don't think it's livable. i wouldn't want to live in there anymor >> michael dupree is the owner of the home. this time-lapse video shows how the house and its coents were taken by the sinkhole. today he and his neighbor are hoping they can retu to salvage memories before the sinkhole gets them >> it's huge. >> rorter: neighbors know they live in anrea prone to sinkholes. in mar, a 30-foot hole opened and swalwed a man as hi slept. hibody was never recoved and in august, a 90 foot sinkhole got part of a vacation resort in
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florida. they're common in the state because thsoil sits atop clay and limestone. it creates a cavitand when the heavy top lar collapses it creates a sinkhole. >> it uld continue to come into other yards andpen. so it is dinitely an emergency situation here right now. >> reporter: a neighborhood under asult from the ground below. >> i just feel real bad r these ople because they're just wonderfuleople and now they can't even get near their house. >> reporter: the two homes have beecondemned. they're going to be tearing them down later this week and starting today they're going to starfilling in that sinkle for a number of reass, not the least of which ito keep people here out of daer. will, back to you. >> janet shamlian from dedin, florida. our bithanks to our tampa affiliate for helping out wi the chopper this morning. incredible pictures. >> you get the pspective on
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how big this is. let's head over to tamron. she has the story ofhe split heard around theorld. i wonder what fabric tho pants were. >> we need them. i need that kind of stretch in my pants. it is amazinguys. th video, since wednesy, over 6 million hits. 's jean-claude van damme. it's to promote volvo trucks and the suspension that's supposed to be the best ever. i thinit's true. let'look at the video. >> a pair of legs to defthe lawsf physics and masterhe most epic of space ♪ who can say where the road goes where the d goes ♪ ♪ ♪ >> so, guys, the qstion is -- look at this, this is incredible. so we're asking people, you thinit's real or is it fe? and i'm inclined to believe that it's real beuse i -- >> oh.
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>> rht, see. >> tamron -- that'a start. >> now i got to gedown in these fi inch heels. my legs are shaking. anwhile, it's a party in the orange room. we have abt 100 followers on our twitter page and i wt to give a shout out to l of our viewers who all nit long sent the most adorable pictur of their puppies. so gto today on our twitter fe and follow us so that we can officially have the puppy party because the puppies n't entethe orange room untiwe hit 2 milln. >> until you put the newspaper down >>'m going back to my suspension. >> okay taon, thank you. >> way to give it all for your job. >> i dit every day. >>tudents of the van dme catalog will know he also did a jump split in ime cop" in the kihen. >> yh. >> it'kind of his move. >> tt's his move. >> pretty co. coming up, you're not going to believe what toronto's may has
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done and said now. he could be stpped some of his duties today. we'll be live with the latest. >> shocking d we are with ryan rguson exclusively. his return to his homewn and his reunion withamily members. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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so exciting. >> it is. >> 2 million flowers. >> we hit 2 million and coming up not fake puppies, even though theye cute, real puppies into the orangeoom. there's no party like a puppy party. >> coming up, we'll take a turn, ur credit, debit, and gift cards alin one? we'll introduce yoto the super cardnd where you can gett. an exclusive look at john f. kennedy beforend during his presidency. but first, youlocal news and weather.
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7:26. good morning. i'm jon kell. a planeaking off from san jose mineta airport makg an emergencying landing. marla tellez is livet the airport no she s the late. good rning. >> reporter: gd morning. a scary morning for the crew and passengers on board american airlines flight1118 it left a 6:20 this morning and about 22 minutes into the flight 0 feet in the air that's wn a bird strike happened andn engine failed. that utzed this emergen landing. 're happy to repor that the plane did land safelynd all 136 passengs on board, no the questn is nowhat's going to happen with these passengers hoping to make it to dallas at
7:27 am
7:20. the spokeswoman tells us she is on the way t provide mor information so we'll have new information r you cing up in our next repor jon. >> thank you very much. we'll continue following that let's take it out a feel good friday, cistina loren, alway nice to talk about this >> iis going to be really nice out there. ta a look at this. clear, no f to get in your way this morning and temperatures are pretty cool out there. we're in the 50s, and upper 4 everybody's going to see the 60's so look at your microclimate forecast. find youregion in the south bay 66 degrees, los gatos san carlos 64 along the peninsula comfortable, s francisco looking good and embarcadero about 65 degrees. and sonoma 69 the east bay warm but not that warm only reaing thepper 60s. of your screen.ast at the bottom
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let's check your drive. good stuff for most ofhe drive. the bay bridgeas the backup for all lanes including off t the leftut that's about the extent of theroblem into san francisco. th span is clear. bay area wide green for the most rt. the red a orange, nth 87 h a tough morning. a crash on the shoulder. slow from 85 up to alma. 101 in the 40s there. south 880ut of hayward. back tyou. >> thank you. we're back in a lf hour.
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back now at 7:30 on a friday morning, nember 15th, 2013. this is a "today" exusive. you're looki at never before en imagines of john f. kennedy on the camign trail and rare color footage of the heabreaks funeral procession these imagines were recently discover and we're showing them as wepproach the 50th anversary of the kenne assassinatio we'll have a lot of coverage of this moment in history as we go along. i'm savannah guthrie alongide willie geist in for matt a al roker and nalie morales. >> that otage is remarkable.
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here is what makg headlines today. a contrite president obama offering more apologies and his tential fix to some of the heal care problems. meantime, the housis expected to vote on a separate republan plan today. >> meantime in floda the pilot of a sma plane says his passenger opened the door and fell out nearly 2,00feet above the ocean. police are investigating. >> and a sinole that swallowed two homes in a neighrhood just north of st. petersburg, florida expanded overnight. pa of the area evacuat while officials assess the situation. >> still to come this morning, take a look, can you tell these won are actually wearing bike helmets? no. that's theoint. it's the new way to stay safe and fashionable. >> wow. >> i le it. >> indeed. we have a programming note to tell youbout. monday o"today," we'll have matt'sandid conversation wh future hall of famer brett farve. he has surprising things tsay aboubrain injuries in his
7:32 am
sport. >> i would be real leery of m playing. that sounds in some spects i'm almost glad i don't have a son becae of the pressures that he would face but also the physical -- >>e also weighed in on the miami dolphins blying scandal and lot more. you can see matt's full interview d exclusive monday here on "today." >>hat's remarkable. he was the face of football for so long saying he wodn't allow his son to play the game he loves. incredible. >> memy problems. he cldn't remember that his daughter had comped in soccer and stuff. that's what made him realize it was timeo take a step back. >> we'll look forward to that with matt on monday. now the growing political storm surrounding ronto's mar already under fire for his he's beingammered for a controversial comment thatired on live tv. nbc'stephanie gosk is li in ronto. stephanie, good morning. >> good morning, willie. well, the mayor likes to say he's his own worst enemy a daily it seems hsets out to provit.
7:33 am
a list of new acsations made by membe of his own staff during intviews with police. snorti cocaine, drinking o the job, soliciting prostites. he also allegedly made a vgar suestion about oral seto a female aid >> i never said that in my le to h. >> reporter: his denial front of a tng of reporters, equly rule gar. vulgar. not appropriate for a press conference a definitely not fomorning tv. but this moment like all of his public appearances these ds was brdcast live across canada. >> i don't think we can broadcast that on tv but we just broadcast thatn tv. >> reporter: the city of toronto is in a never ending state of shock. >> once again i'm havingo explain to my chilen the language that the mayor ed and last week it was explaining
7:34 am
crack cocainto my 9-year-old. >> reporter: the support ford had on the couil has since evaporated. >> i want to apologize for my graphic remas this morning. these allegations are 100% lies. >> reporter: the mayor just can't stop talng and nearly every time he opens his mouth, another bo drops. >> i might have had some drinks and driven wch is absolutely wrong. >> reporr: toronto officials are worried abouthe city's imagine. this latest protion from spirit alines doesn't help. but it w ford's wife who summed up what most peop in this city are probablyhinking. >> i think my husband id already enough. >> reporter: maybe the mayor wi listen to his wife and stop talking. the city couil can't legally reve him but the goverr said she would step in anget involved if itets worse. if the mayor rigns, he does
7:35 am
have some other reer prospects. a canadian television twork offered him and his brother a weeklyalk show. >> thigets stranger by the day. stephanigosk in toronto for us. >> of course there would be a ality tv show offer ready. >> i watch these stories like this and alslike this. it's crazy. >> it's hard to be shocked anymore but when i heard what he said on live television, whoa. d the reporter, she turned on live television and oked at her camera with her mouth wi open not quite knowing what to say ter what she just heard. >> i don't think anybodynow what is to say at this poi. >> the people of tonto are tting their watches for a daily apogy press conference >> let's turn to al who ner has to apoloze. >> announcer: "today's" weathe is brought to you by disnes "frozen. experience the ultate snow day this thanksgiving with dney's "frozen" in theaters and 3-d november7th. >> oh, hello. hey there cutie.
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did yoget out of the orange room? one of the puppies got outf the orange room. here, come on sweee. >>'m a bad sitter, sor. >> no, that's okay >> a little frky, huh? >> i'm a b dog sitter. >>ll right. let's see what we've got going on. we have a beautiful day down in detroit -- they're having a great time. detroit, you've got nice day toda lo for plenty of sunshe. temperatures are going to stay into the mid to upper 40s. we're also watching lot of dry weather aroundhe northeast. for ample, new york city right now is more than five inches below wherthey should be as faas precipitation. boston, e same thing. they're running really dry. they should havebout 30 -- 41 inches of in. more than 4 1/2 inch behind. ev out west. look at san francisco, how dry it is out there. right now, they're more than 13 inches behind where they should be. everhing okay in there? all ght.
7:37 am
that'shat's going on around world to abdog eat d not in the bay ea. we're looking really good. that was a super cute pup, al. in t 40s, into this afternoon it's so clear we're talking out sunshine and temperatures only climbing into the mid-60s acro the bay area. i want to point out, though, we have showers headed ourway. if you head through saturday, most in the north ba then a better cnce as we get into next week. we'll have your full seven-day forecast in a few ments. and this weekend, of course, wee looking forward to sunday night football night in america. why? weot a heck of a team. night on sunday night football night in america. savannah
7:38 am
>> all right, al, thank you so much. we'll look forrd to that. now to the story of a missouri man that spent a decade in prison for aurder he says he did not mmit. we spoke to an ferguson this week after he was released from prison and nbc's keith morriso was with h exclusively as ferguson explod his newfound freedom this week. >> two different worlds, that's for re. >> this week we ok ryan ferguson outor a walk. this new free young man is now a tourist in his own hometown. columbia, missouri. >> do you recognize your town? >> i do. however ere's a lot of new things. it's very strange. 's surreal. >> surreal, deed. in case you missedhis week's media enzy, ferguson is the 29ear-old who was released from prison on tueay after his murder conviction was overturned. he spent nearly ten years behind bars. this is ry hours before he was
7:39 am
set free. we have been following him for years through all of his hopes, his appealand his set backs d now a big adjustment. >> i'm starting to get stressed out about a few thing ich is is strange to me because it's just -- >> stressed out about what? >> don't know. it's a whole difrent life. i know what to do in pson. i know where to be and when to be there and how to do things. out here it's completely fferent environment and i have to find my way essentially. >> reporter: a as he finds his way, he hasome items on his to do list. among them, a surprise to wo to frechuck ericson, the se man whose testimony helped send ryan to ison. he later recanted. >> he isot a killer or guilty ofhis crime. he doe't deserve to spend time for a murd he didn't commit. >> repter: his attorney released a statement overnig saying h client is overjoyed
7:40 am
about him being leased. and he told us aut a more personal im on his to do list. a visit to therandparents he feared he woulnever see again. so we arranged a little plane ride to florida for this -- >> oh myod. reporter: a joyous family reunion. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> reporter: he hasn't seen them since christs 2003 and was now finally back at the house he had ent so many summers. >> does it look like it used t >> reporter:is mother snapped pictur and finally for rya ferguson, life cou begin anew. >> group hug. >> w, you can see more o keith's report tonight on "dateline" 8:00, 7:0central time. >> coming up, the never before seen videos of president kenne that have en locked away in a safe depit box for nearly 50 years. >> then on trendin the best viner ever al you're the best viner at this table but he mastered the art of th6 second comedy. >> you're getting a run for ur money the.
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and our ange room puppy part is on. >> okay. that's tamron there. >> can i tell u -- >> tamron is calling for back up. thpuppy party but first, these messages. ♪ [ corbett ] if you haven't checked your medice drug plan this year, you coulbe at the corner of "i'm throwing away money" and "i had no id." we, walgreens has your back. our expert pharmacists can help you find a an that could save you more with our fr comparison report. so y can keep your money where it belongs. check your plan at walgreens. and you uld save up to 75% on prescription copays. at the corr of happy and heahy.
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7:46 am
>> good morning, savanna 50ears after his death, after untold hours of footage of the decades we have new discovery, a rare glimpse of john f. kennedy. 38 minutes from an amateur photographer's film archiv never been seen. we think of him now as the first television president, youn athletic, whetheplaying with his children or sparring wit reporters at celebted news conferens. but now fothe first time, never before sn film of john f. kennedy as a long shot presidential hopeful accompanied by hiseloved sister eunice >> joseph kennedy said if eunice habeen born a boy, he would have been the candidate of that generation. when jackie kennedy did not campaignnd often times she w very glad to stay off the shriver was on too glad to fill in.
7:47 am
>> reporter: a young senator without seniority or lonresume ing what they do in wa, even ding a mule. >> when i looked athe film the first time said to myself, wow, this is an amazing bit of hiory. >> repter: newly discovered by the photographer's family and savefor posterity, kennedy is seen campaigning in the 1962 midterm fighting for the minimum wage. >> vote democratic on novemb 6th, 1962. >> reporter: and this footage fromune 1963, five months bere dallas. >> the most chilling piece of footage for me is ere's a wonderful shot of kennedy riding in a limousine and it crosse from left toight on the screen and it's very reniscent of the film and it's in fact, the same limousine in whi he was killed. >> reporr: it was a lincoln continental as in daas with
7:48 am
the top down. saddest of a, the funeral. >> the footage of thfuneral, especially, islmost a film in and of itself. >> if you look closely, you n his arm in tt heartbreaking salute as his father'soffin passes by. this is never before seen film and it's moving. >> it is and especially because we've seen so much of hiand he's been gone for 50 years th to find new footage almost brings him back to life. >> reporter: fir discovered by the photographer's gndson a copy of e film archive is ing preserved and will be donad to the library of congress. >> hard to belve they're still discovering new imagines. >> yeah. >> and we' be looking back as this country rembers a key time in r history. on monday we'll go back to dallas with clint hill. he was mrs. kennedy'secret servicagent.
7:49 am
you remember this iconic photo. he's the one tt jumps on the back of the present's car. we we with him. he shares with us what he heard the fit lady say at that tragic ment. >> still so emotional for him. >> still tormented man in a lot of ways. >> also take a look at this, this is the only still photograph from the moment that shows both t president's limo and the area now known as the grassy kll. it's nowp for auction. and matt spoke to the womawho tookt. her first broadcast interview in nearly half a century. you'll hear her sto and a lot of others during the special coverage of th50th anniversary of jfk assasnation. it's all next ek on "today." >> and al's inspiratn. a man that's no stranger around here. this morning, you'll see willard scott in a whole new way >> that'pretty cool. and mron kicks off our ppy party -- >> oh, oh --
7:50 am
somebody. >> we're back after this. >> that's not my job. know what? completely over our heads. most of us have on been out of diapers for aew years. so let'salk toys. ok. kmart s a nice selection i.e, lego friends, furby boom, or... holiy barbie... i.e, and work the system!boom, join shop your way! free membership for all! kmart. get in. get mo christmas. wears off. female announcer ]top searching and tart repairing. eucin professional repair moisturizes whi actually repairing very dry skin. the end of trial and error has aived. try a free samp at becauscampbell's skillet sauces make it easy. just brown some meat and a the campbell's sllet sauce. for a meal so awesome, you'll want tohare it. everyone is cookg with campbl's skillet sauces.
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7:53 am
vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. the puppy party turned int a bit o a clean up party. tamron hall, what's going on in ere. >> it's what it takes to clean up all of their stuff. they're being trained to be guide dogs. th work with non-prof that provides free of charge help to peoplehat are blind, visually impaired as well as children with autism. od cause. shou o tothem in two years these babies will be traid. >> they love tamron. >>hey love thetreats. >> thank you. >> coming up, say hello to the invisible helmet. theew safety device that has invisible helmet. theew safety device that has the world started part-time, now i'm manager.n. mymployer matches my charitable giving. really.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
it's 7:56. good morning. want to get you updated on the ws in san jose. we're hpy to report everybo is safe after a plane makes an emgency lding at san jose mineta airport. marla tellez is there now at the airport with the latest. she had a chance to tk to one of thepassengers. good morning. >> reporter: gd morning. i spoke to a couple of the passengers on flight 11 bound for dall. they tell me it was scary 20 minutes in the flight about 6:40 a.m. when a bird struck the plane. th heard a loud bank. it knocked out engine two so a failure of an engin t plane one man tells mee thought they weren't goi to make i she did this. >> note to my kids on my hand because i didn't know, you know, so you never know. >> reporr: he signed that personal ne love day. now the pilot is praised for a
7:57 am
smooth emergency landing, no injuri to report. all 136 passengers now have to jon, back to u.other flights. >> scary ment but great news. right now that weather forest. and e what's happening on frid. good morning everybody. temperatur looking good it's chilly. yo notice our camera in san francisco is shaking, winds will crank throughout the day a temperatures will be on theool side as a wk disturbance comes through. we're talki the mid-6 across the bod. we'll check the drive. good morning to mike >> tough morning now for west 92, look at the s mateo bridge drive. it's jammed fm the toll plaz all the way across the westbound flat section because of a sabled vehicle. the person was reportedly trying watch for the cones. it's friday lighter and later, that means the commute kicks in later. back to you. >> thank you for joinings. we'll ve another local update in one half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's8:00 on today, coming up, fashionle and safe. we'll show you the invisle helmet. >> how sweet it is. al's tribute to e man tha and today, al will talk about the one and only willard scott. and so, we e wiwillave adam levine. november 15th, 2013. i ve willie geist!
8:01 am
>> look, mom, i'm on t "today" show. fromorth carolinto new york city. >> st. louis loves adam levine >> team adam welcome back t"today" and we have a boisterous crowdnd let me s that most of the people on the crew would say that nearly everyday it a honoand privilege to work at "today" show, but it is not one of those day take a look at therange room. sorry, gs. a little b of the mess, and ese poor guys have to -- >> lk at the dog. >> they are likeclean it up. >> ioticed tamron that you are out re. >> yh, i needed a break. >> good news, next frida pony party. >> i neeto plan my vacation now. i'm a dog owner and it is one of the moments in life that you have an accident andou don't mind cleaning up youown dog, but the other's people's dog >> and the same way with kidby the wa
8:02 am
>> i'm savannah here with llie and al and tamron and now over to natie. >> today, president obama is meeting with insurance executives to discuss his part of the f of the health care mess. wednesday, he apologizedaying at americans who liked their current coverage could keep it, and he said he would ask insurance companies to hd off on the polies. and the senate is working on re solutions. it is unlikely it would pa the senate. police shot and killed an armed fugitive outsi of a children's hospital in wisconsin. >> good morning, natalie. business as ual here at the hoital, but for some, it may ta a while to recover om the terror of heing the shots ring out in this placof healing. >> repter: for two hours children's hospital wisconsin
8:03 am
was on lockdown after poli confronted an armed fugitive on the floor where wherthey care for sickewborns. >> what the citizen is doing in e neonatal ward with a handgun. >> reporter: pole were serving a arrest warra on ashanti wi williams with a apons charge. as he held the newborn, heut the baby down and seemed tbe coopating. >> it ist that point that he started to struggle with the lice and fled. >> reporter: police say at hendricks ran down the emp hallwaand pulled a semiautomatic pistol when the office shot him in the arm >> that strugg lasted several moments and covered probly 60 to0 feet. >> i am beating you. >> reporte 12-year-old mckenna who has cyst fibrosis was just a few floo away. >> all of thsudden, we heard "ce blue, active shoot" over the speakers.
8:04 am
>> reporter: her father barricaded t hospital room door. >> we pushed t bed over to the do, and we grabbed the chair, anwe pushed the chair ght in frt of the bed, and then he grabbed the table, and he moved the tae right in here in this area. reporter: he sent h into the bathroom to de. >> the scariest thought at i had while was in the bathroom was that someone is in her and they have a deadly weapon. and there is a chance that he could possibly come up here d harm one of us >> this morning, hendricks is milwaukee county jail having been transrred from the hospital where he d been eated. natalie. >> so frightening there. john, thk you in wanatoga, wisconsin. today, thepecial investigor is in miami to meet withonathan martin.
8:05 am
earlier this week, the dolphs' owner postponea meeting with martin so that the league could speak with him first. it was aong shot 109 feet and 9 inches as e harlem globetrotter larry law is claiming the guiess book of world records fobeating the old mark for t longest shot by fi yards. its a clean one and a auty. let's go back ouide to al, and thing but net, al. >> and now, a lile something out here, a great saxophone player. give me a little something somethg. ♪ yeah! let's show you what is going on for all of theool cats and the kitten kittens as you looat the satellite radar and goo new orans with a little bit more jazz, and keith, how about more jazz for theans in new orleans. yeah, and you can see that we
8:06 am
got so showers dn there in new orleans, and #today, sunrise, and cloudy in sunrise e looking at morcool cat weather through the ains with the temperatures in e 30s and the 40s d the 40s and the 50s as you g into northeast and lookingrettyood here too. goodorning to you. temperatures mostlyn the 40s and 50s out there. san francisco, showing you a little bit of windut there to stt the day. that will be the story. temperatures a going to be cool. 60s across the board. 64 for milpedas. 64 for san carlos. orinda, 67. 68 in dublin. winds will continue to's as we head through the next few hours and dro off as we hd into tonight. hope you have a fantastic friday and en better weekend. and that's your latest weather. >> all right.
8:07 am
puedo esperar más para y we know and love aund here, the one and only willard scott. >> and what mo do you need? a adam levine. th is tv heaven in my opinion. adable. pronal will help protect the enamel from future osion. it's just so great because all of tho foods that i enjoyed so much, i didn't want to give up, and now i can ntinue to have them. i didn't want to give up, on sale someplace else, so i take my receiptee it and the back to walmart. d guess what? they matched t price and gave me the diffence. amazing. right? woah! shop early with our new christmas ad match. even if you find a lower advertr
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we're back at 8:12. question, who has a big overstfed wallet. >> don't w all? not wit money. >> mine i with junk and things. reminder notes to myself. >> and credit cards. a lo of people think i have the credit cd and debit card and reward card. there maybe an answer t this. take a look at the new deve called coin. come byn them all into one
8:13 am
super card. using an app on your smartphone u're able to load up to 8 cards and tn you can shift between them using a button o the card. it's suppose to launch next summer. it will cost $100. they say it's legal and secure anif you're wonding, what if i losehat card there's a little alert on the phone so if your card and your phone become parated like you lea it at e bar one night -- >> why do you say that? >> anyw, if you g separated from thehone there's an alert. >> by the creator of paypalo you know it's genius. >>'ll take two. >> exacy. >>e all know al is the kingf the vine aund here. those are the short videos that people are shooting on their phones all of six secos, well, al has competitio take a loo at this. this is logan paul. 's a college student at ohio univsity. he calls himself a goofy dude with b goals. take alook. >> beware of the monkey.
8:14 am
>> tt was close. >> close the doors. >> girls be like. >> hey, sorry i'mte. >> who are you? >> i thi he's genius. >> pretty good. >> there's a vineff between logan paul -- >> that didn't end well. and al. wh do you think? >> amazing. >> look at the split h does here. >> oh. >>an dae. >> it's the theme of the day. >> i still don't know that he has done all of those himself. >> but i le that he acknowledges h mom in one cause this ishat he's doing wi her college money. >> here's an anniversa i know you marked on your calendar. ten yrs ago thisweek, the
8:15 am
movie classic known as love actually hit theaters all around the country. so in honor of that huffington post compiled the st romantic lines ever on the b screen. we'll do our bt to recreate th. >> goahead. >> if you're a bi, i'm a bird. >> what is that? >> it' the movie tt make guys cry. the noteok. >> the notebook? >> i know that movie. >> wow. >> youoyours. >> your turn. >> oh, me. >> love means never having to say i' sorry. >> oh, i know that one. ve story. >>ove story. >> okay. this is one -- of course, i'm so just airl staing i front of a boy, aing him to love me >> noting hill. >> you're ght. >> wait a minute, here. >> and this is why there'so
8:16 am
great movie lines from women's movies. >> wow. >> you guys can't rememr them. >> tamron has one. it's a guy love story. >> you had me at hello. >> jerry mcguire >> ye. >> ay. i've got on here wego. when you realize you want t spend the rest of your life with somebo you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible -- >> what. >> when harry mesally. >> i love it. >> but you he did it with a litt more ump. i'm not billy crystal. >> nobody else is. >> there's only e. >>hat's what is trending today. it's theinal day of our inspir by series. al,ou are last but not let. you have areat inspiration. >> you heard me all talk about my parents and they were my first inspiration t when i was asked i didn't think for me than aecond because when it comes to my professional life and personalife there's one person i'm inspired by and
8:17 am
that's mr. willard scott. from the moment i met him i 1976 he was then and aays will be a mentor a more importantly like a second dad to me. >>t's a toughob but somebody had to do it. >> while standing in the rain. >> when i wouatch him, you'd see justow effortless he would do the weather. he w just being willard. and i remember thinking if i could get a quarter of that i could maybe do something. when the idea for this series me up who inspires you, ere's only one willard. it was 1973 and i remember turning on the tomorrow show. i was still in college. there was willard scott with tom snyd and it was like a bolt, that's w i want to be wh i was in washington we did the 10:00 news so i could watch willard at 5:00 and 6:00 ande would gout toinner and then
8:18 am
i wouldo my show and i would watch him. it was a mter class in watchi how you should be on tv. >> i'll beeeing you. >> i think what makes him so inspiring is that he gives of himsf. a lot of people in this business when tre's a youngerson coming up, they see them as competition and willard's not that way. >> you know what today i -- >> what's today? >> bring your dauter to work. an i brought my daughter. >> he makes sure that somebody elseets a fair shake. for an impressionable 22-year-old to hav the mos famous weather guy in the country take an interest in me and myareer was mind boggling. >> i want to show you -- >> when i first hea that al chosme as his spiration, i thought he was nuts. >> everybody loves my willie. >> i rlly was very surprise veryhonored, very flatted.
8:19 am
i saw a lot of me inim and i knewhat head that kin of personality where he loved people. i just aays believed in him and i knew that his day w coming when he would behe first t. >> bt advice anybody has ever given me was the two things he told me. never give up your dayjob. >> i said al, ion't care how many wonderful offer come yr way, don't give up the weather. everybody love ace weather peon because they lik somebody t beat up on. >> but more importantly always be yourself because they can do whatever they want to you but they can't take that away from you. >> time for the weather andime for wilrd scott. >> his philosophy is just keep moving. it's been a good life. it's a great li. we get to do this and see
8:20 am
places and meet people. >> can you believe this? >> that a lot of folks only dream . really did feel lik we were kindre spirits. there was someonnection there. >> original wther stud. >> i can honestl say i wouldn't be here doing the "today" show if it wasn't for willard. >> allf this time, do you have any rrets llard? >> no, i really i loved wha i do. i never worried about the money. i was just happyith what i had always and it was such a wonderful,onderful career. >> he is a special man and, you know, he started the 100-year-old birthdays and when he started started we had one od he h always believed in peoe and people that people don't give a thought to. heas always been le that. >> it's amazing for someone you idolized, your role model to th look at you and say i see somethg in you too. >> yeah and from the first d i met him, he broughthat and you
8:21 am
would watch him -- in washington d.c. there was the washington monunt and willard. >> yeah. >> and to me, heill also be america's favorite wther man. >> he's still a legend and icon around here. >> and al, there'some young meorologist out there thinking that way about you right now. yo continue to pay it forward. >> let's go to tamron. we'll meet her inspirati in the next ur. >>y ipiration taught me tt blood does not make you family. that is more than who you are tually related to. it can be friend. in my case it s a stepd that came into my life when ias just 7 years old and he was the best dad in the world. i got a cnce to travel to xas with my mother. i dad served in e ay for nearly 30 years and he was proof to me that love has nothing to doith a blo line. so we'llring his story coming up and a lot of you sent yr inspired by stories to us. absolutely amazing. rachel says i'm spired b my daughter who teaches me about
8:22 am
self-expression and she has got it going o coming up in the next hour m inspired by. it's an honor to bring his story to all of you. >> we lookforward to that. we'll ift gears now. literally. bicye gears. a new sety feature for bik rider whis are concerned about their wellbeingnd hair too. michelle kosini is in sweden is morning with the women behind product generatg a lot of buzz. michelle,ood morning. >> hey, good morning,e're here in -- oh, oh --okay, the bike accident we pland. the sry is this n bike helmet. it san air bag for your head. getting global attention right now invented by two graduate students here. >> reporter: miss that crash? lookt this one in slow motion. instant helmet from pouch around the dummy's neck.
8:23 am
otr tests, equally dramatic. even in real life, thatmazing thing. >> it's not ve heavy at all. reporter: dreamed up for thr masters thesis in industrial design from their mutual hatred ofhe helmet. >> i don'tant anything on my head. i don't want my hair to be deroyed. >> reporter: so you guys would bikeut in your city without a helmet. >> yeah. >> everyondid. >> everyone d. >>eporter: no matter how you high-th them orrick them out, many agree in somlaces where mandatoryelmet laws were enacted ridership actually dropped. it too7 yea to engineer it but th sold tusands in europe na carries aroundith her the first leer from a rider that said ty believed it saved her
8:24 am
life. >> if i hadn't worn my invisible helmet i wouldave smashed my he onhe concrete. >> that was giving usoosebumps of course. >> reporter: inside are sensors analyzing your movements to determine what is a rl crash. >> so weave to simulate all known bicycle accidents. >> reporter:e kept trying to trick it into ploying, no luck. took a qck neck spin. >> it didn't hurt but it' tight around your neck. it's hard like -- yeah, like a foball or something. i feel a l safer now. >> repter: on a bike in trfic, this could be no ke, very real safety. >> think i see a future hallowee costume in this. but th makers say the tests have proven it to be three to four times more shock absorbant
8:25 am
than a regular helmet and it covers your hd and neck. and yo don't have to wear anhing on your head while riding a bi. it costs more than $500, one time use and so far is not available in t u.s. >> it maybe $500 but michelle, the imagines of you trying to trick the helmet, priceless. >> priceless. >> we'll make a mus videout of that. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: i walkway with only a broken leg. it's great. >> putourself into it. >> i love . >> coming up, adam levine is here. we talk to h about the voice and
8:26 am
8:26.d friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia caon. don't be alarm if you see a super here wroe. his name is miles, and h has successfully fought look i'm wra. he told make a wish he wand to with theelp of thoands of volueers today his dream will come true. he ses a damsel in diress, captured a bank robber. we will cover this during our 11:00 newscast. now gotham city. >>et's check the traffic out there. >>. >> palo alto, very slow drive.
8:27 am
an earlier crash looked like what caused thi to ripple back in towards menlo park. it's lder by the tame you get south of univeity. there's th congestion spot out of marsh. an easy drive headingver san mat aroe and dunbarton, and the san jose area, a little back to you. >> all right. thank you very muc thank you for ining us as well. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
oh. >> 8:30 n on a friday morning. it is the 15th of november, 2013. the puppy is sleepinin the orange room. >> the puppy is rlly oped. yes, literally, heis. >> literally. nothing left. >> we're all pooped too. okay. shou we go o on the plaza because this crowd is not asleep. theyreide awake. having a great time.
8:31 am
it feels lik friday heren the plaza. >> we have a huge crowd from all over t countr birtays, annirsary, everything in between. why would we run anything ee except the sleeping puppy. >> well, we do haveomething pretty od, though straight ahea adam levine of e voice. >> yes. >> and his major mie debut. 'll talk to him in a coue of minutes. >> he's lookin shar >> he always is. >> very business like. >> also ahead we' have a sneak peek iide celebrity homes. everyone from robert painson's l.a. pad to wayne newton's mansion. all looking nice. >> and w have all seenn the infomercia the kitchen produc but can theyass the mom test. >>hat's theough test. let's get a check of the weather beforee get to all of th. >> show youhat we've got. looking ahead to the weekend really quickly. we'll star down in houston.
8:32 am
we've got a fewhowers moving on through but then things get really nice with plenty of suhine. rest of your weekend, here's whate've got for you tomorrow. nny skies up and down the east coast. great lakeon into xas. sunny and cold -- make it snowy d cold in the plains. look for wet weathern the pacific northwest and on sday a big area of sere weather from thereat lakes all the w >>8:32. happy fridayo you. you made i to the end much the ek, and the weather is goi to be pretty nice day, but i will be chilly out there. i like to call it deceptive sunshine. raight out the gate this morning we had ful sunshine. 52 degrees right nown s francisco. byhis afternoon in the san francisco area we'll be a 62 in pacific height we're looking tords temperatures along the peninsu in theid 60s. same for the south bay. north bay looking good. awe couple of upper 60sthere. bay.or union city and the east alsoomfortable day. 6 for tri-vall in dublin.
8:33 am
it's a huge crowd. let's try to gets many as we can. any timeou need it, any time the day or night go to weather channel on cable, weather.m online. now let's go back inside to savann. >> ada levine and i just burned 50 calories watching that. he is of course a three-time ammy winner. he has maroon 5he band and he now heating things up on nbc's hit vocalompetition "the voice." wee happyo see you. looking ver dapper toy. >> did it for you. i wanto competeith you guys. i hav to dre the part. >> sharp. you have the pocket square like al. >> yeah, right here. >> looking good. season 5 of the voice. did y think you would be att this long? >> when we first signed up i don't think any of us knew what we were doing. and it snowballed ande're all having a lot of fun. >> you of course won season 1. blake won the last three seasons. has he mentioned that at all? >> h mentions it all the time and i'm getting a little bit si of it actually.
8:34 am
>> are you guys at thi point anybodbut blake has to n? >> that's our mottohis season. it's justboring. he is very charming and, you know,lways constantly ws and it's gettingboring. we don't le it. >> what do you think his sect is? >> don't know. whatever is in that drink o his. >> everyime he comes i sll whater is in the glass because you don't know. >> liste he loves coffee. >> he does, morning, noon, and nit. >> tell me about getting back togetherith all the of t judges. the original fo. wait like riding a bike? same old chemistry was there? >> it felt good because there's only one kindf way to experience the initial kind of rise the show had. getting back together with the original four felt cool aer the show had turned into what it was. we loved getting back together. >> we led seeing you guys together. it's kinof hard to even ask this question t there see to genuine competition among u. is that all for show but do you
8:35 am
guys really kin of get irritated th one another? >> do we really --no, honesy athis point, we kind of kw the ill. >> yeah. >> we never really got irritated with eh other. was more kind of we get competitive. we're all competitive but it's all in a fendly way. there's no actual animosity. people think -- pple are constantly askin me about blake, oh are you fhting with blake? no, i'm not fighting wh blakes. we're frnds. it's all good. we're just messing wh each other to tt degree because we're so close. >> let's tn to a couple of other topics. thenternet is abuzz. there's a rumor that you are on the short list to be peop's sexiest man ive. >> don't believe you. >> would you be excited abo that? go resume builde >> no. >> i'm just thinking would it be embarrassing or exciting? >> i would be a lot of thgs. i n't know. it's an interesting ea. i don't kn. >>ou don know anything? you're not holng out on me
8:36 am
right now. >> i kw noing. >> okay. i' just looki to see if you em like you're telling the trh. >> how can you tell ifeople are lying or telling the truth. >> i he no idea. >> can you read me? >> i guess we'll find out when the editionomes out. >> i'm just as excited as you to find out who they choose. >> you have a real leading man role now with keiraknightly. >>hat was a blt. i had so much fun doing that. that was the first big thing i t to do and john who directed the movie was amazing and i think heelieved in me to d it because i had not done i much before that. it was so much fun. >> is acting something you want to do mor of? >> maybe. you know, think. it was my firsttime. i was very spoiledecause it was such anmazing experience. was like a family affair. i don't know. case by case. >> okay. well, i kno you don't like to talk about your persona life so don't get madf i say congratulations on you engagement. >> tha you very much. >> and since i recently got
8:37 am
engaged and get asked thisll the time whout an swer, here's me not asking whetherou are planning your wedding. >> thawas good. we have a kind of ish time. the's no actual date. >> i can relate t that. >> we're gting there. >> congratulations to you. all of your suesses. preciate it. a reminder, as if yo need one, you can catch the voice monday nighat 9:00, 8:00 central right here on nbc. coming up next, want to o a piece of camelot? an inside lk at celebrity homes for sale. are they worth it? andhree momsry outhe latest as seen on tv kitchen gadgets. but first, this is "today" on
8:38 am
8:39 am
back at 8: this morning on today'real estate, celrity homes for sale across the
8:40 am
cotry. today barbara has you peek side. >> nice to see you. >> twilight star robert pattinson has hisome for sale for $6.75 miion in a pocket sting. wh does that mean? >> it's an industry term tt means theye trying to sell it on the eak. never works out because they're trying to pinpoint the new buyer and never get the guy with the most bus. >> it's on the "today" show. what do we find inside h home. >> this is an amazing home. everything is mint conditionment it's an old hom built i 1922. thre beooms, four bas, over 4,000 square feet. it comes o an acre of land with gentle hills. every glamorousnch of this house is spanish style deils, stencil ceilings and it's own amphitheater that's the backyard. it's a paradise. y woun't you want to take that house off the market. >> you got that kind o money, get in the pocket listing.
8:41 am
t's move on to beverly hills, uce will, about $20 million for his pce but it's on the mark for a few months tnch. >> the bigger the housend the bigger the ego is longer it takes to sell. he's a lite greedy. he paid only $9 million nine yearsgo and he'ssking 19.995. who would want to argue with bruce willis? he's got competition. but this is a stunning hou because it's in perct mint condition. you can grab yr tooth brush, move on in and you coulday i was close enougho bru willis -- i'd love to swim i at pool with that guy any day ofhe week. look at that place. >> 10,000 square feet of living space as well. i love this next one, las vega wae newton. listing pre, $48 miion. at do you get for that? >> i don't kw if i could say the word $48 million but y
8:42 am
have t remember it used to be 70 milli. it's now reasonay priced in some people's minds. he resided ithe ranch in the 1960s. and he had a deal where he sol it to developers andept 20% interestnd he ownst again or his estate own it agn. that's what y get with this house. a plane and a hanger and why not for that price. he should throw in the kitchen sink as we. i think that comes with it. >> so there's a little runay and your own rminal. >> and your own zoo. you knowhat he did, he used to collect birds and penguins and all kds of animals. guess what, you can still get the pens for therice of the house. >> i would le to meet t person that says that house is a nice fit for my life style. >> so does theroker by the way. >>till looking for that person. a lile piece of camel for $11 million. a home in northern virginia designed by president john f. kennedy andis wife jackie. >> this is the only home they
8:43 am
designed togetr and sly they only used it twice bore john kennedy was assassinated. so it has a very happyeginning and a vy sad ending. 's an ideal fily retreat. it's 5,050 square feet wh four bedrms and five baths. when you look at the hse inside it's not that special but what ts house has got is 165 acres of beautiful rolling hills. it has all the famous photos of jackie riding with the two children on the horse. >> everybody wants piece of that kennedy legacy. >> people will payor it as well. >> fun stuff. thank you so much. >> my plsure. coming up next, you've see th infomeials but howell do they work? we put them to the test but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] you n change your tomorrow if you do something today. anthere's never been a beer time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and rit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify
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8:46 am
kennedas the 50th annersary of his assassination appaches and sleing dogs in the orange ro. it's been a by morng. the dogs are pooped. we're back now at 8:46 with today's consumer this mornin the newest seen on tv kchen gadgets. >> who hasn't led these commercials and falle for them? she is her toell us which are rth the moy. >> they're se of the best selling items on the late night fomercials but do ty burn your cash or cook u sizzl in the tchen? we got tee moms to try them out. >> you have tory it to believe it. >> call now and you can double your order. >> infomercials with the lest kitchen are all t rage >> they are all by moms who enjoy toong for their families. >> it's so easy -- >> reporter: swe gave them challenge to try fr new
8:47 am
kitchen products and rate them. >> readyo cook? >> we're ready to ok. >> the cupca secre the aeknife and the stone wave microwe cooker f $10 and they read the direcons and g busy in the kitchen. first up, pancakes made t order or should we say panca since it makes one at a time. after pouring the batter a waiting. >> all right. it's been three minutes. >> it's never going to cook. reporter: the lonel pancake was done. at did our tester give it? >> a one star out of five. it took six minutes to make one pancake ich is not practical. >> reporte the makers ofhe flip jack say consumers have different types of stoves as well as various heat settings. the number of mutes it takes to make one pancake wit the flip jack pancake pan cannot be quantified. >> reporter: okay. how about a perfect poached egg in a nute. >> it's e best way evero
8:48 am
make eggs. >> reporter: soundseggciting. >> put it in the cooker and then put it in the microwave for 50 seconds. >> it looks good and the handle is cool. >> ouradies gave it a four. really good. i would definitely buy this. >> slices so thin you n even read newspaper through them. do t aeroknives make the cut? >>e asked her to do tchen. >> seems le a winner. >> i give it a four out of five stars. worked well. easy to use and very light and 's only $10. >> reporte dinner is done. time for deert. will the cupcake maker be a swee success? >> it lets yo bake a secret inside. >> reporter: all the ladies got in on e acti. the candies placed inheir perfect spot and the cupcake baer is filled a it'sff to
8:49 am
the oven. once they're baked and cooled our gals try to remove the cupcakes from the pan. >> this is not working out so well >> reporr: cupcakes without the surprise cups look good. so is this a halfaked idea? >> i give it a three out of five stars. >> it's a fun thing to do with your kids. >> well, theakersf the cupcak secret say a some oil shortening sprayo the cups this will help with the removing. also if you ll up to the actual cups with fillings it will bearder toremove >> you have to eat the all wh a fork right out of the tray. >> that ain't bad. >> no, i kind of want to try this. is is one of the most popular items it's very lice. >>h, that's good. itoes right through t tomato skin. >> it's light. you want to try it? >> oh yeah. >> with some of the items you have to watch the infomercial
8:50 am
carefully. do you have one pancake, do you have ks? would they wait around. >> 6 mines for one pancake. >> right. >> and the egg, if you're just making itor yourse. >> savannah is excited about this. >> i'm going to let youake this home. >> have a microwaving reer and this is going to take me to the nt level with my cooking. >> if you see it on tv, you can wait a little while, read t reviews late have a little sometis you'll see these a the retail stores so you can pick them up there for less. if you're not satisfied, you can return it. sometimes if you buy from tv you have to pay both shiing and handling. you seehese at garage sales a lot. coming up next, you have a need for speed? what it is like to get behind the wheel of formula one race car. t first, thiis "today" on nb
8:51 am
8:52 am
♪ back at 8:53. it is the second most watched sport in the entire world but chances are high you've ver seen it in person. today is the onlyormula one grand prix in ameri kicks off at austin, tes. gabegood morning. >> good morng. wee here at the circuit of the ericas in austin, texas. the second year it's been here. talk about a fast-paced event. we're here atit stop practi. it takes these guys about two or three seconds tops to get these
8:53 am
cars up to speed. it is precise and painstaking work. in the united stes wn you think about racing most people talk about nascar gs the most attention, but fmula one organizers a trying to build on that e lap at a time. i was lucky enougho get a glimpse life in the fast lane. >> it is exotic. drivers from all over the world. it's rocket ships that are the cars up right on the ground. >> a srt that cbines speed, science and skill, success is often an a. this weekend formula one is reing up, expecting to draw hundreds othousand of fans om around the world austin, texas. there is no other feeling like it. >> reporter: last year's winr lewis hamilton is back. >> it's real reafast. e technology involved in what we he is far and beyond lot of the different sports that are
8:54 am
around. >> reporter: hamilton may not be a household name in the states but in eure he's racing royalty. he started drives-carts when he was 8, and two decade later he now earns more than20 million a ye. >> givee a couple of tips? >> se. >> will you take me out on the track? >> sure. >> reporter: all i needed was the ride and the gea >> whaare you wearing, man? >> color is not good? >> we're just going in the road car. >> oh, man. >> let's do it. no suit necessary to enjoy this car. >> so how canou turn this thg on? ni. >> shift again. hear that? >> yeah. go here. >> yeah. it's about sweeping. you get a nice flow. >> so basically it's likgoing over the curve.
8:55 am
>> over the curve? >> yeah. >> reporter: in a real f-one car the experice is so intense hamilton sayhe'll sweat off nine pounds ring a single race. >> how much of the sport is strategy? >> huge amount. >>ow, that's a huge crash. >> rorter: and with terrying crashes in oth motor sports, safety is also concern. >> they've implement a number of standards over the year thingsith fencing, driver safe aid, standardized not just catch fencingut crash barriers. >> now break as hard ayou can. >> reporter: afterne lap i clearly noded some help. >> so are you going to show me how it's don >> yeah, let's dit. >> this is going to be f isn't it? oh, boy. there we go.
8:56 am
now this is fun. >> this is fun. >> y, my friend, have thbest job in the wor. >> reporter: it is an azing job but it's clear lay team sportd sport, a team of 60 mechanic and engineers are rking hard. their next st, brazil. back to you. i'm laura garcia caon. san francio will soon be goth city. miles has leumia a told make a wish he wanted to be a superhero, so the cit and thounds of volunteers,hey're woing to make it happen. we'll cover all ofhe bat-kid's adventures live in our 11:00 newsca. want to check the forecast now. the ba kid forecast, in ct.
8:57 am
>> you know, he is such a cutie. good morning to you, laura. peninsula today looki good. over what will soon be gotham city. you ca see from overlooking the city by the bay from san bruno, beautiful day shing up. headed towards t 60s. ose winds will wp as we head throughouthe day. they'll start to drop off as we head into the ernight hours.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc news, this is today's takeith al roker, natalimorales, and willie geist. live from sdio a in rockefelr plaza. welce to today on this friday morning, november 15th, 2013 big crowd out on the plaza. great gup out there. i' willie geist ang with al roker and natal moras. al, i absolutely loved your inspired by story aut a friend and ic, a legend on thi show. >>hank you, yeah. willard ott. i first met him when i got a job in washington d.c. i startedoing weekend weher, television weath when i was in llege and i saw himirst time on the tomorrow show wit tom snyder and i thought thiss who i want to be. and then iot to meet him when i got a job in washington the fox stationhere and he wast
9:01 am
wrc in washington and heook me under his wing and has always been my biggest pporter. i mean, after mfolks, willard scott my biggest supporter. >> here's what he said in the piece out our friend al roker. >> when first hrd that al chose me as his inspiration, i thought he was ns. i really was very rprised, ry honored,ery flattered. i saw a lot of me in him and i knew tha head that kind of personality wherhe loved people. i just alws believe in him and i knew that his day was coming when he woulde a star. we h a rationship made in heav since the first te we spe or met. >> everywhere igo, people ask about willard scott. >> yeah. >> there's somhing about him. the cotry is so attracted. hes soappealing. >> yeah. >> and he makes y feel comfortable. >> he's onof these guys that's always been comfoable in his own skin. has always bieved in a ltle person. he was the son of a farr in
9:02 am
virginia. he wantedo be apreacher. he wanted to be a baptist eacher and just one o the most wderful people. is the what you see is what yo get. >> there's not lot of people in this business tt would take you under their wing a help groom you. >> i am literally he today beuse of willa scot so it's his fat. >> well, we're glad he did. great piece, al. let' shift -- >> major gear, reverse. >> it's your daily toronto mayor update. he gave press confence on thursday refutinthe new games against him incding snorting cocae, drinkin on the job and soliciting prostitutes. >> butt gets worse. much mh worse. >> we'reot going to play you the take away line because we can't, frankly. take a look at the moments we mash together and we bleeped out a good bit o it for you.
9:03 am
>> it's unfortunate. i don't areciate people ca calling a prtitute. i dot have a pstitute here. i'm happily married at home. it's disturbing against my wife and the last thing -- [ bleep i never saidhat in my lifeo her. i would never do that. i'm happily married -- [ bleep ] -- thank you very much. >> yea that went out onive tv there and the were a couple of rorters that were like, what. it's so much worse than we n even tell you. wasn't a f bomb or something like th. >> w had to br out the li. >> if you're so inclin, go online and watch it. >> on the one hand we're laughing about thisut you wonder where thiss going to end. >> yeah. >> and how it'soing to end for him. >> yeah, it can't end well. >> there's a lot of people eding it too. he's been offered a television show. >> he d his brother. >> they have a rio show
9:04 am
together and put it on . he's enjoying all of this. >> meanwle he was wearing that toronto rsey, one of the canadian football league teams and they have also said plee dot wear this. they tweeted, the situation with respt to the mayor and his leadership is unseemly at best. these latest remarks while wearing our team's jerusalem j disappointing. >>othing like rocking that. >> and then he goe back and has another press conference to apologize for the first press conference. check it out. >> i wan to apologize for my graphic remarks this morning. for the past six months i have been under tremenus, tremendous stress. e stress is largely of my own making. >> wshould do an apology match up at thisoint and take all
9:05 am
the videos from t weeknd mash them a togeth. >> one every day. >> and the different ties as well. >> the ftball tie seems to have gone bk into the closet. >> but this is another football tie. take a look. those are lacesn the tie. >> a generic football tie. >> sti rocking the tie as well. >> is this guy real? is he real guy? or is this like areat performance ay kaufm situation? >> at this point i'm starting to think he is an snl skch. he's doing this for comedy. >> they' fed up. >> this is a huge city that needs governing and this is the guy. >> rig. >> howid he get there in the rst place? >> yeah. >>nteresting blog post by mother getting a lot of attention. she is from south dakota prompting debate aft writing a blog titled whyy kids areot the cter ofy world which criticizes modern parents who instl what she calls a victim mentality into bulli ki. she ishe mom of two boys, 4 and 2. she wtes my kids are not the centerf my wor and that's
9:06 am
quite simply becse they aren't theenter of any world, anywhere. she goes on we love our children more than anything but dropping everything to cater to their every need is only going to lead to a very re awakening once they enter the real world. >> well, she makes good and valid points where she is taking a lot of heat is when she starts talki about kids that are blied and discsesull ligament and says society encourages children that are bulliedo feel entitledo a worldwide pity party. that not going to sit well with parents, especially if their kids are victims o bullying. that's not going t go over well. but think t larger pot she is trying to make is that kids do need to be toughened up a little bit and we'. >> i actually saidt's not all about you. i get her poi but i think she goes a little far wn she talks about bullying.
9:07 am
>> obviously she hasn't experienced that yet. >> they' 4 and 2-year-olds so sh hasn't gothere yet. >> my mom, she was teaching lela how t play mopoly and my mom cleaned her clock. shwas about 7ears old and she said why would yr mother do that and my mom said we're not doing her any favors by letting her win. >> i le that. >>t's not always about winning. not everybody get ace trophy. you ha to be tgh and sometimes th coach onhe soccer field or the teacher isn't alws going to like you or the boss tha isn't always going to like you and youave to deal with it. >> it's like ithe credibles, once erybody is super, then nobody's super. >> oh, very wise. >> very wise. >> i love thisext story. so there's in woman that' writn this ok. she is from seattle,mbracing the 19th century. >> okay. >> she n lives a holy viorian era life. for the last four years, sarah, she is 3 years old.
9:08 am
this is the after picture. >> she's a little fuzzy on top. >> ye. >> is like a sweater. >> we just wanted to make sur it wasn't too explicit. nothing that anything is pping out. >> things are a littl more explicit. >> but it's anged her figure. she went from a 32 inch waist to a 22 inch waist. >> by sfocating herself. >> i guesst's hard to e when you're wearing a corset. >> there . there's corset diet. >> well her husband gave her her first corset as a gift and th she put it on and started wearing it and said, hey, maybe there's somethinhere. so thought we uld all ge it a lite try. that's not going to happen. that's not going to happ. >> guys go buy your wife a corset as a gift. badmove. >> this is al's. >> i'm telling you right now. >> jus try, willie. one for youtoo. >> no just try it. >> embraceit. embrace the holy victorian life
9:09 am
style. i just thought you allhould know what that feels like wh women had to go through -- >> you seem very hdy with a corset natalie. >>o, because i wked on this during a break. >> wow. that's great. >> come on al. >> i think i got the child's medium. i need the large. >> it's t supposed too around your butt. >> oh, excuseme. >> while you're sting there i'm going to move along here and do the weather. >> oy. >> tre you go. ol onust a second. >> thank you, al. >> there you go. >> let's see what's happening toy a we check outhe day today. we're lking at showers making their way in toward t eastut here in salt lake we have a goeous day shaping up. it going to -- i should say denver. hold on, let's look atenver -- and there you go with asunrise. looking beautiful there. partly sunny skies getting up in the upper 50 for the day today, we gotet weather as you saw already on the satellite rar making its
9:10 am
way into the southeast and wet weather also intohe southwest. the rkies are goingo be looking at show all the way into the inner mountain region. more rain into the pacific northwest and w have dse fog. that's going toinally happy frid. you made it to the end of the week. teeratures are pretty illy out there. it's going to be a cool sweater weather day. ly climbing by an additional five to ten degrees as we head into this afternoon. just wt to give you a look at san frcisco right now. you can seeur camera shaki a littlebit. we do have pretty strongind throughout, and that will be the case throughout de today, but highs are going to be comfortable in the south b today. mid 60s. right around 64 o the embark dari 68 in petaluma. that's your latest weather. >> isn't there a book on this whole ing. >> yes the is a book. it's called the victorian secretwhat a cset taught me about t st, the present and myself. if you're so inclined to live
9:11 am
the victorian lifestyl >> n only are you wearing a corset, you put it on onop of your clothing. it goes underneath. that's pressive. >> can you breathe? >> i don't know >> could you swallow anying right now. >> no, that's actually why it would be a good diet tool. wow, it's constricng. >> kind of a perpetual -- >> i makes you hold yourself and your posture up mo. >> tre's a reason we moved on from thecorset. >> this is yr weekend comin up, joe. >> come on. >> coming next onour ticket to hollywood, celebrity photos, twee, sneak pks includi a first look at angelina jolie's new movie tt includes one of her ildren. ter this. ta-da! whoa. ♪ whshowtime. agh! there's me! the's me! there's me!
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ticket to hollywood is brought to you by hershey's kisses chocolate. delightfly delicious, one of kind kisses. okay, so befe you head into your weekend, there's a lot of celebrity news y need to kn about. >> from cameron az's sassy tweet to a sne peek at the debut by angelina jolie's daughter. >> jack, good to see you. >> great to see you. thanksor having me. >> let's start with an amazing revelation last night. howard is on with andy coh talking about why he didn't returno the "iron man" series. watch is. >> it turns out that the person that i helped become iron man, when it wasime for -- to do -- to re-up for the second one -- >> yep. >> -- took theoney that s supposed to to me and pushed me out.
9:16 am
>> ooh. >> talking about rert downey jr. there. >> wow. >> heidn't mention him by na, but he oiously is bitter out the way this wendown. sically, what happened was, he was in the fst one. he was going to get $4.5illion for the fst "iron man." the second oneas suppod to be $8 million. and what he's saying is that rort didn't really help him out here, took his money and then pushed himout. don cheadle ended up replacing him. what marvel was going to do, was only going to pay him one-eighth of that salary which means from $8 million for the sequel, he was going t pay him only $1 million. and he still, you know, livid about this, obviously. >> apparently. >> you're saying why would i take a pay cut for a mie that was a huge success,o he walked away from it. >> exactly. the secd one did about $500 million. i can definitely see why he's upt. >> okay. next ono our photo of the week. no this is a picture that was tweeted out by j.j. abramsith r2d2. >> yes, this is like america's
9:17 am
franche, this picture. basically in the tweet, we see j. abrams on the ft. we see kathleen kennedy, president of lucasfilm and of course r2d2 here. mang a comeback. so mucgoing on. >> regarding the "sr wars" new release. >> regarding this franchise. thers open auditio happening in the u.s., in the uk. >> for r2? >> not for d2. >> he's cast. >> c3po. >> this has been sort of o of the biggest movies to come ou it's pushed to december 18th, 2015. a lot of peoe are very excited about this, but tre's not many kids that the twee tells us. we're waiting for hopefully a couple other ones to nd of ll us hopefully more. >>r2d2 is not bittert c3po. >> cameron diaz dressed u as . haniganrom "aie." >> you know she played "bad teacher" recently.
9:18 am
she's kind of embracing the bad girl. sandra bullock w originally pposed to plays. nnigan. and so a lot has been going on about how she was going to play it. th is an updated version. e's wearing tight little orts. her hair's diffent. carol burnett played her in 1982. so there's been a lot of compisons going on, as y can see right ther i love the wayhe looks in this one. ansome video just recently came out, they're shooting up in harl. a lot of people are veryxcited abt this one. it's jay-z and will smith are producing this make forit. and it's shooting up in harlem. everybody's excited. comes out december of next year. >> that carolurnett miss han hannigan was so iconic let's lookt our sneak peek, a trailer for the movie " "maleficent." i understand her daughter makes an aparance. >> yes, 5-year-old vivian ere she is. not sure how much morehe's ing to come out in the movie.
9:19 am
but it was her daughters that said make this movie. it been two years since anlina jie has done movie. the last movie she did on cera wa "the tourist." before that she was voici "kung fu panda 2." and her this is the story of the vilin, malefecent" from "sleeping beau." now it's from the witch's point of view. and even thoughhe's kd of bad, t idea is that she's actual good inside. we're trying to find out why. sort of like "wicd." that comes out on, too. >> jack ri, thank you so much and still ahead, we've got all the news you need before you leave the house. >> plus, tamron i going t share her very personal story about the man whounexpected changed her life forever and for the better. >> but fst, these messages. ♪ tidpods three-in-one detergent. pop in the drum of any machine... ♪
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pid wrinkle repair. andor dark spots rapid te repair. from neutrogena®. ♪ everyone that's still in town, ♪ ♪ at friendsgiving, so come on down♪ ♪ the turey's hot and e table's fun, ♪ ♪ joinhe party, everyone. ♪ that's my kind of holiday. taking a lok at the headlines, psident obama will meet today witnsurance executives to discuss chaes that he has proposedo his signure health care law. th meeting comes day after the president announced he would allow individuals to keep insurance policies tt were being cancelled under the affordable caract. >> it is anoher big day on wall stre as a popular shopping website mas it's nasdaq debut. zully is targetedo moms.
9:24 am
it is priced at $22 per share. one g difference is this one is a mney maker bringing in more than $38 million in revenue just in the first nin months of the year. the's a reasono be thankful thi thanksgivi when it comes to the cost of your turk day meal. while everything else is getting more and me expensivehese days theost of thaksgiving dinner h gone down last year according to the american farm bureau's annual survey. the average cost is $39.04. that's down 44 cents. every little b counts. happy anniversary to nbc. it was o this day november 15th, 1926 the nbc station launched with rio ations. nbc is the oest major broadcast network in e united states. well, harlem globe ttters rookie core thunder law put his name in e record books. nothinbut net there.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
thanks, mom. good friday morning to you. 9:26now. we'll learn more about the plan that had to make ab emergency landing at san jose international. it took off at 6:20 ts morning heading to dallas, but about 20 minutes into t flight a plane -- the plane actually hit a bird passengers telus they heard a big ng. then the plane began to shudder as it experienced engine ilure. the pit turned around and safely landed at the airpt, d, luckily, no one was hurt. the investigation continues in an overnight murder in the south bay. man was shot and kild outsid -- unincorporatedan jose. so far no arrests, and n descriptn from instigators. san franciscoill transform to gotham city all because of
9:27 am
that little boy ithe blue his dream is going to me throh. miles has leukemiand told make a wish he wanted to be a superhero. today with the help of thousands of volunteers he will suit up as bat kid and fight ime. be sure to stick with nbc bay area as we cover bat kid's adventures live durg our 11:00 necast. the whe city is getng invoed. we're going to have a look at the bat forecast aer the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. temperates on theool side. tempatures will climb io the mid 60s. we're all reall excited about that kid's advtures later on today. now, highs are goi to end up many the 60s throughou this afternoon. mi with a building breeze getting into ts weekend. we have a cooler weekend on the way with some isolated showers up in the north bay, and then weighs getnto nextweek, widespread rainfa. remeer, can you find yoursel the forecast right here scrolling at the bottom of your screen. here's mike and your ive.
9:29 am
>> bat kid nded over here. the peninsula ver slow in the the camerahrough palo alto and redwood city. ill slow in that portion of the peninsa. it's startingo thin out, though. just a big log jam after a crash over here a smoh drive across the bay from the east side whe you have oakland. improvement here.sign of north pas the coliseum. it's slow, b starting to get less and less of a dve oakland downtown through the bay bdge toll plaza. back to u, laa. >> thank you. thk you for joining u as well. another cal news update cing up in half hour. have a great day, and fantastic weekend.
9:30 am
welcome back tooday on this friday morning, november 15th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al and natalie. interesting queson posed in regard to dnner party etiquette. itcceptable to ask for money instead of a dish when you're towing a holiday dinner party. >>o. >> no. >> it's not a restaurant. >> what's e other side of this? >> the other side of this was this woman that wrotehis post id her grandmother whenever she s people over she goes through all e expense and makes an elaborate ml so perhaps if somebodyade a coribution it might be helpful. >> they could bring a dish er and help cook. >> yeah but she says sometimes
9:31 am
one dish to h granother's 20 dishes >> if grandma keeps throwing t party -- >> time to let grandma te a nap. >> natalie. >> she can justitch in. let grana have her own -- >> you know -- >> grandma doesn't need to cook all the me. i'm glad dark natalie got to visit before we go -- grand go take a nap. >> no, no. the reality is we all know that thers always someone who ends up cooki in the kitchen a lot more than the others. >> that' true. >> wouldn't we all like to te a nap. >> youust can't show up at a dinner pty with money. >> where's the gt card. do you have a go-to gift when you ow up at a dinner party? >> always bring a btle of wine orf i know what kin of liquor they like i'll bring that. if i know they have a fireplace i bring these fireplace lighters called mr. le. they're the greatest fireplace lighter of all time. they're little cups of wax and od shavings.
9:32 am
you t them underhe fire. >> is that right? >> mr. mole. >> i nee a mr. mole. >> do you he a fireplace. >> not i my artment. >> no. >> my apartment is the size of this table. the mily will huddle aroun the mr. mole in the wint months. gather around, ildren. >> please, daddy. can we have some more? it's thankingivisgiving anotr helping of grool. >> there was a point to discussi the social etiquette question. >> yes. >> weant you to go -- >> bring willie a fireplace. >> # -- what is hashtag? >> orange room. >> oange room. >> it was a great idean the producer meing. let's show you wt we've got as far as the weather is ncerned. as soon as i leave you've got to
9:33 am
do all of this stuff. les show you whas happeng for toy. we have a beautiful day out st. gorgeous y, southern california saniego, let's take a look. you casee the fog layer. ok at th. the fog layer over the mountains there. right out over the ocan. that's pretty cool. it's going to be foggy right thugh much of t day today th cloudy ski. d for the weekend, we've got sunny, cool conditions in the rtheast. rainmaking it'say into florida. aot of wet weath from the grealakes all the way do into texas. owers in the pacific northwes sunday, sundayisk of strong storms stretching fr the ohio river valy into the ssissippi river valley. wet weatr in the pacific northwest. mild weather along the eastern seaboard. that what's goin thank u, al. happy friday, everyby. the time i 33. tempatures are still in the 50 want to sw you a beautiful day shing uplong the peninsula. san bruno, ne and clear here. camera is shaking abit, and that's because we do hav some
9:34 am
prettytrong wd headed our way througut this afternoon. otherwise, highsre going to be prettycomfortable. uniform numbers. expecting plen of 60s in the south bay. the same for the peninsula. san fransco, a little warme out inhe north bay. arnd 68 degrees. sonomaeast bay, 65 degrees today in berkeley. and that's your latest weathe >> i wasn't even thinking about that grana. you guys had your own toughts abou grandma. >> jt a nap. >> jusa little na let her rest. that's all i said. this pasweek we all shared our stories abouthe people that inspir us throughout our lives. >> and tron shares her story. it hits close to home. >> that's right. i chose my stepfather, clarence wton siors my inspirion. the man i fondly call my dad. >> my journey with my zdad started in a way people can identify wit or understand. my parts divorced and like so many other kids all i could
9:35 am
think about w my parents geing back together. that didt happen. my mom introduced meo the person that she loved and we kn him interestinglynough because he was o landlord and i knew this person a mr. newton. i was r was entderring a home where this kid was a hand ful one day i clled home. was 16r 17 at the time. i called him mr. nwton from a ven and he answered thehone and i said hey, dad, iom home. >> oneay tamron said dad and i said yes. >> i don't know where it came from or what prompted it, but he was my dad at that moment a forever. >> from at family members in -- i think that when i g my first job in tv in brian, texas, i was surprised b he wasn't
9:36 am
surised. yo expect your mom to root for you and to believe in you, but stepfater, he didn't hav to. >> this is from myaughter tamron. >> yet he w me as his. my parents have a huge age gap. 20ears between my mom and dad and we would talk about segregation and his perception of the world from t military. he would alws say to me i was on the battlefield with guys from alabama, missisppi, and we were fighting together. he always loved the military for that reason. every homee've lived in has had an american flag right out front. that's something we learned from my father. that flag should flynd you should look at it and you should think about all t blessings that we have. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with difficult start
9:37 am
to the holiday rush - >> i had just started in d.c. when my dagot sick. he was in the hospital and he said he was sleepi and he heard my voice onhe tv. he w so happy to see me. got a phone call fro a nurse saying hurry up he wants to say good-bye. and i jped in the car and drove tthe hospil and i watched the man who started out as mr. newton and who turned into my dad leave this planet but what he has left m wit and what he has insped me to do anwhat he has given me nfidence to do will never leave me. >> in the hospital he said tamron, i want you to take care ofour brother and his
9:38 am
children. my dad fell inove with those kids. particularly m nephe isaiah. and even now it feelsood to be able to be there with isaiah and be there with myom and my sister-in-law and my nieces and my brothers cheeringim on as a family because if my dad were alive, that's exactly what he would bedoing. i think i would want people to understand from my life tt sometimes thing happenhat we don't want. divorce. no one wants that. it's easyoeel le life has shortcnged us somew but i don't look at life that way at all. you never know wha's around the corner and for me it was a great dad. so my d inspired many things and after he passed away, his passing inspired me to ok. he loved tocook. the on thing regret i never paid aention because i was always eating but in honor of my dad, guys, i spent all night
9:39 am
making his famousweet potato pie. i ma these pies. i don't know how they ste. dad, please. i wanted to share a little clarenceewton sou food as we approach the holidays. >> that's good. >> there's a cipe. it involves lot of tasting. >> it's a winr. >> do you like it. >> nailed it. >> well, that's what i did and one more thing, my dad of course insped us to always open our homes and we did -- my mom would love this. it's a gift i gave my m when my dad pasd away. here he is. our dog with our famy. we opened our fmily again and he rules the roost. >> he's n doing what the other dogs did today? >> mom has him well trained. >> what a beautiful m your father was. >>e was a gat dad. >> thank you for sharing tt sty. >> thank you f the opportunity. >> lester is her with this beauful pie there. yes. >> a look at wkend today.
9:40 am
>> well, no pie. erica is going to introduce us to two parents that turne their grief over the loss of their son into a way to helpthers all over the wod. >>y insration story is about a single dad who after learning he had tminal cance came up with an amazing way to spend as much time as possible with his 6-year-old daugter. they go running. marathons. >> wow. >> both families are incredible and wee happy to be ae to share them wh you. >> amazi. it's been a great week of story. >> it has been. this was a case of someone i met only a day before i found out about this series. >> wow. >> and they came to me and i said just met that persoyet. >> isn't that so powerful that you can meet someone -- >>yeah. >> it has that effect o you. all right. coming up next, the fivehings you need to know when it comes proper hosting etiqute. ybe bring sweet potato pie. that's right aer this. said i had diabetes.
9:41 am
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won't touch this. ♪ won't touch -- stop. eggo time. [ femalennouncer ] eggo waffles can winver the ckiest of eaters so everyone can enjoy breakfast...together. can't touch this. ♪ [ girl ] l'eo my eggo™. well, if you plan on having everyone or at your house for the holidays this year, you want to brush up on your hting etiquette. >> from thenvitations to the ple settings w have what you need to do before theuests arrive. amy, good mornin >> good morning. >> so invitesome in a lot of different fos these days. whether an vite, what's the real etiquette? >> the one tng you don't want to do i not reply. all ofur moder forms of technology you have soany different choices. let them get their headount so
9:45 am
they can prorly plan for their party. don't bury thos in you mail. answer tm right away. >> yes, no, or maybe. >> that's right. >> okay. let's talk aut wcoming our ests. >> yes. >> sat the we want you to be the hostess with the stess. yomust answer the door yourself. dot send a trial. don't continue to cut in the kitchen. wrapp your cooking and get to th front door a maybe se your -host or one of your answers it. >> i'm going to get from y your ct or whatever and in response to that i'm going t gi you a little something to drink oromething to eat or i'm going to introduce you to somebody in the room that you don't know so you kept this energy and flow at the front doorlowing right io your party. >> i notice a lot of people now ask you to take your shoes off in theirhome. at's a good way to handle that? >> i love offering slpers.
9:46 am
this is ais coelection of hotel slippers. offer this for them to sp into. >> bring little gifts. >> we love these infused olive oi and gourmet alnd butters and the cutting board. around $30 is your general point. but when youhost is saying don't bring anything it'sice to bring gratitude. >> this is a great thing. you can jazz the party. so we'r all gng to sit down here. >> we are. talk about the table. >> things you shouldn't do which -- like this rht here. >> right. condiments don't keep them in their bottle. these go in condiment saucers. for our tual place setting this is modernized take of a plac setting. there's two things wrong with the setng. >> with e actual setting. >> somethingbout the water glass. >> t water glass. you want to actually work from the outside in.
9:47 am
i'm going to borrow ts natalie. then your whe wine and red wine and your water goes there. how abt the silverware? the knife shou be pointing inde. it's sign of aggression to have the bladeacing out. put it in. plate and bladeticks toether. then for other rules refill war glasses before gest as arrive and pas your food to the right. >> okay. pass it around. amy,ood little social iquette things and a nice glass of chamgne. >> eers. >> cheers everyone. coming up next, we'll show you how to cook a classic steaknd potatoesinner you can have. it's[ whistling wind ] [ whistling wind ]
9:48 am
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9:51 am
... that i shall sayood night 'til it be morrow >> today a new approach to an olfavorite, steaknd potato potoes. >>hef, good to see you. >> good, h are y? >> a lot of people don't appreciate this cut. >> there's sething about hanger steak that people don't realize is if you cutt the wrong way it's chewy so people think it's chewy becausehey're not cutting the right way. >> let's get started. >> do you see the gin going th way. so even after y sere i you can still see the grain. heres another little secret, i don't know if you guys know this. wh you're makg a steak -- >> butter. >> the butte >> aittle bit of garlic. >> yeah. >> a little bit of rosemary. >> wow.
9:52 am
>> a little bit of yme. and something that people don't do at home but you should baste it. >> so we're going to do thisn the stove completely. >> just ke this. when you have a steak this small that's what you need to do and going backo what i said before about sling it against the grain, do you see what i'm talking abt? >> right. >> you need to make an x. >> go against the grain. >> c you eat on air? >> of course we n. >>hat's our job. >> do you see how tender that is. >> tce baked potato. >> so this is something my moer made me at least once a week and now that i have my own restaurant i try to bring it to people. bake a potato,coop it out. my mother used to fill i with a spoon but we put it in a ping bag. >> oh. >> there you go. >> i love it. >> and pipe it right back in >> wha all did you put in there. >> sour cream, cheese, you can put whatever you want, bacon,
9:53 am
scallions. put it back in the oven. >> put it back in the oven for thtwice baked poto. >> do you have three cheeses? >> mnterey jack, parmesan and pepper jack but use anythin you want. >> and last but not at least- >> we do americancut. it's a crab cake revisited a little bit. >> tt's fantastic. the recipes are american cut restaurant we're back in a momentut first thiss "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
this delicious steak. [ female annocer ] now your most dazzling accessory can be your smile.
9:56 am
colgate optic white dual action shines and whins over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgateptic white line. good morningo you. its 9:56. i'm marla tellez. the bartoard of direcrs will hold an ergency meeting today newly approvedcontract.the bart says six weeks of family leave is not supposed to be part of the al, but it is m contract. union leaders say bart
9:57 am
managements tryg to go back on their agreement. bart says it could be a deal-breaker, dependingn how ch it costs. well, thousandsf volunteersthey are getting ready to transform san francisco into gotham city. miles has leukemia, t ltle y in the blue sweat hitter there. he told make a wish he noted to be a superhero, so today he is going to suit up as the bat kid and rescu a damsel in distres and stop a ban robber. we'll be there all along the way. stick with n bay area as we cover bat kid's adventures live during our 11:00 newsst. the forecast is so important for his dream comerue. meteorologist crust evena loren, how is it looking? >> looki good. looking od in san francisco, aka gotham city. as you can see, it's windy out there right no and the wind will be a factoror most of the y today. otherwise, highs a going to be nearly uniform. expecting plty of 60s in places like palo alto. 62n pacific hehts. looking good ithe north bay. per 60s in petaluma.
9:58 am
as per usual, the warmest aa acro the bay area, the tri-valley. 68 degreesorlivermore. here's mikend your drive. well, t drive for the bat bile needs a little bit of help through palo alto. still southbound 101 sti slow we had a tou drive all k where morning, and that'about it. you see the rest of the peninsula moves smoothly. north 101 i the ea. little slow past shoreline. typical the. the south looks really fwood. a live lk outside and show you the emerivill area. we 80, and a slower point out of riland and burbingy once you pass by university the overcrossing. back to you. >> okay. mike, thanks so much. we'll be back at 10:26 with our next live local news update. [ male announcer ] step one, epare for triumph.
9:59 am
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10:00 am
yove made it to try day fray. it's november5th. glad youe with us. >> it's a bigday. >> it is a huge y. it's national clean out your refrigator day. >> mm-hmm. >> yep, ye >> that's wha you're supsed do. so we took a photograph of your refrigerator. >> right. oh, please >> that is just annoying. >> why? >> because everything is lined up a nothing is green and
10:01 am
molding. i like that. >> everything's inhe back. >> bleu cheese. >> my refrigerator did not get photographed because -- because? >> a couple of reason every wednesday ros comes and helps cleanout. and thfridge pre-rosa is hideous and gross. i don't know how sheven goes inside there. >>he has a hazmat sui on. >> post-rosa it's empt i had nothing going on. but this is a picture of our office refrigerator which is comparable to mine at home. >>oh, okay. >> just some icky junk. >> you live in the city. you eatut so much. >> and i order in. >> you ord in a lot. she has cozy nights at home. >> somimes you think, that will last one more day, one more day. and then y shove it in the back and you forget that's what happens toe and i look back an go what is that? >> it's routing. it's got living things on it. this is aery usual month. >> we did ask viewers to send in
10:02 am
photos of their refrigerators. these are the os you st us. we're going to tellou a little later what to keep in your fridge -- that looks like mine. that's a bachelor's- >> is ther a dog in there? a dog is in the fridge. sad. >> anyway, s we'll get to that. >> okay,oda woman. wh else are we going to talk out today? >> youay not known but this year thanksgiving i kwn as thankshanukkah. oh, my gosh. we should have a menorah with that. >> in combinati zucker's bakery has combined two deliciou things stuff into one. >> i d't like the concept. >> spiced pumpkin doughnuts. one is filled with turkey a gravy, one is filledith turkey and cranberry. >> they' $5 each.
10:03 am
>> for one? >> yeah. they're ki of mot. >> they're moist but they're not hot. i like my turke and stuffing hot. i really lik my graviy hot. >> get in ere. get involved. >> you try it. >> i can't. i rlly -- i really can't. can we heat it up and i'll try it? >> it'sokay >> yea yway -- >> it smell good. they're a hit. that's all you need to know. we'll get them heated up. i just can't look at meat like that, coagulated stuff, moist. let's say it again. moist is the worstord er. thank you. >> gerrard? >> i'm going to heatt up for you. oh. >> he'll always be fred flintstone to . >> allight. so there is campaign out tre to end the word "moist."
10:04 am
we've talked about our least favorite words are oist," and i'm starting not to like "fle "phlegm." >> and you know what else? "hole." >> who foods should chae its name. >> no, just hole without the "w." >> there's ahole website, buzz ki. >> it jus feels good and it might have something to do wh the oi sou as in goiter >> it makes you think more of bodily fluidshan cake. and finally, youeel like you need to wash up after hearing it. moist. it comes from the word muskoutous. which means slimy, moldy, musty
10:05 am
and alsohould be banned. >> you should go tour facebook pa, whatever the febook is. >> facebook portion. >> go to cnect usnd connect with us. >> tell us we'rgoing to read your words on monday. >> maybe not. pends how our weekendoes. soe have yet another survey. half of pents sing pop songs to their babies instead of nursery rhymes. >> we should finish them. >> is that you? ♪ >> all right. here's why this is sad. >> oh, no. >> that's not fm my lullaby album. that is from my "my way home" album and that's aong i wrote to myaddy when he was dying, t thank you very much. thanyou. >> can we stop that song, somebody? let's listen for a moment a enjoy it.
10:06 am
>> no. >> this is the 11-year niversary of myaddy paing, and i -- you know whenou're little, your parents take care of you and then your parents get older and they get sick and all of sudden you're doing -- they want the ligs on or they don't want you to leave. so that'salled "good night daddy." my sister a i and my brother became the caretakers to my dad. thank you, producer. i love amanda ywhere. i don't care wh anybody says. i think she's awesome. d i'm going to fight for her en she's losing her job, i really am. >> which might happe shortly. these, by the way, are the most popular. >> let's hear something better than that. >> hanna's "diamond." and brunomars' "just the way you are." >> you've trying to get them to sleep. you know, the song i --
10:07 am
>> someone lik you. it also very rangy that that's a good e. >> i love it. come on. ♪ there'sot a thinghat i would ange because you're amazing ♪ >> that i thinks adable. but i used to sing to my cousins when they were little "i wear my sunglasses at night." they loved it. they made me sing it over and over because it was nighttime, you know however about's going to bed. >> doesn't it feel kind of -- >> it'suro trash stuff. ♪ i wr my sunglasses at night ♪ >> that's it. that shows you how the world has changed. did you know that one in five people have admitted that? >> that's okay >> is not great ing. here's something- >> speaking of survey. >> oh, oh, rard. hey,riend,lex for me baby. yes. noll use my imagination.
10:08 am
oh, yeah oh, yeah. oh, yeah. do that ltle thing you do for me at home. i'll see you at home, baby. all right. try them befor they get cool. all you said is i they heated them up, you'd be glad to eat that meat. >> that's anher word to be banned. don't know. it doe't look good to me. >> no. okay. anyway. you know what is time for -- >> oh, no. oh, no. >> i'mery soy. i'm sure lovely people made it. >> wash it down. >> yeah, that's what i'm going do. okay. t ready for friday funny, everybody. i love th. okay. drk up. >> sent in b facebook fan anna from queens. >> i like it. there was a captain sailing on the s when a huge battle
10:09 am
began. when theaptain saw the enemy ships getting closer he seamed his servant, bring mey handkerchief. the servant ran off and returned with the hakerchief as he tied it aroun his forehead, hesaid, is is the secret to t battle. never let your enmany i see you swt. then hsa, bring me my red shirt. he said, r, why do you want the red shirt? >> he said, well, if i get shot e enemy won't see me bed. finally as the battle raged on he saidcaain, we see 50 more enemy ships on the horizon. he said, servant, bring me my brown pants. i want to thank anna for that joke. that's funny. >> i like that, na. you rocked it. >> it's time for johnson baby now as we celebrate new momsnd adorable newdditions to their families.
10:10 am
our first johnson's first babe of the week dalton michael husbands. born october 23. he loves toe entertain by his sisters. >> next ups mary grace long born september 28 in cincinnati, o. what what a little daisyheis. her mom says she has days and nights confused. how fun. born september 29, turner layne rineha. when his6-year-old broer kisses him on the forehead, he immediately clams down. our last johnson's babe is eleanor june midgett. we ted to introduce her a few weeks ago and due to aechnical glitch h picture did n air. she was born on september 23rd in robinson, illinois. her mom d dad nicknamed her
10:11 am
elynd said sel yly and said she's the best bane every. if you want your baby to appe go to kag hoda >> bre out the trash bags. it's time to clean out the refrigerator. find out how to make that oduce last a little bit longer. >> yeah. >>ht after this. choose the seasos hottest toys. (in unison) leappad ultra is cool! has a bunch of games it takes funny picres (giggling). i would do extra mework to get this. i like to record myself singing. i like it! it's awesome! buy top toyshosen by kids like the leappad ultra. open a walmart credit card account, spend $75 dollars toy at walmart, get 5 dollars back.
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10:14 am
refrigerator day, and who doesn't nt to celebrate that >> whoo. americans throw away abo 160 billio pounds of food every yearand you knowho you are. wherit turns t, we're probably thring way some good stuff as well.
10:15 am
>> here to show us what to toss, what to keep, stephanie cio. >>i, stephanie. how are you? >> let's get started. we emptied out the fridge behind us a youan tell. >> the frie is empty. we like using that. >> so we're just trying to figure out what we suld hang onto and what we should toss. >>irst of all, leftovers. they only last three o four days. you want to toss these -- >> even they're in a bacteria container? >>yeah. bacteria can be orless. u don't want to risk catching sothing. here, you throw it. >> toss away. >> nice. >>his one too? >> yes. >> oh, no. that looks delicious. >> what about eggs? >> eggs actually can lt up to three fiveweek at may take them a little more than t expiration date that's stamped on the package. >> you won't s it on the tside when it's bad.
10:16 am
>> it will turn spotty or cracky. >> the are fine. thesere fine. >> bacon? you don't want to take any risk with meat. toss it. >> i feel like we're sting. >> tt's from ptember. >> anything that looks like at. >> yh. these are a little wilty and brown. unfortunatellettuce has to go en it gets thatway. >> look at this green pepper. >> absolely. >>ou can tell when they're all -- >> the knicks could use me. >> but withproduce, youan keep -- >> this is good. >> peppers are good. that's nasty. >> youan actually - >> ew. >> ewwww. >> you can wrap it in a damp paper towel. >> don't say damp or moist. >> no? >> kind of west. stick it in a plastic bag in the crisper. talk about lemons and limes. >> lemons and limes can last about thre weeks if the fridge. but also useour judgment. >> they start t haveold on em. how ch judgment do you need? >> it's pretty mple.
10:17 am
toss these. >> you're really on a roll. at u babout butter? >> butter is an or absorber. you want to keep it -- >> it is? >> mm-hmm. >> keep it in an airtight container in the dairyoor on the door of your fridge. >> dairy door. got it. >> that'sright. dairy door. d with cheese. >> eese, please, people. >> a moldy eese. and moldy. >> you can't say anything. hard cheese does get mold and the may clinic says we can c of an inch and annch and a half t cheese and you can -- >> if you t off all chse, you can cut off annch or an tn takeime to clean it out. >> l's take a look. this one looks good. >> actually shs g a few things that weant tooint out. >> what's wrong? >> first of all her milks kind
10:18 am
of front and center. the coldest pt of your fridge is tard the back and lowe she'll want to move thatack and wer. >> unless you use it a the time and you don't want t dig all around. >> you wan to through it quickly. >> that's true. and then next we have -- she also has pperware. >> okay. today's friday, so toss the tupperware. then down here shs got a hoepodge of ings. >> i do that. >> take the ketchup and condiments and put them in the door. >> organize things. >> these are this that can st a looftime. >> these can stay out of the fridge. you roy tonig keep yr onions in the pary, sameith the garlic. hot sauce has a natural preservative. breayou want to keep on e counter too. >> thank youery much. from oust your cleang to cleaning up your act. we wanto tell yo >> bobbie is here with stress
10:19 am
busters. b.t.'s right after this. if you buy a kid gift, they'll play with thbox. well a kid who plays withhe box ... a kid who didn't get a new ps4. join shop yo way at kmart. get in. get more christmas.
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10:22 am
it' friday and it's time for "bobbie's buzz >> therrival of the holid season can be really, reay stressful. >> here to cm your nerves is style editor and authorobbie thomas >> all rht we're liking it. we've got these little stress
10:23 am
balls. >> these are stressbusters. we start with oil-infused balls. these are sort of this rubber coating. they're soft and they have t benefits of aromatherapy. >> what do you d with them? >> roll them on your wris, your hands, your back. you can sleep on them. and i am personally obsessed. but this is your mini massage anywhere. so if you can'tet to the spa -- >> oh, my god. >> you can zone out. >> does it feel good? >> i love them. >> next is a clever idea. thisouple came up with wn they have an issue, o of tm want to discuss it but maybe itould start a fight, he would bring t the elephant in the room >> how adorable. >> whesomebody came home a saw at the other partner left itout, they kw they wanted to talk. but even better, when you take the elephant ou only one person can talk a a time.
10:24 am
>> not interested in your ga. >> hands off. >> i wan to see if youan get through whole chat. >> that's a rllyute idea. >> that is ally cute. >> it reallyis. >> very. >>ext -- >> let's do it again. >> okay. >> this is called the ba babyusher. a dad was trying to get aittle e to go to sleep he found the ancient art of shusng. he turned this into a device thatelps the baby go to sleep. >> it snds le the ocean. >> this is allbout the rhythms. >> that would be a cu gift. >> lt but not least, i gave blake one. >> i love these. >> during thholidays when the doorbell is ringi and this is going, this ishe most gius dog y. you shut it off and it can't make the noise. so fido cantill have s toy, but you don't have t hea it. >> all right thk you, b.t. >> thank you, bobbie.
10:25 am
>> say you want to be on tv. 're going put these nic folks we plucked offhe plaza to the test. it's been a happy union. he does laundry, and i do t cleaning. there's only two of us... how much dirt can we manufacture? more than you think. very little. [ doorbell rings ] [ lee ] let's have a loo morty. it's a sweeper. what's this? what's tt? well we'll fi out. we'll find out. [ lee ] it go under all the way to t back wall. i came in under t assumption that it was clean. i've been living in a fool's paradise! ohoy... there you go... morty just summedt up. the next 44 years we'll be fine. well? just summedt up. who's going to want salad with all this around? face it, we're never going to compe with a buerball turkey, not to mentiopumpkin pie. m just thankful to bon the table. i'm not.ll turkey, not to mentiopumpkin pie. oh now you're just being a stick in the bowl. everytng to make the perfect thanksving meal for less. walmart.
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10:27 am
today. he has leukemia, and miles told ma a wish he wanted to be a superhero, so day with the he of thousands of volunteers his dreams coming true. you see the damsel in distress right there. now, hes it suiting up as batk and will save her on the cable car tracks. sure to stay with us as we cover batkid's adventures live during our 11:00 newscast. we'll have weather and traffic after the break. and in a pfect world, what's delicious would healthy too. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt.ted. sounds too good toe true... it's thick, creamy but 0% fat antwice the protein. huh..! where did stamos ? he's herethe oikos are on him. this really is too goodo be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon.
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10:29 am
nice and clear all acrosshe bay area, and temratures are going to be pretty uniform as we ve a weak diurbance coming through. it willick up theinds later on today, but look at the numbers. 65 degrees in san ancisco. recasting the same high down in the south bay. anges headed our way. for day you can count on the building breeze thrghout this afternoon. it will be mild out there. getting into your weekend, we might see a few isote showers have widespread rainfall on the way nex week. remember your seven-day forecast right he at the bottom of you screen. let's check your drive a say good morning tomike. good morning, folks. a slow drive all of a suen deloping right here in north 880 as you travel past the coliseum now, this is unusual. apparently for right now on friday, but there maye some sweeper trucks that are just kicking in. that typically happens along the streh. we'll count that as the case, but whever the case 580 is mu easier drive thrgh a nice drive through palo to now that earlier crashes have cleared, b it looks lik most activi, marla,s u here in gotham city wre we have batkid. go, miles. >> it has to be the storyf the year.
10:30 am
adventures coming up in 30 nutes. another ve shot in san francio. the damsel in distress waitin to be rescued. we're bac on thist day friday with more of today. talent manager and hosting coach mar guyostello who's trained everyone from cee lo green to bill and melinda gate >> t granddahter of the famed lou ctello, the famed abbott &costello, she gives you more of course, it'salled "the dra queen." >> hey, girl. >> it's so nice to he you. >> so nice for y to have me, ladies. u might not be so happy with me inwo mites, but -- >> you've worked with a lotf celebrities. what do they usually want? whatre they aing from you? >> thing when a celebrity has to be themsels in front of th came, you know, it's harder for them, and i sortf teach --
10:31 am
my media training is all about when youearn to put the audience first youave your own way. even nervesre about you and when you can go it's not about me butt's about wanda in wichita. that's m job t give wanda in wichita news or fashion advice or food advice, that's when u beme a star in thisarena. >> so you connect withthem. >> mm-hmm. >> then when you learn how to reveal, you relate. so relatae teaches to ratings and it's a balcing act. >> i always hr people wan to be on tv. what is the number o mistake? >> they might aboutthem. how do i say that word snow how do i look? i wanto sayhis funny joke and they think. en you'ren your head you're sort of saying, screw you, dience. i'm in my head. we as the viewer aren't in your head and so you're ou >>hen it's not authentic at all. >> right. >> is your sw like blood on the floor or what happens? >>lood on the floor?
10:32 am
>> that's aantastic laugh. >> you know, they tested the show and my laugh tested the worspart. they go, everybody hates your laug what it's really abouts in thisay and age, everybo thinks -- are we watching? >> no. we're with you. b-roll. >> b-ll. rry. everody now in the year 2013 thinks they can be faus. >> i know. well, unfortutely it's easier than it used to be. but somebody haso be - my grandfatr, he worked his butt to get what he wants and my mom married dean martin's oldest son. i gw up in this business. work ethic is everything >> it' everything. >> we have two little lies from the plaza. ey want to have our seats. >> clearly the want our seats. >> and i don't like their attitude. >> summer is from kentucky and angel is a native of ireland living in philadehia and th're going to read off the promer. >> i haven't given them any tip
10:33 am
but i want to see th. wherever you see punctuation, i wantou to say audience. i want you to connectith the audience. >> good luck reading the prompter. nobody's watching. >> good morning, welcome back. i'm summer covering for ka thee lee who mysteriously disappead with a bottle, auence. >> i'm angela whs in for hoda who's currently dealing with he emergency. this could take a while. what's cing up in the next half hour. >> >> well,audience, angel will first surprise al roker and mat lauer th anmbush makeover. >> thanks angel. audience. sounds like fun. then friday's segment wre we teach savannah how t do a kick stand like alady. but first, audience, let's send it back over to kathie d hoda
10:34 am
who seem to have reappeared. >> that was fantastic. >> very well done. >> at first i thought they weren't going to hear and take the directioof putting audien in. you see when they did, how it sort of comes tolife. it takes the pressure off of you. >> markey,hank you so much. thk you, ladies. >> "dramaqueen" this sunday on "e!" >> iee tha laugh. >> does your guyeed help in the wardrobe departmt a whosdoesn't. we've got some expert advice for th holidays. audience gives us a turkey cal d we're put through a test for a healthier anksgiving, audience, right after this. >> audience, audien, audience. >> audience. the intense ae made it hard to do the things th i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerve
10:35 am
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shcouldn't believe she could pronounce everything in it. ♪ and she couldn't belve her dahter chose pancakes oveher phone. you're being weird! [ male announcer ] new deliciously simp from i can't believe it's not butter! with 100% taste and zero artificial preservatives. it's timto...believe. thanksgiving marks the beginning of the eing season, so how can you enjoy all those tastyishes without packing o e pounds. >> knocking on our door with a guide to help us make bter food choicess nbc's hlth and diet editor nancy. what you have is aurkey caller. i'm ing to have my wayith it. i'm going to mak it scream. >> give it a little tr >> i have a triangle. >> that's a dinner bell on a
10:39 am
farm. >> let'so it. >> anyway, we' going to s who's calling at our thanksgiving door. >> sobody's at our thanksgiving door. >> someone' at ourhanksgiving door. >> who is it weaverandma who's bringing an appetizer. so which one of the two favorites have feweralories for the sam serving. ist the low fat onion dip a chips or cheeseball? >> thi one. >> it is. it's the onion di >> it's a picture. >> we get it. >> okay. >> let's see who'st the next door. someone's knocking how about a cocktail one of these is lower in calories. is it the hot rum-spiked cider orhe bloody ma y mary. >> the bloody mary is right. skip the hot rum-spiked cider.
10:40 am
someone's at the or. who's at the next door. >> pervert cousin eddie. >> he'got turkey twoways. >> i bet he does >> whi one has fewer calories, same serving? it the dk meat turkey with the same skin or -- >> i've got it. >> no. the skinless. >>h. skinless, hoda. >> even though - >> oh, lord. >> sn is whatou want to get rid . >> w's at the door, i wonder. ooh, that hurt. >> w do we have here >> i don't know. >> anyy -- >> oh, our next-door neighbor o's got two favorite side dishes, creamed spinach o the greebean casserole with cream of muss room soup. whh is it? >> it'so delicious but loaded. crea of musoom soup. >>ou're wrong. it's the green beancasserole. >> how cou thatbe?
10:41 am
it the soup -- >>t's got the soup b that's gothe fried onions. this has got a tonf butter >> somne's at the door. >> i can't wait to see. somebody's knocking. >> okay. >> good-looking guy who's got two side dishefor us, two side sauces. either chunky applesauce or cranberry uce. ich has fewer? >> cranberry, no question about it. >> you would be wrong. >> i wanted to say that. applesauce. krahn bcranberries are so low sugar you're alws going to add more. >> this ishe tie-breaker. >> someone's at the door. >> i don't know who it . >> mashe potatoesith butter or stuffing. which is the lower choice? >> butter with the mashed
10:42 am
potatoes. >> you are correct. especially when it' in the turkey. >> now wre into our lt question. it's dessert questi. which dsert has fewer calories for th same si. you have to answer first. is it the pumpkin pie or pec e? >> pumpkin. >> pukin. you uld be right. you can te it off. here is your gue that oh no, thank you. >> t, hoda. not for you? >> that will go great i hoda apartmt. >>hat's not nice. >> thank you, madelyn. >> you can take them home. >> we'll get your g stepping out in ste. >>ow to dress up your man for the holidays. >> right after this. stop playingith that thing. please, take it away.
10:43 am
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10:47 am
nvenience can be a bit of challenge escially for men who seem to have it easier than we do. they do. here to help you dress the guys in you life whileou still have some extra te is the fashion and grooming director. >> hello. >> at "men's health" brian. th don't want to spend a lot of money, but they want to look good. >> there are a lost pictus taken and aot gng on over the holidays. i put together great stylish but affordable outfits. let's start off with a holiday cocktl party. let's bring steve out. >> steve is looking go. >> sve is wearing one of the big trends for guys right now which is bold rht colors. we've done it withhese gap chinos. grn. whenou wear a bright color, you want to pear it with something neutral. we've done it with this gre navy blue sport coat from gap
10:48 am
also. >> i love the plaid shirt. >> festive butot too lard. >> let' bringut charlie. >> thank you >> tnk you, hon'. charlie's in his 20s and mark is here too. >> mark. >> there both going to an officehristmas party. so charlie ds not work in a corporate environmt so he can be a little more casual, but we want to dress it up with this fair isle tie. it's tongue twister. but i think the sta of the piece is the gat burndy cardig which we ask drs up here but you can alspair it up with jeans. this is all fro asos >> i think he needsn ascot. >> mark's a suit and tie guy. >> mark's a suit and tie guy. mark's dress a lite more formal. mark, if youould just -- there we go. >> thank u. >>his is a great navy blue suit. >> heooks veryhandso. >> t whole suit is only 160 doar which is amazing.
10:49 am
>> wo nice. >> jewel tones. >> and i like t pocket hankie. >> it's the little details that make a look. >> gentlemen, thank you. >> thank you. now, for a neighborhood dinner party, we've got maurina and lou. >> they never met. >> no. they are married a they're going to be going to a couple of holiday parties in the neighborhood. shs wearing a smoking hot dress from as ooh s. >> that's a good coloror the winter too. >> emera green. all jewel tes for men and women. >> they like each other, ho. >> ts is something neutral, so she gets e spot light, right? >> right. she get the spotlight. he's in a chapssweater. they look perfecttogether. they coordinate but they don't matc >> they look adable. have fun at the party. >> how about dinner with the in-laws. >> do we have to >> yep, yep. >> when you're having dinner with the girlfriend's parents you want t look put together, not too formal.
10:50 am
this is my idea of what a good christmas sweater looks li. >> y. he looks like ralph lrend or something. >> there nothing ironic. youan wear it aerchristmas. >> it looks affordable. >> every pieces under $100. >> thank you. >> last we have thehellsberg family complete with their dog. >> oh, they look cute. >> for christmas morning. >> s. fochristmas morning. ey're with their dog kismit. >> whe do you get these? >> from the comny store. i like it because it's noraditional. >> you can use it for a christmas holida card. we can take your picture. >> we'll do it for you. >> thank you so much. fun. beautiful stuf >> you want tourn your household junknto thanksging treasures? nny is here 000 recycl useless stuff into
10:51 am
something a little less useless. he's in for a spking today on nbc. ♪ [ female annocer ] now your mo dazzling accessory can be yousmile.
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time t find your crafty side. our recycler is here to tell us how to turn old stuff into use. a use what you have guide to decorating, gift giving and entertaining. we know we tea him a lot, but we love him. >> yes, we do, danny. >> i love you guys o. >>oh, isn't thanice. >> what we're going do is take these borg candles. one for you, one for you. see this craft glue? you're goingo cover it with glue. this is rular kosher salt and i'm making eco-friendly cheap glitter becae most glitter is fullf these microns and
10:55 am
plastics. this you mix and bake i and custom make your own color. you coverit. >> is hoda doing i right? >> yeah. this is what the finished product should look ke. >>he mixed the likehat. how unusual. >> look at that. mine's already's finish. u're still painting. >> you can takehis -- >> i like do it. >> but you s it- there's some here. >> look how perfect i is. like it perfec >> me is sy. >> you can do lots of colors, update the cheap candles. you ruined it for me. >> i have on for you here,wo for you here. >> what are weaking? >> is a fun kid's product. you're taking leaves and embossg them under foil. it's a great kid's projt. get really lar specimens. get them really veiny. >> iny. do youang this on the wall? >> i want to know, where do you
10:56 am
find the specimens? >> in the woods -- you kn, i'm st getting it. >> okay. >> so you glue them onto a board and then you -- >> y glue the specimen onto the board. >> take aluminum foil andou're going to take your fingers and rub it, not too ha. you're going to rub it becse you want the veiny things -- >> of your ecimen. >> can we move on? >> no. we i'm going to spend a lot of tim with my specimen. >> okay. hows your specimen? >> it's a good one. >> theoal is to have a clean segme segment? anyway, let's move on. >> this is a really simple thing. this is basically jar lid rings and you take a piecef rop or hoop and twist them on and me this great little wreath or centerpiece. this is something for you guys. yo leftover treeags for thksgiving, you can glue a
10:57 am
doily on and i have a stamp here if you wt totamp your name your tree tag. >> like what? >> ay. >> you stamp it on. basically it's a simple way of taking generic craft store ba. >> i needs to be damp. >> it's backward. >> it' not damp enough. >> i just did ho-ho. >> you ow, you have ok"s. let's not do another. >> let's do k.o. >> this is gat bookends. >> take this rock, this glue. >>ust rock? >> wow. glad we got rocks. wow. how long did those take you? oh, my g. >> next up, guys, a performance by trace adkins and kenny log ins. plus we're going to go
10:58 am
country. >> have a great weekend.
10:59 am
11:00 am
the cape crusader or the dark knight. the batkid t the reue. live right now takin a look at his -- i guess his whole crew there rolling out the batmobile and the police close behind. the superro kid calledno help save san franciscorom a recent crime wave. we'rbetter for it gotham city, thas what we'll be today. is is recent video of h rescuing a dsel in distress. >> h did a fantastic job. >> ye. gave her a big hug at the end, too, to wrap it up. it wasun to watch. thank you very ch for joining i'm jon kelley. >> good rning. i'm marla tell. let's go to bob


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