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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 15, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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the cape crusader or the dark knight. the batkid t the reue. live right now takin a look at his -- i guess his whole crew there rolling out the batmobile and the police close behind. the superro kid calledno help save san franciscorom a recent crime wave. we'rbetter for it gotham city, thas what we'll be today. is is recent video of h rescuing a dsel in distress. >> h did a fantastic job. >> ye. gave her a big hug at the end, too, to wrap it up. it wasun to watch. thank you very ch for joining i'm jon kelley. >> good rning. i'm marla tell. let's go to bob ridll live in
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san francisco with how thousan of volunteers a making this yog boy's dream come true. bob, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, marla and jon. there are at least 5 people out he to watch batkid. hiseal maim is miles. he is a 5-year-old leukemia patient. they watched the past 20 minutes rescue a damsel in distress this poor wan was sck onhe cable car tracks. thiddler was up t no good. there was some sort of green device that he strapped to her back. plutonium or urani in there. he got the call from the chief eaier this rning to get down here ap because batm needed him to help. he and tman showe up in the bat mobile, and just in theick of time, they re able to dismantlehatever that device was, that riddler set up for this poor woman and save her before the cablear came o down the street.
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like isaid, tre were probably at least 500 people here eering him on the whole way. >> happy to out here. why did you want to come out he? family. to suprt miles and his >> it was fun. it was so much fun. he cam alive in his little mask. he was so batman in that moment, and we got to see him right up close. probably had a wonderful mil morning, and it's going to get crazier. we h so many peoe show . that's what san francisco i about. >> we are back out here live where justoments ago batkid took off. u're not goingo believe this. there'another crime takin place, and, again, rider is behind it. we understan tt he is robbing a bank in the financial district. batkid is o his way there right now with batman, and we're going to do the sa. we're going to hop into the car. foundation is behind a this. they reportedly gotomewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000 people who are volunteering
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today to help make his superhero drm come true. lo at the support. there have been people holding placards out here. it h been -- it's been like a celebrysighting. you shou have seen it whe he showed up he. we're going to hop in the car. there go sfpd. it sounds like theiddler is using more prlems. we're going to try to catch up to him and see you in maybe ten or 15minutes. >> sfpd says as the bank robbery is going on montgomery street right now. >> crime fhting does not sleep. leaping tall trampolines in a singlebound. he is a doll. as bob said, we will be bringing you updatesn batkid's adventures ding this newscast. be sure to stay wh nbc bay log on tore updates and a live stream of theday's highlights. >> iove how batkid stays in character. right now movingo other news. new details ts morning being learned about an emergency laing out at san jos mineta airport. the plane hit a bird soon after takeoff. christie smith has reaction fm the passengers who were on
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board. some who feared for the ves. christie, good morning. >> ye, good morning to you. can you imine being on ts flight? well, passengers s that on normal.everything seemed they were up in t air, and then they heard a lot bang sound. ey said shortly after the pilot got on the interdom and said the bird hit an enge or the plane. the next thing they know they starte coasting. shortly after they were ae to make a safe landing, emergency crews were waiting on them, and they went inside to rebo a flight after what you can imine is a very intense morningn board a dallas-bound erican airlines flight. anirport spokesperson said the plantook off from sanose mineta airport about 6:20 this the plane, about 90feet in e air, when it struck a bird, but was able to return safe. soon after we caught up with the passgers. >> it was scary. there is just a loud pop, and -- then there was not much
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thrust ymore. initiay i was scared called down prey soon because the captain -- i never tught weere going to go down. >> emotions were here and there, so i was with my wife and letting her know. >> airport spokesperson rosery id the faa requires that the airport have a wildlife mitigation hazarprogram for bird strikes. the faa is actually stepping up its efforts to report them. they hav a usda bioologist on staff here athe airport. right now she says tha birds e migrati for the winter. the airportad 46 bird strikes between january a july ofhis year a year ago she said they were approved to use lethalorce if necessary. >> we are hazing birds out there, taking them lethally when absolutelyecessary. our staff ang with the da bioologist are trained to use firearms to lethally take birds
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in the eve tt they are causing serious concern to aircraft operations. >> american okesman matt ller released a statement this morning that american airlines flight 1118 depart from san jose airport en route to dallas-fort worth abou9:30 eastern te when they experienced aird strike that csed them to make an emergency landing. the flight land safely 20 minutes lar. there were39 passengers and five crew meers on bod. no reports of engine failure, but the maintenance tm is evaluating the bir's impac on theplane. roon we're tol it is sitti at gate number ten. after rosemary is telling us, after the bird strike on the u.s.irways flight many knows e miracle on the hudson, the fagot much stricter. again, at this point everyone is safe, but can you imagine how many rattled nerves tre are here this moing? rerting live in sanjose, christie smh, nbc bay area the santa cla county sheriff's department is asking for the publ's help to identify w shot andilled a
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man in east san jose. the manas found in a parking 10:00 last night.e road about white toyota camry, but a investigatorsay it's too early to determine the conction emergency crews tried saving . him, but he was pronounced dd at the scene. officials are talking to witnses hoping to gather enough informaon for a suspect description. if you knownything about this deadly ooting, please contact the santa clara county sheriff's just into our newsroom. the 16-year-old accused of lighting another teenager on fire inourt right now as we speak. expected to enter that plea. richard thomas standsharged as an adult wit a hate ime hancement. hes accusedf setng 18-year-ol sasha fleschn's skirt on fire while sacha slept on an ac transit bus in oaand. saa, for the cord, identifies as agender. neither male o female. severe leg burns during that fer
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atta. he bart board of directors has found a problem with the newly aroved progm. theyl meet behind closed doors portion of this contract. bart says six weeks of family leave is not suppod to be par of the deal, but it'in the contct. >> abilityo be away on family leave, i believe, for six weeks d have that paid. that was negotiated o of the contra, but it someh managed to be in there. >> uon leaders say bart's managements trying to back onheir agreement. bart says it could b a deal breaker depending on how much it costs. no action will be taken at today's meing. that will come nt we. >> this morning police in cupertino are hoping a brand new sketch will help them catch a man accused of sexually assaulting a william on the dianza college campus. this is what investigato say the suspect looks like the victim telling police she hasefore interact with this
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man, and s thinks he goesy the name johnny, b at ts point she says she does not know his real name. the assault happene last week in a women's bathroom at the scol's media and learning center. the woman says that man jt burst in a stall. that where he aaulted her. palo al police officers could soon be outfitted with body mounted cameras. according to the mercu news, the ty council will take up the proposalt the next meeting on monday. theevices would be purchased asart of a $350,000 contract already installed in patro cars. nine officers would tes the cameras. if the contract isapproved, 22 patrol cars would also be ouitted with new camera systems. all right. bobiddell is on the move tryi to keep up with batkid. keeping the city safe up in s francisco/gotham city. rit now we're getting word fromfficials that the riddl is wreaking hoc right now at a bank. we'll ke you posted on what's going on >> i'm meteorologist christina
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loren. rain on the way as we get into this weekend and yond. we're gog to sort it all out for you and let you know when your dootep when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes rit back.
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well, it is needless to say francisco, taking care of y/san buness. he has aeady saved a damsel in distress. he will be getting the riddler over i think takin care of some busine at a bank. gog to take him down. also, he has a penguin to look for, and the also the key to the city, meeting up with the mayor. e batkid doing what he does best. ing a superher doing it for the make a we ould fodation. this is a blast to watch. the bat kid lan ne. on where zircg we do have i streaming
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live there at -- the bush and obama administrations both demanded james risen reveal who gave him seet information aboutheia or go to ison, but the "new york times" report is fighting thdemand, and he is talking on college campes about the governmentrosecuting the press. at u.c. berkeley risen said he isighting to prect the public's righto know what the deposit isp to. >> the press has told -- exposed virlt we'll everything.isclosed e american publicould know alst nothing about the way the united statehas conducted the war on terror if it wasn't for the press. >> a federal aeals court recently ruled risen must give up his sources. hes preparing an appeal to the u.s. supreme court. we can tell you this year's crab season starting off with less eitement and a lot le crabs tha fisher mn had
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iginally hoped for. earlier this morning we expected to find an empty wharf, but the boats hadn't even left yet. fishermen set out their pots last night gting ready f the weather has rled in on the ble other de of the golden gate bridge, so a lot of fishermen spent the morning waitingt out and getting ready. guess what, not all is bad news. >> we have crab for thanksgiving, which for a couple they were tied up because of price disputes, and a few years backe had the problem with the oil spill. things are looking good this ar. just delayed because of weatr. zeek say he expects the crabs to go for between $6.99 a lot of hap gamers in the bay area thimorning. e playstation 4 went on sale at midnight, and we are sure a loof people who bought one are still upight now. they're sleep-deprived. people started lining up
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yesterdamorning. the playstation 4 is sony's firsnew gaming system in sen years. that's an eternity in the world of tech. you c eily edit -- it sells for $399. >> a lot of pumped up gamers. a lot of disappointed wives and girlfriends. >> yes. although se females are out there too. >> i surehere is. a rather startlingrticle about bay area women in a british magazine this morning. >> yeah. ott mrew, theeyword swags. >> it sounds like maybe a naughty word. it's jt a dumb word. it's silicon's wivesnd girlfriends. it ce out of the british veion of vogue. here the cover for you. you may be able to see the blurb at t lower right. an article they're calling the wives andirlfriends of silicon valley. she also runs a genetics ki.
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compy. she runs yahoo.erca meyer. ali pinkus runs an e-commerce and she's marri to mark pinkus. says "silicon valy is where it's at, and it's all thankso these swags, sell con's wives and girliends." then they say, more than jus harm anned candy, the swags are ghly educated public-spirited, stylish, successful and sharp. yore more likely to see them power-wash walking to busins suit than drooiflg t a ray-tan appointment in the it's hard to imagi this actually came outf a magane, bu this is how at least one making sfleen sees women in silicon vall. i know, guys, we see them very diffently. >> pertuating the stereotype. >> u.k., welcome to 2013. goodness. let's go to chrtina lor and se what's happeni outside and th sunshine beaming un . >> yes. sunscreen appropriate for this
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afteoon. he's something you don see very often. look at all the temperatures. they areearlyniform for all e different microclimates across the bayarea you'll notice here our san francisco camera srting to get a shake to it. those winds are picking up. we'll we're looking for the high here arod 65 degrees, and we're goingo see lot of temperature spraegs throughout the day toda weak disturnce dame through. that's what kked up the nds. we're going toeep our temperatures on the cool side. talk about all the different microclimates for this friday. in the south bay looki good. mode 60s head your way. los gados. san francisco, a little on the cool side in pacific hehts. you'll be at 62 degrs. we'rlooking great in the north 68 for petaluma. east bay, looking nice. 67 degrees. of course, the warmest spot is usually thetri-valley. you too will only end up in the low to mid 60s by ts afternoon. let's talk about what we' headed towards as we get into this weekend. today will be mild. the wi will continue t whip out there. for yo weend, cooler with a fe isolated showers. mostly up in the nor bay.
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then we get that widespread rainll as we head into next week. to give aun idea of wt we're looking at. we take you t your futurecast, and can you see looking for pretty segment totals. look at this. upwards of aninch. now, things c change. we'll be watching this for you. we dperately need the rn this time of year. it's definitely a welcome treat. i want to show you the north bay forecast. if you don't live in the north bay, don't worry aut it. we have yo forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen because we also have ather chance for rain getting into the weekend. only u in the north ba if you are looking fornd to do, pnuts gang, enjoy the charlie brown thanksgiving. it's going to be comfortable out ther they're going to enjoying tot, popcorn, and jelly beans. >> i'm going to be in sanity why rosa tomorrow as well >> awesome. >> thanks, crust even >> ll, guess what, san francisco i getting safer by the mine thanks to batkid. >> that is right. let's go liv to san francisco. excuse me. tham cityight now. the official tracker, bob
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riddell, wt's happening o there? >> we're stuck in traic wrfsh we are on the heels of batkid. he took off in the batmobil we're headed to e football district. he has the batmobile. he is faster than us, but apparently the riddler is breang into a bank, and youe want going to belie this. wow, breaking news. look at this. batkid saves the city. , hooded hero ns the riddler. rescued dsel indistress. that's amazing how hot off the presses this is. here you go. there's batkid. his real name is miles. he is a 5-year-old boy been fighting againsteukemia for most of his life ght now he is in remission, d it's bn his dream to become asuperhero. well, the make a wh foundation has made that psible with the lp of roughly 12,0 people here in the city ofgotham,
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formly known as s francisco, and that dsel in dides stre, boy, was that a close ll. here's video. this was about 30 minutes ago. this poo lady was stuck on the cable r tracks at hyde and green. the riddle n, the guy is bad. strapped h up to some sort of plutonium o uranium device. i don't know what glowing green ss but that's plutoniumr i'm, but whatever it was, she s stuck there, and finally b kid comes wh the help of batman many they are bat mobile. he did se real technical stuff. pued some wires out. saved the day. then the cable car came. it was just really in the nick much time. the support this kid has, there were roughly 500 pple there it was absolutely amazg. had their iphones out. he has been trending on twitter at _#sf batkid. you know wholse is catching notice ofthis? prident obama. about batkid wishing him the
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best of luck. he is not done yetecause we understand even though he caught the riddler and he stopped the bank robbery, aarently the penguin is in to, and he doesn't like cie, theascot for the giants. i'm just hearing this in my ear piece. we have word now he is trying to kidnap lucle and baid is being sent over tohat location to get him,nd i guess there's going to end up being a cha at at park. i'm pretty sure baid will pull this off. he better because mayor lee is waiting present him with a afternoon on the steps of city s hall. it is just an amazing thing to watch this this morning. to watch all these people coming on to che on this 5-year-o boy who is battling leukemia whis in remission, and now is fulfilling hislife-long dream of being batkid. apparently he is still out there. he is a busy boy. marla, jon.
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>> yes, let's hope that batkid ate his wheaties this morning. >> he is getti the rocktar treatment. wow. what a thrill that's goto be for him. i'metting chil. >> reminder, nbc bay, watch a le stream of today's battedd adventure, and we'll be right bac ♪
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saturd. great, great gameo watch. >> good for em. adventures after the break.
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oubatkid coverage continues. let's throw it out to bob riddel caught the riddler inhe middl of a bank robbery, huh? >> he did. as we mentioned, it's already hot oft presses. batkidaves city. hooded hero nabs riddler, rescs damsel in distress here at clay and montmery. a bank thawas in the process of beingobbed by the riddler. if you look down the stet, i don't know if you can see, but there's a lot of people down there. batkid jt tookff in the bat mobile, and apparently as we are mentioning earer, there's now word that the penguin -- it's double trouble today. now the penguin is trying to kidnap lulle,he masco for the san francisco giants. he is buzzing down there to try to sav the city. has done a great job so far. go b kid.
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