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tv   Today  NBC  November 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. severeeather wning. millio of aricans from mississippi to michigan in e path of potentially deadly storms today including possible rather november toadoes. bullying in college football in the wake of the miami dolphins scandal a rutgers university footbl player claims a team coach verlly abused him so much, he had to quit this morning his mom i speakin out. hairy's big advenre. prince iry, once known as the party prince, now off on a very serious mission with a group of woded warriors. th begin aong inspiring journey tohe south pole today, sunday, november 17, 2013. >> announcer: from nbcnews,
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thiss "today" with lester holt and erica hill li fm studi in rockefeller plaz welcome to "today" on this sunday morni. i'm erica hill alongside dyla dreyer and craigmelvin in for jenna th morning lester is in los angeles this morning. i'm sure you got a lot ofleep making your way out thereo be on the show this morning. >> th kind of sleep with the little pillow against the window seat. it worked out. i'outere -- i was vited to be i guess a contestant on hollywood game night, jane lynch's show i've been brushing up on pop culture and trivia. >> are you nrvous at all? >> i actually am. there are a l of celebrities an actors and actresses the shoechlt as the nws guy, i think people expect me to get some of this stuff right. >> so you've been practing non-stop for weeks? >> i want t brin all my
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producers with me, the people that make me look good. >> remember to bring your rpiece with you. we're gla you made it safely. looking forward to hearing about that. >> we'll tel you more about it, when it's going to run. we have busy morning of news ahead of this. this morning we'll take a look at whether or not the past week was president obama'worst yet in office. still scrambling to fix the health care mess david gregory will be here to talk about where the president will go om here and whether he's in danger of becoming a lame duck. what a catch at the aubu-georgia game. you can't see this enough if u're a football fan or any kind of sport fan. >> so great. looking forward to wahing it again. with thanksging fast approaching, we have everything you need to know, shooting home videos, playing football in e front yard, to impreive
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gadgets that can cook t perfect bird they s in less time than you ever could have imagined. >> it's calle send out let's get righ to today's top sty. the sere weather and the reat of tornadoes touching down in the midwestith millions of pele potentially in harm's way. the weather channel's mike seidel is in covington, kentucky. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, lester. a rainy and warm metro cincinnati. temperatures around 60, about 25 degrees above average for mid november and also very humid out here. that'she reason we're expecting severe weather. a rather outbreak of severe weather and tordoes. typically have a second season i the deep south with twisters, but not this far north. an action packed jet streechl has led the storm predictn cent to issue a rare high risk. sometimes we see those in the springnd ummer, march, apri y, but not in november. this igoing to be a very
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dangerous y. if you don't get the tornadoes aftethe threat diminishes, straight line wind damage all the way east in the ntheast and these storms this morning are moving likehey're late for a date, lester, racing as fast as60 miles an hour outside of chico. it's going to hit and hit very quickly. >> batten down the hatches. dylan has the big picre. she's new york acking the severe weather. >> we have a huge area where we could see rong storms today. this is from michigan into mississippi and alabama, stretching east into pennsylvan and back west into eastern iow a closer look showsot only storms in the huge area, bu the strong risk ea. it's very rare whe we get a high risk any time of year, but especially this farorth this far into novembe it's in e yeow from chigan into parts okentucky, into io and west into illinois including the chicago area where a tornado outbreak is likely. that's what's ing issued by
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the storm prediction ceer. we could see very strong tornadoes and lontrack tornadoes, meaning they cou ay on the groundor a long period of time. this is all ging to starto get going this afternoonnd into the evening. ahead of the cold frt, it's warm and humid on the east side d very cold and dry on the back se. it's the clash of air masses that could create these song stor. as mike seidel mentioned, it's movingery quickly. not onlyill we see these storms develop, but ty'll have wind gusts on tir own as well. while tornadoes ar possible, where we don't have the tornadoes, these storms are stro enough to produce gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour. >> lan, thanks. we've been talking a lot about football and bullyi lately in the wake of the allegations surrounding miami dolphins players. this morning there are new claims to rert but this time the college level.
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a player with the rutgers universityootball team says he was verbally abed by one of the coaches. kristen hlgren ha more on that story. >> that player, jevon tyree says it was so bad he quit the team. while he doesn't want to talk out it, his mom does his mother told us the team's defensive coordator dave cohn used vulgarities and threatened physic harm to her 19-year-old son during a confrontation in study ll. >> he threatened ysical assault saying if he could, he wod head butt him. >>eporter: she says the abus was so bad he gave up his scholarship and quit the team on novemb 6th after the claimor a full investigation was ignored. >> our expectationt that point was that jevon would be able to function in a safe,
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non-discriminatory environment. >> reporter: in a written atement released friday ght, they say cohen apologized the following day. the school says he was reprimanded and it was an olated incident and tt, quote, at no te was there any threat of physical violence which was verified by an academic counsel who was present in the room. after theteam loss saturday, rutgers coach mi flood wouldn't comment directly but did talkbout how the controversy is affecting the team. >> i think itwould be naiv to say that there wasn't a certain gree of distraction that happened to us over the last day or so. >> reporter: the accusatio come less than a year after rutgers men's basketball coach mike rice was fired amid abuse allegaons. it rulted in the resignation of theschool's athletic dictor. mao rutgers brack in the headlines as the family claims its notacking down.
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>> as soons we understood that there was that sort of overt verbal, abusive bullying attack onim by one of coach flood's head coach, that's unacceptable. >> here is another direct contradiction. rutgers claims the new athleti director julie hernnn spoke with the family and made sure theyere satisfied with the family's resolution. the tyree family cims they never had a convsation with her so this is likely not the last we've heard of it. >> kristen, thanks. turning now to politics an prident obama's rough week withhe future of his health care plan up in the air and a series o apologies thiseek for its botched rollout, "saturday night livetook a lile time to poke a little n at t situation la ght. >> are you feeling depressed, run down, like you just can't n? are you t president of the
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united states? ask your doctor for axil, second-term strength, the only antideessant rong enough for an embattled send term. >> not sure that plays as well in the white house as it des maybe to us. david gregory is tt moderator of "meet the pres" goodmorning. >> goomorning e erica. presidt obama's health care compared to katrina. you liken it more to his iraq war. what do youean by tht? >> that's life d ath. this isnot. i don't meano use that comparison. think for president bush in his second term the iraq war became theverarching issue and his handlinof it became the issue throug whichever thing else was judged. he wanted too immration reform, he was still in e iraq bo that's how implementation o health care will befor this president for the balanceof his second term, somebodyho is managing obama care, he'll be judged more terms of what
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else government can do or should do. it will all be about the ndling of it. th is kind of progressive governnt on trial here in a sense. can a ctral goverent do something that big and transformative and do it wel? i thi that's a big test for this president's worldiew. >> the president ss when he was apologizing on thursday, knowledging he needed t in his words w back credibility of the americ people, do he al need to win back the edibility of his own party, especially after what we saw in e house this week? >> it'sess about credibility and more out panic. democrats see a shaken presidency and they care more about hithan themselves especially whenhey're upor re-election and he's not. if it's not gng well, they m pay thprice next year in a midterm race. it's still a little early for that because we're in the middle of this terrible couple weeks he on obama ca. is can fade. the only thin that succeeds is success when comes to
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plementation. it seems like there's going to be a lot of difficules to be managed. the longer thi goes n, the more problematic it is politically. >> turning to 2016, rumblings abt paul ryan after being in wa thisweekend. is he seriously eyeing a bid? >> i think he's taking a real look at it and making an asssment. i think anody on the republican sidis trying to figure out whether the establishment can win out over theore muscular conservative wing of the pay, t cruz, nd paul and others. chris christie's victory gave him some fortitude here. i think paul ryan is someone who is kind of an architect a lot of the ecomic policies of the republican part feels like he's in a position to push it in a n direction. he saw what happenewith the roey campaign and realizes th need some change. he's going to represe more o an establishment wing which is teresting it means the pty has moved further right it's consided >> david gregory, nice to talk
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with you. we'll eck in with you in just a bit for a closer look on "meet the press." let's get a chk of the other top stories. craig melvin is here with those. >> good morning. we start in the philipnes whe the nation's president toured the typhoon ravaged cty taclob. ian williams ithere with the latest. ian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. recriminations today, presiden aqno down in the disaster area blaming local governments for lack of preparation for this huge cyclone which has now dilaced, we understand, four million people,the latest th toll up to 4,000. that sai this mass save aid operation is gainingraction. aid is reaing somef th more far-flung plas. here in tacloban we are seeing quite significant signs o change. gas stations opening, mmerce
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on the streets, even little clusters of people tapping into power lin to charge their telephones we went today to a big area down by the sea font called seawall, a big shantytown. to oursurprise we found a lot of pple were already taking the initiative themselves in the lack of regular government aid, getting out the and starting to rebuild tir old mes with e debris that ty'veather friday the wreckage of their previous homes. also a sign of commerce wn there. there arsign this is this operation is starting to gain momentum. still an awful lot to do craig. >> ian wliams, thank you. back here, plice inlorida believe they have found t body of the manho fell out of a private plane earlier this week. authorities at the miami dade police department presume the dy is thof -year-old gerardo nalez, the man they say fell from an open plane door thuray while that plane was
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flight. investigors are waiting for an official identification from th medical examiner's office. a seriousarning fr fedel health officials. the fda says dects in some medical devices madey the company medtronnic have the potential to cse severenjury or death. it recalls ,000 guide wires used in heart produres. e coating can break off and ssibly block a blood vessel. th say they've nified regutors around the world and tan steps to prevent new shipments. officials at princeton university cldecide whether to offer stunts emergency shots of a meningitis vacci coming from eure. the school's board of trustees t saturday to talk about the vaccine ich procts against meningitis b. federal health officials he already agreed to importhe vac scene. soar seventudents have been
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infeed since march. call it a uke, call it a miracle, whatever you want, it was a win for the auburntigers and itas sure great to watch on television. auburn hadlown a 27-7 lead over georgia, but they pull out one more huge play. desperationtime, fourth an 18 from thr own 27. 25 seconds le to play and that happens. auburn's quarterback nick rshall heaves the ball down fiel deflects off trey mahews right ricdo lewis for a 73-yard uchdown. auburn wins over georg and one of the bestollege plays in college football. >> i think a lot of my old neighbs in atlanta are probably recovering this mornin lee mill downstairs in our control room i understand is an auburn alum. inresting he just wanted to
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look at the play againone more time. >> a buddy of mine on faceok said this is proof that gois clearly an auburn fan. his words, not mine >> you are just theessenger on that one. georgia fans,t was not him. >> i ca already hear them tweeting now. >> crai thanks. lan is back with a check of the forast again. >> i love how you put your arms out and something has got to land. it's got go in the. > we still have to keep an eye out for the strong storms behind the front wre watching. it is very co and ve dry, it'shat clash with this warm humid, almost spring-like air at's going to create these almost late spring-like-type thundetorms that could produce a tornadoutbreak acros illinois, indiana and extreme southwestern part of michigan. temperatures in chicago abo 16 degrs above average. we do have t possibility of power outages. lo at all the wd advories, watcs and wnings. in pink here is where we have
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the nd warnings. it's th areas across western parts of michigan, into northeastern illinois, including chicago where we could seeind gusts up to 60 mis per hour. that's on top of the fact that we could be dealing with lo track tornadoe the tornadoes that develop and ay on the ground for a long time. look at the red, not only the chance f severe storms, very high risk of strong srms across the ohioriver valley and into the southn great lakes, but al in red we'll e strong th and a much quieter view of our weaer this moing. mostly 40s and 50s eept in the north bay. in san jose we're seeing patchy low clds, 46 degrees. and into the afternoon we' see high temperatures in the low 60s and san jose. san francio, a bit cooler. close to 60 as w head through th afternoon, a northay temperatures 64 in santa rosa before the clouds spill . morrow incompeteasing cloud rain
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now wi three times the talk, text a data for as low a$7 a month. unbeatable nationwide covege without a contract. the new huawei glory. acfone. do everythg for less. you don't remember me? perhaps you heard about the extravagant stumes i used to wear. does this ok familiar? >> it looks like you tripped and fell in the deli. >> lady gaga poking little fun at herlf during her appearance last night on "saturday night live." th pop superstar pulled double duty hosting and perrming on the show. >> she had lot of fun pokin at herself. it was simply hilariou was anybody able to stay up and watch any of it i was onhe plane. i go to watch the clips this
6:21 am
mornin >> it had to be the clips afterwards, i was eeping. >> i always see the clips before i see the show. >> i lovehat she's so over the top in her persona, yet she doesn't ke herself seriously, and at's what makes it work. the fact that she can poke fun at herself as to how over the p she . >> that was very cute >> the blockbuster one was fanttic. if y haven't seen it, there are a lot of thing you can watch online. that's good newsor everybody at home. in the sunday edition of "today," prince harry going to the sou pole. but rst, these messages.
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these are twin babies hugging each other. we asked youo share some pictures of your littl ones looking extra cute during bath time. craig's over in the orange room with se of those little pics. >> abubbleill ed area. i said, high chair, n high hair. anher cute one, couldn't quite make it to bedtime. and this is our favorite here. look at harper. there's jenna, ere's haer. >> yea! by harper! >> and a bubble machine. presents...
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so decious, they won't evennow it's chicken. % less fat... 100% johnsoille taste.
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you're watching oday in the ba" >> good morning to you. looking live at san francisco from our emeville camera and it looks very dramatic, ver gray, almost ominous like thers rain in the forecast. i'm kris sanchez. meteorogist rob mayeda tel us whether or not th picture is telling the truth. >> it is. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, tuesday anwednesday, yes, you will see back into the bay area.min right now looking at low clouds arou san jose, 46 degrees to get the morning started. the changes we'llee ahead will beourtesy of that weaer systemff to the west. a lot of moisture being pulled into it and eventually as weo through the day tomorrow we'll see some of these hh clouds approachinghe coast and eventuly the rain producing clouds will be soon to follow as we go into monday night and
6:27 am
tuesday. so today morning low cuds foowed up by some afternoon high cloudoming in for the afternoon, especiall in the north bay today. we'll see 62 in san jose. closer to 60 in san ancisco. see tempetures year 64 in ill saa rosa. mid-60s around the tri-valley, rosa, and maybe north of santa sausalito, late tomorrow, a chance of showers. rain coming backnto the picture come that tuesday morning commute. >> thank y very much, rob. we have new detail this is morning on a offir-involved shooti in unincorporated san jo. investigators would the santa clara sheriff's oice say the suspected burglar whoas shot and killed was a won. deputies say a caller reported some suspicious activity breaking and ld pounding ass noises anduspected a burglary was under w. the caller reported hearing the female suspect yelling and banging on something. three duties arrived and that's wn they sayhey were confronted by a woman armed with a knife.
6:28 am
deputies say they ordered her to one of the deputies opene re. mecal aid was rendered at the scen but it was too late. now to a developing story and thatispute over what b.a.r.t. says was a clerical ror which was uniofficials crying foul and b.a.r. riders fearing there could be another strike that coul cpple their commute. it centers on arovision that provides six weeks of pai mecal leave per year for employees. b.a.r.t.laims its negotiato signed the wrong tentative deal and that should have not been in there. b.a.t. claims the provision coulcost the transit agency as much as $44 milon ove four years, but the unions claim the figure is me like $5.6 miion. new this morning,fficials at the univeity ofalifornia sathey have reached a teative agreement with the lifornia nurses association. the four-year labor contract affects nearly 12,0 nurses working at uc medical and
6:29 am
udent health facilities. it includes a salary increase of 4% for each year of the deal. it als includes additionaltep increases and also includes a no strike provision prohibiting the rses from striking during the lifef that contract. the coract still has tbe approved bycna members and negotiations of thiseal began late march. coming up ts mning on "today in the y" a bay area landmark shutting its doors how long?for repairs, but for that a all the rest of th day's news coming up at 7:00. right now, here is the rest of the "today" show.
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. we hado much fun yesterday, we came back for more. >> we're the biggest "today" show fans and he's the little. >> w came from texas. >> pueo rico >> costa rica! >> i'm 3today! >> we're back on a sunday morning, november 17th, 2013 and check ou some of the pictures o crowd haseen takingll morning there in new york. what a good group it appears to be.
6:31 am
i'm sorry to be missing all of you on the plaza. m lester holt in los angeles, d era is holding down the fo back in new york. you brag you gethe big crowd. i've got a crowd he aswell. ey're just kind of quiet. crowd? there they are >> there they are. >> acting like they're working. but that's actually my crowd. >>e want to see pictures of that crowd. tweet someictures. leer, good morning. as you mentioned,e have a lot coming up in this half hour. i know you he some of thes helines. > severe weather expected from the south all theay io the miest today with ver strong thunderstorms, and a possibility of tornadoes. a former rutgers university otball player is claiming h was verbally abud by one of the team's aches. he left the team and is looki for a new place to play ball. princeton university cpus could kno as soon as tomorrow if it will use an emergency vaccin for thousands of
6:32 am
students. the decision is being made after rare strain of meningitis has sickened seven pple over the last several months. >> and still ahead in this half hour, lester, we're goingo talkbout prince hay, because day is the day he sets off for a trek to the south pole for woded warriors. it cou take a ltle bit of time so we'll fill you in an all those details for that. >> and we're also gng to talk a little turkey this morni as well. of cose, tnksgiving rig around the corn. how would you like to spend less time watching your turkey inhe ovenhis thanksgiving, more me watching footballperhaps. cut downn your cookingime and still leave you with a juicy bird. >> we like to eat. >> we're thenes who are still sittinthere well after the segment is or still eating. we love shooting videos on our artphones, but let's face it, we're t rlly professionals.
6:33 am
but don't worry, we have mario artrong here to show us howo take the perfect veo with just a fewchges. >> what would we do without mario. >> i don't want to know. >> i don't ever want to ow. lester, we get to meet your inspiration this morni, right? >> i'm going to introduce you to the n who inspires me. he's resilient, unstoppable,n the face of a terrible brain canceriagnosis andhe's found a very therapeutic way to deal with tt and spend a ton of me with his adorable littl girl at the same time i'm anxious to introduce you to him. >> looking forward to that. but first, dyl has a fin check of the weather for us. >> there's aot of laughing going on here. can you not share on tv? >> we're so happy. >> good morning, mama, is me boi sue. nothing like a poem on thi sunday morning. and a great one at this.
6:34 am
look at all this storm and heavy rain in parts of sthern ohio, do into kentucky. you see back there, chicago, where we have more storms just starting to fire up. th's where we're going to see our high risk very rare high risk issd by the storm prediction center where we could see aossible tornado outbreak ase go into this afternoon. besides that, though, thehole area in red, we could se strong storms late this morning into this afternoon with wind gusts up to possibly 65 miles per hour. flooding not an issueecause the storms are so fastoving. but fast-moving stms means a lot of wind. that's a look at anwe're seeing mostly 40s and 50s to start with. some patchy low clouds and tn we'll seeing a chanc of some rain cing back to the bayrea starting off during the day on monday. you'll see the rain approaching spreading across the rt of the bay area as we get into tuesda wednesday will be the main event
6:35 am
for the rn around the south bay. high today low0s around the south bay. san francisco closer to 60. north y, highs in the mid-60s. and that isour latest forecast. now, back to lester out in california. lester? >> all rht, dylan, thanks. britain's ince harry is head off later today for his long trek to the south pole. it's a 200-le trip that is sure to beuite the adventure. annabell, good morning. >> reporter:ood morning, lester. , harr the so-called party prince, is, believe it or not, trekkingo the south pole, with injure service mennd women from the u.s. and here in britain. these wounded war verans leave london todayor the adventu of a lifetime. their travel companion to the soh pole, prince hay. earliethis week, he paid tribute to their courage >> all the men and women behind
6:36 am
me have achied so much, just to gethere, let alone actually walk to the south pole. >> reporter: from tea usa, ivan castro, who lost his sight in baghdad. me asked the queen if she'd ever been to the south pole. >> of urse not. frt. >> so unbelievle, y're walking out of it, and i was st in buckingha palace meeting the queen. >> repter: prince harry not shy about teasing his buddies in front of his gndmother. but this journey is no lghing matter. over 16 days, they'll trek 200 mile in freezing temperatures. >> it could be minus 40, minus 50. it definitely going to be windy. and 's goi to feel remote and veryhostile. >> reporter: princ harry at one point called the party prince seems to he put a lot of that behind him. fighting in afghanisn, and now
6:37 am
traveling to t endsf the earth for the wounde >> 's not going to go around cutting ribbons, he wts to go out and do things. >> reporr: he's glad to have his company on the adveure. >> this means a lo he is very genuine, very caring, compassionate. >> reporter: a long journey for a prince dedicating himself to a life of servic this combine so much that harry loves. acti, adventure, and helping veterans. it's quite a challenge. we haveo wish them all luck, lester. >>nneyll roberts, tnks so much. the perfect home video. why shouldn't you be your own family's martin scsese? with a fewinor adjustments to thway you'r doing things right now. the movies you take with your
6:38 am
smartphones can be better than ever. how aryou. >>'m doing ne. >> there's a goodeason fors being so far apart. >> we'll show you clips of how yo should a should not sot video. >> this is one of your first tips, the most portant. that's the way we hold our phones like this. when we take video,e should not do vertical, w suld do horizontal. >> this is a vertical video syndro. at home you're seeing the bla bar onhe side. which is why we're separated here. your video is only going to sho in the middle of the reen. if you blow this up on your laptop or b screen television, you'll have these huge flash bars on the side. theideo only in the littl middle. that is tough to watch. if we shoot it this way -- >> turn the camera horizontal you'll get the full picture. >> on a bigger scen. on that note, i can come closer to you. so your second ps all about lighting and sound.
6:39 am
we're lky we're in a studio. we have professional lights. we have a great crew who make us ok and sound fantastic. >> first clip is, thi is bad lighting. you nt to make sure you're not shooting directly intohe light. you want to hav the light behind you, not t camer shooting into that light. here's a video clip -- s the dark shadows ere? it's not tt great. that's my son playing the piano, by the way. bad low light. turn on all the lhts in the house near the subjec >> now wean see him. >> now you can actually see him. and don't cover the microphone. a lot of peopl cover the mic. i do something cled the cuppingtechnique. know where your mic is on your phone. >> sometimes it's hard to find out where it is. >> it's almostlways at the bott. and i call it cupping. when i'm filming you, i c use my hand to kind of cup the mic so it brings the sound in and captures it. >> we're not covering the mic, but just around it to keep the
6:40 am
sound in there. we can do that. as you're holding tt , you're pretty steady. t a lot of these veos get shaky. >> the roller coaster videos, yes. the sha cams this is when you're trying to hold the phone and you get a ttle bit o that jitter. th is me shooting ristopher. i have my arms exteed, they're too far away, they're n balanced. become a human tripod. >>ou're making me a little nauseousn this vio. >> see the difrence here >> ye. i can tell the rockefeller sn center in the back is not moving. >> make yourself a human tripod. ld your elbows tht to your side. stand apart with yr fe. hold your phone horizontally. then you hold it stable. don't extend it,nd don't hold it wh o hand. two hands to hold it. and turn your whole body. >> there a little tripods for these,airly inexpensive, ght? >> lots of dferent ones are ut the. this one is, you can use a tripod that has its own stand,
6:41 am
but this also hel you keep it very stable as you'r holdi it. and there's a ltle shoe o the top to put an additional microphone on top. you want to preserve these memories, n't u? >> we hav three great tips on doing that. always nice to see you. thank you for coming by this morning. >> and we have tips onli, too. >> perft. >>up next, a man who inspire lester with incredible sense of family and positive outloo on life, all in the face of a devastating ncer diagnosis.
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this morng we continue our "inspired by" series. it's lester's turn to share his story of a man who has touched his life. >> good morning. i only met am leon. i couldn't stop thinkg about his story, a 33-year-old single d and juvenile probatio officer from austin. a couple years ago he got the worsnews possible from his doctor. rather than crawl off in ho, the diagnosis used him to focus on the relationship with the most iortant person in his life, his 6-year-old daughter kiana and to find a way to make every moment with her cot. >> i'm a single dad. my daughter is with me every other wkend. ght now she thinks i'm cool because she's 6 years old. >> youan't help but be
6:44 am
spired by someone like iram. thers a man who takes life an views it through a different lens doctors ld him aouple years ago flatly, you're probably not going to see 40. >> it's inhe center of myeft teoral lobe, it's a brain cancer. they took out as much as th could, but it's connected to the memorynd lguage functions. statistically the kind of tumohe has, it's a pretty narrow window of suvival. he's accepted that diagnosis with t proviso from doctors that they may find a technology that would allow them to operate n. the meantime he's started looking at life differely, his retionship with his daughter. >> i realized that i miss add whole lot o stuff, basic things, how many times i mde her meal changing her diaper, going to her functions at school. >> i think we're supposed to be doing them up and down. >> what toucheme about his
6:45 am
story wa how he discovered with this prognosis what all ofus kind of knew all ong, that family is most important. he decided that ery choice is going to be in favor of his daughter. >> how long did that take me? one of those choices is running. that's one of the this they can do together 6 years old. putser in the stroller and theyo. ♪ ♪ i wouldn'tave nothing if i didn't have yo ♪ >> i'm running because it's therapand it's where things feel normal. iginally it was a way to try to get her to go to leep. she would come back to wired, so that was a baddea. just kind of started becoming a fun thing. we would talk and i would play music. she sings, i sing.
6:46 am
♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ ♪ when i'm wiser and i'm older >> welcome to this morning's secondnnual southeast texas -- >> eventually some small 5ks let us i we just kept doing lonr races. >> iram and his little girl kiana are fixture on race courses at their home in austin, texas, but elwhere. >> iramnd kiana leon from austin. >> they' won a their marathon together. i say they becauseheir stroller csses the finish line first. >>
6:47 am
6:48 am
justahead, thisorning 're talking a little turkey just in time f your good morning nly! woah.
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this morning in "today consumer" cting down your tuey time. sounds like good plan to me. consumer correspondent janice lieberman isere with a few tricks up her sleeve. i'm intrigued. >> we found coolnew cooking gadgets that promised to cut your roasting time in half. it sounds too good to be tru so weook them to an expert to try th out. >> katherine, this turkey taes half as good as it looks, we're al in for a very big treat. it's just a little dry. >> is time toalk rkey, from dreaded dryness to pinkish ultry and everything in between. >> shef tony f turbo roaster.
6:52 am
>> here is h high oven works. >>they promise to make tsty turkey in a fraction of the time. to see if their claims are fact or fowl, we went the culinary nter in new york sit stay. >> what makes a good turkey? >> 165 internal temperature -- >> t turbo roaster. >> the theor is the steam pushed inside the bird, nice moist inside from theteamnd nice golden brown. >> butterball turkey fryer. >>normally 18 to minutes per pound in a conventiona oven. three to four mites perpound, i think it will wo. (j pressure oven. >> we followed theecipes just as the booklets ce with all the units. let's see how they work. >> this thanksgiving, 88%f americans are expected to
6:53 am
consum45 million turkeys, spending $2.billion on the foods that make thanksgiving dinn. almostn hour after we started, we were ready for a tste test. first up, the turbo roaster. >> nice. look at that water inthere. lo at that juice. >> grea turkey taste. >> next buerball's indoor turkeyfryer. >> it's so jui that the moisture inside the bret as i slice it is pooling up in each of the crevices. >>ery juicy. >> finally, wolfgang puck's pressure oven. >> is a lot of misture in there. definitely juicy. >> we gave itan extra ten because the instructions said so. >> it's not dry,ut definitely more -- >> the turkey roastedid more steam from the inside. this is more of a roast. >> the results? good enough to make anyone do
6:54 am
the rkey trot. cooked in uer an hour wh these gadgets. conventional ovenould have tan close to four hours. >> are you surpred it worked? >> vur surpsed it worked. >> no reas to sit in your house for six hurs anymore. >> not anymor >> s what to do with all th extra time, watch a lot of otball. >> i have the fred. yohave the baster,is that what we' calling it, and you've got the pressure cooker. >> it tastes like roaste turkey. thskin is crispy a the insi is juicy. >> ts is mot. fantastic. >> these two, you have have a small bird. this can cook any sizeor 20 bucks. >> lk what you're missing out on? >> turkey sandwich, folks. the only thing missing is the mustard. pardonm do youave any gray poupon? >> thanks lester, thanks my asthma's unr control. i t out a lot...
6:55 am
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nature valley. nature at its most delicious. before we go, let's check in withavid gregory to find out what's comingp on "meet the press" ts morning. >> good morning once again. comingp on "meet the pre," i spoke exclusively with a key allyith house democratic leadernancy pelosi. she'll be live here in studio. plus, remembering jfk 50 years after the sassination. how might the worlbe different had heived? tom brokaw and chris matthews are here plus the rest of our polical roundtable with a 2016 fix. all comingp thisorning on "meet the prs." >> thanks, ha a good broadcas th's goings to do it for us in new york on this sunday mornin thanks for watching s. lester, we'll see you
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. coming up next on "today inhe bay," new details onhe suspected burglary shot and killed by sheriff's deputies. the suspect was a woma why depies sayhey fearedor their lives. >> plus the b.a.r.t. contract standoff coinues. more on the family lea clause that's keeping the two sides om inking the deal they both agreed to last month. > to a strike that may not happen. the deal that got thousands o nurses to agree n to h the picket lines. this is "today in the bay. frombc bay area, this is "today in the bay." goodorning to you, and thanks for joining u i'mris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. ere's a beautiful sunrise over san se this morning. >> wre


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