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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 17, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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lowest moment of his presidency. >> i am not a perfect man and wilnot be a perfect predent. >> the obama care crisis and the white housein retreat. we fumbled the rollout on this health care. >> democrats are in revolt as the clockis ticking on the government's bsite it does feel like t president is fiting on all fronts. his credibilitys lower than ever before. and we d't know if obama care will even work. and h do you get young peoe to sign up fomething they don'tecessarily wan in a moment, i'll posethose questions to nancy pelosi, leader of the house mocrats. plus, perspeive and insights about the politics of obama care
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this morning. us, 50 years after jfk's assassination. there is still aot of emotion surrounding that day, and we'l talk abut that in just a moment. what if john kennedyad lived? would he have gotten civil rights laws passed, as he campgned to do? andhat about vietnam? what wld he hav done i vietnam? tom brokaw has produced a ground-breaking documentary caled "where were you the day jfk die" and om sheis here to talk about tha welcome to "meet the pres on november 17, 2013. good snday morning. this is the headline in the weekend edition of the us today. "health law shakes the presidency." it seems to s up the effect of obama ca on the white use at the ment, and wh the kind of
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confidence and pressure to ange the health ca law is growing. the renewalf millions of policies to be canceled under the current law andt also sells similaraws to new customers. the problem isn't fixed and obamahreatens to veto it. joing me nowthe leade of the democrats in the hou, nancy pelosi. welcome back to "meet the ess." >> good morning. >> goodo have you in studio. there is acrisis and the country feels it about obama care, but it seems to go deeper. 39 democrats voting with the republicans on a bill tt doesn't look li it's going forward. has it ached a point where democratson't believe the president can pull this o and make obama care rk? >> no, i rmind you that 39 voted for thisesolution the other day. the number has be in the 30s when it was to agree with them on the mandate f businesses, e mandate for individuals. so this approximately the
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same number. but there is some real fruration among your democrati caucus. fair? >> that's true, but you focused on the number, and the number approximately the same of two, three months ago as it is today whenhe republicans put forth a politicalinitiative. peple respond tit potically. >> i thin the question is, are democrats losing coidence in the president's ability to make obama care work? >>no. let me just say this. on a thesespecifics, we he to complete step back d see the bigger picture. what i love abou health care professionals is that they a ca. and we must remain calm when we talk about the health of our countr the affdable care ac as i call it have alwa called it, the affordable care a is right up there with social serity, medicare, affordable care for allmericans as a right, not a privilege the rollout of the website,
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that's terrible. but the fac is that will b fixed. and that is the instrumt of enrollment, as you know. whathe republicans did on friday was not a fix. nd if i just y, the ladoes not demand that all of these cancellations go out. the lawsays if you had your plan fore the ectment of the law, y can keep it, and at's what the predent said. so there is a distinction between those who had it before and what this law does is say other people can be enrolled in thesead initiatives which -- >> i don'want to get too far in the weedson it,ut i want to stick to point of democratic frustration. you kw from calling to your colleagues about ts, they've got to worried abo reelection next year. are you and others going to campaign on obama care in swing districts around the country, and i so, what will th message be? >> the fact is i'll get back to the affordable ce act, and the
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afordable was named that br becauseit makes it affordable. the experien in sates where it is working in kentucky, in california, where we have o own state marketplace, it' working very well. and i haveull confidence, as do my members, however they voted o this, ts is polical, they respond politilly. but the fact is whenhis ebsite is fixed, many of these people in these bad, bad policies that are coing too much, what t president did, and it's really importnt to mention this, what he did in his statement the other day w to allow people who have been in the plans nce the enactmentof affordable care for there to be a delay in enforcement for tho. the others can always stay in. there is nothing in the law that says they can't stay in. bu what he saidas that the insurance companies must tell e policyholder what they are deprived of that tey're not getting preexisting condition,
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any -- >> but there are cancellation notices going out. theres a million of them in california. >> what they have to do now is send another letter that says, this is whathis is going to mean to y in terms of you n't getreexisting condition discrimination, andere are the other options that are availab to you in the marketplace. >> but the president has been ologetic, he's been accountable for sayg something that was not the case. you were speaker of the house. you i many ways were seen as an architect and key ally onthis. this is what you said back in june 2009 on msnbc. watc >> what we are talking abtis affordable quality accessible health care for all americans. 's about choice. if you like whatou have and you want tokeep it, you ha the choice to do that. >> are you accountable for saying sothing that turned out not to be correct? >> well,t's not that is not correct, it's that if you want keep it and it's important for the insurance company to say people, this is what your plan does.
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it doesn't preventou om being discriminated against on the sis of preexisting conditions, lifetime limits, annu limits. >> there is a bottom line which people understand and the president won't acnowledge, and that is i theovernment has deced there has to be minimum requirements in any health care plan, sof you have something and you like it, and it desn't meet wha theovernment says you have to have, you cant eep it. and that's nothat you said here. >>f you had your pla before the enactment of the law in 2010. if yohad your plan before. there nothing in the law that says you have to. but again, can go back and forton this. > this is an important deal because the andfathering has changed. the president is acknowledging, and it doesn't seem like you're acknowledging that people s back i 2009 yu can kee what you have. this is all about choice. >> you could if you had ur
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plan befo the enactmentn 09. grandfathering is for those before 2009. let me say this, an i cmmend the president. he'sracious and he's taking responsibility. but that doesn't mean tt there was anythgn e law that said if you like what you had before 2010 you couldn't keep i i think it's really important to ke that point. heook responsibility for the big picture and tha's important for him to do because that's what people see. but there nothing -- you id rlier the law says that you must -- you can' the law doesn't say that. ut again, nearere nor there. how do we rward? >> the bottom lne is people are getting policies that were canceled and tt's not the representation that was made. it was also foreseele, it was part of the debate this would actually hapn. >> iwould agree with you for the policy since 2010 but nt for the 200 bere. thepproximately also said the insurance companies, and ma ha been responsible, some not so, the insurance company has to say to you you're not getting
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the preexistin cditions, you will have lifetimelimits, you will hav annual limits, and, by the way, yu have to tell people that tey can go to the exchange,he marketplace, where they may qualify f a subsidy or they m just get a better price. the big picture on this is doesn't seem to beorking right now. y argued at the time, lok, there's a lot of controversy around it, 'spolitically hot and pople still don't understand the good things at are it. but ten you said this in march of 10. watch. >> we have to pss the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> and hasn't that idea that you have to pass it before you know what's in it, isn'that really the problem, as you look back on it, that there was such a rush get this done, no republicans voting for it, and now there are uninnded eects of this that were foreseen at the time that you couldn't know the pact of
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it d now it's coming home to root. >> wh i was saying there is, we're the house and the senate, we get a bill, we go to cogress, we ping-pg it and then yo see what theinal product is however i stand by what i said there. when people s what is in the bill, they will like i and they wl. whilehere is a lot of hoop-ddo and ado abut i not surprising. i said it would ta a great deal to pss this bill. if we go up to the gate and it's locke we'll unlock the gate. if the fence is too hig we'll pole vault in. if we can't do that, we'll helicopter but we'll get it done. we had to pss the tesof the courts, and we did. the first llout in the first part othe implementation went very smoothly. the website has not worked. that's caused problems people
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contemplating those changes. it has not turned out to be easy. what happens what happens at the kitchen table of the america people and h ey will have more afford abiliabil more accessibility, better quality car a healthier tion honoring theounders of our nation, honoring the liberties of a anging policy. >> you consir it a success if 80,000 people are able to get on and gn up. is that acceptable? >> that's jst by the end of this month. >> isthat acceptable? >> it's not acceptable oning, but they're saying with the fixes to the website,hey're anticipating that 80% by the december 1 a we go forward. no, it has to improv upon then. but, ain, th measure will be how many more people can sign
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up? how feer mistakes and litches, and ain, the shorteni of the time for people toet on. buthe tng is, this is a big deal. this is a very important pilar of economic a health security for the american people. >> well, all the mre important to get itright. whyren't you conrned at is point that this is in grave danger of not being done right? i'm very unhappy about the websi, as u can just iagine the predentis. but i know the makings of the legislation and what it does for people. and, again, look, tis republan measure on friday, what makes matters worse allows the marketplace to be deprived of people who should be the getting lower prices with better benefits and perhaps even tax credit. so that wasn't a fix, it was a make matters worse. butyou're in the pitical
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arena and yo expect that. but you can't be knockefor a oop just because somebody is playing politics. if that was the case, we never would have passed it i the first plae. >> democrats won't lose seats xt year over obama care? >> i don't think you can tell what will hppen next year, but i will tell you this. democrats stand tall in spport of the affordable care act. we have great candides who are running who are concerned about our onomy and our concern that theovernment was shut down because of a whim on thpart of republicans costing us $25 illion to ourconomy and 4.6% ofur p growth. there concerned about overwhelming the people wit immigration reform pport, background check support, ending discriminatiofor people in the workplace. all these kinds concerns are concerns of the american people. jobs will be theajor issue in theampaign as they always are. and this is an issue that has to be dealt with. but it don't mean, oh, it's a
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political issue so wee going to run away from it. no, it's too valuable for the amecan people. what is important about it is thathe american people are well served, not who gets reelected. >> leader pelosi, thank you very much for yur time. thanks for being here. >> nice to be here. >> nxt we have senator kelly ayotte. senator, welcome back. >> thas, david. >> i know there a delay between us and we'll bear through that. respond toleader pelosi who, in effe, says there isome hystea politically aroun all this, thesehings willet righte and ultimately people lz t -- will see the befits of the affdable care act. do you not see it that way? >> no maer how much congrewoman pelosi tries to spin this, this is a mess david. i'll tell you what i'm heari from my constients. they're writing me about cancellation notices of plans they wanted to keep, rising
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remiums so somef their deductibles are doubling they're payingore for health care, people losing hours because e definition of the work wek is 30 hours. inew hampshirethere is only one insurer on t exchange. 10 of our 26 hospitals are excluded. so this really is a mess, so she can tryto spin it, but this -- i think it's te -- the president said he fumbled the rolut. it's time for time-out which i've beenalling for soe can go back the dawing board and really talkbout bipartisan solutions for alth reform in the country. >> so the political headline this week s at the latestop obama care strategy,eep out of the way. is that right? is this being viewed as a new way to try to end obama care and the affordae care act altogether? >> well, i think what we' inrested in is actually ther are areas we need to adress. rising costs in health care, that's a timeout for th thing. let's go back to the drawing board. let's not forget howhis was ssed, david.
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it was passed o purely ptisan lines, no inputfrom republicans. th's what you get when you try toush it through, and as the rmer speaker said on your show and sd previously today en you played the clip for her, w have to pass it so you can fi o what's in it. now the american people know what's in it. my constituents are very unhappy with the notices they're receiving andigher premiums. >> this is wh the "new york times" wro this week about what the preside is up against. the failures getting this rolled out, but also this. mr. obama isattling a reblican opposition that ha refused to open the dor to an legislative fes to t health care law and has bcked him at virtually every turn. there is no republan proposal at i'm aware of that would seek to address t problems, basicly 40 million uninsured america, that the affordable care act seems to address. isn't that true? >> ll, david, i would say ths. let's start with the principal that in medicine the first le
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is to do no harm. and piticiansaddressing heal care need to do no har we would like to get some bipartisan solutions. let's aow a greer competition, why can'teople buy insurance acrosstate lines. if we can drive do costs, we can give people greater access. why not allow pple to be treated the same in termsof tax treatment? let's address preexisting conditions. there were state high-risk pools we can buttress. but there are many thing the republicans are will to work on a bipartisan bis on, but they are so stuck o thisaw and rying to imement it nomatter what the cost, no matt whatto the american people. >>what is a viae alternati that really sves the prlem? >> i would say let's get to the table on a bipartisan basis and let's make sure we have a plan that has more choice,ot less. let'shave one where w're driving down costs and increasing competiti. ha the insurance companies compete in a way that they aren't right now. les get together and figure
8:18 am
out whatre the best mods from thetate law on e high-risk pools to address preexisting conditions. there are many ideas, i thk, that we couldo that won't harm people that have licies now th they would like to keep. and i think that's the problem that we're seeing is a lawhat harms so manyeople who right now we trying to do the right thing and have heth insurance, a and w they're receiving she's cancellationotices and higher premiums. it seemso me we should work together to address this alth care reform instead of the way this was done on party lies. >> we'r going to leave it there. senator keyayott thank you so much for your time. i apprecte it. >> thank you. comin up here, we're going to go beyond t politicians' talking points to actualy talk about the fure of the la that's coming up next. a lttle bit later on, 50 years after e assassination of jfk, how the wld might have been different had he lived. tom brok and chs matthews are here to reflect on that. we're backere inust a moment.
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starting at just $29,900. we are back. aot of confusion over some of the latest ama care developments, what they actually mean. joining me to break it down columnist for the wall stet journal dan henninger and ed -- edito of the post. is ere a worry about this? >> the big worry is that pople who can't sign up now, the people signing up are olderor sicker because theyeed insurance more. the younger people you haveo balance out the risks to keep premiums low. in the sond year you have premiums going up in the insurance market. but look, if they get the website and runni in a muc better way in the next two weeks, in the nextmonth, you have a number of mnths after hat until at least mah for people to gn up and get the
8:21 am
high-risk pool going. it w i think it's much too early to y whether it will follow tat trajectory or some other. >>my friendin college sad, i would be willing to sign up f something the govnment said i should sign up for if they were rning it right they're not running it right. >>hey're not runningt right, and i thinkzra put his finger on the issue anwhether they c construct it from front to rear, where you go in, prce the insurane policies, interact with the insurance companies and e medical providers. thiis extraordinarily complicated. there is no w they're going to get this done in two weeks or a month. if they contiue to fail like tha i think that at the margins, the young people, the healthy pple who, of course, are rnning arou using iphones and applications successfully to redesign eir own lives, they're the oneshat are going to fall off oba care and lose
8:22 am
ith in it. i think to a geat extent their faith to the government's ability to deliver an entitlement like this is ao being pu at risk by t problems. >> ultimately, i'm trying to fi one or two things to kind of keep our eye on, because any o of us can get lost in a level of detail tha if you don't have experience i the policy, the health care background, you just can't keep up with it. are premium going to go up or not? the insance companies wll be happy to just raise emiums if this thing doesn't work ou they were told they would get more people signed up. if not, they'll raise the premiums. >> obama care wasp against too many si people coming in and not young people coming in. one of the things is a risk corridor. if they mispre their insurance, they price it t low, th government will reimburse them about half the difference. that's a big thing.
8:23 am
t's say they think in 014 this thing will just be a mess. you'll have the exact same problem ofhat we're talking about here. but by 15, you have a tighter mandate, uyou have the website p and boworking becau i don't think anybody thinks they can't get it in a year. and it might make ton of sense for them to keep premiums low in 2015 in order get the healthy people cause otherwise theve got the worst of both worlds, they have a terrible risk pool. i don think it's automatic what they do, we just don't know yet. >> dan, you and i had an exchange th week and you made the point that this prsident hagone way too f in his quest to use govement to do good, that it's become coercive, the idea of the mandates the center pie of obama care. that the big te of this? >> i think so. the theory of lberal politics
8:24 am
going bk to fdr is they cld come up with ideas to do good like social security and medicare and micaid, and although it might be efficient, they could just make it work. the administrative state, the bureaucraci could make it work. that has been the they. we are seein a test case right now with oma care whether th grandntitlement can be made to worky the administrative bureaucracies. if it continues to have the sorts of problemst is, i think a lot o votersor whom gernment is on the bubble right ow, make no stake about it, are going to start pulling back their support for this basic idea tat liberals and progrsives have pushed f the st 80 year >> i think there is a lot of truth to that i think sometimes we underestimate how much everybody has at stake in government trying to do these thgs ell. if you look at paul ryan's health care plan that he brought out in 200 it had exchanges. the fedel and state had to t exchanges. if you lo at the medicare plan which is also in the budget, it also moves medicare over to exchanges. so publicans, democrats, liberals and conservatives, they
8:25 am
somehow need thegovernment to be able to function well. it's bad onoth sid if the governme can't constct these kinds of tasks conservativel >> we need a reality cck beyond what the politics are saying, whichlead people kind of in the argument of confusion. ank you both for being here. i appreciate it. coming up here, the president'slegacy. is the rough rollout of obama care compar to hurricane katna. is it ir? we're we ow why we're here.
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here this morning tom brokaw, koathleeparker, chris mathews and mike murphy. back to "meet the press."
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>> we're here with our roundtable. a bi deal to see the president co into the white house briefing om and to lay it all out about t mistakes thawere made. here' a compilation of it. >> clearly we, and i, did not have enough awarenessbout the prblems in the website. ultimely i'm the prident of the united state and they expe me to do something about it. that's on me. we fumed the rollut on this health ca an. we shod have done a better job getting that right on day one. >> tom brokaw, is this the low pot of the presidey? >> well, there have be several low points, but this is certaly a low point at a criticaltime coming into the 2014 electis, and a l of democrats beginng to bail on the id of obama care. what is striking to me abt that statement, we ould have been aware. i would think,given the portance of obama carer the affordable care act, eight months ago the president would have started evry meeting with, how we doing? is that going to be ready? at's going to be our big pay
8:31 am
for the second term and demanding from kathy sebelius and other pople involved in it th they were ready and sending pple over there toake a look at the roout. that it suddenly landed the way that it did intter chaos and it's not going to be an easy fix is just inexplicle. >> you were making point to me this week about where is bobby kennedy? who has the musce? he did say the user of this site is everything. who has the muscle get it do and get done what he ants? >> you always gohere you've been arguing before. i've always been arguing this president doesn't have a cha of command, clear li of authory and uque sponsibility. i remember sebelius, most like her, she's public servant, but when asked o was in charge of that commiee under oath she started talking aut somebody in cns, th this peon had rollout respsibilities.
8:32 am
look at japn. the occupation of japan was simple, but one man in charg ca. theresident doesn't nt to ve a real chief of staff like m baker. he doesn't want to give authoty to people, and i think it's a real proem. > you can have a crisis of responsibilit where people do't think you're telling the truth, ask you can have a crisis where pele don't thin you can do anything. this is goin to make it worse for e democrats. >> did y buy nancy pelosi's arment that she's goingto defend it? >> as a republican, had a good morning because it's fun to watch ncy retreat faster than a french genal. itas something. so think they've got problem. what interestse is what's going to happ next because polics are dynamic. what is the president going to do huge opportunity here, but if we sit around andhigh-fiveeach other about being right about
8:33 am
this, that's a mistake. it's ti for us to come up with r own policies so we can move forward which we needto do all the way through 2016. i thought it was interesting that nancy poe elosi said the ws nothg in the law at people can keep their policies. the president said it over and over a over again. what the republans are going to do, i spoke to jhn boehner just yesterday, and they are planni to continue to apply severe oversight and tart -- be vry aggressive at targeting legislative moves to fill in gaps and help america deal th some of the flaws. ut this is, i thk, just a colossal mess beyond -- the president ma the first prose that we're l familiar with, and then he saidou can get it back, which i don't think was ue. >> allcomparisons are imperfect.
8:34 am
and it is right in terms of a screw-up. but i think it would beccurate to say if george w. bush had rushednto neorleans with a lot of action d a lot of effort and had failed initially, that would be more like it. th problem with kaina wa apparent indifference. one thing you can't hold again t president is indifference about healthcare. he rushed in, pushed through a ogram with pure democratic support and took all the risks involv in it. it's a different kind of screw-up. >> it's also got two really important parts. we're talking about the politics of it n. what has not changed are the enormous economic consequences of leaving alth care where it is. 17.5% of our econom nowoes to alth care and it's only gng this one directi. theact is a lot of leading businessmen who are republicans say the republica party is not doing it part because they re standig around and applauding and they're not coming forth with a workab plan that will drive down those costs. not just for individuals whore trying to buy insurance but for companies that ve to provide its well.
8:35 am
this is annormous part of the amecan political and economic sce as well, a we'll see whether the republic party now does cme forth. >> that's total ight, but we have the opportunity now. part one had to be the sho and we're right abo this thing. sixonths ago wnepublicans were tking about delayg it a year, there w riicule. now it's looking pretty smart but pt two is, it's a jump ball. we need this for middle class economic policies, but it open. if we freen up our policy and wgo to the working class about we're t party on your side going forward, we can f a lot of democratic problems, whic are tremeous. >> this is mittromney's case t last go-round. he said, look, keeping your kitkids on yo insurae until they're 26 that's a good ing. this may collapse, but it doesn't get ridof the idea of how erride the leading goal of most americs. >> the website will get fixed
8:36 am
but the next thing is going to be how to acally erate this thingor ring costs. when they realculate these things forrisk pools, a year from now rightt mid-term elections when people are looking for a hugeovernment subsidy to pump this up -- >> you are so right, and the big political question will be whether when obama goes to the publican house andays i need more financing hee, because young people are not jning this system. they're going to say not. >> here's the other political queson. look at the president staing at the poll in personal attributes. is he honest and trustworty? look at th hange. he was in tober. now 44 to 52. that ha completely changed. peopl say this is about karina. i think it'sore like a rock.
8:37 am
the coarison is everybody looked at bush through the pris of a rock. ere i think people are goi to look at obama through the implementatn of obama care when he wants to talk about something ee. >> the war is such a huge deal and so separate fromeverything else, b i do think people lost faith -- it was the straw, finally that broke the back in terms of wether people felt the administration s competent. d that is the comparison that has somme merit, which is now people look at obama and say, my gosh,an he be trusted but d these people even know what they' doing? >> it also comes at the end of not a very gd run for obama, because wt happened is kept moving the red line in syria and then the russians bail him out. he was getting cover from all kinds of places that didn't emana from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. suddenly obama care blew up he ha't had in the last year one big triumphhat you can
8:38 am
say, wow, he's on his second term, and as yoknow, in t white house stafng there is still a lo of confusion and infighting going on. >> right now at hillary clinton headquarters they're hang a meeting saying, we're not going to have knock off the obama bumper sticker with ccle and on rise that every democratic candidate has for two years. now the question is whre do the democrats go? you'reoing to see think the progressive left in the democratic party goback to their argent which is, why don't we do single payer? >> is there not a progssive fight, and i've talked to democrats who say, hey, we finally get to talk abt the budget agn, and that's where republicans se direct this predilection of hurting hemselves. they're sort of counting on that comi up in a couple months. >> i understand why people turn to politics because there are no good guys anymore. it used to someone wonnd soone lost. in the shutwn, that wa the
8:39 am
publicans' ti democrats' time to applaud, now the republicans e laughing at the government foibles. nobody is a good guy. >> just think how different things would be right now i prsident obama had said, okay, we're going to delay on ar. s quote, notenough awaness, there should have been, obviously, but they could have delayed it a year andreempted the republica and said, look, we're not que ready. we've lookedntothis, we've got some glitches in the cputer system. we're not gog to rl thisut until we're 100% sure we can rule the people. >> it's no like when the republicans said that they wer real there to help. >> wouldn't that have been a better alternativeto what's going on right now? >> it's alys a sneaky trick poitics when your opponent is having a b time, steal it and
8:40 am
get credit. but this is how they got in trouble onthis, i think. they won a mpaign, so any problem they ve they reach into the tool box, all the hings that loo great when u wanto ruin mitt romney's reputation but it's hurthem on this thing. now the campaignis over, and they nd to move forward in a way, but they've bee defense. you don't think it's in comparison to iraq. obviously everything is ifferent. but the idea there was a line going n, the hard left will say dick cheney and everyone else lied us ito that warwhen, of course, it'sgrayer than that. did obama systemical say i'm ing to promise everybody who s health insunce they can keep it, although i know is not true. he will ague i thout the market rces would work and it would ofet that problem and i wouldn't he to deal with it. this character issue is the really penetratingattack. if you can hit oba on aracter, you can take that 4 which is already erodin down to
8:41 am
about 20 andhat's what they're up agains the hardeople like cheney who is up in numbers right no they did know these policies were goingo be canced. andt would have been souch simpler fr the very beginning, and felt obama's advisers,he president's advisers,hey've given him horrible advice. but w not say from the ve get-, look, i can't guarantee you're goi to keep the same olicies, but und the affordable ce act,you're going to getetter policies. >> a lot of doctors are being pull out of the system the big criers. tt's below the radar at the moment because everybody is concentrating on this. we' in for a very tough year. and frankly, the health care of any cotry, andspecially th cotry as part of our national security, if you ve half the population or more terrified ey're going to get a terminal disea or something that will keep them from working and they hae no place to go t get coverage f that, it's more than just a plitical issue. >> i asked somebody who is in
8:42 am
the healt care business and i askehim, at is your big question? and he sd, when does tis all get ttled? the less certnty there is about this, it's going to affect whois spendingwhere,hat they're doing arond health care, people ju want the final answer. i think that ultimatelyets to the bigger questio about economic recovery as well. we're going to take break here and come back,alk tour roundtable a littlemore about how things are shaping up for 2016. a possie nigmare scenao for hillary clinton has to do with elizabeth warren. but first adate that will forever be remembered in american story, nember 22, 19. chris matthews and tom brokaw will be back with us to talk about the legacy of jfk on t 50th anniversary of his a s assassati assaation. we'll hear big voices from tom brokaw's new documentary about jfk. >> i thought he was pretty shrewd in maki judgments aut when not to takether peopl's advice. i thought the way he maneuvered
8:43 am
traffic in a city e is caused byeople looking for parking. that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted. streetline has looked the problem of pking, which has not been lked at for the last 30, 40 years, we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and putut these sensors in each parking spot d then there's a mesnetwork that tes this information sends it over the ternet you can go find exaly where those open parki spots are. the collaboratiowith citi was important for providing us the cessary financing; allow is small start-up to go pride a service to municipalities. citi has been an incredible source of advice, hoto engage with municipaliti, how to structure dea, and as we think about internationall citi is there every step of the way. so the end result is you reduce congestion, u reduce pollution a you provide a serve to merchants, and that certain is huge.
8:44 am
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ask not what your country can do for you, ask what u can do for your country. >>his week marks e 50th anniversary of the assassinion of john f. kennedy. the country andthe world stood still on tha afternoonof november 22nd, 1963. with the rception of time, how might the country be different had jfk lived? back to tk about that is host of msnbc's "rd ba," the elusive chs mahews, and tom bkaw who wrote the documentary called "where are y?" welcome to both of you. i thinkhis really gets to wherwere you -- you can hold it up.
8:46 am
>> i've been lookingall week long the transcripts to the documentary. steven spielberg, who u talked to, talks abt the reaction of himother. watch. >> my mom wasin the kitchen and she was sobbing at the kitchen table, and s was alone in the house. i remember putting my arms around my mother and she turne arund and just embraced me. she was just holding onto me and she was shaking, and she was sobbing. >> the before and after. >> i think steven's motheras probably aroundjohn f. kennedy'sage. he was 16 at the time so she identified with him. this is a ma i think chris will agree with us, who arrived at the perfect moment in american politics for all his qualities. it was theelevision ag it was the end of the eisenhower-tman-fdr era. he ca from this toothless family who was out thereailing every day and working hard to get him elecd. ere were a lot of john f.
8:47 am
kennedys. he was the wealy playboy, the iconic character. but he was also a recklss man. he came in with the cold war era. and when he leftthe presidency in a violent way in dallas, it was still a workin progress, david. is numbers had gone up, but that was primaril because of the cuban missile crisis. but thereas a lot of work still on the table. no civil rights bill, no tax bill had gotten passed and what were they going to do aout vietnam? >> we'll get to tt in a minute. chris, for me and my generation, i liken it to t befo and after ia of 9/11. that's what i identify with. was it still different than even i can imagine? >> tom said i well, before and after. i can't put e death of john f. kenne and the autsy pictures and the tabs running now with the life he led right up until the bullets. i wrote my book blindi mylf on purpose to what hpened to himo i could write aboutis life. at i rked on certaiy was a
8:48 am
playboy. all these hings, totally true. but i tried to work on the working politicn who was trying to get somethg good done for the cntry. that one paof it was truly idealistic. he was trying to figure out t politicsn tas. do you want to knowhy the daily press w so important in dallas, why was ft. worthtill a yellow dog democra he's studng these questions and tryi to get answers like tip o'n'neilo'neill, trying to things out. heeeded taxe he needed georgia, probably. just a cple weeks before he got killed, he's on t phone with dick daley trying to not b too peect on the civil rights bill. hwas working in phillyo y to get the vote thee. he was really a working politician, as yu said, delayed with civil right but trying get things done. so when he died, he was sti thinking how do iet this bill through and how do i get reelected? >> i mentioned the what-ifs as
8:49 am
such atudent of history. he camigns agains eisenhower aseing soft on communism, eisenhower, thereat eneral. what does he do in etnam? >> remember the inaugural speech, let the wld go forth, a new generation willing to meet anywhere in the pursuit of berty. what does he do about vietnam? that's an unanswered question my mi. i talked to all of his pricipal advisers before he died. he was playing theawkish line rig before his deth. he said he believed in the domino theory three weeks befe he died because he wanted to get throug '64. he was going to run against barry goldwater. the sread of communism is hard to describe to a current generation. it was palpable fear thrghout this count, democra and republicans alike. the same time, he was in on the assassination of the museu we tooout a leader d that
8:50 am
countrwas a cia coup. my guess is he would hve continu for a while but not near as long as liyndon johnson. >> you hearim talk about the death of museum, and he feels bad. kennedy sent bad cables over ere. he sent bad information that led them to bieve they could get away wi it. but i tell you one thing,the day he died in ft. worth at that breakfast, he said, the daye leave vietnam that government falls. he was as hawsh as he could be until the end. then you sit ba and say, wait a minute, would he have put half a million american troops in and mimicd the frch, knowing that disaster would come, if we turned into an american war? i don't think he would have done it that way, but who knows. >> where re you the day jfk died airs friday on nbc on friday on nbc at8:00 p.m.
8:51 am
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globally. what uncle sam needs now are more good teachers are you up for it? yocan help kids gradua. the more you know. we'reack here wit a little bit more time with our roundtable. i wanted to talk little about 2016 because i thought there were interesti maneuve in the healt care debate this week, and it had to do with bill clinton who tried to defend the president on halth care, but he add this. >> i personallybelieve,ven if it takes the change in the law, the president should honor the commitment theederal governme made to those peoe and t them know what they got. >> that was the sound of the clint clintons unlking the car from the wagon train, don't you think? >> is is bill clinton saying how you get away from the obama
8:55 am
legacy? >> not anythg even near that. it nothing to dowith it. i was over theresavi women in the ddle east and africa. >> they do have a memory of their ow experience with health care. they got clocked by it. and theyushed forward very hard. she would t compmise and got her head hand to ed to her drin his term. >> nnedy was running against eisenhower in1960 in effect, just likeobama ran against bush in 2008. so does hillary clinn want this to b the contintion of the oba legacy? >> she wants it both ys, like george herbert walker bush, i'm going to ve a kinder,gentler nation. kinder than who? ronald reagan. he w the reagan third term, but he had the nuance enough to say i'l be a little bitore center than this guy and hiary clton would be a little more to right. she' already a notch o two to theright on litics. that's where s staked her
8:56 am
position in the last war on iraq. the great thing about bill clinton, his has are coletely in tch with the average american. he'got his hnds onhe american eerience in a way that obama has probablyost for a while. he knows people are really gged by thisromise that sn't kept. he knows it. >> i see two probms with hillary clinton. health care is in her world, too. she's got the pblem of being upagainst new, wich is oten the most powerful thing in politics. second, chris is right. she's tryi to hold the right side of the democratic primary where the is less a less accident gen oxygen every d. i actually thk elizabeth waen is a crible cadidate. >> thank you for leading me right to thecover. hillary's nightmare, democratic party who realizes thr soul lies with elizabeth warren, talking about social uality like she has for years. is it a legitimate threat? >> i think it's a vy
8:57 am
legitimate thre. i'm sure you've met elizabeth warren. she's a very warm peon. she can really connec with people. when she's talking to you, she makes you feel y lulike you're most important peon in the world. she hathe ability to really reach out and feel people's pain, andhis will appea to her base. >>hey say that about bo nd villains, too. >> let me rind you it the 17thf nomber and it is the year 2013. we've got three years to go before we get there. a who is going to come out of the woodwork, what more we're going learn out al these candidates and what is gog to appen in the world. so i lve the parlor game, david, but ion't think we're going to get it resolved heren a sunday morning. >> here's a grt question for former secretar clinton. wod you like a crowded field? a crowded field with lots of sparring partners that you could
8:58 am
beat eventually betr than a coronation. i don't think the democric partys the republin party. democrats are crazy that way. they wanto fight, they want turmoil. they would liketo see hillary win the nomination,ot just get it. i know people thin they'll g embarrassed by it, i think she'll be embarrassed by not running. i think if she runs, it makes illary more of a centst, mas her more plez aasant. >> it does, but it also deletes the cd where she appeals to women. >> an early happy thanksgiving if it's sunday, it's "meet the press."
8:59 am
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