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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 17, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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>> on this sunday night, high alert. a dangerous and powerful li of stms triggers at last a dozen tornadoe throughout the dwest.p tonight, where it's headed, as morehan 50 million americans remain in its path. > moment of impact. new video show the enormous por of the typhoon as it surged ashore as many wait for relief, how me are taking matters into their own hand ten ys after the storm. meningitis outbreak, a rare strain of the potentially deadly disease discoveredt a leading universi, as thousandwait on a cision or whether to use an emergency vacne. and invisible threat. why law enforcemt now fear it could lose an important dense agait those deadly homemade plastic guns, capable of
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slipping through metal dettors unte detected. good evening. alafternoon we've been watching aajor and deadly weather evt unfold across the midwest and it is stillot over. at least the ople have died in central illinois, after the violent orm system unleashed tornadoe demolishing score of homes and businesses, and injuring dozensf people. the threatening weather even forcing th suspensionof today's chicago bearsame at soldiefield. here now 5:30 central time pas of michigan, ohio and kentucky remain under tordo wahes, with strong wind warnin and aisories extending back into illinois. we have full coverage starting with nbc's kevin tibbles in the town of wilminon, illinois. good evening. >> reporter: lester, no one could havemagined a storm of this magnitude churning its way
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across the midwest this late in the year but tonight, at least three people are dead, and numerous communities are assessing the damage. >> oh my go this thing is huge. and it's comingfast. >> reporter: severe weather cut a wide ph through the midwest sundayafternoon. >> go, go, go, go, go! oh my god, it's he. >> reporter: putting more than 53 million people across ten states at high risk, tens of millions more the storm pushed east. oh my god, this thing is getting really wide, john. >> reporter: the national weather servicessued significant waings for tornadoes, damaging winds, havy thunderstorms. >> these dangerous stms are expected to spreaapidly eastward during the afternn. this is a very dangers situation. >> reporte in washington, illinois, three hours west of chicago, whole sections of the city flatten. >> reports alrea of 70-me-an-hour winds associated with this stor and one inch hail. >>eporter: the strong nds barreled into a peoria, illinois, news station, during a live broadct.
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>> we may need to takeshelter right nowourselves. >> we do. >> we need to go off air. weill be back when we can. >> ight, we'llbe right back. >> reporte heavy rain and straig line winds also caused serious mage in missouri. >> oh my goodss. this is going on downtown st. louis right now. we've got very stro wi, raining to beat the band, wow, that's why we have the severe understorm warning right now. >>eporter: in chicago, a tornado warng delad a bears and ravens game in soldier field during the fst quarter. >> warning. >> reporter: due to e inclement weather the ge will be temporarily suspende . >>eporter: forcing fanto evacuate the stadium. >> first as a precauti and then we' suspendinghe game seek shelter. >> reporter: the sto threat from illinois southeast, wisconsin, lower michigan and western ohio. piures posted onocial media show the devastating eects of thstorm as it moved fromne location to the next in a matter of minutes, givingeople little visual confirmation of the
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thre before it stru. all of audden the wind really started pickin . >> reporter: steve bucher from washington, illinois, was eating lunch when a tornadoit his street. within less than ainute everything started collapsing inside the house. cracng, sputtering and the next thing we know it'slight inside the house. those are our two vehicles sittingcross in theield over there, one of which was inside our garage at the te. >> reporter: it was your garage and n it's -- >>he gray one. >> reporter: 100 yards away? >> yes. you see it on your tv pgrams d you can't belie it, and you sit rit in the middle of it and you still can'believe it. >> reporter: lester, tonight the winds continue to rip on their way down here, i saw damaged hoem homes, toppled trees and semis tossed like toys. con ed does not want me to go any further because those are
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power cables acss the road. this storm ll continue moving east overnight. >> remarkable pictur, kevin, thanks. we turn to the south and fartr east. weher channeleteorologist mike eidel is tracking the storm in covington, kentuck we understand you were just hearing sirens there. >> reporter:es, lester in the background the tornado sirens just wt off a fewinutes ag the linef storms we've be watching all daynow movi in as we speak. the winds cld gust over 70 miles an hour, you could see e leavesnd rain swirling in the piure. the orms are moving at 60 miles an hour. i can hear the roar of the win eier side of the building is providingprotection. visibility is going down the flags are being whipped by this wind. there is a severe thunderstorm warning acro the metro area and a tornado watch until 8:00, but thnextalf anhour is ing to be the storms that mean siness potentially knocking down trees, power lines and knocking out per here in metro ncinnati. lester? all right, ke seidel. let let's ll back the big picture
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weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is at weather channel headquarters with re. good evening. >> lester what's amang about this outbreak it's movi as fast as most of us dre our cars on the interstate, 60 to 70 miles per hour here. the watches that are out you can see em from michigan all the way downnto tennsee. we do expect ose will continue east tonig, as the storms do as well, and you can see they're progressing alonquickly. let's ask this model to let us know where these storms are gog to be at what times. so here's sunday, 9:30 this evening, we progressforward, pittsburgh, you'll be in this, rochester, scrann, albany, new york. most of the weather will be through the big cities by 7:00 m. with the exceptn of boston, they havto deal with the worst of thi but of cose behi it we are talking about very gusty northwest winds, like the winds th kevin tibes is aling with tonight sagain as we go fromhis point forward throug the overnight expect a severeeather area to cover many, many states d many millions of people, an active
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november d to say the least. lester? >> all riht, jicantore thanks very much. we'll go bac to the weathe story as evts warrant. we wt to turn to a deadly ane crash today in russia. it happeneds a boeing 737 on a flight from moscow crashed while trying to landin the russn city of kazan, st of the capital. officials saidll 50 pple on board were killd. thplane, which belongedto tarttan airlines was tryg to ma a second landing attempt when it slammed into the runway and exploded. here in southern california just off thcoast an accident this weeke involving a u.s. navy drone. officials say the manned plane malfunioned and struck the "uss chanceorsville" a guided missile stroyer. the drone w being used to test the ship's radar. two sailors wer treated for minor injuries. the obama ministration gins this week still very mh on the defensive about the new health care law, trying to nally get the rollout on tck and trying to make sure democrats st with the party
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line. our report tonight fm white use correspondent kristen welker. >> you guys are worthless. >>eporter: one month ago it was the republicanparty on life support, blad for the government hutdown. >> the amerin people overwhelming reje ama ca. >> reporter: butow the democrats are fractureand playg defense in the wakof the rocky heal care rollout. >> they can fix this, it is a textible problem. >> reporter: replicans are pilingn. >> the president said that h fumbled e rollout. it'sime for a time-out. >> reporter: thimorning democratic par leaders tried to strike a unite front. >> democrats stand tall in support of affordable ce act. >> reporter: and they downplayed the 39 house democrats man facing tough re-ections who broke with the president fday to approve a republican bill reoring canceled policies indefitely. >>bout 30 of them and i've talked to them were insulati themselvesgainst sound bites, and that's partof the problem. >> reporter: today "the washington post" reports the adnistration will consider the marketplace a success if % of
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users can buy health care plans online, meaning tens of thousas won't be able to do so. administration officials wouldn't confirm that figure, but the house democratic leader sa she's ancipating an 80% success rate o the website. >> ty're anticipating tt 80% bydecember 1as we goforward. >> reporter:till with l the problems plaguing obama care the administration has become fodder for "saturday nightive." the enrollment perioisn't a disaster. >> and is ginning to affect your work. ask your doctor fo paxil, second tm strength. >> reporter: not a laughing tter to those inside the white house, who know the president's legacy is riding on his health re plan. analysts sayhere's still time to recover >> in the end,narack obama's ca, probably the best thing he cado about all of this is to make sur that his health care program succeeds. >> reporter: now this week insurance companiesnd state
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commissioners wille scrambling to figure out how and if they'll adhereo the president's fix, which allo insurance companies to restore canceled policies for one year. anwhile president obamawill try to rally his core supporters during a conference ca tomorrow night. lester? >> kristen welker, thank you. as big desion is expected in the next day or so at princeton university whether to give thousands onñr that caus a vaccine not approved in this country buthat could protect them against an outbreak of meningitis. we get the latest from kristen da dahlgren. >> rorter: at princeton ai waiting game, many ndering if the university will approve a emergency vaccine for a potentially deadly meningitis outbreak >> the fact that thanksgiving break is scar with all of the families coming to princeton. >> reporter: meningitis kills 120 people in the u.s. every year and the b strain fod at princeton isn't covered by vaccines approved in this country. >> outbreak is b it doesn't make sense that this many childre over a six month period have been infected.
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reporter: the first princeton stent was diagnosed in march after she returned from spring break. those who had come in contact th her were given prophylactic treatmt. may 6t a student wa taken to the hospital and agsed, may 20th another diagnosised afte he traled home. june 3h a student on an academic trip abroad was diagnosed and there have been two more cases snce school resumed thifall, one october 3 d the most recent novembe 10th. meningitis is spread bylose personal contact, a quarter of the population couldarry and spread t dsehout getting sick themselves. symptoms va but may include high fever, headache, stiff neck, naus and sentivity to light. bexsero the vaccine does prevent the b strain and used in europe since january and australia since august. >> our approvalrocess can be exemely rigorousut it's designed to prott the united
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states populatioagainst side effects that may not appear right afr approval of a drug. >> reporter: if approd the ccine will only go to those on caus. >> routine, everyday, going to e movies, the restaurant, it's not a concern. >> reporter:o on campus tonight e wait continues for a decision thatcould come as soon as tomorr. kristen dahlgrennbc news, new york. wve got lot more to tell you about on this sunday night. when we continue on "nighy news," still waiting for helpn the philippines and how some are responding ten dayafter the deadly typhoon struck. and later, real guns made of plastic and undetectable. why police worry theyay lose a. the streets. the sics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is ithat time? the son pickup the check? [thinking] i'm stillorking. he's retired. i pe he's saving. who matters st to you says the most about you.
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we like interacting with people. so you have time tfocus on the this you love. ink fromhase. so youan. now n days aft the devastating typhoon inthe philippines, officialtoday put the death toll near 4,000, with about 1,200 still missing. this new video shows the incredible power of the storm surge asthe typhoocame ashore today the country's president said while there has en some progress in the relief effo, it is not enough. we havtwo reports tonig beginning th nbc's ian williams. >> reporter:his is the crumpled remains o sea wall, a dense shanty tow lining the waterfrontn tacloban, where hundreds are still missing and aid is scarce. hi. >> hi.
3:46 pm
>> reporter: how are you? >> nowater, no. >> reporter: you'rstill waitg for help? >> yes. >> reporter: yet walk deeper into sea wall and there's other story, which resonates to the sound of saws and mmers. >> we are not waiting for the government. thatould be too long. my brother, my sister, my friends, we e helping each other to reild the house. >> reporter: helng emselves, clearing and recling the remainsfheir oldhomes, salvaging what they can, while e first signs of commerce are reemerging. wi a smile that belies the horror the experienced, even the youngest readily share stories surviving the storm surge. how did you get up there? >> the water was flowing up and we up, up, uplike a dog. >> reporter: lika dog? >> yes. >> reporter: when the aid does co, this is th response, all fotwo pounds of rice and six bottlements of the water. one of the first aid handouts to
3:47 pm
reach sea wall sunday quickly draws dozens to what's left of the community's main steet. this imporished santy town had little before the typhoon but it is a resilient community and the sluggh pacefelief suppes reaing here has only stoked their substubborn determination to rebuild. ian william nbc news, tacloban. this is dr. nancy snyderman in cebu. in tanauon city ha a team of doors arrived st week to treat the sick and wounded. >> i've never been in a war but this is what i imagine it's like. >> reporter: within three days th performe 100 surgeries. >> we need supplies quickly. >> reporter: when weere here on wednesday resources were stretched thin. we brought some bic suppls, gauze, wraps, needles, sir rings and bleach, not a lot. some acetaminoen but at least someing that will help tie them or because wh we left they didn't have much. it still is crded inside as it was the other day, a long line
3:48 pm
of patients but a far y from what wsaw the last time. >> ow. >> reporter: you have a lot of good supplies here, yr a bit antibiotic, even a solar powered refrigerator and food is now plentiful. the makeshift operatingoom is still active upstairs but not nearly business busy. >> when the americans left afte ick days of work w came here the night before so we took over from them. >> reporter: there are doctors here, patients who are bing seen, food is here and there are plty of medical supies. th is a sign that relief is happening. it may n be overnight, but these peop are starting to rebuild. dr. nancy snyderman, nbc news, cebu, philippines. when we come back,new fears abou deadly plastic guns, there is a law banning such undetectable wpons is about to
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e country wil payribute this week to predent john f. kennedy who was assassinated 50 ars ago this friday on wednesday, president obama and his wife michelle will be joined by former presidentill clinton and hillary clinton as they visit nnedy's gravesite at arlinon national secretary. and wednesday evening, the president pls to deliver an address on kennedy's legacyof service at the smithsonian american hisry museum. and stay he with nbc news.
3:52 pm
there will be specia coverage of the anniversary of keedy's assassinationthroughout the week on all our programs and platforms. the is new conce tonight among thecountry's police that it becoming much easier to make lethal plastic guns that could be slipped past metal detectors just as an important protection against tho weapons is about to be lost. we get more on that story from nbc's justice correspondt pete wiiams. >> reporter: this is what has law enforcement organizations so worried, a plastic gun that can withstand firing seval bullets but cannotbe discovere by metal9/ detectors inpublic buildings, schools, sports arenas and airports. >> this would be really dangerous for travelers, it would mean a terrorist, crimal, menlly ill person could walk tough a metal detector undetected, completely undetected and pfectly legal. >> reporter: theun is made using machines called 3-d printers widely available that
3:53 pm
layer downthin layers of pltic to build objects. computer instructions for this version called the liberator are circulating on the ternet deveped by a group in texas headed by cody wilson, a law student who opposes goverent regulations. >> we should have the right to pursue creative endeavs d pursue anything we wan >> reporter: his design cls for putting a four ounce unk of steel into the gun so it can be discovered by hand ld or walk-throu metal detector, even so the metaliece can easily be removed, making the gun undetectable and illegal to possess but t federal law that bans undetectable firearms is about to expire. >> it is a matt of common sense and common security to extend t undetectable act and modernize it. >> you could manacture this in about a day ana half. reporter: offials at say plasticuns can b made with cheaper 3-d printers. th atf)
3:54 pm
exploding e first time they're fired even thoughthey were made according to instctions on the internet with variouguns and parts. >> there rlly is no hunting or sporting/7y purposes for a plastic weapon that can blow up your hands or hurthe collector ofsportsmen around you. >>eporter: now the atf and others in law enforcement who worrabout plasticcts hope congress acts before theaw expis december 10th. pete williams, nbc news washington when we come back anupdate on the severe weher going on in a lae part of the country tonight. >> right outside the station, wow. abley nochoosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left ts much money he. whoo-hoo-h! yet many seniors who compare medicare plans alize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help y save on medicare expenses. talk to your c pharmacist, call, or go to get your ee, personalized plan comparison toda
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and children shod avoid contact where axiron is applie asnexpected signs of perty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occu rert these symptoms to your doctor. tell your door about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk decreased erm count; ankle,eet or body swellingms; enlarged or painful breasts; proble breathing while sleeping; and bld clots in the legs. common side effects includeskn ere applied, increased red bld cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and increase in psa. ask your doctoabout axiron. we want to return to tonight's top story, the wave of
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destructive weather inuding ma tornadoes wee been watching all day as it's been mong across the midwest and since we've been on the air the death tollas increased to four peopleonfirmed dead from those tornadoes. let's get an update from the weather channel'sim cantore standing by with re. >> lester a damaging nd threat unfortunaty that means the rest of the night for many still across t east, so you'll notice from vermont all the way down across mississippi,e are talking about a chce for some damaging winds, so far today we've seen winds gusting 70 to 85 miles per hour. is graph reprents a look at all the tornads that have occurred in illinois and indiana since about 11: this morning local time. if all of the 89 reports hold, this wld be thehird largest tornadoutbreak in the month of november so far with the death toll where it is, and the number of strong tornadoeshat we've had, ef4, this makes this the strongest and deadliestin november history in the state of illinois. not numbs we like t talk
3:58 pm
about. >> all rightim cantore, jim, thanks very much. that's "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. briawilliams will be he tomorrow. coming up next, football nighin america followed by the chieer have success the bron broncos. i'm lesterolt reporting from los angeles. from all of us herat nbc news, good night. -- captns by vitac --
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nbsports exclusive homof the nhl, premiere league and sochi winter olyic games and sunday nht football. with the majestic rocky mountains inhe distance we greet yofrom sports authority field at mile high in denver where this nfl season began and where it is now the stage for a jor matchup at the 9-0 chiefs take on the 8-1 oncos in the season opening, peyt manning threw sevetouchdown passes to spark a 6-0 spark to t season that had denver looking li super bowl favorites but after an emotional losin indy and got knked around in san diego


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