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tv   Today  NBC  November 18, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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today.t's what's happening we're back and i want to give you a liveook at t devastation from the tornados rocked the midwest. good morning. day of destructi. >> oh, my d. it's coming right at us. >> some 40 tornadoes ripped through the midwkilling at least six people and this morng, that system is heed east. caught on tape, a traffic stop of a mom and her van filled with children escalas into a vient confrontation. >> open the do. open the dr. ke up call, nfl lege brett favre a poster boy for toughness during his career opens up about the toll the game has takeon his life.
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>>r not remembering a specific word that i've noticed, late, if there's any symptom at all, that one bng the one that shows the most. >> o exclusive and candid conversation. >>and a man falls from a stadium's per deck on to fans below. thankfully, everyone survived today, mday, november 18th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, is is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live fm studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morni, welcome to "tod" on a monday morning. i'm mattauer. >> i'm savannah gurie along side natalie morales and al roker. the miest went through it yesterday. >> we knew this was going to happen on friday and when they issu a high risk, which is something the national weather service her does inovember, we knew we were in for it. the powerful storms that spawned the deadly tornadoes in
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the dwest. dylan dreyer is in washington, illinois fors. what is the scene there? >> reporter: it's heartbreaking toee the devastation in this area of washingt, illinois. we had as ny as 40 tornadoes yesterday across five stes. sadly, at ast six people were kied. the thing with the stos, they were traveling at high speeds. aveling at times up to 70 miles per hour leveling some towns across the mwest in an instant. >> our father who t in heaven. >> reporter: a dperate prayer as a monster tornado passes by and dons of twisters traveled across the heartland. a tornado killed two people there but it cou have been worse. it ripped the steeple off this church. at t height of the storm anchors at a peoria ws station
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had sign off and seek shelter. >> we need to go up. we'll be back when we n. >> reporter: achicago's soldier eld, >> the game will be temporarily suspended. >> reporter: a retreat was dered for fans and players alike as the brs and ravens waited out a tordo warning. "today" show viewers using twitteto send us stunning pictures. a twister churning across a field. a home and c destroyed and several imagines of the splintered landscape left by the tornadoes. one twister re up a coffee shop in lenon, indiana. >> the debris started to kick up and that's wn i said, mom, i've got to go. >> reporr: some sections of washington, illino were leveled whilothers were left relatively uouched. >> those are our two vehicle sitting across in the field. one of which was inside of our garage. >> reporter: cars gone. homedestroyed. this survivor istill counting his blessings. >> houses can be rebuilt b peoplean't. >> rorter: that hard work of
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rebuilding has already begun. noskies are clear heren shington, illinois, and across the midwest, but temperatures have tumbled as the area tri to clean up from the devastatio matt. lan, thank you very much. scott gundy's home took a direct hit dung those devastating tornadoes. scott joins us this morning. scott,ow are you doing? pretty good today, matt. beer than yesterday. that's for sur >> youe lucky to be alive. that's for sure. you were away from youhome when the first warng sirens we off. whatere you doing? holong did it take you to get home? >> well, i was at kroger. that's about five minutes om my house, gettinsome garbage bags actually and the sirens were cing on right when i was lking out of the store. and we've had tornado warnings beforeyou know? so irive home and i'm in my backyard.
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m actually taking pictures for my boss of theky. and then i just happen tturn soutand here it comes. it was almost ght on top of us. me and my son were out in the backyard. we run into the house. rit as we're running io the use to go to the basement my windows disintegrate tard me. stuff flying a over the place. we finally get down inhe basement and tn it just went rit over us. ke two seconds. >> y hear people all the time y it sounded like a eight trai yohad no time to react. you were in the sement. what did it feel like or sound like? >> it sounded just like freight ain just like they id. my wife came out the door and sa scott i hear somethg and you can he it just rumbling. so i looup and boy it was 50 yards from me. my house started rumbling, you know? it just went right or us.
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i got glass flying all over the place. vap shpnel all over the ple. i have a two-by-four in the side of my house. >> you must look at your loved ones andounting everybody and making sure erybody is all right but then you open at door into thbasement and head up into whatas your home, what did you see? >> i couldn't believe it, matt. i tell you. my neighbors house-- i just coul't believe it. so we run ound going to all of my neighbors houses looking for survivors. i ju couldn't believe it i've got cars in trees. my '07 galanis three houses down. i've got neighbors craing out
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of basents. son went and helped a gentleman, oureighbor that the roof had caved in on him. it was jt eerie silence and everybody t out and all hell broke loose. >> you were able to salvage anythingrom your home? i understand it s splintered. >> i got the most important ing out which is pictures. video of my kids grong up. to me that's the most important ing. everything ee can be replaced. but oursves and my pictures, they can't be. so was lucky to get those. >> i'm thinkinof you and all the folks out the scott. we're st a week or so away from thanksgiving. a lot to be thankfulor in terms of bei alive and your family safe. but where do you go om here? >> well, i have a big day ahead of me. we're probably going to try to salvage some more.
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this who town has a lot of things going on today. i mean, we had a football am that's 11-0 going to play in the semifinals this weend. so hopefully that picks us up little bit. other than that, i don't know what we're goingo do, matt. i found pies of my house, you know, 100 yardnortheast of me. so, we'll be looki for bits d pieces today. >> you hang in tre, scott, all righ >> yea >>ur thoughts are with you and all the peoplen your town ere and we'll check back in with you. i wanto know how you're dog. >> okay. i apprecte that. >> i appreciate you king the time on a really difficult morning. scott gundy, tnks. gets an idea of how tough its for pele picking up the pieces.
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al, i know the threat isn't over yet >> it's not, guys. this tornado ifrom washington, illiis from a young man anthony corey. can yopump the audio on this? >> and forgive us our trespaes as we forgive those that espass against us and lead us t into temptation budeliver us from evil -- >> and that's whateople were going through as this storm -- this is the first time they've had an ef-tornado in illinois in novber. and watcthese storm reports as they come in. you can see hail a wind. you can see ashe timeline goes throh sunday you're gointo see thestornadoes come in as well and by storm reports itself, th is the second most active storm report y of 2013. and u can watch this system now make its way into the northeast. it's theold front. we're not going to see tha severe wther, the tornadoes, the longrack storms out of this b what we are looking at
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is a lot of wind. a front right along here. you can track the frt right along it. look, the temperates drop back to the west. icago 37, cleveland , new york city,0. caribo 34. and the winds are gog to be this big factor today. look ahow they are going tbe howling. we look for rport delays from boston, new york, into philadelphia. wi gusts of 40 to 45 mes per hour and the temperatures ll be dpping by this time tomorrow. mperatures about 20 grees colder than they are today ang e eastern seaboard. we'rgoing to have more on this and a big storm coming into the pacic northwest a little later. >> thank you, al. >> natal has the other headlineof the morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. russian investigatorare combing through the charred fragments of an airliner that crashed sunday nht killing all 50 pple on board. the boeing 737 exploded duri a
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failed attempt to land i russia. it departed om moscow. offials confirmed that 4 ssengers and six crew members re killed. two vy sailors were hurt this wkend after an out of control drone ammed into a navy ship in southern california. you can see the damage. the drone hit the ss chancellorsville" during a training exercise off the island at pt magoo. it happened while the ip was testing it's combat weon system. the sailors were treated for minoburns and the ship rurns to naval base san diego. ficials are looking into whether small explosion lead to the death otwo miners on sunday. thtwo died from carbon monoxideoisoning. 20 others were injured. alof the miners are required to wear persal respirators. >> stunning scene in dlas on sunday when two lis killed a lioness. this happened on the the other
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side of the protective glass. one of t male lions had his mouth around her throat but thought theyere being playful. the zookeepers reached the female but it s too late. the male lions will no longer she an enclosure with y other liones it's an excing day at nasa as the latest ma explorer is sent to blt of maven will orbit mars inn attempt to study the aosphere. it is expected to cost600 million. it will he future human explorers who may journey to mars. it wiltake until next september to rch the planet. frighteninmoments at a football game in buffalo on sunday when a n fell from the top of the stadium. thmawas attempted to slide do the railing when he lost his balance and fell backwards there a couple hundred feet. you can see he landed inhe section below on top oanother fan.
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both were taken to t hospital. the man that fell hurt his shoulder the other man suffered a hd injury and both arexpected to be okay. that so frightening to s that and tnk goodness none of e other fans injuredn that. >> nd we remind people, don't sliddown the banister. >> yh, if you need to remind people. >> let's get the rest of your forecast. our friends in the pacific northwest will be looking at a pretty good storm coming into that are we'll be looking at at as our other top weather story for today. this pacific northst storm will cause a l of rain and a lot wind. it's a big areof low pressure that's gng to be dominating that low pressure system and the's a few of them th's going to be making their way into the pacific northwe. as the day wears on today you'll e the heavy rain start to move in as we get into e mountains. look for snows starting to develop. some areas in the mountains there,n the cascades are gng to be looking at anywhere om 10 to 18 inches of snoand then alg the coast from seale all
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the way to just nortof san francisco, awhere from 1 to 3 inch of rain. we a going to get to you local recast coming up in the next0 seconds. cast coming up in♪ you get your coffee re. you get yo hair cut here. you find that certain thing yowere looking for her but actually you get so much more when you shop at these smallocal businesses, you support all the things thatake your community gat. the money you spd here, stays he. in this placyou call your neighborhood. the money you spd small buness saturday is november 30th. 7:14. happy monday mning to you. i' meteorologi christina loren. mperatures are chilly throughouto start with. north bay. example inhe we'll end up in the upper 50s b lunchtime.
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53 degrees at 4:00 p.m. ok at this the south bay , 63 for the peninsula, east bay 64, and 61 in san francisco. and at's your latest weather. >>ll right, al, thank you very much. the obama administtion is taking new steps to fix th troubl roll out of the new health care law bucan the website anthe president's legacy be saved? nbs peter alexander is at the white house this morning. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, matt, this is new territy for president obama. he nev faced a crisis like this. a crisis of coidence. in his very leadershipthe flawed rl out of the affordab care act threatening to undermine t future of his second term and his esidency. with his signare law under fire the president fac a daunti to-do list to resuscitatobama care. number one, fithe website. with the admintration's next deline less than two weeks away they're still scramblg to have therippled site up and running.
7:16 am
for most uninsured america. >> the vast majority of users. >> t vast majority of users. >> the vast majority of amicans. >> repter: officials acknowledge they consider a success if 80% of users can successfully buylans online. number two, eer up confusion. white house officials still need to convince surers and state insuranccommissioners to support the president's fix to restate cancelled policies. for ose who want to keephem. number threekeep democratic allies on board. today the prident is joining backers to join him on conference call. meanwhile,any senate democrats are pushing for a legislive fix just days after house decrats supported a republican bill that the whithouse thatened to veto. >>he bill is passed. >> this is an sue that has to dealt with but it doesn't mean it's a politicaissue so we're going to run ay from it. no, 's too valuable for the american people.
7:17 am
>> reporter: final, regain american's trust. that's no easy task with the president's job appral and polarity both at record lows. a challee punctuated by one his top former advisors. >> you have to implement this in smart, effective way and regain people's trust at this ishe right thing to do >> reporter: a the great frustratioinside this west wing, at lea according to one obama sider is it will be nely impossible to movon to anything else including a top priority which iimproving the economy. >> peter axander at the white house. robert gibbs is a nbc news political coributor. good morning to you. >> good rning. >> this is a ddline the white hoe set for itself. can it afford another miss? >> absolutely not. they said th'll get 80% of it right. at makes the decembe1st or november 30th deadline so importanis that if you want your coverage to take effect o january 1st and not have a gap, you ha to be enrolled by deceer 15th. that's what makethe end of
7:18 am
this month so important. >> if you boil this whole thing down, i thinit comes down to two core issues, the competence of the government and e president's own credibility with the whole, if you want to keep your plan, y can. how do you repair credibility? >> well, i think, in the short-rm, as peter said, they're just goi to have to slog through and fix the website. that'she key there. i think longer term and credility, they'll have to give people confidce not just in health careut in other aspectof government and i think they're gog to have to hold somebody accountable for thbotched roll out and the website not workin somebody at hhs or a group of people. >> you think somebody shou lo their job? >> if this were to happen the private sector somebody would have probably already lost their job and the only way to restore ultimate confidence in gng forward is to make se whoever is in charge of this wasn't in charge -- of the long-term health care plan. >> you havbeen at the white hoe in dramatic politil crisis. "saturday night live" had a take
7:19 am
on ts this weekend. take a look. >> are you depressed? run down? like you juscan't win? aryou the president ofhe united states? ask your doctor for paxil, second term stngth. the only antepressant strong enough for an embattled second term. >> if you're at thwhite house you laugh so you don't c. but what do you think the president's state of mind is now? have you eveseen him like this acknledging i have a credibility oblem? he is obviously tremendously frustrated thano one told him the extent of this problem. you as the commander in chief and as the presidentf the uned states have to trust all of those aund you to implement anthere's no doubt a deficit of tst that lead to that deficit of credibility. >> do you thinhe's depressed?
7:20 am
>> i think take two of those a call somody in the morning. >> good to see you. now, heres matt. all week long wee looking back at the anniversy of jfk's assassination. tamron is in t orange room on that. good morning. >> good morning. good to see you. there's so much to discuss includg this gallup poll tt caht our eye this morng. 61% of americans believe there was conspiracy to kill kennedy. a fascinatinnumber and in fact, factor this in, on sunday, the former maryland lieutenant governor, kathleen kennedy wnsend expressed her own doubts that oswald acted alone. you might reca it was last weekhat secretary of sta kerry indicated that halso believed that osld did not act alone. so this morning, we're askg you, do you believe the consracy theories aroundhe assassination of jfk? yes or no? go to and guys this number is down from th'90s when it was actually around 80% after that jfk mov. quite interesting. >> tamron, thank y very much. coming up, jackie kennedy's
7:21 am
cret service agent rives the horror of that fateful day in dallas. >> it was horrib and that's the one thing that i c't get out of my brain is that pictur him lying in her lap. that's imbedded there forever. our candid conversation with the future hall of famer brett fae. the surprising things heas to sawith about the game's impact on his health and the nfl's
7:22 am
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good morning. all southbound lanes of880re ba open following a cra that killed two people. this happened on southbound 880 near the fifth avenue on ramp. investators telli us one of the cars may have been doing spds up to 110 miles per hour. san jose officials areow trying to solve the 42 and 43rd homicidesf this year the first happening friday night, a m was shot while driving through a parking lot. in lesshan 24 hours later anotr person was killedn the 100 block of goldenrain. instigators have not identified suspects iither of these murders. on saturday morning sheriff deputieshot a woman they say pointed a knife at them and
7:27 am
would not p it down also san francis superviso introducing a plan to tax sugary inks in the city. it's like the one servisor scott wiener intduced a 2 cent per ounce tax on soft drinks. this wld distribute the money betwn health education forts, physical education initiatives d healt food accessn poor neighborhoods. right now let' take it out and get a check on yo monday forecast. anthony is . >> we're trackin rain in t forecast for tomorrow, but let's stt you off wh what we're looking at san francisco. good vibility, few thin we head through noon, even this afternoon 's goi to turn cloudy as the next syste starts its approach. a dryday, 65 in san jose. peninsula mid-60s forhe most part. even in san ancisco, l to mid-60s ain with sshine for the rain does arrive for tomorrow. you'll note that a the bottom of your screen.
7:28 am
how are the roads? >> ty are crowded but you know expect that. we'll look toward the san mateo bridge, one of the usual suspects heavier than normal westbnd to the san mateo and foster city side. this is td up off the bridge, a crash south of 92 ts things up in the northbound side in the fast lane. the earlier cra there also tied things up. slower drive through sunol, pleasanton. all of the crashes hav cleared in the tri-valley is ugh. >> thank you. we'll have another localpdate in one half hour.
7:29 am
7:30 am
bk now a 7:30 on a monday mornin it's the8th of vember, 2013. it's the day after in kokomo, indiana. this is a commuty north of indianapolis. one of the communities very hard hit by tse terrible storms that bw through yesterday. >> homes were bare. everybody's belongin -- it's amazg there's still belongings in that home. >> but t roof ripped clear off. i'm savannah guthrie along side matt laue natalie morales and al roker. >> we have stories we're covering. that was one. tornoes cut paths through the midwest and that sto system i now moving east. >> investigators are looking
7:31 am
to ahaoticraffic stop. police broke a window and opened fire on a van full of children. why? that sto in a moment. >> and russian investitors are tryi to figur out what caused passenger j to crash while attempting to nd. the accident killed all 50 people on ard. >> and this is the 50th anniversary of the kennedy assaination and we'll look back at jackie kennedy's secret service agent. he jumped on the back of the limo as the shots rang out. he will reveal wt mrs. kennedy said in that terrible moment. >> we'll begin with our inteiewer with future hall of famer brett farve. he is legendary for his tougess on the field. over the course of his career he was sacked 525imes and kufred
7:32 am
countless othe major hits as the ague and it's fans debate the issue of concussions, brett farve is sharing his psonal story. >> to me, the wak up call, we were talking recentlynd we were talkingbout our youngest playing soer. i don't rember her playing ccer. she pyed right over here. >> since that realization have there be other symptoms >> i talked to several doctors and one of them is noteing able to finish a sentencer remeer a specific word. i noticed lately that i the one that shows the most. >> and in your mind you have no doubt that ts is a result of all of those hits? >> well, i can't say for rtain, matt. i mean, i would assume so and i think st people would assume, but iave to believe after 20 yearand if you go ba, i played fourears in colle and played every ge andhen high school, e toll has got to be pretty high.
7:33 am
>> there you go. >> these days brett farve can be found he on the football field atak grove high school in mississippi. hes the offsive coordinator working for free along side the head coach. >> get him over here and get him on theidelines. >> it's impoible to sit here with you brett a not think, here he is, he has come to th realization that all of those hit versus taken a dramatic tol on him and yet he's cching these high hoolers. >> and talki to thembout hitting and being tough. >> and getting back up. >> right. and the fact of the matter is 99.9% of the kids you're coaching are never going to make a dime playing football. >> you're right. you're right. >> what dyou say to them? why is it worth it? >> i thi football, first of all, it does teach toughness but it's not all about toughness. coelectively ifootball, y have to ry onach other. >> you're answering the question from one perspective and i get it. i understand what you're saying.
7:34 am
there are lessons to beearned on this footballield but you work with a young quarterback and that quarterback isn't going to a big colge or to the pros and he'setting his head poded out here every weend. why is it worth it for that kid to keep taking tse hits kning what you now know abt the effect of them? >> he and his family would be the os to answer that. i c understand, in fact, if i had a son, i wou be real leery of him playing. and tt sounds -- in some respects i'm almost glad i don't have a s because of the pressurehe would face b also the physical toll it cou possibly take on him. not to mention if heever made ite would be a failu in everyone's eyes but more of a physical toll that i could take. >> wt you just said is crucial to theame of football. because you're a parent but you're a hall of famer ithe future and you're saying you're not sure you would let a son.
7:35 am
>> i don't know that because i don'tave one. but in all honesty i would have a hardime just throwing him out ther >> do you see a time where you will have gon for the poster boy fr toughness and grit in e nfl, would you be willing to be the poster boy for awareness of concussions andhat the hits can mean? >> yes. well, i should say yes and no. i don't want to knock football at all. i think that' unfair. i knew what i was getting into. to think that i could help maybe ease maybe some of the potential trauma but still keep the ingrity of the game- i'm wiing to do th. >> there is another sject making the rounds in football right now and it's the story brewing th the miami dolphins. these two offensive linemen. one accusing the othe of prolonge bullying. what wasour inial reaction when you heard the story?
7:36 am
>> my initial reactionas you have to be kidding me. >> why? >> pro football bullying? it's the toughest sport. most violent. not to mentionou're men. somelder than others. so it's not like a littl 12-year-olon a playground and i'm not defding or condonin all i'm saying is my initial reaction was a grown man who is 320 pounds is getng bullied? >> you don't think is possible? >> i never thoug i would see it. i'm not saying it'sot possible. i'm not saying it didn't happ. i dot know. haven't paid a lot of attention but my initial action was you have got to be kidding me. when you heard the stories th have come out, doe it make u think aboutny part of the culture of the nfl where you think, well, ah, maybe that is part of the locker room mentality? >> it is part of the locker room. >> what happens in the locker room? >> those types o things. there's a lot of guys getting picked on.
7:37 am
me handle it well. some d't handle it as well. i'm not saying it's right and from a locker room stance or from a team stance, i'm not saying it's wrong. it's jus the way it is. >> atak grove high school farve says that type of behavior is not tolerated in th locker om or on the fieldnd as he coinues this next chapter of his reer, farve's perspective ha changed in a way he hopes can teach a lesson to his players. >> i don't wt to be remembered as a ftball player and as each y goes by and eachear goes by i realize what' most imrtant. i can sit here and say there's two people in my le that without them i wouldn't be sitting here today. i probably would be dead a that's jesus chris and mywife. as i have gotte older i realize what's most important. am i perfect? no. but i want to g that aoss to ese kids. you enjoy it. it's a small window in your li. i thought thi was going to g
7:38 am
forever. well, it doesn't. >> those hits, you talkbout -- this is part of his legend. you could not knock brett farve out of a game a now all o these yrs later it's taking a toll. >> and he's such ahoughtful rson to say he doesn'tnow what he would do if he h aon but football gave a lot to him. >> and interesting speaking out on the bullying a well. >> no question. our thankso brett farve as the folks at o grove high school. thearriors had a big ge friday night. first round of the playoffs. they won 38-6. >> matt lauer dream seence, playing catchith brett farve. >> yeah, i tught my wiatch was going to explode he tows it so hard. >> good spiral matt. >> out on the field today. >> me. >> no,t's not allbout you, ay? >> that's quite a compliment coming from you. >> the beard does make him look tough, though. >> mr. roker, check ofhe weatr.
7:39 am
>> wwant to go back to these orms again. this is long point, illinois. i have to tell you, these storms -- these tnadoes have really been amazingly documented with a the cameras, the cell phone video, a lot o folks getting those pictures and now as we take aook at some damage really incredible stuff as well. let's check out the choer video that wve t. show you some of that imagine. it really is prett amazing. you can see that these hom ve just been destroyed and it's amazing thanly six people havbeen killed in these outbreaks. one of the second biggest severe weather outbreak for the year so far. just devastatin let's ow you what we've got going on right now a we look at the week ahead. pushing through the east coast and washington d.c. you already clead it. yohave a prettyice day on tap. plenty of sunshine today. temperatures getting up into the low 60s. as we look at the week ahea above normal temperatus out
7:40 am
west. jestream way up to the nort itill be normal condition re in the east. as we get int the midweek period we have storeny conditions from the gulf cst in the mid mississip river valley. below normal temperatures with descent snows developing and we get throu the latter part of the week isooking wet all good morning. anthony slaughterhere. you know we'reracking rai in the forecast. that'soing to arrivtonight. in the short-term things are looking good. san franciscoight now temperatures in the 50s, a few more clouds by noon. basically cloudy as we head t thafternoon urs. u can pick out ur microclimate zone. san francisco day a few extra clou by the aftnoon and even you can get that 7 days at the bottom of the screen. d that's your latt weather. >> all rht, al. thank you very ch. up next, police smash out a window and then open fire on
7:41 am
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7:45 am
now to new mexic where a routine trfic stop escated and lead polic to on fire on a family's mivan. this was caught on te andow an investigation is underway. here's nbc's j friar with the story. >> reporter: video ten from a new mexi state police officer's dash cam and aired shows at happened when an officer pulled over 39-year-old ferrl for speeding. the officer asks her to wait but instead e drives away with fivehildren inside h van. so s is pulled over a second time and things quickly escalate >> get o of the vehicle. >> get out of the vehicle right now. >> there's a struggle to get her ou of the van. eventually s does. >> turn around and face your
7:46 am
vecle. >>ma'am, listen to me. >> reporter: but notorong. anher struggle prompts her son to rush tard the officer. there's a brief scuffle before the teen runs towar the van a shuts the door. at ts point, back up has arrived. >> open the door. en the door. >> reporter: that's when the first officer uses his baton on the winw before ather officer fires what appears to be threehots at the fleeing van filled with five children. the state police chief i promising a full reew saying in a statement, i have, of course, reviewed the video and do have concerns relating to e conduct the officerho discharged his firearm. he adds the entire incidt was an intense 43-minute long dangerous situation that placed the publict risk. accoing to court papers obtained, the officerired in an attempt to keep the vehle from leaving while feell's
7:47 am
attorney tolthe judge she was flat-out scaredhat something was going to happen toer children. chase came to an end outse the hotel with the arrest of the mother and h son. she is charged with intentional abuse of a child and fleeing an officer. the son was arrested for battery and the officers were under internal investigation. for today, j friar, nbc news, new mexico. >> a lot to get to the bottom of the for sure. >> comg up at 8:16 we'll go back to dallas 50 years later with mrs.kennedy's secret seice agent. but first, these messages. this is the quicksilver cash back cardrom capital one. it's not the "limit the cash i earn every monthcard. it's not the "i only earn decent rewas at the gas stati" card. it's the no-gas, no-signingp, evyday-rewarding, ng-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, inging-home-the-bacon sh back card. this is the quicksilver card om capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purche, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in yo wallet?
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7:51 am
let us swing over at:51 to the orange room and see what tamron's got. >>uess who i have with me. he a viral sensation in real li. logan paul. he's the -year-old from ohio university, matt's ma mater. >> go bobcats. >> he is a viral sensation from hivines. en was your first vine you poed? >> march, spring. >> how many sie then? >> 150 >> and they're amang. this is my favoritlogan vine if i can get ito go here and of course can't. don't touch the black again -- there you go. there it is. here's logan's big moment at i love boom and al roker considers himself the vine king. >> no i don't. >>ogan is the vine prince. so we have a cllenge for you. >> i don'tonsider myself the vine king. >> yesou do. >> come on.
7:52 am
every day. >> oy. well, anyway, you're the viner of the famy and logan has a challenge for you. hit it logan. >> oh, yea >> can you handle thatroker? >> yh, i can do it but only once and youetter cover your ears. >> so we're gointo have a vine war. logan is postingines to our account, tod show vines. so check it out. >> he doesis own stunts there. coming up, an adorable ce of puppy love. that's right. >> amazing sry. ♪ ♪ (announcer) introducing tidyc th a clumping litter this light and just as strong at neutralizing odor, y'll want to say...
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7:56 am
>> the time 7:56. od morning. i'm jon kelley. a woman remains in critical condition after she and another woman were shot in san francisco. the other woman unftunately died this hapned yesterday morning in a parking lotear the corner of sixth and jesse streets. leaving a nightclub whend w somebody simply opened fire. the two wom were found in a car. so f no arrests he been made today the pasant hill city council voting on a gun control mease that wou ban gun stores from opening near homes, hools, par and adult enteainment venues. it also requis store owners and empyees to pass criminal background ches and requires dealers toinstall an ala system and surveillance caras. on the monday forecast.a check anthony slaughter is here. >> things look good now. we're tching the fog burn off. in san francisco right now 53
7:57 am
degrees with clearing skies. you'll notice the day planner keeps thingsith the cloud the da by 4:00 cloudy skies u because there is a storm system headed our way and that'soing to bring rain as early as night. pick o your microclimate zone, the cloud cover really starting to stret in i san francisco and that does include the east so again, showers arrive tonight, you can get that 7 day at the botto of the screen. how's the traffic? >> looking pretty average. that not great. we're looking at palo alto southbound 101, a lot o crowding. smoothedut but look athe map how tgh it was from san mateo down to redwood city and palo alto athe bottom. the arrows show you the commute direction. theyre slower but no incidents on the brges. scattered crashes for the nimitz adds to the owing. the southbou the worst of it. north up to oakland and the slower drive from the tri-valley. >> appreciate it.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
's 8:00 on "today." coming up, powerl tornadoes rip across the midwest leaving a path of destructioand the threat of seve weather isn't over yet. then 50 years later, the man who leapt into action to proct the fst lady remembershat fateful day. >> 50 years and i ill have that imagine in my mind. >> savannah'emotional return to dallawith former secret rvice agent clint hi. ana devastating accident codn't sideline this soccer star. her rerkable story of strength, deteination and forgivenes today, monday, november 18th, 2013. >> happy moms in new york. >> retired teachers here to party!
8:01 am
>> hey everyone ck in miigan. i'm on the "today" show. >> hey daddy i love you. we're back now at 8:00 on this monday morning. i'm matt lauer alo with savannah guthrie, al roker and tamron hall. here's a question -- >> who orded a fire pit? >> do you know what burns my -- >> what burns yourutt? >> that's good. >> this is a nice ttle set piece fothe winter. unfortunely we broke it out a day that's about0 degrees here on the plaza. i'm burng up about to shed clothing here like you. bring marshmallows next time. good morning, everyo. i'm sannah guthrie along side matt lauer and tamron hall and roker. >> i already said that. but that's okay did you? >> i was so focused on the flam. >> you were asphyxiated from the smell coming out of this. >> just to mind everyone. are you savannah guthrie? >> yes. >> matt uer? yes. >> and here's natalie wit a checkf the top stories. >> goomorning once again. good morning, everyone. this there is devastation this
8:02 am
morning in fe midwestern states aft as many as 40 rnadoes tore throughhe area. six people are repted dead. nbc's kevin tibbles is in washgton, illinois, this morning with more. kevin, good morning. natalie, these tornadoes were fast moving, they swept across e midwest, cutting a swath through many communities like the one in washington here, where at leastne person lost their life. as many six people died as the stms swept throughout the midwest gog from west to east. iving down here last night we saw damaged homes. we saw trees toppled. powelines down. commonwealth eson crews out all over the pce. we even saw trucks tt were terally thrown aroun semi trucks thrown around like toys on the hiways. an one rept this morning actually suggestshat parts of the "welcome to washington" sign, fm right here in washington, illino, were fnd some 50 miles away. a massive cleanup under way here. officials are now going door to
8:03 am
door putng xs on the houses th have been searched to find out if there areny people inside. the cleanup here is going to take a very long time. natalie? >> all right, thoughts to all those affected there. kevin tibblesn washington, illinois, thanyou. in t last hour on "today" matt sme with a very emotional survivor. >> i just uldn't believe it. so we run around going to all of our neighbor's house looking f survivs. i mean, i just coun't believe it. i got cars in trees. i've got my '07 gallant three hoes down. >> scott gundy was able salvage pictures and video from s destroyed home which is now sead over hundreds of yards. a push is on today to speed up aid to the philippines tyoon victims. the philippine president benigno aquino promises to stay the hard-hit leyte province until he sees ogress. u.s. aid is arriving but people are desperate with little
8:04 am
eltricity or food or running war now for ten days. > the white house has less than two weekso fix the obama care website. the self-imposed deadline is nomber 30th and new reports say the administration m call it a success if only 80% of users can buy plans online by then. present obama is holding a nference call today to build support after a siificant number of house democrats voted for a republican fix to the law on friday. ronto's embattd mayor ro ford back in the news again this morng. nbc's stephanie gosk is following it a for us. stephanie,ood morning. >> good morning,atalie. with scandal swirlinaround him managed to have a full weeken he had a football game and filmed his new tv show a an intervw with fox news. >> that i goofed up? from "saturday night live." >> my face i as red as a boxing day ham. >> reporter: to sunda night football, tonto mayor rob ford remains firmly in the spotlight. >> never said that in my --.
8:05 am
>>eporter: after wearing a toronto argauts fooall jersey while delivering yet another apology for bad behavr at a press conference on thursday, the canadian football leag commissioner suggested theembaled mayor sta away fromunday's playoff game. we believe it would be betr for mr. ford to focus on his challeng right now. but in the third quarter fd showed up to support the team. wearing that same rsey. he even had a few fans of his own. ford's busy weekendlso included filming a new tv show called "ford nation" premiing tonight in canada, and an interview with fox news. >> i'm seeking professiol help. i'm not an alcohic. i'm not a drug addict. have i had my outbursts in the past? absolutely had,john. bu you know what? i'm only human i have made some vy poor decisions. >> reporter: but perps it was the "snl" sketch that best captured the canadian controversy. >> i goofeup but i realized that and i apologized at a press conference only a few hours later. i am sorry for h i have been
8:06 am
acting. it's n indicative of my potion of mayor in thigreat town of toronto. >> hey, man, i got what you asked for. >> not here. >> reporter: even t mor himself tuned in. >> did you see the "saturday night livelive skit? >> yeah, it was great. >> you know, my guess is y're probably going to see that "snl" character a f times after this. and you can get you'll see that football jersey, too. natalie? >> all right, just cannot seem go ay. stephanie go, thanks so much. and football fans, here's the next big thi. me tony piccd, billed ashe biggest running bac in the world. heeighs in at400 pounds. tony is 6'4". he goes to wte swan high school in yama, washiton and this season it has been pretty much imposble to stop him. he's a high schooler. unbelievable. 8:06. let's get a check of t weather once again, let'so out to al. >> somef t defenders have to actuly get a mro card. he's a big boy. i like it.
8:07 am
all right and these ne lies and gentlemen. oh, wow, are you okay? mom kind of yanked you up there. what's your name sweeti >> cameron. >> okay. and what's your na? >> mahoney. mary and jerry mahoney. >> jerry mahoy. wow, there was a paul winchell -- and howong have you guys been married? >> 65 years. >> what's the secret? >> yes, dear. >> yes,dear >> just like paul winchell, s says all the speaking foyou, rit? ry nice. let's -- >> i got him out of bed. >> you got him out of bed. we, all right. let's sho you what we got goi on for today. a nicecouple. our pick city today, albuquerque,ew mexico, klb, i knew i shoul have made that left turnthere. little on the cool side by wednesday, onl58 degrees. afternoon temperates, we've got warmth through the souwest and on into southernlorida and even southern california on e cool side today. 20s and 30s around the gat lake another big storm syst coming
8:08 am
into the pacificorthwest. mountain snow, rain and wind windy conditions in the northeast and on into new england. a beautiful day in the ssissippi river vall. the appalachians, as wel good morning. anthony slaughterere i the c bay area weather center. we're trackinsome rain tt's going to arri. u'll notice it's expected to arrive as early as tonight. in fact, in s fraisco, we're 53 degrees. we have clearin skies wi that fog lifting. you'll notic today that fog and the cloud cers expected to return, especially once we hit thafternoon hour even in the silicon valley right now it is cool. but that day planner keepshose clouds in place. you'll want to gb that jacket t more on >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. i'm savannah gurie. just kidding. >>oming up next on "trending, lady gaga shows off a se of herself that a lot of peopl haven't seen before.
8:09 am
then, mrs. kennedy's secret service age retraces the motorcade route in dallas for th first time since jfk's assassinatn. a in your next half-hour, affordable style finds. but first, theseessages. e liday season but first these ssages. female announcer ] come in to jcpenney for bonus days. for 4 ays starting friday, save 20 percent with your coupo onelect apparel, home, accessorieand shoes when you use your jcpenney credit card. or get 15% off with any other form of payment.
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8:14 am
back now at 8:14 with what' trenng today. and wove ge'veot a family feud. one of america's most prominent litical families out into public. it's liz chaney. liz in the middle of a heated republican senate campaign and she has been outspoken in her opsition to gay marriage even though her sisr is gay. she ys she loves her sister very much buthey disagree. >> this spilled outo sunday shows yesterdaand the response
8:15 am
from mary s swift and personal. she wrote this isn just an issue on which we disagr you're just wrong and on the wrong sidef history and her wife went fther suggesting liz was playingolitics and calling the comments she mad offense. i ask former ve president chaney abo this. if it was a source of tension and she said if it was, i wouldn't tell you. >> goodanswer. >> well, we know now. >> his views are welknown and it seems like it's very personal. >> spilling out on facebook, too. >> that's right. >> oh, ll, also trending, turning out to be a emotional night in hollywood on satury at the 5th annua governor's award. osca went angena jolie. hitting the red carpet with their son maddo in a cemony. steveartin got choked up as he paid tribute to hiswife. my wife who is as beautiful as she i smart and -- ya
8:16 am
i ew i wasn't going to make it through thisspeech. i read it to my dog this morning and we. >> always es with laugh. martin sho cald the vernor's award the highest honor an actor can receive i mid-november. that is good. you're goingo love this one. i was looking at these otos. can't get enough of them. they cal it puppy love with good ason. these ptos show two things the internet can't seem to get enough of. babies and puppies. th mom posd these adoble otos on her itagram accot. it shows her 23 mon old son bo pping wh the family's new addition. every dayhen he goes down for nap tim his puppy brother jumps upton bed with him and joins him in the na she says seeing them together makeher heartxplode with joy
8:17 am
as it ds ours as well. >> i don't know what's better the new puppy smell or the n baby smell. >> the t together >> hats o to any mom tt got a new puppy and new baby at the same te. >> and they go down for ns at the sametime. >> all right, guys. lady gaga was the ht and musical guest this weekend on snl and clearly wasn't afraid to show off her nerdy side. one can imaginehat it would be like if kim kardaian and her fiancee kanye west hted a morning show. >> we take an indepth look at the world of fashion. >> well,irst of all, this is my work uniform. >> yeah, wo. >> but, nestly, i don't car about faion. i think people who try too hard withheir outfits are maybe hiding something. >> knowing a thing or two about
8:18 am
insane outfits. what is shehiding? i don't know. but she kept it consistent and of course online peopl are ying was this is best snl o e season. >> wow. >> tamron, thanks. that is what's trending today. annow to the start of our week long lookt the assassination of k 50 years later. >> of cose only a hand fl of people know firsthand what it was like to be in the prident's carn the immediate moment afs ts after the fat sho rae out. he wtes about it in a new book called five day in november. recent he tralled with us backo dallas. >> it aears as though something has hpened in the motorcade route. something has happened in the motorcade route. >> reporter: on a clear day in dallas everything changed. >> it appears as though someone in the limousine might have been hit b the gunfi. >> rorter: the unthinkab happened.
8:19 am
the nation's you president gunned down as the motorcade moved through the city streets. frantic moments ofhock and d despair. >> there's secret serviceman on top of the car. >> reporter: it wa secret seice agen clint hill who leapt on to the bac of the presidential limo a moment that haunted him every year, every da every decade since it passed. it took 12 years before clint hill said anything publicly out that day to 60 minutes. >> you got tre in less than two seconds, clint. you couldn't hav gotten the. you surely don't have any sense of glt about that. >> yes, i certaly do. i have a great deal of guilt about that. >> reporter: and it would be7 more years befe he erged from his angui telling us for the first time in 12. >>ent into a very deep depressionnd went into
8:20 am
seclusion. cut myself off from frien and family. >> reporter: hill told us w he wasight there as the nation mourd a president and a famy buried a husband and father. >> that mustave broken your heart. >> ittill does. >> reporter: with e 50th anniversary of the assassination approaching, clint hl agreed to return with us to dallas and retrace those final faithful steps. >> and the president and mrs. kennedy have arrived at dallas love field. >> reporter: wetarted at love field whe the president and mrs.ennedy first landed that day. >> a there is mrs. kennedy. the first lytepping from t plane. >> reporter: a spo agent hill hadn't set foot on in 50 yea. >> where were you that day? where did the plane come in? >> air force o was positiod on the tarmac about,oh, maybe 150 feet from this fenc >> he comes the preside now. in fact he's not in his
8:21 am
limousine he is reaching across thfence shaking hands. >> was that pland? >> no but is alwaysonsidered because that was the way he was. >> and the trip to downtown dallass underway. >> reporter: we made t 7 mile journey between the airport and wntown dallas. >> you can see the crowd is absolutely going wild. >> is this whe the crowd was gettg thick? >>his is where the cro stard to build and grow. they were ry enthusiastic and very friely. no indication of any amosity what so ever. >> reporr: the motorcade was nearly complete when they turned from main stet and then the site of the texas school book depository. >>ou round thisorner not knowingee harvey oswald was right up there. >> i was behind the president's car on the left runng board on the front of it when all of a sudden as we got down here a little bit farther there was a lo explosive noise tt came over my right shoulder and i knew something was wrong so i
8:22 am
jumped off my position and ran tord the presidentia hicle. there was a thi shot and it hit the president in the head and it just caused brain and blood and bone fragments. came on to m. kennedy and myself and when tt happene she turned and got up on the back of the car. >> that famous moment. yes. >> right here where she reach acro the trunk. no one understood what sheas doing. you knew. >> i knew. she was ting to gather materi that had come o the presidens head. she was reachin for it and i t up on the trunk and i got ahold of her and i p her in the backse and iooked down anthat's what i saw was the right side of his face was up d i could see his eyes were fixed. >> you knewn thatoment this was a fatal -- >> i was my assumption that it was a fatal shot that he was dead and i turned toive a thumbs down toet them know how
8:23 am
serious the situation was. >> mrs. kennedy said something in those moments. >> she said jack, jack. what have they done to you? an she said i have his brains in my ha. and then she said, jack, jack, i love you, jack. >> it must have been a shocking scene to behold. >> i was horrible. 50 yearsnd i still havehat imagine my mind. >> and you carry this place with you i guess the res of your life. >> y, i do it's one thing i'll never rid myself of. t i have come to terms wit it and that's the best i can do. >> he was an incredible classy and dig a person but he still haunted by that moment >> they e sworn to protect the president. they are trained to protect the president d if something goes
8:24 am
wrong they almost always blame themselves. and here he was not even in th sa car and still tnking what could ve done differently. >> to see how he ran on top of the vehicle to get to the first lady and the president. >> he told me all the agents that worked that day returnedo dallas togher and going back tohe place and reliving it together helped all of them do a lot of healing. and i should mention his book includes how they grieved llowing. he was rig there. >> dide maintain a lationship with mrs. kennedy? >> he did for a few years afterward. he continued to ptect her. theyere very close. they we are personal friends and time woren and she got remarried a he hasn't seen her since robert kennedy' funeral was e last time he saw her. >> we went down to dallas recently to shoot some of these stories. it is odd when you look down on elstreet and you see the xs on the pavement where they believe e fat shots hit the
8:25 am
motorcade. part of me thinks it's imptant for history and anoth part of me thinks it's toomorbid. >> i told you growing up in dallas fort woh they would take us on field trips and you drivby it every day and you think abt it every time. we have a polln where we ask people do you believe a conspiracy around the assassinion of john f. kennedy. 71% in our poll believe in the conspiracy theories around the sassination. >> tomorrow on today,nother eyewitness t that momenin history. the won that took that photo that's become famous among conspiracy eorists. we met u with her in dallas for her first broadca television interview 50 years. how she found herself in the middle o one of theost dramaticvents in history. we'll meet her and talk toer tomorrow morning. >> coming up, a
8:26 am
a very good monday morning to you. 8:26 right now. i'm lra garcia-cannon. it was an espially violent weekend in sanjose. two people were murdere and a womawas shot by sheriffs puties. the first murder happened friday night. through a parking lot.ving less than 24 hours late block of golden rain.n the 100 no one was arrested. on surday morning, nta clara coun sheriffs deputy county shot a woman who the say threatened them with a knife. want to check the morning commute th mike. how'it going for monday morning? >> i looks bad, but this is not so bad. beer than 15 minutes ago in oakland. the cara shakes a bit. a breeze in the area. not a prlem for drivers. a slower drive, but it's getting
8:27 am
tter. to the north of theoliseum at 29th, another crash. there have bn a series of em. that cleared. onlyown to theorange for most of that area. that means we're in the 50s or upper s. that's good news for bh 880 and 580. as you travel across the san bit.o bridge, you'rslowing a a new crash clearing from th westundirection. e peninsula slow for southbound 101. e southboundoutes are slow >> thanks souch. another update in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
gather around the plaza everyone. let me tell you story. >> good morning, everody. it's 8:30 on a monday morng. the 18th of november. a warm and windy start and even warm because we have this incrible fire pit. >> you get the great propane smell. >> everyone has on a coat behd . >> theve been here since 4:30 in the morning. >> that's true. >> get in.
8:31 am
>> don't be shy. come on. >> how about our lovy pillows. >> don't get tha too close to the fire pit. >> this half hour we'll help you tackle some of the thorny issues that ten to pop up during the holidays liket what age do you let your children snd thanksgiving at someone else's house. >> about 27? >> savannah hadtrong opinis on this one. never. they have to always come home, don't they? >> they have tolways come home. >> your teege childre and going to snificant others homes. >> college. sometimes it's not so easy to get home. >> take them out of the bubble for the holiday. >> as you may know, c is working on a live version of the beloved classic the sound of music. it stars carrie underwood. >> we're launching a search for today sound of music family. al you need to do is recor your family'sest perfoance and send it in. get to a mountain as soon as you
8:32 am
can. r favorite wl get a chance to perform right here on the program. geall theetails on our website todacom. some of theseollow action want to try out themselves ♪ the hls are alive with t sound of music ♪ >> see. >> you have to sing. ♪ now tthe weather >> tha you. i'not trying that. >> ce on, al. >> no, no, no. wet ather this way but the mid-section the country w have nice weather. our good friend, c 41, #today sunrise got a nice day today with temperature getting up into the mid 50s. look for wet weather makin its way through the southeast as that front breaks down. another bistorm systemoming into the pacific northwest.
8:33 am
we're loing atsawin windy conditions. the big storm continues in the pacific rthwest. i wish you couldave seen it. they all left and then ty all come back. >> we turn o a dime. >>ut you turn so 8:33. ant any slaughter in r chstina loren. we a tracking showers in the forecast showers will eventually arrive tonight. san francisco, yr hour-by-hour forecast shows by around lunchtime mtly cloudy skies an eventually we're going to be tonight with those showers in place for torrow. south bay looks good for today. mid-60s. sa teo, good in th mid-60s as well. east bay and north bay, mid to upper 60s there. > and that's your lates weather. >> allight, al. thanyou very much. something new that could be coming to a restaurant near you.
8:34 am
st point, click, and eat. here's j frr. >> reporte in the restaurant wod paper menus are like comfort food. >> there's something really familiarnd inviting about ving paper menus. >> reporte but tosome, o school menus may seem like stone tablets next to the latest technology. >> if you want to add avocado grab it and move it over >> reporter: they can be fnd at ts southernalifornia restaurant chai >> it'about giving the diner the ultimate ctrol over t dining experience. >> reporter: they make it easie for customers to add and subtract ingrednts. a similar expience les nood lovers. >> i don know if my m will be able to do it. it's definitely to the younger generation but as time is ming i think more people ll get usedo it. >> c you show it to me again?
8:35 am
>> reporr: at wp24 in los angeles the wine lt is on a tablet. >> we're constantly changing so instead of printing and changing money on paper w can do it here in a matter ofseconds. >> reporter: customers can browse by price or the tape of grape. >> you can take moreme. there's a lo more information. wherit comes from. what kindf grapes are involved, things le at. >> reporter: in washington d.c., the vtual list is boosting wine sales. >> i also have a printed wine list and a cocail list. >> reporter: still many reaurants prefer paper. >> i late it to reading a bo. there's somethinspecial about rning a pagenstead of touching a screen. reporter: they feel a traditional menu is never out of touch. for day, joe friar, nbcews los angeles. >>e're ready to research this ourselves. our friends here in manhattan provided us with their lite mini-ipad menus.
8:36 am
do younow how much wine is on this nu. >> this is the menu it replaces. >> 3,000 bottles. >> what happens if you spill on the ip. >> i like it. i've seen a couple of restaurants new york do . i think it speed it up. >> theyave new additions. >> let's say we wanted that little bottle of- [ inaudible ] >> well aren't you fancy? >> would you like th? wean go right in on tha thing in the center of the screen. >> i like it's he lillunated. >> and for those that use reading glasses you can make it bigger. >> you can scroll right in. al, you wanted the '97. all they have i the 2. >> that's okay. >> and you can do this at the delta termal. >> yeah. >> find the ti. is is where everybody is headed anyway. >> yeah, it's cool.
8:37 am
coming up next, hel with your family holay headache. from putting a limit on giftto letting your kids bring a friend to thanksgiving. >> oh, look, bud light. and a young woman bk playing the gamehe les after a terrible acc
8:38 am
8:39 am
now we're back a 8:39 with a special holiday edition of our sees when is it okay to here to navigate the js and the stresses o the season h licensed marriage and family therapist an author of scream free parenting, aor and former nfl player fathe of fivend an advocate forfatherhood and men's health and author of bobblead dad. ppy almost holida. let'jump into it. at what a is it okay to let your child, guy or girl, go have
8:40 am
thanksgiving at someone else's house. >> no. >> no. >> no? >> first of all, i sayou have to be a grown n. if you're iny house you have have dinr with us. you can't g anywhere else. you have to be. i'm paying for it the whole thing -- >>ou have a 16-year-ol boy or girl. theyave a boyfriend or serious gifriend and you wouldt let them go over there. >> with the boyfrnd girlfriend thing, you have to be proactive and come up wit a suggestion to get that boyfriend or girlfrid therfor a short period of time, gameight or something. not the whole thing. >> thequestion, though, is until when? >> yeah. >> asome point i do want them to connect with anotherfamily. i want to recognize that ty're supposed to launch out as adults and that's going to hurt entually. >> but, again, i really fee like if the family -- it's thanksgiving. it's a rlly special time. >> would you let the girlfriend
8:41 am
come to your hoe? >> no no. >> we're about family. my family. let's mov on. aunt sophieas the recipe f stuffing. she brings it every year. it's pasd down generation to geration. problem ist tastes like she made it 100 years ago. w and when do you tel her to stop it? >>wkward moment my grandmother had alzheimer's so she made her famous coke cake but she me it with tab instead of coke. we're allating it. it's terrible. thankfully she's thene that said who made this cake becse she didn't rlize that she had made it because it's terrible. >> you have to be nice. you have to be politeut you do have to break it down. it's jus not good. n't touch it. just let it sit there. >> if she i 70 years old i wouldn't bre her heart. you teach your kids. but also try to teach your kids to bringn new traditions in the family but encourage your
8:42 am
kids to bring in new traditions they own as well to offsett. >> eatin out at restaurant on thanksgiving? >> all good. >> all good. >> the scene from a christmas story in a chinese restrant. i did that once. it was a riot. >> i doiss -- you doiss the home cooking. >> theleftover >> b you do make up for . ss fighting and arguing and everybody is less tired. >> i love it at hom but we have goneo a place here that peoe here on the show kw very well. it's fantasc. it's wonderful. here the last one. this is dratically controversial. when is it oka to startlaying christmas sic? >>hile you are preparing thanksgiving dinner. >> thanksgivg is the kick off? >> i agree. we let the songs play and we're cutting upcelery. >> i agree. some people think 12ays beforehand but i go wit right after thanksgiving. >> day after thanksgiving. so not when santa aives at the
8:43 am
d of thehanksgiving day parade? >> i disagree. while you are eparing. >> i iediately start the christmamusic when iee santa round the corner and come into macy's. that's it. >> theeal questions when do you stop it, right? >> you stop it the same d you putour christmas tre out. >> yeah, right. >> tha you very much. nice to see you all. up next, jenna bush-hager catches up with the young woman that h overcome tragedy to play soccer and inspire others. but first, this is "today" o nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are back at 8:45. we covered a lot of inspiring stories er the yea but none likehis one. >> jen bush-har caught up with a remarkable young woman she first met four years ago. good morning. >> good morning.
8:46 am
en i first m her sheas a hi school senior tha had been in a terrible accident. today she is a thriving college senior payg it forward. >> y never know how much y trul appreciate somethinuntil it's been taken away from you. so you just tryour harde to get backhat you lost. that what i do with socc. >> reporter: her life changed in an instant four years ago when she was accidentallyit by a car at a charity car wa. the driver waser close friend chelse >> i iediately forgave her. it was an accident. >> that was very iortant to know tt she didn't quote it against me. she didn't have hatred in her heart. >> doctorsere unable to save her le leg. >>he first thing you saido the doctor was when can i run? what do you thin that said about your spirit? >> very hard headed. i'm hard headed and i knew what i wanted and was goi to chase after it with everything i had. >> when we first said she would
8:47 am
retu to the soccer field everybody looked at u and, you know, boy they're delusnal and u don't know our daughter. >> reporr: i intervwed her four years ago fro her hospital bed. ev then, she had not given up hope tone day play again. >> i want to get back out and play. >> breanna mccann. reporter: her firstteps on theoccer fie was the fir sight ma will nev forget. >> tears were coming down. it was a lot of love. she has done anincredible job of showing peoplehat recovery is 99% choic and chance. >> reporter: ander rseverance paid off. the colge honored her scholarship that was offered before her accident. >> i sd good news for you. you' in. >> what'it like being out there the soccer field? i may not be the fastest player or the most technical
8:48 am
player but iork my hardest every single practice. i cheri every one because i ner know when is going to be my last. >> rorter: and her acmplishments go beyond the soccer field. >> i uerstand what it's like for your world to get tned upside down in a split second. >> reporter: after the boston bombing bre wanted vtims to know there is hope. >> so we actually have something from reann. it's roseann fm boston. you are an insration and lped me see what i can do in the future with the aivities i used todo. >>hy are you s emotional? >> just realizi what a difference i made in her life is a great thin >> she has bome such a potive influence on a lot of people's lives. >> she owned it. that was her dream from day one. >> she going to overcome everything sheneeds. she is doing absolutely fantastic. >> i love being out on the soccer field.
8:49 am
's my home. >> as i said in the piece, i was with her fou years ago. it was one of the first inrviews i did for the "today" showut her rilience and strength has rlly staye with me all of these years. she had 20 surgeries since tn but she is back playing goalie a dierent position than she played before and she is tly amazin >> thas great. thanks for catching us up with her. that's faastic. >> incredible. thank you so much >> tnks guys. >> we'll shift gear we hav affordable sutions for your holiday style dilemmas. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> there's the holiday music. back at 8:51, ready or not t holiday seon has aived and you'll probably have to get dressed up for thanksgiving dinner and maybe holiday parties. here's fashionable and affordable nds. good morning to you. >> hey, savannah. >> i lik how we're thinking of this. it's giving a gift to yourself before the holiday season gets started. >> it s. it'smportant to treat yourself. this is the momenthere you get to ine. sometimes these holiday shions can be tricky for people. we have fouromen that all have a distinct need. >> yeah. she is a working woman and thinking- you can come on out. she is thinking maybe sheas to go to a holiday part wants to look sophisticated t
8:52 am
glamorous. >>his is your moment to step oufrom that 9:00 to 5:00. your thinking about promotions. it has to be you. it's a netrking pay. ma sure you stand outnd what i like to say is powerful and promotable. so these designer platinupants e from t.j. maxx for a fraction of the price. then i picked a top from h&m and yo want t makeourself look memorable so a neckle like this is perfect to frame yourself and the earrings look pensive. >> it's festive but dianified for the office. >> i love it. it will chm the pants right off of them. >> thank you. e has a great occasion. she is going t meet her boriend's parents for the first time. here sheas before. come on out. let's see what you've got on. >> so, we know this can be such a nerve racking experience.
8:53 am
so you alws want to come off apprchable and friendly. tterns like stripes do just that but i paired it with a designer skirt from marshal i pred it with a designer shirtrom marshall's for a fraction of the price, so the color of marigold is a vy joyful color. she's got accessories by m. you want to make sure your shoes are comforble, becauset would annoy my momhen my brothers' glfriends would never help out aroundhe kitchen. i like a low boot. it helps you help arounthe kitchen, and the bestccessory is the one gift for the family. when you pick up your designer skirt from marshall's you get a little something thohtful. statement gift i what you need. >> thehave aittle sequin. they're sparkly. do you think this would press? >> i love it. >>ut a ring on it, okay? >> getting right in ere. thank you so much. weave another stephani this o has a different concern. sheays that she put on a
8:54 am
little weight, so she wanted to find an outfit that would mak herook fab. there she is bere. les see stephanie afte looks great. >> you look beautiful. here's the one thing that men always go towards. they go tards reds or greens, which c date you bause it's a littleiteral for the holidays. here we picked a muted red. not only at, but in an animal print. this jcpenney dress has a snakeskin pattern so it distracts from your body so inead it makes youook elte. you don't want to cer up. when you go bulky, it just adds e pounds and makes peopl think you're coverg up. sh dazzle are somethi great for seual. >> she's got the ls for it, too. let m see that necklace. i think when you add a lite sparkle to the top, that jazs up the outfit. >> those are soul society. super affordable as well.
8:55 am
>> what do you think? >> i feel like a million cks. >> you look like a million bucks. >> and you've al got a dance. oh, get it girl! yes! >> you look great. it's actually good for a lot of differen occaons. it's not too holiday. stephanie,hank you very, very much. last but not least, we have tiffany. she's a stay-at-home mom wh three young ki. here's our picture of tiffany before. she is thinking i'm going to wear something kind of special for the holida. so tiffany, com on out. let's see wha you'vegot. that is a cute drs. tells about that. >> okay, so moms, all your kids and your husband always see you in sweats and leggings all day, so you've got to really wow them. this iyour moment to say still got it." this is the "i stillot it" ess. thiss right off t runway for a fraction of the price. under $80. but the ribbing is really key fo you. women who feel like you don't want to sho off too much of yourody, the ribbing pvides
8:56 am
almost like a spanx-like feel. the lace is very sensual, very huge forhis season, but it's sexy. so topped wit a jewelled colo it's jt right. so you have that sexess but also that flirtatio fun. >> we're looking at se rgeous rings right the and bracelet. accessoring is always the key. tiffany, thank you very muc you fe good? >> feel grt to be all glmed up. >> good monday morning to you. 8:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. speed may have been a facr in a crash that killed two peop. it happened about 1:00n oakland. officials say the driver of a per hour, hitting a big rig, ipping over the median and on to another car. luckily, allanes are open now. time now to checkhe
8:57 am
forecast. anthy is in for christina this morning. >> good morning. ounext storm system seto arrive tonight. that's going t bring a f shers. in san francisco, a few low ouds. temperatures eventually topping out in the lower0s. we're lookingt mostly cloudy skies for the peninsula and the bay.
8:58 am
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if y do something today. and there's nevebeen a better time because th year, devry university has $45 llion dollars in nd and merit-based schorships and grants ailable to those who qualify. and this degree can make difference. in 2012, 90% of devryniversity grads actily seeking employmen had careers in tir field within 6 months. now is your time. apply byanuary 6th and find your reer success the bay area.
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visit >> announcer: om nbc news, this istoday'sake with al roker, natie moralesnd willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller aza. >>elcome to today on a mday mornin it's novber 18th, 2013. i'm wile geist along with al roker and natalie morales. hope everybody h a good weekend. not a good weekendn the sta of illinois. no. >>e're thinking about the people ere. at least six now confirmed dead. dozens injured. thousands without pow this morng. tornadoes slamming throu the midwest. earlier this morning, mattot a chance to talk to scott gundy. heives in washington, illinois outside peoria. his home was destroyed by a tornado. here's a look at the inrview. >> when you headed up into what was your home, what did you see?
9:01 am
>> i couldn't believe it, matt. tell you, my neighbor's houses -- i just couldn't believe it. so we wentround going to a of my neighrs houses looking for survivors. i mean i jt couldn' believe it. i've got cars in trees. i've got my '07 galant three houses down. i've got neighbo crawling out of the baseme. my son went and helped a gentleman, our neighbor that the roof caved in on him. it was just eerie silen when everybody got out and then all hell broke loose. >> talng about his experience you covered so many of these tornadoes. >> no matter h bad it looks on tv, it doesn convey . the tv by it's physical nature
9:02 am
frames the video. en you're tre and in a 360 all you see is devastion, it really i mind boggling and this morning on wak up with al on the weather chann and tn earlier on today, we ran this video fm anthony curry from waington, illiis. it's enougho see the videout listen to the sound. take a listen. >> our father w are in heaven hallowed be their name. their will be done on earths it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread andforgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that tspass against us and lead us not int temperatu temptation but deliver us from en. it gives you goosebumps loing at that. >> when i heard that this morning -- people tn to their faith because you never see anytng like this. you never had toeal with anything like this. >> you have sring down and look agent the tornado coming right at you. it looke outside the window.
9:03 am
>> that was a ef-4 tornado. it was the first time they had anef-4 in november in illinois. after ts outbre, this is the second most active severe weathe event for 2013. >> when i tornado season reall considered over? this seems late? >>his is actually considered the seco tornado season. november is the 4th bigst month for tornado deaths. sohat this actuall haens. ashe atmosphere is setting up for winter, y can have a l of volatity and this is what happens. >> all three of us were on the ground back in may in moor oklahoma. yes. >> and you look at the ptures anevery time its a tornado it reminds youf being there and you walkown a street and it's justoncrete slabs. that's all that's left and you haveo go through to figure out ere was the bathroo andhe kitchen. >> the ranmness is crazy. the house and the roof was completely destroyed but inde the books were still on t book shelves of an ofce.
9:04 am
>> what probably saved a lot of lives here, unlike moore, there are a lot of bements here. >> right. >> in this area. >> thank goodnessor that. >> so a lot of people get to shelter. >> a long clean up ahead of them there in illinois. >> thas makingnews. another big story that's making ne is brett farve'sinterview with matt which we aired this morning here on today and some interestg points. farve, y know, mt asked h if h had son, wch he does not, he has two daughters and evenhough he is coaching in his town in mississippi he said if h had a son would he letim play football? and brett actually said he would be very leery of letting, y know, a son play foball. d is leery of ks in general playing football. i think it's decisn he said that parents have toake with their own children >> thas a hugemoment. >> that's a huge moment. >> it's a huge moment for football. he got up after every hit and played hurt and did all t things tha footbl asks to be a tough guy and for him tbe
9:05 am
able to step back and say the way i feel now after having played a not being able to rememb things that happened yesterday or couple of days ago, f him, the face of football to come out and say i'm not so sure i would let my son play that's a bigeal and big problem for the game of football. >> yeah. what about his reaction to the miami dolphs bullying story. it's a reallynteresting reaction. >> my initial action was you goto be kidng me. >> y? >> pro footba, buying? we're playing -- it's the toughest sport, most violent, not to mention you're men. some older than others. so it's not like a little 12-year-olon a playound. d i'm not defending or condoning. all i'm saying is my initial reaction was a grown man who is 320 pounds is getting bullied? >> you don't think it's possible? >> well, i never thought i would see i i'm not saying it's not possible. i'm t saying it didn't happen. i don't know i haven't paid a lot of attention but my initial
9:06 am
reaction was you have got to be kidding me. >> a he goesn to say that the culturef that locker room is very much -- there are those that are going to be the bullies and others who may or may not like i as he put it and it's ju what happens behind the enes in the lockerroom. >> i like brett farve a lot a i have great respect for him but i heard that point made by a lot of people. thisuy was 320 pounds. that's not the point of bullying. doesn't matter h physically big. if somebody or a group of people gang up yo no matterow big you are, tt is llying. >> there's emoonal bullying too. that's thearger par of it. >> of course. well, mayor ford of toronto. >> your favorite mayor. >> the world's favorite mayor. >> t world's mayor. >> he is the world's mayor. >> yes, he is. >> givg an interview to fox ws sunday in which he talked out getting professional hp now for his problems. >> iave admted to using
9:07 am
illegal drugs in the last year. okay. i have admitted to drinking too much. okay. so i dealing with it. i am training every day. m in a gym for two hours every day. i'm eking professiol help. i'm not a alcoholic. i am not a drug addict. have i had my outbursts in the pa? absolutely i ve. t i'm only huma i have made mistakes. i've apologized. that all i can do. >> you could re-sign. >> wk away. >> there's that. >> cse thatdoor. e bye. the still counccity council is together today. they can't strip him of office. he'll run for re-election and might be back. >> what's great i he keeps showing up witthe football jersey. >> even when he is asked n to. >> we're beggingou do nothow up. sohat does mayor ford do?
9:08 am
>> there he is. >> he's there, baby. >> oh my. >> biglayoff game. he can't miss that. >> theyaid please don't wear the jersey. please don't come to e me. took a picture of everybody he can find at t game. they're on twitter. >>hey need somody at eh gate wit a taser. >> by the way, there are people that do support him. >> oh, yeah. asking for tographs. >> you gethe tweetfrom people inoronto saying he's been a pretty good mayor when it comes to saving taxpayers money and he's lived up t his promises but that said, everything else he has de -- >> there's a l of fans back i roman times b that didn't mak it right. it's a bit of a leap. >> i just thought i should say that. >> but it' good becse it's helping snl. check outy man. >> i sorry for how i have been acti. it is not indicative o my posion of mayor in this great townf toronto.
9:09 am
hey, man. i got what you asked r. >> not here. let's do it under the desk. >> okay,ll right. >>his is grade a premium. >> don't say what it is. >> well i got your stuff right here. >> all rit. l right. whoa, that's aot of crack! >> that was not mayoral behavior. and again, feel bad about that but i apologized for it at a press conference just half an hour later. >> and we have video of that later. >> i'm the best mayor of all mayors. i'm the best mayorn the world. your mayor's can suck [ bleep ]. >> somewhere chris farley is smilin very impressive. >> well done. >> no tall bs for you while u do the weathe >> no, let's show you wha we t. as far as our weather is concerned, boy, we had a d as
9:10 am
we talked about weather-wise and we havanother big system king its w toward the pacific northst that may involve denver over the next few days. they may be looking at pretty goodnow in the next several days but in the meantime, rgeous day, plentyf sunshine. mild 59 degrees. todas top weather, this storm coming into th pacific northwest. it's gng to be bringing --ou can e the swirl o clouds coming in here. rain alrdy making its way into seate. we're looking for showers and some heavy at times and the mountain snows getting together. look at these l pressure systems making tir way and eventually they' dive do. you can see the snow starting to spreadnto the rockies. what we expectver the next 48hours, right along the cot, a t of rain. some aas picking up up to ree inches of rain and then looking at 6o 18 inche of it's actually that same syst we're expting to bring showers to the b area by tomorrow. i'm anony slaughter in thebc
9:11 am
bay area weather center. you ca see somef that fog system keeping thatarine layer strong in fact, tomorw at this time, we'll be looking at a few showers across the ea. in fact, tse showers will spre through the day, even for your evening rush hour. for today, a dry day, but jacket weher. low to mid-40u6. mayor ford might be perfect for an msnbc show. >> sure. get h on there. >> coming up, w the number seven is critical to yr health. bet you didn't kno that. important numbers to live by for bet you didn't kno that. impor[ male announc ]live by for this is jim, a man who doesn't stand sti. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irrular heartbeat, not caused by aeart valve problem. that puts jim at greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his bloodested. but now, wh once-a-day xarelto®, jim'on the move.
9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
he loves me. he lovese not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm andlaky in 15, everyone lovesillsbury grands! [ girl make dinner pop! ♪with my redcard, i bring them all to life. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. save big all season with price matc plus 5% off andree shipping ith your redcard. >>when it ces to taking care of you health there's certain numbers to live by but with new guidelines and studies coming out all theime it can get confusing. >> you can say tt again. they made it ey with the
9:15 am
critical numbers we need to know dr. peterson is a contributor to women's alth. good to see you. >> good moing. >> let's start off with a number that pertains to men and women and can be confing. our cholesterol. okay. so the number90. >> yes. so 190 is the new ldl level that should be looke at for a red flag for treatment. last week the guilineshanged for the management of cholterol and is now advised by the american cardiolog asciation that four groups be treatenumber e, ldl greater than 190. >> greater than 190. >> group two, if you have cardiovascular disease, that means,stroke, heart aack or coronary artery disease. number three, diabetic. st diabetics over the age of 40. and lastly a t year risk of having an event greater than
9:16 am
7.5%. it is confusin but thes are the new guidelines >> all right. othegroups as well that should be ccerned as well. >> yes, now it's the diabetics will likely need one as well. >> ay. e number is sen. this is for theours of sleep we should be getting. >> should be getting. >> most of usround here aret getting that. >> no, but seven or more is the optimal number of hours of sleep so that you have good healthut if you get lesshan seven you' increasing your likelihood of obesity and heart disease. if you're waking upgroggy in the morningo to bed5 minutes earlier th next night. >> sounds good. >> right. >> the number 14. 14 and again for men and women. >> 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories that you te in is ial and you can find fib in nuts, beans and whole grains and supplemen that you can find over the counter tha you add to water. ber has health benefits.
9:17 am
it keeps your bowel movements regular. it'she first thing i recommend for constipation. and a study came out thatound for every 1 grams of fiber you take a day you can lower your risk of death from major iness by 10% over 14 yes. >> 14 gms per 1,000 calories. >> so a wom is eating about 15 to 2,000 calories? >> to 28 grams wld be ideal. >> and a man would be 3,000. >> yes. >> does it matter what kind of fiber? dietary supplements as opposed to gting it natally through foods? >> it doesn't matter. you can get it through sometng like beneber or a handful of almond >> let's move to number . this pertains to guys and testostene. >> it does. testosterone production declines as men starts to age. it's the naturalart of the ing process. it can cause insomnia, sexual dysfunction andifficulty losing weight and other
9:18 am
problems. it's 30. it's a range from 9 t 30 but 3 ishe upper end of normal. that's the ideal for men. what can men do to increase testosterone on eir own without taking testosterone supplements, they can exercise 's found to raise production and another study found that when combined with magnesium you can increase it even more. >> last but not least, the number one. and this is for the number of times per year we nd to be sted for what? >> mammograms for wom overhe age of 40. >> ay. >> for clinical breast exams for women over the age of 40 and p smears f any woma if they're hing abnormalvery year. if they hadhree norl in a row, they can goo every three yes. >> gat information. thk you to breaking it down by th number >> my pleasure. >> coming up nt, we'll g you caught up onll the news you ne before you leave the house th morning. ne before you leave the house th mo[ male announcer ] if you're a rie user, you may have heard there's a n rinse thatalks about protecting, even after ting and drinking.
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9:22 am
ll your health care provider about all dicines you take and all of your dical conditions. get medicahelp right away ifou experience rious allergic reactns such as body rash, trouble with breathi, fast heartbeat, or sweating. expen® is insulidelivery my way. vered by most insurae plans, including medicare. ask your health care provider about levemir® fleen today. taking a lk at your adlines this morning, the clock is ticking on the white house's self-imposed deadline over thebama care website. the obama administtion's new goals to have 80% of the website'ssers able to buy plans online by the endf the
9:23 am
month. the president is holding a conference call todayo build support after a significant number ofouse democrats voted r a republican fix to the law on friday. aritical decision could come today on how to battl a meningitis outbreak at princeton iversity. at least six students and one visitor have been infected with an unusual strain of the potentially dead disease. the vaccine needed to prevent a wider outbreak is not approved inhe u.s. but the government has okayed the foreign vaccine in thiscase. if you want to pick your own gifts for chrisas you're in luck. gift cards have been the most popular presen for the past fiveyears. analysts say they will again be this year. the most popular gift cards from the big credit card compani and according to the survey, the richer someone is, the more likely they'll give a gift card and n a trational present. > we have an important recall to tell you about this morning. clay bowl outor fireplaces are
9:24 am
recalled becauseieces can blow off of the bowl when the fire was lit. they were sold at christmas tree shops for aut $70. you can return itor a full refund. a super start f a super hero at the box office this weekend. thor theark world debuted taking in $38.5 million. thbest man holiday also had a nice showing with over 30 million in it's debut weekend anlast vegas was a distant third. >> spectacular video to show you out of italy. mother nure at her finest. mt. etna erupted again over the weekend. it shot out a towering column of ash and fire that lit up the sky over eastern sicily a as europe'sost acte volcano the last major eruption was 1992. >> thor debuted last weekend.
9:25 am
>> that's ght. for all those who sleep for all those who sleep o hot or too cool, w there's a solution. slp number dual temp, the revolutionar temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, includinyours. it only at a sleep number store, where this holid season, the hottest sleep innovations make the coolest gifts - including sleep number dual temp. discoverual temp at one our 425 sleep numbe stor nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. ..through yonder.. window breaks . it is the east ... and juliet ishe sun i'my body doesn't rk the way it useto. st my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so.
9:26 am
great grai protein blend. protein from natul ingredients like seeds a nuts. it helps support a healthy metaboli. great grains protein blend a very good mondayorning toyou. i'm laura garcia-cannon. alsouthbound lanes o 88 back open after a crash kied two people. it hapned on southbound interstate 880 near t 5th avenue on-ramp. one of the cars may have been going up to 110 miles per hour. san josefficials are trying to solve the ty's 42nd and 43rd homicides of the year. the first happenedriday night. a man was shot while driving through a parng lot. less tha 24 hours later, other person was kill on the 100 block of golden. inveigators haven't identified suspects in either murders. on saturday rning, santa clara county deputies shot a woman who say pointed a knife at them and wouldn't put it down.
9:27 am
>>a san francisco supervisor introducing a tax on sugary drinks in the city. this would distribute the money between health education effort physical education initiatives, and health food access in or neighborhoods. traffic after this break.and
9:28 am
welcome back here on this monday. taking a looat your forecast. we havlots of cloud cover across the board rht now. that's because we preparing for our next orm system tt's expected to arrive tonight. a few rain drops will start to fall around midnht. in santarosa, you'll notice at. as we progress through theay tomorrow, those showers really start to sweep through the rest the bay area umbrellaa good idea for tomorr. for today, it'lle a dry day but cool. jacketeather. 65 in san jose. the pensula. 64 isan mate even in n francisco, low 60s there. again, quite a bit ofloud cover because that storm system is expected to arrive tonight.
9:29 am
at'll mean f wet roadways r tomorrow, mike. >> hard to say, wet roadways. i'll practice. over here the san mateobridge, it's dry right now. heading intoome of that haze. not a major problem. we're just getting done with th major impact of the commute here. bottom o your screen a little slowing as you get off the bridge and hdn to the bay fronexpressway. over here, starting tooosen up. west 580 still recovering after an earer crash. backo yo >> all right. thank you very much another localews uate cing in half an hour. ha a great monday morng.
9:30 am
welcome back to today. it's monday mning november th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al d natalie. we have video to sho you. >> this is reay ol. >> one couple's credible rsion of a iconic dance scene from dirty dancing burningp the web this morning. is is ta and drake. tied the knot in augt and what theyid during the reception has goneiral. ♪ it could be love ♪ because i've had the time of my life ♪ ♪ and i never felt this way before ♪ >> that's imprsive. >> nice hold. >> soell done.
9:31 am
they did the who dance routine and, in fact, they even showed you before t actual wedding david owe they went to rehearsals and the prep and all of that. ally cute. adorable. >> they're bot in such horrible shap >> wow, they look good too. they look the part. >> the bri said she w such a faof dir dancing, i broke e vhs tape because i wated it so much. >> noby puts baby in the corner. >> nobody puts baby i that corner. this calls to mind another famous -- >> dirty dancing. >> al roker, ryan gossling. >> i was so upset i wasot here th day. >> she wted the lift >> iould have been up for a little dirtyancing lift. >> especially with m, i guess, right? >> nice. >> whas going on with the weather, al? >> let me goheckt out -- justkidding. i can't walk over. let's show you what's going on asar as your forecast is concerne let's go to sena.
9:32 am
this is a great earth cam here. take a look at this picture. it's really kind of neat. oh, ye, love . as you cansee, we got plenty of sunshine. it's 63 degrees. a little on the coolide tre today. and as we go for your forecast fo today, windy cditions through the northeast, some snow in the easternreat lakes and lake effect snow. another big storm moving into the pacific northwest. lots of sunshine through the southwest but ain tperatures on the cooler side. tomorrow, windy an sno around the great las. cold weather throughout the central great lakes and me rain,indy and snowy conditions in the pacic northwest. that's what's goi o 9:32 thi morning. looking at cudy skies across most of the bay area. a lile sunshine trying to peek through, especially in the santa clara valley. we'll see mix of sun and clouds inland today. expect the drile to return by tonight. the raintarts to move in through the early morning hours
9:33 am
morrow. you definitely need those umbrellas for tomorrow. toda not bad. low 60s. north bay, east bay, and trivley looking at low to mid-60s. > and that's your latest weather. guys. >> thanks a lot. did y hear about the super hero thataved san fransco? or coline kennedy's new gig? >> that's the topics you and everyone else wants to know about a here to break down t top searchesn google is daniel. >> good morning. >> good morning. you're also participang in the movember. >> let's start offith bat kid. took over san francisco. >>eah. >> a little kid thaseen battling leukemia. he's now in remission. >> he's now 5 years old. he started battling it at age 2. the whole city essentially converted into gotham. he became bat d and was saving a woman in distss.
9:34 am
he battled the riddle the joker. he got a key to thecity. it was an amazi event that brought together a lot of voluntrs because his mom asked the make a wish fndation to grant this opportunity to his son. it turns outhat everybody got behind it and got int it. even a bat mole. >> it struck me how many people were in e streets. it wasn't just the kid and a few people from make a wish. there we thousands ofeople cheering him on. >> and just added to the excitement aund it and people were searching and it got posted on social media. i' jealous. more kids need to feel like super heros. >> i loved ben afleck's tweet bestbatman ever. >> tt's cute >> let move on to caroline kenned it's the 50th annersary ofhe assassination of her father this week. >> she was named ashe u.s. bassador to japan. lks were probably looking u her career. r past life. she is the daughter of president kennedy and ts is the first ti she's haduch a high
9:35 am
profe public office sort of a position. interestingly, there is a connection wh president kennedy and japan. did not visit japan as esident, during the assassinatio the then secretary of state was on his wa to japan to discuss the olympics, the 1974lympics in pan and turned around and came back to dallas. >> bt man holiday debutedn second place but this is a sequel going bac to 1999. >> 1999. >> so i guess a lot of pple probablyooking up the o one. >>aybe didn't knowt was a quel. just wanted to see the reviews of it. some folks that maybe weren't as ll-known in 1999. bit of a sleeper hit. took in more than $30 million and secondo thor and people wanted to see the reviews and see at people were saying about it. not only was the search interes high the box office did well too. >> they were all hereast week. such great chemistry on cama and off.
9:36 am
>> actly. >> this one is all over not jt the united states but all over the world. lissa bauchmann. >> shes on a channel called the pursuit channel all about huntinand fhing and she has be posting pictures of what you see her of hegoing out and hunting big gamen south africa. thisicture of her wit a lion and another of her with a zebra. so this raised the eye of people who feel like this is flying in the face of what sou african's belie with conservation around anals. there's a petition floatinground. i lieve more than 90,000 people have signed up for it asking for her to be bannedrom south rica. thers backlash and criticm. i'm sure people side with her. it's not illegal. she can do this >> not illegal but a l of people- it doesn't sit well. actly. so this certainly raised the ayre of folk online. >> the african ln is not endangered but it is a
9:37 am
vulnerableanimal. >>yes. >> the appearae of it is hard for people to swallow. >> yeah. it's hard to see those pictures. thank you so much >> my pleasure. coming up next,ust anoer manic moay around here. ready it's taken it's toll on al appantly. >> nice slippers. >> has ital? >> yes. m verystressed. >> i can tell. >> kick back and relax around a [ webb ] i think the reception for this pruct is overwhelminy positive. this toothpast sensodyne reir & protect can actually repair and protect sensitive teeth. exposed dentin can cause in in some people's teeth... and as long as th brush twice day, every day, then they can expect to continuay have that reparative layer of protection against sensitivity. i think t gets right at the hea of their sensitivity issues. i absolutely think dentists are going to want to recommend sensone repair & protect. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advi ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse.
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9:41 am
away so the stress of the holiday season is about to kick in. >> you want to find time to lax and recharge. to helps do that a home is by larson. it's good to see you. >> it's greato be here. >> so we spend a lot of time in our bedroom. there's a wayo relalalaxnd charge and calm things down. >> i think the bedroom is the one ace where people really escape to at night. so we wanted to keephe palate really neutral. so we start whites and creams and ivories and gold. keep it in that calm relaxing color palate. the blues an purposinles. >> you like to have a night stand nexto the bed? >> we do. >> it looks like a dresser. >> studies show that clutter is rectly related to your mood. you want ext store. all of that stuff on the floor can get tucked away in these
9:42 am
drawers. >> i like what you have done here on the boo shves. we want your room to feel ke you. if you're a booklover, you crawl up in your chair and wind down thatway, think about simplifying it. >> how do you tl which one is which? >> you have to put your reading glasses on. >> you have to get out ofbed. >> i know. this is kind of a gir thing but love it. i like it. >> it's very zen. >> yes. >> so the oth thinge did is we have a ton of fabric in here from the headboard or rug. fabric absorbs the noise. other gadge here. te me about this right here. >> it loo like a little heating pad. it actually holds yourpajamas. it's a warmer for your observe or you pajamas. >> i love that. yo get that right out of the dryer feeling tt everybody wants. >> when you slip into t sheets they're nice and cool. >>ou like the cl gel pillow.
9:43 am
>> i actuay use this at my use. it h a gel inserso it keeps you ol all night long. it's awesome. >> nice. >> let's go to the bathroom. >> let's head over there. the bathrm is not one of the plas that peoplelways think about relaxi in but it condition with jus a few really strategic kindf moments and ideas. the first thi we did was to bring in a little bit of era storage. we have big fluy towels on the ttom and we pull out all the xuries you might not think to use and put tm at arms reach so they're right here ready to be us. >> oy now you also can stay splug plugged in at l times. it's the swi and wipe >> iove this. you guys are terrible. >> no, iidn't say that >> thewipe and wipe. this i an ipad cadd. you can watch your favorite show this is awesome. this is a massageath mat. it gets all t pressure points
9:44 am
where you hold the stress in. >> gre. >> it turns it into a minispa which is great. >> great. >> if yodon't want to te a th, if you're a shower person, we have this showeread speaker. >> wo >> ifits into any standard shower. >> that's a ne sherhead. >> it's beautiful. it sinks up to your bluetooth vice so you can streams in seven to eight hours of music. you can take it with you while you're getting rea or winding down at nigh >> moisturizing ding winter is important. >> it s.t's dry out. these have essential mineral oil. you actually glow just in time r the holida. >> all right. abby larson, good stuff. thank yo >> thank you. >> still ahead from wine to bread pudding, ideas on whato serve with your turkey this ross america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pi to lower my blood gar, but itidn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®
9:45 am
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9:46 am
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chex party mix. happier holidays. ... through yonder window breaks. ... it is the east ... and juliet is the sun the same whitening power... with the fresh new scent ofemons. it's a fresh new way to whiten. waiting r your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkleepair s the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in jusone week.
9:48 am
neutrogena® to vwhatoes that first lines and wspoonful taste likok.k. honey bunches ofats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mm! w! it's the oats. ney. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a eat cereal. for folks turkey i the main attraction. for a lot of us, theides are what we're looking for. >> found 84% of men are involved in preparinghe thanksgiving meal. al and i count ourselves in that number. we have help ts morning. she the executive chef and owner of brown sugar kitchen in
9:49 am
oaklan california. great to see y. >> yeah, you too. >> welcome. >> you want us to start off talking about wine. >> a lot of peopl areondering wh to eat with thanksgiving. got ite meet aat and dark meat. this is what i really enjoy. >> yeah. >> it's crisp but it also has enough body to stand up to e protn of the turkey. >> ok. to bread pudding. >>yes. >> sory bread puddin we definity pay a lot o atntion to sides at m restaurant. it's as important a some of the main courses. so here wee going to start by -- we have dayld bread. so the nightefore you might have something lighter, salad, bread. whater. save your bread. we'll add frozen corn to the saé pan with onions, scallions, someresh picked
9:50 am
thyme an garlic. and of course a little to spice it up and saltnd pepp. >> is the a kind of bread you prefer? >> i like a french bre or something with a nice crust to really soak this all up. we let tt sauté and then we make custard that actually -- when you have the bread and it's dried out, thisill soak up really ll. >>ow much of this can you do ahead? >> you can sauté your vegetabl. you can make this and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. the custard. it's not going to go d. we put a lite cream in it. some milk. >> there you go >> it's thksgiving. >> it's just oneday. >> it's just one da >> i with you. >> it's the only day that we eat too much, of cose. d then we basically just toss everything togeth. i like keeping everything really mple. rely easy. you spe so much time that day getting ready, sting the
9:51 am
table. thank you, a and th the bread gets put in there. everything at ce. >> wt kind of cheese? >> just a white cheddar. >> okay. >> yeah,o -- at my resurants we try to use organic and sustainable ingreentshenever possib. we usehite cheddar and all of at goes right into here. >> is that butter casserole? >> it is. we're just going to bake i and it a comes togeer. >>ook at that. >> with a littleheese crust on top. >> oh my goodness. >> there you go. >> how long do you put it ithe oven? >> about 30 to 40 minutes depending on - >> let's take that back here. >> we havene more dish to work on. >> yeah i know i'm coming back here. >> excellent. excellent. >> that was very hot. >> dn't thinkhat one thrgh d you, al? >> we have brussel sprouts here. ople love ohate them. if they don't like they they haven't had them cooked the right way. i like a really nice sere on
9:52 am
them. we'rgoing to add -- it's going to be a little indulgent. so molasses. i add a little wat to steam it up and cook them throughnd then i have some toasted pecans. >> beautiful. >> i like to, you know,ut southern ingredients in the dishes but maybe mix it up little bit. so every tnksgiving i try to change my sides up. >> here'she keyight here. >> yeah, some bacon. there itis. >> well, it's optional. it's optional. but if i were you i would put it there. >> instead ofinner rolls -- >> we have sweet potato rolls. a lot of times people have smashed swee potatoes. i like t mix it up. you guys tas and see how i did. >> people like you have rescu the brsel sprout. now it's aust have. >> getng that browning on them -- that's what makes them -- that's faastic. >> tonya holland, thank you so much. >> thank you.
9:53 am
>> it's so gd i can't talk. >> we're bk in a moment but rst this is "toda on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
all right. what can we get ready to look forward to? >> kenny loggins. he is going to singor us. >> we have joyfi lo 250 pounds. >> and he's goi to yell at people. >> iove it. >> yelat hody because
9:56 am
go morning to you. it is 9:56 now. i'm marla tellez. a woman is still inritical conditn this morning after she and another wanere shot in san francisco. the other woman died. itappened sunday morng in a parking lot near the corner of 6th and jesse streets.
9:57 am
witnesses say a crowd w leaving a nightclub when someone openedfire. the two women were found inside a car. no arrests have been made. in t east bay tay, the vote on a controversial gun l control measure that would ban gun store from opening near homes, schools, parks, and adult entertainment vees. it also requires store owners and employees to ps criminal background checks and reqres dealers to install an alarm system and also some surveillance caras. meteorologist anthony slauter is in f christina ren. see everyone's in e 50s right now. >> yes, it's chilly outside. jacketeather definitely. you know, we are expectingome ra. that's going to arri as early as tonight, especially at the coast. definitely make sure you have those umbrellas for today. at least for tomorrow. it'll be a dry daytoday. planner shows thing toppingut ly near 60 degrees. 's going to be veryhilly. definitely want to make sure you have those jackets handy. thrain is expected to arrive
9:58 am
it'll be a wet commute for tomorrow morning. this rain sticks aroun for tomorrow morning and possibly into dnesday. this iseally good news your microclimate forecast sho temperatures ithe low to mid-60s. mike, h are the roads shaping up? >> good. we're watching for tomorrow. rainnot going to be good. here in the south bay, easier flow of traffic. you see no major red zones. just little yellow on north 87. over in the tri-valley, 68 recovered but 580 is stilslow after a ries of cshes. still slow thrgh livermore. here an easy drive inhe approach toward the bay bridge toll plaza. e back-up is eang. back to you. >> all right, mike. thanks so much. wel be bac at 10:26 withur ne local news update.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "tay" with kathie le gifford and hodaotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, erybody. we have a beautiful cro out there. >> big crowd. >> on this lovely, warm november 18th. we usually call it fun day monday but all our heartso out to those in the midwest who have been impacted by those -- how many tornadoes? arly 40? >> and 12 stas hit by the stms. we wt tm tknow we're thinking about them and wish em well >> we sure are. every week it see we're reporting something destating.
10:01 am
not just rainstorm but devastation. >> when you look at our crowd outside, these guys have on t-irts and no jackets an you kn -- well,et's see what ken loggins is wearing ler when he comes on to sing for us. >> 's going to be here. >> he's going to be here. we h a pretty aweme weekend, i he to y. as weekends go,t was a 10. >> we went to floridaor a fund-rser in ocean ef. >>yep. >> have to tellyou, the weather w really nice. it was a beautiful weekend. we went to kathie's favite place whh is now cked. ck. >>ecause every time you mention the name alabama jacks. okay. m sorry about -- the guy with the queion mark is- i've decided still not to sho him because, you know -- my mom hasn't even met him. so, younow -- >> i undetand. as long as he's okay with it. >> well, we' find out if h is. i haven't told him. >> the loomis are there,our
10:02 am
friends. >>hey inviteds to this big crab feast and our friends, e loom loomisesnvited us down. >> raised a lot of moy. >> sure did. these two kids happen to be sittg to the table nex to us. >> beautiful chilen. >> they uld have been m kids. >> yep, the look like yours. the truth is that i cano longer go tolabama ja's with hoda. we'roming in by boat and all of a sudden, they were yelling, hoda woman, show us your feet, that kd of thing. usually frank and i, and bambino come in. it was rock star time. so hoda is n banned from my favorite ace, alabama jack's >> we want to thank everyone w sent us drinks. it was exceent. have you watched snl? it was afun-filled show. i don't knowbout you guys. if you watchedthis, there was a scene -- they called i kim ye.
10:03 am
>> wing up with kimye. >> there's a woman who appears in the skit who i couldn' identifyokay? >> okay. >> turns out she hosted snl. take a look. lady gaga. >> how can you compare us? we're not en wearing the same thing. >> and that's a damn shame because you're standing next to a star. let's analyze the two. kim is wearing a piece that s initiallyidn't want to wear so iad to put her in it while she was asleep. at the same time says hey, this girl knows how toread. and is wearing this garbage. wh do u have to say for yourself karen? well, fst of all, this is my work uniform. yeah, work. >> but, honestly, i don't care about fashion. think people who try too hard with their tfits are may
10:04 am
hiding something. >> lady ga. >> ladgaga. fuy. wast the performing arts or something like that? so she has a lotf backgrnd. >>he was great. and also rob ford, the mayor of toronto. >> you have toove the man. >> come on, he has been the butt of every jok >> don't say butt and don't say moist. >> wll get to that. >> my rent actions, i have been very stressed and i have made some very poor decisions, but i am sorry. oh, and one more thin i brought some chapstick for everybody and i wld love for you t put it on beforeou kiss my [ bleep ] whi [ bleep ]. >> i shoul notave said that part. i goofed up but i realid thatnd i apologized at a press cference only few hours late again, am sorry for how i have been acti. it isot indicative of my position of mayor in this great
10:05 am
town of tonto. >> hey, man, i've got tosk yo -- >> let's do it under the desk. >> okay. >> ooh, that was not mayoral behaor. ♪ i'mhe best mayor of all of the mayor s i'm the best mayor in the world ♪ ♪ you mayors can suck [ bleep ] ♪ >> that bob moynahan, which is a new name to me, that's funny uff. first time i saw that, i thought it was the real guy. >> i know. >> i really thought it was the mayor. >> the likeness is sick. unbelievable. >> they have winner with that andpparently now that the mayoras his own reality show. >> can you believ >> they'll be able to -- >> him and his brother. >> yep, p, yep. >> unbelievable. we did talk to you about words that grossed us out on frid's show. >> we think they should be banned from the vernacular one we've been talking abouts moist.
10:06 am
>> moist. weere very moist alleekend long. it was hot down the. we asked you for some of your commendations. and1,400 ofou had nothing bett to dohan respond t us. >> so here's what you said. these are the words you dislike. supple. i like supple. >> youdo? >> i do. i don't like secretion. >> secretion. crusty andpanties. >> pantie >> wt's the problem wit panties? >> i don't know, but teri canaugh has a problem and takes umbragehen somebody says clter. >>nd slacks. >> keep 'em coming,peop. we le sayg them. >> these are the most beautiful phographs. >> these are too cute. >> an eight-weekld puppy was adopted by this mily. their23-month-old so au and
10:07 am
their new puppy take naps together. >> look at that on >> theo and beau napping. look at this. >> they n two hours together every day. oh, my god. oh. >> can you imagine how happy this pip is to have a home and to be loved like this under the covers? >> und the covers. oh, that'sy favorite. that might b my favorite. >> oh, sp it with the -- oh, mygosh. >> indeed. >> oh, my gosh. >> she should put out a book. t out aittle book, let everybody have this. do it quickl self publishing. ha it out for christmas. >> good idea. it's time to surpris our -- >> fan of the week. >> -- fan of the week! drum roll. >> span the globe. >> caitlyn from pennsylvania.
10:08 am
she is joining us by skype. hi, caitlyn. how are yo >> i'm so excited. >>ho is that that you have there with you? >> this is clora. hello, little clora. >> we'll tell you what you won. >> in a moment. first we want to tell everybody else why you're such a loyal vier. she never misses a show. en she was in labo she powered through thepain, baby, with a little hel from us. you go, girl. >> big f as well, 2 1/2 month old a even has a klbchlt and hoda onesie that was custom made. >> first of l, we're going to te you where you're going. i'm going to signne of my lullabye cds to ko. >> o y're awesome.
10:09 am
>> aren't i. >> she is the best. >> we have two vouchers to swi with theolphins at the famous dolphin discery. >> hotel accommodations are furnished by nanny cay resort, bbi tourist. are you excited? >> thank you, guys, so much. >> we love you. that i a cute baby. >> precious. >> thanks, caitlyn. take care, rling. >> bye. >> you're going to -- >> talng about the crabs. i told you -- what tt's got to do with anything, i don't know but i like it. supplied by ctas inn. you can get their seasong at costasinn.m. you cause it on all kinds of seafood. >> delicis. >> bthe way, the crabs at that crab feast wereamazing. >>hey were awesome. you can order them a year long. you don't have t wait till crab
10:10 am
season. hoda? >> if you're visiting for the holidaysnd you want to give a gift, fresh soap, at they smell lik aven. >> kevi sounded li -- who's kevin that i want to smell him? kevin smells good. >> we do have onennouncement to make. another contest, the sort of thing -- >> we're not quite sure how to categorize this one. >> anyway it's called cut the creep. this ithe time of yearhere everyone gains weight. >> we don't mean the guy in yo life that you're dating, not that kind of creep. this is ather thing. >> so you kw that the scales -- as the holidays come in, youat all the holiday stuff. madelyn fernstrom is looki for three women who nee a little nd holding the nex monthr so. >> terrified they're going to gain the extra 10 to 15 pounds they just want to maintain. we might join the on that. go t
10:11 am
>> cutting the creep right there. >> and hit the connect button. >> all right. >> if you need some motivation touckle down and lose weight, wait till you meet our next joy fit club member. and the latt news on angelina and kenny logins afr these messages ys! [ female aouncer ] .it can. introducing swiffesteamboost powered by bissell. gs the dirt that mops can leave hind, [ female aouncer ] .it can. with steam-activated cleaning pads that break down dirt and ck it away. how did you g this floor clean?!! ♪ steamboost, sir!! [ feme announcer ] new swiffer steamboost wered by bissell. not jusclean, steamboost clean. [ ding! ] losing your chex m too easily? time to the boring-potato chip decoy bag. then no one wano steal the deliciousness. [ malannouncer ] with a variety of tastes and ttures,
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ah, you plymouth rocd this dinner from here to jamestown and it hardly cost you a illing, because u went to walmart. that's right mom, you own this season. everything to make the perfect anksgiving meal for less. waart. time for todas buzz,e get you caughtp on l the icy hollywood buzz >> from bieber's a night partying to alec balin's burst. >> how areyou? >> happy mond. >> wt is bieber up to? >> bieber,e just can't stop partying. he had an all nighter friday night. the cops were called three differt times. 1:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m. and 5:30. he h over 100 guests. one of them was reportedly snoop dogg. i don't get why snoop dogg
10:15 am
rties with justin bieber. >>e're vy trendy here >> he wasn't arrested. sn't that much trouble. but a crazyparty. >> how about those neighbors, though? why don't th -- >> tt's who calle the police. >> ty bring aomplaint against him. >> they filed a police report but no one is arrested. >> because theolice an't stopping him. >> if you're cled three times -- that's so rude. >> once i get. buthree times. >> they said it was gre gatsby-esque. >> rent some place -- >> in the woods. >> yes. and dot botrour neighbors. >> next, the gornor's awards cameout. >> tse awards a the precurr to the oscars. th're honorary oscarawards and some people cal them the most press teethoutigious awards one wa given o to angelina
10:16 am
jolie. rah winfrey got it before. she's done so mh work with refuge. her son was there, her husba brad pitt w ther >> hs got maddox's o hacut. >> i looks good. angela lansbury got her oscar award, nomined 70 years ago in 1944. >> and they cried apparently. he said i practiced thispeech with my dog and i wept. >> amazingceremo. very special. noameras allowed. very -- >> except for tom hanks. >> tom nks, yeah. >> alecbaldwin. alec was on the street, apparently using some anti-gay slurs. >> he d a rough we. on ursday, there is footage that tmz obtained, wt everywhere, of him chasing a photographer, sayin something -- some ople are calling them gay slurs. it sounds loo a gay slur. >> ifhat doesn't sound like a gay slur, i don't know what is.
10:17 am
>> msnbc postpon his show or cancel his show for two wks just until he just kind of dies down. but he rode an editorial for the huffgton post and said that, you know, he justants to fend his family. all he wan is safetyor his family. thishould not be msnbc's problem. >> did he claim he didn't use anti-gay slurs. >> he said he sai the wor fat head and not the other f wo. his daughter -- his daughter ireland baldwin tweeted overhe weekend and said her dad is a good m. eryone has problems. this is an issue tt -- anger management. >> it is. and, you know, a lot of celeities go through this it is nothe way you act, it is the way you react. remeer, hoda woman? learn to react to e situation. >> they follow this guy. he is the most wanted on their list. >> he said, i did not intend to hurt or offend anyon with my oice of words but clearly i have. for that i a deeply sorry. wos are important. i will choose mine with great
10:18 am
care going forward. >> he said he wouldivep show business completely. >> talkeabout possiblyiving up show business if it means not doing any films, that sortf -- for the paparazzi t stop following him ound, he'll do th. >> the box office. >> yes. "thor" topped theox ofce. the big story is "the best man holiy." the film cost $17 mlion to make, made $30 million, he opening weekend. it was nber one on friday t over the weekend, but still a gre film. and terrence howard, everyone is buzzing about this interview he gaveith andy cohen over e weekend, talked out "iron man," he said bically andy asked him why aren't you in iro man 2 a iron man 3. he said robert downey jr. wanted more money and he was pushed o of t second and third. >> hisx-good friend. >>es. >> thanks.
10:19 am
>> thank you so much sweetie. two-time grammy winner kenny ggins, we love him, warms up all of us with a holiday classic your kids can sing along go! it's back. olive garden's buy one, take one, just $12.99. choose one of five amazing entrees to enj today, like smoked mozzarella chick. antake home a second entrée for later. like smoked mozzarella chick. buy onego olive garden.2.99.
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10:22 am
(applause) shop your way meers can ring in t holidays with joe boxer. kmart. get in. get more christmas. ♪ froy the snowman >enny loggins gettings in the md for the holidays with fros the knowman. >> he told more than 2 million albums, but now he's attracting new audiens. th is not your first rounds. i remember you very well doing children's music when you were earlr in your career. how are you doing? >> h are you? >> dng great. iid my firstchilen's record was return to pooh corner. >> huge hit. why did you wt to take a crack at frosty t snowman? >>ou heard of peter, paul and
10:23 am
mar mary, right? he cald me and said we're putting together this bo, we have great iustrator and we wanto do "frosty the snowman," will you singt for us? >> he started the whole book hi own compy. >> he has his own imprint. >> wonderful guy. >> great guy. >> do you have fond memorie of this bk or -- >> we all have childhood memories of "froy the snowman." i was bummed he melted, but that happens. >> only to be revived the nex wier. we kw that. you sav the corn pipe. >> and the t. >>nd the scarf and the hat. >> are your kids young enough to still likthis or -- >> my yngest is 16. i have ve. and i think they're at the age where they like seeing me on tv mo than -- doesn't matter. look at that. >> are those picres from years gone by? >> yeah that's many years ago. >> are you a grandfather ye >> not ye >> not that you know of. >> ihink he would tell m >> when you play some old hits,
10:24 am
like love "footloose" and some other songs, which is the one u get the most requests for. >> probably "footloose." that and "danger zone". they go back and forth. ♪ footloose >> theret is. >> i like your mellow stuff all that. >> you would love cody's song >> i tnk we have a little of th. >> you two sang a duet together on kathie's cd. >> that's notit. >> yeah, that's it. that's the twof us. i did -- ♪ i promise you >> wn was that? >> cody w -- >> they were all very much younger. >> it is called ody's song kenny wrote itor his son cody d i wasoing a lullaby album and aed him to do it with me. thank you. >> we're excited because -- ♪ >> who is th? whoever it is, she digs her a
10:25 am
lot. >> they'll be backith a performance before we go. all about t new band. and money saving monday. i'm over the hill. my body doesn't work the way it useto. past my prime? i'm a victim of slowing metaboli? i don't thinso. protein om greanatural ingredientsend. like seedsnd nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein ble. fruit, with a cool finish.
10:26 am
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10:27 am
rs. nasa's late mission to mars could blast off within minutes. scientists from uc berkeley are anxiously watching bause they created many of the instrents on board. e maven spacecraft should launch at 10:30, but there's a two-hour launch window it will take ten months to reach bit around marsill it will study the r planet's atmosphere. there's 60% cnce the weather will cooperate for today's launch. more onoth of thes stories at 11:0 traffic after the eak.eather and
10:28 am
10:29 am
> welcome back. 10:28. because our next srm system is headed our wa that's going toring rain tonight. you'll notice inan francisco ght now a few clouds that wl eventually tn to a cloudy sky toght. that's wn the showers are expected t push through. toght after midnight. you'll notice tod will be a dry day. lots of clouds across the board to the north bay.y all the way 're talking about mostly cloudy skies. cool weather today. grab those jackets. umbrellas for tomorrow. mike, how are those ros? for slowing.king at the reason as you head to the top of the screenthat same oakland shot you showed, southbound away from you oveone lane to the righ that's the slowing down toward the coliseum. the rest of th bay lookingvery light. no problems crossing over the bridges. back to you. >> all right, ke. and now weake you ve. look at this. nasa maven spaceship has just blasted off secon ago in ce
10:30 am
canaveral, florida. that's what you're lookinat live. it's a big mission for nasa ing to explore the red planet atmosphere. more at 11:0 ♪ it's not about the money, money, money ♪ we'r back onhis money saving monday. it is time to get rl about what all the hiday gifts are gointo cost you this year >> suze orman is here to keep you from overspending. >> she's here to spank you. how e you? >> i'm great. you know what is so funny. ery time the two of you come and sit down, you say, i sorry, suze, i didn't mean to -- >> not me. i'm all good. >> i want topologize for everything. >> ion't know what it ishey did but they're afraid i'm going to yelat th. a recent gallup poll shows that a lot of people putheir gifts on the credit card. >> it is so horrib.
10:31 am
i don't want to seem like the grinch that stole christmas. what is horrible is we work, fromanuary until november to get o of de. to really start saving money and then in december, we blow everything because we are too guilty to not give something we can' afford. >> that is less thanhat people said they were going to spend st year so is that aood -- good news, people are realizing i don't need to spe that much. >> what else is good is that the gift cards that everybody is giving, the amount -- eve thought is a pular item still, the aunt of gift cds being purchased ts year are less than themount of gift cards last year. i really don'tike gift cards. >> why not? tell everybody. >> i don like gift rds. last year alone,ver $2 billion were not used on gift cards? you get a gift card, y put it in a drar -- and they have a expiration date >> let's say they don't you forget abo it. you want to give somody cash give them cash. but yore too barrassed. god forbid i should give you dirty money. i'll give you aift card.
10:32 am
give them money. there is nothingrong with money. >> you say find out what pple really want. they get gifts they can't use, dot need, and want to regift anay. >> the saddest thg, i was doing the opr show, it was on all thetime, sheould have me go io the homes, i would spend all day in their homes and reorganizing them and in the closets they were stuffed full of what? gifts they had been given over all the holidays, for all the years, there afraid if they got rid of, their relates would be upset. stop giving people -- >> if they were stuffed in a closet somewhere. >> but now -- somebody recently gave me a ft. and i looked at them and i said, i looked at her and said, you know, i love you so much, but i dot -- i'm not going to use this. you give i to somebody else or take it back. do not waste this on me. buthat's being honest with people. >> would never do that. >> you would let somebody waste their money and give you something yo would never like -- >> regift it to somebody else. >> that they won't like.
10:33 am
>> rig. pass it . >>he bought it in italy or i would have taken it back and tten the money. >> she brought it a the way ho. >> especially foyou. >> it was a scarf and we both ve them back to her. >> oh, boy. now you told the whole world. >> she knows. i gave them back to her. but we weren't going to u them. give tm tsomebody who likes them. y >> you say sma gifts where you don't have to break the bank. >> there are so many things we lo. do people use chapsti or whatever it is, lip balm, do they like a cerin shampoo, what do they like that they -- i ve to buy allhe time. but -- >> just buy two and say here is your favorite shampoo you always e. i would le that and it cts you what $10. >> you say if y don't have any money at all, writing a letter is something sweet. i would love tt if got that from sebody. >> here's the bottom line. people know when you're in credit card debt. your true friends kno you're
10:34 am
struggling. know that you can't afford anhing. when you givthem something, maybe they' in the se siation as you, they'reorced to also go into debt to give you something. honest with each other and say, iove you so much, what can i do for u? can iust have you over for dinner one day? can i give y a foot rub? those are gifts -- >> buy groceries. >> yeah. do the dishes. i don'to the dishes. >> great to see you. >> catch suze's sho on cnbc saturdayat 9:00 p. do not mis it. if y're an emotional eater, you're goi to want to hear how our newest joy fit club member dropped 250 pounds. plus, we have a sg from key loggi and his band, the blue sky writers. first, these messages. i had going pain. intense ache all over. it was hard to do what mattered. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyala... thought to be theesult of overactive nees that cau chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerv.
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we're back with look at me now "the joy f club" and man who decided to stop the bingeating and get health >> at nearly 400 pounds, kathy williamsas tired of being so tired. she joined an exercise proam that changed herlife. we're going to meet her in a second. first, let's listeno her story. >> my name is kath i'm 63 years old. i once weighed 387 unds, but haveost 250 pounds. due to health problems related to morbi obity, i ached all ov and walkewith a strange ga. i was tired all the time, and easilyhort of breath with
10:39 am
minimal exertion. getting out of bed in the morning was a battle due to pain and/or depression. i often snt an entire weeke in bed,xcept to gorge on junk food. a friend joined curves and we took advanta of a two for one special, the srt of a change for me. slly i managed to look forrd to exercising and the side effect of thweight loss was a bonus. food no longer consumes . i consume it and enjoy every minute of it. my hypertension, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia and pression are now history. therare still minor struggles, but i'm a new person inside and out, with a new condence and strength to conquethe world. >> fantastic story. we're here with today's nutritionist, joy bauer, and dr. evel, atia, director for the center for eatingdisorders.
10:40 am
how lucky are we to have you with us today? >> i love the story because it is both. i don't love the heartreaking part, but it heart breaking and heart warming. she struggled withmotional abuse her entire life. but it iso incredibly heart warming becausen her 60s, later in life, she completely turned things around. and it iso inspiring to people watching because it sho you that it is nev too late. it doesn't matter how my years you had bad habits under your belt, you can g healthy. >> we' talk with the good doctor about t binge and yyo dieting and that kinof thing in a second. tell us at she ate and we'll bring kathy out. >> because we'll talk about the bingeing, this is tha she ud to bge on late in the evenings. half gallon of ice cream,ots of m&ms. she had a whole stick of butter with a familyize bag of etzels. i never hed about that before. each about 2,000 calories. she has things like humus and
10:41 am
carrots, yogurt, pistachio nuts. e nixed the binge eating at night. >> let's look at kathy before, ys. kathy, come jn "the joy fit club." >> oh, my god. >> look at her ms. lo at those guns. >> oh, m gosh. >> let's look at you. >> wow. >> spin rit around. >> she has n had any surgery to get rid of excess skin. this is all her. >> miraculo. how long did it te you? >> about thr years. >> nicand steady. >> 250 pous down. >> so all those ailments w talked about, have they fannishe >> pretty much they have vanished. i still struggle slightly but it is ahole new world and a whole ne me and it is great. >> wealked about emotional eating. can one sto binge eating? is that possible to put the brakes o it? >> binge eating is vy treable. and is really getting
10:42 am
increasing recognition. it is a condition with this kd of a pattern of out of contl, excessive, distressing eating and it is commonly associated with depression and anxiety and wean really -- >> how ist treated? >> a l of focused psychoerapies that are helpful. they structure things, they help you pay attention t what you're eating and how you're taking care of urself. many of tse features e ally whatathy put in place. used curves, but there are number focus ways of takin care of this. >> it is a great website, national eating that peoplean go to for help. >> congratulations. >> awesome. >> thank you. the film that is sur to be a christmas classic, surprise star and a classic anyti of thyear who is that? >> kenny lgins is re. he's going to singor us. wean't wait. (clock ticking) (alarm bel th thanksgiving, yourbutterball,
10:43 am
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the "toyota concert series on today" brought to you by yota. >>e looked at the new children's book and cd called "frostthe snowman" by kenny loggins. >> and now he's back with the bl sky writers and there gog to sin a song off the album inally home." what are you playing for us? >> a song called "dam" about en a friend of mine told me i should retire and said, d't think so. >> that's a different friend of yours. >> be sky wrers. ♪ who are you to tell me what i can't do well that ain't right ♪ ♪ as if all i've been is all i'mver goi to be forest of my life ♪
10:48 am
♪ you take the glory days i'll take what's on its way ♪ ♪ all i can do iselieve in myself ♪ ♪ if i listen to you i might as well leave me in the rain ♪ ♪ send meut to sea ♪ ♪ lock me up in chains throw away the key ♪ ♪ tay i get to hold the dam ♪ ♪ to even he a heart what good would thate ♪ ♪ walking, tking it won't be me ♪ ♪ today i get to hold the dream ♪ ♪ in my heart i can still hear the drum and dance to the bea ♪ ♪ i wt to be
10:49 am
the one whos' going to follow the sun and trust the heat ♪ ♪ these are the glory days can't let them slip away ♪ ♪ no one can tell me my best days are done ♪ ♪ knowing me and if tha day comes ♪ ♪ lea me in the rain send me out to sea ♪ ♪ lock me up in chains throw away the key ♪ ♪oday i get to hold the dream ♪ ♪ to even have a heart what good wldhat be ♪ ♪ walking, talking but it won't be me ♪ ♪ today i g to hold theream ♪
10:50 am
♪ ♪ leave me in the rain send me out to sea ♪ ♪ lock me up in chains throwway the key ♪ ♪ today i get to hold the dream ♪ ♪ to even hav a heart what good wou that be ♪ ♪ walking, talking but it won't be me ♪ ♪ today i geto hold the dream♪ ♪ tay i get to hold the dream ♪ ♪ to dam to dream ♪
10:51 am
♪ to dream >> blue sky writers. >> thawas awesome. >> and rosty thesnowman." >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
♪ i'll be home every years in a qet english village, a single candle is touched i the ot. the perso lucky enoh t recee that candle gets a christs mirae. >> that's the premise and prom nice t film called "the christmas candle based on the book by the se name, o the same name, by the same author, who we have sitting right he. the chrisas candle, i read when i came out bk then. i was so guinelyelighted to
10:55 am
see it has been made into a film. >> yeah, gre team got behind this. and tom newman and impact productions and pine wood studios in england and they t a grt cast together and i think it turned out great. >> sus boyle. >> quite a lovely actress in this. >> she's wonderful. she sings. >> i think we're seeing a bit of her. i know that voice. >> is thisirst one turned into a film. >> for theatrical release. i had one turn in a made for tv movie, buthe first oneor theaters. i heard you and you wife were out on set inngland and made a cameo appearance. what d you do? >> a fraction of a cond. you have to look with a magnifying glass to find us. she's in the churchcene and i'm a butler. >> you're a butler. >> you need to wte a starring vehicle for yoself. come on. >> i got it back -- there i am. ther i am. >> there you are. hans matheson is the lead,
10:56 am
the reverend. samantha barks such a great job in es mis". >> the story of a littl town where st one person gets the miracle. everybody needs one. including the new pastor. >> s in gladbury, british village in the dicke era in england. in a tough time. d christmas for many is tough time it is a tough ti. this is a story of -- >> dression is ge. >> yeah. so i'm hoping this film will bring a little he to people who are passi through. >> close to the book or -- >> very close. very ose. had to expan it a bit because it is a short -- >> yeah. what i liked about it so much, a lot of the faith-basedtentioned ha the production quality that a genuine hollywood movie does. thisneas beautiful, beautifu quality to it. >> wish you great luck. >> thank you. thank you. >> love the book. great chrtmas present. love you, max. >> tha you for let me com on. goodo see yo torrow, country star john
10:57 am
rich. >> and artist of the month and talk show hos bethenny frankel. >> barbara corcoran too. we have a busy day. >> and glenn beck, the
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
thre two, on main engine start, ignition and liftoff. >> it is a missi to mars with bay area connecon. this is video from nasa's maven spacraft taking off from cape canaveral in florida about0 good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla teez. >> and i'm jon kelley. yes, it has a historic vibe. scientists at uc berkey invested in this launch. that's because the scecraft is full of


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