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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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definite answer about the create a more safe lrning to environment, i'll be mving my son to anothe school. >> report: the boy had mentioned he was tired of being bullied by othr students. e b got the knife from the staff lounge. could be able to g a ife. n >> reporter the school district did not address how the boy got the knife, but did issue a statement saying theafety of staff, studes, and parents have the number one goal of the district. parents still express concerns that thechool may not be doing enough to keep their students safe. e schoolid send o a call informing em about what happened earlier this morning. many parents were frustrated that thatcall did not come
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until s hours ater the incident. there s a community meeting with parents, staff, adminirators and the dstrict superiendent to ta about ys to get this school safe. we're following another developing story this evening. a horrific overnit crash claims the life of two people, one of them former raiders player thas howard. it tied up traffic for hours. we're getting me details on justow this all happened. >> reporter: the raiders have not yet relsed a statement on the death of thomas ward, but those people who remember h days as a rookie, as a raider, as cincinnati bengal, and thi year as an atlantfalcon are reacting with tremendous sadness to his death. his car was nearly unrecognible afterhat high
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speed crash this morning on i-80 in oakld. an hour when h lost ctrol of les his sedan andollided with the rear of a semiuck. it was launched into oosing traffic. he struck a chevy monte carlo anthen a crv. they could not get to h for medical attention and they died in their cars. caused the vehicle to start flipping end over end. when he hit the truck, he passed the truck flippg and bounced overhe center divide wall a went head on into the cr-v. his fell lan throephilanthropy y
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ara. a former raiders ceo issued a statement saying, quote, i am vey, very saddened by the news of thas howard's death. knew thomas howard to be a thoughtful, intelligent, curious young m who made hopes and eams not only fo the nfl but threafter. he is sustaid an injury during a practice and w waived by the falcons just about a week ago. now to some developing weather. ra is on its way to thbay area. on yourleft, a live look at 880 in fremont. on your right, theay bridge to plaza. >> after 60 days with no rainfall, e are starting to see it isapping into some e.
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subtropical moisture. we will get some rainfall for the entire bay ar. 'll take you in cler. what you'll see is most of this activity is still to the north of santa rosa at this point. in sonoma -- i do wanto get a quick look at some of the early estimes of what youe going to be able t see with this first round of rainfall. the north bay will have some of th higher totals. dsn't look likeoo much on this view for the east bay o south bay. n the midwest, the weather ther leaves a tra of devastation. the death toll now at eht after more than 80ornados residents praying forheir
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lives in this home vio. a dozentates from illnois to new york reported tornados. from the air,ou can see this path of destruction. homes flatted into aile of debris. >> this is the deadlest sies of tornados illinos has ever had in theonth of november. they are in he springtime. have 401k, a new record on r wall treat. the dow jones toppedhe 16,000 level. it fell below 16,000 by the end the day. stocks have been rising sadily this calendar year. that's coming on our 6:00 newscast. scott budman will tell us how the silic valley and local businesses are pushing the dow
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to this benchmark. no agreement yet. the transit agency and its unions are still in disageement over aentative contract that's been ratified by thenions and board of directrs this week.rt >> reporter: the issues paid family leave. in the tentative agreement, both parties signed o on a provision in the cntract which says inpart, the district shall of paid time off to take care of family members, domestc partners, o bond wh a new chd. got a copy of the proposed agreement and the signatures a there, but last week bart management id it was a mistake. they say this provision w ultimaty supposed to be taken out of the final contrt in june. both sides took aook at th here numbers, but as ar as we know,
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nothing was decided. >> we never thought it was a mistake. we looked at the material. we looked at rtas and we were stunned and still remain stunned whatever they're callg a glitch could possib be made. >> there was a mistak through the clerical process. this was not what was bargained. provision could cost the agency $44 million over the life of the contract and also says, it's still tryg to figure out how it got left in the final contract. th want bart unions to renegotiate the provision. the bart board is set to vote on the fil contract o thursday. nbcay area news. on the peninsula, we have new details tonight inhe heated battle ove the
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potentialldangerous pipeline in san carlos. there are conflicted new reports out his future. the pgne believe that gas line 147 is safe resu operatn. it was shut down a few weeks ago. howev, a sior engineer fro a different department at the pu isn't so sure. it believes records on the pipeline are incomplete. a state senator is calli for them to explain tse difring opinions before any final decision is made rarding this pipele. withia couple of urs, the palo alto cit council will officers with body they would b worn on e chest. if approved, some would go to patrol officers, but most would go tomotorcycle cops since they n't have dash cams.
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>> any time we have an inpendent record of what's going on, that's something that can be used in court later on as evidence. it's something that can be used r us on the internl side. we can investigatehat complaint and haven independent ecord of what actuallyhappened. >> police are asking the city concil to place the dash cams on all 28 squad carso they can sho video in all directions. heas found not guilty in the soting death of trayvon martin, but tonig george zimmerman is in legalrouble again. we'll tell you why. also -- >> i'm jody hnandez where many i'll have the story coming up. plus, the power of super hos. how the story of mileshe
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batkid is making a difrence in the lives of others. live from the safeway in belmont for the every bag counts food drive.
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in troubl with theaw again, gege zimmerman has been arrested for assault and battery. his girriend said he poted a shotgun at her. he's had several brushes with the shooting death of trayvon or martin. his estranged wife accused him of domtic violence. a catholic school pe teacher will nowe compensated for lse allegations of groping teene irls.
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won a defamation lawsuit friday. he was cleared and ofriday a jy ordered the girls to pay him$360,000 in compensatory damages. the jury found one of the girls acted wit malice, meang her family could face punitive mages as well. both des were back in court and reached an agreement those damages. the details could be made public in a few weeks. is it a tribute or an a national dete is now local. there's a proposal to change the name of the vallejo'sigh school mascot, the apache. >> reporter: this is an ise that's stirring up all kindsof emotions here in vallejo. some feel the mascot is a real source of pride and tradition
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and honorhile others say it is hurtful and humiliating. >> they say it is honorin me >> reporter: she says she's been troubled for years by thepache mascot. she's among thoseushing the district t change it. >> we have many students who go to scol and we've hear they're embarrassed about the whole thin they're afraid to say they're nativemericanecause ty will be ridicul or teased. we are not mascots for s. entertainment. >> reporter: the unified school board is set to vote on wether to scrap the mascot oe and for
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he says he's never seen o heard anthing derogatory. >> i think it's a little over the top. it's a complaint. i don't thinkt's a legitimate complaint. the vallejo apache high hool s never tied to do anything inepresentation of the mascot itself. >> repoter: others disagree and says the mascot haso go. >> it's the oonents that are very disrespectfu as well. they'll saycalp them, things that make theids feel embarssed when they're watching it. they d't want to be, i'm an indian, so maybe they want me to be scalping. >> reporter: he says he derstands the complaint and will consider both sides when h votesn wednesday. oiously timesavehanged and the people that you'r talkin about certainly have the
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voice and they are being heard. >> reporter: he school board will vote on this matter on wednesday. it is expected to be a packe house. both sides will get a chance to speak their nd before the fina vote i made. nbc bay area news. following up now onhe adventures of batd. turns out t story isn't over yet. it is inspiring people across the country to help grant wishes for other sick children. miles scott captivated people around the world wh his adventures as batkid thanks to the make a wish undation. a daof crime fighting was arranged. his story went viral on sial showed up to support miles last friday. the make a wish foundation wt down on friday. all2 chaptersre hearing from perspective volunteers.
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thanksgiving approaches. it's alway a time for friends and family. there are thousands of hgry families. >> whave teamed up with safewafor our on anual holiday food drive. thanksor staying up with us. >> reporter: it's a pleasure youe going be out here at weekend, so we thank you two in advance for that. this is our big annual food drive. there a very heathy need for food here. a lot of people go hungry right here in the bay area. i would like to introduce you to jeff anderson. he's the executive chef for safeway. he's gointo talk about what's in these bags. >> we ha the hunger bags that people can donate $10 for.
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inhe bag we have tuna macrony casserole with green beans. why is it important for safeway to be a part of this and for people to help? there in need.ot of people out the food banks need help. th is a great wo support that. >> reporter: everything stays local. all the proceeds benefit six food banks across the bay are spanning sonoma county and santa clara coty. u goes excited abot helpin season?out in the holiday [ cheering ] wcertainly are here in the n y area as well you guys are going to be out here on saturday.
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a lot of people have already been asking me aut meeting you two. the excitement is in t air. >> we' be there. it is easy to getnvolved in r nbc bay area food drive. go to o website and click on the link. >> ten buck a bag and you drop safeway right now.of any fally active on that dar. ght now we're traing some of this more consistentainfall 150 miles off towards the north. the south ba is currely dry, but we have that qukly againn the way as early as we have cloudy skies devoping from the north bay throug san
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fransco and also for the east bay. in fact, getting really dk this hour in san francisco current temperature 57. by 9:00, still expect to stay cloudy. by5:0 we e expecting to introduce showers bk into that forecast. south bay, you he beeone of the driest locations aftr the pastwo months or . a lot of these commutersut he smooth sailing right now, but santa clara valley wille one of the most dangous spot get the first rain drops.ce we here's our storm system. it is going to slow ll l meande out here offhe coastline. do think, yes, we are gng to get rainfallor everybody. itis just not goin to be nonstop rainfall from tomorro morning througwednesday, let's say. tuesdayorning, we'll find t most consistent rainfall throughouthe bay. in the afternoon, we'll see the
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showers develing more consistentlyor the south bay, the st bay, and the peninsula. at this point, the strongest wave o ergy for theouth bay ist going to get here until wednesday morning. that's when we'll be more consistent across portions of the bay area. scooping up thatoisture from . the pific, it looks like some ofhe highest tals will be up in the nort ba weould see overn inch at this point i santa rosa. san francisco uthward, that's ere that rain lineegins to weaken. it willose some of its energy and focus. we'rthinking .5 in san francco. a .5 for san jose is optimistic as well. tomorrow, a slight chance for showers. temperatures in the upper 50s.
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it wi be a cool one heren san ancisco as well. place. weathe certainly in the north bay, that's where we'll see the best psibility of rainfal throught the day for the trivalle this is also another location that needs that rainfall. byhe noon hour, we should have those rain drops developing. you can see here the ra defiit we're currently under. since jnuary 1st, we are about nine inches below where we should be for this ti of year. so we're going to track more of this coming . still ahead here, e santa cruz boy and the puppy that is attractinnational attenti.
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it's prettyute. kids and puppiepuppies, two of
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favorite things. a santa cruz mo didt know how much aention she could get otographing them together. this is nostaged or photo they brought ho a puppy named theo from the santa cruz animal the mom began photogrhing the ir and posting them on her site. they've been featured on national networks. >> i've gotten responsefrom all over the world, and they've >> he's a rely good one here. she photographs the pair eery day ding nap time. she hope to publish a book about their friendship. >> i think it is jus such sweet iocence and you know that it's
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not or ches traited at all. >> she hopes it will encourage people to adopt sherescue dogs.
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toay's launch of the maiden
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orbiter. it its newest missi to mars. re than the half the instruments on board will built at berkeley's sce sciences lab. >> is tre a rason why it lost its atmosphere? what was te cause? will it happen to earth? it's kindf like global warming hoping to do is to prevent that on earth. >> it will take ten months for maiden to arrive on mars. scientists wan to know why mar went from warm and wet to the stark cold place it is today. >> you usedo watch all those >> yeah.up in space, right? it w a dream to be an astronaut. i'ltake the weathe gig any day too. >> thanks for joining us. >> wll see you back here at
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6:00. >> on our broadcast night, it's all gone. entire tns wiped out by a ferocious outbreak of midwest tornadoes just 11 days before thanksgiving. tonight our am is there as the scope of desuction becomes clear. >> family feud. the two cheney daughters in a puic fight over same-sex marriage. and tonight their pares have weighed in. and moment by moment the motorcade in dallas, the firsto react when the shots were fired. tonit his return to the sce for a chilling account of what he remembers. "nightly news" begins now.


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