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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 19, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> and change is on the way announced fo tesla inhe wake of three high pfile car fires. the company ceo promised to its >> much needed rainfall moving showers are headed and when more forecast.ain moves into the >> traffic really hitting hard this tuesday forhe south bay as we have crash on 101 that happened and we have aigalert that's continuing for anoth south b freeway. >> looks like a bus start to our tuesday morng. taking a live look outside, soak it in, san francisco, it's a beauful start for this tuday, november 19, this is "today in the bay." a very goo morning to you. thanks for joining u i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon keey. good morning everody. i wanto get you the update ta breaki news in lebanon an
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qaeda linked group ys it's beirut.iblfor two blastsn the bbings killing almost two dozen including an iranian diplomat we're hearing the attacks are reted to the ongoing conflict in syria marla tellez is in the wsroom. she has the latest on why other attackt this point uld be imminent. good morning. officialsay this isn retaliation for the irann-backed hezbollah group and its support of syrian president bashar al assad. this, claiming responsibility, is known as abdullah asan brigade. it's threatening saying the attacks will continue until heollah withdraws forces from syria. local tv coverage shows the scene soon after the suici blasts. so far 23 people are reported dead, another 146 injured. lebanese secityfficial says two men orchestrated the bombings, the first on a
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motorcycle carrying almost five himself up near the embassy's maingate. you see all of the charred cars. less than five minutes later a second attacker drove upn a car, allegedly rigged with 110 pods of explosives. parked it about 10 yards away and ignited the vehicle. among the dead officials say a wly appointed iranian cultural attache. this person works with the iranian aassador and sad he wasnly othe job for about a month. beirut is aezbollah stronghold and why it's such a bigtarget. after hearg the latest threats that these attacks will continue, hezbollah lawker says qte we got theessage d we know who sent it ande knowow to retaliate. soaura and jon, this is far from over. >> o we'll continue to watch. 6:02. new this morning the goverent has announced it will instigate three fires involvingtesla' model s sedan.
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it comes as the fremont company electric vehicle. to its popular bob rede is live outside the tesla plant with the latest for us. good mornin >> reporter: goomorning to you. this investigation by the national highway tnsportation fety administration ishat tesla ceo elon musk requested in a blog that he posted in the past 24 hours on his compa website. in this post he tries to set the record straight abo the safety of hisodel s sedans and is vehicles to reassure customers that the cars are se to drive and when compared to gas pered cars are much less liky to catc4. musk says hi company put out a software update for the air suspension stem that will raise the car slightl off the giving the car greater ground to hit debris thacoulds likely punctu the battery and start a fire whi was the case with two
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of the three fires. fire damage even if it's the drer's fault. as i mentioned he asked the ntsb happened which they have now nounced that they will do. it's not clearf musk had advance notice of tt announcement. he also goes on to say he believes the media coverage of the threeires involvingis model s has beenoverblown. he believes that based on government testhere is is no safer r on the road. quotes data tha shows that since the model s went into production last yea there have involving gas-powed cars which killed 400 people and hurt seriously 1200,e points out no one died or was badly hurt in theodel s fires. according to him a gas car is 4 1/2 times more likely to catch fi than a tesla model s. reporting live, bob redell,
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"today in the bay. >> thank you. 6:04. officers on an early morning che spanning most of santa clara county. this started at mckee and white roads fore 2:00 this mornin officers have not told us why they were trying to pull over the c in the first place. later the driver did stop near galivan college. on the c stopped the driver and passengers complie with officers. arrests.point no wor on board willecide whether to l expel a boy found wking a hal with a life. chriie, thelementary school student says he was being bullied. >> reporter: what's that he's saying, that he was being bullied by a number of rls, but parents, we spoke wh them and they are upset too that t
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boy felt necessary to grab a knife in theirst place. also they don't think tt they were notifd fast enough tt this happened. administrators s the staff lounge where the boy got the knife willow be locked up for the first time. the princip and superintendent say the boy was able to walk into the lounge throu onef three unlocked doors and grab a knife that had an eight-inch blade. the boy did complai about being bullie after the incident administrators say he was found walking in a hallway with this knife. a parent saw the boy and cut his own self ting to grab the knife from the fth-grader's hand. administratorsold at a meeting. ey were trying to g the facts straight first. >> i didt gethe message until about 3:30. i should have beenotified at least saying something happened
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and everything okay and don't rry, we'll sd you more information. t we didt even get that until 3:30. >> reporter: aside from the cut to the adultho didn't need hospital treatment no on was seriously hurt. the 10-year-old wasaken a psychiatric cility and put on a 72-hour evaluation. the schooloard has to decide what wil happen to the boy will he be expelled? reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks. time to check out the weher. we give you a live lk outside. this is your golden gatebridge. a little later on drivers we can tell you can expt rain out there as you gocross the span. drivers say it's all about common sense on the ads. >> slow down in general, p extra special attenti doing lanechanges. i'd y even going 5 miles less than the speed limit on
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occasion. >> that's right. the roads can be slick. >> common sense is good for everything you do. >> that's right. moreetails about the rain on the way let's check in with the oblem, meteorologist chrtina loren. >> and more common sen and you're right, applicableor all facets of life a. gd looking day shaping up. stly the 50s, grab your we head throughout this afternoon, the north bay 52 degrs in san rafael where we'veeasured almost.2 inch o ecipitation overnight into the morning hou so we're looking good. mostly in the0s, most of the rainfall iso the north of the golden gate bridge. by this afternoon they will track tohe south and we'll end up about as cool as wre we hit yesterday. the low to mid-60s, tha is it. a wide view, you c see the showers staying to the north of san francisco as widenut for you, not a lot of activity in the south bay at this point but that will continue to change as we head throughout the next few
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hour i want to zoom in onhis one batch of rain. take it easy. watch out for slickonditions along u.s. 101. we're going t check othe drive withmike. takeo you futurecast, from the showers, weather storys rain. we'll continue to sead to the south as we head throughout this afrnoon. we still have t clock at 3:00 p.m. a little activity in the south stop it again at 8:00 p.m so. showers.t on and off light then a lite bit of areak as we meet backere tomrow for your morning drive. then a hvier round of rain as we head throughout the evening drive for wednesda so put that, your back pact for now. we'll let y know how many or how much totals we expect acros the b area. me cities could measure up to an inch of rain. so we'll talk about that coming of those.ou know if y are one les check your drive. good morni to mike inou. >> gd morning. south bay.ough morning for the
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right nowight in front of this camera as i widenhe shot we see flashing lights lower rit-hand side. the one car is in lanes, onen the center divide and a lot of slowing jt past the interchange. we'll s how that plays out. this is a slow driveorth from basically story or tully road. all the way north for 101. that's in addition t the sigalert tuation. th is 101 wre the crash is. and nortound 680 we still hav one lane closed and the off ramp. the original estimates werehat was going to be a hard closure for 45 minutes. would have been up at 6:. chp has nfurther information. we have a slower ive, 680 t 237. you see th slowing, that cropped up on t lef side. the yell line. that means more are using880 so this could be a big issue getting out of s jose up into
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miitas. we'll track this and i'll let you know from chp and twitter as well. noh 680, aearlier ash. the shoulder. cars reported on i have not seen slowing. so this might be better for the commute. they might be clearing. watch fodebris and other acvity. smoother drive.ghway 84, a there, and the bay bridge which is backed up because metering lights are on. >> stillahead, we'll answer the queson, will apple's space ship campus be cleared for clearance? clarence? that's a line from aold airplane moe. ming up we'll tell you who will make the big digsnd win the development project expected to be completed i it's improved. >> we'll look at wall streetnd why a little creep in our car is a good thing.
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>> let's take a live look from the south bay. look a the clos making way for a lite bit of sunshine but now rain coming. that's a beautiful so it. >> tha you for at. it's the little thgs. right. a lo moreccuse and possibly gifts ahead.
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getting you updated on t stories. al qaeda linked group claiming responsibilityor the two suicide blasts outside the iranian embassy in beirut. so far total o 23 people ported dead, another 146 hurt. among the dea a newlyppointed irann culral attache. >> cupertino city council is expected to give the final go
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ead for appls space ship camp campus. the development along prune ridge avenue is expected to be compte by 2015. >> tesla announcing major safety changes to its electc cars. elon musk says cars will be higher off the groun to help reduce the chae of underbody damage the changes coming aer three recent fires involving tesla's polar model s. >> musk says tesla is sending a signal t existing model s cars to raise them further off the ground. >> scott, you find that amazings. >> it's a racle, a sign we live in 2013 i think. we have electric cars and they raise themselves up hher at highway speeds because they have a signal from the factory to d so that is a majornnovation in safety. not evybody likes the idea of big brother in yourcar, there isush back against the french company renaultfter it was revealed that manufacturer can send a signal to its electric
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cars turning them off if you don't make your monthly car payment. some months ago tesla sent out a signaldding idle creep. they don't move forwd the way i'd that wi a gas pered car does. if you let off the brake at a light an electric car sits tre and drivers didn't like that. so they st out an upda to add that idle creep as an opti. some money could com off t ble on wall street a d after the dow crossed 16,000 home depot came in withetter an expected results soe shall see. and the apple samsung case should go to the jury today whether lawyers like it or not. federal judge has set hard time lim for testimony to keep the trial moving along. the jury is tasked with calculating how much samsung shld pay for copying apple's design. an elier jury found the company guilty but said i
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miscalcutedhe fine. original it was a billion with a b dollars. e cut it to a half billion. now i think wre looking at a third o a billion by the time the juryomes back. >> sll a lotf money. the slug fest ntinues. thank you. 6:17 let's check in with christina lore talking abo moisture in our area. >> s, some rain moving in. mostly in the nor bay but all south throughout ts afternoon.he m going to time that out. though, san francisco will hit theow 60s today so you need your jacket, bring that umbrella well. picking up drizzle in the city. 61 drees out there lat on. that is your high so temperatur are go withing to be cool. spking of cool, take a look at this aweso shot from san jose. break between the dark clouds. overall this will be the sight for day. a little bit of sunshine fro time t time. rain showersoving in as we head throughout the afternoon. highs only a going toeach
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the 6s. so let's talk about the showers no impacting sonomaounty near petaluma. travel cautiously. a ltle activy at this poin all of this going to stay north of the golden gate bridge until aboutunch time. then light showers will spread to the south, on and off spotty throughout sond half of the day. getting into your wedsday we have two more rounds of rain headed our way. one in the morning, another i the eveng that will be the heavst round of rain tt we have inhe next few days. then we'll see a few showers thursday morning making way to afrnoon clears andoverall take a look at these totals. impressi when you see all of the blue ming into the south bay. that's an indication of moderate rainfall headed our y. we're looking pretty good for measurinsunshine. lookto be a half inch. this model flucttes but around of rainfall on the way the south bay. we need it. our hills are thirsty for the rain. good morni to mike inouye.
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>> good morning. the hil are thirsty, the roadways haven't had to the wash off the grease and the oil. extra slick that first rain of the season. keep that in mind. re we have this problem, more the road.e to clear cars fro north 101 jamming . it's clear from the cente divide one car hooked up on the flatbed. north 101. goodness, the wrong map. north 101 approaching 0 a slowdown heading up to tully and capital expressway. that's nothe one. we'll reset t maps, we'll talk about rth 101 at 680. big slowdown past alum rock. there we go. expressway into th mess and the sond we're talki about as this suggles to clear a you saw the tow trucks. north 680 approaching montague expressw. closedy an earlier big rig
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crash and fuelleak. thtraffic is startg to get lighter some have headed over to 880, a heavier volume there as you head north out of san jose toward milpitas. you'relear as a l of folks know the cross over. a smoother drive, north 680 h seenebris so watch out of pleasanton. the trialley looking good for this traffic tuesday. a lighter volu. south 680 sho the build. an easier drive toward the maze and the approach. into the upper 50s. 0 not a problem. eastbound 24, moving nicely. a lot of folks arerying to use . watch for lane changes on the approach to the caldecott. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. they are going to slo the
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metering lights. we'll end with a look tard foster city. foster city a smoother ive for ross the san mateo bridge. if we still havehat in the system we'll go north 101 as we look at 101orthbound easy ive. the southboun side pickingp we may get slicker road we'll watch the roadwa, u the wishield pers. back to you. >> take iteasy. thanks, mike. still ahead on "day in the y," a glass table smash and thats with a gun. coming up we'll tell you about the 911 call that has lande that man grge zimmerm in jail.
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welcome back everyone 6:. we're learng more this mning about the two colorado miners who died. they apparently eered an area where an explosive had been detonated. that's according to feral investigators. the american were killed at the start o their shift suny and since then we learned one of the men entered the area first a second man went looking for him. both men were later found by other miners worki in the ar. >> deputies down in florida s they are now checking o george zimmerman each and every hour while he spends the night in a cell. the former neiborhood watch
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volunteer wille making a court appearance for a bond heang today on charges of pointing shot gun right at his girlfend during an argument. zierman was arrested yesterday in seminole cnty after his girlfriend dialed 911 telling dispatchers zimmerman smashed a glass table, threateneder with the gun and ultimately pushe he out of the house. earlier this year zimmerman was acquitted of cminal crges in the deadly shooting of trayvon martin >> toronto mor ron ford says she, quote,inished with alcohol bu says he's not finished with potics. ford eectively has no legislative power after the city council voted the slash h office budget by 60 and aowed stafferso join the mayor. forddmitted to smoking crack cocaine during whahe calls drunken stors. ford is refusing to step dow insisting he wil run for mayor agai next year. rd will share his side of the story a one-on-one interview
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with matt lauern the "today" show after "today inhe bay." at 7:00. >> that guy is a piece of work. 6:26 now. a jury me up of methodist minister reese cvening to try to decide whetherne otheir own should beunished for a same-sex marriage. the church convicted reverend scefer of breaking his vows for officiating the weddi of his son to another man. schaefer cld have avoided the trial if he had agreed not toer form se-sex weddings. >> new york city could become e first big cit in the country to ban tobacco sales to anyone under 21. mayor mhael bloomberg plans to this morning.rk legislation health officials hope raising the legal purchasing age will led a big decline in smoking rates. a majority of smokers get addictedefore the age of 21. under the law teens could still possestobacco legall
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>>till ahead, a prite famy feud going public with the cheneyfamily. over same-sex marriage.bbling notheir parents a getting involved and we'll tell you who they are siding with coming up next. >> could a new development put south bay?itatn danger in the we'll have the latest details next. [ male announcer ] you cachange your tomorrow
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and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry universitgrads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now your time. apply by january 6 and find your career success in the bay area. visit ls in danger? we'll tell you about the development that could cut a habitat.aigh through their >> plus a le look at the b bridge, it's dry now but rain is on t way. meteorologist chriina loren will tell us where and when just >> right now live to new york united continental holdings ringing in the day and the dow cord territory.
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16,000 as ty get things jumping today. on ts tueay,t's november 19th, this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning. i'm jon kelley.e. >>'m laura garcia-cnon. an update to breaking news in beirut. 23 people are dead after two bombings outside the irani embassy. a group lind tol qaeda is claiming responsibility for the bombings. the group says it willontinue similar attacks until t iranian backed hezbollah group widraws forces from syria where a group is fighting along sideresident bashar assad forces. marla tellezs moniting the story. she will have a live update at 6:45 fro our newsroom. >> happening today on capitol hill, a house comttee will be lookinat the social security numbers and other persona
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information e government is now collecting on health care, lawmakers sayackers have tried to break in and some of the data compromised. a new poll shows 6 i 10 americans oppos the health care law. a separate poll 56 of people they say they ar making sure that everybody has health inrance, it is not government's responsibility. the white use admits the website still has some issues, but insists everybody wil be able to sign up by december 15th. >> 6:31. it may b an awkward thanksgivi for one of the most prominent political familiesn the country. the cheneys. tracie potts is live on capit hill this morning. a private argument between sisters about se-sex marriage is now very, ver public. >> ver public it came out on cebook. let's talk about this. liz cheneys running for senate in wyoming and she's a conservave candidate and ss
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marriage.ves in tradional one man, one woman. her sister mary has been married to a woman since last yea and in a very public facebook post said to her sister, you're wron you're on the wrong sid of story, in fact, heaer poe, her wif she married last ar said thathe was offended by this. and they talked about the fact that they socialize together, that thehildren have socialized togetr but on this issue there seemso abdisagreement. former vice predent dick ing in. cheneynd his wife, tt essentially saying this is part of their statement, there is an issue we dealt with privately fo many ars. they are pained to see it bece public. liz has alws believed in the traditional definition of marriage, alys treated her sist and her famil with spect. liz's many kindnesseshould not be used to distort her position. so there is her powerl father
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weighing in to sort of solidify that she does support orters traditional marriage even though itlies in the face of what's happeng in the family. this family disagreement has gone very public. >>ot containing it. >> let's check back in with ristina loren telling u you may wanto dust off the umbrella. >> you know what, you may need to take the lint roller out becausit's been ahile since had significant rainfall in the bay area temperaturesre pretty comfortable to start the day. most cloudy conditions across all of our microclimates. i nt to show youhe pretty shots coming . 53 degrees right now inan francisco, you'll be at 61 with 4:00 p.m.oving in between 12 and i want to show you oakland. a pretty start to the day here. temperatures approaching 62 degrees. you nee your jket and umbrella. showers same deal there, starting at between 12 and 3. and in san jose we'r going to
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have to wait forhe rain for a while but we'll see it later on between 2:00 and 4:00. highs are going to end up in the 60s so one of those days uniform temperatures, you need your jacket about all day ng. temperatures close t where we ende up. it's scrolling at the bottom of the screen. this morning the only region geing that rainfl is out i the north bay. we head throughout day, this blob of moisture will start to prs to theouth and look at marin county staing to get good rainfall. take it to the futurecast. at high noon you can see at this point mostly to the mortgage of the golden gate bridge. between 12:00 and 3:00 p. shows spread to the south and counting on a pretty fair amount of rainfall. keep tha in mind. overall showers holding off, could make for an easr commute. mike, good morng. >> it's tuesd so tha doesn't make anything anasy mmute. least the rain holding off.
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looking to the south bay, you look full screen all the way out to theight abo where it says c and the clockou see the flasng lights. we have a tow truck and five other vehicles in the center divide. they all cleared an that's better news. you look at t volume of traffic having to rease from this area, just nor of t 280/680 interchange. the uth bay and 85 at the bottom starts tohow the build. nobody 87 t big dea is north 101. you are jammed as you approach capital expressway up to the scene of the crash. all lan have cleared for the area but there is activity in the center divide. stilllowing and a lot of recovery there. on 680 we have the crash blocking the slo lane. 68at ntague, the crash and fuel spill block the slow lane and the offramp. we do know there is now new tow truck dispatched that's not good news. we hoped the big rig tow truck was there. the sl drive north. did see reports of flat tes
6:36 am
and debris. a smoother drive north pt stoneridge. the soutound side kicks in. the commute is ere, trafficn of the tri-valley.r volume out out of pleasanton. for 680 south a smooth drive for the maze no. problems approaching the bay bridge tl plaza. the metering lights ar on. aive look at the tolllaza shows you les are filled b lanes off to the left lighter an the lanes off to the right. that's a typical pattern. the fast tck and the lanes off to the right. that where we see most volume off t east shore freeway. watch for the rain and keep the wipe on. or the heaights even if you have sun light going on when your wipers were on. >> w understood what you meant, mike. figureded out what you're puing down. ank you. tonight the san jose council expected to vote on a development plan that could get in the way of an owl habit. the piece of land is near the san jose santa clara water
6:37 am
pollution control plant. environmentalists sayhat the plan would call for theity to build aoad right throu a habitafor burrowing owls. the are classified as a species concern which means they are nearly endangered they nest near the bay, we can tell you, that and the councilmen are proposing a alternative to the planhich would put off a decision on development r a few years. but the "mercurnews" rorting a majority of the council wants to go ahead with tonight's vote. >> 6:37. a saving grace for tornado victims. coming up wll tell you why their decision to attend church services may have saved tir lives. this morning cleanup efforts
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under way after tornado rip through a dozenidwest state with a death toll now at eight. the town of washington, linois, appears to be the one hit hardest wh as many as 500 home you can see damagedr completely deroyed. according to the weather channel found as far as 95 miles ay.n but the mayorays not a single church was damaged during
6:41 am
sunday's tornados, that's amazing. that's a good thing because hundreds of people were tending churchervices when the national weather serce issued the tornado warning. >> this mning more than 5,000 people are dead or msing and 4 million displaced in more than a weekfteryphoon haiyan. many people who survive the phoon remain out of reach and inaccessible. that's because the philippines made up of mor than 000 islands. thisorning some banking seices back on in the hardit city of tacban including a atm power bid a genator andooked up to a satellite dish. two mobile atms it's on the way. >> mind blowing everything you take for granted. water, housing, getting in your bank. >> 41. comi up we'll tell you about nearly two dozen dead in twin
6:42 am
bombin in beirut. what buildings were targeted and who is claiming responsibility. that's coming up live in a severalars catch after we're going to tell what you is changing in e fine pri of tesla contcts next. >> and your forecast is changing by the second. take a look at this moderate rainfall nowushing into marin county. 're going to tck this sto system to yr orstep when nbc bay area comes right back.
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welcome back. new this morning tesla now announcing changes to its fleet of electric cars ase give you a beautiful live look a the tesla plantn fremt. moer nature helpi paint this picture. the changes coming after tee car fires. into these changes. digging he will have a live report in
6:45 am
about 10 minutes. first an update to breaking news i lebanon where an al qaeda linked gro says it's behind two deadly blasts outside the iranian embassy. we're learning the attacks relad to the ongoingonflicts neighboring ria. marla teez is live in our wsroom with why another attack could b immeant. also you have new video. >> yes. the associated press pted new video and new still image on twitter. it shows the aftermath outside the iranian embassy. these are vehicles onire at one pnt you see some people running, part of the ground blown out. here is a look at these images al qaedainked group is claimingesponsibility for the double blasts that left at least 23 dead, aost 150 injured. a lebanes security official says two men orchestrated the
6:46 am
bombings, one on a motorcycle, another in a car, together they detonated close to 115 pounds of explosives. this happened mid morning just when the embassy was beginning bustle with business. among th dead a newly appointed for about a month.nly on the job e group that says it did ts says the irian-backed hezbollah group is its tget because hezbollah supports bash al assad. it says such blasts will continue until hezbollah withdraws forces from syria. this was not theirst time ts happened in the area. in august a car bombing in southern beiru killed 27 and hurt more tn 300. the target in that attack also hezblah and with the latest threat from al qaedaeems the violence is not gng to end >> thank you very much.
6:47 am
right now let's get a check on the weathernd take live look outside here at your golden gate brid now. should see infall comg up later on this moing. the p giving good piece of advi saying drivers should always kee their heads up and remind you to keep your es open. >> the first rain brings oil to the surfacef the road, making the roadway sck and so people need to treeb slow down >> for more abo the rain on the ray,et's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning toyou. right w we're seeing e bulk of t moisture right over marin county soatch out for slick conditions along 101 south to san fael. throughouthe afternoon we're going continue to see the showers spread to the south but notntil after lunch time. let's show you whate're working th. watch out for modere pockets ofain to the south of the point reyes station f.hat's
6:48 am
where you're ache wakin up give yourself extra time. throughout the next few hours it can see the sun is starting to make an appearance in some of the baarea cities like oaklan we're not going to se a lot of be cool. and temperatures will that's the weather story of the day. cool coitions, on a off showers. a heavier wave of moistu. if you are looking for the seven-day forecaste have it at th bottom of the screen. overall looking goo for this morning. this afternoon only additional 5 to 10 degrees. e low to mid 50s into the 60s later on today. i'm talking the low 60so bring that coat and grab your cloudy with on and off shers, into your wednesday, heavier over periods of rain arrive. we're going to see pretty good rainfall even down here i the south bay as we hea through tomorrow. and a.m. showers, afternoon clearing by thursday. we're not going to see all that much moisture as we head
6:49 am
roughout wednesday to thursday. up in the northay look what haens. shers start to sprea to the south. our highest totals are expected down in the south bay. most .4 inch expected somewhere thgh to the extent of maybe an inch, 1 1/2 inches. ep that in mind we're talking about pottial forwo feet of fresh powder mike likes the sound of that. >> i do. i didn't undstand tha scientifictuff but understand fresh powder. we're lking here, now we have this activity going on. lookt thatflatbed tow truck another tow truck there and a few mor vehicles. good news, another tow truck arrived waiting re. north of the680/280 interchange. all of this actity big slowing. look at the map how far back for north 101. you're okay past the aiort. e skrash back past capital expressway slowing north of whe you come off 85 and the
6:50 am
spli 85 slow and north 87 and 280 this is a little more mild than we expt but we're seeing that big effect with the traffic another crash out of san jose, we have north 680 approaching montagueexpressway that big rig and the fuel spill going on there. we're wting for theig rig tow truck. they are working rd. aittlelower around the are both directn, travel back and forth across the area because of this backup approaching. have a smooler dri down the ea bay, southbod 880 out of hayward into union city typical fl fast san mateo bridge and thdumbarton bridge over across theater you hav the build. no b drama across those ans. the peninsulaside a build starting for san mateo and a little buildnto palo alto. 101 the bayshore freewa
6:51 am
280 is clear. a live look and see palo alto and the flow there you go, the sthbound side seeing traffic and it will -- there is that construction which causes slowing. we'll lk at a smooth drive getting into the ci, the bay bridge toll plaza, no surprises there. back to you. >> thank you, mike. this morning a hayward school board with a tough decision whrks to expel a 10-year-old boy walking aallway caring a kne. christie smith is live in haywd. we're hearing that school student sayse was bullied. >> repter: that's what he says. bullied by a group of girls. parents are still really taken up wit th, not tt the boy was walkingroundith a knife but they say they aren notified quick enough. administrators s the room here onampus where h got the knife will now be knocked up. that is the teacher's lounge.
6:52 am
the incident happened yesterd morning. parents weren' notified until around 3:30 in the afternoon. adnistrators toldarentsn an emergcy meeti that they were not able to gethe word out right away becse thechted to get theacts straight first. they say theoy walked into the lounge and grabbed a knife with an ght-inch blade on it. a parent tried to grab it away from the child. >> a small incident like this can turn out to b a greater thing and i don't want that happening. reporter: aside from the cut to the adult' hand there wer no serious iuries in all of this, tt's the good news. the child was taken to a 72-hour evaluation.for a he'll have to decide whether he might be expelled ornot.
6:53 am
>> thank you. 6:52. a sad memorial in the bay area. day marks 25 years since 9-year-old makayla's dnapping. a vigil will be held. friends and family will gather 1988.arrett disaeared in a moment of silenceill be held at 10:00 in her honor. people are alsoeing asked to hang a yellow ribbon at site. the case remains open after dna testing revealed a be fragmen did not belong to gaett. >> new details onhe death of former raiders player thoma howard. his family releasing a statement thanking people for all of their prayers during this difficult time. we ask that you respect the privacof our family and the family of zeng long liu. continue to pray for both
6:54 am
famili. bothoward and liu a 64-year-olman they were killed we were all over this.ash. the chp says that howard was blocke goingore than 100 miles an hour and crashed in the ck of the big rig. he slammed head on into lis honda. he played for the raiders 22010 and released by the atlanta falconlast week. >> 6:54. an nbc bay area follow-up. palo ao police officers wl have an extra set of eyes on them last night the city council approveduying body mounted vio cameras. nine offers will wear those initially. to record in all directions e instead of in fron
6:55 am
>> alsonew, the government announcing it's going to investigate three fires involving tesla's model s sedan. this coming as the fremont company announces changes it's planning to make to its popular vehicle. boredell is live outside the plant righ now with all of the latest. good morning. >> reporter:ood morning to you, jon a all of this in response to the three recent that his model s sedans will g have more ground clearance to avoid theind of debrees that could start a fire which did top inhere of theth model fires. air suspension system which woul slizly thecar. must s hiscompany's will cover fireafrnlg.
6:56 am
mu announced the cnges in a blog. he called for t national safety admintration to investigate those firhich in the past cple ofours the agency ss it would . not clear if musk knew. in his blog he blames the media and is coverage of those three priors. it's disprortion not iolving gas powered cars. he believes that based on government test theres is n safer car on the road tha his model s. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> just say hi. >> popular man on the street. >> thanks a lot. athe same tim tesla shares are at a fo-month low. >> sco, no surise. a lot of people blaming the fires.
6:57 am
>> right. it's really not a very good reason to think the company is in trouble. a better explanation would be company stock was overvalued. we kno that musk would agree with that because he said as much i the past. tesla picking u about this morning adding 4% on the news of the n warnty in cas ever fire. you s san mateo county's largest,nited ringing the bell. san fraisco a sales confence, 100,000 people will put another way. one eighth will be there. the kid eard the est and young u.s. entrepreneuof the year award for his company go pro. his big moment was when he realized that people don't just want to video other people. and activities.oing those waves
6:58 am
anks a lot. >> very popular. >> especiall the oxford dictionary >> 6:58. let's find outhat's going on outside. me rain i our forecast. we'r getting some live camera opportunitieto show you the rain i want to take you outlive to vallejo. this is main stre, now let me show you the radar, where the shor activity is comin down you can see a light atlanticut get highways andhe roadways through there slik s trave cautiously. showers mostly north of the bay bridge and t golden gate bridge. thsecond half of the day owers spread to the sout we'll be updating you every 15 minutes. and remember, catch me on the evening nurs tight at 50 and 6:00 for the big safeway food drive. where are you going t be? >> at the fremont warm sprin
6:59 am
stor with stephani well be reprenting all around the bay, so lking he toward the south bay, north 101, we have a goodowdown. have to clear a couple more cars. we have a slowdrive. here's where the crash was. l the way past and north 87 jamming. d with a smooth flow. the rain is comingin. expect more slowing. >> thanks so much. an group claiming responsibility r a blast so. far 23 people reported dead including iranianip plo ssachusetts 150 others are hurt. >> a thi morning google apolizing after a satellite view on google map showed the body o his murdered son. we'velurred the body which is >> that's what's happeng line.
7:00 am
"today in thbay." we're ba at 7:25 with a live local update hours after beinstripped of most of his powers in toronto city council meeting toronto's mayois speaking out to matt. >> i'm not perfect. maybe you are. maybe other people are. i have made mistakes. i admitted to my mistakes. shattered byhe storm. >>obody has anything left. it's all gone. it's just all gone. >> tornado ravagedommunities across the midwest begin picking the pieces today. under arrest, orge zimmerman behi bars. his girlfriend accusing m of assat. >> y just broke my glass table, youroke my sunglasses and put your gun in my freaking face.


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