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tv   Today  NBC  November 19, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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>> that's what's happeng "today in thbay." we're ba at 7:25 with a live local update hours after beinstripped of most of his powers in toronto city council meeting toronto's mayois speaking out to matt. >> i'm not perfect. maybe you are. maybe other people are. i have made mistakes. i admitted to my mistakes. shattered byhe storm. >>obody has anything left. it's all gone. it's just all gone. >> tornado ravagedommunities across the midwest begin picking the pieces today. under arrest, orge zimmerman behi bars. his girlfriend accusing m of assat. >> y just broke my glass table, youroke my sunglasses and put your gun in my freaking face. >> wt zimmerman claims really
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happened. >> i just want everye to know the truth. > and free falling. lieve it or not, this musician emerges un-st.atharines -- unscathed after a rrifying stage dive from three stories the ai that story and more today tuesday, nember 19th, 2013. >> announcer: frombc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and sannah guthrie, live from stio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a esday moing. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm mt lauer along side natalie morales d al roker. wow. we were with mor rob ford of toronto a couple of hours after the cityouncil there stripped him of his staffmost of his budget a most of his power. if you think he's backing down he's gearing up r a long fight. >> he told you he's t going anywhere. >>o, he is waiting andunning
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for re-electn. he is vowing to sticaround. that's the top story this mornin for two weeks now, mayor ford has been under fire after his admied use of crack cocae. during that chaotic meetin heaven almost knocked over a city cncil woman. we travelledo toronto last night to talk to the mayor a his brother, councilman doug ford. >> you said as wwere sitting down, you said what happened in city council chambers was unprecedented. it never happenebefore. what went on in there? >> thebasically took away 383,000 people whooted for me, their rights. >> you have brought disgrace to this office, and y know that's true. >> i've embarrassed nojust myself, my family, my frnds, myupporters, the whole city. i ta full responsibilityor that. we've all made mistake matt. i'm not perfect. maybe you ar maybe other people are. i've made mistak. i admitt to my mistakes.
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>> when the questis began to circulate around you, mr. mayor, and peopletarted to ask you about the use of crack cocaine you played a game semantics. they aed were you a crack addict according tyou and you said no. >> i'm not. and they said, do you use crack cocain no. i don't use crack cocain no. ve i tried crack cocaine, yes. >> that's a game of semantics and the best euse i heard you give for using that crack cocaine was, i was ia drunken stupor. and is that supped to make anybody feel bter? >> not at all. >> show me the video even accding -- >> why ds the video matter? >> i could barely ev remember it. i was very, very inebriated. >> i want to make sure we understand. you're not in an alcohol treatment program? no, i have a weight issue. have been training every day all can speak is actions speak louder than rds. come bk and give me five o six months. if they n't see a difference
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i'll leave. >> it's mple. show me any mayor in north america right thisecond that's done what he done. he has saved the taxpayers $1 billion. >> councili would expect you to sit herand defend your brother. i think it's lal and i think it's wonderful. have you er been worried about him? >> yeah. his weight issues. >> now, wait >> wn he goes on a binge- if you want to call it binge drinking and i hear about it, ye, it's concerning. do i know on a personal side has rob been 100honest? no. he hasn' >> your brher brings up something interesting. he says you go out on a weekend and you maybe go oa little binge oncin awhile. >> not every weekend. >> no, i said evy once in a while. >> l's retract that. stem. >> iaid your brother sayyou go out every weekend. you may go on a binge every once in a while. >> absolutely. >>et's say you go on a binge and your phone rings in your
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office a something terrible has happened in the city of toronto. rrorist attack, some other disaster. are you equied? and capable enough and stable enough to handle it? >> i'm fortute that hasn't happened. very few isolated incidents that it's happened. you're absolutely right. i'm fortunate that hasn't happened. that could happewith anybody at any time. say you were out drinking and you were drunk andomething happened to yo family. >> the lives of million people aren resting on my decision. >> say your daughterets killed in a car accident and you're pltered at 3:00 a.m. ithe morng. are u going to be able t handle that? the i take personal responsibity for my family and you have taxpayers of the city relying on you. >> take personal responsibity for them too. do you still want this job? >> absolutel october , let the people decide. >> what if ty say we want anher guy like rob forwhen it comes to the fiscal respsibility, but we wana guy who's going to elete the office and not bring the baggage
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rob ford brought. >> they're not going tfind other rob ford. >> tt's for sure. >> but this y literally -- i mean, he is nvinced that what he has done the positive side r the city far outweighs the embarrassment herought to the office and himself. >> yeah. they talk about hirecord and what he's done for the cy. it seems they still fail to grasp thlapse in judgment and the largerffect of that. >> othe way to the airport did you lk to any folks? >>bsolutely. from the person that drove me to the customs agenwho checked my passport and said whyre you he? i said i'm dng an interview. they said not the mayor, pase. theyonestly said he should go away. so to me whei saw it it was almost a unanimous decisn that the time has come. >> we'll move on to a big story here. the cleanup in theidwest from werful tornadoes. at least 59 have been nfirmed so far. one of the largestovember oureaks in years. the death toll now up to eight people. most victims iillinois.
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th morning some 186,000 homes are still without power inhe hardest hit states. let's get to dylan dreyer in washington, illiis for us once again. good morning tyou. >> reporter: good mornin savann. the tornado that devastated waington, illinois, hawinds up to 190 miles per ur. aneven though it destred pretty mh everything behind me the spirit and tenacity of people all acrosthe midwest is still iact. >> i liv here for at least five to ten years. >> reporter: for scott gundy rebuilding starts th digging out his belongings. >> you he to watch the nails i'm a biker. that's my caondale in there. >> no way. >> it was on that side of the wall. >> reporter: walki through the wreckage of his house he recountshe minute the twister hit. >> right here. is is where i saw it. like 1:00 and itas coming. >> reporter: winds at arly 190 miles per hour. an ef-4.
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one oft least 59 suspected tornadoes that raved the midwest this weekend. >> i'm going into my house. windows are already bustin boom, boom, boom. >> oh, my god. this thing is hugend it's comingast. >> reporter: dozens of storms causing shr destruction. >> nobody has anything left. it's all gone. it just all gone. >> reporter: icities from indian >> i was in ock, which i think i still am. >> reporter: to illinois. >> iot the biggest thing -- sorry -- which was my family. so we'll take care of the rest. >> repter: the focus now turns rebuilding. >> our mission now is to recover and we will recover. >> rorter: when we firstet scott g you recolleundy on odayd abt the town's high school
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footba team. monday it's ayers and coaches were out in e community lending a hand. day the panthers return to practice for this weekend's state playoff ga. >> this is the hse my kids grew up . >> reporter: gdy plans on turning what is noa field of rubble back into home. do you rebuild here? >> oh, yeah. i love this town. >> reporter:nd i asked scott, w do you begin? and in hisay he said i don't know. how do you knowhat to do in this situation? but he said he's going to call his insurae company and figure it out from there. it's the sentiment of a lot of people here in wasngton. tt and savannah. >> a story bng repeated in so ny communities and families acss the midwest. thank you. moving on,eorge zimmerman back in the news and headed back to court toda he spe the night in a florida jail after bng involved in an alleged altercation with his girlfriend. nbc's kerry sanders has moren that. good morningo you. >> reporte good morning, matt. george zimmerman is back in the me jail where he was placed after was arrested in the
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shootingeath of 17-year-old trayvon martin. this morning, he faces new charges including one count of aggravated assault with weapon against his girlfriend. deputies exited the home where george zimmerman has been living with a soft-sided gucase. inde, what is believedo be zimmerman's shotgun and semiautomatic ar-15. search warrant for the weapons wasigned by a judge afr zimmerman was arrested monday. thisll followed a call to 911 by his girlfriend samantha scheibe. >> are you serious? >> 911, do y need police, fire, or medical? >> i need police rig now. >> reporter: in her five minute call to 911 she says she ask zimmerman to leave her home. >> he has his freaking gun breaking a of my stuff right now. >> repter: in the call she continues talking, not only to the 911 opator. >> you broke my glass table and u broke my sunglasses and you put yourun in my face and yo
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told me get the [ bleep ] out. this is not your house. no. get out of here. >> reporter: the operator aske >> oy. ere is his weapon at >> he just put idown. >> reporter: aone point in the call, s, cheibe says, henows how to dthe this. he knows how to playhis game. >> i need you to calm down, okay >> reporr: since zimmerman was acquitted on crges of second degree murder months ago he has been pulled over in tes for speeding, cited in frida for a traffic violation antwo months ago police respoed to a fight between zierman and his wife shelly. no charges were filed. the two are now divorcing. monday following his girlfrie's call to 911, zimmman who barricaded the doorhile she was outside with deputies called 911 mself. >> okay. the police is already there. y are you calling? what hpened? >> just want everyone to know the truth. reporter: in his sen minute call zimmerman says she broke thglass table and while he has a weapon he never pointed it at anyone
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>> i never pulled a firearm. i never dilayed it. when i was packing ii'm sure she saw it. i mean, we keep it next to t d. >> reporter: late nday scheibe returned to the house with deputies to retrieve personal items. depues say george zimmerman did surrender peacefully, but only after they forcedheir way thugh the barricaded door. because he's in jail this morning, he is unavailable for comment. his previous attorneys tell nbc news they no longer reprent him. george zimrman will be arraned in court on those chges later this afteron, matt. >> kerry sanders in sanford, flida on the story fors this morning. thank you. meantime, nataliis followg breaking new newsverseas. >> that's rit. a deadly attack lebanon. at least 28 people we killed aftetwo explosions near the iranian embassy ineirut today. more thaa hundred others were injured. it caused damage tthe mission and neby buildings. lebanese mia is reporting the explosions came from suicide,
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car and motorcycle bbings. experts y it may be related to the civil war in neighring syria. iran's ambassador in lebanon was uninjured in the blast. new video emergeof the airplane crash irussia sunday that killed all people on board. the airport video shows the boeing 7 was vertical when i went down. ke a look. you can e it coming down in the middlef your screen there. when it hits the ground it explodes into the giant re ball. the plane s making a second attempt to ld when it went do. ntsb officials are sifting through the wrecge and trying to piece together what went wrong. in the plippines, hundreds of typon survivors marched through the streets to say thanks to the world. thmarchers sang and held signs. more than 5,000 peop have either been confirmed de or are ssing after the storm. an estimated 360,000 are displaced. a mar international reli effort is derway to help the
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survivors. inceton university officials are movingorward with a plato provide students a meningit vaccine not approved yet in e united states. there's been seven ces of meningitis at princetosince march all caused by version of the bacteria known as ro group b. the only vaccinehat targets that type is available and used in europe and australia. on monday the university announced the cdc and fda are prepared to approve use the vaccine in this case, buonly to specific groups of higher risk students. a controversial ending last night to the game between the new england patriots and the calina panthers. on the fal play of the game tom brady thw into the end zone and the pass was intercted by robert lester but a flagas thrown signaling pass interference ll and another chce for new england. however after a brief conference the referee rulethere was no foul. game over. panthers win it -20. a lot of people not happy with
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that ending. and an american rapper stunned a london audience suay whene jumped into the crowd from three stories u you can see him climbing up that ladder to get to the lighting rig above the stage. his band keepslaying down below d when he reached the top he yelled, have you got my back? and en he jumped into the owd. he a two people in the cwd were taken to the hoital. a woman suffered a broken arm. another man hurt h back. wattski walked ay with only nicks and bruise he apologized for the jump calling it spid and irresponsible. >> you think? >> that's a good start. >> one of e dumbest things i have ever en. he could have killed somebody. >> somody hurt their back the ground. >> trible. >> mr. roker, what's happening weather-se? >> right now we have good news for our iends who are are currently in the midwest. as you loolive, this is kokomo, indiana ere two ef-2
7:16 am
tornadoes touched down. the sun is rising as peopllook at what they have toontend with as theyinally start to clear deis and try to reshape their lives afr this. stunning, stunning video right now. i wanto thank the weather channel and myal mike seidel for that. let's show you another big ather story today. our top weather story. big storm system coming into the pacific northwes it will be bringing a lot of rain. it will also be bringing mountain snows and icing conditions as far south as parts of southern texas, northern texas i should say. we're looking at big snows deloping through the ctral and northern rockies. denver may see upwards of 3 to 6 inches of snow ithe next 72 hours. a lot of rain along the west coas all the way down to san francisco. but heavier snow, six to nine inches. denv may be looking at that as well we'll get to your lol forecast coming up in the nex30 seconds.
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i t bonuses even working part-time. where i rk, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a moh. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. i got education benefits. saleassociate. i manage produce i work in gistics. there's re to walmart thanou think. vo: opportunity. that's the real wmart. good mning to u. well, we have quite a b of rain on the radar. mostly concentrated over marin coun pushing into the east bay. througho the next few hours count on sck conditions mostly in theast ba that will spread to the south into san fraisco and the south bay awe headhroughout the send half of the day. keep that inmind. overall looking pretty good s francisc54 degrees with drizzle. vice presidente cheney y su >> al, thank you smuch. former vice esident dick
7:18 am
cheney and his wife are weighing in on a mmering family feud betweetheir two daughters. andrea mitchell is in washington with that ory. good morning to you. >> reporter: good moing, savannah. for decades the cheney sisters we inseparable at home and on the mpaign trail but nowheir rents have had to intervene in a veryublic feud over same-sex marriage between their two daughters. one gay, one straight. the close knit chey family also presented a united fron until now. dick and lynn cheney issuing a statement abt their daughter's public feuover gay marriage saying this is an issue we have dealt with pritely for many years d we are pained to see it become puic. one thing should be clear, liz has always believed in the traditionadefinition of marriage. this just weeks afr the former vice president tolsavannah it was a private matter. is this causing tension in the family? >> if it did, i wouldn't talk about it. that a family matter. >> reporter: f decades the sisters wereampaign partners.
7:19 am
the cheney family seemed to fully embre mary cheney, her wi heather and their children. >> i know that theeople of wyoming do not -- reporter: but then liz jumped to a contentious wyoming senate primary. >> 20 years ago ph and i were married in wyoming. today we are raising our kids here on thsame wyoming values i gr up with. >> reporr: campaigning on mily values but not ntioning her sister or her family. >> i do believe in the traditiol definition of marriage. >> reporter: so when she spoke out sunday. >> i lovmary very much and her family very much. this is just an issue on which we disagree. >> reporter: mary ote sunday, z, this isn't just aissue on which we disagree. you'reust wrong and on the wrong side of history. adding, either you think a families should be treated equally or you don't. liz's position is to treat any family as second class citizens. mary cheney sa it will be impossib for the sisters to reconcile until liz changes her position. now an unwcome issue in liz's
7:20 am
senate campaign. clearly the rents didn't want to go public. when they d it was to chide mary for takina private issue to facebook, potentially hting liz in her campaign for th senate. back to you. >> andrea mitchell, thank you. >> the folks at oxford dictiona just announced their internatnal word of the year tamron is in the onge room to talk about it. >> gd morning, guys. we are close to the end of the ar so the lists comeut and oxford is out th its word of the year. it is selfie. a photraph that one has tan of oneself. a lot of viers said which they loved the most. beyonce made the lt twice. hillary and chsea clinton, bo obama and the first lady. and the selfie of the year, the one featuring the popeof course. this was actlly the reuters photograph othat moment when e first selfie featuring the pope was listed.
7:21 am
pretty cool list. i ha a quick quiz for you. what's delfie? that's a drunken sele. what's a welfie? >> a rich person? >> yeah, it is. >> aorkout selfie and la but not list, a lfie? come on? that's a hair selfie. >> how is that different thaa selfie selfie? >> oh, okay. >> maybe you zoom inn the ha. >> i'll have to ink about that. th's the list guys. >> okay. make it your vote. we also don't know about the helfie >> yeah. >> there you go. >> new word. >> bfie. you started something. coming up we'll take a turn. we shod you the frantic scene on monda police breaking a ndow and firing shots at a family minivan. well, coming up, part of the video yohaven't seen and the officer at opened fire explains his actions. >> and an eyewitness to history.
7:22 am
rare interview with woman who to the only photo showing both jfk's car and tt grassy knoll at t time of the assassination. we'll talk to her.
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small business saturday is november 30th. get out and shop small. e time 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. we're tracking the rain moving through e bay area. t's take a live lk at vallejo. it's coming down for a cple hours now. meteorologist christina loren is working hard trackg what's happening. in parts of the bay ea.uckets let's get to the radar. thank you, jon. good morning to you. make sure you're rea for heavy rainfall fromallejo south to coming down as we speak.owers all of this actity is starting to push int san francisco rig now. the richmo district getting showers of the morning. ase head throughout the next couple hou most o this the golden gate bridge, thenf througho the second half of the day showers spreading south into san jose.
7:27 am
so grab that umbrella before you head out t front door let's check your drive. back to you, jon. >> thank you. to mike i a second. a hayward school board deciding whher to expel a -year-old boy caught crying a knife on campus. the pncipal says the boy walked int the staff lounge undetected, grabbed the knife and walked back in the hallway. police sayhe boy complained about being bullied when he was tan to a psychiatric facility anput on a 72-hour evaluation. >> changes comin to tesla following ree recent car ceo elon musk says the company is giving its popular cars the high ground clearance to hopefully reduce the cnces o underbody damage. he's asking federal safety regulators to investigate the fires and is now amending
7:28 am
tesla's warray to coverire damage. now to mike inouye cheing the traffi >> itooks like this, jon. we have a slow drive in the rth bay because of the tuesday commute and along with th rain coming down s here is san rafael to where you see t miy air. e water on theoadway even puddles off to the left. to a crash at madera boulevard clearing from lanes. ry slow there. in the sth bay, the northbound tuesday commute andrashesre causing the ckup. 680 is close one lane.
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don't forget to share your shots of sunri where you're waking up. just use the hashtag, # todaysun rise. od morning, everyone here's a look at wt's making headlines on a tueay morning. in a new interview witmatt, toronto's mayor vowed totay in office despite the drug andal that surroundsim and being ripped of most of hipowers yesterday by the city council. >> emergency officials now say the powerful tornado that hit washinon, illinois, damaged or destroyed some 500 homes. itas just one of the dozens of confirmed twisters over the weekend. george zimmean faces a judge today after being charged
7:31 am
with assaulting his rlfriend. the woman clms zimmerman pointed a shotguat her during an argument. and a really touching story coming up, a remarkable seof identical twins bo battling breast cancer at theame time and sharing their urney in uniqueays. it's a gre story. but we'll begin with new details onhis frightening scene. we showed it tyou on monday. police busting out a windoand firing shots at a van filled with chiren. well, nbc's joe fryer has the latest on the story. joe, what can you te us? >> reporter: gd morning, savann. accordg to police reports the officer that opened fire in the video says he was aiming for a ti. that remains under investigation as the criminal case against the minan driver moved forward. it wasn educational trip according to court records that brought oriana farre and her five home-schooled cldren to this part of new mexo. >> 71 in a 55. >> reporter: after state police
7:32 am
stop her for speeding dasham video shows her driving away befo the officer is done there's a 30 second chase before ferrell pulls overnd the officer tries to remove her. that's when you first hear the upset kids. >> get out of the vehicle. get out the vehicle right now. over the next several minutes the officer says ferrellefuses toooperate until things finay blow up. at one point ferrell's 14-year-old son approaches. the officer says t teen swung atim multiple times bere running back into the van and locking the door just as police back-up arrives. >> open the do. >> open the door. >> the officer uses a baton to break the wind and as the van drives awaanother officer fires three shots. in a police report the firing officer said he was aimi at the left rear tire trying to immobilize the vicle. he wrote my cision in shooting at the tire and not the driver was because ofll the people in the vecle.
7:33 am
ferrell was arrested and chaed th child abuse, fleeing an officeand possession of drug paraphernalifor marijuana pipes found in the van >> my decision to le charges or prosecute had less to do with the officers' behavior than the suspect's behavi. in my mind that's what initied everything. >> reporter: frell and her attorney declined to comment but the attorney claim ferrell was scared for herhildren. >> we ought toalk about the stupidity, the recklesess of ooting at a van that's got five kids in it. >> reporter: use of force expert greg myer watched thvideo and says it doesaise questions about the officer's actions. >> until we know w, it's difficult to judge thumbs up or thumbs down the reasonableness of what haened here. >> reporter: the sta police ief has said he does have concerns aboutis officer ring the gun and he does promise a full review. as for ferrell, she has pleaded not guilty and a trials
7:34 am
scheduled to sta in april. matt andavannah. thank you. >> let us get a checof the weather from mr. roker. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you bdisney's "frozen." experien the ultimate snow day this thanksgiving with disney's "frozen" in theaters in 3- november 27th. well, a lot of us will feel fren over this coming ekend but the meantime, a nicday in mia. we are looking at sunshine. a w showers moving thrgh. otheise, partly cloudy skies. tempatures in the low 80 here's that cold arctic air mass comingut of canada. it's going to didown as we get into the latter part othe week from minneapolis all theay down into the southeast. temperatures will be anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees below average. watch the rple make its way thursday, friday, saturday, on into sday. the eastern ha of the country is going tbe well below normal temperatur and they're going to hang arnd for at least 24 hours. >> 7:34.hat's goinon around
7:35 am
we hav showers coming down, mostlyorth o the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge at this point. travel cautiously especially along i-80 between fairfield all the way southo chmond. you'llind slick nditions, that is where the heaviest rainfall is coming down right now. we did pk up pretty good i want to give you an idea how that looks. we'r going toet an update from mike. travel caiously. afternoon we're gog to climb into the 60s. hope you he a fantastic day. >>l, thanks very much. this seems unthinkable. brace yourselves. but could ere be a turkey shortage this close to thanksgiving? he's nbc's gabe gutierz. >> reporter: it's the centerpiece the thanksgiving ast. >> where's the turkey, chuck? >> reporter: every last week in november, ericans gobble up morehan 700 million pounds of turkey. but this year, butterball, t
7:36 am
nati's largest turkey prucer is telling somretailers shipments of large, esh turkeys will be slashed by 50%. the company says its poultryad trouble gaing weight on some of its fms and, quote, while we are continuing to evaluate l potential causes we are working to remedy e issue. after all,ho wants a skinny turkey? average the birds now weigh 63% morehan in 1965. the typical size of a anksgiving turkey is6 pounds. enou to feed eight adults with leftovers. >> i try to get a lae one because we ually have company every year. >> 16 pounds. >> reporter: but fear not poultry lovers. butterball stillas enough frozen turkeys plus fresh ones smaller than 16 pounds and no othesuppliers are reportg shorges. so rest easy america. it aears this holiday staple
7:37 am
is saffor now and that's plenty to thankful for. fotoday, gabe gutierre nbc news, miami. >> well, that's a relief >> thank goodness. >> as long as there n't a stufng shortage. >> exactly. >> there you go. that's what we worry about. coming up next, a re interview with aoman that took one of the most mous photos of jfk's assassination. what she heard that still sticks wither 50 years later. at's right after this. sticks with her 5
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>> one part of the tragedy shows the first moment that president kennedy was hit by the first bullet a the woman that took it sat dn with us for her first brocast television interview in nearly 50 years. >> reporter: as supports greeted presint kendy and the first lady at love field, they wer making their way to downwn dallas to see the president' motorcade. >> when you heard that president kennedy was coming to dallas on thatday, did you immediately decide to go out a see the young president or was it a longer desion? oh it was an exciting time that we could see a president bute liked jackie. we wanted to see jackie. and that was the main reason to come downtown. >> rorter: like thousands of othepeople along the motorcade route, marianne had a camera with her to capture the mont. >> the picture you wanted to get
7:43 am
that day was wt picture? >> of the president with jkie in the car as they passed us. >> rorter: itas just before 120 in the afternoon on that friday a marianne mormon, then 31 years old had her camera and she wasaking up her position here on the side of the road. that very same moment lee harvey oald was taking up his position here one floor below me. he was watching as the presidential motorcade made that slow turn from houstontreet on to elm stre. a home movie taken shows the motorcade coming down elm street just as president knedy reacts to the first shot. you can see marnnen the blue rainco ready to snap her piure of the president. >> you tk the picre when the limo was there and you heard what?
7:44 am
>> i heard the shots and took th camera down a heard two more shots. >> give me t sound of the shots. >> pow, pow, pow. >> you also heard sething else coming from t limousine, didn't y? >> i heard jkie yell, my god, he's been shot. >> wt's chilling about that is that's h close you re. u could hear the first lady screaming, my god, he's been shot. >> right. >> reporter: in another home movie taken fm a different angle you can see the limousine passg maryann as tatal shot hit the president. >> i saw hisair jump but it wasn't just his hair. it was par of his head. that is so clear in my mind to this day. reporter: this is the moment that maryann captured and it' on display at the dealy plaza. >> she was the only one that got a clea shot ofim and the
7:45 am
grassy knoll in e background. they have enhanced it looking fo a second gunman dubd the badge man. >> do you think that's the badge man? >> it looks like a person in this position shooting b whether i is or not i don't knowecause the picture is not clear enough. there are people running up the hill along side elm stet. >>eporter: in the chaothat followed a reporter approached maryn to me a copy of the picture for the newspaper and a televion reporter terviewed maryann and her friend jn a she waited in the press office. >> i must have snapped it immediately as he slumped. because she is there and he is slumped ov. >> rorter: as the rest of the world debed and dissected the assaination over the years maryann moved on wh herife in dallas n giving muc thought to any of the conspiracy theories but in 1982 sheot a rare chance to sit in the
7:46 am
sniper's perch where lee hary oswa fired his rifle on that faithful day in 1963. >> it was a traumat time really. >> syou were traumatized in the days and wee after t shooting? >> yes. the thought always comes bk to me, i saw a man murdered right in front o my eyes. that thought is still present in my mindight now. >> i asked maryann if she accepted t findings that oswald had acted alone. sheaid initial yes but 50 ars of government scandals and cove ups andther things like that made h believe there might be more tthe story. >> something that happened in our history where every one tt is ave remembers exact where they were. so much more so i you were just steps away how it transformed all the liv arou. >> it's amazing piecing together all the ements evenow years later and ill the questions remain >> that'right. by the way, you can see our full interview on coming up at 8:21 another
7:47 am
iconic piece of that y, jackie kennedy's famous pink suit. >> why it is bng kept out of view from the public for the next 90 years. we'll have the story, but first, these messages. what can we do on a $7 te the kids along the way. reserve a table for two. post photoof the shows. borrow a coe. schedule a hike. send pics of the sights. email eve to play golf. video our most recent flight.
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7:52 am
i don't know who this guy is. coming up with a list and al and matt i tookou o because i thought it would ske the numbers. you're both just too darn sexy. >> unfair. >> think how we feel sitting next to them every day. >> i know. >> it's burden sometimes. >> a good or bad idea? hoywood's plan for a seq you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer.
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>>good mornin e time 7:56. mon kelley a. 10-year-old boy accused of taking a knife from the teacher's lounge of his hayward school and waking the lls with it he cld be expelled. the hillvw crest school board meeting to decide whether he should be kked out. tough decion here. a part saw the boy a tackled him. the pant was cut when he grabbed the kne out of the the boy had beenomplaining about being bullied. help the city's taxis compete with mobile ride share services like lift. the city considering gettingn this would be the first time all 10 companies wld work together toe traed on one single atform. >> let's take it out now. i believe anthony is checking the weather. >> we ve showers pushing through th region now. the north bay got hit with heavie ces, we're seeing the
7:57 am
activity off to the east bay. a heavier cell overoncord to push toward antioch. we're talking about a few more showers that will rol through so south b and even the . extreme east bay expecti to see few more showers. re to comeven for morrow. that's what affected the north bay commute. southbound 101 is jammed towar the curve. jammg up, looks like someone slammed on therakes. slipng and sliding down in towa mill valley. we have oakland north880 starting tjam up athe clouds come through talking about rain concord, that means 680 4 and here is the south b withay the nohbound route slamming in the northbou direction. this crash blocking o lane north 680. the off mp as well. back t you. appreciate the update.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up the ties that bind. idencal twin sisters in e fit of their lives. th battling breast ncer. and nowhrough remark sable surgery shari more than er. >> plus what happenedo jackie kennedy's famou pink suit? and it' a wonderful idea? >> every time a bell rings an angelets his wings. >> med reaction to hollywood's pls to a sequel to a beloved holiday clsic, today, tuesday, november 19th, 23. >> good morningark city. >> heygrandma.
8:01 am
>> having a happy birthda today in new york. >> thanks ddy for the trip to new york. i love you. >> well, welcome back to today. it's auesday morning. i'm savannah gutie along side matt lauer, a roker, and tamron hall. wait, two votes for matt and al for people's sexiest man alive. >> dsn't mean only two. >> two of the many votes that ha lely bee cast. people magazine will be he and give us airst look at who is the sexiestanalive. >> oh, wow. weike it. we'll give you areat sneak peek of the macy thanksgivg day parade and, oh, a couple of new aitions this year. thos are minis. >> that's right. >> we'll check in with john piper at the thanksgiving day
8:02 am
parade studio. >> who will not take a brth. you cannot stop it. >> getting all caffeinated upright now. >> fir let's get a check of the top stories. natalie is at the news desk. >> good morning, everne. thousands are sti without power afte a stringf deadly tornads ravaged the midwest on sunday. nbc's kevintibbles is in washington illinois with the latest. goodorning. reporter: the tornado remained in the washington area for some 45 mines with sustaine winds upwardsf 200 miles r hour. is it any doubt tha some 3 homes were complely destrod? 500 damaged. threal miracle here is there isnly one death in this immediate area. eight deaths overall throughout the region. we too a hicopter ride over the torna dage scene yesterday an it literally looked as if someone had taken a gigantic bulldozer and had driven from one e of washington out throughhe other and straight off er the
8:03 am
horizon into the farmer's field. this thing was so powerful, so fast movg, many people couldn't even g out of its path a lot o people tod are thankful that theyanaged to get to their basents because it was being in the basement huddled together that saved ma, many lives that otherwise cod have been lost. what are people hearsayinon the ground now that they're looking athe devastation? many a saying although we have lo everything, still have each other. back to you. >> ah, definitely kevin in washington, ilnois. thank you. the pentagon has releed the name of an american soldier killed thiseekend in afghantan. the 29-ar-old staff sergean was fatally wounded while on patrol in kandahar. he wasrom keller, texas. toronto mayor rob for who admitted smoking crack and driving drunk declared w on his city couil after it voted to cb his remaining powers and slash his budget.
8:04 am
ford charged across t room accidentally knocking over that city cncil woman. well, st night for talked with matt in h first sit down intervw with a u.s. reporter since coming clean about his drug abuse. >> you're not in any alcohol treatment ogram. >> no. >> no drug trement program. >> no. i have a weight issue. i have beenraining every day. all i can say, matt, actions speak louder than words. i invite you to come back. ve me five or six months and if you don't see a dierence, i'll eat my words. >> wel ford plans to run for re-election next october based on his record of fiscal responsibity. >> aourt date today for acquitted trayvon martin shooter george zimmerman. he was arrested in central florida after aisturbance at his girlfrie's home. he is accused of felony aggravated assault and other arges. shsaid he broke glass table and pointed a gun a r. zimmerman said heever pointed
8:05 am
a weapon at anyone. caroline kennedy tvelled by horse draw carriage to japan's palace. she presented her credentials as the new u.s. ambassador. caroli tweeted what a memorable day. >> well, ts could be more fun than the ministry of silly walks. the survivi members of the original mo phon troop are going to performive togher for the first time in cades. they tweeted wshouldxpect a big announcement. with all fiveen in their 70s they decided it's now or never. we're all looking for ward to it. >> he made a smooth recovery after flubing his performance in frt of an impornt against. moments after they stood at attention an honor guard knocked his hat offith his saber but
8:06 am
caught it and he manages to keep a straight face and hected as though notng ppened. almost like a skit in itself. let's go back outside for a check of the weather wh al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought toou by colgate total. >> you know, talie, that last vio is like now from sometng completely different. we're very cited. that's bigger than abba. moty python getti back togeth. i'm very excited. matt come back. where did he go? >> matt. >> was he ever with you? >> he was. i've been with tt. >> have you? rely? >> looking for the touest guy alive, whitey bulger a sissy compared with me. >> good. why don't you go talk with mayor fordnd we'll be right back. good tsee yo sir. i like thehite gloves. let's show you what' going o
8:07 am
as far as our pick city of the day. kamr, nbc 4 amarillo, xas. these temperatures will be plunging by the time we get into thursday. we'll drop down to 22 degrees overnit. afternoon tempetures not too bad in the east. we have 30s and 40s in new england. 40s back through the rocki and good morning we still do have showers pushing through the regi right now. in fact, some of the heavier cells are pushing through the st bay rig over concordes where we're seeing se of the light to moderate rain activity. elsewhere we're just pretty much dry with a littl bit of drizzle at the coast, but you can see pushing right thrgh b poi and ov towards clayton approaching antioch and brentwood. thiss the only cell we have to deal with right now, but there are more showe off the coast. keep the umbrellas handy. mesge for you, si >> you're into moty python
8:08 am
aren't you? >> he's so happy. >> up next, al, w have treing a rt of a claic you have n seen. these have theost godfather auditions. >> wow. then at 8:21, t story behind jackie kennedy's iconic pink suit and why it's being kept hidden for the next 90 years. >> a sneak peek at the newest macy's thanksgivinday parade flt. but fit, these messages. isn't always easy, but you can do it. stay active.. get outdoors... eat healthy... and choose colgate total®. it does more an protect, t actually helps improve mouth heah. [ male announcer ] fights germs for 12 hours, in 24 hours starts to fortify emel, and in 4 weeks helps improve gum health. you c do it with clgate total®. [ male anuncer ] more than protect. improve mouth health with colgate tota®. and use the whole le for even better results. ♪ the new awesomes to the world. for even better results.
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with 100% taste and zero artificial preservatis. it's time ...believe. back now at 8:13 with what is trending today. here's a question for yo is ithe holiday spirit oro outre? one waart store in ohio is collecti food for employees. they set up storage bins with a sign that read please donate food items here so that associates in need can enjoy thanksving dinner. no that sounds like an admission th walmart doesn't pay employees a living wage and that is a charge that dogged the company r years. walmart cal the food drive prf of its effort to take care of employees.
8:14 am
>> it's a big battle and debate ther >> they're one of the most successfulcompanies. money wise and the family that ownst you would think there would be an effort to help from higher up. >> you hate to see someone get critized for tryg to help people in need buthere's larger issue here and people know th. >> yea the minimum wage issue. >> and walrt says they look at it a perhaps if there's a two-family home, the spouse lost aob so it's not, they believe on their shoulders. >> it jt doesn't look good. >> we'llhift gears. are u guys ready to relive a holiday assic? >> yeah. >> i'm not sure. >> take a look. >> look daddy. every tim a bell rings an angel gets it's wis. >> it's a wonderfulife starring jimmy stewart and aprently it's so wderful that we nd a sequel. >> no. >> it's a wonderful life. the rest o the story hits theaters in 2015.
8:15 am
it will sr 73-year-old caroline grimes. she actually played in the original. now not everyone isotally excid about this. chk had a good tweet. evy time a bad sequel is made of a classic movie an angel loses it's wis. >> oh, chuck. >> apparently nothing goingn at the white house. >> chuck got a lite too much -- rememr when turner - what could go wrong here. >> exactly. >> some thing are bt left untouched. >> i agree. >> speaking of classics,he godfather ranksmong the top movies ever made but no doubt thanks in part to e dynamo that is sonny. >> now you want t gun down a police bause he slapped you in the face a little bit? you got to get up closeike this and blo their brains a over your nice ivy league suit. >> of course that was the
8:16 am
violent mobst but eryone knows now 40 yrsater we're now learning who else auditioned to play sonny. >> you going to take - you going to te them -- do you know what ty're going to do to you? you get his brains all over your nice new ivy league suit, michael. that's wt happens. you can do it. go ahead. prove it to me. >> you all know who tha is. of course, robert de niro. he wasn'even 30 years old yet when hehot tha screen test. he obvious didn't get the part. things did workout forhim. he did go on to play in the goather part ii which he eaed his first oscar for. >> what happened to him? >> he looks like rocky. yeah. >> i was like -- >> thatas a great screen test. i would have given him the point too. >> uil he cracked up. >> yeah. >> i thought iwasadorable. that probably wasn' what he was going for. >> matt and al you he helped
8:17 am
raise awareness, getting you prostate exams live on air recently andow late night mics, it's a gift that keeps on giving. >> ming , here a response from al roker we love him. high pressure moving through the southern region. let's seehat he was asked. describe your prostate exam >> al. yes, very nice. well,t was- willing to take a joke and take a laugh. >> yes. >> anything to do to help raise awareness for this. >> yes. >> of course if io see steven colbt i'm going tolap him. >> exactly. it is awareness for men's hlth ises. no sve november a you can learn more on our websit >> that's what's trending today. frommen's health to a touching story tie to women' heth. twin sisters both dgnosed with breast cancer both helping each other healn a remarkable way.
8:18 am
here's kristen welker. >> reporter: i 34 years kelly and kristen share just abo everything. identical twins with a special connection that srted before they were born. >> they only heard one hrt beat and thethink we were laying on top of onenother and our hearts were beating asone. >> repter: and both their hearts werebroken, their families devastated when kelly was diagnosed with an aggressive form o breast cancer two years ago. she was pregnant with h first ild. >>ou're thinking at 60, 65 you'll get yr cancer diagnosis and something lik that not at 32 and definity not when you're pregnant. top three worst days ofy life. i don't think that i stopped sobbing for weeks it seemed like. >> i remember you just saying -- the only tng you sai -- >> i can'tive without her. reporter: lly, a nurse, started treatment just weeks after her son grey was born.
8:19 am
t she had a nagging conrn about her sistekriste not only do they share a set of ges but they lost their mom last year to colon cancer. >> the nurse and me kept saying kristen get tested, get tested. >> reporter: she took her sister's advice a the news was stunning. she too was diagnosedith breast cancer. >> youay he saved your sister's life. >> she did. absolutely. hands down. e did save my life. both are cance free. both are revering well. and very sort of elated at the situation. >> and last week,elly and kristen beme the fourthwins ever to undergo shared reconstructive breast sgery with kristen donating he belly tissue to help rebuild a breast. this video shows them transporting the tissue. >> that's the ideal situation where you don't he to use antirejection dication because
8:20 am
you have a part of you living with your identic twin. >> repter: a fight for life that's brought these tws, both young moms now even clos. >> s did i to heal m on the outside obously, but it's healed me so much internally as well. it's amazi to have a part of her on me. >>eporter: two sisters w try do make each other whe. >> we call it twin healing. twin healing. we've aays said that. >> reporter: krist lker, nbc news, crown point, indiana. >> and they're with us now. ladies, good morni to yo >> good morning. >> it's so good to s you looking so good. i see a cple of tears in those eyes this morng. >> just a little bit. >> kelly, how are y feeling? the surry was a wk ago and as weust hea it wasn't an sy one. >> no it wasn'tasy but i'm doing well now. krten came over for the first time yesterday so i w feeling amazing yesterday. >> well, kristen when a loved one goes through something often we feel so helpless and here's a
8:21 am
situatn where you could really help your sister. what did that mean to you? >> i was amazing just to be able to help rebuild her self-esteem and tout her back to norma or a new norl ase ll it now, it was a great feeling. >> this is a case whereou helped each other in so my ways but kelly you'rehe one at a talked krisn, as i undetand it, into going to see the doctor which lead to her breast ccer diagnosis. how did you convince hero go when she didn't want to? >> well i was going to use the twin card and i said if she didn't go get tested i was going to call and make the appointment under her name forher. >> well, it worked. kristen, this is so serious. we love seeing you with your smiles and you'reoth doing so well but you havbeen through so much recent and your mom passed away from con cancer and that's one of the reasons why you felt so strongly aut moving fward and getting ecked out. >> yeah, being proactive about your heah is somethingou have to be able to do, even a a
8:22 am
youngage,t's extremely imrtant. kelly i read something you said that waso lovely. you said now your siste is part of you. she's right part of your heart. >> yeah the tissuehat the transplanted sits right over my heart. >> well, it's just a lovely story and kriste i guess, what's your mesge to everybody? what do you wanteople to take away fromhis story? >> just to be proactive about their health. to be ae to tst their stincts and to trust themselves to know that if you're feeling like something isn't rightith your body to take initiative to have it looked at for su. >> ll, you two are lovely in every way and so profoundly lucky to have each other. than for being here and aring your story. >> tnk you so much. we'll take turn and send it ov to matt >> all right, savannah, thank you very muc now to more of our lookack at the assassinati of jfk 50 years late one iconic imagine of that faithful day in dallas is the first lady's pink suit
8:23 am
nbc's andrea mitchell has the remarkable story behind . >> reporter: jqueline kennedy arrived in dallas that morning perfectly dressed in her pill box haand the pink suit that brighted that morning. it was an exact copy of as chanl su but made in theusa. he introduced his wife t an adoring crow >> two years ago i introduced myself inaris that said i was the man that accpanied mrs. kennedy to paris. i'm getting that same sensaon as i travel around texas. nobody wonders what lendon and i wear. >> kwn as theink suit, jackie kennedy had already worn it six times including this962 visito london before that faithful november 22nd. the suit might never have made it t dallas but for jackie's
8:24 am
personalssistant who had worked for the kennedys since jfk was a senator. today at age 89, she recalls president kenned telling her to get the first lady's wardrobe ready for the texas trip. >> he said pack something light because it could be warm over there. >> pack sothing light becau it would be warm in dallas. >> yes. i put everything out and on the ck in her dressing room so i had everything ready for her so then she pick what she wanted >> she lik that pink sui a lot. she wore it several times. >>yes. >> reporter: the suiwas to become marked by tragedy. blood stained in the motorcade and worn for the swearing in of the newresident as a badge of horror and shame for the natio and the world to se >>ady byrd johnson said perhaps you don't want to wea this suit, the suit drenched in the late esident's bld.
8:25 am
and her reply w no, i want them to see what they have done to jack. >> reporter: she escorted her sband home but didn't rurn to the white house uil 4: the next morning. by then she changed clothes. >> did you pack a dress in box. >> i didn't. i never sawhe dress. >> youever saw it agai >> never saw the dress. >> reporter: mrs. kennedy's mother kept the suit at herome georgetown until the following july when stilblood stained to preserve it for history it was sent to the national archives and there i remains under t terms of a gift fm caroline kennedy ten years ago. not to be seen for another 90 years. for today, andrea mitchell, nbc news washington. >> wow. seems li such a long time. >> a fortunate piece o history. >> there's soany memories and also artifacts that we're thinking about ts week a we look back 50 yearslater. >> all the stories. >> yeah. >> we'll be ght back after your local news.
8:26 am
to you.ery go tuesday morning i'm laura garcia cannon. tesla ceo says despite three fires that put his company i the spotght, he is confident his cars a safe. still, he announced some changes that are coming to theree tropolitan-based comny like higher ground clearance improve he is also amending tesla's warrants to cer some of the damage. let's check the roadways out there for not justesla, but al other automobes. >> no matter what kind of fuel you use. the knott bay looking much better. we will travel uth to san jose where traffic is jamming up again.
8:27 am
northbound 101. south 280 up to nonexpressway. we still havehe one lane closed. that art contues. use 880 out of san jose and up into milpedas. we s the slower traffic westbound. it's starting to move a little beer off of the toll plaza, and can you start to see the peninsula, and just travel through ncorde andatchnd the bay bdge we have extended backups. back to u. >> we're goi to check in with christine and talk about the weather. take care. [ malennouncer ] you can ange your tomorrow
8:28 am
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it' 8:30 now. on tuesday morning,t's the 9th day of november, 2013. a little chilly here on the plaz this morning. the sunshining brightly. abt as brightly ashe smiles on all ofhese nice faces behind us. we appreciatthat. by the way, if you like this temperature ght now -- >> yeah. >> you're not going to like this weekend apparently. >> yeah. >> do you like bowling? >> look at this young lady. she skipped school. don't tell my teher.
8:31 am
>> don't worry. we c keep it a secret. >> your sret is safe with us. >> it's an educational experience. >> we have colair coming. >> oh, bo >> ithe 30s or the weekend. >> temperatures about 15 to 30 grees below average for about 2-thirds of the country. >> have you look add head by any chan to the thanksgivingay parade wther? i have. >> and -- >> i he looked. >> not sure. >> why ruin the surise? >> we, you know what, talk aboutsurprises. there's all kinds of new floats thatill be part of the parade this year. we'll get a sneak eview in a bi >> alws look forward t that and 'll also give you help with your menu as well. sandra lee is here as shereaks itown in a qck and eas way for us. sh introduces us to a turkey alternative ur family will love. >> ham. >> ye. >> let's show y what wve got today. we are looking at showers through t gulf cot.
8:32 am
wet weather in the pacific northwest. #today sunrise. gorgeous day. temperatures on the cool side. illy and breezy tonight. we have re wet weather. big storm system ming into the west. it spreads from central california all theay into the pacific northwest. tomorrow, it makes it's way into the southwest. look for snow throughout the cascad on into theississippi river valley. east cst is looki well, this morning are talking out a few raindrops. in fact, we've alrdy seen rainfall across the north bay, and now into the et b. concorde just pied up 1/100th more on the y. santa rosa already got to 1/11ths. we did have one push throh. that's now off to brtwood and antioch. more showers are lining up off the coast. ep the umbreas handy. moreain to come tonight and tomorrow.
8:33 am
got couple ofutis here. who is this? >> siena. >> she is cute. ere are you from >> rochester. >> rochester. another cute one here having goldfi goldfi. >> eva rose. >> where are you from? >>outh carolina. >> go to weather channel on cable and onne. savannah. thank u so much. now to the latest con tetestant havehe scales t against him on the biggest loser. let's show you him before he began his journey. here's what's leftf him this morning. good morning to you. you look fabulous. comeown here. haveo meet you. you started at 385 pounds. how much do you weigh now? >> 265 pounds. >> what do you wt that t-shirt to say when thiss all sai and
8:34 am
done. >> 192. >> so you were eliminated from the ranch. there was a contrersy with the traine giving caffeine pill was it fair for the team to get penalized? >> it was fair. they wanted to make sure it was ndled fairly. >> she stands by her decision. >> yes, yes. so it is something we a can learn from. it was a good opportunity for the whole group. >> now, where a you from? >> wilson, north carolina. >> you have been continuingith your exercise efforts. did i read you workout three times a day. >> i am. >> you have a full time job too. >> do. i start off at 5:00 in the morning and lunchtime and the afternoon. i ha not stopped moving since ve been home. >> you have your eye on the prize. there's an at home prize and you want to take it. >> it's not just the prize. it's changing me. it feels good to do that finally. >> what has iteant to you? you're somebody whos a youngster lost your father. is that sething that you're thinking aut as you go on this joury?
8:35 am
>> it is. my father isith me every day now. i didn't want toook back at that but he is with me every day. he haseen that passion i need d fuel i need to kee going every day. i want to make him proud. >> you have a lot of motation including little kids at home. >> iave a year-old and o on theay in three weeks. >> but they're not getting as much daddy time. >> no it's m time. daddtime comes in february. >> you can catch an all n biggest loser right here on nbc. coming u ne, jenna bush-hager on a blogger with millions of followers using humor to overcome obstacles. and thenandra lee puts a new twist on yrraditional thanksgiving turkey. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:37. we'rback with the woman behind the award winning blog
8:38 am
>> it has turne her into an internet sensati and now she is out with new book of the same na. today jennaush-hager went in search of the web comic. >> i did. od morning. she cal herself a draw writer on her blog. she is the most profnd, funniest, most brillnt writer of all time. hyperbole aside i caught up with he in new york. >> dear2-year-old, face cream is not in a bowl. it's always going to be face cream and it's never going to be frosting. >> 28-year-old allie lives in oron with their husband duncan. every ame of their lives inspired their work. she writes about everything from eang an entire cake to her aversion to cleaning toore serious topics like anxiety and the fear of growing up.
8:39 am
some of her most popular essays feature her very confused dogs. >> so i havewo dogs. one is very simple. she is adorable,ery sweet but simple minded and the other one is naroc and she is a je. >> ithe book you have code names to protect their pvacy obviously. >> yes. my dog are very ncerned. there's the simple dog andhe helper dog. >> reporte it all began as a hobby urears ago. >> you started with few followers. it was just a place for you and then a of a sudden it took off. >> yeah. it was insane. i rember something so impressed th there were like three or eight people commeing on the things i was doing. i was like oh my gosh -- i walked in e living roomnd told myhusband, duncan there are ght entire peopl looking at what i wrote. >> reporter: soon she was getting 5 milln hits a mont she en announced a book deal,
8:40 am
buthen she vanished. she would laterexplain in revealing blog posts that she was suffering from a crippling depreson. >> some peopleave a legitimate reon to feel depressed but not me. i just we up one day feeling sad and helpless. >> reporter: tusands of fans wrote to her. they were worried and thankful for her bravery and what they saidas aear perfe description of how so many experience depressn. >> dression is a really isolating experien. so you can -- it tends to fee that you're the only one that miserable in the eire world. you ha your littleityparty. everyone comes to me and says like you writing about this has heed me and made me feeless alone. me hearing that makese feel less alon it's nice. it circles back around. >> there's still a stigma around mental health. do y hope this book in some way will help with that stigma >> i do hope that anything that i write could help open u that dialogue a little bit more. >> i'm goingo be readi the god of cake.
8:41 am
>> reporter: she usesaugher to ght the pain. with a little girl with funny hair and a wisdom that reaches so many and because her art is as powerful as her words, i invited her to th easel. >> this is going to be you. you haveretty hair there. >> i do like the way my hair los and my eyes areulging t. >> here i am and i put out my hand, which is an arrow and then there you are. yo little curly hand. you shake mine and that's where the magic happens. >> andhen we sat down and we talked. and then you were saying -- don'know, uff, shapes. >> so now the end is this. doou see where i'm gng with this or not quite yet. >> are we hugging? >> ah. it's a hug. >> i'm glad you gssed it because i'm not sure tt looks
8:42 am
like a hug. may not b an artist. >> you were great. >> but she is and what her fans say, she is still struggling with depression but she uses this humor and art and she en drew something forou and i think she actually got you all exactly right. >> oh. >> really. >> there youare. wow. look at those big uths. >> yeah. >> why the long face? >> al and matt -- savannah is in the blue drs. >> okay. >> and you a in the green. i really think she captured the sence of all of you. >> it's like looking in a mirror. >> let's go back to the other drawing at the end of theiece there. do we have th. that looks more like you'r picking her pocket. but you'r not bad. >> yeah >> on the fly. >> my stick figures are excellent. you can tell my days a a third grade teacher -- >> you g your pnting talent from your dad. >> probably not. he's a lot better than me.
8:43 am
>> jenna, thankou very much. >> up next, we've got sandra lee in t kitch to help you break the tradition of the same old thanksgiving dinner. but rst, this is "today"n nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
today's kitchen is brought to you by ian't believe it's not tter, deliciously simple. back at 8:35 with today's kitchen. almost turkey time. if you're looking for an alternativeecipe for thanksgiving y, sandra lee is here to help. everything made easy i fille with gat ideas. sandra, good morning. welcome ba. almost happy thanksgiving. >> yes. >> i think this is a gre alternative for your turkey day feast. i don't buy that. you still have theraditional turkey day feast.
8:46 am
this is gat for the day after. >> this is great for the day after. th is great for football. is is a fabulousomfort food. in hon o tom the turkey float, which i will be on this year. >> that's grt. 'll be talking aut you out there. >> this is my recipe for the day after. >> turkey tettrazini. >> buttwith sliced mushrooms. i boiled off a pound of spaghetti. >> you could use another pasta if you wanted to? >> sure. >> why do you hold a little water? >> i just do inhere. this is just somehite sauce. >> when you say just some white sauce, whereo you get i or how do you make it? >> butter, tphrur, mi.
8:47 am
half and half to thicken it up. stir it up. i nt you to add, first of all, turkey. >> you've got what looks to be mostly white meat turkey. >> you c use anything you like. u can do chicken too. i'm going to pour in here se cheese. >> whichind of cheese did you e? >> this is mozzarella cheese. do you want to pour the spaghetti in? it's precked. again, 10 nutes on the spaghetti. th whole thing goes into a prepared pan. so that has a little bit of butter on it >> so it is has to bake. otrwise, it's justsimmered. now it goes into the oven. >> 325. putn parmesan and bake it. use more turkey you would like. >> let's be honest, the white sauce a the half and half and
8:48 am
the parmesan, i mean, this is not for people looking to shed a fe pounds the day aft thanksging. >> well, wit comfort food. >> i get it. >> you wouldn't want to use a low fat cream cheese. you want to use philadelphia cream cheese. >> we have moved on to dessert now. that's in the ov. we will taste that in a cond. >> i'm makg cream cheese bars. very easy. two and half cups of ground graham crackers and some butt. pat it down in your pan. bake it 10 minutesn 350. that way you get nice, solid crust. and the mixtureon't make it soggy. then o top of that, use four eighounce bricks phadelphia. don't do low fat. it won't be creamy and
8:49 am
beautiful. sugar, vanill ip that up. and four eggs one egg at a time. you need them to really be distributed well throughou the cream cheese. and half a package of white chocolat chips. half a package of dried cranberrie pour it in there. top with theest of the white chocolate chips. bake. and taste it. you'll do the final drizzle. everyo in the room is trying to figure out how toet one of the bars offhat plter. >> can i tell you somethg? >> i know >> this is b for you. i love cream cheese. i love cheecake. this i great. oh, my goodne. >> andt's easy to make. icing i simple too. again, cream chee,vanilla, powdered sugar and milk. fork it and whisk it together.
8:50 am
you had some here. you were suppose to do -- >> i'm soy. >> gahead and ea >> y've given meoo many orders. >> and you will just drile it over the top. >> itoesn't hav to be fancy. haveun with it. >> that jus dries o top. >> lea it out to really co, like an hour. >> i can't wait until the day after thanksgiving. happy holidays. always good to see you. you can see these represent mys and a lot more on > up next a sneak peek athe new floats you will see during the macy's thanksgivingay parade. don't fort that. but first this is today on nbc. .
8:51 am
8:52 am
're backt 8:52. we're supposed to be talking about the macy's thanksgiving da parade. can i just say those cheese bars, those should be illegal. >> yes. >> oh,no. >> don't drop that. >> light as a feather. >> all right. t's stay on topic. >> let's get back to a preview of the macy's thanksgiving day pade. >> matt and i ll be there to host theevent. john is here with us now. i hear there are five new floats and you're on one of them. >> good morning, yes. i amere aboard the enchanted world of lindt chocate.
8:53 am
i know you guys like cholate. have some ready for you for a little post thanksgiving celebration. we have an enormous float with our puppeteerho will be animating ourancers all the way down the parade route but we also he this year a delicio float that i know you're going to wt to see with all of those great magnificent, slightly monochrome minions from spicable me. >> wre are they? >> oh, nice. >> the bake my day bakery. >> oh. >> and a dream come true. cirq du soleil is here with me oard the dream seeker as we float rough the gaxy. >> john, that maybe the coolest float ev.
8:54 am
>> i kn. >> is the coolest float with the coolest crew. everything happens aard here. we have people flying. we he acrobats on poles. we have people doing contortionist tngs as we go through the galaxy in search of- are you ready for it? >> y. >> excitement. >> look at him. >> if you don't want to voye to the galaxy wean take you under the sea. we can show you a whole magnificent wod under the sea. can show you aorld a sea with all sorts of adventures where you can go rk climbing and z lining and surfing while on board allround the wor aveling where ever youant to be or, again, under the sea to see all thbeautifulea turtles. just absolutely gorgeous. angel fish. we were going to he clown fish
8:55 am
but we were afraid they would ju float and try toet on board. >> there you go. >> but wait,here's more. >> yeah. >> what was the oginal questione asked? >> we said wt's new? >> yeah,john, where will y be during the pade? >> during the pade i am going to be this trampoline -- . i'm going to b all over the place ming sure the floats are set, the balloons are set and that you guys are ready for us when we get to harold square th the 87th annual macy's anksgiving day parad live on nbc. love it. >> you had me nervous at the beginning ther john. but you have done it there. >> john everyby. >> of coursee'll be there thanksgiving day. what's coming up in the 9:00? >> i'm supposed to follow him? i got
8:56 am
good tueay morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. released a stateme thanking people for tir prayers and support. howard and -year-old zan xw long nu were killed in a car crash yestday. chpays howardas doing more than 100 miles an hour when h caused that accident. let's check the forecast
8:57 am
no how is the rainfall so far? >> we are watching another batch headed our way. it's off the coast right now. i want to update wityou the storm totals and santa rosa already 100. can you see the rain off the coast. keep those umbrellas hand where i. more rain expected ts evening for the eveninrush hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>nnouncer: from nbc ns, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales and willie gei. live from stio 1-a in rockefeller pla. >> welcomeo today on this tuesday morng, november 19th, 2013. m willie geist with roker and natalie morales. here in new york yesterday, what did it get to? 68 or somethinlike that? >> yeah it was fantastic. by this weekend we'll ben the 30s. >>oday it's really coming in. >> very manly man. both of you. >> ginger. >> it is 's a ginger beard. just over thweekend it turned d. >> a like a ginger beer. >> oh, my dad has rehair and i have never gotten this far in the beard. i'm starting to see my dad's facial hair. >> do yolike it? >>robably in two weeks or whenevere have to shave these
9:01 am
off i'm gointo be ready to accept it. maybe i won't shave it off. >> oh. >> i'm just throwing that out there. >> all right. #orange room, at thend of the two weeks, should willie shave the beard? >>es. >> we nt to check in in the end of the half hour. shouldillie geist shave hi beard. >> #orangeroom >> we' decide a week from friday on the last day of november. >> all right. cool. >> let's talk abt the explosive interview. the gift that keeps on giving. just when you ought it couldn't get better or worse it gets better and worse. >> we need an animation agn. this is the rob ford update of the day. during aity council meeting first yesterday things got physical. mayor ford knocked over the council memb. >> poor thing. >> tk her down and pulleher back up. claimed to be rushing to help s brother doug also counselor what he ought was an alteation in the meeting >> for a big man he moves pretty fast. >> hs a little nimble.
9:02 am
and on mondamatt interviewed the mayoand his brother in toronto. take look at some of their conversation. >> let's sayou go on one of those binges and the phone rings in your office aa 3:00 a.m. on a saturday nightnd something terrible happened in the city of toronto. terrorist attack or other disaster. are you equipped? will you be capable enough and stable enough toappen. >> that coulhappen with anybody at any te. say you're a drunk and say something haened to your family -- >> the lives of a llion people aren't restingn their decision. >> hold on. say your son or daughter got killed in a r accident and you're plastered out of your mi at 3:00 in the morng. >> i take peonal responsibility for my family. you have taxpars and residents thof city dependinon you. >> i take personal responbility for them too. >> does anof that make sense? no it makes no sens >> thank goodness for rrorists -- i can't lieve he is saying these thgs. >> what about you, matt? what about you at 3:00 in e
9:03 am
morning. >> yet hsays he's not a drun >> but his own broer said i worry about him when he goes on those binge weekend where is he drinks too much. it's happening more and more often. >> earlier he said look -- i'm off the stuff and i'm workg out. >> i'm working out. >>f you come back in fe or six months a i'm not in better shape, i'll eat my words. >> he's got a way doesn't he? >> five or six month we have to see. >> his big tv show duted last night. ford nation launched on canadian television. he and his brother got tether. he defended his behaor. we have been talking about chris farley as we watched this. >> especially afr the weekend on snl. >>ade for chris farley. well, kevifarley tweeted i think it's safe say my brother would have crushed playing the rob ford guy on l. >> sure would have. we have l been saying that.
9:04 am
>> an to that. you wonder where this is goi. he has now been stripped of l his power. he h little staff left and very little power to make decision. >> he says he's going to g reelecte he says you just wait. >> have you we sn any polls? >> you talk to people the street and they're like plse tell me you're not here to interviethe mayor. >> but go back a couple of decades, remembein washington. >> exactly. >> he kept coming back. >> and he ended up getting reelected. so go figure. >> there were those initial polls that when the crack smoking video came out his numbers went up. i thinthat's been eroded a lile bit. people of toronto are getting si of it. >> a b of a spectacle here in american politics. a public feuhas broken out in the cheney famy, especially between vice president chenes two daugers. liz cheney is making a b to become republican for senaten wyoming. she digrees with her siste
9:05 am
mary on me-sex marriage. mary cheney is a lesbian and rried her partner last year. mary wrote, liz, this is not an issue on wch we disagree, you're just wrong and the wrong side of hiory. so the sisters wergoing back d forth on this a cole of days ago. >> on facebook and on national television. >> so th the former vp and h wifessue a statement that says this is issue we have dealt with private for many years and we are paineto see it become public. since it has, one thing should be clear, liz has always believed in the traditiona definion of marriage. she has always treated her sier and her sister's mily with le and respect exactlas she could ha done. compassion is called for even when there is disagrment about such a fundament matter and liz's ny kindnesses shouldt be used to dtort her position. >> a lot of people pointing out the political advante of him
9:06 am
coming in on liz's defense. >> she is not for gay marriage. she los her sister and suorts her sister but as a matter of policy s doesn't support gay maiage. also intesting because vice president cheney himself ithe past has comout in support of gay marriage and says freedom means freedom for everyone. >> it's an interesting nversation because around the thanksgiving table or the holiday table, these are conversations that are playing out in many homes across arica and i think what you're seeing here is -- sadly, these are public figures running for politicaoffice so it's a conversationhat unfortunately being discussed in a railroad blic view and platfo and i think as when the vice president was here, he talked to savannah, he sd, you know, it's a private tter. i n't want to talk about the tension in the fily. >> a lot of folks de with this on the holiday tomorrow we'll have lationship
9:07 am
experts to talabout how do you deal with these things. a lot of people go on to facebook and twitter and put is stuff out there. >> that's coming up in a lite bit. >> all right. we'll talk about that a little bit. kanye we back at it. interview withhiladelphia's hot 107.9. kanye making bold remarkabout president obama. responding to a questionbout whether his relationshipith the esident could improve. here's what he said. >> are'all going to sit do and break bread ever? have a double date or something? >> a you talking about like how he used to come and visit me and my mma and tell me that he is about to rufor president? breabread like that? like bacin the days and stuff. >> yeah. >> no, i just think that -- i think we're pop icons and mr. president likes to use that ty of thing just to be down. i dot care if somebody ithe president. i ca about thoughts and how you're helping peoe and what you bring to the road. i'm t going to mention him no more. i'm past that. that low on priority of thinking.
9:08 am
there's a little hiory between the esident and kanye west. presidenobama was caught at open mike calling him a j ass. tually i bleeped the wrong rt of that word. >> do that again. >> we'll fix that. will be great. >> a bleep. >> wow, that was good. >> i think you shoulhandle the stories natalie. >> that's the open m moment for wiie. >>nyway -- take that fm the top. >>orangeroom, should willie swear on morning tv. or should i go home for the rest of the ogram? you get the idea. >> oh my gh. >> oh, my. but interesting th kanye is ying the president ud him for like, i don't know, street cred. he's saying in 2008 he wanted to appeal to young voters by being seen and connected by people with kanye west. >> i'm so tireof every time he
9:09 am
opens himouth something else. >> but we put it on. >> do you guys follomartha on twitter? >> i do. i missed this though. apparently there all the phos of the meals that she is preparing and her pictures prompting comments online saying some of these thingson't look soppealing. they're grossed out what they call ugly looking dishes. on sunday rtha tweeted this photo. >> that's unfortate. >> that's iceberg wedge with homemade russian dressing. perfect salad for the onn soup lunch. well, here's the onionoup pic she tweeted out. >> i think this is a jok i think martha stewart is doing this as a joke.
9:10 am
>> really? >> maybe she's bn having the wine instead othe -- >> i think the lighting is bad. i blame the lighting. >> ion't know. ybe it's a bad angle. it's notike her produced segmts here where everything is so beautilly presented. >> mushrooms sliceover broken ce and broth. fragrant and very good. >> she nds to bring her food stist with her. >> when e tweets. >> i think it's real. if i were toake pictures of the food i cook at night people would be like that is disgting but thiss martha stewart. >> there sms to be buzz about my food picks. the onn soup was utterly delicious and the iceberg wedge devine. >> you are mara stewart. it's not like your kanye west. let's check it out and see what's happening. very nice. okay. we have a gorgeous day here in the east but outest, oh, man, what a mess. king tv 5 providing this nice shot for us. a lot of rain and a lot of snow. we're talking over the next 72 hours of basically awhere from
9:11 am
1 to inches of rain from central oregon into central california, but, boy, look a e snow through the rkies. some areas picking up six to nine inches of snow right around the denver area. >> gd morning this morning. we are tracking showers across the bay ar. in fact, we've already seen good amount inhe north bay. 1/100th of an inch in santa rosa. now wre watching that second batch start to approach the coast. you n see that in the north bay. you're going to see the rain first and eveually this will spre towards san fransco, the east bay, and the south bay later for the evening rush hour, so urellas are a good idea. not only fortoday, but this rain will continue through morrow as well. and that's your latest weather. >> j what? >>l, thanks. coming up next, the holidays mean a lot of family time and thateeps awkward conversations
9:12 am
about money, politics -- >>hings you shouldn't say. >> navigating all of it, right after this. [ bells dinging ] ♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells ♪ ♪ all seem to sa throw care away ♪ ♪ from everywre, filling the air ♪ [ female annncer ] chex party mix. easy 15-minute homemade recip yojust pop in a microwave. like caramel chocolate drizzl. hpier holidays. chex party mix. hpier holidays. ♪ hpdon't disguise bad odors your trash.
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9:15 am
picked packed at t peak of ripeness. the same essentianutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life™. if you got everybody comg over tyour house for thanksgiving, it's a safe bet there will ba little bit of family drama. >> that's especial true around the dinner table. what are the topics to avo? >> here ishe great, great granddaughter the late emily post. e original queen of etiquette. good to see yo >> good see you. >> let's get rht to the cheney family thing. what if you've got famy issues where you know that there e family members that aropposed and pretty public about it. how do you avoid this at the dinner table? >> there's times and places for real serious conversations. it's not about aidance all the time. but pick your moments. avding your family, building relatiships. getting to kw people better. this isn't the te for anything that's going to cause spite.
9:16 am
so this is one d to put eight side. >> how do you do that? >> how do you do that? >>ocus on other topics. football to e menu to what your kid versus en up to in school butocus on building those relationsh with your family, espeally if there has been a little bit ofistance. look for common ground a if that's not going to be commo i would avoid it. >> avoid politics, money and religi. focus on t other things in life. but when you're aroundhe table d let's say for example you just had a renovation on your home and your me looks great and you want to share and you want to share with everydy, the idea of money ght come up or people might think you're bragging a little bit. >> it's one thing to talk about how excited you are to be usin yourrand new kitchen. it's anoer thing to be pointing out ectly how much that kitchen cost people or vice versa for guests to be asking questio about how much it cost. you don't need to kn.
9:17 am
>> you don't havto say it. if you have a new kitchen you're doing okay. it's goo buyour advice on the pitics and religion assumes your family can't have a civilized conversation about these things. you're not sayinnever talk about potics but if it starts to get heated you walk iback a little bit? >> exactly. there's a lot of roofor a lily debate and spirit debate in exchange of ideas but peopleeel these very personally andhen it's that peonal you're not gointo be changi your mind. if you're getting into that territory of, but, you nd to agree with me, do you thk they'rgoing to convert there at the table, probab not. >>ay it does get into at heed debate at the table, how doou take that walk ba or step away from the table or leave the nversation behind? >> no, football. you know, change theopic. don't know -- >> rivals. >> take a walk. ve another bite of pie. whatever it might be. ask for help in the kitchen but it's okay to redirect even if it's a little obvious the moment better an letting that turn into a fr fall. >> shoulyou maybe establish
9:18 am
ground rules before the dinner? kind of say let's oid this and just -- >> you know, if you have a lot of vocal problems in the past say okay guys this year politics is off the table. ok. who was pie and make it a lile funny. >> no politics and plenty of pie. >>hat about deaths. family members a missing those they have lost or the years. it's something you have to be sensitivto. is it okay to talk about that person that you're missing in yo life? especily when there's chilen about the table. >>ure. it's not taboo. keep it to found family remembrances maybe a tributor toast to that person. think about ways to suppt their friends and family whoay need a little help especially at the holidays too. keep it onhat positive side of it and don't let it run too, too long. pares know how to guide them, we'll brg you as an official to o dinner.
9:19 am
>> with whistle. >> yes. >> time for pie. >> anna, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> if you'd like aice on how to handle your own family's table talk durg the holidays tweet your question with the #orange room. she is going to stick around t he you answer those. >> very cool. ming up next, we have all the ws you need before y leave the house this morning. >> plus y decorating for your thanksgiving dinner table. don't forget, range room, should willie shave at the end of his two wks? forget, #orange should willie shave at the ♪ tell myou can't wait for christmas. and you appreciate the things io. because we'll always be a family. tell me i bring out thbest in you. ♪ that you're thankful. ♪ that it won't be the same without me. tell me you love me. even if yosay it every day. just tell me. female announcer ] everyone you love has something they neeto hear this holiday. tell them with aallmark card.
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9:23 am
> taking a look at your headlines, the thing called the largest settlement ever bween the federal goverent and a corporation. the justice departmentnd jp morgan chase are expected to sign a $13 million deal. it's the latest since the housing bubble when they sold low quality mortgage backed curities that collapsed in value. tnksgiving cks might have a little extra time to budget a preparation time this year. butterball says i has a shortage of lae, fresh turkeys 16 pounds and over because some of the birds on the farms didt gain enough weight. if a smaller, fresh turkey doesn't fit on t menu, they suggesa large frozen one which requires several days to thaw. >> the welcomeo lasegas sign is being transformed into
9:24 am
solar poweredone. they'll convert the sun' rays tolectricity. it should be cplete in early 2014. speaki of vegas, a big budget broadway show is about to swing into action there. producers r spider man turn off the dar announced the sho wi close on broadwain january but it will open in las vegas in 2015. it'she most expensive production in history. >> we have this stunning video to show you. it's a sge dive gone wrong in london. you n see himlimbing up the ladder to get to the lighting rig above the stagehen he then jumps into t crowd. and two concert goers were taken to the hospital he walke away with only som bruises. he did alogize later calling it stupid and irresponsible. ye, you could say that again. se it back over to willie and al. >> only way th could have been worse is if it hadeen rob
9:25 am
ford. >>hat would have been disastrous. coming up if y're wored ♪ posting the turkey on instagram. ♪ ♪ filming card to send to the fa ♪ ♪ sging carol-oke with my best frieds. ♪ ♪ hnging out with mom, ♪ making ninjabreamen all day,♪ ♪oh oh oh oh ♪ that my kind of holiday, ♪ oh oh ohh ♪ what's your kind of holiday? ♪ b i won't do that ♪ or that ♪ or this deinitely not this! iturts but i kind of le it! ♪ iturts but i kind of le it! i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my pre? i'm a victim of a slowinmetabolism? i d't think so. great grai protein blend.
9:26 am
protein from natul ingredients it hps support a healthy metabolism.. great grains protein blend. a very good tuesday morning. th will decide whethero expel a boy ught carrying a knife on campus. then he walked into the hallways with a knife until a pair of volueers saw him and tackled m. the boy complainedbout being bullied. he was tak to a psychiatric fality and put on a 72our evaluation. changesre coming to fremont bay's sla following three rent fires. the ce says his company is giving hisopular electric cars higher gund clearance to redu the chances of under bod
9:27 am
dama. he also asked several safety regulators to vestigate the fires and is extending tesls warrty policy to cover fire damage. the national highway traffic safety admintration has already said it's reviewing at least one of the fire he me the announcementn a blog on tesla' website wresh also says he is confident in the safety of his company's cars. we're going on ha a look at weather and affic after the break. if you'll notice santa ra up
9:28 am
to 10th already. umbrellas a good idea. >> no traffic problems right
9:29 am
now. nort101 -- to get around this mess. the expressway that rig still blocks that flow,nd as you head toward montague and blocks the off ramp as well. it's been going on bore 5:00 this morning. big story there. north 58 the only other sw ot through the south bay. 87 staing to recover. that's better news. the peninsula looks good. just swing south through palo alto remaini. >> all right. owing sticking around out there. we'llave another look at about 9:55 or so. have a great day.
9:30 am
welcome bk to today on th tuesday mornin i'm willieeist wit natalie and al. al asked you earlier in the show whether or not i should keep the beard. >> after november is over. >> no shave november >> let check it ou heidi saying he looks younger and cuter without the beard. i say shave but he can bring back his chest hair. as a matter of fact, we have it. >> the hoff. >> that can be brought back at a moment'snotice. >> because you'reearing it right now. i am. >> willie needs to shave his beard he is so handsome and i just hiding his face. >> and do it dude says yes keep
9:31 am
that beard until new years eve. >>he guys want you to kee it. the ladies are saying go back t yo chiselled features. >> i'm seeingome nice negative views here. ihink weaveherry picked these. >> whatoes christine say? >> she has been very kind about it. don't know if she means it but she has bee generous. >> you both started stealing your wives shampoo. >> deborah said whatre you wearing? i said i have been putting your conditioner on. it's pan tine for women of colo. >> we wa to get some weather for you. >>et's do weather. >> we're looking a wet weatr. a real mess out west is storm stem is going to be pushing in. around san franciscoou're seei showers to th north. your day today as you te a look you're starting to see the sunrise. a wet day a day today.
9:32 am
temperatures up to 60 degrees and the big sry is this cold air coming in ming in from canada. it's an arctic air mass that's going to go all the way down into flida. mperatures anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees below averagey the weekend. watch thispurple. this is the much below normal temperatures coming in by saturday. sunday, the etern half of the country iscovered. you are going to need toake sure the furnace is
9:33 am
and tt's your latest weather. ys. thank you, al. if you're tryin to dide how to decorate for thanksgiving you don't have to spend a lot of money on fancy centerpieces and tabl cloths. >> that's right. you can do it all for pennies on the dollar. good to s u. >>hank you for having me >> you hav been getting crafty. >> we le thanksgiving for the wonderful reasons but alsoor the crafting opportunitie ther are so many crafternoons. >> yes. >> these are fancy pumpkins here. >> these are. we did a major pumpkin make over here with just se flowers. >> these are left over from halloween. >>es and a straight pi these are isies. they cost $3. >> are pumpkins still good fm halloween? >> ppkins are good -- well, maybe. >> if the squirrels haven't
9:34 am
gotten to them. >> actly. and you stick them in and start from top down and these are so fun. and could it be easier, seriously? >> no, pop them right in there. >> even beginning crafters will have fun with those. >> that's cool. i like that idea. >> anotherreat idea for a -- evyone looks so beautiful in candle light a it really sets the mood. so these are another great idea forenterpieces and it's just a bunch of popcorn pred into a vase or hurricane candle holder. so you guys come try one o these. you just take your popcorn. >> put this in first? >> no, popcorn first. po it in. >> isn'this easy. >> so far. >> and you just pop in the candle. >> these are by the way not real candles. >> no, i lov the battery operated because i have littl ones but you can g with the real candle if you wa. >> tie the string. >> we've got the string and take ur twine and take aaf and stk it in here. you want to keep your jz and
9:35 am
decor the container. >> yourjazz? >> it sort of jazze it up. >> just stick some in there so you want to keep it on the outside because you don't want to get involved wi fire hazards. >> good call. >> you can u a corns, pine cones, whatever you want. >> okay. >> let's talk about table cloths. >> this is great, righ >> b also for ults. it's the wte table cloth a you take, you know, pens and you write your name and the year and sort of what you're thankful f and you can u this again a again year after year. >> that's fun. >> if u don't want to use a table cloth you can do little napkins. so you guys can wte on there. check out how easy this is. >> are these a special kind of a napkin? >> no, well, cotton works best beuse it doesn't bleed a much and thenlso you want to protectour table. maybe put pie of paper underneath it. this is fun and gets thearty started whenou ask people to write their deep thougs on >> oh, ye. >>no, no, whathey're thankful
9:36 am
for. >> how about tturkey. >> that's cute. >> we're all about napkin fancy too. napkin aren't just for wiping your mouth, they're accessories and jelry. think of them as jewelry for your tae. so we're all about tse natural elements for decorating for the holidays. for a corn or pain a leaf gol fehers. so glamorous. >> this a gre idea. >> it's a special way toake it look special. >> a lot of craft store you can buy it but the acorns you can st find. >> this is our goal and the way to get there is so easy. >> glue sticks. >> glue sticks. a minipiece of corn. they're already powered up. yocan put it on here and we just wrapp it with ribbon that mas it look me polislished.
9:37 am
>> it willet going. you stick it on. >> where do you gethe little corns? >> the farmer's mket or online. they're so cute. this is one of the coost wrth ideas weave seen. >> kidstable. >> dyou remember getting relegateto the kid's table? >> some of us still do. >> oh, that's so sad. >> well, our goafor those sitting at the kid's tle is to make t best table in the house. >> this is areat idea. >> it's a cple of paper bags filled with popcorand these little turkey socks here super cute and if you don't have a table to sit everybo you can just get a piece o plywood and we painted it with chalk board paint. you can draw. it's a great way t have fu >> a lastly our gratitude tree. now this say greatay to tea little ones what the holidays are about. >> thanksgiving about. >> and remind the adults. everybody can get involved and they can read something during th dinn. >> great ideas. >> love it.
9:38 am
>> thank you so much. good job getting crafty. coming up next, theower of playgrounds bringing hope to ♪ [ mom ] time for breakfast. male announcer ] ry larson will never forget thfateful morning that deciously simple made her a believer. she couldn believe she could pronounce everything in it. ♪ and she couldn't believe her daughter cse pancakes over her phe. you're being weird! [ male announc ] new deciously simple from i can't believe it's t butter! with 100% taste and zero rtificial preservatis. it's time to...bieve. just unll, fill... top, bake...
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9:42 am
lives of man of the filies in e communities. but with thatas come the chance to rebuild and honor the lives lost. >> repter: with towering trees and riversid view and plentyf slides and monkey bars. this construction site has all the makings of a plaround but this isn't any kids park it's work o where angels pl. a projt dedicated to building playgrounds along the cst of newjersey, new york and connecticut. each one aribute to those that lost their lives i newtown. >> we got the idea that sandy hook and hurricane sandy if we could build playgrounds in honor of the children and t teachers we cld also provide hope and recovery to srm damagareas. >> bill, a n jersey fire captain of 26 years foued the project earlier this year. enlisting fellow fireghters, police officers and local volunteers with each new
9:43 am
playground blt as well as the n newtn community. >> i had the privilege of meeting with the familie and talking about their child. all 26 filies have embraced the project >> including robe parker who lost their 6-year-oldaughter emily in the shooting. for us personally we want people to remember our childre for who ty were and not what happened to them. and they we fun. ey were silly. they were children. and to have a playground that really embodies their life and happins and joynd love, that how we rember our children >> there's really a sse of love involved with it. a really pure sense of charity. to be able to also participate in that, it uifts you, it inspires you. it makes you forget about everything else. >> in that spit, bill and his teamake sure each playground celebrates t uniqu interest of each student or teach it honors. a fire truck for daniel who wanted to be airefighter when
9:44 am
he grew up. horses forjessica. butterflies for lan. d here at emily's site, the 14 playground being buil a celebration of her favorite cors and love of art. >> emily could have gotten the biggest kick out of that. she would have joyed sharing her t with people and to have it be part of a playgrnd, i think she would love that. >> a gift the new london communy is gratefulo be a partof. >> to have somebody else's loss brina community together to build sometng this beautiful, it's so unifying. >> and for the whole parker family, including daughter's madeline and mantha, a chance to heal by helpingothers. that's the beauty of this project. it's not just about honoring our children, it's about giving back and itrings everything full cile to howhis world should be. >>o watch the families even have a moment or a day or a weekend of joy and t start to heal in the smallest way.
9:45 am
>> emily's playground officially opened on sunday but there a still 12 pygrounds to beuilt and to learn how you can support the wherengels play project head to our website beautiful, so sweet. >> well, still ahd, we have much more of today right after these messag. across america people are takingharge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, iook a pill to lowery blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza®s different than pls. ctoza® is proven lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. and the nele is thin. victa® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lo some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicin that may impro blood sugar in adults withype 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication
9:46 am
treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza® has not been studied with mealte insulin. victoza® is not insulin. do not te victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid caer, multiple endocrine neopsia syndrome type 2, or if you are allerg to victoza® or anyf its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reacti may include: swling of face, lips, tongueor throat, fainting or dizziness, veryapid heartbeat, pblems breathing or swallowin severe rash or iting. tell your doctor if y get a lump or swelling in your neck serious sideffects may happen in people who take victoza®, including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), which may fatal. stop taking ctoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signof pancreatitis, such as sere pain that will not go away inour abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or thout vomiting. tell your doctor aut all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions.
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9:49 am
ou weight and wh the temptation aund the holidays it's hd not to blow the di. >> joy bauer doesn'tant that to happen so she is here to help us make smart food chces. >> you have a competive quiz for us. >> yeah. >> i love that. >> i'm going to test your thanksgiving triva. i asked pple what they consume from typichanksgiving from appetizers tdesserts. this is a snapshot average. so the question to y all is how longould you have to walk in order to bn off this entire spread >> how my calories is that? >> 3,210 calori. it's betweenive urs, eig hour or 11 hours? >> depending on how fast you're walking. >> i'm going in the middle wh eight urs. 11 hours. >> 11 hours. >> could you igine 3,210
9:50 am
calories? so i thi you m want to talk to thetudio on friday >> okay. >> the next question, is it tru or false,f you are watching your weight you should always go for the whiteeat turkey over the da meat turkey. >> false. false is right. so a lot o people don't realize that the dark meat turke is just a few extra calories. so if you really love dark mt go for it. it's a gat high quality proteijust like th white meet. e real diffeshe yence is the sk. as long as y get rid of the skinou'll save yoursel lories. nice. >> natalie, we need you to catch up. >>'m trying. i keep ringing but apparently late. >> which thanksgiving side dish packs in the most calories? is it one cup ofhis greenean casserole or one cup of the sweet potatoes. i'm saying the green bean sserole. >> willi
9:51 am
>> the other thing you said. >> yes. so this sweet potato is more than double. 450. thers a lot of butter and suga >> i just saw all the junk. >> those are fried onions. >> one of the easiest ways to slim dn the cdied sweet potatoes i instead of adding butter and sugar y sweetent up with orange juice and maple syrup and one tablespoon o butter. it will beust as delicious. >> that's tradition in our house. >> the marshmallows? >> ye. >> i love thosemarsallows. now for beverage which festive drink, this 1 ounce bottle or oneup of apple cider or one cup of eggnog? >> pumpk ale. >> no, the cider. >> it's going to behe cider. >> natalie got it. >> natalie. >> the cider is 120 and what love about the ciders its
9:52 am
warm. u sip it, it takesawhile to actually enjoy it. so the beer -- the beer is 150 to 230 a the eggnog is 340. i have a great slimming eggnog. i'll tweet itut after the ca five cups of 1% milk and mix it with instant vanillaudding and three quarter teaspoon of rum extract and ground nueg. it thickens up and it's fanttic. >> no egg in here. >> no egg at al >> only 175 calories and i'll tweet out. so lastly, dessert. this pecan pie with whipped cream is the same calorie equilent to 10 doughnut holes or 16 chocolate chip cookies or 21 hershey kisses. >> 10 doughnut holes. >> chi a hoy.
9:53 am
>> 850 calories. can you imagine? >> take the pie. >> if you eat the pieaked without the ice cream -- >> you have to take yo clothes off to eat the pie. >> i setyself up for that one. what do you win? >> a turkeyhat. >> wow. >> awesome. the gobbler. >> tnk you. >> i think that was bust. >> we' back in a moment b firsthis is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
kathie lee and hoda are here. what do you haveoming up? >> we have a big sh. >> wt's going on. >> we have john rich, country star. i just saw him. >> he is drunk right now. >> already? >>
9:56 am
i'm marla tell. a 10-year-d aused of taking a knife from his acher's lounge in the hayward schools and walking the halls from it could be expelled today. the hillview crest elementary school brd is mting today to cide whether he shou be
9:57 am
kicked out. the patient wa cut when he grabbed the knife out of the student's hands. thboy complained abouteing bullied. san franciscos looking to help the city's taxis compete with mobe ride share services ke lift and uber. the ci is considering gting an appo let people hail taxis. is will be the first timell ten dispatch companies would be tracked on a single platform. mrs. rain going on in the north bay. anthony slaughter, are you in for ristina. i s that's my hetown on the map. >> they actually got quite a bit of rain. in fact, burnsville got up close half an inch. can you see justhis morning, and, again, more rain on the way. can you see concorde, only .03. there are mo showers lining up off the coa and, in fact, alread pushing through petaluma and eventlly all that aivity is going to make its way into san francisco, and eventually in fact, oakland inhe next 45 minutes, and, again, the evening
9:58 am
definitely want toake sure u that you are ppared for a slow go and, ocourse, ambrella is a good idea as we head through the next 36hours. tomorrow.s in the forecast for this is really some good news. just make su you are taking it easy on those roads. speaking of roads, here's mike. >> a little better but not much until they can clear this ash. here's whas going on. still, lookt the map. folks trying to get off of 608 and avoid the area going up smoother drive because 680 is jamm up. the earlier crash still blocks away a theff ramp at montague the big rig uil 5:00 in the morning. lessening up as the commu starts to ease. the rest of the south bay really back to you. thank you so much, mike. we'll be back at 10:26.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live fromtudio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. that means you. it's food da esday. 're so delhted you're with us today. we have a big power-paed show, hoda. we certainly do. couny star john rich i here. he's got great musi is a party. he's a walking,alking party. >> animal. >> he certainly is. >> we like our men tt way. >> and bhenny frankel, the party animal, is here. she's got a new talk show out. maybe the party animal of all time. he's got his artist ofhe
10:01 am
month. it's van die. is that hoyou pronounce it? >> we'll talk to him. and aascinating talk with long hng time interesting man who's become a friend of mine, glenn beck. very controversial guy. has a loto say, even if y don't agree with him. i went down to texas last week. fantastic n book outhat we'll talk a little bit more. >>ow about this, kmart has some of the best commercials. we've beenuge fans. do you guys rember earlier we talked about couple of commercials? on was called ship my pant an the other was big gas savings. ship my pants. >> but you got to say them fast. >> and big gas vings. >> ship m pants? right here ip my pants? you're kidding. >> you can ship your pants right here. you hear that, i canhip my pants fofree. >> wow, i just mayhip my
10:02 am
pants. >> i justhipped my pan and it's very convenient. very convient. >> i hate these big gas prices. >> sounds like you could use me big gas savings. >> krt shop your way members save 30ents agallon. >> that's a big gas discount. >> big gas discount. >> you solved a bigas problem. >> totally lveled might big gas problem. >> all i know is i want to go out withhose people, you know, that came u with those idea so they have a brand-new commercial. whats it called? >> tnk it's show your joe. >> show your joe. wh does that mean? we don't know. let's watch. ♪
10:03 am
>> o my gosh. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> shop yr way members can ring in the holidays wit joe boxer. kmart, get in, get more christmas. >> wow. >> wow. >> nothing says christmas like that. yes, wow,hat's funny. >> can you imagine them in those meeting oms? >> howid they get throughit? they mt have been laughin thei bells f. >> all right. speaking of funny if it weren't tric, okay, the toronto mayor, you gu. the crack-smoking mayor.
10:04 am
>> we love him. >> rob ford. there was aity council meeting where he got stripped of a lot of his powers. >> 60%. >> he accidentally knocked over that woman, another council member, who was apparentl trying to geto his other, who is also a city council member. anywayjust wanted to g over there and hel out. >> at e city council eting, he got up and when he was talking about at he was doing, he was describing a cityouncil memb who i guess was pulled over for drinking and driving. he was off to the side going like this and acting like he was -- he' like, miming everything. anyway, matt traveled to torto last nht to do an interview with him. let's take a loo >> you gout on a weekend, you may go on a binge every once in a while, not every weekend. >> absolutely. >> l's say you go on one of those binges andour phone rings at 3:00 a.m. on saturday night andomething terrible
10:05 am
happened in the city. terrort atck, another disaster. are you equipped? stable enough to handl it? >> i'm very fornate that hasn't happened. it's very fuse isolated incidents. >> say you'd gone out drnging or you were drunk andomething happened to yr family -- >> hd on, the lives of a miion people aren't my decision -- >> hold on, say your son or daughter jusgot killed in a car cident, you're plastered out of your mind at 3:00 in the morning, will you hdle that >> i take personal responsibility for my fami. you've got tpayers and residents o this city depenng onyou. >> i take responsibility r them too. >> do you still want this jo >>absolutely. >> he said h wand to be prime minister in an earlier inrview. the thing about the guy, people love autheicity and he is extremelyntertaining. however, is he the person as matt says, the guy you want when there's a g problem? i love the fact he goes, yes, yes, i sked crack. but youe got to understand, i was drunk!
10:06 am
in other rds, you would smoke crack too if you were as drunk as i had been. >> and you got t go, yeah but the pot is, why are you getting that drunk to begin with. >> it is true, cathy ryan was saying, my sister, he doesn't realize he's funny. he just keeps saying things like they're normal atements. you look at this guy and you go, oh, my god. >> he really believes . >> if there is a reason his poll numbers haven't plumted and ople are clinging to him, i think there is a thirst out there for somethingreal. even if it's real crazy. >> real funny. >> theyant real as oosed to manufactured. the guy who says i'm going to rehab and i'm sorry and i'll come back later and i've learned from my mistakes. >> yes, think t contrast between him and the mayor of san diego who recently was forced to resign is pretty stark. >> night and day. >> prey stark. nobody i think was sorry to s him go e, you know, becausee wasn't fun the way this guy is. >> rob ford is married, if you werewondering. >> oh, my gosh. >> he has two ildren. >> no, not that he's married.
10:07 am
>> a boy, 5 years old, a girl, ars old. >> i hope they' out of the country. good time to gtomexico. >> let's wch one more clip from snl because it's n. >> feel like m public image is suffering because i don't have a good photos. they show one wre i'm all sweaty or red faced or myeck is missin i feel like i be better off if i had a good head shot. nd if i get one now? >> sure. i'll count you down. 3, 2, 1. i think we got it. >> ye, yeah, i feel good abo thatone. >> io feel bald for the family though. i wishis wife had not come out and stoody his side. he was talking about -- >> something we can't even discuss. and that he had all the stuff he needed at home. and she's standing the going -- >> iknow, it was a sexual thing an it was really icky
10:08 am
she's standing there. thfront page of every paper. wonder how long thas going to last. how long y think hll be in fice? >> i think it's crazy they can't get rid of him. >> yeah, right. >> somehow. you know what people can get rid of us here. we have th morals clause. if we do something that -- look what hapned with alec baldwin. 's been taken often the air for two weeks because of bevior. whcan't you have that with your electedofficials, you know? >> they usually choos to step down or something -- >> graciously. >> right. >> this guy, he wantso run for queen ofengland,ou know what i'm saying? he's not going to be happy with prime nister. wants -- he wants the kingm. >> he does. >> i s god bless him. >> all right, okay so this i interesting, nicole kidman did an intervi on -- what was it? australian -- harr's bazaar australia. talking about when she just won an oscar and everybody looks a herike this is the greatest time of r life. she said it was actually one of
10:09 am
the emptiest times of her life, when she was going through a divorce and everything was happening. it's so funny how in le -- if you look back at some of your old pictures, you remember you were going through a difficu time and you look at the pltered on smile you have to have sometimes just to make through. i think people look at somne like nicole kidman and say, sh, she has everything a great actress, a nicehusband, and theyon't realize the pain behind it all. >> well, we stop thinking about them as human beings. they become celebrits. somehow stop having souls, you know, but yeah i think the old saying is, can women have it all. i think what she expressing is yes, you can, but not at alat thsame time. she got an oscar but she lost the marriage. now she seems to in a goo place. it's like history, ifou continue the same miake, you will continue to make the same mistake. you don't learn from it. so let's have a lite snk. i tnk it's time for a snack. >> i'm trying to maintain, i
10:10 am
told you. >> okay, tse are prgles. d every now and then, they come outith a new avor. >>sually around the holidays when you need them the least, right? >> you're right. these e pecan pie flavored pringl. >> diusting. >> okay, we'll try them. mm. it does tas like that. >>astesike french ast. >> that's really good. >> do you like the? >> no. >> why? >> i like my pringles bare. nake >> there's 150 lories, 9 grams of fat, 2 grams of sugar. >> why did you put that in there? >> tt's the good news. ses for $1.50. okay now we showed you pictures yesterday. everybody fell in love with b and theo, the lite puppy and the little y. >> togethe oh. by the way, the mom puts the littleoy down for a nap and the little puppy just lays right next t him and with him and on
10:11 am
him. >> soadorable. 's not the only one who has a g. we love our dogs. we cuddle wit our dogs. dawn, one of our face book fan, sents this picture of her daughter a their pug. so anyway,e tried t do -- >> the's cody with bo >> just look closely at blaks eye. i mean blake. he's like this, "get off." i mean, he's like, somebody is -- >> onef them's happy. >> is that me? >> where are you? where's your ed. >> i don'tknow, somewre in there. i had all three of them there. >> oh, puppie >> it'sike -- that's like a rembrandt. >> another word's been added to the oxford dictionary. >> yes. >> selfie. which is what you just took wit blake. >> we just took one too together. >> yes, we did, this mornin >> if your mouth's open you're having more fu anay, just so you know, it's
10:12 am
increased the use -- the use of th word has incrsed. because it didn't est i don't think a yearago. some of the runner-ups are bge watch, watch many episodes of televisi in rapid concession. >> showroong is theractice of visiting a shop in order to examine a product before buying it online at a lower price. >> you go to potte barn and th go find it online. >> finly twerk. do w haveo explain twerk? hopefully not. apparently this is -- i'll do almost anything. just get one these bies. >> you know who we should give these to? rocky. our friend from "t daily news" just had a little baby. >> a little baby girl. >> she sent us ts picture this morning. we want to sd a congratulation, to rocky. >> she said, my mom will not be at t meeting today.
10:13 am
there's a very good reas. god bless you, little one. >> up ne, is john rich drinking? i told you,e's here. the very handsome john rich is here bringinghe party home for the holidays. >> may he'll sing for us. >> i hope so. i was living with pain -- all over. the intense ache de it hard to do the tngs that i wanted. my ctor diagnosed i as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is belied to calm these nerves i learned lyrica can provide sigficant relief frofibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of the things i enjoy. lyca is not for everyone. itay cause sious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell yo doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusu changes in mood or bavior. or swellin trouble breathing, sh, hives, blisters, chaes in eyesight including blurry vision, muse pain with fever, or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, wght gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet.
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shsaved almost 950 dollars. that's enough to hire a frch pastry chef for e pta bake sale! bon appetit sue. the world eds more straightalk. same phone same networks. ha the cost. gea samsung galaxy s3. unlimited everything, just $45 month. only at walmart. > country superstar john rich wants yo to get in the mood, theoliday mood, tt is, by inviting you, ge this, into his living rm for a good old-fashioned american party. >> d we get an invitation hoda woman? >> sad, we didn't he's ting his party to his new show, it's on the tv gde network and it's called "rich at night." johnescribes the show as a cross between - how fun ds this sound, "duck dynasty" and "dean martin." everyone fromis grandmother to untry singer winona judd drops by. >> can i hear it for granny ridge? come on.
10:17 am
i have to a you, are you a winona fan >> oh, big winona fan. >> i g her right up on the stage, come on! ♪ hey >> she can sing. >>hat a party. >> oh, man. this show is out ofcontro >> that's yourouse? >> yes, that's my house, it's crazy. it's just a wild time all the time in there. you knowthe whole point of "rich at night," it's like a show for middle americahich to me in sacramento to jersey. the idea you can come from yo house right into the houses people in ameri is a pretty wild ea. >>n addition to winona,ou've got some other greatpeople. >> wayne brady's on there. >> that's eclect. >> yeah, wayne and i -- you get a whole different answer from people when they'reitting in your house at your b talking. >> drinking your crown royal.
10:18 am
>> by the way, we don't usually drink, but for you, can't be rude. >> can i get those pringle things back? i'm excited about . wh you said it's like "duck dynay" meets dean martin. i'm a fan the "laugh in and "the dean martin show" and to be le to bring fans from right off the streento your house. there's granny dge. then look, it' kix brooks. it's winona judd. it gretchen wilson. >> you dinterviews at the ba they look loosey-goose peoplere letting their srets out, they're hing some fun with you. >> winona, i said can i g you something om the bar? she said, i'm a cmpagne kind of girl. i said, d't you lik a little biof that petron silver? she said, last time i h peon sier, i bit somee. i'm not sure she'll say that on jay leno, know what i mean, but
10:19 am
she'll say that in my house. it'slways bee a wild dream o mine. this is actually happening. like i said, it's just backbone ki of america kind offun. >> it's just fun. now, is it going to be ntinued? are we waiting to see what the ratings wi be like? >> absolutely tvgn is relaunching th all new progmming. they said, w want to spice it up let's call john rich. i said, yeah, i'll do your show. >> you a like a spark plug whenever y come around. i rember you sang song for me >> yes, i did. ♪ hoda >>ecame a big hit. >> today you're about to become a big hit. >> it's kathilee's turn. >> a little ditty. >> i did work o a little someing for you. i had to wte it do. literally ote this on the plane. flying up here. >> let m just do this so we can hold it down. >> because it's tha timef the year and we're all getting in th frame o mind. and you're such a classy lady.
10:20 am
i wanted to put a little classy vi on it. let's do this. basically goes like is. ♪ all i want for christmas ♪ is kate lee under my tree ♪ipping oner whiskey and eggnog♪ ♪ yes all i wan for chrtmas ♪ is kathie lee under my tree ♪ in nothing but her tiny christs socks♪ ♪ kate lee ♪ kathie lee ♪ put a bow in your hair and kiss my cheek ♪ ♪ kissy cheek thank you, kathie. ♪ kathie lee ♪ kathie lee ♪ all i want for christmas is kathie lee ♪ >> awesome. >> the holiday song. and the show starts november 5th
10:21 am
on tvgn. the talk show ht who never minces words, bethenny franke is her >> you know who else is never at a loss for words, barbara cochran. >> oh, yeah, she's got the tricks. >> and glenn beck. >>lways outspoken. >> and glenn beck. >>lwa[ male announc ] this is jim, a man who doesn't stand sti. but jihas afib, atrial frillation -- an irrular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's dicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his bloodested. but now, wh once-a-day xarelto®, jis on the move. jim'doctor recommended xarelto® like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-relat stroke risk. but xarelto® ithe first and onlynce-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caed by a heart valveroblem. that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. so jim's not tied tohat monitoring routi. [ gps ] proceed to the designated route.
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10:24 am
to share with family. [ woman 2 ] o carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to comeogether even when wre apart. [ male annouer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holidadishes delicious. elvis durant is here and he's brought his artist of the week. >> he has. may sod familiar to you. >> she going to sing for us in a few minus. >> and i sat down with glenn beck in texas last weekend for a very candid,ery personal interview. >> okay, and gue who's here? bethen frankel. a talk showhost, a biness woman, an author. a mommy. >> a busy, busy girl with her new show. we're going to talk about it l. fall under the spell of your mo hypnotic lips! w color elixir creamlip lacquer from maybelline w york.
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10:26 am
it's holiday time, anno fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray crberries, whicis why were declarinit the unofficial official fruit ofhe holidays! the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ laughs ] >> good morning. i'm marla tellez changes are coming to tesla following three weeksf fires. the ceo says his cpany is giving its popular electric cars higher ground cleance to
10:27 am
reduce the cnces of under bod damage. he also asked federal safety regulators to iestigate the fires and is amending tesla's warrantyolicy to cover fire damage. the national highway traffic safety administration has already said it is reviewing at least one of these fires. he me the announcement in a blog on tesla' website. he also sai he is confident i e safety of hiscompany's cars. today marks 2 yea since 9-ye-old mikla dek was kidnapd. this morning memorial vigil will bheld to mk the somber annirsary. friends and family will gather at the mexico super in hward that was in 19.peared. >>well, we'll check the forecast and t roads after the break. ich is why when say pine brothers softish that drops are the best throat drops in america for minor sore throat irritation, then you can believe it. nothing on thearket sootheyour throat as effecvely and deliciously as pine brothe. in fact, they're more than just a throat dr.
10:28 am
they're an eerience. please give pine brothers softish throat drops try and find out why i such a fan this wonderful prodt. than. female announcer: nce 1870.
10:29 am
>> we are still tracking rainfall. as you notice, t rainfall amounts came in heft guerneville .31 of an inch. napa .07. en though the rainfall amounts aren that much, you'll note a lrjer batch of rainetting up now across theorth bay pushing through petalua and sonoma, and that'shere the shower actity will be an eventually this will mo towards the east and sou bay throughhe next 24 hours. umbrellas ara good idea. mike, roads lookinggood? but we'll talk about some od, change the change is good. 1 northbound starting to recover quite a bit,nd heading all lanes at the northbound 808 have cleare still approaching montague
10:30 am
that's better news than a half hour o. north bay, that rain again coming to our shot . t roads, slick conditio. be careful for at. we'll follow t weather and the rest of your news at1:00. we're back with more of "today." a gue who is faliar, miss bethenny frankel. i don't know why we have this? >> because tir skinny girl -- >> she is a successful business woman, aew york times bes lling author. and her own tk show called "bethenny." >> and you were a guest. >> and you're gng to be next. >> youere busy traveling. >> we'veeen traveling a lot. >> good for yo >> do you have more skinny gir stuff? >> yes, the new ones are new wines, pin grito.
10:31 am
>> t last time i was with bethenny, we shot a music video together. i loved it >> love sharing my hoda woman. >> let's watch a ltle bit of it. ♪ come on. l day long. just keep runni the video. ♪ $20 in m pket ♪ looking for >> that was just so -- wasn't that- >> by the wa your show is weird like that. u do all kinds of crazy things. a muc video one day. >> i like to have fun. >> how does that happen? organically? u say, hoda's coming on, she love music? >> it's a cbination. a lot of the ideas arey ide though. i'll be like, let' do something crazy with hoda becse she's up for it. the number one thingith a est is they come to play. a lot of celebrities have to promote what they're doing. but i like people who reveal
10:32 am
themselves like jam blount was on the her day. he was funny. he serenaded me. he ce to pl. that's theost fun kind of guest. >> he learned h to do all of that in abiz za where he goes every summer. >> somimes you have the controversial interviews. i've cringed wating. >> i know. one of them was omarosa. >> oh, mygod. >>id you know what was going to happen? >>no, because it felt le "housewives." ere were times when you would walk into aoom and someone would ce with sledhammer. >> let's watch a clip. >> i'm an african-american woman. you get to walk aroun and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. we have toe -- we have to be exptional to get anything in this business. i wasn' calling her mediocre. i wasn't calling her mediocre. >> that's ok. what is you business? >> i teach young people. and i hope that the young people watching right n don't get discouged. hear me out, yal.
10:33 am
because there's a whole bun of women in here and women get catty. i hope they don't get discouraged wching two women who have an opportunity to put things behd them. we have a chance to tur ts thing around. >> no we don't. >> what was that like, tell us. >> you know, you he a talk ow. i'm w at this. i'm feeling my way through. i'm just true to myself andrue to the situation. so what was happening is someons coming into my home and kind ofeating meup. but have a show. hundreds and hundreds of days it's not like i'm with her in a bar drinking martinis. like, let me tell you. >> whatappened between the two of you? >> something thatappened on "the view." a comment that i made that she didn't have a brand, tt she was more infamous than famous. because someone had likened me to h and i was clarifying that i didn't agree with that. and it made her ver upset. and then i did that again. and i thi tt some people- her brands to get it going. is hatred. is to get people to hate her and thene're still talkingbout her now. a lot of people do tt. therare a lot of controversial
10:34 am
people that come on and i think there's going to be this great interesting ment and what happened is they kind of want to just remain infamous or controversial. >> here we go again. >> omarosa's on line one. >> maybe i'll take the two of you out to lunch. hoda can ce too and we'll work it outorou guys. >> bethenny, thankyou. we wish you all the st. >>hank you for having me. i miss you girls. >> great to see u. >> than. >> ather successful business won who's not mediocre at all with the gt of gab, barbara cochran. >> she william sh show you w toe your home a faceliftust in timeor the holidays. >> and glenn bec is going to be across america peopleare e of their type 2 dietes with non-insulin victo®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood gar, but it didn't get me to myoal. so i asked my dtor about victoza®. he said victoza® is differt than pills. victoza® is proven to lower bod sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-y, any time, and comes in a pen.
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10:36 am
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10:38 am
we're back wit elvis duran's artist of the moh. national radio host elvis duran give us his pick for the next g musician to kp our e on. >> someone who may be familiar to you already, especiay to your kids. a multitented tv star, author and recording orris zendaya w recently released her debut alb album. >> it's her first cd. >> i like how we talk as if you' not here, zendaya. >> i know. >> by the way, a runner-up on "dancing with the stars" las season. i mean, beyond runner up, you almost won it. >> yeah >> yeah, i did. >> t song zendaya is doing for us today already h 27 milli views on youtube. >> before t cd's released.
10:39 am
>> wow. >> the cd's actually out already. it's just been growing slowly but surely. i'm very pud of everything, especially that it's really my sion and everything coming true from my perspective so beg a young artist and actually havg that say is really portant. >> youe such a triple threat. youance, you act, you'ra writer. yove written an advice book fo kids is singi iningure i ining your n >> right now, it'sumber one. everything is pretty much equal. it's all hand-in-han i feel. now is a musical focus. >> we're average shugs nxious t. what are you singing? >> i want tell you, out of all the artists we' had on this segment, zendaya h had the most people sayin"please have her on." she has rabid fans and thelove her. >> that's what you want, if you're in this business for the long haul. >> sing fors. >> y're going to love this.
10:40 am
♪ ♪ so good turn it down ♪ ♪ turn it up ♪on'tnow but don stop ♪ ♪ don't just keep it there ♪ ♪ keep it rig there ♪ kee it right there ♪ but you'reeverywhere i go ♪ everywhere i go ♪ take you everywhere i go ♪ evywhere go ♪ everywhere i go ♪ play you everywhe io ♪ yeah ♪ want to put this song o replay ♪ ♪ i canisten to it a d
10:41 am
♪ i can listen to y all day ♪ you all d ♪ want to put this song on replay ♪ ♪ we can start all other again ♪ andgain ♪ want to put this song on repl ♪ >> zendaya. >> yeah, goob. great. great pick. loveer. awesome, awesome. we're glad your dad's here. >> thas "repy" by the way. >> that's "replay." >> let's check out these houses. how to spruce up yr home's curb appealefore the hidays bere copd... i took my son shing every ar. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days mighbe over. so my docto prescribed symbicort.
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you plan on hing guests er for the holidays, you may want to thinkbout boosting
10:46 am
your home's curb appea before everyby arrives. >> you c improve your home's exterior without spending a lot ofofofofofofofofof money. here is "today" contributor, brilliant woman, s has tol us many times, barbara cochran. >> i never said th. no, you didn't, but you e. >>here's a home in monroe, new york tell us what you'r not loving about this hous >> this is a simple cape cod. probably the easiest house in the worlto fix up. you have to clean that roof. it lks like it wa singed in a fi. you ve to fill in th lawn. add a big bush to the left of the big window add that mediumree you see the. paint the shutters the same green as the front door. what a difference. and those big potted flowers. people td to put miniature owers. yoneed a big substanti -- >> that is night andy. >> and that ticky-tacky fence off the front. >> you helped the grass a lot. >> yes, we did. >> how much you think you've
10:47 am
improved the house by? >> the value? we spent $1,500. i woulday it improvethe value of the housey 5% to 8%. it as up. >> it sure does. let'go to connecticut. tell us what' the biggest no-no this picture? >> this is a box on a boxn a box. gosh darn sqre. the first thing you have to remove, e mini pumpkins. removehe rbage. anchor it wit this bold boxes. d a railing so you don't fall coming out. you see the wk wayhat is so narrow? you widened that. we kind of left th house bl. i thought it would lk better in white. if i had a can of paint, i would paint it white. >> howbout louisiana? it's a veryifferent style house in louisiana, okay. that house when you look at it, you think it's a garage plus maybe a house on left-hand side. the the key to this house is
10:48 am
making that door obvious. so one you can find it. we widened that patay off the garage to the front door we'll pop the color of that front door sotomes out at you. that makes difference. brass catches light, makes thin look shiny. we aed the shutters tohe le. we cleaned the dve way. we softened the white to a soft off white. >> the red wh the blue, wt do you ink? thred door withhat blue? >> you're complaining about it already? my god. l right, pick your own colors. >>okay, let's goo arizona. >> tha you very much, hoda. someone is polite here, thank god. >> we're allowed to have opinio, last i oked. there's stil a democracy in this nation. >> now, we lost it. wh doou thk, we lost it. it's back again. we remove the rock formaon in the front. bring the door forward. it makes it a house with a door -- we'll see th in a
10:49 am
second. boom. soso that was construction you had to do, rightight? the. >> tt will set you back about $2,200. the house has a door you can find. >> also gives it more square footage indoors. >> you're right out that, a bonus. >> barbara, thank you. >> thank you very much,barbar i gone on one wit best-sellinguthor and radio personality glenn beck next. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
> glenn beck is one of the most well-kno and outspoken tv and rio personalities in the country. making forbesnnual list of the 100 most powerful celebrities. >> his n book miracles and maacres comes out today. i recently paid glenn visit at
10:53 am
his studio in dallashere we talked about his n book and what he really things about all his critics. >> thank youor inviting me down to your major studio in dallas, texas. >> thank you, tha you for coming. >> you made big personalhanges since comingo texas. >> i love it. in texas, you can create and grow and expand and grow and ve the life you want to live. you're notaking a pitical statement, a you? >> not at all. >> rick perry for president? >> no, that's not what i'm saying. >> i loved thi book. i knew i would because i'm a fan of history. i ve learn this i didn't know. i leaed 12 amazing stories. >> this started when i was with my daughters wn they were very, very young. i'd pick the up from school and i'd say, what did you learn today? and i realized that they were just memorizing dates and names. >> facts. >> that' horrible. >> yeah. >> tse are the greates stories er tol >>actly. >> and so with mirles and massacres, we have tried toell thstory. we're trying t connect you t
10:54 am
amazg pieces of history. >> extraordinary stories. >> 15 years ago, i was a red white d blue flag war, ra ra, usa, we can do -- >> the star spaled banner, right. >> and we did notng wrong. we did a lot wrong. >> h did that impact you? as i read your book, even from the rolutionary war on, we didn't do everythin rht. weade huge mistakes. >> huge mistakes. we contie to makethem. >> who was your favorite of all e founding fathers? >>washington. has to be washington. he is- i have this compass. >> of course you do. i'm surpred you don't have a cole of his wigs. glen gets a little kinky at times in some of these articts. let me ask you this, if there was one tng you could change about yourself, right now, what would it be be?
10:55 am
>> i would ask for more claty and patien. d -- >> that' two now. >>'m greedy. >> one thg. >> one thing. >> now that y're on a roll, how about onere. empathy. if y can have empathy and discernment, the world would be such -- much better place. >> then why do you think they -- certain pele tried t demonize you and make you o to be one of the mostangerous m in america? >> i don't know. i don't really care. >> you don't spend time worrying about it? >> i don't anymore. i really don't. i mean, thomas jefrson said if it neither picks myocket or brea my leg what diffence es it make to me. >> what is the takeaway from this book? >> that aricanistory is not
10:56 am
what you think it is. en if you hate america, it's not what you think it is. or you love america, it's not what you think it is. if you can take away fmhis book that our mirles come from th individuals and our massacres come from the collective ttants power. >> all that? i just think it's a great read. >> yeah, we had a greatime together. did my pcast with me too. i wish people could know him the way i do. i think it would change a lot of ople's opinions. when he n't writing a be-selling book, gle i busy building his o tevision network called the blaze. >> eecially the thing. >> yeah that's my glenn. >>ll right, tomorrow, cntry music star trace adki. plus, how to keep the pea between ur partner and your parents. >> good luck with that. d the meal you voted for. >> have anwesome booze day today, everybody. there's good news, tomorrows
10:57 am
wine day wedneay.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
good morning to onend all. thank u for jinks. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. the bay areaets a much needed ink of ter. rain start falling in the bay area a few hrs ago. bob riddell isive in the south bay, though, where we aretill waitin for the much needed precipitatio bob, good moing. >> it's definitely o of the dryer years on rerd. i'm talkingbout san jose, oakland that havell received less than an inch of rain sin the art of july. normally i should already be at two to fr inches. you can see how dry it's bn just by looking


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