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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 20, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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very good morning to everybody. thei] time is t(4:30 on wednesd november 20th. i'm jon kelley. jráqq the roads aret(ñi looking good. not too wet out there. just añi littlet( çóñislick. up any minute now. >> late last night that weather causing some minorlp flooding i parts of san francisco. in the east bay, wet conditions there making for ae1 dangerous caldecott tunnel and even over theñr new span of the bay break. you can see that rain coming south i]ñrbay, they'ret( waking this morning in the dark.
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nç we'll certainly have a team in place to get yourt( day goin get you all around this wet ñr mess.xdjf let'si]fájf begin withfi%mq%9 q loren. thy impressive totals we've c accumulated. rainfall in mill valley. napa, close to an i6c9ñc three quarters of ançó inch inc lafayette. berkeley looking good. as we go throughout the day, "ey hopefullyñi measuring around an before all is said andó[ done. j5ñ more rain on 4rh way as we get into theñi afternoon.
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we'll track these cells to your break.ok everything will change. i'll take you through your futurecast coming up in the next report. back to !o7 jon andçóxd laura. >> let's bring in mikeñi to che on the roads. >> the last few minutest(çó we had changes on the roadway. as we look out towardslp the ba bridge toll plaza, rain on the lens, rain on the road,; we ha puddling. rain has been falling in someñr parts of the bayñi since yestery morning. christina talked about the north bay. it's all over the bay. it's all&háhp &hc&bay. around emeryville and the piedmont hills area, the orange ar:dtc the bay area. jjuçó you where there is fog, lowjfq clouds and raiwp as well. wet roads through jot the bay area are an issue. no major incidents along theñr peninsula or easti] bay, you ca see the slick jfconditions.
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road crews are holding offq because of
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he3w criticizedxd the behavior vulgar word on the cage but questions the connectionxdymháo trafficking. >> they're connecting sex ! that halloween and i reallyxd didn't appreciate -- there's a lot of people associated with our fraternity, and peoplesxdt(
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reputations were tarnished when she made that accusation. >> that's what happens when kidnapped, be prostitutes they are held in cages that look like that. who violate the student conduct code will be subject to action. ñr now to ançó nbc bay areal follow up. the alamedat( coroner's office working to cause the death for a missing san francisco college student. the body of ñi20-year-old derric shao was found in the water of the san leandroçó marina on friday. shao disappeared a weekñit( ear. he was last seen in the bayview distric49ó @(!;!áhp &hc& one-day strikelpçó atñr xdwq forcedfá administrators to xd reschedule surgeries and other procedures. about 21,000 medical technicians walking out for one day, ucáadñ
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uc davis and three otherq medicl centers. nurse will be on theçóç"job, bu workers who operate x-ray and ultrasound equipment will not.ti workers say the strike is over patientñi safety. is over pensions. today is transgenderoo cf1 o remembranceñr day around the wo and in oakland it has extraçó c meaning. last night the cityxd of oaklan voting to co-host ai] remembran day event on response+c to an attack on 18-year-old sasha fleschman. sasha suffered third degree u her the event has been held worldwide every november 20th since 1998. tonight's ceremony will be hedm at oakland city call starting ar 5:00. new thisko morning,lpçó co leaders in several bay area communities hope gun buy back programs will curb gun violencef at a news conference today,
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representatives from oakland, san jose and san francisco will program. it's part of a statewideq effor to preventñi gun violence inlp california and los angeles. organizers used online fund-raising tot( finance the b back program. redwood city residents getting a chance to weigh in on the proposed pete'sq harbort(ñiq the city hosting a town hall style meeting tonight. the last time they held a meeting about the pete's harbor atte attended. the project includes more than 400 residential units, parking and commerciali] mariú!, that accommodate up to 65 boats. the project has beenfá revised over the past year basedxd on hr(t&háhp &hc time to check inxd with meteorologist christina çóloren. i told her as we were walking in this morning, right on the money hon. >> right on, honey. >> we need this rain as well.çó definitely a welcomed sight.
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a lot of us got a free car wash outrni of it. there's more rain on the way for today. mill valley picked upwards of an inch and a half of rain. quarters of an inch. impressive totals outfá there across the bay area.t( overnight total for campbell. head kothroughout the da today, aó[ stronger wave of t bay area.xd not just yet. getting a breakxd in between the waves ofjf moisture. a good one came through overnight. at this point, a bit of lingering shower activity, mostly along the east shore. if you're waking up with us, going out the door inñi oakland grab that umbrella. san leandro, all thesee1 shower& moving towards you. all of this will press intot( t( triñixwvalley the next 45 minut. area. you don't have to wait for the seven-day forecast anymore, weñ have it scrolling on thejf bott of the screen. temperatures are lookingfáñi co for today. gr@k the coat,çó the umbrella,
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then u] warmup on the way. let's check the drive with mike. >> we have had a few overnight say, clear in the last half hou)' now theqc roadways are moving smoothly towards the bay bridge. i showedv9"u this shot earli i will show it to you many times because the rain is on the lens, on the roadway, it showsm0su what conditions you're having out there. the green highlighted on the map as you approach the maze, wet conditions. you will have damp conditions all overq the tyv interchange with highway 13. smooth drive now into and over that bay bridge. )ancisco side now getting off of thatfáçó upp deck.dvat 7th, reports of a cra you may have one lane blocked traveling eastbound 80 getting 4cçjjt)á(ráur&l having crash activity. into the city, you are dealing highlighted heri around the financial districtfá towards 19th. the sunset district, bayview, all thosexd areas of san francio are reporting some sloppyçó
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conditions. just keep that in mind. further south, looking at the fox city approach off theçó san mateo bridge.ñr nice, easy drive he#eqñ no problems. into the peninsula and south ñr bay. east bay, more sloppyçó conditis around the oakland coliseum. there are wet lenses over there, and a smooth dry. look at the glow of the lights as they head southbound. use cautionko on the off-ra- #ñ they willc be slick. still ahead onxd today in t bay, friday marks 50 yearsxd sie president kennedy was assassinated. we'll show you how president is honoring his legacy today. and prime minister of haiti on a whirlwind tour through the bay area. what he hopes major tech companies like apple and facebook can teach his i]countr. we'll have that and more coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. a very good wednesday morning to you. taking aqxd live look outry w yes. slick roadways out there. be careful. this is a live look at bay bridge toll plaza approach.p, folks getting an early st)áv on
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their way into the city of san francisco. the president and first lady will visit thei] grave side of president john f. kennedy.ñi there was a moment oft( violenc inth$rjjju of the 35th presiden. friday marks 50 years since president kennedy wase1w3 assassinated in dallas. mountain view's computertú o history museum getting a blast from the pastjf for its new exhibit this is cool. visitors getting a hands on experience with a recreation of a 1950s qibm demo lab. the lab accurately shows computer operations fromñi that including the use of pun keyw3 cards and tape drives.çólp we've come a long way,fá baby, with ipads. museumq volunteers took a decad to bring the computers- to life which are nearly 50 years old. saw thatqlr apple there. >> apple ii.
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>> the commuter history museumi is located at the north shoreline boulevard off of highwayxdt(ñr 101. the demo lab openq every wednesday afternoon. >> speaking ofxd apple, john, t spaceship clear for landing.jf construction on the new cupertinoxdko headquarters exp city council approved the plans for the%qñi] 2.8 million square building lastw3 night. the green light forxd apple mea more green for cupertino, as in money.+% cf1 o as if i had to çóexplain. theçó city cut the annual tax to 35%8+!(t&háhp &hc& upertino ge2 million every year. haiti'sq prime minister is expected to grill tech titans in country get online. inister laurnts lamothe is meeting with apple executivesçó today. t(rz
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conference in san francisco. the hopeñr is to get haiti wire. right nowñi fewer than 1% ofñrw haitians are online regularly. to buy ajf house. the government now hoping to makeqxdxdzo7i] it an easier pce apply for axd mortgage. for that, let's gow3 to cnbc wou headquarters. good morning. >> reporter:t( good morning, jo. future now lower as i:mq maors may be reactin'ñá from ben bernanke last night. heú'yjez the fed may not raise interest rates e mtñ when "2u'employment falls below its target of 6.5%.fá now,ok there's a lott( of econo data out today. reports on consumer t(prices, retailçóc sales, existingw&omeq sales and thec minutes from las month's fed meeting. the dow falling 9 points in 4)q nasdaq lq3%ng 17. the government's consumer watchdog will outlineok new rul today to simplify the paperwork
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you ae:i out whenp, applying a 4rthe twofá sets ofñr disclosurs will beçó combined, tt-t( often confuse borrowers, so home undersr termsñi of their loan and financialko obligations. the rule will go into effect august of 2015. amazon sells its own lines ofu batteries, sheets, and towels. now it may be getting into itsç own line of products sold at the grocery store. reports say the online3w retai posted job listings for peoplef to help launch amazon-branded food, health,3w personal care baby products. back over to you. >> amazon doing it all. thank you very much. theyñi want to beñï every partf our life. >> but not the weather. >> we finally got the rain that we needed across the bay area. all of the hills are still brown. looking forwardjf to those hilt turning green. t@m day today, more rainlpxd across the 4w(t up in the north bay.
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temperatures are chilly to start. ready to ñrgoch. temperatures today climbing to about 58 by lunch xdtime. staying cool all the wayçó unti about noon. by 4:00 p.m., 62 in the east bay. looking good there. san jose, same deal. mix of sunçó and clouds for the first part of the dayñi andñi t shower chances ramp up. 59 degrees at lunch time, up to day. south bay,i] let's talk about those showers. the higher elevations, up in the north day. elsewhere we picked up an inch ñ impressive for this time of year inxd particular. and you can see right now, san those showers, mostly around thá inner bay. oakland, san leandronb travel /a9=] newñi cellq along the san bruno mountains. head throughout the day today.q
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futurecast, another strong wave of moisture in the south bay, around 9:00 a.m. you can see there's deep green, yellow embedded within thatko green. xd rainfall on the wayk> yeah. folks are left without power this morning here. a lot ofe1 poweri] outages last night between 9:00 and 10:30. at the peak of the outages, up to 15,000 customers were left without power. pg&e crews are working to get power restores. right now power outages down to .u$e mostq remarkable thing i' finding t(here, asjft( i look a weather data, we're not looking atçó incredibly strong winds. when you think of powerçó fáout,
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you think of strong winds. in the past 24ñi hours in san 30 miles per hour. if youjf live in the bay as lwn as many of us have, that's not strong at all. it's remarkable we're fintt power outages and so many across the bay area. power. we'll be tracking this all morning long.c as we get the power back, of course restored in thefá south uáu that live. >> thank you, anthony. you justc saw him out there. still veryñi damp. make sure you travelxd cautious. the showerfáfá activity giving bit of a break. more rain on the way later today. back ?'ke=u jon andq laura. >> thank you very much. it's 4:50.ok ine of the bayjf area'szv biggest athletesúa#5)jz aq serious car accident. and we'll let you know why formerñi baltimore ravene1 is n promising to pay some big bucks to showt( support for a 49er.
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we have all those jamming details coming up next.lpñi >> you're jamming on the ro)drpv maybe it's not such a greatñi idea. lower the speeds a bit. we have slick conditions out there. we'll talk about what's going on. i'll give you some live views as well. we'll sort things out for your mornsn commute. it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet.
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ahmad brooks for his controversial hit on drew brees. it happened late in the fourth quarter during sunday's game in new orleans. brooks hit brees just below the neck and was flagged for a 15-yard penalty results in a first down for new orleans. the saints went on to win it 23-20. brooks said the penalty was a joke, and ray lewis agrees. he said he'll pay half the fine brooks received. the warriors taking on the grizzlies tonight on the court but they have to do it without stef curry. he suffered a mild concussion monday night against the jazz. curry slammed his head right on the floor. no word yet on when he will be back in action. a serious car crash won't keep sharks star patrick marleau off the ice tomorrow night against the lightning.
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look at this his mercedes collided with another car yesterday afternoon on taylor street, not far from the shark tank. marleau was not hurt, but the other driver was taken to the hospital. his or her condition is unknown this morning. had to tow off the car. >> hope they are okay. san jose's sports hall of fame is inducting a brand new class. >> among the honorees is tara vander veer. she won two national titles with the cardinals so far and coached the u.s. women's team to gold at the 1996 olympics in atlanta. other inductees include all-american quarterback frankie albert. soccer star paul child who played for the earthquakes back in 1974. and high school basketball coach, gary cunningham. he coached the bellerman prep team for 21 seasons winning more than 500 games. right now i suggest we nominate the traffic hall of
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fame, and mike inouye is here. >> i thought you were going to say for sports, maybe best bench warmer. backup at the bay bridge. no major crashes reported there. we'll start on the maps, south bay we have a nice, smooth flow of traffic. damp roadways. watch the on and off-ramps coming off highway speeds. more rain coming on today. a look over towards the tri valley, no major issues now. overnight highway 84 had a couple of crashes. the biggest was eastbound at the ge plant. that had cleared before the 4:30 start of this show. a smooth flow of traffic from that time on. the green highlighted, wet conditions all over the oakland area. we're watching for trees reported down. so far, as anthony said, lighter winds. san mateo bridge, still a blurry lens. we have the smooth try with the taillights away from the hayward side over to the peninsula.
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and emeryville, looking at our map, our camera facing the bay bridge. low clouds hovering around, slick conditions and that mist on the windshield that could be an issue this morning. still ahead on "today in the bay" we're keeping a close eye on all that wet weather out there this morning. and could weather keep the bulldozers sidelined one more day at newly approved apple headquarters in cupertino? details coming up. and a decades long debate taking center stage in vallejo. why a high school's mascot is once again under fire.
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to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at a live look outside at the bay bridge. you can see the rain drops on our camera. a wet start out there. most of the bay area has more rain on the way. probably noticed it last night. thanks for joining us.
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i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in with christina loren. how is it looking out there. >> watch out for some deep pockets of moisture out there. puddling, ponding out on the highways. the good news is we won't see that heavy steady rainfall over the course of your morning drive. that will move in later today. we are watching the radar. i want to set this back to the past six hours so you get an idea of how much rainfall came through the bay area. we had quite a bit overnight. the highways are slick. we had numerous power outages. i want to check in with anthony slaughter live in san jose where there is quite a bit of aftermath out there for commuters to deal with. not just that, people left without power. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about that.


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