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tv   Today  NBC  November 21, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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news update for you. >> join us again at 11:00. marla tellez and i will be back. . good morning, coming clean. but not stepping down. the florida congressman caught buying cocaine and now says he's taking a leave of absence and heading to rehab. homeward bound after 11 years behind bars, kennedy cous michael skakel could be released in a matter of hours. grounded. a giant 747 lands add the wrong airport. >> do you know which airport you're at? >> well, we think we have a pretty good pulse. >> today, how will they get a massive plane off a runway too small for it to takeoff. sidelined or just a setback? we now know the extent of
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lindsay von's injuries. is her olympic dream still alive? >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer. alongside natalie morales and al roker. lindsay vaughan, a partial tear of the acl and how about this guy that lands the plane at the wrong airport. >> how does that happen. >> not big enough to turn it around at the end. >> we're going to need a bigger runway. >> exactly right. we'll get to all those things and let's get to our top story. today representative trey radel addressing his arrest on cocaine charges during a late night news conference. gabe gutierrez has the latest on that. gabe, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: matt, good morning. in that late night news conference here, congressman trey radel aapologized for his behavior, never said he was resigning, just taking a leave of absence. congressman radel's first words to his constituents back in florida, i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. i've let down our country. i've let down our constituents. i've let down my family, including my wife and even though he doesn't know it, i've let down my two-year-old son. >> reporter: just hours earlier the freshman law maker pleaded guilty in a washington, d.c. courtroom. the first member of congress charged with buying cocaine. the judge gave radel a year probation and plans to enter and in-person facility. >> i will be taking a leave of absence, during that time, i will donate my salary to a
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charity. >> reporter: late last month in washington's dupont circle, the federal agency said he bought 3 1/2 grams of cocape in a sting operation. so why did it take him three weeks to talk about it pub lackly? >> with the delay, it was a matter of council that came to a resolution. >> reporter: the radel is a businessman and former victory in a tough republican primary last fall. now, he's in a different spotlight. >> you know, should we really be punishing him for this? anything that makes congress work faster, i'm all for it. >> reporter: instead of a punch line, radel says he hopes to become a role model for people dealing with substance abuse. >> sometimes in life, you need need a wake-up call. this is my wake-up calm. i believe in faith. i believe in forgiveness and redemption. >> reporter: political redemption may be tough to come by in this strongly conservative district.
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he is up for re-election next year and there is talk of challengers from his own party. matt and savannah. >> gabe gutierrez on this story. thanks so much. now we go to connecticut where a bond hearing is being held for michael skakel. he is awaiting a new trial after his conviction after his conviction of murder of a neighbor was thrown out in a high court. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. michael skakel and his famous extended famdly have spent years and $11 million to try to claim his freedom and today their wish may just come true. though a jury found him guilty in the 1975 bludgeoning death of 15-year-old connecticut school girl martha moxley, michael skakel may leave the courtroom a free man. he is due in court for a bond hearing that could determine whether he remains jailed or is released await allege possible
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retrial after a judge overturned his 2002 conviction last month. >> this is an extremely rare case. what michael skakel had in his favor was vast resources to hire the best attorneys and private investigators to continue to fight for him ten years after he was incarcerated. >> reporter: that multi-million dollar fight is detailed this week in "the new york times." >> obviously, money is a factor. the big question is whether the right person is serving a sentence for a crime that happened a long time ago. >> reporter: martha moxley's mother says she is still convinced stake el who lived next door at the time beat her daughter to death with a golf club. her body was found in the backyard in greenwich, connecticut, 38 years ago. >> a crime he never committed. >> reporter: scaler's defenders have championed his innocence. >> michael skakel is innocent. michael skakel was 11 miles away with five eyewitnesses when this
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murder occurred. the problem was his one crime was that he had a very, very poor representation. >> reporter: the state has hasn't announced whether it will retry skakel. in the meantime moving forward of an appeal to overturn his conviction. matt, savannah. >> ron, thank you very much. let's go to natalie. she has breaking news tied to the u.s. military involvement in afghanistan. good morning. >> good morning, everyone, there are new details about the number of u.s. troops that will remain in afghanistan after the 2014 deadline and about a letter that has just been released from president obama to afghan president hamid karzai. nbc's richard engel is covering it all for us in kabul. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a big story and one that set the white house on its back food. today, president hamid karzai told a gathering of about 2,000 elders that if a joint security agreement is signed, that 10,000 to 15,000 troops, most of them
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americans, will stay in this country for another decade and then gradually start to draw down. the white house is saying that no final agreement has been reached, that this is still a document that has to be approved by the afghan government formally and washington, but today, hamid karzai is prepping his people for almost doubling the length of the u.s. longest war in american history. on that letter, the afghan government published a copy of that letter. it says it's from the white house in which president obama doesn't exactly apologize for past mistakes and abuses in this country, but is very sympathetic to the afghan people and says that in the future american troops should they stay behind won't enter afghan homes or carry out any abuses of civilians. >> richard engel in kabul, afghanistan, thank you so much, richard. the trip of a lifetime has turned into an international ordeal for an 85-year-old
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grandfather from california. this morning, there are reports that merrill newman is being held by the north korean government. though, north korea hasn't confirmed it. newman went on a ten-day trip with his friend and a tour group out of beijing. international news outlets report on october 26th, newman was taken off the plane and hasn't been heard from since. u.s. state department officials say they are aware of the situation but they have no additional information. the national spotlight is about to get even brighter for new jersey governor chris christie as he takes over as chairman of the republican governor's association today. nbc's kelly o'donnell spokes one on one and she joins us from scottsdale, arizona. christie is meeting with donor, kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie, chris christie was chosen to lead their national organization and this new high profile position gives him a chance to challenge his party and maybe himself across the country.
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fresh off his re-election as new jersey governor, chris christie begins a second job today. one that gives him broad international influence as the head of the republican governor's association. >> i'm getting great response from donors and my fellow governors. it will be a great year, 36 races t will be fun. >> reporter: meeting with donors and supporters at a resort near phoenix, making this a convention of big-time political ambition. speculation for 2016 is inescapable. >> i would think there are some people in this room that are encouraging you to look just beyond this job. >> oh, no, everyone here is laser focused on 2014. so no one mentions anything else. do the best job you can, everything has been wonderful, really good. >> reporter: the rga seen at the springboard. ronald reagan was chairman before he ran for president and in the past engineer louisiana governor bobby jindal has been in charge.
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he brushes off 2016 talk for himself and other presidential hopefuls. >> i think as a party, we need to focus on the next election, not the next next election. >> reporter: jindal and christie will both travel the country raising money for their party's candidates. number one priority for you? >> re-elect republican governors. that's priority number one, two, and three. you are a chairman of this organization, that's it. >> reporter: several republican governors are taking the steps necessary to be visible for their own potential white house runs and they're all talking about the importance of the next elections. as a group, they are running even within the republican party. natalie? >> scottsdale, arizona, thank you. what do you do with a massive plane parked on a too small runway with just no room to take off? that a problem now for airport officials in kansas. they are trying to figure out what to do with this 757. it was supposed to land at
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mcconnell air force base but landed about 12 miles away. >> okay. giant 4241, heavy, do you know which airport you're at? >> well, we think we have a pretty good pulse. >> little bit of a problem there. the runway is about 3,000 feet too short for that 747 to takeoff or even turn around. so, yeah, that's a big problem on their hands. well, some amazing video we want to show you this morning. we should tell you up front the driver is okay but this is not how to break a land speed record. the driver was trying to hit 200 miles an hour in california in an event when the car suddenly spins, flips over and rolls about 20 times. the car's roll cage remained intact and it probably saved the driver's life. he is out of the hospital and recovering. you have to imagine he is very shaken up after that. that is crazy video.
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>> back to your airport story, i like the exchange with the tower. he said, do you think you're at the right airport. let me ask you a question. how many airports do you have? i'll answer your question with a question. >> the control tower guy said well played, sir, well played. >> time to make pieces of that plane. >> mr. roker, what is going weather-wise? >> we have got some amazing video for you to see. you don't see this every day. this is an island being formed about 500 miles off the coast of japan and it's a volcano. an underground volcano so far the island is about 600 feet across. they don't know how solid this is going to end up. but that is amazing to see. you are basically looking at the birth of an island. this is the same way the hawaiian islands were formed. that's right. that's it. if you're looking for some real estate. boom! all right. our top weather story today, we
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got the arctic express. a big western mess coming across. we got low pressure developing off the california coast. as it does, we will be looking at more wet weather along the california coastline. inland, with that cold air coming in, we are looking at a lot of snow and rain. in fact, look at these snowfall amounts in the mountains in the central rockies. about one to two feet and heavy rain ahead of this system making its way through the lower mississippi river valley. we will get to your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. cmon man, we going to make this trade or what? it lets you check stats while you talk trades... harris for kruz? hi mom! write down the details while you chat... four cups of breadcrumbs. drag and drop pictures so you can share faster. and follow the recipe while seeing how it's done. right, so... oh celery. now featuring over $600 in added value. including samsung hub and google play.
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good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. still tracking showers on the radar but they are really falling apart. this is going to trend over the past hour or so. we'll continue to clear out as we head throughout the day but it will be cool with cool air trailing behind the front that came through. expecting the 60s across the bay area. 62 in sausalito. 68 degrees in pleasanton today. we'll have the seven-day forecast in a few moments. to flatly deny using performance enhancing drugs. >> willie geist has more, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. it's not the walkoff. a. rod is known for, it certainly was just as dramatic. in this case, he left the hearing and went straight to a
7:15 am
studio and unloaded against the mlb and his commissioner bud selig. >> i lost my mind. >> reporter: a. rod outraged speaking on a new york radio show what for him was the third strike against the grievance process. >> i banged the table and kicked a briefcase and slammed out of the room. what we saw today was just, it was disgusting. >> reporter: rodriguez was angry because the arbitrator refused to order commissioner selig to testify. in august, he handed a-rod a 211 game suspension for alleged doping. a penalty that could cost the yankee slugger $35 million in salary. the league says there's no precedent for selig to testify and "today's antics are an obvious attempt to justify mr. rodriguez's continuing refusal to testify under oath." >> it was disgusting and the fact that the man from milwaukee that put the suspension on me with not one bit of evidence,
7:16 am
something i didn't do and he doesn't have the courage to come look at me in the eye and tell me this is why i did 211? >> reporter: a. rod has denied doping in the past. >> for the record, have you used steroi steroids, human growth hormone or any other performance enhancing substance? >> no. >> reporter: only to later admit to using performance drugs. >> i experienced with a banned substance that eventually triggered a positive test. >> reporter: now another denial. >> did you do any pvs? >> no. >> did you obstruct any witnesses? >> no. >> did you do anything they accused you of doing? >> no. >> so you are guilty in your mind of nothing? >> i feel i should be there opening day. >> reporter: rodriguez believes major league he said, selig hates my guts, to put me on the mantle would be a trophy for him. rodriguez says he's done with the arbitration process and his lawyers, though, will press on. >> it will continue to get ugly.
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no question about it. we are learning more about the injuries suffered by gold medal winning skier lindsey vonn in a crash. in her statement, they say lindsey sustained a mild strain to her right knee, a partial tear and her right acl. she needs to rest for a few days and then will pursue aggressive physical therapy and will determine the next time she is able to compete after seeing how she responds to treatment. this is the latest setback in vonn's fight to make it to sochi and defend her women's downhill crown. >> good morning. >> reporter: when lindsey vonn stepped back into her skis for the first time at her summer training camp in chile, we were there. >> i'm really happy to be back. i'm just anxious to start training. >> reporter: it was a much hyped return after a brutal crash at the world championships this past february. and now has dropped back --
7:18 am
vaughan, over the top. >> reporter: that left the skier with a torn acl, mcl and a fractured tibia. the doctor performed surgery on vonn in february. >> it's been a pretty remarkable recovery. when we first started on this i told her not to expect to get on snow nine months after the injury and here we are six months pushing like why can't we race? >> reporter: she opted out, on tuesday, she was carried off colorado's mountain during a crash in a training run. a new injury on the same knee resetting the clock on her recovery. i spoke to her about her return to competition just weeks ago. you are coming back from a brutal injury, your physical shape you are in right now, how would you describe it? >> physically, i'm very strong. i've had the longest preparation time i've ever had in my career. obviously, a lot of that was rehab for my knee. >> on a scale of one to two, strength right now, you are a --
7:19 am
>> 9. endurance a 10. >> if you are a 9 in terms of your strength and 10 in your endurance, where are you in terms of your ability to control fear? >> i don't have any fear, matt. i will be 110% and win again. >> reporter: will it be enough to overcome another injury. >> lindsey vonn always pushed herself a little bit too hard. this is why she gets injured. it's also why she is as good as she. >> reporter: in a show of support julia mancuso posted this photo on facebook, let's all send lindsey vonn our pauseativity and hope for the best. do you have specific goals set out for these olympic games? >> my dream would be to defend my downhill title from vancouver. >> reporter: but for now that dream remains uncertain. dr. jordan metzel is a physician at the hospital for special surgery in new york city. we should mention, you have not treated lindsey vonn? >> correct.
7:20 am
>> good to see you, doctor. the thing that steps out to me in this statement a partial tear, not a strain, a tear. what are we talking about? >> this is a knee model, the acl is one of the four ligaments that connects the femur bone to the tibia. the acl runs in here where my finger is. that ligament is responsible for keeping the bones together when you twist. so, it's a hugely important ligament. >> it's the same knee she had surgically repaired after that awful fall at the world championships? did she simply not get strong enough again, is that one of the causes of something like this? >> it's tough to know. her recovery time is certainly a little quick. she is an amazing athlete, it takes so much work to do this. >> her representatives say she will rest for a few days and then start physical therapy. i guess at that point she will be able to walk around on it. that's a lot different than being able to get on skis and do aggressive training. >> a partial acl tear, if they would have said it's fully torn, there is no way she will be able compete. partially torn she stretched it out and we'll find out in the next few weeks if it is stable
7:21 am
enough. >> 77 days until sochi, she's got to train aggressively in that time. based on your experience, can someone with a partial tear to the acl do that? >> we will find out over the next several weeks, there is a huge mental component. it's not only the body, but it's the brain. >> she says she has no fear. she starts skiing again, you know you have a weak spot on how do you hit the accelerator? >> 85, 90 miles an hour, it's a huge question. >> thanks very much. we appreciate it. good to see you. >> look who has returned to the orange room. carson daly, welcome back. >> cheers! you have been gone so long you have a beard. >> yeah, i know. >> he's filling in for tamron. >> who has done a fantastic job, by the way, it's good to see you guys. speaking of borders, at indiana university, some of the men on that campus are partaking. other than that, i brought a
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fish that i would love to have you guys name #orangeroom. al is working on some names now. let us know. the loading one is natalie who walked in here and said i've got a name, how about flush? >> sorry. >> how about sushi. >> matt, we're on television. >> i had a gold fish for seven years. >> that's coming up later. it's good to be back. >> we have a supply of goldfish back there. carson, thank you so much. charges now dropped against two girls accused very publicly in a tragic case of bullying. this morning one of those girls speaks out in an exclusive live interview. jfk on the eve of the 50th anniversary of his assassination. first, this is "today" on nbc. . you start at point "a."
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i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. the time 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. we're learning more about the 85-year-old man reportedly detained visiting north korea. 85-year-old merrill neuman is a korean war veteran. he was on a plane ready to come home to palo alto when a uniformed north korean officer boarded and pulled neuman right off that plane. this happened on october 26. he and a friend were on a 10-day trip with a tour group. neither north korea nor the u.s. state department has commented to confirm neuman's detainment but the state department does say it is aware of the report. >> the b.a.r.t. board scheduled to vote on a contract glitch that could derail the new labor
7:27 am
deal. the vote is supposed to happen later on this morning. b.a.r.t. and its unions now in a disagreement over provisions of that new contract regarding paid family leave. b.a.r.t. claims its negotiator signed the wrong tentative deal and the provision should not have been in there. let's check things out on a friday eve. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon, good morning to you at home. the sky over san jose, looking pretty out there. temperatures are warming nicely. we're only going to hit the 60s. we're tracking light shower activity. mostly in the east bay into the south bay. throughout the day we'll continue the see showers, hightail it out of here. a lot of sunshine by the end of the day. a few hours of rain to go, then we'll get the clearing. if you're looking toward warmer weather check out the forecast at the bottom of the screen. we'll check on the drive. showers in spots and slick conditions. good morning. >> you see that right here on the shot of the san mateo bridge. wet roads and the low clouds
7:28 am
hanging out. also the slower drive that kicked in over the last 10 minutes. look at the map, it's not so bad once you get past the toll plaza and the flat section. you smooth out to the high rise. 101, typical. dumbarton not bad. 880 you have a slow drive all the way down to hayward, union city and fremont. that's a typical build and wet conditions after rain. northbound through san jose kicking in. look at the drive off 85. 280 the crash clearing. >> thank you. we're back in a half hour.
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7:30 am
. >> 7:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 21st day of november, 2013 a beautiful sunrise to brighten your morning, courtesy of the camera at the top of the rock. now at street level, we say it happens to nice people, gathered on a chilly morning. if you want to send us pictures of your sunrise, you can do it using the hashtag todaysunrise. here's what's making headlines. kennedy cousin michael skakel could be served on bond. he was granted a new trial last month. florida congressman trey radel spoke out late last month after pleading guilty and will enter rehab.
7:31 am
>> someone could lose a fortune today, a winning powerball is set to expire. it is the largest unclaimed jackpot in the state in a decade, check your pockets. >> you live in tampa, especially. still ahead, jfk's only grandson steps into the spotlight as the c >> we're going to hear from him and go live to lester holt in dallas. we'll begin this half hour with that bullying case in florida that we have been following. charges have been dropped against two girls accused of contributing to a classmate's suicide. we'll talk to one of the accused exclusively in a moment. first, kerry sanders has the details. >> reporter: when 12-year-old rebecca sedwick jumped from this tower to her death, facebook postings revealed she was bullied. famously named names and alleged her two tormentors calling them felons even though no one had gone to trial, much less been
7:32 am
convicted. >> we have these wonderful photographs of our two new felons. >> reporter: nbc news is not naming the older girl because of her still young age. 13-year-old caitlin romans attorney says shielding it now because the sheriff made it all so public. >> these are children. they sometimes make mistakes. it never, ever, ever goes to the level of bullying. >> reporter: on wednesday, the sheriff announced the aggravated stalking charges had been dropped with the understanding the girls will get counseling. >> our goal is that these kids never bully anyone again. never torment anyone and, as a result, we feel like they can move forward with a productive life. >> jose baez says the state never had a case. >> when she turns 20 years old, we'll still have her mugshot on the internet.
7:33 am
you all know when it's up there, it's there for life. >> reporter: rebecca's mother says she knows her daughter would want to forgive caitlin roman and hopes with time she can, too. >> reporter: for "today" kerry sanders, nbc news. >> she is with us now exclusively along with her parents and her attorney, jose baez. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> caitlin you're 13 years old, you just had a birthday. what have you learned through this experience? >> i learned it's okay not to bully and we should stand up and talk. when you have a chance, stand up to bullying. >> when you look back at what happened in this case, i'm sure you're relieved these charges have been dropped. but when you look back at how you conducted yourself. do you feel you did anything wrong? >> no. >> no, you do not?
7:34 am
>> no, i do not feel i did anything wrong. >> let me bring mom and dad in here. i think this is just such a tragic case. michelle, how do you feel not only about how the charges were brought in this case, but also the contact of everybody involved? >> what is the question? >> how do you feel about the charges being dropped? are you relieved? >> i'm very relieved and it's been a horrible experience for me and my daughter and my whole family. >> what is your message to other parents? >> this can happen to any child in america and we have to make sure that we watch our children facebooks. this can happen to anyone not just my daughter. it could have happened to anyone. >> what do you feel happened in
7:35 am
this case? when you look back and see what has gone on between these girls and rebecca took her own life. what do you think happened here? >> well, you know, first of all i feel horrible about what happened to rebecca. i knew rebecca, she was a very nice girl. but, i don't know, you know, it was basically just they had a confrontation at school, they had a fight and then it was over with and then to actually turn around and say that she bullied her and all this other stuff they said. if was totally uncalled for. uncalled for grady judd to go up there and throw her picture up there and people going to my house and trying to come and threaten my family. threaten me on the phone, threaten me at my house. i mean it was just crazy the way he did that and then to put her with all the things they were
7:36 am
saying, kate never said any of that stuff. >> you're talking about the, the sheriff that made those allegations. very quickly, jose, let me bring you in on this. you said yesterday the sheriff should get a good lawyer. do you intend to sue him? >> well, throughout this time we were concentrating on katelyn, however the family is extremely disturbed and they want to look at any possible remedy at their disposal. that is something we're going to look into for them. his conduct was reprehensible and i'm glad katelyn has the opportunity to stand forward and say i'm innocent. >> thank you so much, jose, good to see you, as well. we appreciate it. >> good to see you, savannah. get a check of the weather from al. >> we have cold air. we were talking about cold air that will affect really the western, the eastern two-thirds of the country as we make our way into the weekend. look at what we're already seeing as far as temperatures today. right now, temperatures with
7:37 am
wind chills anywhere from 16 below in cutbank, montana to sioux falls where it feels like 8 above. look at these temperatures plungi plunging. st. louis 10 degrees below normal and by saturday, cleveland at 37, 10 degrees below normal and alexandria, louisiana, 14 degrees colder and makes its way all the the east by sunday. boston's high 33 and washington 35 and albany, georgia, 59 degrees. 7:37 on a thursday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are mostly in the 50s, it's chilly but you'll notice from your microclimates the skies are starting to clear across the bay area. looking pretty good for a nice sunny finish to the day with clouds banked up against the mountains. showers really starting to fall apart at this time. we'll keep showers, the window open the next couple hours or so but not expecting much activity. this should be clearing out by the time we hit lunch time. highs mostly reaching the 60s.
7:38 am
cool enough for a coat all day long. coming up next, the legacy of jfk. dallas for us on this story. that's right after this. [ corbett ] if you haven't checked your medicare drug plan this year, you could be at the corner of "i'm throwing away money" and "i had no idea." well, walgreens has your back. our expert pharmacists can help you find a plan that could save you more with our free comparison report. so you can keep your money where it belongs. check your plan at walgreens. and you could save up to 75% on prescription copays. at the corner of happy and healthy. and you could save up to 75% on prescription copays. it's holiday time, and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries,
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is will tell you there was such an sense of enthusiasm in this plaza when the presidential motorcade rolled through that day. >> and so my fellow americans, i take pride in the words. >> vigor was the word they used. it made a huge impression. the whole package, a kind of burst of celebrity sunshine in the white house. >> the office of president of the united states. >> at 43 john f. kennedy was the youngest president elected succeeding the old egs, dwight eisenhower. he was a new candidate for a
7:44 am
changing america. >> youth, extraordinary good looks, charm, wit. >> tv is a hot medium and it helps if you're cool and jfk was cool. >> dediscuss tonight domestic issues. >> an advantage kennedy press in his infamous debate with republican rival richard nixon. >> he made sure he had a good tan and was relaxed. >> he was quite a gifted politician who was smart enough, able enough and knew enough to get himself elected president ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> the first time we looked at politics, there they were and we liked what hay saw. >> kenny became the first television president embracing its power. >> when jackie was away, he would invite the photographers
7:45 am
in and they got unbelievable pictures. >> moments that endured the first family to the american public in an era that became known as cam ma lot. >> they were as close as we'll get to royalty. >> all of the assurance of a prince which would make anyone a star, except men like that don't have jacqueline kennedy as their wife, and she was gorgeous. >> he was engaging. >> we choose to do the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard. >> he was masterful at press conferences. he liked reporters. >> as a former member of the house i would feel it should be left to the members of the house of represents. >> quick wit and the humor were so delicious. >> president kennedy signed a
7:46 am
proclamation authoriblem clclamn proclamation. >> reporter: on the heels of a cuban missile crisis a year early, his speech calling an end to the cold war was bold. >> we all breathe the same air. >> reporter: it was also a country consumed by race. once kennedy came on the scene, he represented the future. >> reporter: jfk's'gly bold stance on desegregation helped pave the way for the sooifl rights act of 1964. >> who would want to have the color of his skin changed and stand in his place. >> there was a great mood of optimism and progress. things looked pretty good and then bang. >> i was in the motorcade when the shots were fired. we all heard the shot and we were like, what was that? and then were two more close together. i said, those are shots. stop the bus.
7:47 am
>> nbc's bob mcneill on the line now. president kennedy died at approximately 1:00 central standard time which is about 35 minutes ago. >> after being shot at -- >> the inconceivable became conceivable at that moment. >> precisely because he was only president for a brief time and tragically killed. >> reporter: today volunteers will fan out across dallas in a day of service to honor jfk inspired by his inaugural address where he called on american to ask what they could do for their country. >> thank you very much. i'm going to mention that lester is going to have more from dallas tomorrow. just ahead this morning, we're going to hear from the next generation of kennedys, jfk's only grandson. >> and carson has a big
7:48 am
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small business saturday is november 30th. get out and shop small. am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole. wish you were here. ♪ [ doorbell ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good! >> i don't know if anybody has noticed, all this month our gs have gone razor-free for raising awareness for men's health issues. >>hen it comes to the end, we will have a shaveoff for charities.
7:52 am
we wilhand out aloe the next day to soothe the burns we have. now we are talng about those chities, ihose the proste cancer foundation. i decided to raise money for thameran cancer society. it w a gup my bomb was vely involved in. >> i cho the american heart and throat sociation, a killerr of men and women both. >> i went with the breast nc, my mom is a rvivor. >> starting tay through the end of the month, we are asking you to join the campaign and help tse terrific foundations in tir search for cure. >> head t and make a donation to the organizatio of your choice. >> very exciting. hair with a purpose, we l le to say. >> there is a method >> you said a shaveoff, was eight race? >> no. . that's a good idea. now you are thinking
7:53 am
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it's 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. student at safrn jose state rally to demand answers after three students were charged with a hate crime. the three white freshmen students are accused of tormenting a black roommate. a university spokesperson says the students harassed the roommate and even forced a bicycle lock around that victim's neck and claimed they lost the key. we'll get our first look at prescreening programs at san jose international airport today. the pre-check program is open at terminals a and b, and allows eligible travelers to get through security faster. approved flyers can pay a fee to keep shoes and belts on and lap tops and liquids in their bags. all that speed. what's it all about outside? >> it's about cold and clearing. good morning to you, jon. temperatures now in the 50s. you can see from the live
7:57 am
pictures that we're starting to see clouds open up. not a thick deck of clouds. some sun shining through. a nice day shaping up. we'll climb into the upper 60s in the east bay, low 60s san francisco, north bay, south bay and peninsula regions as we head throughout the afternoon. your radar still pretty active. but the showers are quickly clearing out of here. we head throughout the next couple hours not expecting a drop of rain. highs today will be cool enough for a coat all day long. let's check the drive. >> the peninsula shot i saw slow driving for south 101 in palo alto. northbound 101 jammed through san jose. where we're dealing with this red on the map, we have a wet road as well and a slowdown north 101, also 280 approaching 11th. that disappeared but sounds like the slow lane is blocked. this ties up the rest of the bay as folks try to avoid that. more slowing there as well as 85 through the south bay. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the "today" show is next.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, passing thor to. to a new generation of camelot, jfk's grandson on carrying on his famous family's legacy. plus -- exclusive pinterview. the young phenom who started pinterest and tell you about the website's big, new changes. >> how do we make the product better at letting people plan out that your future? and bird's-eye view. never before seen look inside the world of penguins thanks to a ground breaking penguin cam. today, thursday, november 21, 2013. >> all the way from iowa.
8:01 am
go cyclones! >> we're from dallas and we're cheering for the giants. >> go giants. >> hi, seattle. >> this is our boss. joe gave us the day off. >> the high school has a famous show. >> the music. welcome to "today," i'm savannah guthrie with matt lauer and al roker and carson daily. >> where did that come from? >> i don't know, thoughtback thursday, i love duran duran. why not? >> were you a durany? >> yeah. >> your favorite? simon or john. >> absolutely. >> nick? >> i like the wolf. >> you look like the wolf. >> thank you, matt. >> by the way, coming up, a group of young men out of indiana university who embodied the true spirit of no shave november. they are there right there,
8:02 am
growing some facial hair to support a friend of theirs who has been diagnosed with cancer. we'll tell you their story in a couple of minutes. >> pretty cool. a check of the top stories. natalie's at the newsdesk. >> good morning. a jetblue plain plane has been taken 0 you of service to determine what an emergency evacuation slide partially deployed inside the cabin wednesday. 75 people on board, heading from ft. myers, florida in boston. jetblue says nobody was hurt. the white house ceremony to honor the presidential medal of freedom recipients served as a reminder of one family's role in the nation's history and future. nbc's andrea mitchell joins us from washington. good morning. >> reporter: president obama paid tribute to john f. kennedy's legacy bringing together past and current winners of the nation's highest civilian honor, established by jfk 50 years ago. by helping pass the torch to a new generation of kennedys.
8:03 am
taking center stage, jfk's only grandson, john schlossberg, who goes by jack. >> it's my very, very deep honor to ask you all in welcoming the president and our first lady. >> reporter: the 20-year-old yale student introducing the obamas wednesday night, the youngest star among a galaxy of past and present medal recipients including bill clinton and oprah. as the nation reflects on jfk's legacy his grandson edged into the spotlight. at a wreath laying ceremony at his grandfather's gravesite, as his mother's side when sworn into ambassador of japan. attracting crowds in tokyo as she rode if a ceremonial carriage to meet the emperor. the back home, they can't help but notice the striking resemblance. >> our quest for knowledge and progress would not be deterred.
8:04 am
>> reporter: even if a playful youtube video promoting a college blog. >> i think he's handling it very well. he's -- he seems very measured and very cool and he's learned lessons from his mother, too. >> reporter: jack has said politics interest him. and at the jfk library last year he commemorated the cuban missile crisis. >> my grandfather would love this. today we are here to bear witness to the past for the sake of our future. >> jack is clearly well aware of his family's unique legacy. a tradition of public service that he may someday embrace. natalie? >> i'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of him andrea mitch until washington, thank you. a lottery dream's about to slip away if the holder of a winning powerball ticket doesn't claim $16 million prize by midnight tonight. the ticket sold in suburban tampa, florida, back on may 25th. check your coat pockets, dresser drawers, way deep down in the
8:05 am
bottom of your pocketbook if you're in the tampa area may 25th. it's 8:05. a check of the weather with mr. roker. al? >> "today"'s weather brought to you by soma inmate, your new bra destination. >> good morning, everybody. we've got our good group of folks hanging out here. look, savannah's taking pictures, making memories. >> savannah. >> pick city of the day, just happens to be atlanta, georgia, 11 alive. you can look by saturday, showers. but temperatures a little on the mild side, 60 degrees, that will change by sunday. as you look at afternoon temperatures, woo, it's cold through the plains. teams and 20s. windchills will make it feel colder. 80 in southern texas and florida. we've got the wet weather making its way into the ohio river valley, stronger storms through central missouri. more snow behind that system. some areas, the rockies, picking up to a foot and a half to two
8:06 am
feet of snow. that's what's 61 degrees at 4 p.m., so, cool enough today for a coat just about all day long. showers continue to break apart, just getting some very light activity at this point to the south of san mateo that will continue for the next hour or so. and then all this activity high tails it out of the bay area. . >> and that's your lates weather. >>ll right, al, thank you very much. you love great bar-b-que? >> yeah. >> mississippi, hat tis burg, isn't it the best bar-b-e? i was there last week. that is so cool say hi to theolks at lisa's coming up trending legendary
8:07 am
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we are back at 8:13 with "what's trending today." why do we have these festive platters on our table? that will be revealed in a moment. first, remember how we were talking about plans for a sequel to "it's a wonderful life"? maybe not. maybe another angel will not be getting his wings any time soon. >> yeah, that's because the movie studio that owns the rights to the 1946 holiday classic is threatening legal action. paramount says you know what? we haven't given anyone the go-ahead for a movie.
8:14 am
and it seems a lot of you don't approve anyway. on our facebook page, the overriding feeling about a sequel can be summed up in three words, "leave it alone." >> absolutely. >> let a classic be a classic. when we ladies head to the bathroom, you're used to seeing a sign on the door. you see this on a sign. but not all of us look like stick figures, right? >> or triangles. >> or triangle or whatever that is. take a look at what they're doing at the jacksonville international airport. they have these signs all over the door. it's getting a lot of praise on social media. men, don't worry, the men's room have a similar looking design. what do you think? >> are we going to walk into the wrong room? >> as long as it's a sign they don't have in front of the bathroom is the being cleaned, find another bathroom. >> i've got to go! i've got to go! well, our favorite anchorman,
8:15 am
ron burgundy, aka will ferrell, stopped by conan o'brien's show. ron was there to support a friend who's having a rough time. >> my dear, dear, dear friend mayor rob ford of toronto is running for re-election. and i hold him in the highest regard. he is the best. but he's asked me to sing the campaign theme song for his re-election. ♪ everybody's going off the deep end ♪ don't do anything stupid, rob. ♪ everybody needs a second chance ♪ ♪ you want a piece of my heart >> loverboy classic "working for the weekend." what would a ron burgundy performance be without a sassy turn on the flute. >> that was great. it's throwback thursday. we're feeling festive so we thought we'd take a look at some
8:16 am
of our favorite holiday cookies. and i'll start. i have great memories of actually a brown paper bag and my mom shaking it inside with powdered sugar, and she was making snowballs. >> nice. i like it. >> one of my favorite cookies. >> what do you guys got? >> well, some of us couldn't get our cookie of choice. i'm just saying sugar cookies and all that. so i do love the raspberry -- or the tarts. they've got the raspberry in the middle. >> fancy. >> i have, i think, the best cookie here. and i think if i put truth serum, if i gave it to you, you'd all agree that shortbread is the most delicious. >> it's not a snowball, but it's all right. >> i actually wanted to choose shortbread, but i was told savannah had it already. i was told to choose a fake favorite cookie, a ginger spice cook cookie. >> a classic sugar cookie.
8:17 am
>> i like those, too. >> everyone's eating my shortbread. it's so good. >> good to dip it in your coffee. >> a stick of butter. we love it. >> so do you have a family recipe for your favorite holiday cookie? let us know. and by the way, send it to, and you could get the chance to show us how to make them right here on the show. >> all right. so here they are, ginger spice, shortbread, sugar, lindsor tart or snowball. >> you could do a different recipe. >> no, i thought you're supposed to -- well, i don't know. >> that's all you get. >> our cookies. >> okay, cool. meantime, we are well into no shave november, and carson, our push to raise awareness for men's health issues is really hitting home for one very good group of guys in indiana. >> that's right. as you know, college guys typically bond over sports and maybe a few beers, if they're of age, of course. our friends at indiana university, it goes much deeper than that.
8:18 am
♪ >> reporter: you can spot the beards all over hoosier country. indiana university. a basketball powerhouse where the no shave november movement has one very special face. >> when people see our beards on campus, that's an immediate thought, oh, that must be one of brian's close friends. >> 100 brothers standing beside me and helping me get through this every single day. >> reporter: in the final days of october, i.u. junior brian levitas was diagnosed with n nonhodgkins lymphoma. he returned to his home outside chicago. >> it's not a one-man fight. i have a whole army behind me. >> reporter: his army friends put away their razors and joined the november no-shave movement. like us, they're raising awareness about men's health. but mostly they're just backing their brian. >> no one will find a group of guys who care for each other like we do.
8:19 am
>> the best part about the beards is that it's a conversation starter. >> reporter: the guys, more than 100 strong, post daily photos of their scruffy faces to cheer up brian. and since the start of november, their fund-raisers have raised almost $60,000 for the lymphoma research foundation. >> for a second in our life, not being clean shaven for your mother isn't that important. >> reporter: and thanks to brotherly love, the beards are spreading to other campuses. brian's younger brother, allen, a sophomore at the university of michigan, is growing his first beard ever. >> i love the guys. i mean, i would do anything for him. >> reporter: brian's dad, gary, jokes he can't wait to shave december 1st, but he's deeply grateful for brian's legion of friends. >> it really showed that when the tough times hit, you know, hit you right over the head, you know, they were right there for him. >> all i've been doing is moving a step forward every single day. and that's because of all the people that i have in my life.
8:20 am
>> reporter: bri guy, as he's known, fighting a tough battle but not alone. >> bri guy! >> it's a nice story. let's get more on it. brian is with us now from his home in northbrook, illinois, and from indiana university, chad, logan and dozens of brian's unshaven fellow students. guys, good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> what's going on? >> hey, brooian, let's start wi you, first of all, looking good there on the face. you were diagnosed october, i think, 29th. you've been under treatment for the last several weeks. how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm feeling incredible. i just wanted to say thank you first off to logan and chad for everything that they've done and everyone that's standing right there behind them. they've literally made -- put a smile on my face every single day that i wake up and made this ten times easier for me. and with all their love and support, i can't even begin to tell you. i'm just speechless.
8:21 am
sploo let's go ov >> let's go over to i.u. when you have a friend in need, you do what you can, but you guys went above and beyond. tell me a little bit about this fund-raising effort. >> we started off, and we just -- when we got the diagnosis about brian, we just wanted to control something, and we knew we couldn't be in the hospital with him treating him, so we tried to control the mental side of things. so we got together and just created this fund-raiser and decided we were taking the rest of the day off from class and set the goal for $500, and two hours later, we had raised $14,000. >> wow, that's amazing. all the guys there look excited to be there. >> i know, let's make sure we understand the money is not going to brian for his medical bills, it's going where? >> lymphoma research foundation. >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> the money that we raised -- >> go ahead. what's up? >> hey, bri.
8:22 am
initially the money that we raised, $57,000 has already gone to the lymphoma research foundation. and now we have started a new fund-raiser for the children's oncology services. and i think we've already raised over $2,000 for that. >> well, the beards are looking good, guys. this seems like it's caught on. we started doing that around here. this has spread outside of your campus. is that right? >> yeah. absolutely. our friends at texas, kansas, illinois, michigan, everywhere throughout the country and at home, i know i have my family going to actually give physical support to brian when we can't be there at his house with him hanging out, taking his mind off of what's going on. >> brian, real quickly, let me end with you. you look at the group there in indiana. you think they should keep the beards? >> i like them, actually, personally. you know, i kind of like the look. it's winter. so keeps a little extra coat on the face. >> they've got a great slogan, too, tough times don't last. tough people do. brian, you're tough and all you guys over there, thank you so
8:23 am
much. >> thank you. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> love you! >> all right. now to one of the most talked-about companies on the web, we're talking about pinterest. nbc's katy tur talked to the man behind it all. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. at 53 million users, it's hard to imagine the concept of pinterest sprang from a young kid who liked to collect bugs. but that's the story behind what is now one of the internet's hottest company, valued in the billions, $3.8 billion, to be exact. it's outpacing linkedin, twitter and even facebook in content sharing. this morning we get an exclusive look at pinterest's latest innovation which they just announced late last night. >> this is the design studio space. >> reporter: ben silverman, the 31-year-old bug collector-turned pinterest ceo gave us a tour of the company's san francisco digs. what was it like to find out that the company that you started that had 10,000 users
8:24 am
just a few years ago is now valued at $3.8 billion? >> you know, i think that every day honestly when i wake up, coming to work, i'm always just thinking, you know, how do we make the product better at letting people plan out their future? >> reporter: some call it lifestyle pornography. pinterest is a place where anyone can gather web images that inspire them from outfits to recipes and then pin them to their own boards. a place where pinners go to dream of mastering those salted caramels, decorating that perfect house, planning that dream wedding. and now pinterest says you can add dream vacation to that list. >> we've got this great button where you can start searching. >> reporter: a new interactive map place pins let you pin places in a city, a state or country. imagine a travel guide tailored just for you. >> you can pin a place. you can print a beautiful photo. and you can make a plan based on that. >> reporter: like that picture,
8:25 am
here's where it was taken. out of town guests, can you send your own best-of guides. >> places are really simple ideas. >> reporter: even with this new rollout, pinterest still isn't making money. so how is it worth billions? well, the secret, it seems, is the possibilities. so if i go to somebody's board at some point down the line and say gosh, i love that, i love that dress, i really want it, will i be able to buy it right there? >> i think we'll have to wait and see. but, you know, our goal is to make it so any time you see a pin, hopefully you can take action and you'll get information about that and maybe buy it, if you're so inclined. >> that's how you make money off pinterest. mum's the word. >> mum's the word. >> and he was a pretty shy guy, i have to say. but the big question is how are they going to make money off of this? and they know they're going to. they just don't want to share how. >> they don't want to spill the beans, huh? >> no p. >> i'm still trying to figure out how to really use pinterest.
8:26 am
>> once you get the hang of it, it's pretty cool. >> and you can see more of that on >> w a very good thursday morning to you. it is 8:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. north korean government and u.s. state department still have not confirmed that a palo alto man has been detained in north korea for almost a month. 85-year-old meryl newman had just finished up a ten-day tour when he was reportedly pulled off a plane bound for the bay area and taken into custody. newman is a korean war veteran. the state department has not confirmed the detainment but says it has heard the reports. let's see how traffic's flowing out there on bay area highways, byways. what do you say, mike? >> acrossing over the water, a bay bridge. despite the report of a crash, the traffic is lighter and that has cleared the lanes off to the left, ease hearing for the cash
8:27 am
right, big build. show you slow drive across the man mateo bridge, 101, 92, jammed up, heading into san mateo, typical there, but a little heavier than we might normally expect. south 80, a smooth flow of traffic, slow it down from hayward past the san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridge, an earlier crash, it has cleared that right lane at the toll plaza, northbound routes in the south bay starting to ease. we were in the 10s and 20s, now the 20s and maybe 30s, laura. back to you. >> thank you very much. i will have another local news update in half an hour. hope to see but 8:55.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. >> 8:30 now on a thursy morning. it's the 21st day of november, 2013. it's a little bit brisk out he on the plaza, thanks to you folks for sying around. we have flpers. i don'know if they'r dancing or trying to stay warm out here. we want to thank them for coming out. >> we will all try some of that right after the show. i'm matt lawer along with sa van fa dputry, matt roker and carson
8:31 am
daly. it goes great with shortbread, actually. mingp, young pple were conceived with the help of one anonymous sperm donor, they fod each other. they are trying to share that with him what it has taught them about family cominup. nbc special, "the sound of music live" starring carrie underwood. we arearking the occasion for our own sou of music families >> record your besterformance with your family and send it into us. you can find the details on our website. >> speakingf music, say hi to kat roshow. how are you? it's always bitterswoet for us. get t know our artists so well. you were the first instant dpaiv save last week. any regrets? >> n it's been an amazing journey, i g to know you, which is awesom >> you are one of my favorites, down the stretc we dn't have
8:32 am
too many males. are you a live performer, so great on stage, how was the performance erall? >> it was amazing. i feel blesd to have ts expeence. there are soew people that get to d this. the fact that america savede means everything. i am so happy how far i made it. i'm a rock 'n' roll check. it's kind of controversial. >> you are a rock 'n' roll chick. >> you are also a graphic's designer, will you stay wit music or graphics deny? >> muc, of course, of course, i just loveo perform. i love to connect with peop. >> you should be kat's husba the exact opposite, the best couple ever. so good see you. are you going to kp recording get out there? >> yeah. >> you have legions of kat-kak as well. kat, good to see you. you can watch "the voice." . i have to go bk to la for tha right here, of course, on nbc.
8:33 am
>> mr.roker. a che of the weather. >> the rest of your weekend, we ve wet weatheraking its way through the mid-section of the country. st. louis, it' going to be rainall day today. >> that rain pushes to the east. it will al bng tomorrow wet weather from the great les to the lf, back into the southwest, flooding possible throhout parts of new mexico and arona. more rain there. icy conditions central texas. lake effect snows on saturday. as we look ahead towardsnday, sunday, look for more cold weather wendy conditionsns icy stuffaking its way t 8:33, good thursday morning to you, meteorologist christina loren. the sky over san jose, isn't this pretty? clouds lingering, breaking apart, letting the sunshine through. this will be the story for the day. clouds banked up against the local mountains, everywhere else a lot of sunshine as we head through this afternoon.
8:34 am
temperatures are chilly out there, mostly if the 50s, showers are deteriorating rapid tlachl is good news, especially if you will be headed out and about the course of the next 15 to 20 minutes, after with i time we will see a great amount of clearing. i hope you have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. by the way the lady with the seen here, they cld care about the rest of us. they want to seeatalie and willie. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> thank you! >> call us chopped liver. ah. >>hank you, al. coming up next, take a loo a this gro. it's t largest of sib lengs that have come t tether to track wn theiriological father. >> one of nature's lovable animals, wait until you see how they did it. first, ts is "da often nbc. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
8:35 am
8:36 am
if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit
8:37 am
>>. >> we are back at 8:36. what does famy m mn these days? a new docu-series has peoe all conceived with sperm fromhe me donor as ty band together to find and meet him. >> we are having ae family reunion. >> they are the new modern family. >> the jacobsons, clapoffs and baldins. breana spiker and her 15 siblings around the country were all cceived from the same sperm of the anonymous donor. >> i have always been kin of curious,hat is he ke? am i like this becausef my mom or am i this way because o this man that i don't know. >> soarlier ts year the 17-yr-ol from reno, nevada sent out on a mission to solve the biggest mysry of re life, finding her biolocal father known as 1096. her journey chronled in a
8:38 am
cu-series generation cryo. >> i would love to meet you. so i'm going to try to find you. >> with guidance from an organization cled the donor sibling regiry, she was able to locate her half sisters and brothers and recruit them to search for their sperm donor ther. not all of tm believe contacting the donor was the right thing to do. >> i d think it's innyway our right is what i'm saying, to like contact him. >> some of the kid are like, i t wa to talk too much about this with m dad because i don't want my dad to think i'm traying him ornything leak that. >> reporter: f eric jacobson the non-biogical father, his children joining in the search for the donor has brought back some painful feelings. >> it's a reminder to m that netically, they're not my children, genetically, we're not related. >> but breanna and her siblings say e emotional bond witthe parents who raised them is much
8:39 am
ronger than theoes they share with their donor dad. >> i wou be okay with never et figure donor, but i wouldn'te okaka with myself if i never at lst tried. >>ine of the people are with us. good morning to all of you. i'll start with you, bre, this starts with you, you wanted to search for your biological father. what are you hoping to learn? >> umm, well, it's a huge part of all of us genetically, you know, and that i think tt it's where i come from. there are a lot of things that i kn i'm not le my mom in certain ways. so i am a curious person. i wanted to know morebout myself by knowing more than what throfile we received tells me >> ahow of hands, who he was curious atome point about who their biological father was.
8:40 am
you areind ofaying sort of kind of not rely? >> you are on the front of it. ere are so many sides to it. >> paige, we saw you in the piece you weren't sure it was disloyal for a time tfind him. >> for a long time i didn't want to search for information, i was happy with my famy suation. i had a dad i loved so much. i didn'want him to feel i was betraying him at all. >> wendy the sperm donors do so anonously presumablyecause they want to remain anonym ist fair for people to go look for that peon? >> rit. that's gre queson. i think up until now, we he alwaysooked at it as a donor's gh to be anonymous trumps a child's rightso be curious. i tnk it's great to say wn does a cld's rightome in. me are a little curious the ones who are, thoen they have a right tonow half of their genetic ancestry and background.
8:41 am
>> who is worried how this would turn out? yeah, tell me. >> i w alws e one w wasn't very into searching for the donor. i tnk for both o us and yone else raised by a dad, we are ltle concerned over what he'soing t feel, but more than that, i wasust concern how i woulbe brought into it. beuse i didn't want to search. but what would happen if all my siblingsound him or if i was sitting there and they fixed out information in't want to know. whafgs ur reaction when you realize you have this many half siblings, hooer is a big family and do you feel like faly, jonah? >> i feel like family, yeah. >> yeah, we ar all hanging out in our home rooms, hanging out, it's a great experience. >> denitely. >> so just i think, even if let's say we doan don't endp ning him or anythi,his
8:42 am
show has bughts so much closer together as aamily and no matter what, nothian break our bond. leak we all are just familynd it's even though we have known each other f what a a year, it's like wn have known each other forever. >> everybody colltively. yeah. >> jesse, do you notice similarities, do youee ysical similarities among all of u? >> i do. i see some le facial similaries, very slig. but sinc i've known some of the kids forou know eht ars or so, i can definitely tell now and just the way we ac the way we do things, that sameyou know, musk,taste, foods, what we leak to do. sot's finitely, definely the family thing. >> wow, i'm out of me. bre, has this journey been worth ito r? >> 100% you kn, my fami, yes.
8:43 am
100% >> it's great to meet all of you. thank you for being a part of this, toen rak cryo starts next week, guys coming up next, incredible new video of a peng when life at the south pole. we wl tell you the remarking way this wa captured. firs
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> 8:45. this is cool. get ready to see penguinsike you've ner seen them before. >> camoufled asealistic penguins, film-makers have been able to get up and close with these birds. it's a part of the discory channel's special "pguins wobble all the way." the cameramen are her wh their penguin cam friends. good morning, guys. nice to see you. >> good mornin >> let me let you know have the kind o o species down, emperor of penguins from antarcca, rock copper penguins from the faulkland islandsnd penguinsrom peru. these are the guys in front of us. >> that's a penguin chick, quite a fat one. that's what they're like. that's the big daddy or the mummy ally. >> left side is pretty big penguins. >> a have camerasn their
8:47 am
eyes. >> you introducedhem into a real le penguins. >> extraordinary footage. it was to see them as pguins see thsees. so these were able to go in among them take pictures through the cera in their eye and pan and tilt and do anything. >> did the rea penguins immediely accept the fake penguins or did some camera penguins get their buttkicked? >> some were quite curious. >> he blendsin. >> justassing through. >> the mane problem was, you know, one became very affectionate to one of the rock hoppers. >> really? no wonder he is lyingdown. >> he is having a re. >> i can resurrect m, if you like. let's see if it will work on live tv. >> oh mysh,t's crazy. >> h can stand up by himself? >> he had to be able to do that, you see, in the colony, it's a
8:48 am
rough play, you get pusd around, if you fall over, he has to get up to deep filming. >> these colonies e so tight literally, a humanouldn't get in there ttake shots iyou wanted to. it's dsity packed. we needed devices toet in there expenguins sides, robots. >>ome of the emperor penguins started following your fake emperor? >> yeah, as soon as we fell off on the march across the ice, ey got i line and followed. quite traordinary. we western expecting that level. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> in penguin's defense, they might not be the feistiest or most determined. >> point well taken. >> or looking charming as well. >> you even put camera in an g, start? ifact this peng when here s an egg. let's see ifhe will on
8:49 am
coup. are you ready for this? >> wow. >> there we go. >> it should have rolled o more. >> on the ice it goes a little further. >> it scoots on ice, i get the point. what the most iortant thing you have learned. >> we learned so much. the materl we got,o much w new to scienc for the emperor scientts, it was like ten years o research he said we captured, real new behavior. >> how close did you have to get with the controllers to run the cameras? >> the great thing is we could deploy them and be kometer away we had these special glss to see what the peng whens are seeing. it's great for camera wo. we are aong way aw. we are the penguins in the penguins, themselves, are you goes as inventers and film-makers are geni, congratulation, fantastic. >> he's looking at you.
8:50 am
>> you can catch the premier this saturday 9:00/8:00 central time on the discovery channel. >> congratulations guys. > comg up next, spiceing up side dish, don't take ay the stuffing. >> i won't. >> first this "today"n nb
8:51 am
[ music playing ] >> we are back now at 8:.
8:52 am
this morning, with recooking with giada, reventing your side dies. good morning, nice to see you. >> hi. >> turkey is the star. i c eat it every day, side dishes make the meal, don't they? >> or peuin, whicheve >> you don't want to be cooking penguin. thosegies will be up here in a cond. >> yes, definitely turkey is sort of the star of the show. but i happeno love sides and as savannah put it, i'm not taking away thetuffing of touching the stuffing. we will deal with oer things vegebles, basically. >> the way you do these sides, that i wl appeal to the traditionalists whlikehe ingredients, these are daring people? >> it's no, i think the idea here being that something like this sweet potato dish can be made ahead of time. i'm trying toelp people get to th point where ty feehey can handle everything on time. sweet potatoes, salt. i put themn the oven until
8:53 am
they are nicand tender. let them cool letely. >> we should ntion, this salad will be served room temperare or cold >> cold or room temperature. you can me it the day before or the morning of. it is out of thway or done. this is a bake mash. so youan add a of these ingrednts, apple cranberries, pumpn seeds or parsley. i will make a fast dressing, yogurt, mustard,dijom mustard and maple syrup. you can makehis simply. i bought the e maple syrup flavors, chrome myness. it's a little -- owe creamine >> you p it in the fridge. i like to leave it ithe fridg about 30 nutes. i take it out like 20 to 30 minutes before i'm going to serve . it looks like. perfec >> see. okay here you go. >> thankou very much. brussel sprouts a my favorite vegetable. >> really?
8:54 am
>> absolutely. no. 1. >> that't' kd of re. bacon for sureverybody loves. this is the id. you make fast glaze, butter, adbrn sugar to it. kayenne and salt. >> you said you can use ts glaze on chocolate ice cream. >>een anyce cream, it's so good, it butter, brown shoug ar,salt. we had two-thirds of a cup of bourbon. how do you feelut bourbon? >> ge me the chocote ice cream right now. i love the urbon. >> add it off thet because it can fla up and satter everhere. i will leave you to mix that up. be careful of you outfit. it beces this kind of a glaze. >> i wish people at home could smell th, this smells really good >> we ce to the securingf therussel sprouts and bacon. i boil them to blanchehem so they syies angrown. cut them inhalf, let them cool. take the big slabs of bacon not
8:55 am
the regular bakfast bacon. you can get this at t specialty store or butcher shop. cut it up. t it in the oven aut 10 minutes render it slightly, then you can help me if you like. >> alt nate. >> take them and go like is, ow, without stabbing yourself >> did you just stab yourself? >> i did, thanks fornoticing. a piece of -- bacon. >> do you have a band aid? >> gete a skew. >> listen, those are -- if you wa to try this. carson, go for it. >> i love hing carson, it eats, you are going to eat, too? we need a brussel sprout. >> wait. so you put them on the grill like this. you brush them with the bourbon brownugar carmel. what do you in >> wh's, natalie and i think the sa wa
8:56 am
this is adessert, believe it or no cnberry soup. >> eating bread crumbs. >> great new takes o traditional sides for thanksgiving. giada, thank you very much. >> what is going on with the goldfish? >> we will name them tomoow. we have two great nails, jimny gallon and savannah ffie. >> good. i good morning to you, 8:56 now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. in just a few minutes, b.a.r.t.'s directors have a vote, saying they signed a tentative deal. union leaderser expect b.a.r.t. to approve that contract. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, lawyer, good morning to you at home. temperatures pretty chilly out there, mostly in the 50s, headed
8:57 am
toward the 60s later on, sun and clouds in san jose for today, a fair amount of sunshine by the end of the day, clouds banked up against our local mountains, showers to clear out and winds really pick up. fierce wind we head through tonight and tomorrow morning. i hope you have a fantastic thursday.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
. >> >> welme to "ed the" on a november morning, november 21st, 2013. we are still picking the decious brussel sprouts out of our teach. we dade job of it upstairs. the bourbon the whole thing. >> bruss sprouts is one of those vegetables we didn't like as kids. now you carmelize it. deou go brussel sprouts, go! >> if only they can do that for
9:01 am
broccol broccoli. >> that kind of defeats the purpose. >> creamy sauce. >> how about this congressman, rst.s. ngressman every busted for buying cocaine. >> congratulations. >> spoke out last night. wednesday, nevada congressman trey radel plead guilty to one count of cocaine possession. federal agents say he bought 3-and-a-half month of cocne in dupont circle. the judge gave him probation. last night he apologid for his behaviorayinge will take a lee of absence but notresign >> yeah. >> i'm sorry. i've let down our country. i've let down our cocotituents. i've let down my family, including my wife and even though he doesn't know it, i've let down my 2-ar-old son. i will be taki a leave of absence during that time, i'm going to do nate my salary to achchity.
9:02 am
sometimes in life you need a wake-up call. this is my wake-upll. i believe in faith. i believen forgivess and redemption. >> congresan radel admitted he strules with alcoholism and pls to enter anenpatient treatment facity. the question people are asking, should he step away? some of his own constuents say we can't have a guy up on capitol hill doing "blow" is the expression. >> good for him steppin up, anything up to t problem he is an alcoholicnd for getting the trtment he needs, mayor rob ford in toronto, here is a guy who is truly you see he is humbled by this. he foams remorse. >> and is not up to us to jue. it's hcontions it's his family. eventually, s constituents. in themeantime, who knows, this may change the waye governs. perhaps he looks at different
9:03 am
issues muchore differentl >> this is a story ne. it's exactly that. e congressman that end up running for thef goship. >> i hate to judge somebody in his or her worst moments. >> hopefully you pray for people to get secd chances in life. >> the voters will decide ultimately. we will see. a great nightast night in washington. president obama presenting the pridential med am of cipients, a cool list. the medal is the highest vilian honor. this year it included oprah winfrey, bill clton, lorretta lynn, gloria stein'em, dean smith and the great ernie banks. >> to be i that room, amazing. >> from all aspects of life. the was aunny ment as the present spoke about oprah's
9:04 am
career. >> early in oprah when friday's career, her bosses told her she should changeer nam to susie. i have to pause here to say, i got theame advice. ,hey didn't say i should be named susie. >> he kind of looks like susie. >> i wasn't sure whe the president was going wh th. >> i think people can relate to that, though, right? i know as a kid i was bnn taiwan. i lived a over the pce at thtime all i wand as a kid in the 1970s, farrah fawcett was evywhere, wanted to be the blond, blue eyed girl from california, which i wasn't. >> i have to say, i think it worked out there. i want to put that out there. >> as kids you want to be everyby else is around you. >> oddly eugh a fat black kid namedliver after bill cosby comes out. yeah, th worked out pre
9:05 am
well for me through my high school years. >> poo natalie didn't look likearrah fawcett. >> i looked like a f animated caoon. hey, hey, hey. great le for me. rit through these teenage years. so you know, ate more >> thi isike a therapy sessio >> how about you, wonderfuy? >>t word out okay. >> you are you, come on. >> did you like wiie? >>s i gotolder. but when i went to colleg i changed it first smeft tore will. because i thought, i'm growi up, i'm going to be l. it didn't work it didn't fit, i'm a willie. my him mo, i'm awiie. >> anything else you want to share? come on, this is therapy? >> no, that waamazing. d you feecleansed? feel little bette right now. >> i'm cleansing right now. >> i d't know what that means. >> i don't either.
9:06 am
so there is this lottery ticket in the state of florida. $16 million, todays the last day. it unclmed. eitherhe personoesn't know they won, they lost the tiet. th died. >> bought it pay 25th at a suburban convenience store outside of tampa. the market on west veg drive in taa. you were there. may 25th. okay. if you have a stray ticket. here are the numbers, 2, 6. >> we need the balls toop . >> 19, 21,27, with the powerball 25. >> very nice. >> i thought i needed the powerbl. >> i don't know. we all have ourtheories. i think somebody bought it. lovrs . >> i'm one ofhose people iuy tickets. i never check. i don't know, i just buy it. >> what is the point of buying it? >> it was bought in hoboke then'd check . right.
9:07 am
>> where was rob ford? maybe he bout it six months ago. >> in tampa? love this avphotograph. it's apropos. a dog i licking thefetch. >> i'm thinking he is maybe thinking t fis is, youknow, a little concern, dessert. >> sushi. >> this was taken in a garden in holland the dog had bee intrigued by the fish in the coy pond ever since he was a puppy. >> our owner sai tught it was acatfish. bob yeager, everyone. >> so this criesut for caption. why don you g tohashtag oran room m ption contt. te us what is going on. we'll re the best later in the show. >> here's my favorite she. >> this is big. baen is getti back together. >> monty pytho reunion, earlier this morning in london, members announcing they will unite.
9:08 am
>> , that music! >> reuneing for a stage show. there are so many monty pyon movies an sketches. you have a favorite al? >> it's got to be "the holy grail." >>t'just flesh wounust a flesh wound. i like life of brian. july 1st in 2014. >> 2014. can weo a group trip and do somethinth it? i think we need to. it calls for al roker to be there th us. >> did you go see spamolot? fantasc? >> i had a bit acting part once, for our show, they aowed me to play t les mis character. >> , look a >> it was great. i loved that show. >> al. the ather. >> as a member of the silly
9:09 am
walks i will show you what's gog on, oh, aho. anyw, we got snow coming in deer and, in fact, it's light. youanee there now all of a sudden you a seeing all the snow cting the roads there. it's goingo change over to a x of rn and snow later on today with 18 degrees,t will turn back to ow. this is a big system. we will be locng oking at a lot wet weather. we may see floing ther rainfall two to three ines. heavy rain bk tough the wer mississip vaey, into daas, as we make our way into the rockies, anywhere from two to four feet o sno in some of the higher thank you, mr. rocker. we have a good-looking day shaping up. temps in the 50s, rain showers are clearing out, left with a fair amount of cloud cover, mostly banked up against our local mountains and will bed case for today. winds will increase and temperatures will be cool enough
9:10 am
for a coat all day long, only reaching the low to middle 60s all across the bay area. clearing skies as we get into this afternoon. so overall, looking pretty good, our radar showing you is drier picture at this point, just a few stray showers moving through the south bay, at least the next 15, 20 minutes, then they clear out of here. have a great day. >> hashtag orange room. >> we will reenact it for you. >> do you kno w have a karaoke mache here today? >> it's set up for ourt protects a little later. >> dean cain doing raoke. >>atalie will do you
9:11 am
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>> dean cain appeare in more than 100 movies an tv show, most famous for his 1990s hit show "lois and clark, the new adventures of superman.". >> i le that theme. >> nat now he will be startin in a new chrtmasov "defending santa." manakes up from coma making an interesting clai >> what is your name, sir? >> cinkle, kris, wh a k, kris. >> where are you from, sir? >> it's not so much where as it is a when, but il home the north pole. >> doan ca, noise to see you. >> nic to see you, thayou. >>ou are mr. christmas. have you done aumber of christmas movies. >> i a trying to set a world
9:15 am
cord. i think i have about 0. no, iave about 20 or . >> we have the full catalogue. >> christmas adventure the dog who saved christmas t. dog two savedistmas vacation. the dog two saved the holidays, frost giant, jingle bell, aog for christmas, holiday miracle and defending santa. >> those dogs a very important. >> well, they're important to kids, if you haveids as many of us do, you will sit there and watch with your kid. son will sit there and watch. when a dog starts talking, bornlgs he is right in. i love it. it's areat what i to tell stories and me a chacter not so much a human being. in this parcular case with ve santa on trial. it's sort of a redo of "miracle on 34th street" a personal favote. it's a lot of fun. >> you play a sheriff, are you a niceuy or a tough talking sheriff? >> i am a nice guy sheriff, a widower. when you present wit someone
9:16 am
saying i'm kris cikringle. >> youson, he's a man, y do as much a can you to beith him much as possible as a dad. >> 100%. i have cnged contry, cut down on a number of films. even tugh i haveone 100 and such, i willo them close t and quickly. i like tbe there. yesterday, will be back home tonight and takeim to school tomorrow. >> you say you like tucking him n. at 13 i'm going through this with my son at 11, he doesn't wa tbe quite tucked have himalk to my son, my son is dad, come on, it's time to go to bed, let's chill. love that, it's 8:00 at night. so i end up getting up at 4:00 a.m. i lay down again it's 4:00 a.m., i had a full notice slee what
9:17 am
ppened? he i my favorite hum being on thisplanet. i would never change anything i ha done. >> what is his name? >> christopher. >> sweet. have you another really great project i got to ask you about the $10 million big foot boundtie. what is this all about? >> it's simply, we take nine teams of two different,ine ams of two, they go out, they're big footers, squatters. they go out and look for big not. we have a series of field tests that challenge them to perfect their dna collection. we have two serious scientists. one from to the university and a crimetologist, these guys are not joeging. they are serious about it. we have hunters, squatts, it's a mix. i think t important thing other than finding the boast. is thenteraction 2009 the teams. you are get rl hunters and real squatters. they don't tend to like each
9:18 am
otmuch. if they d find andy can prove through dna and visual evidence theyin $10 million. >> it's on spike. cool. >> we got something we want you to help us try out. our own, this has been myream forever and ever hear iso g a karaoke machine in the orange room. come on, guys. i picked a song just for you, i could ve gone with katyer another "roar." i didn't think you'd be no that. i picked a rock classic. ay. wait >> it's supposed to me you sound great. >> hol on. >> let's hop . >> sin tricks. it's caed. >> i'm hopin this wos. [ music playing ] >> comon, dean >> oh, no, this is all you. [ music playing ] ♪sweet, from head to my photo
9:19 am
♪ yeah ♪ hey now ♪ wait. ♪ put se sug on me ♪ put some sugar on me ♪ honey, honey you are my -- >> it off. >> it is. >> we don have the lyrics right. i'm sorry, folks. you will have to come bk for karaoke. >> i want her to sing sh. >> brown sugar. >> "defending santa" premiers this sunday 9:00 on central and e 0 million. >> sugar on me ♪ speaking of house, how to keep to the camry thrl ride! [ tirereech ]
9:20 am
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9:23 am
passengers will able to buckle up, under aewederal law, they will require lap and shoulder belt on new touruses and between u.s. cities. they say it's anortant step. it is long overdue, it does not apply to school bus, though. a neweason to savor thatup of ffee. a n study present at a meeting of the ameririn heart association suests coffee boosts small blood vessels. in the sty, men drank regular coffee and decaf, researchers say blood flow was 30% higher
9:24 am
with regular ffee. they say it could ld to a strategy of treating cardio vascular diseas jc penney dropped pants to a new low. yes. theye hoping to pull up profit. the company has put clearance pas on sa, r, get this, $1.97 each. last month, the retailer announced same store sales, in the pes that pants will help build on that and help clear out some older inventory. one professional driver's need for speed land him in the hospital take a look at this amazing video right there. a professional driver is tryi toreak the land speed effort. he reached 200 miles p hour and lt control. th's what haened, flipped the caat least 15 times. the car's roll cage, though, manad to rain intact. it probably saved his life. he is out of the hospital and he is recovering now. let's sd it back over to willie and al.
9:25 am
>> wonder if he totaled that. spoonful taste like?ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! honey bummmm! of oats. mmmm mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. ah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great ceal.
9:26 am
gee learned more about the man detained while visiting korea. he's korean war veteran sitting on a plane getting ready to come back to palo alto when a uniformed north korean officer boarded an pulled newman off the plane t happened back on october 26th. owe and a friend were on a ten-day trip with a tour from beijing. neither north korea nor the u.s. state department confirmed newman's detainment but the state department does say it is aware of the reports. the b.a.r.t. board scheduled to vote on a contract glitch that could derail the new labor deal. the vote is supposed to happen this morning. b.a.r.t. and its unions are in
9:27 am
disagreement over a provision of the contract regarding paid family leave. b.a.r.t. claims its negotiators signed the wrong tentative deal and that provision should not have been there. we will take a quick break but have a look at weather and traffic right after this.
9:28 am
we8 come back. still looking at skies clearing across the bay area, sprinkles in south bay, extreme south bay from about south of 680 once you get down toward gilroy, where we could still see a stray showers, otherwise, skies are clearing nicely across the board, slick roadways in the south bay and lots of traffic stacking up. mike will be standing by talking about that in a little bit. today, ties will be very comfortable, upper 60s east bay, low 60s in the south bay because of the clouds, again, those skies will clear later on. here is mike to talk about those roads. >> talking about 280 at the 880 interchange, standard there 101. here san mateo bridge, westbound, heavier than we typically see. look at the map, slow from the
9:29 am
hayward side across 92, the dumbarton éáéobridge, much bett than yesterday. no crashes on the pen anyone sum la side. 101 starting to sort itself out nicely there. coming northbound through the south bay, smooth traffic 280 and 101. that 880 stretch through oakland bogged down as you head past the coliseum up to downtown but just starting to loosen up now, laura. back to you. >> thank you very much. have another local news update in half an hour or so. i hope you have a good thursday morning.
9:30 am
>>elcome back to "today" this thursday morning, november1st. >>"the toda cafe. >> there it is. >> november 21 good looking crew out there. willie withl and natalie. jenniferawrence on "letterman" st night. >> weove to death. >> she went into deep detail when de asked her about her recent mical problem. watch is. >> i thought iad an ulcer. it turns out it s a er. rrr. yeah. >> what were the symptoms? >> i went to the energies ro. i had this bad pain for three weeks. you can onlylank your pants so many times a day before you two to the emergency room, before you are like i mode to go to the hospital. but i just did this thing
9:31 am
yestday an indiscusa-somethg, they put me to slp. it's clear when you first meet me, i a freaking head case, i'm crazy, i'm in there, what are these what does that mean? they were putting manyeto sleep. i can see this stu cing towards me, tnk of some place like an island the last thing i said was i'm ralyzed. >> wow. >> she shares something in common >> yes, shedoes. >> you ask, she is going to give you the answer. >> lov her. >> in its entirety. she loves you, al roker. e made that clear on the red carpet not t long ago. >> is the karaoke machine finally working? . >> i finally got it worked out. >> thankfully we have taken it apart by now. anyway, first of all our friends in setle, they're going to avoid all t messy weather muc of the west is played with. they will haveunny skies, chilly, temperaturesp to about 43 degrees as w l ahead to
9:32 am
the weekend wet wth stretching from the great lakes althe way into the gulf, texas,sohwest,flding i arizona and new mexico the rain contins saturday. frigid conditions in the plains. more icy conditions in texas. beautifulere in the northeast, ke effect snow hging around saturday. sunday, sund that cold r has tak over the western or i should say the eastn two-thirds of the country. more good morning. still do have a few skies that are clear across the bay area, north bay, pretty clear. the south bay, do have a few linkering showers south of livermore and those showers will remain south, really extreme south today and skies will clear later on this afternoon. in fact, a very nice afternoon expected. notice temperatures right now in the 50s. later on today, climbing back into the mid to upper 60s, keep those jackets handy, but again, we are done with the rain.
9:33 am
. >> andhat's you latest weather. guys. >> thankou,al. younow how it is in fall and winter. the air quality in your home coul really use some freshening up. >> here to show us how to keep the air circulating is john desilva. john, good to see you. >> thank you. >>'s start witthe most sic of all, throw open a house, what do you want to d with th? >> openp all the windows, crack it opened. lethat fresh air into the house and it will really dilute all the pollutants in thehouse. this is important to . a lot ofeople don't do i >> y open it a while. >> 15 nutes. >> move over to humidifiers. this is great way to add moistu back in the air. some pe are leery, you hear about the bacteria that can build up in there. >> these are important.
9:34 am
whenou turn the heat on, it tuk sucks all the moisture in the room. these are great. these are kid friendly. they willo a room about 250 sqreeet andhis one, ts isgreat. you just put water in this put it on top of a radiator, besides it t. water will evaporate. this is dprit aswell. >> it looks nice and classic. >> aut $35 bucks. >> this is $37. this is $50. >> you have to make sure you clean them out. >> air filtration systems are ce. ey can be expensive. is there a cheaper way to go? >> this is $175 it will do a room up to 350 square feet. you got think about this as this bengs to the house. it really important to clean that air in the house because a loof people think that air pee e house is cloern tn outside -- is cleaner than outside, in fact, it is the opposite. the is ten times nor pollutts inside the house than outside. so this is great way to start. >> do you want more than one of
9:35 am
thes if you can afford it in your house? >> like i said, 35 square . most houses are bger than that. yohaveo get a couple of boy sothing larger than this that will do a larger area. >> a natural source of oxygen t keep your home fresh and clean areplants. they look great, too. >> go green. 'satural source of ogen an it really cans the air. so you want to get sething that's low maintenanc sothing that doesn't nd a lot of lightnd a lot of water. so sheer another way to go. >> you also talk about deodorizeing a radio. you. them to make their own natal deodorizs. >> forget the cmercl air freshenners. ke t tableoons of baking soda,e dropsf an eential oil, two cups ter, mix it. put it in your spray bottle. walk around the hoe, oh. >> sorry. >> keep going, he needs aittle deodorizeing often. >> that's fresheing the ai
9:36 am
fresns the air. >> fire it around ithe air. >> walk around the ai squirtt around >>spokng of the the zone. >> a ceiling fan is another way to circute the air, right? >> a lot of people only use kiel ceilingansn th suertime. it'seally good in theter time. as you know, heat rises. you wt to get that blade going in a cckwise position, right? that will suck the heat up to the ceiling andownn the walls and it will reay warm up the space. it can save yp to 15% on your energy bill. >> rig there, willie. right there. >> jn desilva,a, thank you. coming up next, a talking toilet paper holder. y would you want that? well, whole also show you fun isn't always easy, buyou n do it. stay active... get outdoors... eat hethy... and choose colgate total®. idoes morthan proct, it actually helps improve mouthealth.
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and beer is so easy withrning you cabenefibe do mething bet. so let me ask you... fiber that's taste-fre grit-freand dissolves completely. so you can feel freeo add it to anything. and feel better about doing it beer it with benefiber
9:40 am
>> throwings a party over t throwing a parties over the holidays, we have new damage et cetera and apps for you to check out. >> everything from perfect cocktail to a karaoke machine. caitlinen dal has it all. good to see you. >> some gems this morning. start with the perfect drinkmaker, from brookstone, a smart scale, a shaker, a free
9:41 am
app for both andrade or ios. how many of us know how to make a number of really good drinks? and what kind of ingreemtsd and how much to pour in? this actually does virtually, step-by-step. i know you're a whiskey drinker. >> bourbon. >> whiskey colins this morning, starting with follow the directions, 1.5 ounce, gentle on the pour. 1.5 ounces of bourbon. >> i generally don't measurer. >> the machine will fill up right there for you. now, it is going to -- >> your hand there, bartender. >> pick it up a notch. there you go >> lemon juice. >> little lemon juice action, 1.3 ounces of lemon juice. >> okay. coming. there we go. go ahead. >> oh, boy. >> okay. next step acres just it with your finger or let the machine advance t last but not least, 1.21 ounces of simple syrup. that's that one. [ beeping ] you can see here, follow it
9:42 am
step-by-step, you have yourself a perfect drink. cool cabinet feature on there, too allows you anything in your home, plug it in there. >> very cool. cool. what is this? >> every drop a new spin on the water filtration system and a lot of filters are actually built right into the pitcher or right into the water bottle. you can actually taken this with you anywhere you go, portable. go ahead. five times fast they were the leading brand, goal lon of water in two minutes. one filter here lasts two moments or 60 gallons, equivalent to 450 bottles of water, take gadget with you anywhere you go. >> there you go. >> like an analog pintrest. >> there's ice cream of the future, then the bulletin board of the future. this is just stick. office max here is a deal, never a problem managing my bull at this point boards, now, no tape,
9:43 am
no staples no push pins, take whatever you need and sticks onto the device using electroadhesion technology, four aaa batteries. >> a big version here. >> i think this is -- >> i love that. >> cool. very cool. junk mail, nobody want it is. how do we get rid of it? >> just the last week alone. fairytale brownies. i'm gonna pass. i'm gonna pass. here is the deal. free app for android or ios. you can actually called paper karma. take a picture of your address. you scan it. and then you use the photo, automatically, it will you can subscribe you behind the scenes of the junk in your mailbox. >> what is that called again? >> paper karma ios and android. look how many i deleted. >> you're getting nothing now. >> paper karma. >> this is what we have been waiting for. >> we want to know y. >> $10, the talking toilet paper spindle. >> why? >> this is amazing.
9:44 am
for one week, al -- [ inaudible ] 3 in in the morning, a roll of toiler paper is out. what is going on here? totally crazy, $10, put the spindle out here. >>s here what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> how long before somebody smashes this thing off the wall? >> a nice stocking stuffer. >> this was natalie's favorite. >> where is she? >> she abandoned us. >> come back. >> redeem myself. >> this is from the make others of this hard hero, 299, the awesome part, makes anyone sound like a professional singer. 300 presets on here. make you sound like a robot, you can sound like a robot. [ robotic voice ] does it make me sound like mariah carrey? or if you want to get real. >> oh. >> yeah. yeah. >> little barry.
9:45 am
>> actually do a song. willie, al, natalie, a bohemian rhapsody. >> yes. >> okay. >> break it down, nat. >> follow the lead. karaoke style. get in there. >> ♪ is this the real life ♪ is this just fantasy ♪ ♪ set in ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ >> 300 presets. unbelievable. give the mic to natalie. ♪ we have got to go first the
9:46 am
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9:49 am
. >> well, it's just one week from
9:50 am
y yourriends and family will be coming over for thanksgiving feastou are sure to impress with that wow factor. >> lifestyle expert is her wit creative ideas. good to s you. >> i love coming on. with this beautiful table. you will shows how to recreate some of that? >> absolutely. me of the simple ideas i a gourd, you can pick them up at yo local grocery store. i put a hole in it that's bittersweet, it's seasonal right now. put it in the hole. spread it around. it's a eas centerpiec >> i never seen this,he bottom of a fall planter use for -- >> and cheerful. you get the bottom of the planter. i love the terra cotta. it has that earthy locko it. you use that as a charger. >> the vintage pictures. thanksgiving is all about bringing families together around the table. iss a great reminder of what we all have tbe thafrgful for.
9:51 am
>> -- thankfu fo >e use corks and paperclips. you can sick your family photos there. use whatever cdle holders you have around the house and jazz up the table that way. >> it's elant,ganic. >> how did you get the candlesticks? >> wwill do that right now. check this out. is is oasis. it's jt a foam that you can getrom any floral supply. >> foam ball >> exactly. >> we will put these in water here. u will each make one. will get a ttle crty. >> once you got i we jam it right into the t of that. here you go. so you a going to literally. it's so easy toold it. push it right in there. >> perfect. got it. exactly. t flowers around. i picked some groans in my back yard. go out, get flowers. mums are terrific. >> man, you guys are racing. >> we don't have time for these
9:52 am
segments. >> how do you get a candl on top? >> you jam it right in there. yeah. >> that's a great idea. >> there you go. al. oh my good. >> not that kind of jamming. i'm a very liter person. >> it takes a ne soft touch. >> when you say jam it in there. now gently put i in there. >> gently put it n. guess are you right. i'm sorry. >> let's move on to our next project. >> that is creating this floral bouquet. >> ts is a butternut squash. you wl gently here. >> okay. >> youike this one, the jumbo. >> we are running out of ti. you slice that up, you get the idea. >> so you can mak a ower. >> you can get theids involved. >> be careful with the knife, definitely >> with ki. >> exactly. >> what are you doing? >> this is spaghetti uash. we are making aurkey with th
9:53 am
horsdouvres you might want t ea mozzarella, cheddar. this is palo a kenzie. you can skewering. >> we want tetur littl friend down here. >> absolutely. so we'veot camer and sophia here. this is the kids' table. simple ideas, the arectually sugar ice cream cones, dip them in water, microwave them, make them lookike cornucopias, make turkeys. >> thank you so much. we a back in amoment. in i "today" on nbc. >> thank you, guys. [ music pl
9:54 am
9:55 am
. >> we got the greest gadget motion e motion activated
9:56 am
good morning, it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. student at san jose state will rally to demand answers this afternoon after three stud up thes were charged with a hate crime. the three white freshmen students are accused of tormenting a black roommate.
9:57 am
the university spokesperson says the students harassed their roommate and even forced a bicycle lock around the victim's neck and claim they had lost the key. we will get our first look at the prescreening program at san jose international airport today. the precheck program is open at terminals a and b and allows eligible travelers to get through security at little faster. approved fliers can pay a fee to keep their shoes and belts and keep laptops and liquid in their bags. it looks like the rain has gone away. let's take a look at the forecac9r÷or with meteorologist anthony slaughter in for christina. good morning. >> the rain has cleared the most part. we still could see a few showers, especially south of san jose towards gilroy, morgan hill. otherwise, you will notice, as we take a look at our live sky camera network, san francisco just a few clouds, even in the south bay, where we are still seeing few low clouds and really, these clouds pretty ominous today but not talking about anymore rain in san jose. we still do have slick roadways.
9:58 am
later on, the high be comfortable, jacket weather, nothing unusuals, 60s across-the-board today. mike, how are the roads looking? good, you saw the onminousiy of the clouds. that is not a word, but you know. a crash so slow passing highway 87. 85 recovers, the south bay looks good now. san malt te'o bridge, slower drive across the span on the map and speed sensors, live camera shows us recovering, a stall around the pier that has cleared the roadway and slow off the toll plaza the next few minutes. >> thank you so much. welk be back at 10:26 with the next local news update. we will see you then. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
9:59 am
this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant.
10:00 am
when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's thursday. it's november 21st, so glad you're with us. have a great show. so happy to see james brolin again. i call him jim. >> you do? he's a good looking -- >> beautiful man, nice man. years and years and years ago, i had one of my most awkward situations ever in showbusiness, and he rescued me from it. >> he did, what did he do? >> i'll tell you later, plus, ambish makeover, and wine for thanksgiving. >> only because thanksgiving is
10:01 am
coming up. we should say, retired. >> we were guests of jay leno last night on "the tonight show." >> we're going to make you wait for it. we'll talk about that at the end. >> social cues always has great columns. this has afeath all of us at one time or another. when you're on an airplane -- >> you have the window seat. >> now it's one of those flights and the person at the window seat has the shade up. >> they control the shade. >> and you want to fall asleep, but the shade is up, so you say, excuse me, could you lower that? in this particular case, the person at the window wanting control of the window shade. he wanted the shade up. the person next to her wanted it up. who gets to control whether the shade goes up or down? >> i thought they always ask you to please lower the shades because people are watching movies. >> if it's a shorter flight,
10:02 am
sometimes they don't have that. >> the good way he answered it, listen, the person on the aisle own the aisle? can they control who goes into the loo and who doesn't? >> i assumed if i sat next to the window, i got to close it if the sun was bright in and i got to raise it. what confused me, if i'm in a window seat and the person in front of me is in a window seat, sometimes there's a window in between. you don't know if you can sneak up. >> you go, that's mine. >> they have their own window. that's the one in between. look, i think you should ask, but i have always controlled it when i sat at the window seat. i don't even like the window seat. i like the aisle. >> i like the window seat until it's then to go potty and there's someone next to you sound asleep. >> what do you do? >> i try so hard. >> get over? >> depends. >> who it is. >> i either take my time and
10:03 am
enjoy it -- >> always awkward. >> yeah, no, i don't tap them. i try to get gingerly over. then, in order to do that, you have to put the weight of you on the back seat of the person in front of you. so that person's resting, and now you're fully -- it's just better to have an aisle seat unless you're the one asleep in the aisle and that person wants to get over you. >> i like the aisle, i want to be free. >> you have the world's longest legs. we go to broadway and hoda has to sit in the aisle. it's very uncomfortable with her with her long egyptian legs. >> anyway, let's talk about -- now, if you have a man in your life who let's say is not -- >> he's peck toatorially challenged. >> they have a new shirt out. that's it. it is called -- it almost looks like a t-shirt, right? what is it called? >> the funky bod.
10:04 am
>> anyway, it adds pecs and muscles. >> muscle in the arms. >> alex who works here, here's his before picture. >> a nice and lean young man. >> lean machine. >> now, let's do the split. that's the before, still. let's see. now let's do the split screen. okay. yeah. >> yeah, it's not much of a difference. >> no, not at all. >> but you know what? if it makes alex think there's a big difference, god bless it. >> anyway -- >> thanks, alex. >> yes, stay nice and lean, baby. >> you know what's funny? a guy wears this and everybody goes, what's he doing? >> eventually it comes off like spanx. and then reality bites. reality bites. reality ain't pretty. >> yeah, anyway, you can get them at black and white and gray. >> great store called black and
10:05 am
white and gray. >> i love the store white house black market. >> are there levels of intimacy. women go four weeks before going makeup free with someone they're seeing. >> when is it okay to do certain things with somebody you're dating. brush your teeth and floss. >> this is assuming you have been intimate in other ways. if you're brushing your teeth and flossing, sounds like there's a sleepover. >> i don't think there's anything awkward. >> flossing is not great because it can fly. >> you're right, okay. what about, at what point do you use unsexy products like acne medicine, dandruff shampoo. >> hemorrhoid cream? who writes this? >> people use it. >> i have never used it, but i would think if i happened to need it, god forbid, i would go
10:06 am
someplace and apply it privately. are we kidding? is this a joke? >> no, but when do you let them know you need it? >> you don't. it's a no-fly zone. you don't go there. >> all right, what about passing gas? >> stop it. >> at what point -- at what point? >> you never do that. >> sometimes you can't control it. you're laughing and it comes out. it's happening now. >> it does happen sometimes when you can't control it. we love those kind of jokes, don't we? our jokes are our favorite. did you ever in front of frank? >> no. >> yes, you have. >> stop it, i have not. there are certainly tngs i would rather die. that's one of them. >> what about going to the bathroom? >> what ware we talking about? oh, my lord. >> i think it's okay if you're in the shower and someone has to go number one. >> someone has to go number one
10:07 am
and there's only one bathroom, you go in and go, but you should never go number two. >> pea in a plant someplace else. thank you, anthony. you know -- are there really truly people in this world who have no problem at all doing everything in front of anybody. >> people use the bathroom with the door open. some couples dwoo. i don't. i'm not for that. have you? >> no. >> i haven't either. >> have a little mystery, people. although the art stuff was funny. i'm sorry, that stuff is funny. >> that's the worst. >> we want to know what you think. i think we want to know what you think. >> go to our facebook page. >> and vote? >> yes, vote. it's voting thing. hemorrhoid cream, yes or no. okay? so here's a question for you. are you a hugger when you meet someone? when you see someone, do you hug them? do you do this? do you just say, pleasure, and
10:08 am
keep your hands down? >> well, you're a hugger. you're a big tactile person. i like to -- i'm a toucher. touchy-feely person. but there are some people i don't want to hug and then i don't hug them. i put out my hand. >> say hello? >> yes, i don't think -- what happened to my hair. >> focus. >> i don't know. a little later, we're going to talk about the dos and don'ts of touching or other things when you meet people. >> i think sometimes if there's a husband and wife and you walk up and know them well -- >> you know them well. that's the point. >> sometimes i hug the wife first. sometimes people get territorial. you don't mean anything by hugging the husband. >> say james brolin and his wife, barbara striezenra streis there. >> i wouldn't hug barbra. >> i would be afraid i would get makeup on her or do something weird. >> or pass gas.
10:09 am
>> what? >> apparently, that's a big thing with you. >> what are you talking about? >> you just said so. this is a great idea. >> oh, lord. all in one day. >> a great, great, great, ihoda. this is robin thicke. robin thicke -- >> who brought us blurred lines. >> he wears the outfit with the striped blazer, and there's the thi finger. anyway, it's all in here. it's called "give it to you." instead of having the words up, i thought i would shoyou a chunk of the video because it's so worth it. ♪ looking so fine looking like you fell from the sky ♪ ♪ angel ♪ you make a grown man cry i want to give it to you ♪ ♪ ooh baby i'll make it so
10:10 am
amazing i give it to you ♪ ♪ come true oh baby ♪ i make it so so so amazing >> you know what he's talking about? >> yes, i do. give it to you. i get it. >> unless you have hemorrhoid cream, then no. >> anyway, a fun video. >> i like robin. i think he's a really talented singer/song writer. >> every one of his songs is catching. >> oh, yeah. >> is it okay or not okay to name your son after yourself? like some of these guys have done. here's what we had to say about it. >> it's a parent's prerogative, but i personally believe each child deserves a fresh start with a fresh canvas to panltd their own personal picture. >> that was beautiful. >> poetic. >> here's my answer, yes, it's okay as long as you don't name your child george foreman x.
10:11 am
>> and he had a daughter named georgina and a couple wives named george. a lot going on in that house. >> it's bogely nouveau day. >> it's open on the third thursday of november. check out to find it near you. you know who we have today? our friend the wine lady. >> i like her. also, two lucky ladies get ambushed on the plaza. >> and talk about hot looks, a man who gets better with age. emmy-winner james brolin is here. >> before we go to break, we would like to show you our appearance on jay leno. >> it was hysterical. >> our next guest, the emmy-winning cohosts of the fourth hour of the "today" show. here they are hard at work.
10:12 am
♪ what does the fox say >> is this crush for real? >> this is a real -- a real, authentic crush. >> tell me about this milking a goat thing. watch how well she does this. >> i'm sorry, honey. >> we got to get it in the knla glass. >> now i think blake loves you. >> i have a serious crush now. >> wow. ♪ doing it with a cold, just not going to happen. ♪ vicks dayquil powerful non-drowsy 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ no matter what city you're playing tomorrow... [ coughs ] [ male announcer ] can't let a cold keep you up tonight. ♪ vicks nyquil powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief.
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10:16 am
he's built several homes, is a licensed pilot, has trained horses and was once a professional race car driver. we're talking about the very talented emmy and golden globe winner james brolin. >> he's starring in christmas with tucker. he played a grandfather who teached his grandson important lessons about faithfulness and the power of love. >> what he meant to you, what he means to you. i'm sorry you had to go back, but if there's anything i want you to grow up to be, it's a man of character. >> oh. >> i love movies like this. >> me, too. >> love them. so nice to see you again. >> you said it all. i'll see you. what a nice introduction. >> when you got the call from hallmark, you were immediately
10:17 am
thinking maybe not? >> i didn't know it was hallmark. here's an offer you got. can you read it. you know, having been a real, for some reason, sucker with lasse, you know, grant said i can keep you, lassie, now i'm grandpa, and there's the kid and the dog. i thought, how could you not? and the one thing, the one criterion i like is changes in a character in a movie. watching people grow up or change because of the movie or in the movie. and he didn't like dogs. he wouldn't have a dog around the farm for anything. so i like that as the beginning because by the end of the movie, grandpa loves the dog. >> you don't see movies like that anymore. they don't make as many as they used to. >> there's such a need for them. people are hungry for that kind of thing. >> i was watching a very hot show the other night, watch -- should i say? i'm not going to say. a guy breaks a bottle against a wall. very graphic. >> oh, wow. >> jabs it into his ex-wife's
10:18 am
neck. >> home movies at my house. >> yeah, so what you do is switch over to "christmas with tucker." >> on that note -- >> sweet. >> we're going to play a game. want to play a game? >> you're a big barbra. >> i'm a big fan. >> i heard her, said she changed my life. we're going to call a game called who knows barbra better? which actress has the same birthday as barbra, helen mirren or shirley maclaine? >> shirley maclaine. >> you got it. >> you thought i was slow, didn't you? everybody thinks i'm real slow. >> all right, ready? how many academy awards have rbra won and can you name them? >> no. >> careful. >> she won best actress, tied with katharine hepburn. >> how many? >> one as an actress for funny girl. she won one as best song for
10:19 am
evergreen. >> you're right. >> hmm, all i know is you go into, you know, the library office and there's no place to put anything on the desk. just 40 awards. >> a tiebreaker. >> what singer did barbra do a duet with for the song -- what? >> wait until the question is asked. >> you don't bring me flowers? >> neil diamond. >> she's right. >> give him a chance to tie it. >> that wasn't neil diamond. who was that person? >> i don't know. how many films did barbra star and direct in? >> jim? >> three. >> you're right. >> tie. >> she directed and starred in -- >>iental, prince of tides. >> here's the tie breaker. what's the name of barbra's character in funny girl? >> sammy. >> okay. one of my favorite movies of all time. >> i gave you that one.
10:20 am
>> gave me that one. >> did jim win? >> i won. >> you won one of your own cds? >> is this live from barkley? thank you. i'm not sharing. >> am i through with this? >> we love you. thank you for coming. >> the movie is adorable. catch james brolin in "christmas with tucker" on the hallmark movie channel monday november 25th. >> the 2-year-old kid who was no skardy cat. it's webtastic. >> barbra says when are you coming home? she misses you. >> friday. >> and two women from the plaza get instant ambush makeovers. don't miss the big reveal. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, for all those who sleep now there's a solution. sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours.
10:21 am
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10:22 am
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10:24 am
it is time now for webtastic where we dig up the next video sensation to put a smile on your face. >> a 2-year-old boy named marshall dressed up as a tiger for halloween. >> he took a trip to a zoo in washington, leaving a real tiger seeing double. look at this. ♪ got the eye of a tiger ♪ dancing through the fire ♪ you're going to hear me roar >> oh, my god. oh, my gosh. >> oh, my. look, he looked away. >> i can't take it. >> we can't take it. >> how cute is that? >> the best video ever. >> all right, to hug or not to hug? >> that's the question. and the answer depends, of course, on the situation. >> and the person, and they're ready forheir close-up.
10:25 am
our instant ambush makeover is after your local news. >> can't wait. have you heard what walmart's doing during black friday? they've got this 1-hour in-stock guarantee. so no more showing up for black friday and not getting the gifts i want like at other stores... i hate when that happens! over 20 awesome items are guaranteed... long as i'm in line within an hour after the event starts. and the best part... ...i get everything i want for christmas! isn't that amazing? isn't that amazing? isn't amazing.zing? only walmart has the 1-hour in-stock guarantee this black friday. arrive within an hour after the event starts and get the black friday price on over 20 of the season's hottest gifts. guaranteed. the first place to go. walmart. what does that first spoonful taste likok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
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rich, chewy caramel rolled up this one's going into overtime. rolo. get your smooth on. juicier plums from th ripeness. pure pigments... honey nectar for a sensuous feel... whisper: irresistible singers: maybe it's maybelline good morning to you, it is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. any minute now, we expect the b.a.r.t. board of directors to vote on a contract glitch that could derail the new labor deal. they have been meeting since about 9:00 this morning. >> bart: and its unions are in
10:27 am
disagreement over a provision of the new contract regarding paid family leave. b.a.r.t. claims that provision should not have been in there. the north korean government and the u.s. state department still have not confirmed that a palo alto man has been detained in north korea for almost a month. here he is, 85-year-old meryl newman had just finished up a ten-day trip when he was reportedly pulled off a plane that was bound for the bay area and then taken into custody. newman is a korean war veteran. the state department has not confirmed the detainment but says it has heard the reports. anthony is in for christina.
10:28 am
10:29 am
you will find the skies are clear and across-the-board, showers across the south bay east foothills. otherwise, expecting to see a dry day today. you will notice a little bit of traffic lingering, mike will talk about that in a little bit. you see in san francisco, skies virtually clearing out across the boarder. late thorn afternoon, highs, find them across the bottom, throw mid-60s, jacket weather, nothing unusual there mike, anything unusual there? >> a beautiful shot, you showed the bay bridge and it is moving nicely as well. show you this area off the san mateo bridge, the peninsula side, the maps coming off the high rise, approaching 101 the slow down, recovery after 101 tied up around the interchange, south through san mateo, typical with the slowing. 92 itself, slow again, volume of traffic the east bay i 880 starting to clear up, heading
10:30 am
south. >> thanks so much. and we will have much more local news in 30 minutes a 191:00. jon kelley and i hope to see you then. >> we're back with more of "today" on this thissy thursday with another edition of our plaza ambish makeover. we surprised them with brand new lo looks. >> and doing the plucking as always, contributor and stylist to the stars, lewis lukari. >> thank you, ladies. >> and contributor and contributing editor for people style watch, jill martin. how were the pickings? >> the pickings were good. it was a chilly day today. cold, cold. >> all right, so we've got our first lucky lady is tammy. she's 44 years old, from new oxford, pennsylvania as manager of an auto shop, she rarely has an occasion to dress up. we wanted to surprise her with a glam new look.
10:31 am
>> what's the best birthday gift you've ever gotten? >> this one. >> it is? >> absolutely the best birthday gift ever. >> that's so cool. no offense to you. i guess you'll get her something, too, but it's not going to top this. >> i can't top this. >> are you excited for your girlfriend? >> very excited for him. >> we love him. >> are you ready? >> i am ready. >> okay, then. >> here we are. jeremy, are you ready? >> yes, i'm ready. >> okay, jeremy, please keep your blindfold on for just a second. here is tammy before. all right, tammy, let's see the new you. >> wow, that is quite the makeover. >> you ready? jeremy, get ready. take off your blindfold. >> all right. >> that's a good look. >> tammy, ready? >> i am. >> spin right around here. >> oh, my gosh. holy moly. >> careful.
10:32 am
>> definitely different. >> it sure is. >> look at camera 12. >> lewis, tell us what you did to the hair? >> first, jeremy said this is his burest birthday she ever ha because of you. the haircut is by mayoki. and she could have gone blond or dark. i chose a darker color. >> jeremy, what do you think? >> i think she's beautiful. >> of course, you do. sweet. jill, tell us about the dress. >> we saw cut-outs all over the runway. we wanted to give her an updating dress with white on top. and everyone should have a basic pair of black shoes from nine west. >> what do you think? >> it's fantastic. >> happy birthday to you. >> you can go join your birthday. >> our second lady is robin wilson, 53, from ontario, canada. she and her husband are in new york for the first time, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. we figured what better way to
10:33 am
celebrate that, their anniversary, than with an ambush makeover, so let's hear her story. >> okay, so i feel like you're a little freaked out because we really did ambush you out there. >> you did, yeah. we kind of wandered around, got lost this morning finding our way here. >> we found you. all right, alex, what are you thoughts on all this? >> wild, i guess. i don't know. i'm mesmerized. it's kind of a new experience for us all. >> you seem like a little wild guy, right? >> he is. >> okay, well things are about to get crazy. you okay with that? >> i'm okay with that, yeah. i'm excited. >> there's crazy alex over there, and we're going to take one last look at robin wilson before and bring out the new robin wilson. >> oh, my gosh. wow. you know what? alex, if you were crazy before, you're going to be out of your mind now. take off the blindfold, please.
10:34 am
you look great, robin. turn it around, sweetie. >> look how gorgeous you are. >> this doesn't look like me. >> it's awesome. turn right around, please, and look at the 12. >> robin, it looks like you, only you as a movie star. you look so glamorous. again, a great haircut. i lightened the hair, and this case, i think it really worked with her, and the great makeup. >> beautiful. she looks great. alex, what do you think? >> can i take her home? >> you crazy guy. >> she doesn't look the same at all. great. >> great, and what about the outfit? >> new, available on edressme, and sometimes a dress can work in lieu of jewelry. you see the way it's cut on top. really sexy. >> who makes it. new by shani. >> bring tammy back.
10:35 am
and thank you to everybody. all right. it's the hugging time of the year, everybody. >> what are the boundaries? >> find out. there are boundaries. right after this. hi honey, did you get the toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with new fedex one rate,
10:36 am
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of rich and creamy chocolate happiness. when the chocolate is hershey's, life is delicious. we rented this resort, hid smelly objects all over each villa and plugged in febreze. then real people were asked to stay for a long weekend. would they smell anything? the room itself was like [sniffs] ahhh. feels like someone has pumped fresh oxygen into the room. [ male announcer ] on the last day we revealed everything. [ both ] oouugghhh. we were sitting right on it. febreze is stunningly effective. [ laughing ] [ male announcer ] pluggable febreze eliminates odors and keeps your home continuously fresh for up to 30 days, so you can breathe happy. we've all been there. you meet someone new or run into an old friend. one goes in for the hug, the other for a hand shake. >> here to fill us in on when to embrace the embrace and what that means is psychiatrist ism
10:39 am
major, and mary. since we're just meeting you, should we hug you? >> absolutely. >> she gave me a kiss on the cheek. >> it can get awkward. you think you have to have some sort of history with the person before you hug them, or can you go right on in? >> sometimes you need history, sometimes not. what i say, depends on what you're doing the meeting with. two men, two women, do what feels comfortable. man and woman, i say follow her lead. whatever she offers you, hand, hug, that's what you acceptable. >> what do you think? >> if you're a single woman and approaching a couple. it's important for the woman to contact with the woman first. it shows respect for her and the relationship. and it becomes very nonthreatening. so if the woman wants to give you a hug, give her a hug. you can then mirror that with the husband. she does the hand, you know that's her safety. then you shake the man's hand. >> hoda is a hugger. >> i always go in. very rarely can i remember
10:40 am
someone pulling back. it's very unusual for someone to react that way. i just don't like -- sometimes hugs that linger and get -- >> get a little on the back. >> and you're like, okay, what are you doing? >> they wanted me to demo. >> so how long should a normal hug last? you're crazy. >> you know, a normal hug, anywhere from three to five seconds. you can do this. >> it should be a natural thing. >> it should be a natural thing. >> but there's a point where you know it's enough. you know, it's the one, two, three, out. >> there are people who don't know when it's enough, and you go in for your nice little hug and that guy or something grabbed you to him, and he just gets in there. >> sure. sometimes, you have to announce it. you have to say, listen, i'm a hugger or i'm not a hugger. >> you know what i don't like? the half hug, the going in and the pat, pat, pat. >> that, to me, you might as well shake hands.
10:41 am
>> it's either about the makeup or it's about, i'm really not your friend, but let's get through the motions, but when a guy and girl do it, that's the kiss of death. you want to show us the kiss of death? >> yeah. are you a couple or not? >> we're friends right now. >> he's hoping that maybe we would be a couple, but i'm definitely saying we're never going to be a couple, then it's like this. >> such a great evening. >> hips away. >> right out. >> and we know why. okay, so -- >> he's an adorable guy. >> sure. >> so guys should read that. >> that's the kiss of death. that means there is -- >> nothing to do with you. >> with the hug, it communicates so much. in that situation, the amount of contact the hug has indicates how much contact there will be later. >> what do you do in a situation like mine at home, hoda woman, where i'm a hugger, i'm very tactile. my husband goes crazy if i'm hugging somebody that he doesn't know. >> some people read more into it than it is. >> hello, like a book.
10:42 am
>> i think, you know, we read that from our partners. you know, and they just have to get used to us. i'm a hugger, i have always been a hugger. and i'm going to hug anybody i want to hug. if my partner doesn't accept that, he's got to get used to it because i can't change. >> same, ish? >> i can't change that now. >> it's one of those things you accept. >> i feel better now. >> thank you. great to see you. >> award-winning toys to make the kids happy. >> you know what makes us happy? >> what? >> a little wine. actually, a lot of it. >> leslie has the perfect pairings coming up after this.
10:43 am
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10:46 am
it's thirsty thursday. that could mean only one thing. lots of good wine to drink. >> you're looking dpra the perfect bottle of red or wine, our wine expert, the author of "the simple and savvy wine guide" has done all the work for you. >> we love you for that.
10:47 am
she's come to play. she brought her girls and she's ready to play. >> here we go. >> not enough tape in the world for those. >> yeah, we're ready. >> are you ready? >> yeah. >> so thanksgiving, you know, the big question i get is which wine? you have so many flavors. spicy, sweet, tangy. >> a lot going on. >> you can't compete with the wine. i look for wines that are really fresh and juicy. i didn't say moist. >> she said moist. >> start with sparkling. actually, that's the ideal wine. the pink one, this is the rose, based on pinot noir. >> don't lean over. somebody could get hurt. >> so, this is the rose from california. beautiful wine. >> oh, it's good. >> you can drink it throughout the whole meal. and notice i put a little frozen cranberries in mine for fun. try it with the simple appetizer, bacon stuffed dates.
10:48 am
one with feta, one without. the sparkling wine goes great with it. >> delicious. >> you could also do the next sparkling wine, which is the mieneto. cheers. and this has a little sweetness. you notice my single serve with a straw. i like it like this. this can also go out through the whole meal. >> now that we're eating dinner, what do we do? >> get to the meat of it. i'm going to show, awhite, you have the white, kathy, and hoda, you have the red. we have a beautiful drier style. you have the fillaboa. this beautiful fillaboa. >> this one? >> yes, gorgeous. dry, but fresh and fruity. hoda, you have this beautiful white horse pineo noir. this is one of the best values on the market. >> i have never been so happy in my life.
10:49 am
>> gorgeous. and a beautiful tanginess to go with the cranberry and spiciness of the sausage and stuffing. >> what's that one? >> once you have the richer character to it, we have gotten -- hoda, i saw you digging in. >> dark meat. i'm into that. >> beautiful, and one quick thing, with the pinot noir -- don't be afraid to chill your food. i missed the joke. i missed it. >> yes, you did. >> and now she can't eat. i'm going to make her eat, the last two i'm going to make you drink. this is the equilibrium. a white blend. hint of sweetness to it, and it goes so great with the rich stuffing and sweet potatoes. the final wine, hoda, you've got is the zin findell. it's a great wine for thanksgiving. this is a classic from california. all these wines are between $12 and $18, so really affordable. and it's -- >> come over here and give us a
10:50 am
kiss. make america happy. come on. >> all right, thanks, sweetie. your kids will be whining if they don't get their hands on these toys. >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
thinking about which toys your kids or grandkids are going to want this year. >> if you need help finding affordable gifts they're going to love, the current issue of good housekeeping magazine features the best toy awards for 2013. >> rachel is the research institute's technical manager. hey, girl. >> thank you for having me. >> you guys do great work when you choose your favorite things. >> how are these chosen? >> so we scour the market, and then we bring in 150 toys. we test them for safety and quality. and then we bring kids in to look for that fun factor. >> ultimately, over the safety
10:54 am
factor, it's the kids who decide the best toy. >> exactly. >> we have this shopping cart or whatever it is. this is something kids love. >> it's a two in one. it goes from a shopping cart into a kitchen so kids are able to pick out the ingredients and then make it in the kitchen. >> i would have loved that when i was little. >> you know what i would have loved? what leila is playing with. >> play-doh came out with a new compound, play-doh plus. it's soft and mushy. it's not breaking into tiny pieces. >> are you making an ice cream cone? cool. >> you can crank out some sprinkles as well. kids love that one. >> what is gavin playing with along with desmond? what are they playing with? >> a homemade chuggingten train set. it goes 20 inches high, can build it one of four ways and the kids loved it. a lot of then likes the character. they like the large pieces. there's a lot of attractive elements. >> that's cool. >> never mind. >> i love how kids are playing
10:55 am
with toys. you see so many electronics out there, it's fun to see them -- >> back to basics but they're norp corporating technology. >> what are they doing? >> sophia is taking traditional blocks and adding the fun lighting element to it. i built a robot. they're building these different structures. it includes instructions or you can go freeform. creativity is the key here. >> you have to be careful with the little pieces with little kids. >> everything we test is insured for safety. we look at the standard testing and make sure it adheres to it, and we do our own in-lab testing. >> when you is sa6-year-old and you're playing with a toy that's great for him, and then the younger children come along and put it in their mouth. >> she's a girly girl and she's making something? >> some duct tape. she's making sunglasses. you get to rip it up so there's
10:56 am
no scissors, no glue, no mess. >> fantastic. >> let's go to the dj session where brandon is doing his thing. >> he's dropping beats, mixing and scratching. you can use your own music or included music. >> he's a natural. >> what does maya have? >> a science game, called laser maze. with this, they're trying to get the laser to hit the target. starts as a beginning and goes up to expert and there's mirrors and blockers and they have to figure out where to place the different elements. >> and grace is doing an old-fashioned legoes. >> this is a three in one, so she can build a villa, a house, or a factory. >> let's go with the villa. >> very true to life. has lighted elements in it and a grill, a lot of realistic components. >> great toys. thanks so much. >> okay, kids, thanks. tomorrow, what do we have? >> movies for the entire family. real moms are going to weigh in. >> plus, the new facial filler that's as good as a facelift.
10:57 am
>> we're going to show you. >> and we'll get wild with two american animals. >> and bobbie is here with her latest buzz. get what tomorrow is? try day friday day. bye. . bye.
10:58 am
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>> good morning. thanks nor being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley, and any minute we can expect bart's board of directors to vote on a labor contract that includes a provision bart says should have never made it into the deal. nbc bay area's christie smith has been at that meeting since the start of this morning at 9:00. christie, what can you tell us? what's happening? >> good morning to you, jon and marla. right now bart's board of directors are in a closed session. they haven't taken a vote yet. could come any minute now, but they're talking about what they call an error in a tentative agreement with its unions. we spoke with one barlt board member. he said, look, they have no chows but to reject it. it's too expensive. they sure got an


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