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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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u. from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's thursday. it's november 21st, so glad you're with us. have a great show. so happy to see james brolin again. i call him jim. >> you do? he's a good looking -- >> beautiful man, nice man. years and years and years ago, i had one of my most awkward situations ever in showbusiness, and he rescued me from it. >> he did, what did he do?
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>> i'll tell you later, plus, ambish makeover, and wine for thanksgiving. >> only because thanksgiving is coming up. we should say, retired. >> we were guests of jay leno last night on "the tonight show." >> we're going to make you wait for it. we'll talk about that at the end. >> social cues always has great columns. this has affected all of us at one point or another. when you're on an airplane -- >> you have the window seat. >> now it's one of those flights and the person at the window seat has the shade up. >> they control the shade. >> and you want to fall asleep, but the shade is up, so you say, excuse me, could you lower that? in this particular case, the person at the window wanting control of the window shade. he wanted the shade up. the person next to her wanted it up. who gets to control whether the shade goes up or down? >> i thought they always ask you to please lower the shades
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because people are watching movies. >> if it's a shorter flight, sometimes they don't have that. >> the good way he answered it, listen, the person on the aisle own the aisle? can they control who goes into the loo and who doesn't? >> i assumed if i sat next to the window, i got to close it if the sun was bright in and i got to raise it. what confused me, if i'm in a window seat and the person in front of me is in a window seat, sometimes there's a window in between. you don't know if you can sneak up. >> you go, that's mine. >> they have their own window. that's the one in between. look, i think you should ask, but i have always controlled it when i sat at the window seat. i don't even like the window seat. i like the aisle. >> i like the window seat until it's then to go potty and there's someone next to you sound asleep. >> what do you do? >> i try so hard. >> get over? >> depends.
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>> who it is. >> i either take my time and enjoy it -- >> always awkward. >> yeah, no, i don't tap them. i try to get gingerly over. then, in order to do that, you have to put the weight of you on the back seat of the person in front of you. so that person's resting, and now you're fully -- it's just better to have an aisle seat unless you're the one asleep in the aisle and that person wants to get over you. >> i like the aisle, i want to be free. >> you have the world's longest legs. we go to broadway and hoda has to sit in the aisle. it's very uncomfortable with her with her long egyptian legs. >> anyway, let's talk about -- now, if you have a man in your life who let's say is not -- >> he's peckatorially challenged. >> they have a new shirt out. that's it. it is called -- it almost looks like a t-shirt, right? what is it called?
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>> the funky bod. >> anyway, it adds pecs and muscles. >> muscle in the arms. >> alex who works here, here's his before picture. >> a nice and lean young man. >> lean machine. >> now, let's do the split. that's the before, still. let's see. now let's do the split screen. okay. yeah. >> yeah, it's not much of a difference. >> no, not at all. >> but you know what? if it makes alex think there's a big difference, god bless it. >> anyway -- >> thanks, alex. >> yes, stay nice and lean, baby. >> you know what's funny? a guy wears this and everybody goes, what's he doing? >> eventually it comes off like spanx. and then reality bites. reality bites.
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reality ain't pretty. >> yeah, anyway, you can get them at black and white and gray. >> great store called black and white and gray. >> i love the store white house black market. i love that store. >> are there levels of intimacy. women go four weeks before going makeup free with someone they're seeing. >> when is it okay to do certain things with somebody you're dating. brush your teeth and floss. >> this is assuming you have been intimate in other ways. if you're brushing your teeth and flossing, sounds like there's a sleepover. >> i don't think there's anything awkward. >> flossing is not great because it can fly. >> you're right, okay. what about, at what point do you use unsexy products like acne medicine, dandruff shampoo. >> hemorrhoid cream? who writes this? >> people use it. >> i have never used it, but i
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would think if i happened to need it, god forbid, i would go someplace and apply it privately. are we kidding? is this a joke? >> no, but when do you let them know you need it? >> you don't. it's a no-fly zone. you don't go there. >> all right, what about passing gas? >> stop it. >> at what point -- at what point? >> you never do that. >> sometimes you can't control it. you're laughing and it comes out. it's happening now. >> it does happen sometimes when you can't control it. we love those kind of jokes, don't we? our jokes are our favorite. did you ever in front of frank? >> no. >> yes, you have. >> stop it, i have not. there are certainly things i would rather die. that's one of them. >> what about going to the bathroom? >> what are we talking about? oh, my lord. >> i think it's okay if you're in the shower and someone has to
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go number one. >> someone has to go number one and there's only one bathroom, you go in and go, but you should never go number two. >> pee in a plant someplace else. thank you, anthony. you know -- are there really truly people in this world who have no problem at all doing everything in front of anybody. >> people use the bathroom with the door open. some couples do. i don't. i'm not for that. have you? >> no. >> i haven't either. >> have a little mystery, pele. although the fart stuff was funny. i'm sorry, that stuff is funny. >> that's the worst. >> we want to know what you think. i think we want to know what you think. >> go to our facebook page. >> and vote? >> yes, vote. it's voting thing. hemorrhoid cream, yes or no. okay? so here's a question for you. are you a hugger when you meet someone?
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when you see someone, do you hug them? do you do this? do you just say, pleasure, and keep your hands down? >> well, you're a hugger. you're a big tactile person. i like to -- i'm a toucher. touchy-feely person. but there are some people i don't want to hug and then i don't hug them. i put out my hand. >> say hello? >> yes, i don't think -- what happened to my hair. >> focus. >> i don't know. a little later, we're going to talk about the dos and don'ts of touching or other things when
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you meet people. >> i think sometimes if there's a husband and wife and you walk up and know them well -- >> you know them well. that's the point. >> sometimes i hug the wife first. sometimes people get territorial. you don't mean anything by hugging the husband. >> say james brolin and his wife, barbra streisand are there. >> i wouldn't hug barbra. >> i would be afraid i would get makeup on her or do something weird. >> or pass gas. >> what? >> apparently, that's a big thing with you. >> what are you talking about? >> you just said so. this is a great idea. >> oh, lord. all in one day. >> a great, great, great, ihoda. this is robin thicke. robin thicke -- >> who brought us blurred lines. >> he wears the outfit with the striped blazer, and there's the finger. anyway, it's all in here. it's called "give it to you." instead of having the words up, i thought i would show you a chunk of the video because it's so worth it. ♪ looking so fine looking like you fell from the sky ♪ ♪ angel ♪ you make a grown man cry i want to give it to you ♪ ♪ ooh baby i'll make it so amazing i give it to you ♪ ♪ come true oh baby ♪ i make it so so so amazing
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♪ >> you know what he's talking about? >> yes, i do. give it to you. i get it. >> unless you have hemorrhoid cream, then no. >> anyway, a fun video. >> i like robin. i think he's a really talented singer/song writer. i hate that song. >> every one of his songs is catching. >> oh, yeah. catchy. i give it to you, baby. >> is it okay or not okay to name your son after yourself? like some of these guys have done. here's what we had to say about it. >> it's a parent's prerogative, but i personally believe each child deserves a fresh start with a fresh canvas to paint their own personal picture. >> that was beautiful. >> poetic. >> here's my answer, yes, it's okay as long as you don't name
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your child george foreman x. >> he did have a daughter named georgia, too? >> i don't know. named george. a lot going on in that house. >> it's bogely nouveau day. the wine opened at midnight on the thursday thursday of november. it's $10.99. check out to find it near you. you know who we have today? our friend the wine lady. >> i like her. also, two lucky ladies get ambushed on the plaza. >> and talk about hot looks, a man who gets better with age. emmy-winner james brolin is here. >> before we go to break, we would like to show you our appearance on jay leno. >> it was hysterical. >> our next guest, the emmy-winning cohosts of the fourth hour of the "today" show.
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here they are hard at work. ♪ what does the fox say >> is this crush for real? >> this is a real -- a real, authentic crush. >> tell me about this milking a goat thing. watch how well she does this. >> i'm sorry, honey. >> we got to get it in the glass. >> now i think blake loves you. >> i have a serious crush now. >> wow.
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he's built several homes, is a licensed pilot, has trained horses and was once a professional race car driver. we're talking about the very talented emmy and golden globe
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winner james brolin. >> he's starring in christmas with tucker. he played a grandfather who teached his grandson important lessons about faithfulness and the power of love. >> what he meant to you, what he means to you. i'm sorry you had to go back, but if there's anything i want you to grow up to be, it's a man of character. >> oh. >> i love movies like this. >> me, too. >> love them. so nice to see you again. >> you said it all. i'll see you. what a nice introduction. >> when you got the call from hallmark, you were immediately thinking maybe not? >> i didn't know it was hallmark. here's an offer you got. can you read it. you know, having been a real, for some reason, sucker with lassie, you know, grant said i can keep you, lassie, now i'm grandpa, and there's the kid and
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the dog. i thought, how could you not? and the one thing, the one criterion i like is changes in a character in a movie. watching people grow up or change because of the movie or in the movie. and he didn't like dogs. he wouldn't have a dog around the farm for anything. so i like that as the beginning because by the end of the movie, grandpa loves the dog. >> you don't see movies like that anymore. they don't make as many as they used to. >> there's such a need for them. people are hungry for that kind of thing. >> i was watching a very hot show the other night, watch -- should i say? i'm not going to say. a guy breaks a bottle against a wall. very graphic.
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>> oh, wow. >> jabs it into his ex-wife's neck. >> home movies at my house. >> yeah, so what you do is switch over to "christmas with tucker." >> on that note -- >> sweet. >> we're going to play a game. want to play a game? >> you're a big barbra. >> i'm a big fan. >> i heard her, said she changed my life. we're going to call a game called who knows barbra better? which actress has the same birthday as barbra, helen mirren or shirley maclaine? >> shirley maclaine. >> you got it. >> you thought i was slow, didn't you? everybody thinks i'm real slow. >> all right, ready? how many academy awards have barbra won and can you name them? >> no. >> careful. >> she won best actress, tied with katharine hepburn. >> how many? >> one as an actress for funny girl. she won one as best song for evergreen. >> you're right. >> hmm, all i know is you go
2:23 am
into, you know, the library office and there's no place to put anything on the desk. just 40 awards. >> a tiebreaker. >> what singer did barbra do a duet with for the song -- what? >> wait until the question is asked. >> you don't bring me flowers? >> neil diamond. >> she's right. >> give him a chance to tie it. >> that wasn't neil diamond. who was that person? >> i don't know. how many films did barbra star and direct in? >> jim? >> three. >> you're right. >> tie. >> she directed and starred in -- >>iental, prince of tides. >> here's the tie breaker. what's the name of barbra's character in funny girl? >> sammy. >> okay. one of my favorite movies of all time. >> i gave you that one. >> gave me that one. >> did jim win? >> i won. >> you won one of your own cds?
2:24 am
>> is this live from barkley? thank you. i'm not sharing. >> am i through with this? >> we love you. thank you for coming. >> the movie is adorable. catch james brolin in "christmas with tucker" on the hallmark movie channel monday november 25th. >> the 2-year-old kid who was no scaredy cat. it's webtastic. >> barbra says when are you coming home? she misses you. >> friday. >> and two women from the plaza get instant ambush makeovers. don't miss the big reveal. cars. ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on
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it is time now for webtastic where we dig up the next video sensation to put a smile on your face. >> a 2-year-old boy named marshall dressed up as a tiger for halloween. >> he took a trip to a zoo in washington, leaving a real tiger seeing double. look at this. ♪ got the eye of a tiger ♪ dancing through the fire
2:29 am
♪ you're going to hear me roar >> oh, my god. oh, my gosh. >> oh, my. look, he looked away. >> i can't take it. >> we can't take it. >> how cute is that? >> the best video ever. >> all right, to hug or not to hug? >> that's the question. and the answer depends, of course, on the situation. >> and the person, and they're ready for their close-up. our instant ambush makeover is after your local news.
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>> can't wait. >> we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday with another edition of our plaza ambush makeover. we surprised them with brand new looks. >> and doing the plucking as always, contributor and stylist
2:32 am
to the stars, lewis lukari. >> thank you, ladies. >> and contributor and contributing editor for people style watch, jill martin. how were the pickings? >> the pickings were good. it was a chilly day today. cold, cold. >> all right, so we've got our first lucky lady is tammy. she's 44 years old, from new oxford, pennsylvania as manager of an auto shop, she rarely has an occasion to dress up. we wanted to surprise her with a glam new look. >> what's the best birthday gift you've ever gotten? >> this one. >> it is? >> absolutely the best birthday gift ever. >> that's so cool. no offense to you. i guess you'll get her something, too, but it's not going to top this. >> i can't top this. >> are you excited for your girlfriend? >> very excited for him. >> we love him. >> are you ready? >> i am ready. >> okay, then. >> here we are. jeremy, are you ready? >> yes, i'm ready.
2:33 am
>> okay, jeremy, please keep your blindfold on for just a second. here is tammy before. all right, tammy, let's see the new you. >> wow, that is quite the ambush. >> you ready? jeremy, get ready. take off your blindfold. >> all right. >> that's a good look. >> tammy, ready? >> i am. >> spin right around here. >> oh, my gosh. holy moly. >> careful. >> definitely different. >> it sure is. >> look at camera 12. >> lewis, tell us what you did to the hair? >> first, jeremy said this is his best birthday she ever had because of you. the haircut is by mayoki. and she could have gone blond or dark. i chose a darker color. >> jeremy, what do you think? >> i think she's beautiful.
2:34 am
>> of course, you do. sweet. jill, tell us about the dress. >> we saw cut-outs all over the runway. we wanted to give her an updating dress with white on top. and everyone should have a basic pair of black shoes from nine west. >> what do you think? >> it's fantastic. >> happy birthday to you. >> you can go join your birthday. >> our second lady is robin wilson, 53, from ontario, canada. she and her husband are in new york for the first time, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. we figured what better way to celebrate that, their anniversary, than with an ambush makeover, so let's hear her story. >> okay, so i feel like you're a little freaked out because we really did ambush you out there. >> you did, yeah. we kind of wandered around, got lost this morning finding our way here. >> we found you. all right, alex, what are you thoughts on all this? >> wild, i guess. i don't know. i'm mesmerized.
2:35 am
it's kind of a new experience for us all. >> you seem like a little wild guy, right? >> he is. >> okay, well things are about to get crazy. you okay with that? >> i'm okay with that, yeah. i'm excited. >> there's crazy alex over there, and we're going to take one last look at robin wilson before and bring out the new robin wilson. >> oh, my gosh. wow. you know what? alex, if you were crazy before, you're going to be out of your mind now. take off the blindfold, please. you look great, robin. turn it around, sweetie. >> look how gorgeous you are. >> this doesn't look like me. >> it's awesome. turn right around, please, and look at the 12. >> robin, it looks like you,
2:36 am
only you as a movie star. you look so glamorous. again, a great haircut. i lightened the hair, and this case, i think it really worked with her, and the great makeup. >> beautiful. she looks great. alex, what do you think? >> can i take her home? >> you crazy guy. >> she doesn't look the same at all. great. >> great, and what about the outfit? >> new, available on edressme, and sometimes a dress can work in lieu of jewelry. you see the way it's cut on top. really sexy. >> who makes it. new by shani. >> bring tammy back. and thank you to everybody. all right. it's the hugging time of the year, everybody. >> what are the boundaries? >> find out. there are boundaries. right after this. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
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we've all been there. you meet someone new or run into an old friend. one goes in for the hug, the other for a hand shake. >> here to fill us in on when to embrace the embrace and what that means is psychiatrist ism major, and mary.
2:41 am
since we're just meeting you, should we hug you? >> absolutely. >> she gave me a kiss on the cheek. >> it can get awkward. you think you have to have some sort of history with the person before you hug them, or can you go right on in? >> sometimes you need history, sometimes not. what i say, depends on what you're doing the meeting with. two men, two women, do what feels comfortable. man and woman, i say follow her lead. whatever she offers you, hand, hug, that's what you acceptable. >> what do you think? >> if you're a single woman and approaching a couple. it's important for the woman to contact with the woman first. it shows respect for her and the relationship. and it becomes very nonthreatening. so if the woman wants to give you a hug, give her a hug. you can then mirror that with the husband. she does the hand, you know that's her safety. then you shake the man's hand. >> hoda is a hugger. >> i always go in.
2:42 am
very rarely can i remember someone pulling back. it's very unusual for someone to react that way. i just don't like -- sometimes hugs that linger and get -- >> get a little on the back. >> and you're like, okay, what are you doing? >> they wanted me to demo. >> so how long should a normal hug last? you're crazy. >> you know, a normal hug, anywhere from three to five seconds. you can do this. >> it should be a natural thing. >> it should be a natural thing. >> but there's a point where you know it's enough. you know, it's the one, two, three, out. >> there are people who don't know when it's enough, and you go in for your nice little hug and that guy or something grabbed you to him, and he just gets in there. >> sure. sometimes, you have to announce it. you have to say, listen, i'm a hugger or i'm not a hugger. >> you know what i don't like? the half hug, the going in and the pat, pat, pat. >> that, to me, you might as
2:43 am
well shake hands. >> it's either about the makeup or it's about, i'm really not your friend, but let's get through the motions, but when a guy and girl do it, that's the kiss of death. you want to show us the kiss of death? >> yeah. are you a couple or not? >> we're friends right now. >> he's hoping that maybe we would be a couple, but i'm definitely saying we're never going to be a couple, then it's like this. >> such a great evening. >> hips away. >> right out. >> and we know why. okay, so -- >> he's an adorable guy. >> sure. >> so guys should read that. >> that's the kiss of death. that means there is -- >> nothing to do with you. >> with the hug, it communicates so much. in that situation, the amount of contact the hug has indicates how much contact there will be later. >> what do you do in a situation like mine at home, hoda woman, where i'm a hugger, i'm very tactile. my husband goes crazy if i'm hugging somebody that he doesn't know. >> some people read more into it
2:44 am
than it is. >> hello, like a book. >> i think, you know, we read that from our partners. you know, and they just have to get used to us. i'm a hugger, i have always been a hugger. and i'm going to hug anybody i want to hug. if my partner doesn't accept that, he's got to get used to it because i can't change. >> same, ish? >> i can't change that now. >> it's one of those things you accept. >> i feel better now. >> thank you. great to see you. award-winning toys to make the kids happy. >> you know what makes us happy? >> what? >> a little wine. actually, a lot of it. >> leslie has the perfect pairings coming up after this. alaska is a very extreme environment. 30 foot seas, hurricane force winds. >> we go in some really bad
2:45 am
situations and we always pull it off. >> hit the water, game on. >> underwater, go! >> the reason why we all do this job is to save lives. >> a lot of the times the coast guard comes before the family. >> when he's out flying i do pray. >> i love you, daddy. >> everything they throw at us we do.
2:46 am
>> fall is finally here. >> and for every season there is is a reason to watch. >> it's just right all your local weather, travel updates and the day's top story. >> that's going to change the temperature. >> you just can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know. >> here is a big picture. >> we're like a killer app for your morning. >> "wake up with al with stephanie abrams and al rokeer only on the weather channel. 24/. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!!
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it's thirsty thursday. that could mean only one thing. lots of good wine to drink. >> you're looking for the perfect bottle of red or wine, our wine expert, the author of "the simple and savvy wine guide" has done all the work for you. >> we love you for that. she's come to play.
2:49 am
she brought hegirls, and she's ready to play. >> here we go. >> not enough tape in the world for those. >> yeah, we're ready. >> are you ready? >> yeah. >> so thanksgiving, you know, the big question i get is which wine? you have so many flavors. spicy, sweet, tangy. >> a lot going on. >> you can't compete with the wine. i look for wines that are really fresh and juicy. i didn't say moist. >> she said moist. >> start with sparkling. actually, that's the ideal wine. the pink one, this is the rose, based on pinot noir. >> don't lean over. somebody could get hurt. >> so, this is the rose from california. beautiful wine. >> oh, it's good. >> you can drink it throughout the whole meal. and notice i put a little frozen cranberries in mine for fun. try it with the simple appetizer, bacon stuffed dates. one with feta, one without.
2:50 am
the sparkling wine goes great with it. >> delicious. >> you could also do the next sparkling wine, which is the mieneto. cheers. and this has a little sweetness. you notice my single serve with a straw. i like it like this. this can also go out through the whole meal. >> now that we're eating dinner, what do we do? >> get to the meat of it. i'm going to show, awhite, you have the white, kathy, and hoda, you have the red. we have a beautiful drier style. you have the fillaboa. this beautiful fillaboa. >> this one? >> yes, gorgeous. dry, but fresh and fruity. hoda, you have this beautiful
2:51 am
white horse pinot noir. this is one of the best values on the market. >> i have never been so happy in my life. >> gorgeous. and a beautiful tanginess to go with the cranberry and spiciness of the sausage and stuffing. >> what's that one? >> once you have the richer character to it, we have gotten -- hoda, i saw you digging in. >> dark meat. i'm into that. >> beautiful, and one quick thing, with the pinot noir -- don't be afraid to chill your food. i missed the joke. i missed it. >> yes, you did. >> and now she can't eat. i'm going to make her eat, the last two i'm going to make you drink. this is the equilibrium. a white blend. hint of sweetness to it, and it goes so great with the rich stuffing and sweet potatoes. the final wine, hoda, you've got is the zinfandel. it's a great wine for thanksgiving. this is a classic from california. all these wines are between $12
2:52 am
and $18, so really affordable. and it's -- >> come over here and give us a kiss. make america happy. come on. >> all right, thanks, sweetie. your kids will be whining if they don't get their hands on these toys. >> this is "today" on nbc.
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2:56 am
it's the season to start thinking about which toys your kids or grandkids are going to want this year. >> if you need help finding affordable gifts they're going to love, the current issue of good housekeeping magazine features the best toy awards for 2013. >> rachel is the research institute's technical manager. hey, girl. >> thank you for having me. >> you guys do great work when you choose your favorite things. >> how are these chosen? >> so we scour the market, and then we bring in 150 toys. we test them for safety and quality. and then we bring kids in to look for that fun factor. >> ultimately, over the safety factor, it's the kids who decide the best toy. >> exactly. >> we have this shopping cart or
2:57 am
whatever it is. this is something kids love. >> it's a two in one. it goes from a shopping cart into a kitchen so kids are able to pick out the ingredients and then make it in the kitchen. >> i would have loved that when i was little. >> you know what i would have loved? what leila is playing with. >> play-doh came out with a new compound, play-doh plus. it's soft and mushy. it's not breaking into tiny pieces. >> are you making an ice cream cone? cool. >> you can crank out some sprinkles as well. kids love that one. >> what is gavin playing with along with desmond? what are they playing with? >> a homemade chuggingten train set. it goes 20 inches high, can build it one of four ways and the kids loved it. a lot of then likes the character. they like the large pieces. there's a lot of attractive elements. >> that's cool. >> never mind. >> i love how kids are playing with toys. you see so many electronics out there, it's fun to see them -- >> back to basics but they're
2:58 am
corporating technology. >> what are they doing? >> so this is taking traditional blocks and adding the fun lighting element to it. i built a robot. they're building these different structures. it includes instructions or you can go freeform. creativity is the key here. >> you have to be careful with the little pieces with little kids. >> everything we test is insured for safety. we look at the standard testing and make sure it adheres to it, and we do our own in-lab testing. >> when you is sa6-year-old and you're playing with a toy that's great for him, and then the younger children come along and put it in their mouth. >> she's a girly girl and she's making something? >> some duct tape. she's making sunglasses. you get to rip it up so there's no scissors, no glue, no mess. >> fantastic. >> let's go to the dj session where brandon is doing his thing. >> he's dropping beats, mixing
2:59 am
and scratching. you can use your own music or included music. >> he's a natural. >> what does maya have? >> a science game, called laser maze. with this, they're trying to get the laser to hit the target. starts as a beginning and goes up to expert and there's mirrors and blockers and they have to figure out where to place the different elements. >> and grace is doing an old-fashioned legoes. >> this is a three in one, so she can build a villa, a house, or a factory. >> let's go with the villa. >> very true to life. has lighted elements in it and a grill, a lot of realistic components. >> great toys. thanks so much. >> okay, kids, thanks. tomorrow, what do we have? >> movies for the entire family. real moms are going to weigh in. >> plus, the new facial filler that's as good as a facelift. >> we're going to show you. >> and we'll get wild with two american animals. >> and bobbie is here with her latest buzz. get what tomorrow is? try day friday. bye.
3:00 am
>> i'm here to help. will get through this together. ♪


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