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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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good evening, and thank you for joining us. >> we are following a tkroefrlitkroefrdeveloping story. a wildfire has destroyed part of a power plant and now it's threatening a dozen homes, it's burning near the geysers area. we have rob mayeda tracking the winds. first, let's go to chase cane
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who is live at the command center. chase? >> reporter: diane, cal fire says this is not a huge wildfire, but they say it's a very big wildfire for this time of year, because even though we got pretty substantial rainfall, they say the problem was the strong winds that followed the rain, because that just dried everything out and that is what helped this fire grow so quickly. the fire broke out barely 48 hours ago but already it burned more than 3,000 acres in the area of northern sonoma county. there are a dozen homes in the area, and cal fire considers those homes to be threatened but it's not close enough to force mandatory evacuations, but they are aware tonight. of course they are trying to protect the power plants in the
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area as much as they can, but the winds have definitely been a factor because of the terrain, and of course the wind is going to fuel the fire, and as things have died down tonight we asked cal fire how that will help them get this fire under control. >> it has died down. we have a real opportunity to make significant progress on getting aggressive with containing this fire, and with the reduced kind of sporadicness that the wind creates. we are talking about fuels and terrain that are dry and steep and we can't discount the fact that the potential for growth is still there. >> and cal fire has a staging area set up here northeast of cloverdale. they are managing the crews out on the field because they have 1800 firefighters working on the fire. they say the latest estimate is that the fire is 25% contained which is definitely progress from earlier this morning and
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they are trying to coordinate those efforts. back out here live, we can show you several bull dozers, and that's one of the things they are able to use tonight because the winds have been dying down. they are trying to keep it from spra spreading any further. >> chase, thanks very much. winds are a big factor when dealing with wildfires. rob mayeda continues our team coverage. what is going on now? >> last night at this hour we had wind gusts of 45 miles per hour, so that's good news because the wind speeds have started to drop off. we are seeing winds at 20 miles per hour, and we are seeing wind speeds backing off and humidity levels on the increase, and it's down right chilly in the north bay. napa down to 36, compared to the temperatures 24 hours ago. we had the winds going.
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the firefighters will be bundled up tonight, and the temperatures 25 degrees cooler at this hour than 24 hours ago. as we move away to the wind story to chilly temperatures, and doing a number out towards solano county. we have a freeze warning in effect out toward srae yea hoe. winds may pick up a little in the north bay, but likely staying in the wind gusts of 20 miles per hour as we head into the afternoon on sunday. back to you. crews say another wildfire burning in the wine country for the past two days is now 100% contained. it burned 100 acres north of napa, and destroyed one out building and the cause is under investigation. new at 11:00, police are investigating the shooting death of a man that happened in capital block in the 2500 block
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in bambi lane. >> reporter: police say they started to get calls at 4:30 this afternoon about a man who was shot in that park when officers arrived they say they found a man dead. the victim has not been identified. the police say they believe he is between 18 and 20 years old. >> yeah, at least one gunshot wound and a quick examination of him we found out he was deceased and we basically did what we always do, cordoned it off and called the homicide unit and they are investigating it right now. >> reporter: police say it's too soon in the investigation to say whether it was gang related, and so far no arrest have been made. detectives did spend several hours at the scene tonight gathering evidence but are still looking for witnesses. if you know anything about the shooting, you are asked to call san jose police. this is the 44th homicide in san
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jose so far this year. there were 42 at the same time last year. we have new information on a historic agreement between iran and six world powers including the united states. tonight president obama announced a deal aimed at limiting iran's nuclear weapons. it has been more than 30 years since there were any talks between the u.s. and iran. iran says it will limit the nuclear activities in turn for lifting the crippling sanctions that has been in place for years. >> while today's announcement is a first step, it achieves a great deal. today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure. >> not everybody is behind the deal.
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ishika israel is criticizing the deal. a firefighter broke out between two buildings in the laurel heights neighborhood at the intersection of sacramento and locus street. the residents home at the time were able to get out safely but fire crews say both buildings suffered considerable damage. >> it goes right up to one another and when a fire starts between two buildings, and with a wood frame the fire moves quickly through the buildings. >> crews at that fire knocked it down in about two hours. the cause is under investigation. firefighters and police spent much of the day at a san francisco construction site where scaffolding collapsed. it knocked down a night post and
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damaged several vehicles parked in the area as you can see, but it did not injure the construction crew working there at the time. people living nearby said it sounded like a minor earthquake. it was like all the king's horses and all the kings's men, and it all came tumbling down. next at 11:00, a huge tree is brought down by strong winds in oakland and how the neighborhood is turning that into an attraction. and then a significant goal this thanksgiving, and how you can help. and then among many members of the news team hoping to take a bite out of hunger. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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some familiar faces at a safe way near you today. >> he is very familiar. >> looked familiar to me. i always have seen him and i am tired of him. we kicked off the food drive this weekend. >> so you know what i stopped by the safe way store, and there i am working with the food bank and our own rob mayeda, we can't leave him out. he collected bags and greet shoppers. >> he did work, actually. >> which is nice of him. >> all the rest of us were yapping it up. and we just got in numbers, 16,781 bags have been collected.
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all members of the news team participated. >> i would like to thank you for teaming up. >> an incredible display the support, for the bay area food bank. once again, nbc bay area teamed up with safeway and the kau waupbsious club. we want to serve more than 600,000 people here in the bay area, and we have been doing it for the last four years. >> they will dump it in there for you. thank you so much. >> the motto for this holiday season, every bag counts. they can buy bags packed with food, and then they are delivered to the food bank. this year's food drive will help foot banks from napa to santa clara.
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for more information, head to the website the drive continues through christmas at all safeway stores in the bay area. and then a goal of collecting 1,000 turkeys before thanksgiving. volunteers greeted drivers outside of the dining room, and they were collecting turkeys and canned foods and hygiene products and montero donations. they want to dish out 4,000 meals for the holidays on thanksgiving. >> they say it's the busiest day they have had for the first day of the drop off, and a lot of people were coming to get their meal today, so there is definitely a need. >> funded entirely by the private donations, they have been feeding people in need for more than six decade.
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a giant tree that fell earlier this week has become a tourist attraction of sorts in oakland today. people checked out the giant eucalyptus about 30 feet in diameter, and it's huge. the wind knocked it down on thursday, as you can see, kids are using it as a play tkpwroupd. fun to climb on, but it could be dangerous. no word on when crews plan to remove that tree? >> probably wet soil? >> i think that's reasonable, because we are experts on these things. >> i know somebody who is? >> you do. >> yeah, rob mayeda. we had one to two inches of rain that came down and the last two days have been windy, and the winds have started to back off tonight, and the parts of the north bay down to 39 degrees, and the wind speeds are coming down. as we look at the wind speeds now in the north bay, generally 5 to 10 miles per hour, and the
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temperatures quickly cooling tonight. napa, 36 degrees, and it's not even midnight. we have a few more hours of night to go and we will see the temperatures drop off more. san francisco and oakland, 40s and 50s right now. the dew point temperatures, these are the temperatures almost a sneak preview of what your morning low should be if we have clear skies and light winds. santa rosa, look here. and then the north bay valley out towards the east bay, and these will be the locations that have a chance for patchy frost in the morning, and 40s likely around the rest of the bay area to get your weekend started. and the main issue heading into tomorrow morning will be that freeze warning up for lake county into solano county early in the day tomorrow. you may notice high clouds come into the end of the weekend, but still no chance of rain. the one storm system we have in the state still moving through southern california and we will see showers moving off nevada and arizona, and for the bay
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area, the model changing up the timing for the middle part of the week which potentially could get news for the wednesday getaway travel plans. still the clouds are coming in on tuesday, and now during the afternoon on thursday, rain is still offshore. and then the system goes further south, so wednesday night swao thursday morning, thanksgiving day we will see some showers, and then most of the action heads on towards central and sunscreen california as we head on through thursday and friday. right now wednesday trending drier, but still looking at showers as we head into thanksgiving day on thursday. mid-60s despite the chilly start to the morning in the north bay, and that will be in the 30s. oakland, 66 degrees. one of the warmer spots we will see. mid-60s and sunshine out in oakland and then you see the trivalley warming up in upper 60s in the south bay.
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low to mid-60s around san francisco. morning temperatures in san francisco likely in the upper 40s, so not too chilly in san francisco and into the south bay, and there you see the numbers from willow glen over to allen rock looking for mid-60s for high and less winds for the sierra, and cool around lake tahoe. the next chance for wind and snow, central and southern sierra, as we head towards wednesday night into thursday. back to you. >> just in time for thanksgiving. >> yeah. >> all right. henry joins us live. lots of big games today? >> absolutely. a lot to talk about. busy night around the bay. warriors took on the red hot blazers, and get this, things got heated out there on the court. when we come back, we'll tell you exactly what happened. i will give you a clue. three players ejected. we will give you all the details next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the warriors welcomed the red hot trail blazers into oracle, and temperatures went up. i will deliver, blazers riding a nine-game win streak. third quarter, warriors up nine. curry nails the three. 22 points and nails the assist. and ten three players ejected.
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matthews, green and mo williams, and loving it all in oakland. trail blazers when they heat it up, no cooling down. they go on to beat the warriors, 113-101 your final. the sharks continue their home stand by welcoming in the devils. how about the first period action, sharks recover the puck, and scott hannan scores from the point right here, and give it to 'em. sharks up 1-0. and then later in the first, tyler kennedy, his third of the year, and the sharks hold on to win 2-1. yes, old sharkie having fun with devils' fans. that's not funny if you are a devils' fan, because they lost. and then the big game battling for the axe. and hogan goes to montgomery.
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50-yard touchdown for montgomery. five touchdowns in the game. and then nine-yard td. the kid was on fire. stanford wins 63-13, and the cardinal will keep the axe for the fourth consecutive year. >> to get back in the driver's seat in our conference, which has always been our goal, nothing else, and then playing extremely well today, and i think that's what you hear, the guys are excited about how well they played, and a bunch of guys made plays and not just one or two guys, and we are back in it, and now the fact is what are we going to do with it? >> and then the sanford women's hoops team also won, and yes, manny pacquiao, a yunanimous
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decision, and it was a very good fight. i kid you about the bears because i feel like we're all related. i love you guys. >> yeah, and that's why we love you, too, henry, and keep you at arm's length -- i am just kidding. >> the show will be on cue tomorrow. >> see you guys tomorrow. >> all right. a yearly tradition kick starts the holiday season. we will take you down to pier 39 for what else but the tree lighting ceremony. we want to thank everybody that gave to our nbc bay area food drive today as well. there is jessica geary in pleasanton talking to shoppers and we were all at different stores throughout the bay area today helping out. more than 25,000 bags of food were donated last year throughout the holidays.
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>> let's do more. >> okay. >> yeah.
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all right. are you ready? two more resorts open for skiers. heavenly was supposed to open yesterday but high winds forced crews to hold off until today. kirkwood says it plans to open on monday. sierra resorts saw 7 million skiers and snowboarders during last season. squaw valley opening this wednesday before thanksgiving, and all resorts opening a couple runs at this point and will need
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more snow before they can get the whole mountain opened up. and then welcoming in the holiday season. the night was filled with song, games and the tree lighting ceremony. there is a look at the centerpiece of the celebration. it's a 60-foot tree adorned with ornaments and bows and lights. >> looks a little windy out there. >> i always check with rob mayeda before i venture out about that. >> they will do the tree lighting ceremony again tomorrow night? >> what? you can't have two tree lighting ceremonies. >> yes, you can. what about those that missed it, weather permitting. >> i did that tree lighting ceremony a couple years ago and it's fun and it seems like you light it once, and then it's lit. >> bring it down and bring it back up. make an encore presentation. >> okay. >> thank you for watching.
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>> "saturday night live" is up next, but before we go, we want to thank everybody that gave to the nbc bay area food drive. have a good night. >> take care.
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good evening and welcome to piers morgan live. [ cheers and applause ] >> i am piers morgan, the tiny little fool with news. george zimmerman was acquitted
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of murder, then detained after a dispute with his ex-wife. this week, he was arrested for assaulting his new girlfriend. here to tell her story is his new girlfriend amanda. >> hi, piers. >> do you ever have doubts about dating the george zimmerman? >> yes, of course, piers. i know some people think he's a criminal, and guess what, so do i? because he stole my heart. [ laughter ] also, he pointed a gun at me. >> what attracted you to mr. zimmerman. >> well, right off the bat, i'm a sucker for bad boys, and i just love it when a man's features look like they're being vacuumed right to the center of his face. >> oh, my. >> plus, i'm kinky, and he loves to role play in the bedroom. we do this one where i pretend i'm a


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