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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 24, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. preparations are under way for a presidential visit to the bay area. we'll have information on the traffic detours as well as a major change in the president's approval rating. also -- >> if you're sitting there eating lunch by yourself, male, female, they just sit down and start talking to you. >> a bay area coach killed in a car crash. >> plus, a child was killed in a crosswalk in san jose this afternoon. the latest on that investigation. is. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. and i'm terry mcsweeney.
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the president plans to visit san francisco tomorrow. it could create a nightmare for drivers. chase swroin us from the location of his first fundraiser. >>. >> reporter: there are setting up inside the jazz center. this is one of two fundraising stops in san francisco. plenty of people know for democrats, the west coast can be a bait of bit of an atm for fundraisin fundraising. barricades ready, parking signs up and protesters already out. still hours before the president lands at fso. >> i think he's headed to warmer waters with his approval rating these days. >> even if n the bay area, things aren't perfect. >> protesters upset with mr. obama's use of drones assembled
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right outside the fs jazz center, the same place that democratic fundraiser scheduled for midday sunday was not selling out. so organizers slashed ticket prices in half. >> i think what that means is there are so many leads to pick on the money tree. >> when you want to have squeeze that orange with an extra orange juice sometimes you're not going to get a lot in the end. >> donors shelling out $32,000 each may have a beef with the commander-in-chief. the host told the "boston globe," quote, clearly everyone in silicon valley is extremely disappointed with how the obamacare website has gone. i think it will dominate the conversati conversation. truly, people are upset. it will be an intense conversation. >> so some of the biggest supporters aren't too pleased with what he's been doing. >> i think the bloom is off the rose to a certain extent.
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>> and regardless of how people feel about the president here in the bay area, his national approve numbers paint a clear picture. the gallop poll from when the president last visited san francisco back in june had his approval rating at 62%. but tonight, on the eve of this latest visit, his approval rating is now just 39%. >> the president has a packed schedule. air force one around 10:30 tomorrow morn, then it's straight to the recreation center in china town where the president plans to give a speech on immigration reform at 11:30. then he will go to a fundraising luncheon around 12:30. his last event is that tech round table for vips at the ceo of sale force. that's scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m. then finally, the president is
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expected to board air force one around 3:30 in the afternoon. he is headed to los angeles next. just type in obam that in our search bar and you'll get the latest stories, traffic updates and everything you need to know about the president's visit tomorrow. >> of. >> new details tomorrow about a deadly crash. a beloved high school coach killed this weekend. he was trying to be a good samaritan when he was struck by a car. kimberly terry life there with more on the loss for those who knew him. >> he was an institution on this campus, a coach, the athletic director, excuse me, and also a teacher. the marquee in front of thf school reads you will be nised. it also says thank you, coach
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webb, for everything. >> the california highway patrol says 76-year-old john webb was driving northbound on highway 680 near fremont around 1:00 saturday morning when he hit a stalled van. webb reportedly got out of his car to help direct traffic. that's when the chp says another car struck and killed him. >> that's exactly what he would have done. he would have tried to help somebody else before worrying about himself. >> saw him at halftime. he looked great. hap happy. >> one was a graduate of san jose state where he played football and is in the school's boxing hall of fame. friends say he was a wealth of knowledge. >> he's forgotten most coaches know. >> his colleagues say he had opportunities to coach in the nfl. including an offer to work on the 49ers' sideline.
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>> getting note elevatored not just on the field but in light. >> my son is attests that he's a better man today. >> he continues to treat various subjects from geometry and world history to wood shop. he was also considering returning to coaching next school year. >> he's a wonderful guy. i mean, you meet one, you're lucky. and i'm just glad to have him in my life for as long as he's around. police are investigating a deadly accident that left a child dead. police say the accident happened around 2:00 this afternoon.
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a driver was making a left on devine from oak. that's not far from washington elementary school in san jose. the driver reportedly stayed on the scene and is cooperating with police. >> a developing story, a massive wintry storm is delay flights and forecasters say it's pushing travel on one of the busiest travel days of the year. the storm is blanketing several states with snow, ice and high winds. they're snapping power lines creating treacherous conditions for 39 million americans tack travel for the thanksgiving holiday. tonight, they're punishing the panhandle and it appears the east coast is up next. >> let's check in with rob on what's going on. >> we're watching the storm
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system. >> we'll move towards the gulf coast and eventually pull in some gulf coast. take a look at new york and washington, d.c. snow potentially as the low tracks just offshore. major delays expected as we go through thanksgiving day. we notice back here towards the bay area, see some showers offshore. but our incoming weather system, seeing some changes you. our holiday travel gets under way onka wednesday. coming up, how this will impact your day on the full forecast in
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a few minutes. >> the deal announced in geneva forces iran to limit its nuclear weapons program for six months and open it to inspections while diplomatic talks continue. in return, the united states and five other world powers will temporary ease some economic sanctions. the agreement has us reel as well as some persian gulf states such as saudi arabia joining forces saying iran can't be trusted. others say it's at least a step in the right direction. >> if it leads to a comprehensive deal, that's an enormous victory for america's global interest and those of our allies. >> president obama called benjamin netanyahu today to try to reassure him saying israel will be consulted on every aspect of a final deal with iran. >> it appears the oakland a's
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will be playing at the coliseum for the next couple of coliseums at least. just a couple of weeks ago, you might remember, a report suggested the a's might be playing their home games next season at at&t park. >> tomorrow, the president at san jose state plans to allege the hate crime attack on the campus. four white students are charged with misdemeanor and battery. prosecutor says the four used racial slurs, hung a con federal flag in the dorm and put a bike lock around his neck. and yesterday, the naacp called on the santa clara district county attorney general to increase the charges to felonies and add a charge of false imprisonment. >> san jose police are investigating another homicide tonight. the victim, aman described as
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being from 18 to 20 years old was shot in capital park in the afternoon. >> coming up next, an alum is making the day special for eastbound families. >> all the fixings for a turkey feast. >> and traveling this thanksgiving may be a little easier. why there may be fewer cars on the road this holiday. >> what deal are these folks hoping to land? we'll show you.
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we have an update now. firefighters say they now have a fire about 65% contained. that's up from 25% last night. it started friday morning and burned about 3300 achers. >> a new protest means that it will not be business as usual on wednesday.
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drivers have approved a work stoppage. they say there's no other way to get the attention of managers. ept to negotiate compensation just waying to unload the port. members feel like they play with them. >> they also want help paying for a new emissions standards on the truck. so far no comment from the port of oakland. >> fewer caliifornians will be traveling this thanksgiving. at least that's according to aaa. about 5 million people plan to hit the road this holiday weekend in california. meantime, more than 500,000 caliifornians will reportedly fly to their destination. the average family is expected to spend around $700 over the weekend. the auto club says unemployment and high travel costs are causing more caliifornians to stay home this holiday.
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'. >> two bargain hunt bers are pitching their tent outside of a best buy in san jose. they want to be the first in lines for sales on thursday. they claimed their first spot in li line. you can see the tents and everything. they're doing it for the so-called door buster deals on cheap flat screens as well as good prices on computers. they also admit they enjoy having the bragging rights and they're doing it for all the right reasons -- the season of giving. >> i'm going it to get my sister and my dad some gifts, too. >> i never came out this early. >> i brought a ton of blankets. >> a bay area cooking drive kicked off with power.
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the former cal player has been doing this for the last seven years. >> we stuffed bags, along with that, they get goodies and seafood. we're just trying to brighten uneveryone's holidays. >> a south bay holiday tradition is back. christmas in the park. bring your friends, family and pets. also raise your game of pet night. santa makes regular appearances
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there. >> so you can your brings to see santa do you think? >> i would think so. >> rob, we'll move on to weather. >> it's little chilly around the bay area now. am chilly 39 in the bay area. northbound valley, out towards fairfield by tomorrow morning. we will see a chance of seeing 30s in the forecast. tonight, silly temperatures at speed level. this is now setting us up for a winter like air problem. a new burn night with light winds.
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this is the issue, we get cold temperatures overnight, northbound looking at healthy levels for particular matter or smoke particle solution. some of that. co-ing from fires there, burning off sonoma county. winds backing off today. the smoke getting trapped around the inner bay. it's like being in a room full of cigarette smoke with no way to get out of the bay area. the next couple of mornings, once again, the sea breeze is going to start to strengthen as the weather system right now is still well offshore.
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for monday and tuesday, clouds moving on by. now the bay area seems to be missing out. we might get that way towards friday. 65 leader on on santa rosa. san francisco low 60s. a closer look at some of our southbound temperatures. south of downtown san jose. looking pretty good. 67 degrees, kickoff the short work week. we'll have to watch out of the air kbaulty.
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we may see another one come tomorrow night as well. back to you. >> thank you, rob. >> i don't know where to go with that. >> black friday, it's like blackout friday for me. >> you're not meant to do that. >> check this out. the 49ers drop to third place in the nfc west today without even playing a game. you ul hear from one player who hopes to get him back in the playoff picture come tomorrow night. and would have, could have, should have. a chance to paint themselves in the playoff picture. highlights and reactions from the coliseum this afternoon are next here on nbc bay area. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ >> the raiders come into the matchup in eastbound with a 4-6 record. go down to the coliseum, also this on the line, the finest afc
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playoff picture. he would stay down a while. he would leave and not return for this contest. reese with the 27-yard score. the raiders take the lead. now they just need to see a defensive stop on the final drive. a tangle right that is oh, so wrong on the last play for the game-winning touchdown. the titans win by four. they grab hol of that final afc playoff spot. >> the second career start wasn't as solid as it was in his first. still, he said it was good enough to earn his third straight start thursday in dallas. mcgloin managed a late scoring drive that gave the raiders the
11:25 pm
lead, but unlike last week, the raiders couldn't hold on for the win. >> when you've got to lead, you know, we believe it's our responsibility difs live to go out there and protect the lead and hold them. we weren't able to do that. >> we couldn't get things going early on. you're going top things like that that unfortunately it was one of those days today. >> i thought we were going to get by moving these tough games that we honestly should win. the raiders move to the sixth playoff spot as they watch their postseason hopes all but slip away. but the players remain optimistic. after the game, tracy porter told me, we still have five games to play. i've seen crazier things happen and i believe we're still in it.
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a. >> the broncos and patriots earlier tonight on nbc. fourth quarter, denver down 717. manning passed by der maa mar d thomas. the ball hit tony carter. recovered by new england. the patriots hit a game-winning field goal. they head into washington tomorrow night. six teams remaining. >> every week we have to win. we know that. that's our focus.
11:27 pm
we just need to go out there and win. >> we don't care what anybody else thinks about it, but we know who we are. the sharks continue at home on wednesday night. i know you are wondering. >> this is not interesting information to me. >> mab your husband, i don't know. >> coming up, dance and technology in silicon valley. >> making life easier for 55 million americans. ♪
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the three day abilities expo featured all kinds of events including adaptive sports illustration, iphone apps and more. >> 5 million people have problems with either seeing or hearing or mobility. they don't necessarily have the easiest time of things. our job here is to give them a chance of products, find out about free resource, new technologies and chat with each other about opportunities for make things a little better. >> annual curve side donations kicked off yesterday.
11:31 pm
they're almost halfway to their goal of collecting 1,000 turkeys before thanksgiving. volunteers wearing the red jackets, they're collecting 423 turkeys yesterday. chefs are preparing to dish out 4,000 meals over the holiday on thursday. the drive continues weekdays 8:00 to 5:00 and that includes thanksgiving day. >> coming urks how they're turning a national park into a danger zone. >> and she's one of the most talented skiers in the country. why she's doing it in the honor of her best friend. coming up.
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>> armed drug dealer is happening in national parks and land. criminals and violence colliding with nature. tonight, the effects of crime on the area. >> we are talking about organizers crime groups that are often armed and violent. it's causing serious safety concerns. >> just over the hill from sequoia and kings canyon national park, it's one of hundreds of illegal pot grow sites and it's getting budget busted by the marijuana eradication task force.
11:34 pm
>> one arrest made. >> do you have a medical marijuana license? >> 300 plants confiscated and several shotguns found. >> it's a violent activity. it's drug smuggling. >> rick koe says traffickers are now growing thousands of plants at a time year round. on some of the country's most fertile land then selling it for up to $50 a gram, or $22,000 a pound. and they want top protect those valuable crops. >> we have shootings, home invasions, robberies almost daily. >> on public lands since 2007, the u.s. force has found nearly 600 firearms and weapons. this grow operation is locates east of eureka.
11:35 pm
agents found more than 5,000 plants here protecting the garden, they also discovered this 21-year-old mexican foreign national with a loaded .9 millimeter, semiautomatic handgun. >> when we came back in here to do a reclamation of the site. >> darryl rush is an assistant special agent in charge of the u.s. forrest service. >> we see more and more people in the groves. >> moesz grow operations are by mexican cartels. he says it's cheaper to go here then a smuggle it in. and 80% of the cultivators on national forests are mexican foreign nationals. >> there was a big concern of bumping into something like this. they don't want you to bump into them. they don't want you to get involved.
11:36 pm
don blake is a member of land. they've become overrun by illegal pop growers. the mother of 4 is now afraid to go into the forest alone. >> they're armed. she have a job. >> so there's an impact by folks no the being able to do what we're accustomed to doing for thousands of years. >> ryan jackson is a councilman for the tribe. he says fear is keeping tribe members inside. and something that has been passed down through generation. >> they have a little bit of cover from not being seen. certainly from houses. so that's a huge appeal. >> appealing because of the
11:37 pm
density that public land offers in california. statement, areas that so many cherish. >> more than 12 million plants were found on national forest service land in california from 2008 to 2012. that's the most in the nation. followed by tennessee and oregon. now to put that in perspective, both states had 30 times fewer plants. law enforcement says if you're hiking and you see a water line, like those fiep pooips we just showed you, report it. it is most likely connected to a growth sight. >> a report on sandy hook elementary shooting.
11:38 pm
911 reportings of from the shootings in newtown had never been released. >> afghan president hamid karzai sf refusing to sign the security agreement reached with the u.s. that could keep thousands of americans troops there for another decade or more. karzai says he won't sign the agreement until after the presidential elections in april. officials say if the afghan leader does not sign the deal by the end of the year, president obama might have no option but to cancel any remaining presence after next year's withdrawal of u.s. combat troops. >> staying the course for the long haul is the way we get a return on our investment. the way we ensure that al qaeda can never come back to afghanistan.
11:39 pm
>> three women per enslaved in south london for 30 years. police sifting through bags of evidence. the women were freed about four weeks ago, but police only made it public this week after arresting two suspects. they have since been released on bail pending further inquiries. >> for the first time, the vatican has publicly unveiled a handful of bone fragments reportedly belonging to st. peter. the catholic church's first pope. pope paul vi said the fragments were discovered in a way that are convincing but some archaeologists dispute that finding. >> one of indonesia's active l
11:40 pm
volcanoes is putting on quite a show. it unleashed ash and gravel as high as 16,000 feet. airlines have been warned to not fly near the vol cain owe. >> the bay area connection for one skier who will represent team usa and the legacy of a college friend that she says will motivate her in sochi.
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>> the road through the sochi olympics go through the bay area. >> one eastbound woman hoping to make the u.s. team has a little something else. nbc bay area explains what it is. >> twisting and turning looks easy. but it's not just amazing jumps. this piedmont native uses her knees as human shock absorbs while navigating moguls. >> i think i was probably a little bit of a baby. i was like, you know, i'm a better skier than i am a jumper. >> step into the gate. >> oakley wasn't just sdiing. she was also a full-time student at cal. >> i did it so differently. a lot of people who make the ski
11:44 pm
team are after high school, they go and that's what they do. i was like i want to go to college and sorority girl, go to football games and have the best four years of your life. >> well, not quite four years. eke lee graduated in 3 1/2, even while taking off winter quarters to ski. but after college, oakley was ready to dedicate herself full time to free style skig. >> i gave myself one year so it was this do or die kind of idea. and i think that worked for me. >> wheel taking chances and crashing is part of the sport, oakley also suffered serious pain from an injury called compartment syndrome. >> by the end of last season, i was hardly walking. i was pushing out of the gate and just having to push it out of my mind because i was in so
11:45 pm
much pain. >> she did all this while grieving an unimaginable loss. the death of her best friend jill costello who was in the prime of her life when she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. >> i honestly didn't think she was going to die until about five days before she did when i got on a skype call. i felt like -- i just felt like i was staring death in the eyes. >> death opened oakley's eyes to the grim statistics of lung cancer. it kills more people every year than colon, breast and prostate cancer combined. it doesn't discriminate. striking the healthy people like jill. >> she ended up coxing her team to a second place finish in ncaas and a month after that, you know, she passed away. >> shortly after jill's death, oakley started a group called jill's legacy, which is now part of the lung cancer foundation. its feign goal is raising the survival rate of lung cancer, which now stands at 15%.
11:46 pm
>> jill brought us here. she brought us here and she left us a message to beat lung cancer big time. >> and she's using jill's legacy as motivation to get her to sochi. >> it's always been my goal to be going to the olympics. and at some point part of the road, lung cancer became, you know, part of my life. and absolutely now, if i can do anything to help lung cancer, you know, that's my ultimate goal. >> raidsing awareness and talent. oakley may not know she's made the u.s. ski team until just a few days before sochi, but she says she feels more confident than ever. >> we continue our olympics coverage on our website. there you will find oakley's road to sochi including a slide show.
11:47 pm
>> we're watching a brief chance. temperatures in the northbound already down to 39 degrees. san jose, 49 degrees. 46 inform oakland. 52 currently in san francisco. and a closer check of the temperatures right now. 37 degrees, patchy frost. some of the northbound valleys in tomorrow morning, not so much though in the inner bay. the temperatures mainly in the 40s. san jose could see some 30s as you wake up tomorrow morning. unfortunately tonight, you want to crank up the heater. but we have a spare the air alert as we head up to the alert. cut back on wood burning. or smoke in the sky, that's something you're probably going to want to avoid for the next couple of nights. we don't have cloud cover
11:48 pm
either. that's probably one of the reasons why. we have the chilly 30s and 40s. waking up to mostly sunny skies. then as we head into the afternoon, we're going to start to see some changes headed our way. first, clouds coming from the west, partly cloudy skies tomorrow. and then the weather system that's going to come in during the day on tuesday that's going to push more clouds our way. but it's looking less and less likely now. we're going to see much in the way of rain. seven-day forecast in the bomb of screen, still leave a chance of rain thursday and friday. you're about to see more drier changes we see now in the forecast. the low approaches the coast. early on it's going to come right towards the bay area, then it's going to drop to the south during thanksgiving. travel plans should be fine. actually mostly cloudy skies. no rain, that's going to stay offshore. then as we go into thanksgiving thursday, that's an update from our 8:00 weather forecast for you. we'll leave the chance for showers.
11:49 pm
it looks like it's going to move towards california. morgan hill, 67. and a few other spots in the south bay. turning a bit wooler and a chance of showers seem to be moving further away. coming up next, a special bond between a boy and his dog. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast.
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so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least.
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tonight, the family dog. this is definitely making a difference in the life of a young boy with autism. he's been able to make remarkable progress. >> more on a story we first told you about in april. >> it's hard to believe, just over a year ago, this vibrant pup was found by rescue worker and given less than a 1% chance to survive. and now xena the warrior puppy as she's affectionately known around the world is named aspc a's dog around the world. an animal that's made an extraordinary difference in people's lives. >> linda and grant will never forget the day they adopted xena and brought her home. what transpired next is called a
11:53 pm
true miracle. the incredible bond between xena and her 8-year-old son called johnny with autism pop i just knew out of the all the money i spent on therapy, that's standing right there in my family room was the best therapy. >> johnny is now much more engaged and so happy to have his best friend by his side. eight months ago, johnny wouldn't even touch food. and now on this day another milestone. johnny gave his first interview. >> how are you? >> i'm in new york city! >> how great is that? >> hi, johnny. >> the story of xena and johnny has now been shared in 95 countries. and together, they're spreading the word about autism awareness and kindness to animals. >> from saved to savior. who rescued who?
11:54 pm
>> it almost seems like the words aren't enough. >> the journey has been unbelievable. it's overwhelming. it's definitely overwhelming, emotional ride. >> jill rappaport, nbc news, new york. >> a double feature that will take movie fans right down memory lane.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
>> the old time theater in the south bay celebrating 50 years this season and hoping for a comeback. the double feature that will take movie fans down memory lane. >> marking the anniversary with
11:57 pm
the screening of two movies that put this dome on the map, including the first movie to ever play there. it "it's a mad mad mad mad world." also featuring "space odd see" which started an 87-week run when it opened there in the summer of 1968. >> but it's really unfortunate, because like the winchester mystery house, there's a lot of history. and they don't make theatres like this. even at the time, they didn't make that many like this. >> the winchester theatres and screenings are part of a nine-week series of classic moo uh vies aimed at finding out if there's a public sentiment in saving at least one of the retro dorms from possibly being torn down. >> for a last look at weather. >> weather looking kind of chilly for tomorrow morning. but by the afternoon, the forecast looking pretty good. back in the mid 60s as we head through the day. and now the chances of seeing
11:58 pm
rain seem to actually be going away. we'll give you a quick view of thf now as we head towards thanksgiving for the bay area. increasing clouds. but now the latest computer model runs take most of the rain to the south. possibly some good news, not only for travel plans on wednesday, but also for thanksgiving day. perhaps more of those showers s staying away from the bay area. it would be nice for it not to fall when everyone heads to grandma's house on wednesday. >> and what about brand ma's house? i'm just asking. >> he's there. he's there. >> thank for watching. >> good night. good morning nelly! woah.
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