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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 25, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. good monday morning. here's what's coming up on "early today." thanksgiving getaway week being met with severe weather and cold temperatures, along with hundreds of canceled flights. a historic deal with iran leads to optimism around the globe. israel's netanyahu condemns the plan. a hot night r taylor swift and justin timberlake at the american music awards along with a giant kitty cat from miley cyrus. that and much more as "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, november 25th. good morning. it's nice to see you. a deadly winter system shaping up to be a holiday nightmare. parts of the country setting records over the weekend. it's all part of a giant system moving east just as 43 million
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americans gear up for their thanksgiving travel. nbc meteorologist bill karins has been watching that for us. good morning, bill. >> a lot of people traveling and airport problems and everyone that's dealt with the storm in the west, you know what's heading to the east. the winds and the rain and snow and ice. in the dallas-fort worth area, hundreds of flights canceled at dfw, we're watching the sleet and snow spreading up into areas of oklahoma and arkansas, they're next, we're at 33 in dallas and the roads are okay, but above the roads, up in the trees we're starting to get power outages, because of the ice in the trees. as far as the rest of the travel goes, houston airport, heavy delays with rain, new orleans, a little later, it looks like atlanta will be okay today. as we go into tuesday, that's when the heavy rain will be over the top of atlanta, possibly significant delays, charlotte, raleigh. late in the day up towards d.c.
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and for wednesday, the really busy travel day, snow for areas like buffalo and pittsburgh and you have to boston, travel trouble and windy conditions, for people traveling across the country, it willing be a difficult traveling. >> the system that we're talking about has turned deadly, this morning at least 13 people are confirmed killed by the storms, nbc's miguel almaguer brings us up to date. in the southwest, wicked weather that's dangerous and on the move. >> the powerful storm blanketing several states, with snow, ice and high winds. in texas, icy roads turned dallas into a skating rink, three killed here, 13 across the region. at dfw, more than 300 flights canceled. >> after hundreds of crashes to the west, dallas was ready as the storm moved in. 30 trucks dumped sand on city
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streets. >> reporter: the commute in oklahoma just as treacherous. too many spinouts and rollovers to tally. outside oklahoma city, 13 inches and counting. >> oh, it's good, oh, yeah. >> reporter: in new mexico, frigid temperatures snapped power lines. the frozen interstate a standstill as 39 million americans are set to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. >> hard. keep control of your car, especially if like you go under the bridges and stuff, it whips you. >> reporter: this nordic outbreak first claiming lives on thursday, hammered california with whipping winds. the weather still fanning a blaze north of san francisco. from fire in california to snow in arizona -- >> this is a weird storm. nobody has been able to get a handle on it. >> reporter: even in the nevada desert, 15 inches of powder. >> we've had almost as much water content out of this one storm as we've had most of the season last winter.
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>> reporter: the arctic blast is punishing the texas panhandle, and it appears the east coast is next. miguel almageur, nbc news, los angeles. to an amtrak train derailment that left 00 passengers stranded overnight in south carolina. the new york-bound train derailed causing several cars to slip off the tracks and injure several passengers, luck request for the passengers, the train had full power and heat, shielding them from the 20-degree weather outside. buses are en route to transfer passengers to another rail. living abroad now to iran where an historic nuclear deal is done. the international reaction coming swift and mixed. with america's closest mideast ally israel calling it an historic mistake, here at home, leading members of congress are cautious but accepting. nbc's ahman mohyeldin. good morning. this deal follows years of behind-the-scenes diplomatic work. the question might be what are the next steps that are so crucial in this?
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>> well the short answer to that is compliance and enforcement. on the one hand you have this agreement that's spells out what is expected to happen the in the next six months, and a big component of that involves inspections. daily inspections for the nuclear facilities and more important for the iranian government, to suspend enrichment of some of the uranium it hasnd to destroy stockpiles of others. and it calls for the international community to unfreeze $4 billion to the iranian government and ease restrictions to some of the key industries that could generate revenue for the economy of that country. those are the questions. the mechanics of how that's going to unfold in the next day remains somewhat unclear. but more prince george, the serious negotiations to try and reach a comprehensive dealing to solve this nuclear crisis for once and for all. those negotiations are expected to get under way. they're working under a timeline of six months, but that's going
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to be the most serious component that people are going to be watching closely. >> thank you. more fans falling at stadiums on sunday. two people were injured. in baltimore m & t bank stadium, a 43-year-old man suffered severe head injuries. during the ravens/jets game. he was taken to the shock trauma center. how he fell is still unknown. and at the oakland coliseum during the raiders/titans game, a woman fell 45 feet from the upper deck. her fall was broken by a man who tried to catch her. a county sheriff's official said the man saved her from certain death. both were injured and taken to a nearby hospital. witnesses say the woman jumped. a mailman was shot and killed while on his route over the weekend. the murder investigation also continues found that a $100,000 award for information is being offered. the victim is 26-year-old tyson jerome barnett, a letter carrier at the post office. police found him dead at the scene in suburban washington, d.c.
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he had apparently been shot several times. the post office reminding those responsible that attempting to kill or kill a postal worker is punishable by the death penalty. >> and to bill cairns, the weather happening in the northeast and the west, kind of the opposite. >> they're in the wake of the big storm that's kicking across the deep south it produced just amazing rainfall statistics there. in arizona we picked up a little over two and a half inches of rain in phoenix, that's unheard of in the desert. they get that in half the year. it's 43 in vegas this morning, it feels like winter and l.a. is down to 48, along with phoenix at 48. cold in medford at 27, a winter coast morning in pretty much all areas of the west. high pressure is going to protect the west for the next
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three days, we're going to be looking at temperatures moderating over the next three days, chillingy mornings and the afternoons with sunshine. not a bad afternoon, l.a., one of the warmer spots in the entire country at 72 degrees. 60 in vegas, cooler in phoenix at 66 degrees and as i mentioned, it looks quiet through the busy travel period. that's your national and pasco, washington, a high of 38. >> there's one section of the country that won't have major airport delays. >> for now, we'll see how it goes throughout the day. some black widow spiders found on grapes right here in the united states. we're going to tell you where. plus, the story of a shark choking on a moose rescued by two men. >> what? >> i kid you not. it's a real story. and a sunday night football thriller. manning versus brady and a
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comeback for the ages. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. and welcome back. take a look at the moment a bridge is imploded in rio de janeiro, brazil. more than a ton of explosives collapsed 3,400 feet of concrete in just about five seconds. first bananas, now grapes, shoppers with america's most venomous spider black widow recently in their produce. it's reportedly happened in pennsylvania, michigan, missouri and minnesota. similar cases were reported last year. national geographic saying black widow venom can be 200 teams stronger than rattlesnakes. a new york city man is arrested and charged with a hate crime in a possible knockout death. police are investigating incidents in new jersey, pennsylvania and washington, d.c. the two deaths have been linked to the startling trend. of randomly challenging players to knock out a person with one
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punch. in greenland, two men rescued a shark. two men rescue a shark who really did bite off more than it could chew and nearly choked to death on a moose. but the men reportedly pulled out the carcass. clifford harvey tweeted these photos of the whale's heros bringing it back to sea. and macklemore commented on the trayvon martin case as he accepts his award at the american music awards. he won favorite hip hop rap artist. he accepted via florida where martin was shot and killed. >> i want to acknowledge trayvon martin and the hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dieing due to racial profiling. and the violence that follows it. and now for business, cnbc's kayla tausche. >> big banks are reportedly warning they could start charging deposit fees if the fed cuts the interest rate for holding more than $2 trillion in reserves, one option the fed is considering when it starts to taper the massive buying program
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that helps keep interest rates low. microsoft said it sold more than one million xbox 1 consoles on friday. sony's playstation 4 hit stores the previous week and yahoo may name a deal naming katie couric its global news anchor. hosting a high-profile online video show. the stories we'll be keeping our eye on rich for now, back to you. just ahead, a jam-packed monday morning, sports to kick offer week. plus the best damn band in the world marches to a whole different level.
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a beautiful sunrise in washington, d.c., let's get you to the latest in sports. you don't hear this very often, the patriots shut out by the broncos for the entire first half. sunday night. the probably had to do with the pats' six fumbles. 24-0 going into the locker room. the halftime talk or the yell made the difference. in the third, new england surges with three touchdowns. then in the fourth, manning answers back. connecting, 31-0 overtime they go. the pats punt bounces off the broncos. pats recovering a kicked field goal. pats win 34-31. next, cowboys and the giants. in the third, the giants'
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brandon meijers catches the ball. cowboys defensive back so upset that meijers caught it, they forgot to tag him. myers untouched, get up, runs in, gets that touchdown. seconds left in the game tied at 21-21, the cowboys hit a field goal for the win 24-21. former colts coach bruce arians now coaching the cards. leads his team to a 40-11 win in that grudge match. and the panthers stage a dramatic comeback to defeat the dolphins 20-16, carolina's seventh straight victory. the packers and vikings tied 26-26, nobody could score o.t. it ends the packers nonwinning streak without qb aaron rodgers. but, hey, let's put on bikinis, why not? >> brotherly love between howie long's son. a scuffle started between the rams william hayes and the bears kyle long. in comes number 91, chris long, big bro, to pull little bro,
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kyle from the fight. little bro kyle got a personal foul. brotherly love, huh? next in the bcs standings, auburn moves to fourth ahead of the matchup with number one alabama saturday. that's going to be a good one. followed by ohio state. and mizzou gets into number five. talking about mizzou, the latest tribute, a salute to gettysburg. >> nice. >> you just got to sit back and watch this stuff. osu's band decided to do something a little special. the salute to gettysburg featured an even explosive cannon. 23 wins in a row for the school. jersey rocker jon bon jovi might become the proud owner of the buffalo bills, a cording to cbs sports, bon jovi wanted to buy the team when it goes up for sale. he's been meeting nfl owners and general managers for insight on the possible purchase. the bills are believed to go on the market when the owner who is 95, passes away. after beating brandon rios, manny pacquiao is now prepared to make a heartfelt visit to his native philippines. pacquiao for the people said he
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loves them all. he says the victory was for people of the philippines. while snow is falling across the u.s. it's surf hawaii. michael bourez won 17.7 for the first leg in the advance, triple crown of surfing. the water temperature i hear, about 75 degrees. just ahead, "catching fire" had the odds completely in their favorite, torching the weekend box office. and a wild night at the american music awards have people buzzing across the country this morning. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back, in the wake of the big storm, we have night weather in the west. the question is how long will it last? well if it's a cold start, we'll have a nice afternoon with sunshine, kind of winter feeling low. even for the west as we go to tuesday, everything still looks pretty nice. by the time we get to wednesday,le busy travel day, not showing any organized rain. there will be a storm diving down the coast. as of now, wednesday, it should be far enough offshore. but by thursday it could be close enough to bring rainfall to southern california. there's at least a possibility for some thanksgiving day rain around southern cal kalg. >> today and tomorrow l.a. should enjoy the nice, crisp clean air. >> for a day. half a day. thank you, bill, "the hunger games" "catching fire" burned the box office down with the most in history. katniss and crew brought with $161 million.
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the fourth-largest domestic opening in history. "thor" $14 million followed by and "the best man holiday" and "delivery man" and "free birds." it was a big night at the american music awards. rihanna won the icon award presented by her mom. katy perry made the questionable choice of performing her hit "unconditionally" in geisha gear. and miley cyrus made sure her performance will be an internet sensation by placing a giant kitten in the back for "wrecking ball." lip-syncing with her during "wrecking ball." speaking of cyrus who turned 21 this week, her l.a. house was burglarized friday. authorities have not released a list of items stolen from heir home.
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>> oh, boy. i hope nothing racy was stolen. it would be, uh. >> lady gaga, the pop star is now the new face of design house for versace. and ron burgundy for sportscast curling in canada. >> the fashion houses of europe have him on retainer. his sense of style impeccable. his mustache is insured with lloyds of london. he's the newest member of tsn team. and he's coming for you. >> december 20th, is when that film comes out. i'm richard lui. we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading the news this morning on, sandy hool school massacre full report to be relowsed monday. the public will have to wait for the full police report on the massacre. and in "gentlemen's quarterly" the 25 least influential people of 2013 and as "gq" puts it a bad year for impotent megalomaniacs. topping that list, dennis rodman and his trip to north korea. and on the list that nobody really wants to be on, miley cyrus, paula deen, anthony weiner, will smith, lady gaga justin bieber, and even president barack obama. topping the news, a major storm system is crossing the
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country as 43 million americans prepare for thanksgiving travel. it's already killed 13. flights in dallas, texas, hundreds were canceled. an historic dealing is reached on iran's nuclear stockpile. and u.s. ally railg calling the deal an historic mistake. president obama called israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu sunday. he said the u.s. will remain firm in its commitment to israel. he says israel has good reason to be skeptical about iran's intentions. so a family in australia knows how to celebrate the holidays and they have a world to prove it. guinness reports that the richards family has the most christmas lights on a residential property. they hung up over 500,000 christmas lights around their home. 31 miles of holiday cheer. the homeowner david richards said his family began competing for the world record to raise awareness for the charity for sudden infant death syndrome.
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>> the only thing that matters is, do they take them down or leave them up the entire year? >> i would leave them. >> that many? >> i would leave them, too many. it's time for a look ahead. president obama travels to san francisco to push for immigration reform. the president will call on congress to act. a bill passed in the senate earlier this year, but has stalled in the house. 50 years ago today the country said farewell to a leader john f. kennedy. kennedy was shot and killed just three days before. and happy birthday to former nfl quarterback, dr. rick knabb, 37 years old, actress christina applegate, 42, and economist, actor, anyone? ben stein. cold and snow pummel the midwest. and speaking of thanksgiving today, we'll have a sneak peek at some of the macy's thanksgiving day balloons right on the plaza. i'm richard lui, along with bill
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cairns, have a good one.
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>>. >> new this morning, cashing in on california. in a few hours president obama will be back in town for a whirl wind fundraising trip. we'll have details and the last minute slash in ticket prices coming up. >> also, a man risking his life to save another. what we're learning about the good samaritan who tried to catch a woman after she jumped off the upper deck at the coliseum. >> a late night dinner interrupted. what prompted this police presence at the south bay restaurant. >> a live look outside, that is all across san francisco, a cool, crisp clear morning. get your week jump started. it's monday, november 25. this is "today in the bay."


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