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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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injured during a scuff well a suspect. new details about the arrest. >> plus, a woman jumps from the third deck of coliseum. the good samaritan who tried to break her fall. >> president obama preparing for his ninth bay area visit in two and a half years. what make this is trip different from the rest. >> it's a cold start to your monday morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s, we've got a nice looking finish to the day. we'll climb into the mid-60s, then rain moves into the forecast. we'll detail that coming up. >> we're looking at san jose, a crash for 101 here and another for the east shore freeway causes build-ups when everybody else is headed to those spots on the roadway. >> right now we take you live outside, a dark look over the city with lights twinkling giving us a holiday vibe. it's monday, november 25, this is "today in the bay."
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>> a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. happy to have you with us. happening now and happening today president obama will be talking policy during his visit here to the bay area. this for the record marking the president's ninth visit in 2 1/2 years. we can tell enthusiasm trip is going to be different because it comes at a time the president's fighting a low approval rating. bob redell is live in san francisco. bob, i guess as expected the visit will not be without protest. >> reporter: that is correct. there are actually some protesters at another location where the president will be, three locations today. a five-hour swing flew the bay area. you're talking about the approval numbers. during his last visit in june gallup had him at 62% approval. right now at 39%. even here in san francisco which leans heavily democratic, it
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seems enthusiasm for the president is cooling. you can see that in the ticket sales for today's fund raising lunch with the president scheduled for this afternoon. at one point tickets were $1,000. for the democratic national committee cut them to $500 since it was not selling out. >> i think what that means is there are only so many leaves to pick on the money tree. when you come back so often and you want to squeeze that orange for extra sometimes you're not going to come up with a lot in the end. >> reporter: and you mentioned the protesters. there are a handful protesting the visit. holding up signs outside the jazz center. particularly upset with the president's policy on drones. before he goes to the jazz center when he arrives later he will be coming here to the betty aung recreation center where in a few hours he will be delivering a speech on immigration reform, prompting
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speculation that the president is trying to move the conversation away from obama care which has had a lot of problems with that rollout of his health care system. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much f. you are planning on being along the peninsula or up in san francisco here's what you need know. the president arrives about 10:30 this morning, he will then head to the betty aung recreation center to give a speech at 11:30. the president then goes across to a fundraising luncheon at the jazz center about 12:30. before leaving for los angeles this afternoon the president will attend a v.i.p. tech roundtable. scott will have the details coming up at 6:15. >> new this morning a disturbance at a denny leaves an officer injured and man under arrest. this happened in san jose around midnight. the tennie's it's about a block from casino matrix.
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the man arrested at the center, management telling police the man was asleep in that restaurant and would not leave. police say when they arrived the f man resisted arrest. at this hour it's unclear how badly the officer was injured. >> new details about a good samaritan who tried to save the life of a woman who jumped from the third deck of the oakland coliseum after the raiders game. christie smith joins us live from highland hospital. we understand that man is a marine corps veteran is injured. >> reporter: yes. that's right. good morning to you. i just got off the phone with the alameda county sheriff's department spokesperson. even with the injuries that this man suffered in trying to catch a woman falling, when he himself was taken to the hospital with his own injuries, all he was
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concerned about is this woman's well-being and how she was doing. i wanted to show you a photo from the associated press after the woman jumped from section 301 f you know the coliseum, this is near the east side club. happened in a tarped up area the woman climbed up to. a spokesman says she was pushing heard toward the edge after the raiders tennessee game and people saw her and kept pleading with her to back away but she didn't. all of the commotion daut eye of the 61-year-old marine veteran who was on the second deck concourse level. he stepped in and tried to save her. here is a little of my conversation. >> i'm looking at the torch that they have and she was -- caught his attention because there was probably a couple other people talking to her saying something,
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and when she started to fall he kind of stepped forward and put his arms out and tried to catch her. >> you think he saved her life? >> no question. no question. >> reporter: that woman was last listed in critical condition here at highland hospital. i have calls in to a hospital spokesperson for an update. that man we are told was taken to a different hospital with less severe injuries. >> thank you. it's 6:06. pushing for felony charges against four students at san jose state. marla tellez is in the newsroom with more on this afternoon's rally. good morning. >> good morning. the san jose state president is expected to talk about the pending criminal charges at the rally, also announcing campus
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forum designed to talk about racial tolerance at san jose state. the rally was spear headed by the silicon chapter of the naacp. the president is going to speak and urge the santa clara district attorney to enhance the charges that the four state. they face misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges for what they allegedly did to their black roommate. the naacp can'ts felony charges filed and also wants the d.a. to add false imprisonment. the prosecutors say the four used racial slurs, hung a confederate flag and placed a u-shaped bike lock around his neck and claimed to have lost the key. the alleged harassment began in august. since it has come to light students have been shell shocked. we caught up with a couple of students. >> in no way do they reflect the
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campus and the student body, trying to have bun. not letting that affect us. >> being a student we know that we are one of the most diverse schools in the nation. it's disappointing therere people that would do something like that. >> owe krer the weekend telling the "mercury news" he believes his office has filed the appropriate charges based upon the evidence. at the rally the president is also expected to talk about his plan to review the student code of conduct. the rally at the tommy smith john carlos statue. >> thank you very much. >> let's get updated when it comes to the forecast on this beautiful monday morning. a nice look outside from the south bay. clear skies. that makes you want to blanket. >> i like the way you make your
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voice slow down. >> haven't noticed. >> at that point it comes in handy especially on a monday morning. you want to snooze, you know what happens when you snooze. temperatures are looking fw right now. we're mostly in the 40s, we have some 30s on the map. out in the north bay. cool start, 34 degrees in napa. frost potential for sonoma, santa rosa and gilroy expected to fall within a few degrees. the weather story of the day. this afternoon high pressure stays in control. for us that's going to bring a 30-degree jump to where we're headed later on today. so napa is at 32 degrees, throughout this afternoon around 66 degree, 67 in santa rosa. we're at 41 in san jose, 65 later on today. 67 in almost. there is rain on the way. you don't have to wait for
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your -- the forecast right here at the bottom of the screen, every region covered across the bay area. let's check your drive. >> good morning. we're taking you to san jose first. north 101, the bottom right of the screen the flashing light there is is a crash in front of our camera. i found the source of the slowdown north of 680. on the map you see it is compressed around 680. you saw that from the live shot. there is the pacificup to that interchange. another crash around seventh. i haven't seen slowing but that is one of your off ramps. that would be an issue if it laoses forthan a few minutes. those are the only two issues for the south bay. 101 being the bigger concern. the maze and approach looking smooth except through richmond. we have a big backup forming out of san pablo and cutting
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boulevard before the merge off of the richmond bridge, west 80 backs up, there are three lanes from what i understand blocked. the fire crew is on scene. a crash with a couple vehicles, maybe three or four as i you approach a. slowdown there. a significant alert they think it's going to take at least a half hour to clear that. i'll give you the update on the progress. the drive slowing for 680 southbound through pleasanton and sunol to the tri-valley a footh flow as well. traffic backing up in the cash lanes. no metering lights. i'll double-check this and see how things are shaping up on the peninsula and the approach from the san taet bridge. confirm nothing metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> still ahead on "today in the bay." giving thanks and giving back to families in need. how a south bay erd is keeping
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tables stocked. >> girls versus the beasty boys. >> we'll take you back out for a live look now to the south bay in san jose. that interchange there with 280, traffic flowing, you can see the sun peeking up.
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the day's top stories a. man recovering this morning after he was hurt trying to catch a woman jumping from the third deck of coliseum. this happened shortly after the raiders game yesterday. the man a marine corps veteran. the woman listed in critical condition. >> the results of a year-long investigation into the shooting
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at sandy hook elementary school will be released at noon today. the report is expected to summarize the investigation but certain evidence will be withheld. >> president obama back in the bay area today for a quick five-hour fundraising visit. air force one touching down at sfo 18 few hours, the president will speak on immigration reform at the betty aung recreation center before heading to two separate fund-raisers. >> when president obama took office he had a huge fan base. >> it's clear at this point that base has shrunk. >> it has. it was chris christie who hung out at mark zuckerberg's house recently. we have come a long way from this. a picture all kinds of silicon valley leaders breaking bread with the president during his first term including steve jobs and eric schmidt and others. silicon valley had issues with the obama administration ever since. last week the president said he was willing to consider a
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piecemeal to immigration reform the opposite of comprehensive reform and some of the things that silicon valley has been pushing for. interesting to see what he has to say during that speech in china town. then you also have the nsa issue. the obama administration set to release a report on domestic spying as early as this week. twitter today says it's encrypting its traffic so adversaries of the company can't read your data. you recall last week we were talking about the youtube video for goldie blocks. more than 6 million people watched it on youtube. ♪ the toy which actually you see little of in the ad was invented by stanford engineering grad debby sterling. she is no strange tear viral videos she did one called i want
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a goat to raise money for the poor. goldie blocks filed a lawsuit in california court asking the judge to declare the ad a parody and thus the song would be protected under fair use. this after a threat from the beasty boys. the beasty boys' song, this suit says the ad is making fun of that and is protected under the law. that said john and laura, there are those who say the beasty boys borrowed the tune from someone else. >> you know you make me want to to -- >> the classic jump, so, or shout, jump and shout. but shout most importantly. so you've got this lawsuit. the beasty boys have threaten add lawsuit. goldie blocks came back with an actual law suit. we'll continue to watch this. >> interesting. thanks. >> keep the music going. appreciate that. warms up our day.
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new this morning, a nonprofit in the south bay now getting ready to hand out free thanksgiving meals, that will start today. sacred heart community service in san jose giving away boxes of food with either a turkey or a ham. they are doing this for 1500 families. the nonprofit hoping to hand out meals to 4,000 people, but to reach the goal they need more help. >> right now we need turkey so. if people want to come down and drop one off they can do that, or go to our website and donate. that way we can buy any turkeys that we're short. we also need help all year long, we have programs going throughout the year, and the need doesn't end when the holiday's over. >> perfect week to keep giving. sacred heart is located on south first street in san jose. once thanksgiving is over it's on to collecting 20,000 toys for christmas. >> we want to take a moment to thank everyone who came out, excited, yeah, to my safeway on
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dunne avenue on saturday. getting the word out while mike inouye and stephanie were hauling bags in fremont. thanks to even. >> the man in the middle from our sales department, dionne. looking good this morning. >> in front of the camera, behind the camera, a unified team. >> let's check in with our meteorologist christina loren who was at river mark sharing the love. >> yeah, good times out there. i love the three buttons down mike inouye as well. only on the weekends, my friends. mostly in the 40s now. san francisco at 45 degrees, and that's the warmest region across the bay area. your microclimates are cold out there. 34 degrees in the north bay right now. we'll see a rebound to the day, though, temperatures climbing into the 60s. 65 degrees on the way to san jose. 65 in san mateo. and 65 degrees in the san francisco. so across the board we're expecting the mid-60s. what about 67 in the tri-valley,
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in pleasanton for today. we're looking good for us today. widespread 60s, mild and sunny, a few high clouds filtering into the bay area. throughout this afternoon, getting into tomorrow, slightly warmer finish. by wednesday cloudy as the storm system i've been telling you about starts to move in so. let's talk more about that, as we head throughout the next couple days looking pretty good. then late wednesday into thursday, take a look at this. area of low pressure, it's a cutoff low, it's going to start to move closer to the bay area. so keep that in mind. we'll keep you updated. right now looking pretty good with showers in the south bay. let's check your drive as promised. here he is, mike inouye. >> good morning. we have to take you out here, first san jose on the shoulder we have the remainder of this crash. we have one car there as well as the flat bed tow truck. slowing approaching the scene. so look at this on the map. not only that crash but another one reported. here is the entire bay area, we zoom in, it will cover that in a
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second. the maps are out on a different roadway. to the east shore freeway, a slowdown as well. we have a crash at cutting boulevard, so westbound 80, the east shore freeway, all the way down to the scene. we have three lanes blocked by a fire, crews arrived. injuries reported and a big slowdown quickly developing here. once you pass the merge off 580 and the golden gate field area, we have a smoother drive down to the bay bridge. the cash lanes are backed up. the fast track is open. a pretty sizable amount. here in the tri-valley a slowdown, 84 through livermore and 680 shows the volume starting to bumpp. we see the speeds below 60. pleasanton, sunol and fremont for southbound 680 into the south bay. a look out here in the south bay. the earlier crash i showed you on a live shot causing folks to back up on the approach. from capitol expressway, and hit them up toward story road.
6:22 am
280 a crash off of that interchange and another right around seventh, those should be clearing but we're seeing the slowdown as you head to the off ramp. that's an issue through the area. the rest of the south bay looking good. it's north 87, north of alma you're starting to see the dip a tad bit. we'll get you live shots and end with traffic on 101 as you travel north past the university avenue and up into san francisco. no delays for 101 though southbound at grand was an earlier stall out of san francisco. no major problems out of the city down into the peninsula. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks. 6:22. still ahead on "today in the bay," winter weather turns into a deadly storm in the south. and now it's turning its attention to the east coast. we're going to tell you how the dipping temperatures and gusting winds are affecting holiday travel. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something.
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welcome back. it's 6:25. more than a dozen villages in indonesia evacuated following several volcanic eruptions, the mountain in the north region spewed ash more than 16,000 feet into the air. the authorities raised the alert to the highest status and six more eruptions this morning sent more panicked villagers fleeing down the mountain. as many as 18,000 were evacuated. there were 129 active volcanos
6:26 am
in indonesia. >> 25 sailors missing after two ships wreck in a bad weather accidents. the cargo ships sank off china in the east coast and separate incidents. at least one crew member now confirmed dead this morning. one ship had the crew of 14, the other carrying 12 crew members. investigators say they know at least one of the ships experienced engine failur both were battling stormy weather when the wreck occurred. >> a massive winter storm blamed for 13 deaths in the southwest. 165 flights were delayed or canceled this morning at dallas/ft. worth stranding thousands. there were some flights from dallas to the bay area, four from dallas to sfo have been canceled. one flight heading to san jose international canceled. another delayed. forecasters expect the storm to threaten travel plans for people heading out of the area for the
6:27 am
holidays. >> cold harsh reality there. 6:26. still ahead on "today in the bay," we are waiting for answers coming up we have new details about a palo alto family's flight to get an 85-year-old war veteran released from custody in north korea. >> plus, skeptics on skill, we'll tell you why lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are critical of the deal to end iran's nuclear program.
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making way for the commander in chief. we'll tell you which streets you may want to avoid during president obama's visit to the bay area. >> plus, skeptics on both sides of the aisle. why democrats and republicans are critical of the president's nuclear deal with iran. >> we take to you new york city. we double your pleasure, we start at the new york stock exchange as they jump start the markets on this monday.
6:30 am
and ring in the day, then we flip the switch or the script or both, melt that word together, on the nasdaq they get the day jumping. you can feel the good vibrations on this monday, november 25th, yes, this is "today in the bay." it's 6:30. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today president obama will be talking policy during his visit to the bay area. this is the president's ninth visit in 2 1/2 years. this time the president will be here for five hours but he is covering a lot of ground. the president will arrive at sfo at 10:30 but cover several stops including the betty aung recreation center and the san francisco jazz center in hays valley. the president is also attending a v.i.p. roundtable. we'll have a live report on today's trip and what it means
6:31 am
for your commute coming up. >> we can tell you president obama's leaving a divided capitol hill as he makes a swing through the west coast. tracie potts joining us live in washington, d.c. and tracie, some of the skeptics from both parties have skeptical things to say about the deal to freeze iran's nuclear program. >> reporter: israel skeptical, republicans are skeptical, so are some democrats that the deal is going to work. let's take a look. the deal itself says that rye ran has got to stop building its nuclear reactor, reduce its existing stockpile of enriched uranium and make less. they will still be allowed, however, to enrich uranium. that's part of the issue. the world would halt further sanctions that allow iran to tap into 6 to 7 billion in frozen accounts. will iran stick to this deal? that's where the skepticism comes in. the u.s. says that they don't want to put further sanctions on iran and that the country's
6:32 am
agreed to regular inspections by u.n. inspectors, but still concern about whether iran is going to actually follow through. >> it's not based on trust. it's based on verification. >> this agreement made the world a much more dangerous place. it's a historic mistake. >> reporter: here on capitol hill some lawmakers are already saying they need a backup plan, a new package of sanctions just in case iran doesn't do what it promised. jon. >> tracie potts, thank you very much. we have new details this morning about the palo alto man who has been held captive in north korea more than a month. merrill newman's wife and son say they do not know if he received his heart medication more than a month after he was detained by korean officials. his wife lee says her husband always had an affinity for korea, and did not fear for his safety before the trip.
6:33 am
she says he sent several post cards back and talked about how the trip was everything he hoped it would be. but about with a month ago as he was getting read the fly back to the bay area he was detained and has not been heard from since. >> it's been hard. we have a lot of strong support, but when you don't know where your husband of 56 years is, you don't know his health, you don't know when he will be home with us, it's not an easy situation. >> merrill newman was a korean yar v v veteran. >> 6:33, time to check the weather. a live look from the south bay. the sun coming up. clear skies out there. not looking too bad in san jose. meteorologist christina loren is here to tell us looks can be y
6:34 am
decei deceiving. >> temperatures are chilly. 2 degrees away from freezing in the north bay. beautiful sunrise, though, this morning. 41 degrees in san jose. looking pretty here. throughout the afternoon we're going to climb in the 60s just about everywhere across the bay area. might stay in the 50s at the immediate coast because of the thick fog that's going to cling to the coastline throughout the day. look how beautiful this picture is as that fog rolls over the coastal mountains. a gorgeous sunrise. san francisco, mostly fog-free. you can see that from the bay bridge, getting the orange and the red, a gorgeous start. the official sunrise. about 20 minutes away at 6:54 this morning. the sun sets at 6:53. it's so pretty throughout this morning. because it's so clear out there though, it's cold. i want to make sure you're ready for frost. sonoma, napa and gilroy. all of your outlying cities
6:35 am
getting frigid to kick off this work week. we're going to see a nice finish to the day. temperatures will rebound nicely jumping by about 30 degrees on average from where we are now to where we're headed later on so. for example, 33 degrees in santa rosa later on today. you're going to see highs in the north bay jumping into the 60s, upper 60s on the way for you in san jose, about 41 degrees later on at 65 degrees and 67 in livermore. that's the weather story of the day. a nice sunny rebound. if you want your seven-day forecast, you don't have to wait for it. we've got it here at the bottom of your screen. let's check your drive with mike. >> good morning. we're looking here toward the bay bridge toll plaza. all lanes are filled in. turned on the metering lights about 5, 7 minutes ago. that's late from the early backup we saw for the cash lanes but a different flow of traffic this week expected because of the thanksgiving holiday for moan many. looking at the maps, we approach the bay bridge with no problems for the most part through the maze. it's here top of the screen we're looking at the east shore freeway out of hercules off highway 4, slowing down, then
6:36 am
jamming up through richmond. the earlier crash cleared blocking over half of the freeway. again the recovery slow through the area as more folks head through the area. san pablo we see the slow speeds. slower drive off of the bridge as well. toward oakland, southbound 880 is the concern right now. look at the live shot. i did manage to find flashing lights. bottom of the screen, flashing lights and another set toward the top. this is around the 98th avenue off ramp from the southbound side. the lighter flow through the area but you see a good volume for both sides. still close to the limit for north and south, 880 through the nimitz area past the coliseum. we look back to the maps, the traffic flowing through the south bay. that looks nice. we have a jam from 101 earlier crashes have cleared at story and past 680. the slowdown we started so now around capitol expressway. the early word of crashes has folks taking 87 as an alternate. slow from capital up to downtown as well. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike.
6:37 am
6:36. still ahead, a beloved high school coach killed in a crash. we hear from the people he touched during his 30 years out on the football field. >> we'll be telling you about a memoir of a house of horrors. why a kidnapping victim held captive for years says she wants to share her story in print. >> let's take a live look outside. isn't that beautiful. >> love that. like to go sledding or surfing on that. >> it's a cool look out there this morning as the sun rising over the bay area a. very crisp, cool start to our day. we'll check with christina, she has a look at changes in the forecast. a lot more news ahead as well. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast.
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this morning a memorial growing for a beloved east bay coach, a high school football coach killed in a crash over the weekend. at the school this morning a small memorial for john webb, the chp says the 76-year-old was driving north on 680 when he hit a stalled van. webb reportedly got out of his car to help direct traffic. that's when another car came by and killed him. webb was heading home after watching the san jose state football game.
6:41 am
he taught at fremont's john f. kennedy high school even after retiring three years ago from coaching and being the school's athletic director. >> anything the school needed him to do, activities adviser, director for many years, he was athletic director, taught several subjects, p.e. to woot shop to math, whatever they needed. >> colleagues say he had opportunities actually to coach up in the nfl including an offer to work under 49ers coach bill walsh. his focus was on student athletes. a vigil planned for tomorrow night at 6:00 outside of john f. kennedy high school. >> it's 6:41. one of the women held captive for years in what became known as cleveland's house of horrors now is all set to write a tell-all book. michelle knight was tortured, starved, raped for 11 years. her book is scheduled to come out next spring co-written by
6:42 am
michelle buford. knight says she is putting the book out to give every victim of violence a new outlook on life. castro was sentenced to life plus 1,000 years in prison but he killed himself in a cell in september. his two other victims are planning books of their own. >> the time 6:42. still ahead on "today in the bay," power outages along the peninsula, we'll tell you which city is unable to flip the switch. >> plus, breaking a fall from three stories above. we'll tell you how a marine corps veteran put his life on the line to save a woman during a suicide attempt. >> we'll tell you about a disturbance at a denny's leaving a man in handcuffs and officer recovering from injuries. we'll tell you about the scuffle that happened in the south bay, that's coming up next.
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6:44 am
at 6:44, happening today
6:45 am
president obama will be talking policy during his visit to the bay area today. this is the president's ninth visit in 2 1/2 years, this will be different because it comes a at time when the president is fighting very low approval ratings. we'll have a look at where he will be headed today and why some of the tickets are actually slashed now. 50% off just to see the president of the united states. >> looking forward to that. 6:45. if you plan on being along that peninsula or especially up in san francisco, here are some things you need to know with the president in town. a look at the map. the president arriving at sfo about 10:30 this morning. he will then go to the betty aung recreation center to give a speech on immigration reform. that's 11:30. the president then heads across town to hays valley to a fundraising lunch at the jazz center at the start at 12:30. and before leaving for los angeles this afternoon, the president will be attending a tech roundtable at the home of
6:46 am
marc benihoff. that one is scheduled to start at 2:00 this afternoon. >> what will the presidential forecast look like? >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> looks good. happy monday morning to you. pull out your winter coat. winter about 20 days away. i want to show you some of the coolest imagery that we have via live picture this morning. this is the coolest thing. it shows you about how fog works. fog clears from the top down. now that the sun is coming up we're starting to see the fog clear. what you might think is fog stays stationary but you can see all of this fog rolling in over the mountains and cool video to show you. wow, i love that stuff. temperatures are going to be chilly to start the day. a sunny finish, widespread 60s across the bay area. every city across the bay area is only going to end up in the
6:47 am
60s for today. remember, if you want to find out about showers, we've got them at the bottom of the screen. take you into your tuesday. looking pretty good, slightly warmer. as we head throughout wednesday, that's when things start to change. clouds increase, really thicken up wednesday afternoon. then we start to get our first showers late wednesday night into thursday. i want to show you the wide view. it's going to move up from the south, and that means cities south see the shower activity before our northern areas do. we stop the clock at about 3:30 a.m., getting a little activity at that point. along the north end of the peninsula and in santa cruz, all of that moisture to the north as we head throughout the second half of the day. so thanksgiving, looking a little wit slick. let's check your drive. good morning. >> good morning. we'll look toward palo alto which is not a problem. the entire peninsula, 101 and 280 looking like this. or maybe a lighter volume.
6:48 am
at the speed limit here, look at the maps. we'll talk about the bay, a good drive, a lot of slowing. north 85 sticks at the volume. 87 picking up the slack as some avoided 101, both of those stretches northbound slow but the earlier crash around story has cleared. there you go for the south bay build. looking to the trivalley, a smooth drive, 580, 84 and 680 showing that build for the commute. we'll probably see a lighter flow this week, but we're tracking the backups. like this one, big slowing the top of hercules, down to richmond. a series of crashes following the sigalert but all have cleared the roadway, good slowing from san pablo to richmond, easing heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza. you have the metering lights on. these lanes off to the left, a little bit of advantage for cash payers. oakland a quick look. we're looking at the south bound side.
6:49 am
we have flashing lights but not so much of a distraction. it's on the shoulder as you pass southbound and the volume northbound is what's causing more slowing into downtown oakland. we're going to have this shot and send it back to you. >> looks cold out there. thanks. new this morning a disturbance at denny's leaves an officer injured and a man under arrest. it happened around midnight about a block away from casino matrix. you can see the man police arrested at the center of this photo. management told police the man was asleep in the restaurant and would not leave. police say when they arrived the man resisted arrest. they managed to get cuffs on him but as they were walking down the slope walkway the man lashed out. both the suspect and the arresting officer fell over. it's unclear how badly the officer was injured. >> police looking for people who opened fire on two children and
6:50 am
their mom as they sat in a parked car. this happened about 2:00 yesterday at the intersection of ivy be drive. police say the suspects drove by and fired several shots at the car. the suspect vehicle being described as black or dark green, sedan, possibly a honda. good news to report, nobody was hurt. >> a vegetation fire is still burning. it's burned 3300 acres. the fire cause twootd injuries but it's unclear who was hurt and how badly. about a dozen people were evacuated. no homes have burned but it did destroy a cooling tower at geothermal power plant complex. the fire 65% contained. more than 1600 firefighters are working on it. >> hundreds of pg&e customers still without power after about six hours after a wire went down in daly city. the outage was reported in the
6:51 am
west lake neighborhood west of michigan street. this happened just before 12:30. nearly 6700 were without power. by 2:00 this morning crews restored to almost 4,000 but there are more than 1500 now without electricity, pg&e right now still trying to figure out what caused the fire to go down. >> another rocket launch. >> scott, not to space. >> the next time it goes to the space station they will probably take astronauts. this time they are launching a new satellite for the falcon rocket just after 2:00 our time carrying a communications satellite into orbit. they have never done this. geostationary is where the satellite sits in one place, it's much higher than a regular orbit. the satellite is the other space company competing against them for launches to the space
6:52 am
station. so solar city announced it will expand and build 10 more production centers. there will be facilities in morgan hill and foster city. elon musk is the chairman of that company as well. his cousin is ceo. talk yahoo! hired katie couric, a concentration on video. now for people who have been around the block point out this is not the first time yahoo! tried to do this with video and news. one of its former ceos came here from hollywood, he used to be a big hollywood executive. he ramped up the video department. that didn't last long. the next ceo, yahoo! had a lot, ramped them back down. >> interesting to see how this goes. >> katie couric, a big name. >> we've got a look at today's local top stories.
6:53 am
>> let's start off with christie smith with new details about a woman who jumped off of the third deck. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. i just spoke with a sheriff's spokesperson. he says without a doubt this man who stepped forward saved this woman's life. that she suffered a 50-foot fall from the third daek. i wanted to show you a press photo taken shortly after this happened. this was in the tarped off area, this woman climbed up to shortly after the raiders/tennessee game ended. she went toward the edge with fans telling don't do. she went over the edge, plummeting down 50 feet where a 61-year-old vet tried to save her and was able to break her fall. >> he didn't even think about it. he reacted, saw her, didn't want her to fall to the concrete is
6:54 am
he stepped in and tried to catch her. that simple. >> reporter: she is listed in critical condition, we're told this morning at highland hospital in oakland. the fan also taken to the hospital but expected to be okay. we're told that he is from stockton, a life long raider fan and had just bought season tickets for the first time. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thats let's check in with marla tellez with new details about a hate crime. >> got done going over the police report in this case. university police identify the victim in this case as 17 years old, a 17-year-old black teenager. he was antagonized by hearsay roommates and if civil rights leaders have their way these four white students will face felon charges. today the sill i don convalley of the naacp is spearing a rally
6:55 am
to urge the d.a. to enhance these charges as it stands the four students face misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges. prosecutors say they used racial slurs against the black room maxt hung a confederate flag, barricaded the victim in his room and place add u-shaped bike lock around his neck and claimed to have lost his key. they want felony charges and wants the d.a. to add false imprisonment. >> thank you very much. now let's check in with bob redell with a look at the president's quick trip to the bay area. good morning. >> reporter: five-hour trip. good morning it we're in china town. secret service, preparing for the president's arrival which should be late this morning. one trackic consultant we talked to, if the president is trying to escape his plunging approval
6:56 am
rating coming here, has been friendly to democrats but seems the city by the bay is losing some of its enthusiasm for the president. you can see that in the ticket sales for the lunch with the president. at one point tickets were $1,000 apiece, for the democratic national committee cut them to $500 since it was not selling out. that could be a symptom of -- look at the polling numbers. in june the gallup poll put the approval rating at 62%, but ever since the glitches with the health and you can keep your health insurance plan, it's plunged to 39%. >> what does that say to you and some of the biggest supporters aren't too pleased? >> i think pretty clearly the bloom is off the rose to a certain extent. >> reporter: a handful are protesting his visit holding up
6:57 am
signs. before he goes for that fundraising luncheon he will come here to the recreation center here in china town. he will be zifring a speech on imprecipitation report. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 6:57. a final check of the headlines. the results of a year long investigation into the shooting at sandy hook will be released at noon. the report is expected to summarize the investigation but certain evidence will be with held. >> a massive storm blamed for at least 13 deaths in the southwest. 165 flights were delayed or canceled flooding several heading to the bay area. >> nothing like that in our neck of the woods. >> we all the into the upper 30s now in the east bay, good morning to you.
6:58 am
tri-valley is chilly. heading to a sunny finish, mid-60s headed our way, the south bay, sense sense, san francisco looking good. low to mid-60s. for the north bay comfortable, one of the warmest will be santa rosa. sings 4 oakland and the tri-valley 67 degrees. remember your seven-day forecast, scrolling at the bottom of your screen. we'll bring it back up for you during the "today" show. we'll be checking on your local weather. right now a little frost. otherwise no tag. >> that's good. allow a couple extra minutes. northbound 101, this will clear after they move a crash, just reported 101 around that willow off ramp. we have a crash reported at the center divide. i can't tell if it's north or southbound side. both are bogging down. it's probably 101 from the
6:59 am
pattern i'm watching. i'll update you throughout the morning. your jobs smoothly for 280 so starting to build. the east bay, a slowdown from san pal bo. it's starting to clear up. a lighter flow. back to you. >> thank you. maybe taking time off to get ready. >> or black thursday as we call it now. it's days away where people are camping out for what they say are unbleatable bargains. >> we all love deals. look at these two. they set up their tent in san jose this weekend to claim the first spot in line. why? of course for traging rights but all of those deals throughout. you get your pick. they have folding chairs, tent, hopefully warm blankets.
7:00 am
maybe hot chocolate. >> i guess so. we're back at 10:25. hundreds of flights already cancelled. roads turned to ice. historic step forward or historic mistake. what america's friends are saying about a landmark deal on iran's nuclear program. snowed in, prince harry's track to the south pole on hold this morning because of extreme weather in antarctica. and the comeback. tom brady and the new england patriots rally from 24 points down and pull off the stunner of


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