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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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how the winds and cold temperatures could affect your holiday travel plans. >> we're looking good for your holiday travel plans. we've got showers moving in on thanksgiving day. for your tuesday, what you need to know, temperatures are cold to start. we'll be the warmest day of the week, then the clouds roll in. we'll tell you about the storm system. >> the best shot i can to tell you what's going on to show you what's going on past the bay bridge toll plaza and an update on a crash in san jose. >> the south bay, a look, a dark look over san jose. before your sun comes up. as always, it will be there soon on this tuesday, november 26th, this is "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. today officers in oakland now on the hunt for a gunman who sends seven men to the hospital.
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police say somebody opened fire near 96th avenue and olive street after 6:00 last night. christie smith is live now in oakland and she is there now. give us an update. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. a couple minutes ago i reached out to oakland police for an update waiting to hear back but the latest word we have about the seven men is that two of them are still listed in critical condition this morning, the other five taken to the hospital but all of them expected to survive from their gunshot wounds after someone opened fire at 96th and olive street in east oakland after 6:00 p.m. it's quiet there this morning. we shot new video. the police chief showed up yesterday and called it outrageous, brazen to happen on the street corner that time of day. witnesses describe a wild and violent scene about 10 to 15 shots fired very quickly, people on the way to a corner store had to hit the deck. there are reports that a
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barbecue may have been going on at the time and the trib reports one neighbor describing a chaotic scene, a man shot in the neck while walking down the street with children. the victims all between 23 and 31 years old, police not sure yet what the motive is, if they are looking for one shooter or more. they are asking for more witnesses to come forward. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 6:02. one man says uber is dangerous. james says the transportation service is not doing enough to monitor its drivers and protect passengers. he says he took a video while he and an uber driver waited for police in san francisco this weekend. he says the driver hit him and used racial and homophobic slurs during an argument. >> my sister lives in san francisco, i can only think if she was in the car what would have happened to her and that scares me. >> all of the worries the man was not an approved driver and
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possibly driving for someone who is. but uber says that the driver did complete a background check and works for an approved provider. in the statement uber says authorities that responded to the incident determineed that no action was necessary. however, as a precaution we suspended the accounts of the involved parties until further notice. >> tonight nearly 1,000 expected to get together remembering a popular bay area high school football coach sadly killed in a car crash. marla tellez is live now at the john f. kennedy campus in fremont with just the outpouring of support from students and faculty and the community. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good were montgomery coach john webb touched so many lives across multiple generations, in fact, one of his colleagues here describes him as a godsend to thousands of students and staff members if that gives you any indication as to the kind of man john webb was. we wanted to show enthusiasm
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memorial growing here at the entrance. you can see the flowers and candles and balloons. school is out for the thanksgiving holiday but people still finding the time to come by to pay tribute to coach john webb. the 76-year-old spent almost 30 years coaching and teaching students here. his legacy includes a football coach, also coached basketball, was the athletic director until the 2010-11 school year when he retired but he continued teaching. he played football at san jose state and in fact, he was on his way home from the spartans football game friday night into early saturday morning when he was hit and killed on 680 near fremont. chp officials say he was directing traffic, being a good samaritan after getting into an accident when he was hit. his colleague and current football head coach here at kennedy high says he, too, was at friday night's san jose state game and he has nothing but
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wonderful things to say about coach webb. >> saw him at halftime. he looked great, happy, with all of his friends. >> reporter: tonight more than 1 thousand people are expected to attend a candlelight vigil in coach webb's honor. it gets under way at 6:00 and is being held here at john f. kennedy high school. back here live, i wanted to give you a live look, you can see that the flag in front of the school is at half-staff, then as we pan down to show you the billboard that also pays tribute, it says thank you coach webb for everything you will be missed. again, his candlelight vigil scheduled for 6:00 tonight. live in fremont, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> nice remembrance there. at 6:05, winter storm warnings are in effect through tomorrow afternoon for much of the east. the storm is now moving through
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atlanta and up toward new york. after killing 13 people and canceling hundreds of flights, heavy rains and strong winds could impact airports up and down the east coast. inland areas could see a half foot of snow or more. >> rough out there. right here in the bay area the weather right now holding up. a live look over san francisco. still dark out. but the clouds out there could soon be moving in. you'll notice that as the sun pops up. let's check the holiday forecast now and check in with always trusted meteorologist christina loren. >> give you the clicker, jon kelley. good morning. right on point though as usual. we do have the clouds rolling in throughout the day. today san francisco looking good. clear out there, in the 40s and 50s for the most part, north bay the coldest region you are waking up in the 30s again so make sure you're ready for that. cold start to the day. i want to show you the peninsula at 46 degrees, foster city
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looking good, up to 62 at lunch time. 65 degrees at 4:00 p.m. so overall temperatures are going to be comfortable but not until later on today. you need the jacket, your sweater, at least until about noon. then we'll see a good request deal of clearing. so throughout day today, temperatures continue to stay comfortable. do consider the fact it's a spare the air day. you have kids or suffer respiratory issues or asthma we have the most unhealthy air quality in the north bay so keep in mind it's a good idea to limit your outdoor activities. you'll notice a lot of haze as well. san francisco is really hazy yesterday. we're looking good, temperatures are going to end up in the mid-60s. san jose 66, san mateo 65. fremont 62. and 67 degrees in pleasanton. warmt day of the week, if you have outdoor plans looking for sunshine today is your day. things change tomorrow and then the rain moves in for thanksgiving. right now though let's check your drive.
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here is mike inouye. >> good morning. we have a lighter volume of traffic but the metering lights on. here we had a tow truck on the shoulder. they pulled that car in a fender-bender off of the lanes as you hit the inclinl on the bay bridge. now traffic moves smoothly. we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, all of that activity past the lights. that has helped them clear that incident. now the backup at the toll plaza. only basically the end of the parking lot for most of these lanes and building pretty slowly so a lighter volume of traffic now as we look at the map and the maze t approach off highway 24, 580, 880 moving nicely. the east shore freeway is pretty much speeds in the 60 area travel down through el cerrito and toward that berkeley curve. 4 and 24 and the approach, no problems there. a nice smooth flow. the westbound direction through the tri-valley looks smooth to the east bay, slowing there at the pub lin interchange. a lighter volume of traffic for
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84 around down toward sunol and 680. the south bay a nicer flow, north 85 at 87 the earlier crash and closure has cleared from the connector. now a little flowing but no problems for 85, and a look across the bay, san mateo bridge approaching the peninsula side an increased amount of traffic. 84 the dumbarton bridge or the peninsula. back to you. >> you're familiar with the story, we're hearing from the life long raiders fan now being called a hero. donnie navidad rushed into action breaking the fall of a woman who jumped from the third deck of the coliseum. it happened after the raiders game on sunday. this morning navidad, a vet nam vet han still has bruises to show for it. >> when she was falling i held my arms out so she can land on my arms, then i was going to lock her in. we were going to fall together.
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that way i absorbed the impact. and nothing was going to happen to her. they call me a hero. i'm a hero to them. but to me i just reacted the way i did. >> it's pretty amazing he broke her fall. saved her life. >> raiders showing their appreciation. willie brown personally drove to his house to thank him and give him sunday's game ball. >> pretty cool. >> he'd love to hear from the woman or her family to see how she is doing. the only reason she survived is because of his actions. the right place, right time. >> hats off to him and making the right move. still ahead, we'll tell you about the pope's new mission what he has to say about the number one priority and what it should be. >> an oil spill on the mississippi river after a tow boat sinks. how much soil on board and what's being done to keep it
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contained. >> a company ignores a government order. we'll take a look. >> right now scott will look outside, a live over san jose. this is the change in 87 to 80, mike's going to be along to tell you about your commute to where you need to get. more on the chilly temperatures. fgs
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the day's top stories. police searching for the suspects who opened fire sending seven men to the hospital. this happened just after 6:00 last night near the corner of 96th avenue and olive street. two listed in critical condition in the hospital this morning. all seven are expected to survive. so far police say there's no motive. >> right now the u.s. coast guard is working to clean up an oil spill on the mississippi river. officials say a tow boat carrying about 100,000 gallons of petroleum products hit
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something in the river causing it to sink. all nine crew members made it to safety. >> this morning pope francis issuing the mission statement for his papacy. it outlines how the catholic church and the papacy must be reformed creating more merciful church that pays attention to the poor. >> it is 6:14. it appears genetics testing company is still selling kits despite an order to stop. >> people are concerned they will take actions they should not based on the results. >> the fda says it wants to work with the silicon valley start-up but it needs it to start answering its mail. the company admits in a blog post it has been slow to respond to fda questions and orders about its so called spit test. the sp says the $99 test can show you important information about your health. 23 and me as you can see is
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still selling the kit on its website this morning despite an fda warning letter not to. the company has not commented on the order to stop, they said quote we have received a warning letter from the food and drug administration, we recognize that we have not met the fda's expectations regarding timelines and communication regarding our submission. now, the warning letter from the fda, and it says across the top warning letter, says 23 and me must immediately stop marketing its service though the company technically has 15 days to respond. >> it should be fairly quiet the rest of the week. except this afternoon in business when hewlett-packard reports profits. hp is no longer part of the now 30 industrials but its ledgers tend to move the market or move stock. you see wild swings historically. and john and laura, a frauf from the space station this morning, there is a satellite called 3 p.
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it's not very big. it's about the size of a bread box. it's designed by students at san jose state. they are making history this morning, it's the first satellite to use an x brake. like a pair a shoopt. gets ejected from the spacization. it creates enough drag to slow the satellite down. because there's a little bit of atmosphere up there. the satellite falls to earth without having to use retro rockets to slow it back down. this one's going to burn up but eventually the idea is you are just tossing satellites out the window. they use these fancy space parachutes and make it all the way to earth. >> and could guide them? >> yes so. you know when they are coming in. you time it the right way. it's like dropping rocks off an ov overpass. they have gms in them as well. >> interesting. the sky's falling. >> all right. thanks a lot, scott.
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>> always intriguing. i love that. all right. 6:16 now. thank you for the insight. christina loren giving us insight into what's happening outside. >> good morning to you. happy tuesday everybody. temperatures are pretty chilly out there. pull out a coat. we're in the 50-degree range in the east bay. yesterday at this time we were at about 39 degrees so that's the only place right now that is reporting any warmth. from 24 hours ago. as we head throughout the afternoon temperatures are going to climb into the 60s a good looking day shaping up. north bay 66 degrees, 67 in the east bay along the peninsula comfortable conditions, as we head throughout the afternoon, we're talking about sun and clouds warm clouds increasing throughout the day. so keep that in mind. getting into the wednesday, one of the busiest travel days of the entire year. turning mostly cloudy. and cooler. but we're not expecting rainfall to come in the way of your holiday times for travel. at least on wednesday. then things start to change into thanksgiving day, the on and off showers arrive. and that means yeah, if you're
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waking up with us along the peninsula count on showers to move in. mostly between about 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., looking good though, 64 degrees on thanksgiving afternoon. along the peninsula. we're looking pretty good with, kind of give you an idea. stop the clock on future cast. tomorrow at 4:00, mostly cloudy, we stop this again into thursday morning, starting to get a little activity, it's thursday at 11:00 a.m. mostly in the south bay we progress this, stop it again for you into 4:30 afternoon. and if you're waking up with us, to the north of marin county we're not expecting a lot of activity in your neck of the woods. most is going to impact the south bay and areas in the tri-valley and the east bay as well. overall looking good. we need the rain. let's check your drive. good morning to mike inouye. we always need him. >> thank you. using the reference i guess talking about san mateo south of 92 we're watching that so i guess i'll be there with my family watching for the wet roads. we're looking here, no major issues as far as the conditions for your freeways. but we have the building traffic
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building north 101. better news for 85 northbound at 87. the crash and cleanup cleared. watch for a couple of fires yet to burn out. 580, a smoother drive. building a bit now as you come toward the dublin interchange. now slowing for 84 through livermore and no problems for 680 down to pleasanton and sunol. a smooth flow as well traveling northbound on 880 past the coliseum. there is going to be a concert, pearl jam, we're looking at 580 as well. classicing but it's for me. a live look at the oakland area. the build coming up northbound with the taillights past the coliseum and high street. no major issues, there is a report of a flat tire, a blow-out as you approach market street. stay to your right. sounds like it's in the fast lane. no slowing yet on the sensors. the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup for cash lanes and the fast track lanes. the cash lanes to the left showing a lighter flow of traffic. this is a typical pattern and
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slower build. the metering lights a backup but the crash has cleared from span. the north bay a smooth flow as well. a good amount of traffic, here are the curves at terra linda. no major but we have a good commute flowing out of novato and in toward central san rafael so keep that in mind. not everybody is on vacation. back to you guys. >> mike, thank you. 6:20. the 49ers get good news expected to have a key piece of the offense back in action. wide receiver michael crabtree expected to be activated in hours. they take all the help they can get in that receiving core. crabtree ripped up his achilles in may and returned to practice three weeks ago. the niners looked great winning 27-6 over washington. after the game 49ers head coach hinting that crabtree might debut this sunday when the niners host the st. louis rams. right now the 9ers are tied for second in the division with the
6:21 am
cardinals. the team three games back of the seahawks with a very strong this year. >> during the game between san francisco and the washington redskins they honored some military veterans. the team introduced members of the nov a ha code talkers wearing their military hats and jackets of the redskins. the military used code talkers to send messages in the native tongue which the enemy had no way to translate. the organization under pressure by some groups of course to change that name. >> the code talkers one of the most interesting in any war history. really cool. >> 6:21. still ahead on "today in the bay," not the ordinary ride to work. how a car service is offering door-to-door drop-off service with a twist. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast.
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and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit new this morning, uber giving thanks offering free rides during the holiday. >> this is fun but not just any rides. one of the cars that might show will be turning heads. bob redell joining us live in sunnyvale with one of the more unique and unusual ways to get you through the morning commute. what's go thing on? >> reporter: jon and laura, it's not even a car. i'm sure you can figure it out looking inside we're in a truck and i know you're thinking bob, is this a 1991 spartan fire
6:25 am
truck someone bautd on craigslist? you're correct. now if you're not familiar with uber, a lots of it is pier to pier ride sharing like i can take my car, hire myself out and my car. in this case, they are a company who bought this fire truck. you guys went on craigslist, what was it getting a fire truck. >> we launched our new product and we thought what better ways to market and help educate people about fire safety than a fire truck so we purchase add fire truck. >> reporter: you found this on craigslist? >> absolutely. we bought it in michigan and had it shipped out to l.a. >> reporter: part after promo uber is offering free ride this is week so if someone they can end up in this. >> they need to go to the app and put 18 promo code and you
6:26 am
might be a lucky rider of the next fire truck. ryan is our awesome driver. he will escort you to your location and you'll get off the truck with a free protect from uber. >> i'm not asking to turn your head. i want you to keep your eyes on the road. >> drives great. >> >> reporter: 18,000 miles. lights work. does the siren work? >> the siren does work. >> reporter: i don't see cops around. that's old school like what, 22-year-old siren technology. that brings you back to 1991. so that's the deal. just today for the free ride, correct. >> today. >> reporter: you have this truck in operation. >> this weekend at the auto show. if you go and check out our blog it's on tour at home depots across california. >> reporter: you can get more than one person in here f. you've got friends or carpool, here you have it.
6:27 am
it's random. you can't request it. random pickup. the type of thing that will get to you work and have your colleagues look at you kind of weird in a good way. >> like every day with bob. i think a lot of people would want that. >> what a surprise that would be. and bob redell living the dream. a fire truck. 6:27. a new challenge to the health care law. and now the supreme court is involved in this one. we'll tell you about the case that is pitting contraceptive rights against religious freedom. >> the commander in chief gets animated. why the president is about to make a tour of a major hollywood studio.
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>> >> contraception rights at the supreme court. we'll tell you about the religious challenge to the health care law coming up next. >> look at the opening bells this morning. waiting for it to ring. a shortened week of trading for this week of thanksgiving holiday. it is tuesday, november 26, this is "today in the bay."
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it's 6:30 on the nose. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today the federal health care law hitting another snag. now the supreme court is getting involved. tracie potts joins us in washington. this time the snag has nothing to do with the website. >> reporter: exactly. the website still having some issues, they have four days to work that out. this issue today is about the u.s. supreme court considering challenges coming up from some 40 companies, some of them now worked their way up to the court, about whether or not companies that have a religious objection to the health law religious objection to covering birth control, actually have to provide insurance for their employees.
6:31 am
there are several companies that are making that argument. on the other side you have medical groups on both sides arguing the science of this and that may end up being a big issue that the justices have to deal with. the other question that's come up in some of these cases what about individuals, employee who is have to pay premiums for health insurance that includes coverage that they don't believe in. does that violate their religious freedom? so today the justices are looking at a number of cases including the deciding what they want to take on for the rest of the term. if in fact they decide to take up one or more of these cases the oral arguments probably happen in spring, the decision as we often see with these high profile cases may not come until next june the end of the term. >> one to watch. thank you. >> president obama wrapping up his west coast tour where he's pushing his economic agenda and also hitting some film executives. yesterday mr. obama visiting with the family of the tsa agent
6:32 am
hernandez who was killed in l.a.x. earlier this m. he met with two agents wounded during the shooting. the seattle to san francisco to l.a. trip featuring seven fund-raisers for the democratic party. >> time to check the weather as we give you a live look from the south bay. overlooking san jose. the sun peeking through the clouds already a. cool start. what are we in store for today? >> good question. >> meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you guys. what a pretty start out in the south bay. san francisco also looking lovely. temperatures are mostly in the 40s and 50s right now. but we're going to hit the 60s and today will be the warmest of the week. high pressure still in control. it's kind of trapping in some of the ground level pollution. that's why we have unhealthy levels in the north bay. you want to limit your outdoor activity if you can if you suffer from respiratory issues. you want to look out for the elderly and the little ones.
6:33 am
looking good as we head throughout the day, lots of sunshine headed our way. temperatures are going to end up in the 60s. 65 in saratoga, 66 in morgan hill. along the peninsula, 65 in menlo park. mid market in san francisco bat 62 degrees. near twitter. fremont 62 and 67 out in pleas san on the. temperatures are going to be comfortable. things change, rain moving in. i'll time that out. you don't have to wait for it. we've got it scrolling at the bottom of our screen. let's take a look at the drive. >> a weather buffet. groob it when you want it. here is 880, we're seeing a good build to the volume of traffic northbound 880, a concern because we had not seen this much traffic on this tuesday and we also have been heading up to this. a report still of the blowout blocking the fast lane around market. before you get to 980 and you do see a slower drive approaching the area, sounds like the fast lane is blocked as you pass by for the crews that are helping
6:34 am
out. west 580 is moving. so is 24 and even east shore freeway not so bad. a look at the toll plaza we have metering lights turned on. we have these calming down. off the berkeley curve. things bog down. off 580 and 24 not a big deal for the lanes to the left. carpooling always a big advantage. even fast track. back to the maps south 880 starts to show slewing down through hayward passing the san mateo bridge and union city for 880 southbound, not a big deal in the northbound route to the south bay, 101 and 87, showing the yellow range, orange means speeds are around 50 miles per hour. and a smooth drive. back to you. >> thank you. 6:34. new this morning investigators trying to figure out what sparked a house fire displacing at least five people. the fire broke out about 11:30 last night at a two-story home
6:35 am
on 79th avenue a few blocks away from international boulevard. investigators say the fire started in the living room and crews had the flames under control in 15 minutes. we can also tell you nobody was hurt. >> 16-year-old boy accused of setting another teen on fire on a bus is expected to be in court today. richard allen thomas is being charged as an adult. prosecutors say he set 18-year-old sasha's skirt on fire. sasha who continues to recover from burns identifies as a-gender, neither male or female. thomas' attorney says his client should not be charged a as an adult and this was not a hate crime. >> sits ix:35. still ahead women controlled and held against their will. coming up we'll tell you about the victims and what they can tell us how their captors were able to control them and keep them in this house without using
6:36 am
physical force. >> the knock out game reported now in northern california. why a young boy says she the latest victim after dangerous illegal trend. ♪
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hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents? guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! >>. >> welcome back. how about that for inspiration. a colorful skyline there.
6:39 am
this is from our san bruno camera. a nice shot of the sky. let's give you another shot. how about this. this is from the south bay. san jose reflecting that. we've got the clouds out there. christina loren will tell us about rain in our forecast coming up in minutes. >> the house where three women were held in domestic servitude in london, it was boarded up today. the women were freed four weeks ago but police only told the public last week after they arrested two people. police say the women were not physically restrained but the captors used emotional control to keep them there. the women contacted freedom charity after seeing a group about slavery and forced marriages. >> a teen now claiming he has been the victim of that knock-out game. this is a dangerous bizarre trend reported in seven states. knock-out incidents involve young people randomly targeting
6:40 am
unsuspecting strangers. it's a sick game. the incidents often caught on camera and spread by social media. shane was the latest victim here in the area. he says he was attacked and hit right in the back of the head as he walked home. the teen suffered a concussion but so far no arrests have been made. >> that's brutal. >> it's sick to see this happening. who in the what does something like that. >> coming up, seven people shot and suspects on the loose. who does this as well. what police are focusing their search on. it's all ahead in a live report. >> looks like no charges for wikileaks leaker julian assange. we'll look at the legal case behind it coming up. >> we are getting so spoiled this tuesday morning. what a spectacular sunrise shot to show you. this is over san francisco. but we're getting the same gorgeous sky over most of the bay area. a couple things to point out in
6:41 am
the forecast. warmth today and then things change tomorrow with rain on the way for thanksgiving. we'll detail it all in moments. >> christina, i would say that is mesmerizing. right now let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. what is not so sweet is some of the traffic locking up. look beyond the traffic in the sky, again majestic, breathtaking, lovely to look at. we're trying to inspire you on a tuesday and you might want to lean on the -- we have thanksgiving coming up so suggest let the waistline shrink so you can get it going. trying to be helpful. >> you don't need to point out anything. more news ahead.
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6:43 am
it's 6:43 right now. and new this morning san jose police say drugs and alcohol did
6:44 am
not play a role in a deadly crash. it happened last night, police say a driver hit a woman near the corner of monterey road and san jose avenue. the male driver was not arrested. cooperating with the investigation. >> happening now holiday travel already in full swing at airports all across the country. >> plenty of people tried to beat the crowds a day before the busiest travel day of the year. take a look at the new misery map. >> okay. >> yeah. because all of that stormy weather, it's moving away from dallas and atlanta and it's moving toward the northeast. >> right now, atlanta has the most cancellations that is followed by houston and charlotte. this is one of those charts you don't want to be number one. so far things are moving for chicago airports but that could change because of you know how the weather get this is time of year. >> especially in chicago. we'll check in with meteorologist christina loren. let's start with sarah who joins us live from o'hare
6:45 am
international airport in chicago. how is it looking there? >> reporter: so far knock on wood the skies are clear here in chicago and the lines are moving smoothly through the american airlines terminal here. of course that could all change immediately depending on the weather here as well as the weather on the east coast. keep in mind that thousands of people connect through this airport here on their way to either coast. about 3 million people overall are expected to fly this holiday season. 43 million people traveling, either driving or flying this season. so far we're seeing some delays, cancellations, but so far things moving pretty smoothly here. tsa of course introducing a new app that allows you to check the wait time here's at security terminals and check what you can and can't bring, kind of speed through there as fast as possible. meanwhile, drivers sasing
6:46 am
dangerous winter conditions on the road are getting a little boost from cheap gas prices, the least expense sif since 2010. the key is to be sure to leave enough time, extra time in fact to get to your destination because with these crowds and traffic you are pretty much guaranteed to have unexpected delays. back to you. >> goodness. have a good thanksgiving. thank you. >> kind of busy out there, snowy out there, christina. we're not going to get snow but it's going to affect us. >> definitely. those delays always ripple out. even the volume alone you don't couple it with any sort of weather, it can be brutal this time of year at the airports. we're looking pretty good. peninsula is looking good. east bay good. no flight delays out of oakland. i want to show you the beautiful sky over the greater bay area. this is san jose. take you up north to san bruno. beautiful conditions here. we're getting the oranges, the
6:47 am
yellows and the reds this morning. and of course san francisco definitely not disappointing us this morning. just spectacular. beautiful conditions. maybe that family in town. doesn't always look like this. we have a lot of fog over the bridges typically but that is not the case. just getting spoiled. i want to talk about your travel forecast because we're likely going to see delays throughout the next couple days. at this point we don't have delays except for ft. lauderdale so keep that in mind we're looking good out of philadelphia but watch for sleet there later on today. new york's laguardia, snow on the way this afternoon. windy in chicago, nashville will see snow and that goes for washington, d.c. as well. so you want to check ahead as we head throughout the next couple days. i can tell you wednesday is looking worse than what we are expecting today across the nation. sun and cloud, it's going to end up in the 60s, looking for your high temperatures or what's going to happen over the weekend. the sunday forecast is at the
6:48 am
bottom of the screen. into the travel day turning mostly cloudy in the bay area and cooler but we'll hold off on showers until thanksgiving day when the on and off showers arrive. and they are mostly going to impact places south of the golden gate bridge. so we're looking pretty good. along the peninsula happy thanksgiving to you. showers, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 64 degrees out there. and yeah, i'm getting hungry looking at the turkey there, mike. how about you? >> very crappy place card holder. the bent wire in the shape of a turkey. looking here the bay area traffic pretty good thing. the peninsula not a problem. we have issue, north 87, north 81, north 101 we see speeds down in toward the 40 miles per hour mark. around capital expressway for both of those stretches. being a tuesday, 85, 280 just starting to see the volume build a tad bit. the tri-valley no big concerns. 580, now the build coming down through pleasanton causes
6:49 am
slowing. speeds in the upper 50s. that's a great flow. looking at north 880, the slowing north of the coliseum heading toward 980 there is a report after flat tire, they are scheduling a traffic break. more widespread and may be clearing from the road. we'll look at the live camera through the area and see the traffic flows nicely through the area toward the bay bridge toll plaza. off 880 there is a steady flow of traffic so that is a good sign 880 is looking fine. the beautiful sunrise coming u. we have the metering lights turned on. that's a lighter volume. there was an earlier crash. that cleared, off the berkeley curve slowing as you approach the straight away in toward the toll plaza. the north bay, we're looking at 101, southbound we got the volume now building up so there is slowing here as you approach north san pedro road. we have slowing through novato around highway 37 but not a major issue the north bay does have this commute unfortunately for 101 on the peninsula 101
6:50 am
moves smoothly as i mentioned before. a nice drive northbound through palo alto. bunching up as you approach 92. southbound more traffic volume but no problems, in the 60s here as well as 280 along that stretch. >> thank you, mike. it's 6:50. the alameda county sheriff's office made two arrests in current weather conditions the 23-year-old cold case murder. steven rudinger was murdered back in 1990. now deputies from alameda's cold case unit made a break. they will have a news conference and how they identified the accused murderers. >> a spike in car break-ins. 30 separate car burglaries in the last two weeks, this is really a common problem around the holidays because people are more likely to leave gifts and bags in plain sight. your best bet do not leave
6:51 am
valuables in your car. lock your doors. >> a software pioneer john mcafee is facing a stalking complaint. the 68-year-old tells nbc bay area he was not evicted, instead he chose to move out of the portland high rise apartment two months ago. the complaint says mcafee sent the property manager threatening e-mails and associated with armed motorcycle security guards. mcafee admits he has an armed motorcycle guard but says he has done nothing wrong. he now lives in montreal. a movie and book about his life is expected to be released next year. >> of course. the storylines he has, might as well put it down. it's looking more and more likely the u.s. will not charge julian asanction with a crime. >> he didn't leave secrets he published them. >> that seems to be the logic the justice accident following.
6:52 am
he didn't leave secrets. he took secrets stolen by others and published them. various news reports say the justice department dropped all charges guess assange because were they to charge him they would have to charge anyone who published a state secret. we continue to keep an eye on the case of a prominent banker and investor who claims he was attacked by his own uber driver in the castro. uber confirms that the driver is registered. police were called but nobody arrested. in the meantime, uber is trying to draw attention to the fact you can use the service in the south bay by giving away rides on the uber x system for free. they are smaller cars. in this case one of the cars that could show up to pick you up will turn heads, bob redell joins us live in sunnyvale. one of the more unusual ways to det through the commute.
6:53 am
[ siren blaring ] >> reporter: i think i need earplugs for this ride. this is what i'm talking about. you're looking at a 1991 spartan fire truck. if you're not familiar with uber it's a pier to pier ride sharing service. a lot of individuals with their cars. in this case it's a company that decided to get on board this fire truck. katie is with net. how did you get your hands on this? >> we bought it on craigslist. >> this is a free promo where anyone could end up in the truck. this is something you would have on the roads any time, zplek >> so the truck is just today, otherwise you can see it at the show this weekend. >> and what was the impetus behind doing a fire truck? >> we launched a new product
6:54 am
protect smoke alarm. what a better way than a fire truck. >> your colleagues, the man behind the wheel, is this your first time? i don't mean like today i hope it's not being a first time. the first time driving a fire truck? >> it is. >> how does she sflid. >> great. >> what surprised you snoft the power? >> power, yes. a really good engine. >> only 18,000 miles. and as you are aware. you want to do the siren one more time? chp is trailing us i'm sure this is legal. thank you. appreciate it. again, uber x promo you could end up this truck, 1991 spartan picking you up taking you to work. might want to bring earplugs. >> fair enough. bob redell live from a fire truck. you may get the uber fire truck. you don't know ahead of time. they performed stunts, they had
6:55 am
an ice cream truck, kitten delivery. recently google investment in uber its biggest single investment in google history. there are new companies we're talking about, an old company hewlett-packard around better than 70 years. reports profits after the closing bell. a close eye on that. >> very interesting. thanks. got to love that bob. >> that was fun. the cool thing when you want to wash it pull out the hose and squirt the truck. a check on the top stories. the local ones. christie smith live in oakland where police are looking for a gunman who wounded seven people. >> reporter: good morning. even the police chief showed up on this one calling it completely outrageous and brazen. seven people shot at nightfall. two in critical condition. five others expected to survive. this morning police looking for one gunman, maybe more, they are not sure after someone opened fire after 6:00 p.m. at 96 and olive streets. neighbors tell the trib there
6:56 am
may have been a barbecue on the street. one man was shot in the neck while walking with children. the victims ages 23-31, all of them men. oakland police saying the motive is unclear but they are asking witnesses to come forward and help them solve this. reporting live in oakland, christie smith. >> thanks. let's check in with marla tellez live in fremont where hundreds will gather to remember a beloved football coach. >> reporter: yes, laura, that's right. more than 1,000 people are expected to attend. the candlelight vigil planned for coach john webb at john f. kennedy high school where he made an impact for almost three decades. here is a memorial that's going to greet guests as they come into the high school. you see the flowers and balloons and candles. he coached here and teached here for almost 30 years. the gvigil starts at 6:00. it's best to arrive early to assure a parking space. it was over the weekend that
6:57 am
coach john webb a 76-year-old was struck and killed in sort of a freak accident along 680. he was being a good samaritan when he was hit and killed. he was directing traffic on 680 when he was hit by another driver. again, the vigil here at jfk high school in fremont is scheduled for 6:00. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> 6:57. a final check of the top stories. president obama in los angeles today. wrapping up his three-day west coast visit. he will stop at dream works studios for a speech on the economy before attending a fund-raiser at the home of co-creator of the sit com "friends." the president was in the bay area five hours. >> a new lawsuit as more women claim to have developed diseases after getting a vaccine meant to protect them against hpv. a teenager in paris claiming her onset of multiple sclerosis is a
6:58 am
side effect of the vaccine. >> the report will feature toys that pose dangers from choking, lead content, toxic chemicals and other problems. >> t-minus two days and counseleding to thanksgiving. christina is here to see what it's going to look like. >> man, i cantist the stuffing and the gravy and the mashed potatoes. you know, we're looking good for that. it's going to be nice. i want to point out we have showers on the way so plan on having the feast indoors. we're looking pretty good. we'll see the mid-60s as highs. let's check on the drive and say good morning to a man who loves turkey and traffic. mike inouye. >> i love both. they make me both sleepy. that's horrible to say. i don't sleep in traffic. we're looking at the stuffed roadway, 101 as it's slowing down a bit here, north of the
6:59 am
680/280 interchange. look at the maps. we have it bunching up. then letting loose by the time you get toward the airport. looking nice, slowing 101 past capital expressway, 87, this is the one that was coming down below the 20 miles per hour for stretches coming north up and then easing up, it looks like there is something going on on 87 because it's slowing around alma as well. i'm checking the reports. nothing yet. watch 85 for the slowdown as well. back to you. >> thanks so much. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local update. >> join marla tellez and i for nbc news bay area at 11:00. right now a look back outside. bob redell with the ride of a lifetime. using uber service today you might have a fire truck pick you up. >> they are offering free rides through thanksgiving. kind of a cool way to travel. >> if i was driving that i'd get
7:00 am
in trouble. i'd be squirting, running the engine, alarms. good morning, frozen in place, that huge storm now stretching from mississippi to maine causing new flight cancellations and delays has thanksgiving travellers struggle to get home. >> new insight, no answer. new photos of the newtown school shooting rampage and a look inside the gunman's world but why did he do it. >> bode's battle. bode miller forced to hand over his infant son in a bitter custody suit. the precedent it could set for pregnant women nationwide. and snake on a windshield. an unexpected guest


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