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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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a developing story as an east coast storm could prove to be a major mess here on the busiest travel day of the year. >> we want to show you some dramatic surveillance video. now a former firefighter accused of dui and tonight, several others are facing suspension. >> the new video shows a fire truck slamming into a cyclist. the firemen said the firefighter behind the wheel was drunk. >> he is no longer on the job.
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the fallout doesn't end there. nbc's reporter joins us in san francisco with the new details. >> reporter: five months after jack frazier was hit by a fire truck in this intersection, he is still recovering. officials say that firefighter was drunk. now the department is holding five other firefighters accountable. issuing suspension notices. a san francisco fire truck roared into the intersection of fifth and howard and slam into a motorcycle. throwing jack frazier into a fire hydrant. this is frazier in the hospital in june. his attorney said his client is still recovering from extensive injuries. >> he sustained massive leg injuries. he had a collapsed lung, fractured ribs, he sustained a left tibia fracture, the left
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knee fracture. >> reporter: they say the firefighter passed the drug and alcohol test buzz the driver left the scene. fire officials said he went into the bar where a camera recorded the veteran firefighter chugging water. when quinn did show up at the station hours later, his blood alcohol level measured over the legal him at .13. the fire department said quinn was drunk when he hit frazier. >> this guy made an incredible mistake, an egregious mistake but it seems systemic. >> reporter: the attorney points to a 2004 grand jury report that found widespread drinking in san francisco fire houses. he has filed a lawsuit against quinn and san francisco. and according to firefighters, this week the department sent five firefighters who were involved in the june accident suspension notices. frazier's attorney hopes the incident and the fallout will help the san francisco fire department eliminate fire house
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drinking. >> i'm confident this is a very, very small minority of the fire department. but it all has to end. period. >> reporter: the fire department union officials say members who receive suspension notices say they plan to appeal that suspension. as for quinn, he resign from the department. the district attorney's office has not filed charges in this case. a spokesperson tell me the investigation is ongoing. reporting from san francisco. >> now to some developing weather news. we are on the eve of the busiest travel day of the year and we have a few wrinkles thrown into the mix. storm warnings are in effect as we speak on the east coast. snow is covering the ground in places like buffalo, new york. but it is heavy rain and wind that might cause some major delays. you can see how this big storm looks from space. it stretches from texas all the way to new england. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and what kind of domino effect will
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we have? >> that storm continues to strengthen over the next six to 12 hours, it is hitting the northeast to atlanta. we are going to likely see those delays stack up here at sfo. especially in the morning hours. what we'll find at 5:30 in the morning, heavy rainfall from boston to new york, all the way to washington, d.c. that will hold on until about 11:30 in the morning. so do expect delays at sfo potentially all morning long as we head throughout the wednesday forecast. by the afternoon, that storm system pushes out and we should have some improved conditions at our airports. we'll have more on the thanksgiving coastal storm coming up. this is a week about family and friends. but in freedom they lost a good friend and community leader. he died helping people. a long time high school football coach who was killed on interstate 680 was honored this evening. chase is in fremont. no school this week at kennedy high. the campus was still crowded tonight, was not it? >> reporter: crowded indeed. we're talking about 2,000 people
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that showed up only the. and possibly one reason for such a strong show of support is that coach webb's death was so unexpected. he had stopped on the 680 freeway to help direct traffic around the fender bender on another car, drove by hit him and killed him. >> thank you for being such a great coach. >> reporter: if your life can be measured by the number of people you touched, then john webb could be considered among the best. just look at this crowd. >> he has impacted many people's lives. he was a great man. >> reporter: and a life whose life revolved around two things. football and what wound up costing him his life. helping people. >> i want him to know the thing that happened on the hoix john got out of the car to help somebody on the highway. a kid was in trouble at school, john was there to help take care of them. >> reporter: coach mike spent 30
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years on the sidelines with john webb but ask about anyone at the vigil and they'll tell you, it didn't take 30 years to love john webb. only a moment. >> he was more than just a teacher and a coach to me. he was a life mentor. he taught me tons of stuff about the game and co-put a smile on anybody's face. >> to celebrate his life. you know he lived it fully. he lived each and every day to its max. >> reporter: what more fitting way to send off coach webb than with one last sound of applause. and that vigil wrapped up more than four hours ago. look at some of the members of the football team still out. there they're holding candles. they've been relighting candle that's have burned out. that should tell you something about how they feel about coach webb. one last thing to show you, a bit of his dedication to the players and the students. the head football coach. the current football coach said
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he asked if he could come back and coach just one more season. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new at 11:00, the search for a man who threw two cats into the san francisco bay. a man threw a woman's belong sboogs the bay including a cat carrier with two animals inside. people had to hold the woman back from jumping in after her pets. both cats drowned. animal control has only a vague description of the man. it is not clear if he knew woman at this point. he is describe as being six foot tall, a white man in a black hoodie riding a skate board. >> we need the suspect. we need him desperately. we need people to come tell us anything. even the slightest little thing like i saw a tattoo on his hand or what color tennis shoes he was wearing. >> reporter: animal control said there were a lot of people walking near pier 13 so they are hoping a witness will come
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forward. passengers called for help after witnessing a stabbing on a vta train. that attack brought the train to a halt in sunnyvale as it was headed there this afternoon. the victim went to stanford hospital with several stab wounds. 30 people were on the train when the stak occurred. one of the passeers used the train intercom to call for help. so far no word on the motive. tonight in east san jose, neighbors are concerned about a potential escalation of violence after this week's shooting of an 18-year-old man. george kiriyama is on the east side of town. there could be retaliation. will there be more police patrol? >> reporter: well, the police suppression unit is keeping a close eye in and around the park where last saturday morning's homicide happened. we saw several patrol cars happen in that area. neighbors are saying they need to get more involved to keep
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their communicate safe. >> i'm very worried. >> reporter: he has lived all of his life in what he call a very tough neighborhood of east san jose. he's worried about violence escalating. he said he is living proof of someone who towed the straight line and now has a job and a family of his own. >> it is a long journey. it is up to the parents to really make an impact, to put attention where they're going out. >> reporter: the night after an emotional candlelight vigil, the cortes family and some close friends returned to the same spot. the family said he was not a gang member but his killing happened in an area that's gang territory. the san jose police gang sow pregs unit kept a watchful eye making sure the family was safe and thing stay peaceful. >> it is heart. it hurts. to their cries of mothers and see the pain. >> reporter: denny sanchez is a volunteer chaplain for the gang task forceful he is concerned
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about the tension being felt in the neighborhood. >> extensive violence. people are hurting and i just, my message would be, don't do something foolish that you'll regret the rest of your life. >> reporter: he work with the young men on the street. many of them gang members. he wants to change their lives before it is too late. >> show them that we care about them. show that they are a vital part of our communicaty and our futu. >> reporter: he wants to see mentors and role models. >> if i see someone who might need some help or something like that, i would be willing to do that. and i'm sure everyone in this community would too as well. >> reporter: the cortes family still trying to raise money for the funeral. they are holding a car wash at the high school starting tomorrow at 10:00. we're live in east side san jose. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. thank you. still ahead, how to fight a baby? a viral video raising concerns
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about how much fun is too much fun for a little baby. and you're finally making money off that great idea you've had for years. one day you get slapped with a lawsuit over your own idea. the growing trend killing some silicon valley dreams. and talking turkey, what many men are doing that they've never done before. good evening. we are tracking a coastal storm system. we'll talk that some potential showers coming up in a few minutes.
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>> up like this and slam! >> it is this how to fight a baby video that has gone viral racking up half a million views on youtube in the first 24 hours. it shows demonstrating some moves on his 10-month-old son. the baby is smiling and it looks like he's been having fun. reaction has been mixed about the fake chokeholds and body slams. the video has people talking about whether daddy is going too far. in the end, the pinlt size competitor is the victor with a scratch to dad's eyeball. >> silicon valley is the land of innovation and entrepreneurship. what happens when someone steals your idea? >> it hams more often than you think. smaller company usually pay the price or are driven out of business. stephanie joins with us the story new at 11:00. >> good evening. we're talking about innovation and big stakes. the stage for patents can be big
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and small. especially for those small companies, it can make or break a business. from apple versus samsung to apple versus google. the wars continue. a battle to grab as much of the estimated $300 billion market. >> we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas. >> reporter: and it all boils down to who tones right patent. >> it has been like the while west no sheriff in sight. >> reporter: it can cost millions for product redesign. for start-ups, kit cost everything. >> this can put us out of business. >> reporter: forcing the end. kate got her mba from stanford in 2011 and launched less than a year later. it features technology that allows users to virtually try on eyewear, customizing them for their face. >> we assess that we did not
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infringe on any issued patent out there. >> reporter: the san mateo based start-up. >> over 100,000 people have come to our webb to create dittos. >> reporter: one of those users was not the typical ditto customer. the management team from 1-800 came to our website to use it. a month later they went out to acquire a patent that they're now using to sue us well. >> reporter: they own 1-800 contacts slammed them with a lawsuit in february. in a statement they said they bought a pat in any event 2012 to protect a virtual try-on system that started in 2011 before ditto launched its website said it could have purchased the same patent but chose to ignore it and launched their website. >> they poixd it. if you purchase a patent, you have a weapon the same day you
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buy it. >> they said they file for their own patent which costs up to $25,000 and takes an average of two years to get approved. and the start-up still in its instant stages would not survive a court battle. >> would it take $2 tompb 3 million to win. >> even settling might take $200,000 to 300,000. >> i can remember days going home from work where my husband said, it is going to be okay. >> reporter: just two weeks later they got hit again. this time from a company that does not have significant assets nor create products. it filed a lawsuit for patent infringement against ditto and 12 other companies. >> we decided to start making noise. >> reporter: they decided to fight fire with fire. notorious as perhaps the biggest patent control of all. a report by a patent risk manager has hemmed clients sue more than 1,600 companies in the
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last five years. >> really good at what we do. >> reporter: the deal with ditto? $1 million equitiy in the company if they could get the two lawsuits to go away. a brand new vent you are and tactic using a patent to fight others. all it took was two phone call to a company to drop the suit. >> we got the first case. we got it dismissed without kate having to pay any money. >> reporter: the attorney said kate and ditto did not walk away for free but confirm there was a deal. >> right now there is very little a start-up can do. >> reporter: trekker of the institute for innovation law. >> there are million of patents outstanding and it is very difficult to know what any individual patent costs. it will cost between $1 million and $6 million in litigation
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fees just to final out. >> reporter: the smallest company that make less than $10 million in revenue that are hit the hardest. making up 55% of unique defendants. the damage has been done. forcing her to lay off her friends. but she said fighting is the only option. not just for her start-up but for all of the little guys. >> that's worth fighting for. >> now 1-800 contacts claim against ditto is ongoing and neither side looks like it will be backing down. as for how much the patent claims can cost, in 2011 alone they drained company of $29 billion in direct costs. >> quite steep. thank you. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. everyone is coming home for the holidays. >> yes. we are going to have a few speed bumps in that forecast. namely our thanksgiving forecast storm. things looking a little juicier
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than anything anticipated about three days ago. needless to say it will be an interesting next 36 hours for us in the weather department. right now as we get a look, it is cold in the north bay. 44 degrees, a little cloud cover. 49 in the east bay. for the south bay voork with some overcast skies in san francisco. what you'll see is that wind coming out of the south and also slightly out of the east at 15 miles per hour. that is not good enough, nearly good enough to delay air traffic for us. so that is good news. current airport delays are showing us some improving conditions. despite the fact the east coast has that big storm system slamming them right now from boston all way down to washington, d.c. all airports are green. that means it is a go. despite heavy rainfall, those planes are able to take off and handled with no problem. i think by tomorrow morning, it could be a different story at those airports.
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now let's look at the storm system continuing to approach offshore. as we head throughout the next 24 hours, it will get so close. in fact, uncomfortably close. we could have rain bands just 60 to 100 miles offshore. the bulk of the forecast models continue to bring this off to the south and keep the heaviest rainfall away. i do not think at this point it will be a completely dry thanksgiving. let's get a look at the timing. i think the highest rain chance will be on thanksgiving at the coast. also for the santa cruz mountains. the rain totals at this point, only trace amounts, .500 of an inch. we're looking at a 45% chance of showers as we head throughout thanksgiving. the coastline having the heist possibility. on that micro climate forecast for our wednesday, take a second. final your location here for the south bay. you can see it will stay clouded over. we'll get some rays of sunshine filtering through but it won't be a sunny day by any means. 63 in san jose.
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it will stay in the cool side throughout the peninsula and very cloudy with that onshore flow coming out. in san francisco along the embarcadero, some sun and temperatures in the low 60s. let's take you across the north bay. what you'll find here, a mix of sun and clouds. for the east bay, cold in oakland with 60 in the tri-valley. that's the best spot to get in on some sunshine for pleasanton and livermore. let's get a look at thanksgiving. we'll push it one more day ahead. remember that seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen. you can see some changes tuesday and wednesday of next week. temperatures in the 60s. that cloud cover on the increase. if you're doing a road trip from the bay area across california, do look for some of the worst weather on thanksgiving on highway 101 from santa maria down to about los angeles where some of that wet weather is coming your way. overall, not too bad. i think we won out when you compare the east coast storm
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system with our storm system. definitely much better on the west coast. >> definitely better. >> we'll take it. what's going on with the sea otters? the bite the the monday ray bay aquarium and the anchor man.
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no new trial for o.j. a judge rejected his bid for a new trial. the judge ruled the claims lacked merit. since his attorney is expected to appeal. simpson maintains he was just trying to get back his belonging sthat had been stolen from him. certain supplements may prevent hiv patients from getting more sick. researchers looked at patients in africa who had never taken any hiv drugs a combination, two years later their health risks were cut in half.
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scientists suggest more studies are needed. the holiday is almost here. this year it is the turkey first. men are joining the women who have served as turkey experts for decades. butter ball found 32% of the men will be cooking the turkey so they decided to provide some expertise as well. they will receive about a million calls. >> you're saying i can call this helpline? >> you can call. help! it's not defrosted! >> dave will be calling the helpline and so will jay. >> a fun show. good old boy quentin tarantino tonight. plus, cooking with jim stacy.
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be carefulful she's going to
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ask you if you're going to cook a thanksgiving turkey. >> i can't cook anything. >> you can call the butter ball helpline. >> i'll be here working with you. >> i cannot cook, sadly. the warriors, they can cook and they can play but they were missing the big man in the big easy. no andrew bogut in the lineup. he served the one-day suspension in his part. not the best way to try to end a three-game skid. we go to new orleans. the warriors and the pelicans. jermaine o'neal. two minutes left. o'neal has a shot blocked. he stays with it. and he had 18 points and eight boards. one minute left. evans misses but no one puts a body on anthony davis. the pelicans down just one. final possession. the pelicans with a chance. eric gordon, no! in and out. the warriors hold on to win
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102-101. >> it may not look good all the time. we keep fighting. it doesn't matter who is on the court in a warriors uniform. we have enough. with all the injuries, losing some games, we've lost in the last three games. we're going to be reward. >> football, the 49ers activated michael crabtree from the physically unable to perform list. and the third string quarterback. the head coach said he anticipates crabtree will make his debut this sunday at home against the rams. one more quick football note. the raiders' head coach dennis allen said the running back will hopefully suit up for thanksgiving versus the cowboys. back with more news after the break. don't go anywhere.
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the monterey bay aquarium is striking back at this man. will ferrell and his newsman character say sea otters are the dumbest animal on planet earth. the endangered animals are coming back at them. >> they're saying stay classy.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- quentin tarantino, deep fried thanksgiving cooking with jim stacy, the music of luke bryan,
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and fake spokesperson auditions. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hey! thank you very much! thank you. thank you very much! there you go. hi, everybody. welcome to "the tonight show." oh, boy, all ready for thanksgiving? yeah. [ cheers ] it's a great holiday.


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