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tv   Today  NBC  November 27, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. i've got hodie laughing already. >> yes, you do. >> it's booze day tuesday. november 26th. we're delighted you're here. we're delighted rick springfield is here. >> i like when he's here. he always sings a little something. >> the adorable, hussy guy. matthew hussy is with us answering your relationship questions. we have a guest, a very, very prestigious peresian is in our midst.
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>> we love when people speak in other languages come to visit us. >> sylvie is here. >> we want to welcome her. we like hearing her speak. >> we're not in paris. on the armed forces network we might be. >> on the web. >> so my mom, my brother, his wife and two kids are all coming to see me for thanksgiving. they are getting on a train here this afternoon. >> they're going to beat the bad weather. >> the bad weather is blanketing the east coast and a lot of other states where it's gone through. there are airport delays and all the rest. >> i spoke to my mom this morning. it was already raining really bad. i'm glad they're not flying. that train is pretty effective, you know? nice and safe. you never leaving the ground if you know what i mean. >> i opened up my fridge with a hefty bag and started dumping stuff that had expired. >> not since the ice age have you done it before. >> there was stuff in there from the last -- few things from the last thanksgiving.
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don't act like it's not in your fridge too sometimes. >> are you kid -- >> little -- not like -- not like food in containers. >> is there some turkey in there, 1-year-old turkey. >> we bought some other stuff, sauces. oh, that must have been from -- and i opened up the spice cabinet. >> yeah. >> lots of stuff is there. i was like, what -- not just spices but crackers that were opened from god knows when. >> you put your shoes in there, don't you? you use your kitchen for other things like boib thomas does. >> when they come i clean. >> that's good. >> wow, my apartment looks awesome. >> can you imagine how horrible holidays would be if you couldn't stand your family? >> oh, god. >> that's the case for a lot of people. >> yeah. yeah. >> couldn't stand them. >> i know. you know what, this is interesting. you brought up something interesting about how sometimes kids and their parents get separated when they're having a meal together. >> right. yeah. after church on sunday we went to a little restaurant that we love.
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it's actually the restaurant where cody and cassie went as little people to learn how to behave. i remember watching them play. cody had his gi joe guys and cassie would have her barbies at the end of lunch cody's guys would be dead and kathy's people would be matched up and be in love. i thought that was healthy, nice play. they were in their own creative world. i was at a lovely, lovely -- two families having lunch as well. i saw something that i've never, ever seen before. it was every child had on headphones and their own ipad through the entire lunch. the food came and they ate with this. >> with the headphones on? >> yeah. i -- i'm not judging at all what the parents are doing, i just thought -- i remember thinking, oh, my gosh, how life has changed so much. and i treasure those lunches i
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had with my kids where they would talk and i didn't lose -- you lose them so soon anyway. i think places like college, boyfriends, cars and things. i want to hold my kids as close as long as i can. >> right. right. >> i understand why it's great for the parents because then they can talk and chat and fun for the kids, they don't have to -- >> i think it should be -- it's not -- like i get why sometimes parents need quiet time and they want their child to do their thing. i think once the food is served, the headphones should come off, ipads down, you should have conversation. but i do think there's something weird that's happening. you can see with kids and ipads and headphones and even i'm sorry even grownups with headphones, you walk down and i feel so sorry for flight attendants. would you like something to drink? what? what? >> everybody is in their own little world. there's so little in life we can control. the world is jt such a mess and everything is going down the
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toy toy. you want to control one little -- one piece of the earth, one piece of the nether world. >> you walk down the street and someone is listening to music and they knock into you. i bumped into someone and said i'm sorry. they're so lost, they didn't know that i hit them accidentally. >> like that girl on the basketball court. whoosh. yeah, i don't know. i would love to hear how you feel about it. i'm not judging, i'm saying this is how much -- we had a segment on a couple years ago where we talked about we now live in what's called a post modern society. for the first time ever in the history of civilization, we are more comfortable with technology than we are with other human beings. i think that's ultimately a dangerous thing. >> you see it in how kids are dating. now it's a text and a text and a text and an e-mail. then when you finally get the phone call, the real contact, even that's a big deal. >> they don't know how to actually talk to each other when they go on a date? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> anyway, boy, am i old. anyway, yesterday, you want to feel grateful.
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first of all, the thing i don't see enough people doing before meals is saying a prayer of gratitude. i know you like crazy people, but i think it's so important to realize where all our blessings are coming from. yesterday we went to the new york city rescue mission. >> we go every year. it's a great thing where a lot of families come and get a nice, good, hot thanksgiving meal. >> they're brought in from the homeless shelters. >> some of the kids are so adorable. >> so precious. >> and so great. they had music and -- >> tony wright from fox was over there. he was singing away and he took over for me. i didn't sing this year. >> real thing about this kid. this kid is sitting at a table. hi. he said have you seen evelyn. i go, evelyn? evelyn, have you seen her? he said, who is she? she's my mom. she missed the bus. he was with his grandmother. so we're sitting there, the kid's staring at the door. then this woman walks in, and you could have died. this kid -- >> sheer joy. >> -- hugged her waist and
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didn't let go. it was like one of those moments. he was such a great kid. i thought, you know, you look at a kid like that. he's beaming. dressed. he had his jacket on. >> yeah. >> it was very sweet. >> i have been doing that for many, many, many years. it's an amazing organization. when i started going to that thanksgiving banquet years ago, there were no families. >> wow. >> it was all individuals, mostly men. >> wow. >> in the years since it's women, it's all -- >> families. >> families. so many families. >> yeah. >> you know, let's just be really mindful to start taking care of people that don't have the means to take care of themselves. >> all right. occasionally on our program we get to break news. it doesn't happen often, but every now and then something is leaked at 10:00 a.m. here is what is leaked. entertainer of the year by "entertainment weekly," it is sandra bullock. >> yeah. she's having a heck of a year. >> the pictures inside are gorgeous. i'm sorry but -- >> first of all, she's drop dead beautiful.
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she's so talented and a nice woman. >> i like her hair like that. >> kind of messy. this is even a better picture. love this. love this. look how great she looks. that only took about a couple hours and about five people. we've seen her without any of that. she looks just as gorgeous. >> she does. you know when we loved, we saw "the heat" when we went to florida. we sat with popcorn on the couch and watched "the heat." if you haven't seen that with melissa mccarthy. >> i have not seen it. >> let's watch a clip since we have it. >> stop pulling my pants off. >> jesus. >> what? >> what are those? >> what? what are those? >> stop. stop it. they're my spanx. they hold everything together. >> why? what's popping out? >> it went on about airing it out. >> "gravity" made 536 million worldwide. she's having a heck of a year. >> she is. congratulations. >> remember what happened when she won the academy award and then her marriage imploded. then she got that beautiful little boy luis.
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>> there's a new video, you guys have probably seen it. the kanye/kim video. it's a music video of kanye west. we'll show you a clip and then we'll talk about a parody. ♪ you remember where we first met? ♪ okay, i don't remember where we first met but hey admitting is the first step ♪ ♪ ain't nobody perfect and i >> that's his music video with kim and him. james franco and seth rogen thought it would be hysterical and funny to parody that video in their own way. let's take a look. you remember where we first met? ♪ okay. i don't remember where we first met but that's it and i know we got the worst rep but, hey, i ain't perfect ♪ ♪ hey, maybe we can make it to christmas ♪ >> oh, my god!
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>> oh. >> oh, oh, oh. ♪ we can make it to the church steps ♪ >> all right. that's so disturbing i don't even know where to start. wow. >> kim gave it a thumbs up on twitter. she thought it was funny. nailed it. >> kanye has yet tweeted. >> he'll wait until he's doing a concert and he'll rant about it for 20 minutes. >> we have a quick call out. barbara corcoran is going to be here with the curb appeal. if you think your house needs a facebook, take a picture and post it on our website. it's so easy. just go right there and click. >> and she might choose your house and we'll give it curb appeal. >> we have two gorgeous guys in the wings waiting. >> matthew hussey fills you in. >> guess who's here? rocker rick springfield. he tells you why he is stripping down for you.
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>> maybe we can get him to sing a little bit right after this. >> okay.
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♪ i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ >> if you're about our age, that song will take you back to some good old times. the year, 1981 where hair was big and you couldn't get enough -- >> a lot of people were high, too. >> exactly. which earned rick springfield a grammy. >> now the aussie rocker is bearing it all just for you. his stripped down tour. that means he's hitting the road solo without his band and with a whole new feel. we're so happy you're here. >> welcome. >> concert last night, hoda woman. >> i heard. >> interview with us today. >> what happened to my wine? >> jerry? >> jerry took it. >> jerry, something happened to my wine. >> we'll bring it back to you. >> so how is it playing in the stripped down version, just you and maybe another guitarist occasionally? >> just me actually. it's great. i wanted to try something different. >> here you go. >> oh, thank you.
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>> thank you. >> yeah -- what? >> yeah. >> wine, what hour is it? 10:00 in the morning. you've got to love that. >> that's how we roll. a big rock star, you usually go out and party but you knew you were coming to our show. what time to you go to bed? >> the show ends about midnight so got to bed about 1:30. quite a long show actually because i do a lot of story telling, tell stories about the songs and a lot of funny -- i've lived a pretty peculiar life and a lot of funny stories. >> the crowd must be going crazy because whenever you come here your groupies follow. >> hey! of course i knew that one. duh. >> do you ever get tired of that one? >> no, i don't. it's like your cutest child. when you bring your cutest child out and your aunts and uncles ooohhh, and ahhh. that's basically what it is with a song like that. >> but do you new stuff all the time and they embrace it.
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>> when you go to your concerts will you see grinch children all the way up to the grandmother? >> yeah. it's a pretty big scope. it's great. i love it. we see families. we had a five day fan event at club med in florida. >> oh, wow. >> it was families. it was great. you come to party and we drink and play songs we've never played before. it's really amazing. >> you're still having a good time at it. that's the key, isn't it? >> how are you playing with that bandaged hand? >> i burned my hand. that's the problem with drinking tea instead of wine. i tipped my hand and got a second degree burn on my hand. >> you can burn your liver with that though. >> that's -- that's -- that's okay. you don't see that. >> now when you said part of your act is just telling stories. are you talking about, you know, things that people would read in your memoir? >> there's some stuff in the memoir. i didn't want to just do the memoir thing although there's a lot of stories in there. there's lots of stories.
2:21 am
there's -- a lot's happened in my life. >> is that what's coming up in may? >> no. >> novel? >> my first novel is coming out in may called "magnificent vibration." i'm really excited about it. i wanted to be a novel writer when i was a kid. it was songs -- stories like scad man, little horror stories, then songs took over and the music. >> the chicks. the chicks dig the singers, baby. >> more than writers. i kind of got that. >> do you mind playing a little of "jesse's girl" for us? >> how does it go? they forgot to tune my guitar so excuse me. >> fire the tuner. ♪ jesse is a friend ♪ yeah, i know he's been a good friend of mine ♪ ♪ but lately something's changed, it ain't hard to define. jesse's got himself and i wanna make her mine ♪ >> i love it when people sing my lines. ♪ and she's loving him with that
2:22 am
body, i just know it ♪ ♪ and he's holding her in his arms late, late at night ♪ >> go. ♪ you know, i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ ♪ i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ >> tell me. ♪ how can i find a woman like that ♪ >> just in time for thanksgiving, everybody. >> thanks, rick. >> great to see you. have fun tonight. we are going to finally get our bar cart stocked up with all the essentials. >> you're welcome to stay. >> right after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is mike.
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as you know, we have wanted a bar on this show for a long time. when the studio went through the renovation, they found one. >> we finally got one. let's not get carried it way. it's a bar cart. >> well, they happen to be a big trend right now. >> here to make sure it's stocked with all of the essentials. it's eddie ross. he's the east coast editor of "better homes and gardens." >> how are you?
2:27 am
>> how's everything? >> it's going well, and we are starting here with this awesome cart. but, first, we have martinis. >> dirty. >> made for you. >> and the olive. >> sylvie. >> come on. >> we're going to bring in our french speaker for this. >> do you like? >> here, sylvie, you try that. >> tell us in french what you think of it, please. >> this is awkward. delicious. a little strong for the morng though. >> here, baby. >> not bad, sylvie. >> thanks. >> all righty. this is pretty. >> what should we have on our bar cart. >> on the bar cart here, gin, vodka, rum, whisky. everything you need. if you decant it, make sure you have tags.
2:28 am
here we have a good mix of new and old. you need all the bar tools. of course, a great ice bucket. >> what bar tools? what do you mean? >> we have a strainer, we have a martini shaker here. your little jigger. your little bottle opener. a little bar tool for cutting lemon/lime. >> look at these little straws, the metal ones. >> is that what they are? >> yes. >> you want to make your bar cart as accessible for your guests. >> right. >> make sure that everything is there for them. here we have little bowls that i love that are $4 and they're great for little lemons, limes. it's a good mix of vintage and new. here i w antiquing this weekend. i found this decanter for $3.99 at the goodwill in connecticut. >> what a great shopper you are. >> all the mix of metals, copper, gold, silver. >> be brave. >> be brave. >> not matchy matchy.
2:29 am
>> not matchy matchy. you can find things from the high end retailers all the way to target now. here if you don't have, you know, floor space for a bar cart, a little bar tray is great. here you can put it out. we have it set up as a mimosa bar. >> everybody can help themselves. >> you can enjoy your party and let the guests help you out, too. >> some of them are heavy handed. >> you have to make sure you have extra stashed away to replenish. a little bowl for nuts, lemons, limes. paper cocktail napkins are just as good as linen. >> okay. >> really, it's the way to go for holiday entertaining. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, jill martin has charming holiday gift ideas all for under 50 bucks. >> the always charming, we enjoy him, matthew hussey is here to answer your questions. >> is hussey here? >> hussey is here in the house. >> all of that after your news.
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we're back on this tuesday. >> here to tell you what he's really thinking is relationship expert and host of "love life" with matthew hussey. >> i showed up and i was like oh, wow, you really got me spot on, obviously. >> shall we begin? >> yeah, let's do it. >> all right. tricia has a question for you and here it is. she says, we've been dating for two years and are in the process of house hunting. we haven't met each other's family yet but i suggested we should meet each other's family first before buying a house together. he changes the subject each time i bring it -- bring up family. he seems very hesitant.
2:33 am
what should she do? >> i think firstly family seems important to her and it seems less important to him. that could be for one of a few reasons. the worst reason that she would want to hear is that he's not really committed. he's not really house hunting with her, he's just going through the experience of looking at houses. >> a mortgage is one thing. >> he's not actually going to do it and, therefore, he's not meeting the family either because he's keeping her at arm's length. another reason is he is lazy. if he's across the country, there's another part that might not want to do it. still not a good sign. laziness can come down to it, too. >> he can be estranged from his family. she would have known that in the two years. >> even if he's not close to his family, you'd think he would want to meet her family. my big question to her is why are you asking me? ask the guy. she keeps asking him, do you want to come meet my family, should we meet each other's families. if he keeps avoiding the subject start talking about that.
2:34 am
start asking him -- look, is this family thing making you uncomfortable? if so, why? people don't give other people enough credit for giving them honest answers. if you ask the guy, a lot of times he'll tell you. >> that was a smart -- >> good, matthew. >> next question, ladies. >> ann is going to ask her own question on skype. >> we hope. >> hi, ann. >> hi. >> of course she is. it's working, yeah! >> hi, ann. >> hi. >> what's your question, hon. >> i recently celebrated my 31st birthday. i have a great life, amazing family and friends but the one thing i focus on is that i don't have anyone to share my life with. i think when i go on dates or meet men i try to rush things and force it to work and i just want to get to a place where i'm happy being single and can go on dates and have fun. how do i do that? >> good question. yeah. >> good for you for your honesty, sweetie. i think that's great. >> ann, it sounds like right now you associate pain with being single and pleasure with being in a relationship, right?
2:35 am
what is it you're looking for in a relationship? what will it give you that you don't have now? >> i guess i just feel to have someone to share my life with. you know, during the holidays and things like that, it just seems like it would be nice to have someone to celebrate these things with. >> i think right now there are many people in your life you can celebrate those things with. it doesn't have to be that one special someone. i also think that tendency to rush things because you want the result is the exact thing that scares guys off, right? so the way to not rush it is to say to yourself instead, okay, what is it i really want in a guy because i'm sure there are many things you want in a relationship but when you meet someone after five minutes you begin projecting the relationship you think it is rather than the relationship you actually have. see, in the dating stage, it's one of those rare times where -- it's one of the only times where we're the buyer and the seller at the same time. right now you're thinking of yourself as the seller. will he want me? will he want me?
2:36 am
i've got to make myself good enough. i want you to remember you're the buyer as well. when you're in the early stages of dating, you're judging whether he's right for you. you won't know that in the first day, the first week or the first three months necessarily. you're going to know by what he does for you and that's something only time can tell. stop making yourself more desperate than you actually are. >> yeah. >> great advice. >> a lot of it is pressure from your loved ones, families. you're 31, not married, not having children. do you feel a lot of that, sweetie, so it's coming from outside pressures? >> i do, yes. definitely. >> here's the thing i'll say, ann. relationships are a beautiful thing. if you're not enough with one, you're not enough with one. >> that is genius. >> who are you? >> give it up for matthew. can we find a better way to skype? >> love you, matthew. >> you rocked it. >> that was great. if you have a relationship question for mr. matthew go to >> guess where you go? >> connect button.
2:37 am
one way to impress your guy is with a great gift. >> jill martin has ideas that won't break the bank right after this. [ female announcer ] why do we think a tiny breakfast helps us weigh less? eat all this with new special k multi-grain cereal. data shows women who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don't. a new perspective. what will you gain when you lose?
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it is time to go shopping and check out our holiday gift guide. christmas is still a month away. hanukkah begins tomorrow night. people have not been buying their presents jill martin says. >> she hatches to be the contributing editor for "people style watch" jill martin. you have great finds for us, right? >> everything under 50 bucks. >> everything under 50 bucks. i am so excited for this gift guide. i feel like every year we sort of -- >> what do we have? >> who doesn't love a panty ornament from hanky-panky. >> if you don't like those, which i happen to, they have naughty and nice packets. during the day you can wear white and at night you can wear black. >> i don't like my rear end.
2:42 am
i like my grantee pants. leave me alone. >> you know what you like, your scented candles. >> $30. >> nice. >> so this is just a great way. >> cream and cologne. >> you guys are going to flip. put your eyes in there and click. >> oh, my god. >> you have seven photos. >> are you kidding? oh, hodie. >> oh, my gosh, i look so fat. >> so that's my family. we're showing this. >> oh, my god. >> this is my family. you upload seven photos. >> my mom. >> i know. i did it. >> i can't wait to show them. >> it comes with this and -- >> oh, my god. >> seven pictures. >> look at mine. >> it comes like this. you make the middle. look. >> oh. >> that's my mom. we're shooting it through the camera so everyone can see.
2:43 am
>> this is it's for $29.99. upload seven photos. >> i love this. this is a great gift. >> done. done. >> so far you're on a roll except for the panties. >> you can see up here, it comes framed with this little heart. >> that's adorable. >> you upload the photos and it comes shipped. >> how about your family? >> it comes just like that. >> thank you. >> let's move on to bracelets. >> let's. >> i saw these when we were doing yoga on a girl and attacked her. where did you get them? you can put whatever you want on them. i have love and bella. i have 4th hour. blake. bambino. casey, christine. if you have nieces, dogs. >> there's bella.
2:44 am
>> then these are something i thought you would love. they're interchangeable and they each have a message on them. >> life is either a great adventure or nothing. they come in these great styles. >> then old navy, i love initial sweaters. just a fun little gift. under $50. initial sweaters. then sea weather, 10 to $50. they have pillow cases with your initials on them. >> that's all they are, $10. >> 10 to $48. >> makeup cases with your initials. phone dishes. all kinds of initials. >> scarves. >> i have one for each of you. these are jerry garcia art scarves. these are inspired, there's actual artwork put on to scarves., 19 to $40. >> they're soft. >> aren't they pretty? >> water colors on there. more ornaments and if you're a baker but you don't bake, 16.60 to $42.
2:45 am
these are inspired baking goods. >> i love that. >> 49.50. over a $200 value. >> oh, my gosh. >> 130 shades, eyes, lips and cheeks. if you have a makeup lover in your family. >> look at that. >> bambico, all sustainable products. this is for a guy. >> i love it. >> old-fashioned. >> 20 to $42. >> oh, my gosh. >> all different ones. ipod holders. >> for hanukkah, personalized cookies. >> look how adorable those are. >> i made these for all friends, family. then for the guy in your life, what's the way to his heart? through his stomach. >> cute. >> they are chocolate covered sports, basketballs, footballs, baseballs. >> you've outdone yourself. yes! jill martin, everybody. that's the way the pros do it. >> love it. don't have time and patience for a huge turkey this thanksgiving? you can wing it with chicken.
2:46 am
we love our reed alexander in our kitchen right after this. >> he's growing up too fast. the busiest place in your house
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we are so excited because it's time to take you into today's kitchen for a meal made by the young and wonderful, and we love him, reed alexander. >> if you are not the turkey type or you don't have time to cook one, reed's here with an easier alternative right out of his cookbook called "cool bites" and we love it. >> happy thanksgiving early. >> you are growing up. >> i love you guys. >> so nostalgic. >> first time in the kitchen. >> i remember when i changed your diapers. >> today we're going to stuff a chicken. >> we have a family friendly super easy thanksgiving version dinner. sometimes a turkey can be intimidating if you're a younger set coming into the kitchen. >> okay. >> the mini bird. the big bird is flying the coop.
2:51 am
we're going to grab a chicken. super simple. kathie lee, do you want to make a rub? >> i've got it, baby. >> little drop of olive oil. we're not using any butter. >> that much? >> a little bit more. you can go ahead. >> perfect, perfect, perfect. then we have our mustard going in here for a kick of flavor. dijon. >> i love that, yeah. right? >> now what have we got here? >> some thyme and parsley. garlic salt. we just made these. do you want to stir? >> yes. >> perfect. hoda, let's chat. we're going to coat the top portion of the chicken. first we're going to stuff inside the bird. >> half a lemon? >> yeah, absolutely. we'll use for flavor.
2:52 am
>> i love it. >> it permeates the meat. we have parsley going in. you can do this rustically. a little bit of thyme. >> and garlic? >> garlic, too, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> shoving it in there. >> you've got it, all the way. >> on the way on top here -- >> totally. >> right? we're going to go ahead and coat our chicken and then we'll transfer that to our baking sheet. >> you used purell. do you purell often. >> i am a self-confessed germaphobe. >> it's important when you're cooking. not only do you want to cook it through, but you want to make sure -- >> do you just slather it on the one side? >> yes. on the bottom, we'll have one stop shopping gravy. low sodium chicken broth. >> that's it? >> that's it. this would be great on a turkey if you are doing a thanksgiving turkey. >> i can't believe that's all we did. >> that's ready to go. >> into the oven, right? >> seconds away. >> 350 for -- >> 80 minutes, 350 degrees. >> 1:20. >> covered or uncovered? >> uncovered. great question. >> good. now butter nut squash, the ultimate side dish. speaking from experience, i'm an
2:53 am
nyu college student. what college student doesn't love fries. if you're not going home, you can make these. that's your side contribution. instead of sweet potatoes, we're using the bounty of the season. do you want to do this for us? >> yes. >> dunk it and then we've got our corn flakes waiting here. we'll add all of these amazing spices. marjorum, pepper, super simple, right? >> absolutely, onto the baking sheet. 425. >> i did it. >> i'm amazed. >> 425 for -- >> 425 for 40 to 45 minutes. >> i'm dying to try this. >> you have a sweet tooth, right? >> hoda does. >> we've got the roasted chicken here. i'm so excited for you to taste. >> who needs the plate. >> going straight for the
2:54 am
chicken. >> rev up your engines. we have the fries. >> delicious. >> what do you think? do you like it? >> oh, my god. >> moist, right? >> absolutely delicious. then caramel pumpkin pie. instead of doing a traditional pumpkin pie, these are dairy free. >> you can have those hod. >> i can't get over this chicken. >> i'm going for a fry. >> absolutely delicious. >> love it? >> we love everything do you. >> i love you guys. this was really fun. >> the recipe on our website first this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
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the "today" show toy drive has helped make the holidays brighter for millions of needy kids over the past 20 years. >> one of our most generous contributors is the toy foundation. jean butler is with us today. thank you for your generosity year after year. >> thank you so much. this is our fourth year contributing to the "today" show toy drive. >> what are you contributing this year? >> we're donating $300,000 worth of toys to children in need for your drive. >> such as this little guy. >> who's this guy?
2:59 am
what does this guy do? >> this is robo me. he's a customizable robot from wowie. >> what does he do, crazy stuff? >> reporting for duty, sir. >> it looks like he's got a place for an iphone. >> yes. he works with or without an iphone or an ipod touch. >> what age kids is this for? >> oh, anybody from 5 years all the way to adults. >> and why do you guys feel it's important? i know you've donated for four years now, but why is it important to you? >> well, play is essential for childhood, and there's also so much need around the holidays. even though we contribute toys 365 days a year, kids really want toys at the holidays. >> thanks, jean. >> thank you, jean. >> thank you for your generosity. >> children so much appreciate it. if you'd like to donate, bring a toy to the plaza beginning next week. check out tomorrow is a very funny john o'hurley is here. >> we're going to get you ready
3:00 am
for the black friday deals. >> cool styles. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. steve: i'm here to help. you and i will get through this ogether. [cheers and applause]


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