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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 27, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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california and the nation. we are tracking the weather. a severe storm pushing east. a few showers move in. you might be surprised where we are expecting them to fall. while we are expecting a lighter commute, we have a big slowdown for the tri valley. a new issue blocking one of your lanes for the nimitz. >> san francisco, city by the bay. a lot of news ahead on this wednesday, november 27th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> good morning, everyone. we want to update you to breaking news. crews still working cleaning up after serious flames rip right through an apartment complex. this happened near the corner of briggs avenue and high street. that is where "today in the bay's" christie smith is now live outside of the complex. christie, you are there seeing it. what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: good morning to you, jon. this has been a really stubborn fire. alameda firefighters are up and down the block. the whole area is blocked off as they tried to knock this fire down. it is on the other side of the trucks here in the middle of the block. what i can tell you is that finally, finally, it looks like they have gotten a handle on this. we are not seeing any flames coming up over the roof like we were when we first arrived here about 4:00 this morning. it took a really long time, because it started before 3:00 this morning. at 4:00, it was still burning. take a look at the video of this apartment fire here on briggs avenue. this is on the east side of a alame da. the flames so big and tall we could see the smoke when we came in the area from the oakland airport. what a battalion chief told me briefly as he went in is that basically, the apartment building is 300 feet back from the street. it took firefighters quite a while to get their hoses down there and to get a handle on this. they also tell me that there is quite a bit of plywood in the
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attic. there was a lot of fuel up there to burn. i had a chance a couple of minutes ago to speak with some of the residents that were displaced. they tell me they awoke to smoke and flames. one woman tells me she had to go over her second floor balcony with her son, because the flames were moving so fast. she heard her window blow out. a battalion chief told me that one person, one resident was helped out, was escorted out. i asked firefighters if they know how it started. they said they don't just yet. neighbors tell me they are concerned about one resident that was taken away by police officers. i spoke briefly with one officer. he said at this point, he doesn't think that's related. we are trying to get more information on that. i'm told a spokesperson from the fire department is on the scene. we are hoping to speak with him very soon. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you for the update. we'll be checking back. >> the teenager recovering from serious burns after being set on fire aboard an a.c. transit bus is expected to be home by day's
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end. "today in the bay's" marla tallez in our newsroom with more on sasha fleischmann's expected hospital release. good news for the family. >> sasha fleischmann has been through so much since november 4th. just in time for thanksgiving, the 18-year-old is set to go home. he was riding on a bus when prosecutors say 16-year-old richard thomas set fleischmann's skirt on fire. for more than three weeks now, fleischmann has been recovering in a san francisco hospital with third-degree burns on both legs. fleischmann's father says, sasha is just champing at the bit to get home and in the spirit of thanksgiving is feeling grateful. paramedics, emergency room people, burn center nurses and doctors, there have been so many people who have just made this survivable for all of us.
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fleischmann is agender, meaning they do not identify with male or female. they told police he was homophobic. regardless, thomas is facing a slew of charges including a hate crime and is being charged as an adult, a motion filed as a juvenile. >> he ought to be treated like what he is, a 16-year-old child who made a horrible mistake, for which he will have to pay severely. >> thomas' attorney goes on to say, his client is very remorseful. as for sasha, the 18-year-old is expected to be released from the hospital today and could be back in school as soon as next week. we will hear more from sasha's father about how he, his father and his family feel about the adult charges thomas is facing. >> let's hope his recovery is okay. >> thanks. >> no doubt it is an annual
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onslaught, one of the busiest travel days of the entire year. we are talking about the day before thanksgiving where millions will be out hitting the roads taking off on a plane to get good food and family fun. bad weather back east having a domino effect. making it tough for travelers in the bay area. bob, good morning. >> it could, a little bit later today. good morning to you, jon. after speaking with sfo and looking at the report, you can see everything is on time, specially back to the east coast. the same could be said for oakland international and no norman. we could see cancellations for flights headed back to chicago, philadelphia, washington, d.c., and new york. here is why. this is the view from outer space of a large storm system that extends from texas north to new england producing storm warnings up and down the east coast. the problem primarily heavy wind and lots of rain. the faa is predicting delays of
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almost two hours into philadelphia and an hour and a half into new york laguardia's airport. again, we have not seen it trickle down here at the bay area airports. it is still early. this would be impacting a lot of people here on the west coast when you consider half a million californians will be flying this weekend. they expect 130,000 people to pass through sfo between now and friday, which is why this is considered to be one of the busiest times of the year for this airport. reporting live here at sfo, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> always an adventure out there. thank you very much. in the giving spirit, b.a.r.t. offering special service on sunday to help fliers get to and from the airports this holiday weekend. today, longer trains and more seating for riders on the pittsburg bay point line which goes out to sfo. longer trains will be available on sunday. that's good news to help you get back and forth. >> hopefully, no flight delays.
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want to check in with meteorologist, christina loren. it has been pretty clear here in the bay area we are actually looking really good for that. we usually get flight delays out of sfo due to low ceilings. no fog out there this morning. on the east coast, look at this mess they are dealing with. we have sleet, ice, and snow. i want to show you. we are expecting the storm system to continue to move out to sea as we progress throughout the day. we stop the clock at 12:30. that's when we are expecting a lot of the heavier moisture to be pushing offshore. that's good news for holiday travels. we should see the delays get better as we head throughout tonight. locally, what a beautiful day we have shaping up for us. some showers in the forecast for us for tomorrow. if you want to take a sneak peek at when, another chance for rain as we get into next week. that's always there for you throughout all of my reports. we're in the 50s and the 40s
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this morning. definitely a milder start than it has been. we have been waking up with the 30s in the north bay for the past few mornings. looking good for today. temperatures are going to climb out of the 40s into the mid to upper 60s because of that mild start. we are going to get close to 70 degrees on the east bay for today. 66 along the peninsula and 67 degrees in the south bay. we will take a cloegs look at the storm system moving closer to our neck of the woods. this is 880 as we take you through to this shot of the southbound side and northbound with the tail lights. an easy flow as you see here. on the maps, you will see the same thing, green, speed indicators. transitioning from the dumbarton bridge to the nimitz freeway, a stalled veem. that c vehicle. that could be an issue. we do have this slowdown here,
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which is starting to recover and shift west 580. the earlier crash involving four, five vehicles in total over there at greenville has cleared to the shoulder. we have that slowdown that started and it is going to take a little while to recover. it should do a better job because of a lighter flow out of that area. it marks the commute eastbound. about 2:00, we will start to see this traffic build through this area like yesterday. heading across the bridges. we will look at the bay bridge for a live look. an easy flow for the morning commute. this weekend, things will get crowded. you might want to consider getting a fast track transponder for the weekend. you don't have to wait for those. go to 5:09. several people are waiting up to dinged-up cars this morning. chp says someone crashed into numerous parked cars overnight
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near north craigsmont avenue. the driver was taken into custody, arrested for driving under the influence. it is unclear at this time just how many vehicles were hit. this morning, police in east palo alto looking for a gunman that shot a teenager right outside of his home. police say just after 6:00 last night, a 17-year-old was standing on myrtle street a few blocks from ikea when somebody in a dark-colored honda opened fire. the young man was shot in the foot. the good news is, he is expected to be okay. it is official. sunnyvale's strict new gun laws will go into effect on january 1st. voters passed measure "c." starting next year, gun owners will have to call police within 48 hours. the city will also start tracking the sale of ammunition. the nra has promised to fight that long in court. it is 5:10 right now. coming up on "today in the bay,"
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it is a getaway day for millions across america. we will check to see how things are moving at one of the country's biggest airports. >> or maybe not moving the feature film by a local filmmaker that's starting to get some oscar buzz. >> another tech company takes measures against the nsa. wall street, no turkey. we'll take a look at the markets coming up.
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the latest leak about the nsa. this allegedly tracks who looks at dirty pictures on the internet. scott mcgrew, so it can discredit its enemies. >> this according to "the washington post" working with glen greenwald. they monitor a small number of muslim activists and internet
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activity to see if they look at adult content on the web. at least one of the targets lives in american according to the documents. the reason being if the u.s. government twoonts discredit a cleric, they can release his browser history to show he is not as pure as he is claiming. microsoft, the latest company to say, will start encrypting its data end to end to keep your e-mail and other information out of the hands of outsiders. "the washington post" says microsoft execs are meeting this week to make the plans. recently, we learned the nsa had, ard could go ccording to d tapped into the privately owned data feeds belonging to google. hampton pearson is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. we have futures higher after the markets faded late in the day on tuesday. the dow managed a tiny gain
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which helped it closed in record territory and the nasdaq closed above 4000 for the first time in 13 years. investors will get several economic reports today before we all head out for the holiday. we get data on unemployment, durable goods, manufacturing and consumer sentiment. the dow rising to 16072. the nasdaq to close at 4014 yesterday. a look at the head of the markets and a quick look back. have a great holiday. >> you too. thank you, hampton. hampton pearson in washington, d.c. hewlett-packard said it made more money than analysts expected. p.c. sales fell. barnes & noble said it made money as well but it came from cost cutting. the bookstore, jon and laura, has been closing stores, saving money. that is showing up in the bottom line. they also cited the thing we
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were citing last year. this year, there was no 50 shades of gray. last year," "fifty shades of grey"" was a major influence. this year, there is no major knock-out hit book. >> it is interesting a book could make that big of a difference. >> big-time. the silver lining here, scott, the movie is coming out soon. >> is that the silver lining? >> so exciting. thank you very much. i have to get caught up. i never read it. >> neither have i but i have heard the stories. 5:16 right now. christina loren, lots of stories. >> oh, yeah. you guys are trying to crank up the heat on me talking about "fifty shades of grey." at 5:16 in the morning, people have traveling to do, pies to bake. good morning. we are looking good in the 40s and 50s right now. a steamy book. 50 degrees in san francisco. nice, clear conditions as you can see here. we are not talking about any fog
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to force any flight delays out of sfo. right on time out of san jose. temperatures are going to be mild. a full blanket of clouds by the day's end with the storm system offshore. mostly cloudy conditions to finish off your wednesday. we have a nice thanksgiving shaping up. menlo park, 66. 63. mid-market area of san francisco. in the north bay, temperatures in the mid-60s. east bay looks good, same for you. out in the tri-val i willey, ge close to 70 degrees. we are counting on showers only in the south bay for tomorrow. you will find that right here at the bottom of your screen. that shows you the overall trend of where we are headed. temperatures mostly staying level. that means comfortable afternoons and cold mornings.
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the morning commutes have not been that bad. mid-day traffic, things kick in around the bay. here, a nice smooth flow. you see this. all over your bay area. we zoom into this area coming off the dumbarton bridge. the stall is where you are going on the eastbound 84. little bits of orange. folks getting by on the shoulder past the scene of this stall. safety sake says stay clear of the incident. pass over toward the newark sit sti streets. west 580 continues to recover. a crash over on the shoulder. that's the distraction until you get to livermore. getting out of the area, folks headed towards tahoe, sacramento, good slowing through livermore out of dublin and pleasanton starting at 2:00, 3:00. a smooth flow of traffic from highway 24. a nice, easy drive toward the
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bay bridge toll plaza. a live look at the toll plaza, no problems and no backups. we are expecting a later, lighter flow. not a problem here. most people preparing for the holiday season. hollywood preparing for the award season. a local filmmaker getting some buzz, it follows the story, what happened to oscar grant leading up to the moment he was shot and killed on a platform on new year's day in 2009. fruit veil station was just nominated. it usually gets the oscar buzz rolling. also nominated, michael b. jordan who plays grant and melanie diaz, who plays a character named sophina. you have probably seen one of their big, silver trucks out on a bay area highway.
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sisco foods under investigation by the chp. this comes after the unit uncovered internal records showing big rig drivers logging too many hours along the wheel. they limit the number of hours they can work to keep tired drivers off the road. they say the company is putting profits ahead of safety, pushing drivers to the brink. >> i was trying to get over on the system. he wi we are trying to find that. >> they can create a hazard and concern to everybody out there. >> sisco says the company is extremely focused on safety and has an exemplary inspection record. tonight at 11:00, investigative units showing us how often sisco drivers have logged dangerously long days and how it went undetected by law enforcement. that will be tonight at 11:00. it is 5:20, getting ready
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for the holidays. a special unveiling happening today in san francisco. looking forward to that. how about packing up and heading out to airports. coast to coast, bracing for one of the busiest travel days of the year. there are no weather-related delays at philadelphia international. as we take a look at the security line behind me, a little later this morning, airport officials will hop on a conference call with those from airlines and other airports around the country to learn of any delays so that they can anticipate a ripple effect here. these travelers you are looking at have dealt with quite a lot just to get here at this early morning hours. the roads outside are a mess but the downpours we have been experiencing with the wind and rain. later today, we are expecting a series of delays and even cancellations for these travelers. that's the latest from philadelphia international airport. i'm katy zachary.
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happy thanksgiving. we have some turkey coming up. do you brine? >> you just show up and eat. >> got that down to a science. >> it is 5:34. happy thanksgiving eve. a number of special events will be happening all over the bay area to mart the start of the holiday. >> i don't know if you have ever seen anything like this. the jelly-belly candy company will light its annual holiday menorah. in the south bay, a christmas tree trimming party. you have to get it tightened up for the holidays and get ready
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fort annual christmas in the park. that will be at 10:30. volunteers will be getting things ready for the city's annual event. it officially opens up on friday. they get a little sneak peek. so does the kristi yamaguchi ice rink. >> they didn't ask us this year. >> i'm not going to take it personally. our very own mike i know way, he will be there kicking things off. >> he is a better skater than we were. the western friends of san francisco will unveil their annual holiday sugar castle. 9 the 12-foot creation will be ub unveiled this morning. people that show up to seeing the unveiling will be treated to hot chocolate and cookies. >> keep you in the mood. >> gets you in the sugar rush mood. 5:25. we continue to follow breaking news this morning.
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an apartment fire forcing people from their homes early this morning. christie smith on the scene gathering new information. she is going to be a live report next. speaking of live, let's give you a live look at sfo. it will be very, very crowded coming up, kind of the calm before the storm right now. travelers just trying to get wherever they need to fwoe for the holiday season to celebrate and if they are heading south, this is what they will find when they get there. >> reporter: here in san diego's le linberg field, they tell me there are no major cancellations or delays. they will be keeping an eye on things as the day develops. it is business as usual. with that, we have people arriving to the airport. i just took a look inside. there is a substantial line for the check in at least here at the southwest terminal. i checked the boards. there was only one delay for departing flights. no cancellations there. on the arrivals board, i didn't see any cancellations or delays. airport control tells me the
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first flight here doesn't take off until 6:30 this morning. the first incoming flight won't be landing until 7:00 a.m. like i said, business as usual for now. we will hopefully find out more as the day develops about any potential cancellations. for now, that is it from linberg field.
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good morning. 5:29. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. crews are out at an apartment complex on briggs avenue and high street a few blocks away from lincoln park. christie smith is on the scene. what are you hearing now? >> reporter: good morning. i just got an update from alameda fire. they are telling us, they are
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stopping short of calling this fire suspicious. they tell us one resident is in custody. that was i aman -- a man that was on a balcony when we arrived. that was all the information they had on him. this is a man that lived here and has had issues in the past. police have come here for him before. he recently flooded the building. what i can tell you, one firefighter suffered major injuries. take a look at how the fire was burning when it first started around 2:37. we could see the smoke all wait from the oakland airport. firefighters telling us this building is about 300 feet back from the street. they had to run a lot of hose and quite a bit of plywoo in the attic. it burned and burned and burned.
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we spoke a couple of minutes ago to one woman who woke up. she had to jump off of the balcony herself. >> i had to walk up to the smoke. i went to the kitchen to check to see if my son was cooking. then, i kept turning around. i was looking at the smoke and i'm going, well, there are no flames. then i realized the house was on fire. >> reporter: firefighters say they still don't know what started this. they say the building is a total loss. we did see a number of people standing around. the building where they live is a loss this morning. still gathering information. that's the latest reporting live in alameda, christie smith, today in the bay. thanks so much, christie. 5:31. happening this hour, truckers at the port of oakland out
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picketing instead of working. the third work stoppage of the year as workers say they want shorter lines an more efficient terminals at that port. they have to sit for hours in the terminals. we show you live pictures of the picketing going on. they say they have to sit for hours at the terminal breathing exhaust fumes with no bathrooms and with no pay for those efforts. the truckers are independent contractors. with that in mind, they cannot join or form the traditional union. food and retail workers will be out picketing as well. they say their employer has gone back on contract negotiations. workers have been in contract negotiations with their employer for about a year. a union spokesperson says they make between $9.75 and $12.64. host international would freeze their pay for five years.
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eliminate paid meal breaks and overtime. they have come to an agreement here. they say they will not be striking tomorrow during thanksgiving. tomorrow, we have thanksgiving. today is one of the busiest travel days of the entire year. millions of people will be hitting the roads or taking off on a plane. bob redell, live at sfo where bad weather back east threatening to make things tough for travelers here in the bay area. >> good morning, bob. >> certainly on the mind of a lot of travelers, those checking in at terminal two. they have the weather screen poppeded up there. you can see that band of green and blue. so many people are concerned. a lot of people are heading back east. if they haven't checked their smartphones yet, this is what they are doing when they are coming here checking the screens of the departure boards. so far, here at sfo, everything is on time leaving and coming
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in. we could see cancellations or delays for flights headed back east, specially to chicago, philly, new york and florida. >> i am going from san francisco to miami. it is tough to go over certain states. i am kind of not expecting delays. so far, so good. >> looks really good. we have a nonstop. if there is weather, we'll be flying over it. hopefully, we'll get there and no problem. so far, a stress-free day for travelers here at sfo. the storm from new york to new england, has been producing storm warnings up and down the east coast. the problem, primarily heavy winds and rain. the possibility of snow. the faa is predicting delays of almost two hours into philadelphia. an hour and a half into new york. laguardia, again, has predictions. we have not seen this triple down here in the bay area.
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it is still early. it could impact a lot of people when you consider a half a million californians will fly this thanksgiving holiday weekend. many will be flying out of sfo. the airport expects roughly 130,000 people to pass through the terminals between now and friday making this one of the busiest travel times of the year. reporting live, bob redell. "today in the bay." 5:35. christina loren, checking our skies. how are we looking? we are looking pretty good. i want to give you an idea of what we are expecting from this massive system that extends from florida into new york. the entire eastern seaboard being impacted. as we head deeper into the day, a lot of the moisture will continue to push back offshore.
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a lot of people will be staying inside and watching football. we have a chance for showers here in the bay area. if you are going to be traveling california, what you can expect for california. san diego and san francisco, all on time. if you are going to be headed down i-5, as you head back up for your travels tomorrow, count on some showers all the way from bakersfield to san diego. it will be a little bit on the slick side. we will get the official report from mike inouye in just a moment. locally, temperatures are comfortable in the 40s and 50s out there. a nice clear start to the day. our air quality has improved. we have a good-looking day shaping up. we are going to climb from the 40s and 50s to the mid to upper 60s. got to love it. no current advisories but you are warned about the rain coming in later on for i-5.
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the bay bridge, traffic just starting to ramp up a tiny bit. we have cash lanes with a few cars waiting. a lighter morning commute as we look at the map overall. we need to see this throughout the maze. the issue is early afternoons after the morning commute is well done. we will have early slowing as folks will head up the cartinas and venetian bridge. we are looking at a small build for highway 4 starting to slow down with the orange and red out of antioch in towards pittsburg bay point. we will see that most days. here, the earlier crash has cleared at the altamont pass. the volume of traffic starting to build. the rest of the bay looking really good. we will track some other updates. there will be an update on the debris coming up. thank you very much, mike. 5:37. no one was hurt when i apair of tanks exploded at elon must base
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facility in texas. they say the two nitrogen tanks were overpressureized and ruptured as a result. people living nearby felt the rumble. many thought it was an earthquake. space "x" will attempt to launch the new falcon 9 rocket. this is video of the launch from last year. the rocket was scheduled to launch out of florida earlier this week. it was postponed after several delays caused it to miss its launch window. we have brand new video of a crash involving a san francisco fire frtruck and a motorcyclist. the district attorney investigating the scene and is expected to file charges against a firefighter that appeared to be driving while intoxicated. showing that crash from back in june of this year. you can see the fire truck enter the intersection of fifth and howard before slamming right into jack frazer, sending him sliding across the street. frazer's attorney says his client was seriously hurt.
5:39 am
you can see him there still in the hospital recovering from injuries. the firefighter, michael quinn, resigned after the department determined he was, in fact, driving drunk whether he hit frazer that night. frazer's attorney also says he hopes this incident will put an end to drinking at firehouses. >> i am confident this is a very, very small minority of fire departments. it all has to end period. >> this week, the fire department hands out suspension notices to five other firefighters also involved in that crash. the department holding them responsible for quinn's conduct. the firefighters, they say they plan to appeal the suspension. san francisco police are on the lookout for a man who threw a woman's belongings into the bay along with a pet carrier with two cats inside. witnesses say they had to hold the woman back from jumping into the water on pier 14 along the embarcadero yesterday. sadly, both cats died. animal control only has a vague description of the man, a
5:40 am
six-foot tall white man wearing a black hoodie and riding a skateboard. they are hoping witnesses will come forward with a better description. it is not clear if he knew the woman. commuter day members will join several organizations in honoring harvey milk and george missconi. mayor lee, senator mark leno and others will bay tribute to milk and misconi. the theme will be skyrocketing rent. organizers say they were no strangers to the fighting for rights of tennants and thousands of san franciscoans are in danger of losing their homes. president obama ready to make a big-time decision concerning thanksgiving. the 18-year-old set on fire aboard a bus in the east bay is expected to go home today. i will have the very latest on sasha fleischmann coming up.
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i'm lauren petty outside of chicago in northwest indiana. we are in michigan city. they are going to be dealing with lake effect snow for the holiday travel. a couple inches here in michigan city. the further east you go, the more snow they are going to get. maybe as much as 6-12 inches in northwest indiana and southwestern michigan. the wind is not going to help holiday travel as it is whipping at 25 miles an hour. it is going to be an interesting day for anybody hitting the road for the holiday.
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the teenager recovering from serious burns after being set on fire from a bus is expected to be home. more on the release in time for
5:44 am
thanksgiving. >> reporter: recovering from third-degree burns is no easy feat. sasha fleischmann has done it. the 18-year-old is expected to be released today and head to his home in the east bay. fleischmann's plight started on november 4th when 16-year-old richard thomas sat his skirt on fire as the two sat on an a.c. transit bus. fleischmann is agender. it has been reported that thomas told police he was homophobic. his attorney says that's not true. he is now facing a slew of charges including a hate crime and is being charged as an adult. something his attorney is trying to change. he filed a motion to have thomas prosecuted as a juvenile and fleischmann and his family are okay with that. here is sasha's father. >> we are of the opinion that a
5:45 am
16-year-old is still a juvenile. he really shouldn't be tried innen aadult court. >> he is very remorseful, extremely remorseful, about as remorseful as a kid can be. >> he said his client made a horrible mistake calling the incident a childish prank gone back. >> the teenager should be back at home tonight and should return to berkeley as early as next week. thousands of people now mourning a long-time high school football coach sadly killed over the weekend in a car crash. nearly 2000 people showed up to a vigil for 76-year-old john web webb, who taught and coached for many years at jf. kennedy high school in fremont. they talked about how he always took time to mentor them. >> he was more than a teacher and a coach to me. he was a life mentor.
5:46 am
he taught me tons of stuff about the game. he could put a smile on anybody's face. >> yes, he is gone but you know to celebrate his life because you know he lived it fully. he lived each and every day to his max. >> clearly, made a big impact on their lives. the situation, was he stopped on interstate 680 to try to help direct traffic around a fender-bender. that is when tragically another car hit and killed him. it is 5:46. there will be a special fund-raiser for a walnut creek father who is taking care of his four children after his wife recently died from cancer. a group of former students have come together to help jeff loving. they created a page on the goal is to raise $60,000 and they are halfway there. there will also be a basketball fund-raiser for the family at los low mass himas high school .
5:47 am
all those children were adopted by that family. to lose a mother so quickly, they were really making a difference. >> heart wrenching. moving along, it is 5:47. let's check things out outside, getting close to thanksgiving. i'm getting hungry. how about you? >> i certainly am. a lot of us are looking forward to seeing family and friends as we kick off tomorrow. for today, temperatures are going to be a little bit on the cool side to start the day. not nearly as cold as it has been over the past couple of days. i can tell you that right off the bat. temperatures are still cold enough for a coat. a lot of people, this is your final day of work before we hit that all-important holiday weekend. that is the case for you. we are looking good for today. if you have any last-minute shopping, any ingredients you have to pick up. mid-60s across the board. north bay is going to be on the warm say. fremont, 64. pleasanton, 69 degrees. pleasanton and livermore, getting close to 70 degrees the day before thanksgiving.
5:48 am
that's pretty hard to beat here in california. we are looking pretty good. i want to talk about the shower chance that comes into play tomorrow. for our forecast, we have it for you at the bottom of your screen. not everybody is going to see those showers. stop the clock as we get into this afternoon. you can see all these clouds streaming in. area of low pressure is way offshore. it has nothing to push it in. the cut-off lodi taw detached f the jetstream. we are going to see the clouds stay offshore and the clouds streaming in. we have a slight chance in the south bay as we head throughout 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. you do want to keep that window on your radar as we head throughout this afternoon looking good. by friday afternoon, looking nice and dry as well. your two travel days are actually looking really good across the bay area. as we head through the next couple of days, as you can see, we have changes headed our way. we wanted to show you the silicon valley seven-day forecast. friday to saturday, temperatures start to tumble.
5:49 am
look at the difference between friday to sunday. mid-50s by tuesday. coldest system of the season so far on its way to the bay area. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. a great morning for driving right now. the roadways are dry. christina is talking about the possibility of some rain. keep watching her updates. we are looking over to the peninsula. the south bay, a little bit of slowdown peeked in for north 101. here, coming out of the altamont pass, a little jam-up as you head out of the area and into greenville. it smooths out. an earlier crash that through a wrench in the would is starting to sort itself out. a little build for 84 through livermore. no surprises. maybe a little lighter volume than we typically see. we still have slowing out of antioch. not so bad by the time you get into pittsburg and bay point. getting out of the area, looking at northbound heading across the cartinas and venetian bridges.
5:50 am
head together central valley, sacramento, tahoe for some folks. the morning, should see a lighter flow as we do now. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a couple of folks waiting. on the peninsula, a smooth, easy drive as we talked about. there you see it, a live shot there, 101 north of university. back to you. thanks so much. it is 5:50 right now. along with turkey and what else do you like? i will take some sweet potato pie. it is an annual tradition. also, they have the macy's parade in new york. the preparations are underway for the big thanksgiving day parade. >> the balloons are being inflated for the parade. the big question is the wind. if it is actually too strong, some of the largest balloons could be grounded and that includes spiderman. you can see the entire parade right here on nbc bay area. we are going to air that parade tomorrow morning at 9:00.
5:51 am
if you are up early, be sure to join us for "today in the bay" starting at 4:30 in the morning. it is the butter ball turkey hotline. >> full service. whatever. we are here. i'm here. president obama has a tough decision to make in the hours ahead. caramel or popcorn? >> i don't think we are talking about snacks. i guess this would be a snack. this afternoon, the president will pick the national thanksgiving turkey out in the rose garden. it is that tradition. he will have to choose between these guys, brothers, caramel and popcorn. both turkeys are going to be pardoned. so they are all safe. you can get in on the bash, the big head to head battle. the title for national thanksgiving turkey of the year. you can help decide. head to how they pressure up how long they have been training for this. you can put on your favorite
5:52 am
food, favorite song and their type of walk which is always important. >> i will take the big bird. you vote here. the bird for this year's national thanksgiving turkey, go ahead, caramel or popcorn. voice your choice. 5:52 right now. bon jovi rocking out with royalty. we are going to show you the new video just into our newsroom. >> we'll take a look at the idea behind black friday sales coming up in business and technology.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:54 right now. superstars, bon jovi and taylor swift getting a little royal help at a gala last night.
5:55 am
♪ >> prince william on stage at his royal home at kensington palace. >> i like the way taylor swift is getting down. she is putting heart and soul into the effort. >> no kidding. it is like you are with the future king. the duke of cambridge hosted that event as part of a benefit for center point, which is dedicated to helping youth homelessness. 5:55 right now. men, if you plan to hit the stores on friday or late thursday night, scott mcgrew here here to warn you, all sales aren't sales. >> reporter: most people know this in their head. much of the sales price can be sort of made up. it bears repeating. some big chains have been caught and sued for making up the regular price. that sweater that's half off for $50, has never and will never sell for $100. the wall street journal ran an interesting article about how
5:56 am
sales prices really work on tuesdays. it is worth looking up. this morning has a block post pointing out some televisions for sale are specifically made for black friday. they look similar to a company's regular model but they are not. buyer beware. stores aren't there to give you a good deal. they are there to make money. stocks continue their growth. google up 24%. the nasdaq closed above 2000 and the dow hit a new high. i want to give you a sneak peek. a quick clip for you. a 14-year-old kid who has an app company with $200,000 angel funding and five adult employees manages the company in between class periods at school. >> i have e-mails, phone calls, whatever we are doing. it works out but it is tight. >> he has to quickly get through
5:57 am
history class and get to managing his company. absolutely amazing. sunday morning. 5:57 right now. three children reportedly held captive for more than two years are free this morning. what police in arizona are saying about their investigation. we continue following breaking news here in the bay area. a large fire at an apartment complex displacing a lot of families. now, firefighters are trying to figure out if this was arson. christie smith just talked to firefighters. we'll have it all in a live report next a live look at sfo this morning where travelers are getting ready to head out. already, things are in full swing on the west coast. we are going to take a look at who is experiencing the biggest delays coming up. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something.
5:58 am
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we will tell you how chilly weather in the northeast is affecting travel coast to coast. >> we are going to get spoiled. temperatures are looking good this morning. mostly cloudy condition for today. climbing into the mid-60s. showers on the way for tomorrow. only for a very small portion of the bay area. we'll tell you all about that coming up. >> it might be a lighter flow of traffic right now. it is going to be tougher as the day goes on. taking a live look at san francisco for this wednesday, november 27th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'


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