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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 28, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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a body is found inside the highway 87 overpass near downtown san jose. what they think happened. and black friday deals usually lead to a frenzy like this one a few years ago when a woman allegedly pepper sprayed a crowd of people. what one store is doing to try to prevent a scene like this. >> anything for a deal it seems. we're getting a great deal in the weather department. san francisco, clear to kick off the day. no fog to start your thanksgiving morning. temperatures aren't too frigid. we've got a nice looking finish, 70s headed our way, especially the east bay and the north bay. we'll detail your forecast in a few moments. >> a live look outside from the south bay is thursday, november 28th, thanksgiving day. this is "today in the bay." at 6:00, a very good morning to you.
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thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do have a lot of breaking news to get to including an overnight rescue operation after a car fell hundreds of feet off a cliff. it happened a few hours ago near highway 35 and skyline west of interstate 280. damian trujillo is live on skyline now with new video of that incredible rescue. >> reporter: it is incredible. the crews work quickly to get the people trapped to safety. that happened a short while ago. the victims are recovering at sf general but not before that rescue. let's show you those images that came in. the car careened down the mountainside. crews had to call in a helicopter to air lift each of the passengers to safety, one by one. we're told one of the people in the car was able to climb up the side of the mountain and call for help. no one was seriously injured.
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a few broken prones. the chp is investigating what caused the driver to lose control. highway 92 remained closed in both directions. truckers and fishermen waited to get to the coast, four hours later they air lifted the last person to safety and the all clear was given. the car in this case is still down there in that cliff. they are going to wait until daylight and perhaps get some special machinery to get that car out of that mountainside. it's going to be a child. sure is a long way down. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> 6:02. a thanksgiving shooting has police in the south bay looking for a gunman, near downtown. they say a man and a woman were shot just a few hours ago and the shooting appears to be
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random. bob is live with new details. >> reporter: good morning. this shooting took place here near the intersection of state and sutter in front of that white house where a mother and son live. we went to try to speak with hem off camera. they indicated they brought the young man or woman inside to tend to them. that's the only comment. it's not clear what relationship they may or may not have with people that were shot. one drove, the other walked up outside that white house, and was out of -- without any dialogue they began firing. a witness told us she heard five shots. several of those struck the man and one apparently ricochetted into the woman's foot. the man and woman are expected to survive. the one did run off, the other drove. no description as of yet.
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bob redell, "today in the bay." >> investigators in san jose trying to identify a body found inside the highway 87 overpass. before 1:00 someone alerted firefighters near the intersection of dellto the body. the crews say a person was in a confined space inside the overpass. it's a face used by inspectors to check for structural safety. the body may have been there for weeks. >> the doors are open, shoppers already inside a kmart. the store opened up a few minutes ago. part of a marathon session lasting 41 hours. this is shoppers inside the kmart in new york. there weren't a lot of people there it attracted shoppers. kmart one after number that started the trend of now black
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thursday. in addition to kmart a number of stores will be opening, most old navy stores open later though there are a few that plan to open at 9:00. toys are us opens at 5:00 and best buy. target will open at 8:00 p.m. and at 8 macy's. this is the first time in the company's 155-year history it will open an thanksgiving. jcpenneys, sears, coles opening at 8:00. walmart plans two major event, one at 6, one at 8, it has a plan to keep this year's sales safe. two people were shot in a fight for a parking spot. what are we coming to. the year before that a om pepper sprayed getg eat the an x box. walmart is increasing inventory.
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while there will be store buster deals, maybe store buster, it stocked 60% more televisions, load up the carts, five times the number of bed sheets. people give that? the company promising free shipping on almost all the items ordered on line. >> happening today organizers expect a record number of people to show up for are aen annual thanksgiving tradition. runners, they are going to swarm. to run for the fresh air and chir think. people donated 1.2 million in 26,000 pounds of foot. organizers expect 20,000 to participate. which is a great number. when it first started nine years
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ago 1900 took part in the first turkey trot. meteorologist christina loren not only getting up early for us but you're going to head out as well. >> yes, the 5-k, mike has the day off. he is lacing up his running shoes. he's going to host the fun run. should be a good time out there. you know what, it's going to be the same scene at the turkey trot that you're going to find at the walmart later on. a lot of people racing to get to those deals. they say 40 percent, that's where you should look f. you get a 40% deal it's going to be pen initial for you. or you're looking at the usual. so keep that in mind. temperatures right now at about 50 degrees. out in oakland temperatures are chilly. lunch time 61 and at 4:00 p.m. 64 so we want to face our camera out toward the east bay. i can tell you a little breezy. that's keeping our skies clear. look at this, an area of low pressure sitting and spinning offshore. this is going to bring light
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snowfall to tahoe, plenty resorts opening up this weekend. the sledding places open up as well. we're getting into that time of year. what's going to happen is some of this moisture will move up in the bay area mostly in the form of clouds. we're fair game for a very, very stray shower as we head throughout the second half of the day. i call them renegade showers. you can see that moisture all the way up into tahoe so we stand a pretty good chance. saratoga looking good, 62, as lunch time, 65 degrees, and that's eating time for a lot of people around the bay area. nice at your house. >> i'm with you. that sounds like fun. a lot of eating and drinking time. police agencies across the area say they are going to be out in force looking for drink drivers on the road. the special enforcement started with what some call black
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wednesday. it's called that because the day before thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest times of the year for local bars. offers say it's a busy time for police because that's when college students come home to drink with friends. >> nice to play with old college buddies. >> when i did it i was in grad school so i didn't do the whole kind of thing. i didn't realize it had a name. >> special patrols will be visible throughout weekend. >> home in time for thanksgiving. the special home coming baking this extra special. plus, a live look at new york city where the 87th annual macy's thanksgiving parade just kicking off. the real question will the large balloons hit the sky.
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welcome back everyone. happy thanksgiving to you. it's 6:12 now. today will be a special thanksgiving in one home, 18-year-old sasha fleishman is back home in oakland after spending weeks in the hospital healing from second and third-degree burns. earlier this month 16-year-old richard thomas set fleishman's skirt on fire while the two were riding in a transit bus. fleishman is agender which means he doesn't identify by either sex. prosecutors call the incident a hate crime and have charged thomas as an adult. >> a menlo park family file add suit against a driver of a car accused of jumping a curb and pinning two 6-year-old twin brothers against a wall. one boy needed multiple
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surgeries after the crash. the other suffered a broken arm. the boys were walking when the suv jumped the curb. no criminal charges were filed against the 90-year-old driver. though police did take away his license and ordered him to schedule a test at the dmv. no word how much the family is suing for. the body of the co-owner of sammy hagar's restaurant has been found. steven clark piece was reported missing november 3 when he checked out of a hotel in ft. bragg but he didn't return home. his body was pulled from the water about 50 miles away from ft. bragg. there is no sign of foul play but they have been unable to find his rental car to rule it out completely. his bar and grill in roseville. a court in thailand sentenced a
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british man to 25 years for the death of a u.s. marine. lee stabbed desean in 2010. he was upset after longfellow beat him. the court reduced the sentence from life because oldhouse pleaded guilty. >> a southern california man in custody for shooting an lapd officer. another officer was injured while trying to help. both are expected to survive. rain, sleet, snow greeting on the east coast. a storm has dumbed snow. it's forced the cancellation of about 300 flights yesterday. most of them in philadelphia, new york, and newark, new jersey. >> a different picture in the bay area. here in the bay area as well we're filled with dog lovers. the bay area also loves an underdog which explains why one
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nonprofit is enjoying so much success. garvin thomas shows us one woman's passion to save older unwanted dogs. her story will make you bay area proud. >> they like to play ball. >> reporter: for two partners in a failed relationship, judy and her dog sure seem to get along great. >>? th is what we like to do. >> in fact, judy says flower is the best dog she's had. what's failed? well, 13-year-old flower came to live with julie as a foster dog, a temporary situation until someone else adopted her. >> let's go. >> that someone turned out to be judy. >> she follows me. >> in the business that's called a foster failure though judy only sees the success in it. and how it never would have happened without muttville and sherry franklin. it was seven years ago that sherry, a hair stylist by trade, came upon her passion in life.
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volunteering at the spca she was touched by the fate of most senior dogs. >> a lot of the older dogs at the time quite a while ago weren't making it out of the shelter. >> so sherry opened up not just her heart but her home. for six years muttville, a senior dog rescue, was run out of her home. it has proven such a success, though, they now opened up their own space next to the spca. many of the senior dogs up for adoption living a cage-free life at their headquarters. >> sherry thought their first year when they adopted out 27 dogs was a good year. last year the number was 500. >> in the next two weeks we'll have rescued 2,000 dogs. most would have been killed at shelters so we've saved 2,000 lives. this might be the the dogs
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coming. >> but as great as 2,000 is, it's only a fraction of the need. she says for every senior dog they take in they took note of 20 others. it's based on good disposition though not necessarily medical condition. vet care is their number one expense, costing an average of $1,000 per dog to get them read the adopt. when that moment happens, the only one happier than the dog has got to be sherry. >> i fell in love with this cause and this is where my passion lies. i feel incredibly lucky i found it. >> wow. we're thankful to have her as well. i'm a dog lover. i know you are as well. >> oh, yeah. you know, always happy to see you, they don't care what kind of day you had. it can make all the difference.
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51 in san francisco. maybe you're getting ready to take your dog for a walk. it's cold. bundle up. i want to show you this live picture. it's mostly cloudy. we're starting to see a little bit of blue and we're going to get a absolutely spectacular sunrise this morning so stick with us, we'll show you those as we come in over the next 45 minutes. today we were counting on showers, right now the chance is very slim. so if we see activity it will be in the south bay. i think we'll see mostly cloudy conditions, 63 at 1:00, 5:00 p.m., 66 degrees, nice and comfortable even been sun drops off. san jose, comfortable, morgan hill 68 for you. along the peninsula high 60s. that goes for the north bay and san francisco. so almost uniform temperatures. no micro clift discrepancies to tell you about. it's going to be nice across the
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board. and yeah we're getting a blaes ed thanksgiving weather. >> thanks so much. animal rights activists lining the parade route. activists plan to protest sea world's a sea of surprises float because they say sea world mistreats orcas. they collected 80,000 signatures on line to have it removed. >> despite the protests there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to today's parade. jay gray, he's live at the starting point where the floats are starting to roll through. what have you got behind you. i'm trying to make it out. >> behind me, diary of a wimpy kid. there was concern that the wimpy kid and the rest wouldn't tli
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but that's all cleared and so we're going to see not only these balloons put one passed the grand stand. we're going to see some celebrities in the crowd. we know that the clan from duck dynasty is going to be here. so if you love that show they are going to be are here. it is shaping up to be a beautiful day. a little chilly. the winds are good. it's going to continue this way. hundreds of thousands are lined up and have been for hours. exciting and the start to what i hope is a very happy thanksgiving for everyone at home and for you, laura. back to you. >> thank you so much. so many line the streets but don't they sell out the hotels so people can get a view?
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>> absolutely. the hotels are packed. that might not be the worst choice when it's chilly, but i have to tell you we've been out here all morning. 3:00 this morning there were people lined up and ready to get their best spot. and they couldn't wait to do it this year. even with the threat of the bad weather. >> that's right. thanks, jay. good to see you. have a great thanksgiving. you can see the thanksgiving day parade in it's entirety. our coverage will start at 9:00 a.m. south bay new barn quite story to tell. what happened the him that will have people talking about it the rest of his life. and a live look outside. look, two cars across that beautiful span.
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welcome back everyone. a very good thanksgiving day morning to you. taking a live look outside, bay bridge toll plaza approach. on a working day it's pretty backed up, toll lights on. not today. that is certainly not the case. folks making their way into the
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city. no matter where you're headed we hope you play it safe. there is a baby born in the front seat of a minivan, may be going home for thanksgiving tonight. two-day-old is going to have something to ll. his mother and grandmother on the way to valley medical center tuesday night. but his mom knew she wasn't going to make it. they pulled into a bus yard where quinton's mom did what she had to do, gave birth. >> i was pretty calm. i knew he was coming and as a mom i knew i had to take care and one good push and he was out. he was wide awake and happy. >> pretty cool about it. 911 dispatcher helped grandma until the paramedics arrived. the family says quinton is healthy and they can't wait to take him home. what a gift. 6:25. more than 600 cars, trucks will be on display at the auto show. one of the big -- it offers
6:26 am
everything from high performance sports cars to cartoon-themed suvs. several new types of luxury vehicles will be displayed. electric ones this year. the show runs from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and is $10 for adults. i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. i'm feeling like we're so spoiled on the west coast. >> we really are. you know what, they are going to get showers down in the l.a. area for today so we're the envy of the entire nation. thanks for waking up with us. if you're getting read the stuff your face later on today it's going to be nice. you can do so outdoors. i want to show enthusiasm live picture of san francisco. if you stick with us for the next 15 to 20 minutes we're going to show you a phenomenal sun rise from all of the cameras we have across the bay area. keep that in mind, it's 2ing to be phenomenal.
6:27 am
clouds are streaming in, that's going to paint our sky in the reds and originals later on. we're looking good, i want to show you where we're headed though. area of low pressure could bring us light showers, as it sits and spins. mostly dry this thanksgiving. back to you. >> great tuesday. still ahead. we're following breaking news, a daring rescue after a car plunges off a cliff and it's caught on tape. what is a stheef do if the turkey is frozen? we're going to get the answers live.
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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we start with a pair of breaking news stories this morning. police in san jose looking for two people involved in what police call a random shooting. it happened before 4:00 this morning near state and east virginia streets. investigators say a man and woman in their 20s were sitting on their porch when two people approached the house and shot
6:30 am
them. then took off. the victims were shot a number of times. police say their injuries are not life threatening and appears the victims and the suspect did not know each other. >> a car careened off a cliff landing 500 feet below. this happened after midnight near highway 35 and skyline in san mateo county. a helicopter was culled in to help several people trapped inside. we're told there were four in the car, one actually climbed up the side of the mountain to find help. no word on what caused that crash. nbc bay area has crews on scene on both of those breaking stories. we'll get live updates coming up in about 20 minutes. happening today, for the first time since 1888, today is the first full day of hanukkah and thanksgiving. it won't happen again in our lifetime for 80,000 years.
6:31 am
one boston woman was so exciting they trade marked the term thanksgivukkah. lighting of the menorah at union square. the structure is next to the holiday ice skating rink. can't miss it. if you are up early with us, odds are you may be getting that bird ready for today's feast f. you have questions the folks at butter ball have this covered. carol is a supervisy for the turkey talk line. thanks for joining us. this year callers might hear something different on the other end of the line we understand. >> you know what, we're embracing the fact that men are in the kitchen cooking. i have a son and a son-in-law who are both shopping and cooking for their families. to honor that we have actually hired some men to answer the phones here. they have been trained. they are turkey experts like the rest of our staff so we're
6:32 am
excited to have them. we had a contest on facebook where rj from san diego won that and he is representing butter ball this year. >> very cool. i have one guy. his only responsibility is to preathlete oven and put the turkey in. i got it all ready for him. what would you say is the perfect temperature to cook a bird. >> we recommend 325, put the turkey in open pan, breast side up, slide it into the oven and you can forget about it until it's about two-thirds done, then cover the breast t white meat. you don't want to the overcook. looking for 180 in the tep early thigh. it's going to be perfect. >> do you believe in basting? >> you can baste but you know that turkey skin is like a rain coat. what you put on it slides back into the pan.
6:33 am
you can baste. just don't do it too often because the turkey is going to arrive to the table to long. it's going to be late sfwlxt we don't want to be late. carol miller, have a wonderful thanksgiving and thanks for joining us. she's from the butter ball turkey talk line. zm when it comes to the feast. one couple they are getting ready to feed hundreds. learning more will dish up to anyone who stops by the center for the arts. garvin thomas explains in this morning's bay area proud. >> reporter: compared to what it looks like today t livermore of the 1970s was about as small town as the bay area got. unless, that is, you just moved here from white thorn, california.
6:34 am
county of humboldt, population 250. >> lord have mercy. >> livermore was the big city. >> yes. to me. >> help us move all of this stuff out of here sfwlxt this, however, is the story of how over the past three decadeslerlean and her husband randy have been proving that size doesn't matter. except when it's the size of someone's heart. >> no matter how big a town gets or how small you may feel, there's somebody out there that will take care of you and help you and love you. >> turkey central. >> that is just what they have been doing for third years. that is how long they have been coordinating the thanksgiving. ever since a friend came up with the idea of doing something nice for those less tort nat on thanksgiving. >> said i got this idea, he says
6:35 am
i'm in, randy says i'm in, he called me, i said i'm in. of course, back then she nude requested what she was getting yourself into. the first year they served about 200 people. >> it was the most heart warming thing i've seen. >> enough so the moors decided to do it again, and again, and again. the dinner each year getting bigger and bigger and bigger. this year, they will be pulling together meals for 1500 people who might not otherwise get a turkey dinner on thanksgiving. the only way they can she is quick to point out is with the help of a few question regular volunteers. an eclectic group they picked up. >> they dedicated months to helping f. you put all of the time together that they went with us it probably would equal
6:36 am
a year. >> if this thanksgiving you find yourself passing by the boss well art center and wonder what the crowd is there for. you now know. it's just a big bay area city showing its softer, smaller size. >> so it's a great munt we live in. turkey, stuffing pie, what's your faf split >> stuffing. you? >> i like stuffing and a good pie. maybe a cranberry relish. >> home made? >> all home made this year. >> i tip my hat to you. i don't know how you do it with triplets, thanksgiving dinner and working. all i'm going to do is kick my feet up. temperatures are looking good right now. we're in the 50s as you can see a beautiful day shaping up. i promise you the sun rise. it's only going to get better and better throughout next toyn
6:37 am
to 20 minutes. we'll do not show you our live cameras, across the bay area. we're going to continue to see high clouds. i wanted to activate the radar. it's going to be a mostly cloudy start. we have a system bringing light showers and into the los angeles area. for us a slight chance of a renegade shower moving up along the peninsula or the south bay. you could see that central area of low pressure, wrap around moisture there. also going to bring light snowfall to tahoe later on a. tricky forecast. what this is doing is mixing up our atmosphere so. it's clear. at the lower levels right at the surface you can see for 10 miles or better. beautiful conditions for this thanksgiving. we have changes headed our way as we get into next week.
6:38 am
an area of already is going to drop like a rock, our first hard freeze of the season so keep that in mind. the seven-day forecast. temperatures in the 60s. upp upper 60s. beautiful for indoor or outdoor plans. >> 71 degrees the end of november. >> thanks, 6:38 now. why goldie blocks pulled this popular viral video off the internet.
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welcome back everyone. 6:41. happy thanksgiving to you. the bay area's goldie blocks are backing down with a fight with the beasty boys. ♪ remember we showed you this video. the company gained national attention earlier this month when this parody of the beasty boys girls went viral. beasty boys threatened to sue and goldie blocks filed its suit claiming fair use of the song. yesterday changed its tune. removing the video from the internet and posting a letter to the beasty boys on its website saying in part we don't want to fight with you, we love you and we are actually huge fans.
6:42 am
when we made our parody version of your song we did it with the best of intentions. we wanted to transform it into a powerful anthem for girls. but no more this morning. 6:42. the balloons, they will fly. macy's thanksgiving parade will have the entire cast of characters out despite the fears of strong winds. we're going to get a live report coming up. plus, san francisco's glide preparing for a major feat. they will serve hundreds as part of an annual tradition. ♪ getting presents and so much more. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ buy today, come back for more. ♪ ♪ save next time you shop in store. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ ♪
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>> we thought you deserved a little thanksgiving fun this morning. that's late night host jimmy fallon and the roots teaming up with the crew from "sesame street" in september. today they are going to team up again, this time as part of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. jimmy and the roots will be riding the "sesame street" float during today's parade. it will be one of the many highlights you have to look forward to. jay gray, he's live at the start of the parade route where things are already in full swing out there. any trouble so far, jay? >> reporter: no. everything is moving smoothly. thankfully. there was some concern about the wind and what it was going to do to the huge balloons. take a look. they are rolling out and everything is working. you can see right here, one of the floats, the zuzu pets floats. behind that you can see his pants, they are so square, sponge bob getting ready to work out and onto the route. not only the balloons and
6:46 am
floats, we've got the band, the clowns, more than 900 along the parade route. an exciting start to what i hope laura, is a great thanksgiving for you and everyone else. >> as always, jay. i know you covered many parades for us so we appreciate it. you make it fun. we cannot be there. we've got our 70-degree temperatures. you've got the parade. >> well, i don't know. >> it's a great gig. thanks a lot, jay. you know, one of the parade highlights snoopy will look different. check it out. he's cruising out there with wood stock. snoopy appeared 37 times, more than any balloon. it has been revamped seven times. before this new version was the world war i flying ace, before that millennium snoopy in 1999 in preparation for 2000. in 1988-1999 it was snoopy
6:47 am
skating with woodstock there in front of him. the first ever stoop snoopy, look at this, 1968. flying ace snoopy. you can see he looked different than he has in years past but a great holiday tradition. you can see the entire parade on air starting at 9:00 right after a two-hour special edition of the "today" show this morning. so a lot to celebrate. folks up early, probably preheating the ovens. >> it's going to be nice here, the parade will go on. with all of those balloons so getting great news this morning and beautiful sunrises coming in at this point. they are going to get better as we head throughout the next half hour. we'll show them to you. 47 degrees in the south bay. mostly cloudy conditions in san jose. i want to show you san francisco, our prettiest right now. beautiful start to the day here. a mix of sun and clouds and that will likely be the case. so it feels tropical out there. we've got an area of low pressure bringing in these
6:48 am
clouds from just offshore. i want to show you the satellite imagery. give you an idea what we're working with. you can see here a lot of moisture around and we're getting very light showers offshore off the coast of pacifica. we're looking pretty good to stay dry for most of the bay area. as i widen out you can see the reason why. this area of low pressure, the actual core is located well to our south and west but it's going to bring wraparound moisture into the bay area so. we're fair game. if anything does develop it will be very light. and mostly this is going to bring in clouds and we're going to see nice temperatures. beautiful conditions in the south bay. 68 degrees, 68 in menlo park, san francisco at 64. you'll be at 69 degrees in the inner richmond district. 69 for sausalito. and 71 degrees out in almost so staying comfortable out in the tri-valley. thanksgiving and san jose looks beautiful for your indoor or outdoor plans.
6:49 am
it's going to be cloudy but not bad. 66 degrees at 4:00 p.m. and i want to show you your peninsula seven-day forecast even though your neighborhood seven-day forecast here at the bottom of the screen scrolling there. i want to show you the trend where we're headed. it's going to be comfortable thursday into friday, saturday and sunday holding on to the upper 60s, then monday into tuesday and wednesday a cold area of low pressure arrives. this is the peninsula. look at this. 38 degrees on tuesday so that means the north bay could end up in the 20s. we could see our first hard freeze of the season so getting to be that time of year sfwlxt wow, so maybe brak friday sales get yourself some gloves. 6:49. just in, police say they made an arrest in the city's latest homicide. the police department's chief tweeted a suspect is now in custody for the shooting death of pedro cortez. his body was found saturday afternoon. the suspect's identity not
6:50 am
released at this time. and a motive is unclear. at 6:49 new this morning investigators in san jose trying to identify a body found inside the highway 87 overpass this morning. just before 1:00, someone alerted firefighters at the fire station near the intersection to the body. crews say the person was in a confined space inside the highway overpass. if the -- it's a space normally used by inspectors after earthquakes. investigators think the person may have been homeless. they tell nbc bay area the body may have been there for weeks. 6:50 now. in a few minutes thousands of holiday meals will be handed out at glide memorial annual thanksgiving day feast. hundreds of volunteers spent last night slicing and dicing everything from ham to cake even packing sack lunches to go. even though they are doing the work lending a hand feels like a gift. >> the joy of being -- of
6:51 am
feeling helpful and useful. fantastic. >> nobody ought to go hungry in this city and in this bay area. nobody ought to go hungry in america but it happens. >> the reverend williams says food donation and money sill welcome and needed. breakfast is 7:00. today is what some call black thursday. not all stores are on board all of that shopping. one bay area chain now saying no. fry's electronics will keep doors shut today. the company says it tried oching on thanksgiving in the past and regretted it. >> we tried two years ago opening up on thursday, thanksgiving and staying open all the way through friday night and gosh, it wore our employees out. i was there myself and realized that i'm not so sure that extra sales is worth tiring our people to the point where they are
6:52 am
tired. >> making a difference. so instead fry's will put some items on super sale on its website tonight. then tomorrow all you have to do is go into the store, show your receipt and pick up your purchase. >> on the flip side dozens camping out for the door buster deals, this is from the best buy in san jose about 20 people out there braving the cold, happy to do it though, waiting for the doors to open. not on black friday but at 6:00 tonight. shoppers say the great savings make missing out on a hot turkey dinner worth it. >> it's going to be like $150 off. and like 200, 300, $400 off. so it's really worth it when you add it up. >> not just best buy. walmart also opening up at 6:00 tonight, followed by macy's and
6:53 am
target opening their doors at 8:00 tonight. it is 6:52 now. we are following a pair of breaking news, on the peninsula a car packed full of people falls off a cliff. damian trujillo has dramatic video of that overnight rescue. good morning. >> reporter: it was a dramatic rescue off 92 and skyline boulevard in unincorporated san mateo county but crews responded quickly and were able to bring everyone of those passengers and the driver to the safety but a car again slid off the side of the road on highway 92 and fell roughly 500 feet. crews arrived and air lifted three passengers to safety. one of the people in the car was apparently able to climb up the mountainside and call for help. the victims suffered broken bones but nothing major. they were transported to sf
6:54 am
general. they are investigating tchp is, the cause of this accident. while the rescue went on highway 92 remained closed. truckers waiting to deliver to the coast, fishermen waiting to get to their catch. the same was the situation in the other trex. people trying to come from the coast toward 92 and san mateo on this side of 92. the car will remain in that position for the foreseeable future. they are going to need heavy machinery to get car pulled out from 500 feet down that embankment. >> they were lucky they were rescued. to the south bay a street by street search is taking place for a man who shot a couple a few hours ago. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you. this happened a few hours ago in front of this pink house on state and sutter south of 280
6:55 am
outside of downtown san jose. we spoke with the mother and son who live in this home. they didn't want to say much except they did pull they will inside, would not tell us what relationship they had or whether they knew them. a man and woman in their 20s. 4:00 this morning. well dark when two people approached. one walked up, the other one drove. a witness tells us she hurd five smts. some of those struck the man. one hit the woman in the foot. she is going to be okay. according to police so is the fan in spite of being shot. >> as far as i know based on what i've been told this appears to be a random act. yes. i don't believe the victims and the suspects knew each other at this point. >> robbery? >> there was no dialogue between the suspects and the victim.
6:56 am
>> reporter: both suspects took off, one ran away, the other drove off. and as of yet police have not released a description. bob redell, nb. >> thank you, bob. it is 6:56. kmarts are open as part of a marathon shopping session. the first of many planning a thursday opening to bring in the holiday shoppers early. one of those stores, walmart, which says it has a plan to stop is the chaos as sometimes surrounds its store. you may recall when a woman allegedly pepper sprayed to get an x box. this year it will have more inventory and on line sales. thanksgiving means an increase in officers on the road. special enforcement started looking for drunk drivers.
6:57 am
it's a busy time of year because a lot of college students come home from the holiday and may have drinks with frenss. thousands of people will take part in the annual turkey trot. the first race starts in less than 5 minutes. and later our own christina loren will be out there for the 5-k run. she is in the holiday spirit. >> this is it. the bay area's official christmas music station is about to begin. we have a special in studio guest to launch our music, meteorologist christina loren from nbc bay area. welcome. >> i love it. she's bringing in the holidays to the bay area. 24-hour christmas music channel. that's a big responsibility. >> it is. you know it's funny is i love what christmas music. karen carpenter t chipmunk, me i want a hula hoop.
6:58 am
looking good. as you're making your turkey today it's going to be comfortable indoors and outdoors. i can tell you a lot of people would -- getting into the holiday spirit, cloudy out there today. we're looking really good. the clouds are the only thing keeping us from an absolutely perfect forecast. 68 degrees in san jose. 68 in menlo park. 66 degrees out in fremont. mike inouye will be out at the turkey trot with me this morning as well. and laura, you've got a big meal to prepare tonight. >> that's right. we're saving a place for you. thanks for getting up early. thanksgiving tradition about to play out in the south bay. the big boz game. this is from last year's game which lincoln high school won. it's beaten san jose for the past 15 years.
6:59 am
the big bone game a battle for a trophy made from a steer bone. it's got to be a little ripe by now. a short week for the raiders in dallas getting ready with a showdown with the cowboys. matt will get his third start for oakland. the running back darren mcfadden will play after missing the last three with a cham string injury. the raiders lost in sunday's game. the raiders/cowboys one of three. early in the morning the packers head to detroit for game one, kickoff at 930 clork, then tonight it's the de pending -- a showdown with the pittsburgh steelers. kickoff at 5:30 and you can see that game here on nbc bay area. that's what's happening in the bay. i'll be back with a live local update.
7:00 am
good morning. up in the air, the crowd is building, the marchers ready, but will high winds ground the iconic balloons at the macy's thanksgiving parade. a taste of home. u.s. troops overseas finding their own way to celebrate today's big holiday. >> happy thanksgiving. >> while connecting with loved ones thousands of miles away. and why wait? planning on a side of shopping with your turkey and pumpkin pie? some stores are already open this morning. your guide to the best bargains, today, thanksgiving day, thursday, november 28, 2013. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and


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