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tv   Today  NBC  December 6, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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>> that is true. join me at 11:00. have a great weekend as well. tributes pouring in. ♪ the world remembers nelson mandela. a man who rose above hardship to free a country and change the course of history. >> we saw in him what we seek in ourselves. >> we have lost one of the most influential, courageous, and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth. >> his extraordinary life and legacy.
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>> i urge you all. in the name of me, democracy and freedom for all. >> mandela, friday, december 6th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," remembering nelson mandela, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and as we welcome you this morning, we take a live look in soweto, south africa where a massive crowd is gathered to celebrate the life of their beloved hero, former president nelson mandela. >> flags are at half-staff around the world this morning, including at the white house and the capitol. a fitting tribute. just the beginning of the tributes for a man that did so much, despite tremendous obstacles. he is remembered by the country he saved and the world he changed. >> that's right. welcome to "today" on a friday morning.
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i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie, alongside al roker and tamron hall. it's fitting that you see these celebrations. people smiling, dancing and joyous. how could you not celebrate a life like that. >> this is news we expected for some time. he had fallen very ill some months ago but it still took your breath away when the official word came from south africa that nelson mandela had passed away. >> it's the top story in newspapers around the world this morning. people remembering mandela, talking about his legacy. a legacy of political freedom, but also a personal legacy of reconciliation and peace. other major news, we want to tell you about a huge storm here in this country. it's impacting people in many different regions. al is going to have more on that in a moment. but first, let's get right to richard engel. he's in johannesburg this morning. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: we are here in front of nelson mandela home, the home when died last night.
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since then, several hundred people have been holding spontaneous vigils and dancing and celebrating the life of a man whose compassion and forgiveness helped rebuild this country. across south africa this morning, flags at half-staff, tears and prayers for the father of this nation, nelson mandela that died at age 95 in his home in johannesburg. but also celebrations for the life of a man that gave up his personal liberty and became one of the great leaders of our time. last night, the announcement came. >> our nation has lost its greatest son. his humility, his compassion, and his humanity and in him, they love. >> reporter: the world held its breath for a moment, but then the tributes poured in. >> he let us understand we can
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change the world. >> he certainly had an impact on my life. >> reporter: president obama paid homage to a civil rights icon. >> let us pause and give thanks for the fact that nelson mandela lived. a man who took history in his hands and bent the mark of the moral universe toward justice. >> reporter: queen elizabeth remembered his efforts. his legacy is the peaceful south africa we see today, she said. a glittering film premiere in london attended by the royal couple and two of mandela's daughters celebrated the movie of his life, "long walk to freedom." his death was announced as the credits rolled. >> extremely tragic news. we are just reminded what an extraordinary man he was. >> reporter: mandela will have a state funeral but it was his leading by example that helped
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so many. >> we lost one of the most influential, courageous, and profoundly good human beings any of us will share time with here on this earth. he no longer belongs to us. he belongs to the ages. >> reporter: this country is now in an official state of mourning. his body will lie in state for viewing and a funeral is expected. matt, back to you. >> richard, thanks so much. >> let's go to nbc's keir simmons, outside of johannesburg, which was the epicenter of the anti-apartheid movement. can you tell us about the scene there, keir? >> reporter: good morning. there's thousands of people spilling on to the streets here in soweto and coming out on to the streets and singing and praying and dancing. people are moving up and down in large groups. at the end of the street is
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nelson mandela's home where he lived with winnie mandela before he was imprisoned and imprisoned for 27 years. he came back here after he was released and this place soweto was the backbone of the anti-apartheid struggle. the very name conjured up the struggle against oppression. it was here that people demonstrated. people's children lost their lives on these streets as they fought against oppression with nelson mandela in jail. and some of the songs they're singing here including "god bless africa." they sang that song in court when nelson mandela was jailed. they sang it when he was freed and they are singing it here again on the streets of soweto. >> that's a song ringing out worldwide this morning. keir simmons, thank you. nbc's tom brokaw was among the first to interview mandela when he was released from prison
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in 1990. charlayne hunter-gault, our special correspondent lived in south africa for many years and she knew mandela. nice to see you. >> the moral giant of the 20th and 21st century. freedom's champion. other titles. superlatives that go on and on. we tend to overuse those words but in this case it's fitting. >> it is fitting. i said last night, often when some great man dies we have to wait for the judgment of history. we don't need to in mandela's case. it was an extraordinary moment in the 20th century and it spilled over into the 21st century. i have also been thinking he came in 1990 out of prison, he was proceeded by mikhail gorbachev by the changing of the soviet union. and in his own way, in china, that was an extraordinary time in america in liberating people from oppression economic and political he felt. >> his legacy is freedom but his legacy for humanity is this radical forgiveness that he practiced, that the very moment
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he could have descended into bitterness, he instead made peace, showed love, and changed the country. charlayne, where did that come from? >> i think he knew the dynamics in his country at the time, very tense. and i think he had given 27 years of his life for one cause, that was to free his people from oppression. so i think he just did whatever he thought was necessary to have that transition go smoothly. and of course, as you know, he did. there were tense moments for sure, but he was the leader. it was he who set the tone for this and made it possible to change that nation without bloodshed. >> i heard someone wonder out loud yesterday afternoon, what could he have accomplished in his life had he not been in prison for those 27 years? but it was those 27 years in prison that gave him the aura and credibility and created the legend that allowed him to change the world. >> and the people that was most important to him in the
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political movement to use that time to develop the philosophy in play once they were out said they used that time to develop the philosophy to put into play once they got out of there. sometimes he would miss prison because he had an isolation and time to think and he was around the people most important to him. it was a terrible, terrible place and one of the most touching stories i heard was he was summoned to the warden's office one day. one of the other inmates watched him. and he came back and didn't say anything and went to his stone cold cell and he had just been told that his son had died in a car crash, i think it was. wasn't it? it was that kind of denial of just the most basic humanity that made him who he was. >> charlayne, you knew him personally. he had such -- almost a regal bearing about him. such charisma and such charm and humor. i loved when he said he retired from public life, "don't call me, i'll call you." what kind of man was he when you got to know him one-on-one? >> well, i think he actually -- prison may have given him another dimension.
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but he was very active even before he went to prison, representing poor, indigent people who needed legal representation for free. but i think he was a multifaceted man because he -- and i want to say this appropriately -- he loved women in the best possible way. but whenever he saw me, my husband ronald had been very instrumental in setting up some programs that he wanted and whenever he would see me, he would say, "how is the banker?" and i think the woman he hired, the woman that was his aide and guard and everything else. well, she didn't really like me very much because whenever mandela would see me, he would come rushing over and i would break all the rules. you weren't supposed to ask questions. i remember one time, it was his 85th birthday, was it? he had been married to graca for
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several years and we weren't supposed to say anything at this event, but when he passed in front of me and looked into my eyes i couldn't help but say, "how's your birthday?" and he answered and then i said what's it like to have been married now for four or five years? whatever it was. and he said young lady in my culture -- and he got very stern. he said in my culture people like yourself of your age don't ask people of myself of my age those kinds of questions and i got the worst stare! but that's how he was. he was approachable. he wasn't full of himself. >> when he came here, i was at a party one night at the united nations with the late richard holbrooke, and president clinton had just dropped off chelsea at stanford and mandela was so social. he knew everybody by name. he remembered my original interview with him. if he walked in here today, he would put everybody at ease.
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there wasn't any of that aura that he carried around with him. >> so charismatic. >> i knew i was in the presence of a great man. >> he was a renaissance man is how i would put it. he moved from every generation even eventually embracing aids when it wasn't popular for leaders in africa to do that. >> thank you both. appreciate your time. >> absolutely. >> we'll have more on nelson mandela and his extraordinary legacy coming up in a couple of minutes. let's switch gears now. there's a big winter storm. big story. millions impacted by what could be one of the worst ice storms in years. let's get to al with the latest on it. al, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. 1,200 miles from san angelo texas all the way into the northeast and new england. right now the heaviest concentration of snow and ice is
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in arkansas, oklahoma, and on into texas. we're looking at this just continuing over the next 24 to 48 hours. there's a second storm behind that that's going to cause even more problems. extensive snow from new england back into the ohio river valley where cincinnati and columbus schools are closed. ice accumulations anywhere from a quarter of an inch to a half an inch from texas all the way up into charleston, west virginia. look at this, we have also snow to talk about from tulsa into connecticut and parts of new england. we right now have ice storm warnings from parts of arkansas into oklahoma. ft. smith is where we find dylan dreyer where things have gone from bad to worse. dylan? >> reporter: good morning. al. this storm played out as expected, but that is not helping people. we have .50 of ice for most areas. in oklahoma and parts of arkansas, closer to 1 inch or
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more of ice. this has knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people from the south all the way up into the midwest. the possibility for that power to be out for days. the arctic blast moving across the nation is bringing a dangerous mix of snow and ice. overnight, the storm brought near whiteout conditions in north dakota. icy roads responsible for jackknifed trucks and car accidents in oklahoma city. >> it is best to stay home. don't get out in this. if you do, prepare yourself. you may have a slide off. >> reporter: according to state police, over a dozen vehicles slid off the highway in new mexico. how cold was it in dallas? cold enough to freeze this car door shut. >> it's completely frozen. >> reporter: the texas department of transportation ordered up 400 additional vehicles to help treat roads. what would you tell people at
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this point right now? >> drive slow. be careful. be aware of what's around you. >> reporter: out west, freezing temperatures still threatening crops in the $2 billion citrus industry in central california. >> this is only night two. we have got a storm coming saturday morning which is probably going to bring snow to the valley floor. >> reporter: here's the problem now. it will drop down to 7 degrees here and most areas were hardest hit and it will not warm above freezing until wednesday. unfortunately with the next storm system setting its sights on the same area on sunday, it will get worse before it gets better. back to you. >> all right, dylan dreyer. >> travel is a mess today. at least 1,000 flights have been cancelled already. >> check with your local airport if you are planning on traveling. we have an incident on an american death in libya. tamron is here. >> to investigate the killing of
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an american teacher in benghazi. ronald thomas smith was shot to death while jogging in benghazi. he planned to return home to texas to his wife and sons for christmas. one said this is the heart of the school. his death came days after the call on libyans. the link to al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the attack on the defense ministry in yemen. at least 32 people were killed in the attack. the u.s. military has raised the status in that region. president obama will propose reforms for the nsa after the allegations of snooping. the president spoke on msnbc "hardball" with chris matthews. >> i'll be proposing some self-restraint on the nsa and to initiate some reforms that can
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give people more confidence. >> the president said that people at the nsa generally are looking out for the safety of the american people and are not interested in reading e-mails and text messages. good news about unemployment. it is a five-year low. it is down 0.3% from the month before. the economy added 203,000 new jobs. encouraging news about the pilot whales stranded in shallow water in the florida evergrades. officials say most of the whales, at least 35 of them, were able to swim into deeper water on thursday. officials are now tracking them from boats and from the air. good news there. well, prosecutors have decided not to bring charges against heisman trophy favorite jameis winston. the florida state quarterback had been accused of sexual assault, but officials announced they didn't have enough evidence to pursue charges. winston is the acc player of the year. the number one seminoles are one win away from the bcs
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championship game. moments thursday for passengers on a plane trying to land in high winds. take a look at what happened in birmingham, england. an emirates plane almost came in sideways. he circled around and tried again and then had to divert to another airport. this is due to winds there. it eventually did thankfully land safely but horrifying. it's 7:18. that video is unbelievable. >> you feel that if you're on the plane. when you look out the window and that runway is at an angle to you, that's not good. >> when they say put the seat belt on, you put it on. you never know. mr. roker, we have the ice storm. what else is going on? >> cold air to talk about. look at the temperatures right now. big contrast. new orleans currently in the low 70s. dallas not too far away. 30 degrees. here is what is happening over the weekend. the cold air marches to the east. we are looking at 6 below in
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billings. 78, new orleans. then by tomorrow, the colder air makes it's way down into memphis. 30 degrees for a high. sunday, the cold air is just about everywhere but florida. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good friday morning to you. we still have freezing colden kansas. give yourself time to warm up your car. your microclimate forecast, temperatures in the low 50s
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across the board. a couple upper 40s, in san francisco, pleasanton. 49 for you. san ramon, 48. we have a storm system on the way tonight that's going to bring rain showers to the bay area starting at about 9:00 p.m. all right, al, thank you so much. well, obviously nelson mandela's death is talked about a lot online as you would expect. >> oprah winfrey posted a touching message overnight, it says, quote, being in his presence was like sitting with grace and majesty at the same time. ng in his presence was like sitti with grace and majesty at the same time. he will always be my hero. his life was a gift to us all. more reactions right now. carson is in the orange room with what other people are saying. >> we're gting quite a bit over here. nbc put out the call for people to use the #rememberingmandela. all to honor a man that chaed the wor long before social media ever existed. here's some of the reaction we have gotten.
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>> reporter: across the u.s. and across the globe, tributes to neon mandela on social media. mankind lost a frid with the death of nelson ndela. the world mourns with his family. he not only inspired a country but the world. thank you for showing us the capabilities of one man. even a tribute fm nasa hundred of miles above earth. in hor of nelson mandela, here's an imine of south africa from the ternational space station. >> stars inlywood pd their respects. samuel l. jackson tweeted never met a better personn my life than nelson mandela. my spathy to his family and hicountry. >> i hope the greatork started by nelso mandela continues to spread across the world. he'll be remembered as an icon for equality. d from ellen, today we lost the world's greatest advoce for peace and change. nelson mandela was a hero to so many. rest in peace. hundreds of imagis of mandela on instagram and facebook, many
7:22 am
accompanied by his own powerful worlds. the great glory in living lies not in never faing but in rising every time we fall. over 7 million tweets since word of hisassing yesterda at its peak, 95,000weets per minute. mohammed ali said what i remember mos is he was a man whose heart, soulnd spirit couldn't be contained by instices, metalars and the burden of he and revenge. he taught us forgiveness on a grand scale. a lot coming in today. >> thank you. we'll have much more on nelson mandela and his rise from prisoner to president and the plans being made to remember him. >> but first, th
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it's 7:26. the breaking news is going on in downtown san jose. san carlos and alma dand is closed because of a crash involving an officer. this morning investigators say someone rear-ended a police car that was stopped at a red light. they say the driver was speeding and tried to run. a security guard from a hotel caught him and held him until backup arrived. the officer and suspect were both taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a state wide amber alert is in effect after a teenager disappeared in washington prsta. authorities believe 14-year-old elizabeth romero was abducted from washington. she was last seen wearing a white tank top, dark pants and a
7:27 am
pink purse. hurs is spekted kidnapper is eduardo flores rosales, a 19-year-old hispanic male last seen driving a green ford escape. it's believed the suspect is headed to mexico. >> i want to check the forecast right now with meteorologist christina loren. another cold one. >> another cold one. good morning to you. we have a little bit of additional cloud cover so it's not as frigid but cold enough for frost. as we head throughout the day the temperatures are going to remain cool. we'll stay in the 40s and 50s. every microclimate, 50 degrees in foster city, san francisco by 51 in san jose, north bay looks good, low 50s for you. the same in the tri-valley. as we head through tonight into tomorrow morning area of low pressure moves in. i stop the clock at 9:00 p.m. mostly showers but look what happens. mix of rain and snow down to 500 feet tomorrow morning.
7:28 am
let's check the drive. >> nice. all right. looking to the toll plaza, no big surprises there, the pole plaz from the opposite angle. the map shows you around the bay light, a friday commute. we have slowing toward that san mateo bridge toll plaza off 880 and 880 done to the dumbarton bridge picking up volume. we have the closure again san carlos because of the police activity. >> another update in a half hour.
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>> after nearly 90 years of and there is no better way to remember nelson mandela than to hear his voice this morning. it is a new day in south africa. the first in 95 years without madiba, their leader who they loved so much and that changed that country. the 95-year-old icon died
7:31 am
thursday following a lengthy illness. president obama called him a transformative figure that now belongs to the ages. coming up, former secretary of state colin powell on his lasting impact on politics and pop culture. >> how many people will get to say the nation changed and the world changed because i was >> al, i was thinking about y born.outhis morning. it's extraordinary. >> al, i was thinking about you. th this's rig your son was born on mandela's feel that >> that's right.we were very pl. that's right. i always feel that special bond because of that. >> we will have we were very pleased about thatn >> we will have more on nelson mandela but, first, let's look at the stories making headlines today.ries making headlines a dangerous ice storm taking ag place in texas to the great lakes. lakes. several places like several places like oklahoma and tennessee, have already declared emergencyhave already declared a state of emergency and more than 1,000 flights have already been canceled.d. >> and there is optimism in n > florida this mor florida this t volunteers are trying to save a this morning a pod of stranded pilot whales nd this morning and it appears some
7:32 am
the whales are moving on their own into deeper waters so we are happy to have that update. happy to have that update. coming up, the death after a global figure like nelson up, a global figure like nelson mandela to the l mandela to the lighter side of e communicate. life, twitter changed the way we communicate. even wit even with more than 230 million active users the man in charge sees some major room for userse improvement. charge sees some major room for improvement. we'll have an exclusive interview with him coming up. >> #exclusive. we'll begin with our top we'll have an exclusive interview with dick costolo coming up. >> #exclusive. nbc's national cor we'll begin with our top re kate sno story and that's the passing of nelson mandela.look at mandela'a nbc's national correspondent ct. kate snow is here with a closer. >> good mo look at mandela's impact on our culture across the world. kate, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. nelson mandela was a transcendent figure.e. a man who became a movement and his reach spanned generations. >> reporter: nelson mandel, la his reach spanned generations. >> reporter: nelson mandela, th colorado cross-cultural phenomenon. his quest for freedom turning into a global cause supported with demonstrations, protest freedom fighter who came a cross-cultural phenomenon. his quest for freedom turning
7:33 am
into a global cause supported with demonstrations, protest songs, and star-studded songs, and star-studded concerts. concerts. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: in 1988, "the cosb, show" brought mandela's cause y into american households after s his daughter named her twins c his daughter nam nelson and winnie.ed two years later, mandela's twi release from captivity captivated the world. two years later, mandela's release from captivity captivated the world. >> i urge you all in the name of peace let freedom fall. >> reporter: the south african president and former boxer being remembered by the greatest, >> i urge you all in the name of mohammed ali. his heart and soul couldn't be contained. as he used sports to help heal peace, democracy and freedom for all. >> reporter: the south african south president and former boxer beinf remembered by the greatest, mohammed ali. his heart and soul couldn't be contained. as he used sports to help heal south africa championing a mixe.
7:34 am
raced national rugby team. >> forgiveness liberates the ort soul.he episode >> reporter: the episode n a moe re-created in a movie starring morgan freeman. the actor called mandela a hero to a to all who treasure liberty, lla freedom, and the dignity of nd e humankind. >> freedom, it is an i >> freedom, it is an idea for de which which i am prepared to die. >> reporter: "mandela long walk >> reporter: "mandela to freedom" premiered in londonw last night and the news of his " passing.n london la the website offering bonus stpa. interviews.ite offering bonus interviews. >> i >> i'm inspired by nelson 'm mandela because he sacrificed mandela because he sac himself for the better of his himself for the better of his country. country. >> in spite of every >> in spite of everything, thci. people have a conscience. >> reporter: a crusader of conscience honored by harlem's conscience honored by harlem's apollo theaters. he accomplished what many thought leaving a legacy the world wille never forget. overnight, so many statements overght, so many statements and remembrances flooded in. and remembrances flooded in. prince charles and oprah talked prince charles and oprah talked ab about his sense of humor. we saw bill cosby in the piece. he talked about how mandela comforted his family when they
7:35 am
we saw bill lost their son. he talked about how mandela comforted his family when they but the word that comes up again and again is simply inspiration. but th >> we were talking about that e. this morning.. ng about that i was saying inspire is one of those words we tend to throw thi around a is one ofrds we around a lot. >> overused. >> overused. >> but he truly embodies it. >> but he truly embodies it. when i t when i thought about him this ho morning, i thought i'd like to morning, i thought i'd like to be a better -- i'd like to be e more like that. more like that. >> and pop culture wise, we're around the same age and i around the same age an remember being a kid in texas d remember being a kid in texas watching mtv and hearing the watching mtv and hearing the so song free mandela and you go to school and talk about it with n. your teachers. who is this mande who is this mandela?la but pop culture brought that tou our lives. >> you talk about with your kids. >> you savannah and i were talking ithr before the show.. savannah and you can look at his life in. the macrosense what he did in terms of history but there's the macrosense what he did in also microlessons.s. re's also microlessons. i was talking to my son jack i was talking to last night.mymylast night. 27 years in prison. he came out and didn't have 27 . he worked with hate. the peoplplimprisoned me. he worked with the people that imprisoned me. i'm going to tell him, are you telling me you can't get along with your sister? e you can't are you kidding me??with are yo he got it.he got it. i think he understood it on that
7:36 am
level. >> he taught us so he t how about a check of the >>. weather? >> we have another system to how abou talk about. weather? >> we have anoth a second system that's pretty er much going to follow the a sect footprints of the first one.y c footprin low pressure building off the t coast of the pacific northwest and what's going to happ and what's going to happen witht this, it's going to push in this, it's going to push in tonight and into tomorrow and as it does, it brings snow. it does, it brings sn much needed rain to california. much needed rain to california. much needed snowpack through the upper rockies and the central much needed snowpack through rockies and the cascades.e cent rockies and the cascades. we have winter storm warnings and winter storm watches and winter weather advisories just outside of los angeles.ou hard to believe.e. snowfall amounts generally 6 to snowfall amounts generally 6 to 9 inches of snow. we are talking a lot of activity we are talking a lot there. o there. icy conditions today. nto the itions today. a lot of wet weather into the that's what's going on a northeast and on into texas.ror neck of the wood 7:36. happy friday morning tou. i'm meteorologist christina loren. the only city not hufrerring around freezing is san francisco. 40 degrees. noon 48 and 49 degrees at 4:00 p.m. we're mostly in the 30s at this
7:37 am
point but temperatures are slowly but surely starting to creep up. we're going to end up in the 50s across the bay area today. expect about 51 in san jose. 50 in cupertino. richmond around 50. and 49 in walnut creek. into this weekend colder days ahead. that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you. >>oming up, what's twitter's nextig idea and what's the one cardinal sin when it comes to savannah'stweets? we'll ask the company and ceo in exclusive interview right after this. i'm so happy to be marrying your mom. you know that, right uh-huh. i know this hasn't always been easy for you. and i'm really happy thatou're in my life too. ♪ it's just ke yours, mom! [ jane ] behind every open heart is a story. ll yours with my open hearts collection at kay jewelers, the number one jewelry store in america. there are millions of reasons to give one, but the ssage is always the same. keep your heart open... and love will always find its way in. thank you. thank you.
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7:42 am
that microblogging site changing savannah's world 140 characters at a time. where does the company go from here? i recently sat down for an exclusive interview with the man in charge. >> there w . my tweet has been posted. >> you guys are on twitter, correct? >> they tweet in questions. my twitter owers. >> do you tweet? >> what if you tweet and nobody tweets back? >> twitter is everywhere th days and the man trying to make the company comfortable, profitable and cool is his ceo, 50-year-old dick stolo. >> i'veeen in your offic 10 minunus and you're the oldest guy in the room. >> by a long shot. >> how does that feel being a ceo of company which such a youthful employee base. >> so to work with people that see what's coming next because they use it every day and it's been part of their lives since
7:43 am
day one is invigorating and exciting. >> and as the oldest guy -- >> as the oldt guy and by the way, you don't looko od this morning. >> thank you. are you teaching these employees or are they teachin yo >> it's both. it's absolutely both. i don't know all the answers. so i try to teach them and i 100% learn from everybody in the company. >>t is a company on the re. twitter was the toast of wall street when it went public last month. currently boastg over 230 million acve use and 500 million tweets every day. but costolo admits there's room for improvement. >> for manpeople, the language is opaic to them. so we need to push the technology and the language of twitter to the backgrou and bring the content forward. the media, t photos, the content that people are talking abt. >> he knows the power of twitter
7:44 am
can disrupt and change t world and he's also aware but not overly conceed about the nastiness that oftenomes in 140 characters. >> as someone in the public eye, if i go on to my twitter and i look and i see a tweet that's really nice, man, it feels good. it feels great. but then i read and i scroll further and i see some really tough twee. have you gotte your arm around the question of why there tends to be so much negativity on twitter? >> i think that what you're seng a two sid of the same coin. the beauty of the platform is that the abity to have a pseudonym that you can tweet under has enabled political speech in countries where political speech is oppressed. >> and changed the world. >> and then of course tha allows some other people to hide behind it and say mean things to people. it's incumbent on us as t operators of the platform to make sure that people, everyone can come to twitter and feel like it's a clean, well lit
7:45 am
place and a global town square. >> i tweeted about you this morning. i responded back. i toldy vast number of followers that you were going to tell me something in this interview that you had never told anyone else. >> yeah. >> so don't make me aliar. what is it? >> sometimes at night, i cry. >> what makes you cry? >> the fact that i don't have any srets toell you. >> that's it? you're an open book, aren't you? why don't we end by giving your fellow tweeters real news they can use. what advice would advice would you have? how couldou become a more interesting tweeter? >> it's dependant on the way you speak. 140 characters constraint itself that mes the creativitof operating within that constraint beautiful. >> flip the question on the other end. is there a cardinal sin of tweeting? >> you have to speak with an
7:46 am
authentic stone of voice. in this day and age with the communication we now have, people can sense inthenticity very quickly. so keep the bull off twitter. >> authenticitys the key to a great tweet. >>ho is the white whale? who is the personut there you're dying to get to use twitter? >> it's melissa mccarthy, tina fey, amy polar. i'll make that my goal. >> they should cl them at white whal the twitter handle. >> one of the things i think about this, he raise a good point, you can tell when people have somebody else doing this >> and people say do you write your own twitter? it would be a lot tter. >> or when people have an agenda. i don't like when people tweet watch this or see this. you want c stapt communication. but i'm going to tweet keep it re. at's what he's saying there.
7:47 am
>> i'm not going to write your twee anymore. >> who would you like to see on twitter? share with us using the #orangeroom. carson will have some of your responseand your last chance to crown our orangeroom award wiers a little later. but first, these ♪ [ male announcer ] en well-planned holidays can wind up at the corner of "stockings are stuffed" and "quick -- duck!" luckily, walgreens is always nearby, so it'ea to get in and out for extra stocking stuffers. or anything else you might suddenly need. stop by walgreens anytime for hershey's kisses chocolates, gift cards, and more. plus get up to 20 dollars in jingle cash on next week's purchase of 30 dollars or more. here at the corner of happy and healthy.
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generatingelectricity tr and reliable, with fewer emsions-- itatters. ♪ we're back at 7:51. let's check in with carson. what are you doing over there? >> just takin notes. >> working hard. >> we were enjoying the twitter interview that matt had with the o and he mentioned the women he would like to see come to twitter. you haveeen sending us yours too. george clooney not on twitter yet. brian williams i'tn twitter. >> he is on it but he doesn't tweet. >> people want him to tweet more. >> steven king was one of the good ones. >> that's disturbing. >> keep ose coming. also want to mention the orange om awards, a the orangies.
7:52 am
>> i don like that name. >> the window closes today at no eastern. let's took at the nominees for the orangies. >> man, you are e candy. >> it's in the -- a bun -- ♪ what does the fox say ♪ erybody move, move ♪ [ music playing ] >> it' the orangies everybody. vote at do that and we'll see you in a
7:53 am
little bit guys. >> all right, carson. thanks. >> coming up, more about the la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot people thato ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on naturalas, they don't tow out as muchollution io the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. ♪ female announce] may your holidays be merry and bright. merry prings. colgate optic white dual action ines and whitens
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7:56 am
good morning. 7:56. breaking news going on in downtown san jose where a police officer was injured in a car crash this morning. investigators say someone rear-ended a police car that was stopped at a red light, at the intersection of san carlos and almaden boulevard. the driver was speeding, he tried to run away from the police car after the crash, but a security guard from a nearby hotel caught up and held the driver until backup arrived. the officer and the suspect were both taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. sunnyvale's strict new gun laws take effect. gun owners who lost their firerm a or had them stolen have to call police in 48 hours. the city will start tracking the sale of ammunition. the nra promised to fight the new law in court. let's check our chilly forecast this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott.
7:57 am
one more hour of that freeze warning, it should be able to expire on time at 9:00 a.m. temperatures are still in the 30s, we head throughout day we'll end up in the 50s so another cold day on tap. then a storm system moves through into tonight. so this is what we're expecting. showers starting up by 9:00 p.m., widespread across the bay area. as we continue into tomorrow morning we got a cold blast of air. talking about really low snow levels and the potential of a mix of rain and snow down to the valley floor level. next week very cold conditions continue each morning. let's check your drive. >> look at palo alto. the only real issue is an increase in traffic but heading into the sun. slowing for 101 and 280 through the trees, you make the bend around the trees the sun hits you. look at the map, a little slowing northbound out of mountain view. a crash 92 on the shoulder. slowing approaching the san mateo toll plaza.
7:58 am
a crash at 680. nothing dramatic.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> son las ocho de la mañana en we'll go live to south africa and speak with general colin powell about the former leader's life and legacy. plus a dangerous storm cuts across the nation's mid-section bringing snow, ice and freezing temperatures. and living the american dream. we follow fame chef jose andres as he takes his final step in becoming an american citizen, today, friday, december 6th, 2013. 3 c3 today. tamron hall and carson daley on this friday morning. obviously a lot of thoughts on nelson mandela this morning.
8:01 am
very interesting to hear what colin powell has to say. >> we'll talk to him coming up. it's a day of mourning, but it's also a day of celebration because we look at the life of a man who not only changed the country but changed the word. it's 3:00 in south africa right now, and actually there be plans being made for a celebration of the life they call tata or father or madibaa which we'll hear in south africa, and people there, of course, thinking about the man who meant so much to them. >> we have nbc's michelle kosinski in johannesburg this morning. michelle, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. amid the endless procession of people here, young and old, black and white, singing and dancing. south african president left the family home not long ago, and now we know there will be a large public memorial service on tuesday. for three days mandela's body will lie in state followed by his state funeral in the remote hometown on the 15th. ♪
8:02 am
>> reporter: this morning, south africans are facing a new reality, a country without nelson mandela. >> i think it's a very sad time, but also an opportunity to celebrate 95 years. >> our people have lost a father. >> reporter: south african jpt jacob zuma order all flags to be lowered to half staff beginning today as preparations are under way for an epic state funeral that could last at least ten days. expected to be a mix of western and african cultures, and unlike anything ever seen here before, rivalling the funerals of presidents, popes and royalty. the guest list could include every living u.s. president, celebrities such as oprah winfrey and dignitaries from around the world. preliminary plans call for mandela's body to lie in state at pretoria's city hall, followed by a massive memorial at the 94,000-seat stadium that hosted the 2010 world cup which mandela attended before he's
8:03 am
finally laid to home at his home village. >> i'm sad. his lived his life very well. >> reporter: one earl did ily woman said he saw a big light and never switched it on. another said mandela's legacy says they were able to adopt their children, they are white and the children black meaning they can give them a good and equal life. matt? >> all right. michelle kosinski in johannesburg, michelle, thanks very much. >> let's go to nbc's andrea mitchell following the outpouring of tributes pouring in all around the world. andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. nelson mandela is indeed being mourned around the world and here at home by the americans whose lives he influenced, starting with the president of the united states. nelson mandela transformed his nation and the world. a freedom fighter with the grace and courage to forgive his oppressors. inspiring generations of civil rights leaders at a young barack
8:04 am
obama who recalled a rally on his own college campus. >> my very first political action, first thing i ever did that involved an issue or a policy or politics was a protest against apartheid. >> reporter: as a senator obama had visited mandela, and the president and mrs. obama brought their doubters to robben island prison so they could better understand what mandela had suffered. after he died, michelle obama tweeted we will forever draw strength and inspiration from nelson mandela's extraordinary example of moral courage, kindness and humility. bill clinton tweeted a picture and wrote, "i will never forget my friend madibaa," use the affectionate name by which mandela was known to his followers. mandela wasn't always on the u.s. side. in the 1980s president reagan supported apartheid regime, and eastern as protests broke out an college campuses across america demanding the u.s. punish the regime. ♪
8:05 am
♪ free mandela >> reporter: "free nelson mandela" became a popular anthem for black and white americans. finally, congress, including key republicans, overrode reagan's veto imposing the economic sanctions that helped break the apartheid regime. that set the stage for mandela's triumphant visit to washington as his country's president. >> we are to one another brother and sister, a united rainbow nation that rises from the bond a age. >> bono, mandela's great friend wrote in the end nelson mandela showed us how to love, not to hate, not because he surrendered to rage or violence, but because he learned love would do a better job. savannah? >> well chosen words. andrea, thank you so much. we're lucky to be joined now by colin powell, the former secretary of state, and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. general powell, good morning to you. good to see you. >> good morning, how are you?
8:06 am
>> very well. i'll start with a simple question. what did he mean to you? >> he meant a great deal, and last night when i got the news i was initially saddened but then i rejoiced in his life. i rejoiced in a life well lived, a man who is an inspiration to me and millions of other people around the world, a man who never forgot his principles, who was prepared to go to prison for as long as it took in defense of those principles, and as he said on a number of occasions i'm ready to give my life for what i believe in, and he triumphed. as you just noted in your report, there was controversy over the years, even within the american government, as to how best to help this process along, and i've been asked whether it should have been isolation or should it have been engagement, and i think both forces pressed the white government of south africa to realize that things had to change, and the only way they could change is by accepting nelson mandela as a full partner in that change, and also fortunate that f.w. de klerk was there to reach across
8:07 am
the aisle, two adversary who knew they could not be enemies any longer. >> to you what makes him transsend and truly become a special person is over the course of his life he changed so much and with contradictory things in a way. at one point he was a fighter, a bold and fearless fighter, and then later he was a radical peace-maker. >> well, you know, he started out as a peace-maker. he believed in nonviolence. he was a lawyer. he believed in the law, but then he realize that had was not going to work against the regime of apartheid, and so he took up violence, and he even became on a terrorist list for a long period of time, but then he realized that this was not the answer, and as you've noted in your reports and other people -- a lot of people have noted, he went for love. he said let's reach out and show love and reconciliation. he kind of -- he kind of reminds me in the experience of the united states, he's our washington and our lincoln and our martin luther king all
8:08 am
rolled in one, the founder of his country, somebody who kept the country together, and in the spirit of martin luther king and madibaa together, why we have to reach out to one another, even though we have strong differences, we need to reach out and find compromise in order to get the consensus to move forward. that's what he did. that's the inspiration he's left for the people of south africa and the rest of the world. >> i have to smile when you use the word love, and we hear the word forgiveness and inspiration and integrity because these are qualities that are so vanishingly rare in our modern public politics. >> that's true, and we need more of it, and we shouldn't be afraid to reach out to other people, even though we strongly disagree with them. if we don't do that, particularly here in the united states, if we don't start listening to one another, if we don't start sharing with one another, if we don't start sharing our anxieties and our dreams and our greatest ambitions with one another and trying to find ways to move
8:09 am
forward, we're going to be in trouble, and i hope that americans will get renewed inspiration from the life and successes of nelson mandela. >> i only have a few seconds left. you were someone who has broken a few barriers yourself, no question about that. were you there when he was inaugurated in 1994. what was it like for you to see that? >> the most exciting moment imaginable to be up there on that hilltop, hundreds of v.i.p.sfrom around the world. i was part of the clinton delegation, presidential delegation, and to know there were tens of thousands of people below us in the park. finally the moment came when mandela came up on the stage to give the oath of office and to give his inaugural address, and what i will never forget the four generals of the south african defense force that led him up as a guard of honor, and i was just stunned. i said look what i am seeing here in south africa, the power of the state, the military power
8:10 am
of the state, giving its allegiance to their new president who happens to be black. and i said this is something i never thought i would see. >> extraordinary memories. former secretary of state general colin powell, always good to have you, sir. thank you. >> thank you. >> well, we've got another major story making news this morning, and that's one that you're covering. >> that's right. >> tamron has more on that also. >> let me get you caught up and you'll take over from there. one of the worst ice storms is closing schools and disrupting air travel and creating dangerous driving conditions across the midwest and the south. cars could be sliding or could be seen sliding across slick streets in kansas city, missouri thursday, and extremely low temperatures are keeping the road ice from melting. the wintry conditions are pushing eastward and could last for days. nbc e nbc's dylan dreier is in fortt smith, arkansas. dylan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron, the snow is now taking over for the freezing rain that we had all day yesterday and through the night. it accumulated here in
8:11 am
ft. smith, up to about half an inch on anything it could touch. some reports in parts of oklahoma and west central arkansas with up to an inch or more of ice accumulation on the trees and the power lines. we've gotten reports of several limbs down and power lines across the stree there are throughout the storms in parts of texas all the way up to the midwest up to hundreds of thousands of people without power, 150,000 alone in dallas itself. we have gotten reports of all flights into and out of dallas-fort worth cancelled today because of the ice they are seeing out there. treacherous driving conditions on the roads. several jackknifed trucks, several spinouts, and the ice is just going to continue to accumulate in some of those areas as we go through the day today, but we will see some improvements before another storm, ice storm moves in on sunday. tamron. >> all right, dylan, thanks very much. the white house is pressuring libya to find out who
8:12 am
murdered an american teacher in benghazi thursday. a security official says 33-year-old ronny smith was shot while jogging near the american consulate where the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed last year. smith taught chemistry at international school in benghazi. he was just days away from returning to the u.s. to spend the holidays with his wife and toddler son. vice president joe biden arrived in seoul last night to reassure south korean leaders of the u.s. commitment to the security. biden warned that north korea will never achieved prosperity if it pursues the creation of nuclear weapons. washington does not accept its newly declared air defense zone in the region. biden will visit the heavily fortified border between north and south korea tomorrow. on another note, your elf on the shelf may soon seem a little boring compared to this. it is the elves on a ledge, window washers dressed up as santa helpers.
8:13 am
they were outside a children's hospital in indianapolis thursday. young patients lit up dare i say like christmas trees a sure sign that santa is a special place for them on his list. >> how cute is that? it is 8:12. matt, savannah, carson and al, elves on a ledge. >> yeah. >> another tongue twister. >> come in, come in. >> elves are getting multi-talented. >> elves dressed as elvis, that would been even bigger. >> think big. >> welcome to memphis. >> more on that storm? >> yeah, unfortunately, we do. take a look, and this is just so widespread. we're talking about winter storm warnings, ice warnings, winter storm watches and winter weather advisories stretching from california and the pacific northwest all the way to new england. i mean, it's a wide system. in fact, over the next 24 hours anywhere from a quarter of an inch to half an inch of ice, which will cause power outages, roads down. i mean, it is going to be a mess all the way into nashville and
8:14 am
up into northeast. plus there's snow with this system about 1 to 3 inches from tulsa to hartford, even 6 to 9 inches and here's that second storm dylan was talking about. that's going to be the second part of that one-two punch bringing snow to the northwest and >> 8:14, made it to friday. the temperatures are cold enough for the breeze warning. it's in place for another 45 minutes. san bruno, a nice clear sky overhead. and similar in san jose, the storm system will move in. 49 degrees at lunch time. that's when we'll start to thaw out and 51 degrees at 4:00 p.m. getting into tonight, into tomorrow, major change is headed our way. potential for some low snow. showers on saturday. weather. >> all right, al. thanks very much. coming up next on trending, so why can't the president? he'll explain. then, a special performance
8:15 am
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for 60 months on a 2014 camry. for more great deals, visit toyotathon is on! ♪ toyo. let's golaces. of course the big story of the morning is the passi of nelson mandela. there's other stories making news around the world of course. >> we think about his legacy of rgiveness and understanding. here's a story that may make you think in those areas. an ohio coffee shop is looking for a man that stole from their tip jar buthe don't want to turn him into police. they want to help him. after security footage saw the man taking the money the store decided toost a food drive for hi heres wha the shop's manager told our cleveland affiliate, wkyc. >> we assume that if he was
8:22 am
desperate enough to steal the tips that he is probably in desperate times. in the holiday spirit we just decided we're going to try to help the guy ou >> nice. >> i almost don't want to read this but apparently this act of kindness generated a debate on facebook. some are asking whether th coff shop is rewarding bad behavior. but the first-person to donate food was the woman that served the man that day whose tips were taken. it's a beautif example of mercy in action. >> they can just do the right thing. >> exactly righ i love that story. all rit. well, this is interesting. it may be soft a comf b a new baby seat is generating a fierce reaction from some parents. it's called newborn to toddler activity seat from fisher price. it allows you to strap in your baby jusinches from a mounted ipad. the seat costs 80 bucks. that baby is clapping.
8:23 am
it says babies can clay and learn using education apps but they fear parents will use it as a babysitter. fisher price says parent dos have the option of using the product without the ipad. is is the same thing people say about movies. my nieces, if they wch nemo one more time. that's the debate. >> but i bet your nieces aren't strapped in. >> wn it's right here. >> that baby has no choice. >> but if youe putting educational things on it. >> it'still e habit of having the visual right re and not engaging or reading a book. >> are we not embracing technology? none of us still use the brick cell phone. >> your baby starts ordering stuff from amazon. >> i d't know. i don't know. >> speaking ofipads, president
8:24 am
obama has o but there's another amevice he is not even allowed to use. >> am not allowed for security reasons to have an iphone. i have noticed thatsash aa an and meliapend a lot of time on it. >> the president is a famously loyal customer. >> so why does the leader of the free wor carry around a device from 2007? because the super secure blackberry is extremely difficult to hack into. the president also said that only 10 people have his personal e-mail address. i am one of them. >> you are? >> i asked him for it inn interview one day. he didn't think that was funny at all. >> gmail. >> nice. very nice. >> and thats what's trending today. >> wl, coming up, did you not get enough of the sound of music last nit? tamron is a new fan. 14embers of our sound of music
8:25 am
family are here and they're standing by or danci by for a live performance of their own. >> she's adorable. >> let her go. >> they're dancing too. first door on the right. after yoocal news and weather.
8:26 am
a very good friday to you. 8:26. the statewide amber alert is in ev effect for a 14-year-old girl missing from washington state. authorities think elizabeth romero is with her boyfriend, edwardo fabian flores rosales and they could be headed to mexico. drivers should keep an eye out for black ice this morning. especially in martinez. the freezing temperatures may be the cause of a water main break that sent water rushing through the streets last night. they eventually managed to cap it off. but boy what a problem there. any problems on the roadways? mike has a look at this commute. >> i see that and i think of my uncle who used to work for san
8:27 am
jose. and an earlier crash has collared around the marsh and mountain view, also slow. typical pattern even for a friday. and routes through san jose, the earlier crash has cleared from downtown san jose, no problems there. we have a slower drive through hayward and union city. but an easier drive toward the san mateo bridge crash. and slow past the coliseum and then clear at the toll plaza. thank you for joining it. another update at 8:55. have a great morning.
8:28 am
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we made it to today. >> we're from macon, georgia. we love matt and al. >> i love savannah. >> hello colorado. >> it's our sister trip. >> i'm 40. >> i'm 45. >> and i'm 50. >> merry christmas.
8:31 am
>> back now and it's 8:30 on your friday morning. it's december 6, 2013. if you look closely, yes, it's dannyevito and rhea perlman helping us. we have a little celebrity collection this morning. they were the stars of the belod movie matilda. we'll unite them. >> you have to have a elf, danny devito is a good f. more of our 12 days of christmas bargains. look who is here. >> i'm going to give carson the ornament to symbolize. we have 12 deals only for today show viewers. so you have to go to and you're goi to find amazing thingsare 50% off or more. so today our deal is a coffee maker.
8:32 am
it is the brand new vu. it's the v 600 from keurig. they went to people and said what are your issues? and people saide want to personalize it. it can make you coffee hower you want. hotter, stronger, bigger. you name it. it's 50% off. >> so what's the price? >> the price, it originally is 139.99. today sh viewers can go to for a special code and gett for $70 plus free shipng. it's an awesome deal and there's a lot of people here who i suggest get to their computers immediately. >> and if you ask right now, danny devito will bring it to your house. >> and it only lasts for 24 hours. you need to get going now. >> pple have issues with their coffeemaker. >> well, how they like it. it's all about personalizing it. >> absolutely. got to be just perfect. coffee is important. >> so i will be back on monday. >> okay. >> and just tune in about the
8:33 am
same time for the surprise deal. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> may i also say we have a huge, huge crowd here. bask upon the greatness of our crowd. my people! my people! gaze upon the greatness of our weather. my ople! . let's show you what's going on right now. again, we have the big ice storm and it's still going to be rough as we head on int saturday. look for wet weather along the eastern seaboard. that's incredible stuff and then sunday we've got tha second system coming across the country and it is going to be bringing snow and icy conditions into the northeast. wet weather into the gulf. ladies and gentlemen, the world's greatest christmas
8:34 am
sweater ever look at that. that my friends -- what's your name? >> cindy. >> cindy, this is spectacular. oh my gosh. did you buy this orake it? no, i mad it. >> oh, man. i hadn'teen the b the back lot chilly day headed our way with plenty of 50s and clouds. increasing throughout the afternoon. expect the first showers up in the north bay. i want to show you what's headed towards the bay area. all the green indicating rainfall but look at what happened. 6:00 tomorrow morning, a mix of rain and snow from san jose south. potentially all the way to
8:35 am
gilroy. make sure you travel cautiously if you're out tomorrow morning. overall a warming trend toward the end of next week. >> whateveu do, stay away from i-95. i'd hate to see you on the side of the road. >> how do you ow it wasn't roadkill. >> well plad cindy. well played. let's go back inside. savannah. >> all right, al, thank you. ll mlions of people tuned in last night as carr underwood lead the castn a spectacular live version of the sound of music right here on nbc. that was an event that insred us to search for today's sound of music family. and here theyre rea to perform. the willis clan. they're from ashland city, tennessee. but first we'll tellou more about them. >> we're the willis clan. >> got any questions?
8:36 am
>> reporter: this singing, stomping, fiddling family from ashland city, tennessees a lot li the real v trapps. >> we get called tha all the time. >> reporter: from the signature roll call. >> attention all kidsn the living room. >> you have to come u with stems and so on. >> reporter: to their love of ng and dance. >> as we started havingur family there was alwaysn instrument around and the little ones were old enough to beat on a drum or shaken a sker they were performing wit us. that's how it started. >> we started off with irish music and dance. >> reporter: today they tour the nation lighting up audiences with a mix of folk songs, country and when asked, even a little snd of music. [ singing ] >> the sound of music really influencedur family. it's a large family. it's simila but also music and danc
8:37 am
but really, just le of life in general. we have a lot of fun no matter what we do. >> reporter: vonn willis, you had us at -- >> great job. really nice. >> we always say that life is better with a sound track and i believe our lives are like that. there are a lot of similarities to our families. >> well, we won't keep you waiting any longer. performing my favorite "things." ladies a gentltlen, the willis family. [ music playing ] ♪ la la la a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪
8:38 am
bright copper ketes and warm wol len mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things♪ ♪ la la la la ♪ a few of my favorite things ♪ girls in white dresses with blue satin sashe♪ ♪ snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes ♪ ♪ silver white winters that melt intopring ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ when dog bites ♪ when the bee stings ♪ when i'm feeling s ♪ i simply remember my favorite things ♪ ♪ and then i don't feel ♪o bad
8:39 am
[ music playing ] ♪ la la la ♪ lalala ♪ a fewf my favorite things ♪ lalalala ♪ a few of my favorit things >> okay. wow. i am ready to bhe album. my goodness. first of all, how long did y'all practice that? >> well, we got the word yesterday. so just a few hours. >> seriously? >> yeah. >> i'm officially impressed and buying the single on itunes later. >> you didn't have a lot of time to practic because apparentl you ran into a little weath at
8:40 am
the rport. >>ur fligh ended u being cancelled yesterday. so we got stuck in nashville. we got in at 5:00 or 6:00 last night. it was a heavy day of travel. >> dad over there, it's easy when you got 14 people. >> yeah, i just threaten a few people. people were real nic to us. >> american airlines in nashville was good to us. they were fabulous. >> they love y right now too. >> and passenger gavep your seat so you guys could come here. >> yeah, sure did. >> did you repay them by singing in the l lnge or anything like that? >> no, we paid them by being quite in the lounge. >> so what has this whole experience been like? a lot of people are going to say come on you guys must be professional and the truth is you do have a lot o experience singing and playing, don't you? >> well my husband said just the otr day it takes ten years of hard work for an overnight success. u work hard and whenou get ready and whenever the door opens you wanto be ready for it a so when the opportunity arose we were thrilled to jump in and didn't know what was
8:41 am
going to be happening but wead a great time so far. >> you did such a good job. do you like to sing or dance? what's yr favorite thing to do. >> i like to stance. >> kind of both. >> willis family, you did an awome job. great to mt you. thank you. take it away. [ music playing ] but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
middle-earth is back at denny's with the build your own hobbit slam. twenty delicious options, like sweet potato pecan pancakes, hearty breakfast sausage and honey cake french toast. a meal to satisfy the hungriest of hobbits. see "the hobbit: the desolation of smaug." . back now at 8:43 with a special moment in the life of one of our favorite chefs. nbc's kelly o'donnell has that story for us. kelly, good morning. >> well, he has served presidents and politicians at his restaurants in the nation's capital, but this isn't about his famous food or cookbooks or tv shows.
8:44 am
this is really about chef jose andres being able to call this place home. chef jose andres has good reason to celebrate. >> yep, i want this and i want that, all right? >> reporter: he's won the nation's top culinary prizes. he runs a growing restaurant empire from his washington, d.c., headquarters, complete with this test kitchen that creates dishes that will define his famous hotspots, 16 restaurants from d.c. to l.a., miami to vegas and more. >> for me, the most important is to say people of america, this is american cooking, too. >> reporter: oh, that reason to celebrate? born in spain and living in the u.s. for 23 years, andres and his wife, patricia, have just become american citizens. >> this is my hangout. >> all right, so, two weeks ago, i became an american citizen. >> hey, congratulations! >> reporter: he now shares the same citizenship as their three
8:45 am
american-born daughters. >> the least i could do for my daughters was your daddy is like you now. >> reporter: given his american-made success, first families have dined at his restaurants, he helped out in haiti with president clinton. as a new citizen, andres is taking on a cause, backing immigration reform that would grant legal status to undocumented workers. >> i think this is a country of faith, and faith tells me that we have to be taking care of those that didn't get the same chances we got. between four and six restaurants. >> reporter: calling himself an entrepreneur and not an activist, he says his success is an example of what immigrants can contribute. >> i know i'm the perfect poster boy. >> reporter: the restaurant industry is on the front lines. the reality is, many hire workers here illegally and buy produce picked by undocumented workers. any risk to your business, that by being so politically involved, you might turn some people off? >> i don't think i have any
8:46 am
issue on being active. >> reporter: for his next new restaurant, andres is researching america's earliest colonial recipes and comfort foods to design a new menu. >> what is this to you? >> reporter: it looks like a great old campfire s'more with a very elegant twist. making s'mores with foie gras. >> you're good. >> i torched it. >> you went directly into it. >> reporter: and mac and cheese inspired by a 200-year-old virginia recipe. >> i'm living in this moment where all the dreams can become possibilities. >> reporter: with so much on his own plate, jose andres hopes the success of his food and his business will add his now american voice to the immigration debate. and when he says he knows he's a poster boy, he's talking about the fact that as an immigrant, he has been wildly successful, and people like to point to that. he also told me he'd love to invite speaker boehner to dine
8:47 am
at one of his restaurants, and food, of course, is always a way to get to people's hearts and souls and he hopes maybe he can change some minds on immigration, but food is his first love, and it's easy to say why with the way he creates such interesting dishes and has made quite a splash. matt, savannah? >> thank you. chef jose andres, american. and coming up, "matilda," but first, this is "today" on nbc. devito, rhea [ female announcer ] i like to mix things up a bit
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8:50 am
packages at this hour? >> ce here. okay. >> hello. >> we don't do money, we don't like charities, we don't buy raffel tickets. >> i'm matilda' teacher. >> what has she done now. you, go to your room right now. right now. beat . look, whatever it is, she's your prlem now. >> he's not acting a single bit. now a special blu-ray edition is out. this morning we have a minireunion. happy holidays. >> thank you >> vy, very excited about it. >> it's fun. you guys did a little reunion. >> we did. reased the blu-ray. it's so beautiful. it'sxcellent quality and we added a tea party to it. so we had miss honey's tea party and rhea and i invited all the kids tha were in the movie to
8:51 am
come back to the tea party. this was just this summer and, you know, you -- it's amazing to see them all grown up. >> yeah. >> 18 years ago. you were what, 7 years old? >> yeah, we filmeddn the summer so ias sen when we started but 8 when w ended. >> you actually looked to her and askedor input as a 7-year-old a a director. >> all the kids had a lot to say. >> they definitely did. keira. >> yeah, all of them. they all had a l to say what should g on and how it should be dealt with. >> she's the sweetest woman imaginable. >> she also came in for the reunion. we had itn the blu-ray. we put this edition on. it's cool. >> one of the great scenes in the movie is when s forces the kid to eat all the chocolate
8:52 am
cake. we havell the chocolate cake here. by the way, rhea you sai you would dive into that one right over there. >> that one. >> you see. >> you don't have to force me. not at all. tell me about the characters. rhea, wormwood. >> miss wormwood. what did you like about her? >> she is such a trip. i love her, you know? she is just bigger than life and she i -- she is just like -- she is so happy with her life, with h husband. with her family -- not her family. she doesn't care about her family. but her clots. she loves her hair. she loves all important thin. >>o it wasn't much of a stretch. >> but y guys ud to love is book and you would actually act out the roles. >> we read the book -- how we found the boo was ouraughters brought it into the house because they wante to read a chapter book. so we started, you know, we read
8:53 am
picture books to theids and en we started reading chapter books. this is one of the first ones and we would act out. i would act out mr. wormwood and she would do mrs. wormwood. >> we would d matilda. >> there's a great message to this sry. it'sbo emperment and inclusion and embracing our differences as people. >> yes. he was way ahead of the game and always speaking to kids. >> the get it. >> they do. it's the kids againsthe parents in a way. but it rlly rinates as a good lesson to rely on yourself even though there's adversity d things in your way. >> i'm coming up to commercial. so i have to do this. thank you. >> now,rhea,ou're going to have to read this because i he a mouthful. >> danny devito and rhea
8:54 am
perlma mara wilson thanks. we're back in a moment. thiss "today" on nbc. >> good job. >> thank you guys. in a perfect world every man would look like john stamos. wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. ♪ dannon.
8:55 am
. >> okay. all right. one of his famous selfies here. >> come on inside. >> there we go. >> always takes the foot selfies. >> oh. >> don't rget you can also
8:56 am
watch rhea on tv land which is great and always sunny in philadelphia with this guy right here. thank you gu. reallygood. >> have some cake. [ inaudible ] >> smell that one. >> get in there. >> willie coming up in e third hour along with jenna bush-hager. we'll see you in a little while. >> first well, good morning. 8:56. scott mcgrew. 5-year-old miles scott will be back in san francisco tomorrow. kicking off the brave the bay. it benefits the make-a-wish foundation which last month transformed san francisco into gotham city to help miles' own wish come true. let's check in with christina and a cold forecast.
8:57 am
>> it is cold out there. good morning to you, scott. temperatures are still in the 30's and 40s and cold enough for frost. we should see the freeze warning expire on time in three minutes from now. nonetheless, it will be cold out there today. plenty of mid 50s in san jose. the peninsula around 52. rain and low snow on the way tonight. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley.
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>> announcer: om nbc news, thiss today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller pla. welcome to today on a friday morning, december 6th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al roker and jenna bush-hager helping us out again this morning while natalie is out on assignment. we're all talki about and thinking about nelson mandela. freedom's champion. he died yesterday in johaesburg at the age of 95. known f a life of triumph and healing we're celebrating his life around the world. in 1964. we want to look back a gat moments in this man's life. he was in prison for 27 years on robin island
9:01 am
released on february 11th, 1990. so imagine that. 27 years behind bars. >> right. >> for being a revolutionary. >> right. >> let's take a listen, first at what he had to say when he got out. >> i have fought against white domination. and i have fought against black domination. i have changed the idea and authority in chang all facets veogether in harny and with equal opportunity. i hope to live for and to
9:02 am
achieve. but if need be, it is for which i am prepared to die. >> for which i'm prepared to die. four years after that speech she was elected the first black president of south africa. colin powell was talking earlier in the show, i was sad whe i heard the news b i immediately got a smile on my face thinking about this man's legacy and what he did for the worl >> the fact that he lived. he lived suc an incredible life. my sister worked in south africa actually and one thing people haven't talked about as much is his stance on hiv/aids. it changed the entire continent and not the world. >> no black president i that countrwas talking about it. >> and they were saying he wasn't a disease. >> he had a son that died of aids. richard ele is outside
9:03 am
mandela's home where crowds have been gatheng to mourn but also to celebrate mandela'slife. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in johannesburg outside of mandela's me, t same home where he dd l lt night and since his passing hundreds of people have been coming here. ey have been laying flowers and singing and dancing. a very celebratory mood. perhaps mandels greatest legacy is that of reconciliation and that is represented today. there are black south africans and white south africans. at the end of apartheid there could have been serious racial violence in this country and insteadhey've become the most prosperous nation in all of africa. the current president camey and addressed the crowd and he said that mandela will be buried on december 15th. >> wow. richard engle, thank youo much. my ungest, nikki, w born on
9:04 am
mandela's birthd. >> wow. >> and i remember after deborah ve birth to her, we had her by cesarean so i was by myself with him and i thought this is nelson mandela's birthday what a great birth right. >> and richard is right. he could have gonene of two ways. he could have taken the anger that built up over 27 years and used that in a negative way. instead, he was grateful to say the very least. >> it's a huge history lesson on w freedom can prail. >> for a lot of us of a certain age, we lived that history but for a younger generation, he's a pop culture icon for good and for positive message. >> he is. a lot of people know the film n invictus. morgan freeman in the movie. mandela striding on to the field in the rugby world cup wearing south african colors and bringing t overwhelmingly
9:05 am
white crowd, more than 60,000 people to its feet. they cheer nelson, nelson, nelson. there's another film out now. mandela, long wa t freedom. he's a celebrity to a lot of people. it's important to look back at w he became one. >> the great actor pying nelson mandela who got rave reviews and william and kate were at the film premiere yesterday hours before mandela's passing. >> they were there wh his daughter. >> yeah. >> watching this film of this great, great man and then he passed away. >> it's a great day for reflection. we'll talk more about nelson mandela coming up on this program. we a watched the highly anticipated live version of sound of music here onnbc. >> yes, first time a live broadcast of a musical has taken place over the air waves in 50 years. >> it was unbelievable. >> let's check out some of this because it's pretty remarkable. >> the hills are alive with the
9:06 am
sound of music ♪ ♪ with songs they have sung for a thousand years ♪ ♪ the hills fill my heartith the sound of music ♪ >>wow. so i saw some of . her singing was incredible. >> yes. >> and let's commend the technical aspect of this. >> se of our camera guys were there. brian. >> were you there. >> unbeevable. >> come here. come re. how difficult was that. >>t a production that was. >> how many cameras for exampl >> 12 cameras, 13 cameras. >> wow. >> yeah. it was great. >> what was it le during t show. >> awesome. grea to work with. >> how were the kids? >> awesome. >> they were great? they found these hilarious little kids. some of whom had never been
9:07 am
in -- obviously ne of them on live television before. >> i was so well rehearsed, thou, they nailed it. >> how great was audra mcdonald. >> she killed it. >> thank you so much. >> that's all i was thinking watching it. she was great. she sung her lungs out. audra mcdonald was gre but ey didn't miss any marks. they didn't miss any camera cuts. >> can you imagine? the pandemonium that would have broken out? >> georgall over the place. >> change a couple of diaps. >> she did a reay good job. it was incredible. >> kudos to everybody involved. >> remember our buddy, 2-year-old titus, the fphenom. his amazing trick shots now, he's going over corners. let's watch somef this. from a balcony. >> unbelievable. >> is that real? >> this ishe nextebron. >> crazy. wow.
9:08 am
>> that'like tee stories up. >> oh my gosh. >> , no. wait a minute. >> now we got to call him out on that. >> staged >> that kid is two years old. >> wow. >> and what's amazing is he survived being with brian ove at fox and friends. >> that's right. that kid is inedible. >> is he literally the next lebron james? yes or no? >> it's early. but he's on his way. >> i think we should get recruiters to go to kansas. >> he's aming. >> i say we get himo the international space station. >> check his range on that one. >> he got the attention o bradley cooper and channing tatum. >> vercool. what's going on with the weather, al >> this is an ugly storm. it stretches 1200 miles. over 1,000 flights have been cancled. a thousand flights have been
9:09 am
cancelled. it say ss. let's take a look at what's going on right now in dallas. look at this, this is where ty call the high five where the five major highways come together. it's at a stand still basically. tractor trailers jackknifing. they'll have the icy mix all day today and then as we move a little rther, you can see now it's changed over to snow in fort smith, arkansas. so they're going to be looking at snow showers today. this is a monster system. ice storm warnings winter srm warnings, wier storm watches. stretching, take a look at this. we have theinter storm watches and wnings stretching -- this is another srm coming from california, oregon, nevada on into theouthwest and then all thway into new england. this is a wide ranging system ice acumulations in central texas of a half an inch into memphi little rock, nashville as well and there's snow with the system. look at this, 6o 9 inches of
9:10 am
snow, central ohio. schools in cincinnati, toledo, columbus, ohio cancelled. up and down this line over 200,000 people without power now. so we'll be watching thi all day today and of course we'll update you tonight on nbc nightly news and dylan dreyer will update you over the weekend on 9:10. good friday morning to you. you made it to the end of the week and temperatures are still cold out there. but at least you get to sleep in when it's cold tomorrow. if you're going to be up, we have a very rare chance for some low-level snowfall right here in the bay area. i'll get to that in a minute. temperatures in the low 50s. showers move offing in late tonight. i want to show you your inland valley seven-day forecast. 34 degree, coldest time of the day is right around 7:00 a.m. we should have some precipitation coming down at that time in the form of rain and snow. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks. coming up next, the most
9:11 am
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9:14 am
as the wor remembers nelson mandela today, we reflect on a week full of news stories an powerful imagines. >> sometimesne photo says it all from sunday's train derailment to a dramatic derwater rescue we't stop talking about to e grand canyon. >> good to see you. >> good to be with you guys. >> in the wake of nelson mandela's passing, a lifetime of memorable momen all caught on film. but this one really stands out. >> yeah, this is the release on february 11th, 1990 from prison. it's so powerful. so many memorable moments and ques. he is there with his then we wh winnie and this man spent 27 years in jail and for a majority
9:15 am
of that time has only allowed evy six months to write or recei receive a letter and once year he was able to have a visitor for 30 minutes. what's so powerful is we have seen the way obama spoke abo him and obama even said the first thing he did as a political issue,he fir thing he did was fight against apartheid so his legacy is something that touches all of us. as you said n one had seen s face for 27 years. there were no photographs allowed of him. that's right there the first imagine most of the world had seen of him in almost 30 years. that makes i even me powerful. >> certainly. >> i love the second picture we have which is also a tribute to nelson mandela. this ltle boy. lookt that boy. >> we just saw richard engle, he is obviously there. this is the boy outside of his former home. it's of course now the museum. what this captures is for as much as this is about mourning, it's about celebrating his fe. we saw the visuals of people
9:16 am
dancing and celebrating him. of course he was 95. so there is a sense of relief as well as a sense of loss. >> right. >> well, another big story we covered and one that touched us here at nbc, four people killed including one of our audio guys, jim vell. this train derailment. >> yes. of course. this is such a powerful imagine. >> it literally looks like a train set. >> it looks like a train set. it was just inches, if yo you can imagine, of falling into the harlem river. four people died andver 70 injuries and authorities are suggesting this has to do with speed. we saw what happened in spain just a few months ago. on this curve, which is one of the most dangerous sharpest curvn the region, he was driving 82 miles per hour. he was supposed to be driving 30 miles per hour and apparently he also said he had just zoned out. >> right. >> which is a common ing, actually? >> well, and all the more common, jenna, to your point,
9:17 am
people are speculating as to whether it is because his shift shifted. he was on the evening hours two weeksarlier and just shted to the 5:00 a. shift. they checked the brakes and no alcohol involved. >> the most breathtaking piece ofideo we have seen in a long time. we'll start with the still imagine. but it was this hand reaching out. >> this was incredible. it happened earlier this summer. there was a boat that capsized off of nigeria. 12 people on board. this was the oy survivor. the rescue team or recovery team thought everyone had died. when they went under, there's this incredible footage where you see a hand. >> sure did. >> you can see it. >> they thought it was a dead man's hand but very quickly realized that he was inside. he svived for three days. he managed miraculously to find an air pocket in the ship. he was the cook on the ship. he was in e bathroom at the time it csized and he survived
9:18 am
on coca-cola for three days. >> sipping from one can of coke. amazing. >> and up next, this unbelievable shot of the grand canyon. >> beautiful. >> this is spectacular. >> spectacular. the grand canyon is spectacular on any day but what happened that is so magnificent is this is what is caused temperature inversion. >> yes. >> so essentially you're seeing the cold air being trapped underneath the hot air so it creates this fog and what makes it all more powerful is it was a clear day not a crowd in the sky. this is meant to happen once a decade i believe. it happened twice on friday and sunday. so it's certainly something to celebrate. >> beautiful picture. >> we also have some holiday photos. >> yes, we do. >> it is getting to be that time of the year. we have the world's largest menora. we're not sure yet but they're putting it into the book of world records. >> this is in israel. you see the 8th candle was lit
9:19 am
on wednesday and what's so incredible about this is it fires -- obviously it's changing colors but it shoots and beams these lights into the air. you can see it from where ever. it's about six miles into the sky. i have a feeling it's going to win the record. >> and we have a little snow man. a different kind of snowman. >> in new mexico, this is basically tumble weed. the flood authority there, they put this together every year right after thanksgiving. they keep it up until january. what's so compelling about this is, you know, it just shows you that even when there's no snow, even if there's a little holiday cheer lacking, some ingenuity and innovation can help. >> i love that you didn't know what tumble weed was. >> you just said what was that. >> you never saw a western partner? >> tumble weed. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> up next, all the headlines
9:20 am
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for healthy radiant skin. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results. well, taking a look at the headlines, a big jump in mortgage rates. the average rate on a 30 year loan jumped from around 4.3% to under 4.5% last week. rates have risen a full percentage point since may. when you're out shopping, retailers are watching you.
9:24 am
that according to privacy experts. they say some retailers are using tracking programs to watch your every move inside the store by following the signal coming from your smartphone or tablet. those supporting the practice say it is only used for marketing but plane eventually lands
9:25 am
safely but that's quite a sight to see. that is terrifying. >> can you imagine being in the plane. >> i cannot. >> thank you. >> coming up bacon, and pigs in [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its new tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair
9:26 am
has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. a very good morning to you. 9:26. a teenager disappeared in washington state and an amber alert is issued. elizabeth romero was last seen wearing a tank top and a pink purse. her 179ed kidnapper is edwardo fabian flores rosales. he was last seen driving a green ford escape with washington registration. and weather will likely postpone the search for a man and his family. smith who is also a pilot was
9:27 am
flying from oregon to montana on sunday when he reported engine trouble over central idaho. now with more bad weather on the way, search teams are forced to stop for the time being of that search. yesterday, planes and helicopters searched with infrared equipment but found no signs of the plane or that family. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back. you made it to friday. temperatures are really cold out there. so i wanted to show show san bruno, the temperatures will be kept nice and cold, only expecting to break into the 50s for today and tonight, expecting another round of shower activity. so 50 degrees today in cupertino. 49 degrees in the mission district of san francisco. temperatures staying cool all across the board. and i want to show you the seven day outlook we have significant chains headed our way. the low 40s, and monday, some
9:29 am
snow at low levels this weekend. let's check out the drive. >> here towards fremont, traffic southbound is starting to thin out a bit. we see some slowing coming off the dunbar bridge out of fremont. then as you approach 237, really great recovery in the northbound routes and through palo alto a slow drive as well. the bay bridge toll bridge, the metering lights have been turned off. that's good news. >> we'll be back in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a good friday morning.
9:30 am
welcome back today fray, december 6th, 2013. a big crowd on friday, i'm willie geist along with al roker and jenna bush-hager in for natalie. we have a study to tell you about. >> right off the bat -- >> we don't believe it. >> note to the trending group, okay, we don't buy this but let's go. >> it's completely unscientific and a bunch ofnonsense but here it comes. an iphone app says it can gather infoation about a local city by location by analyzing millions of photographs pted on on instagram. >> they look to see if people are smiling. >> is this a fake smile? >> happy to be here.
9:31 am
>> or is this real? you'll never know. >> so based on smiles like this one. >> yeah. >> jet pack decided what the happiest city in the cntry was and came up wit st. louis. >> which probably is. >> i've been there. i don't know that it has anything to do with this. >> no, of course it doesn't. >> we have kansas city. >> great barbecue. >> columbus, ohio. >> my brother-in-law liv there. that's wh >> seven of the ten smilingest cities are in the midwest including detroit at number nine. >> and then ironically the least happy place, anaheim, california. >> home of disney land. >> i don't believe it. >> come on. >> aren't people smiling at disneyland >> they caught mickey on a bad day. >> minnie was being a total -- >> hey. >> this has been a waste of your time at home and we're happy to bring it to you. >> we're going to give you the e-mail of every member of our trending oup. >> and again, shoot us a smile
9:32 am
about how you feel about that story. true or false? >> not a lot of people smiling about the weather. we have been talking about this one big storm. there's another one getting itself together in the pa sifg northwest. look at seattle washington. we'll have a nice day today. but this system comes through and it's going to make mess tonightnto tomorrow. it pushes through and it's going to cause big problems tough the rockies into the cascades which is good news for them. they need t moisture. but it's going to connue to push on through to the east where the place that already got hit gets hit again. you n see anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow in the mountains there from 9:32. happy friday morning to you. temperatures are starting to climb nicely. i want to show you the hour by hour forecast for san francisco. 49 degrees at 4:00 p.m. staying frigid as we get into the day. and temperatures are going to be
9:33 am
cold everywhere. only climbing into the low 50s in places in the south bay. talking about 54 degrees. 52 along the peninsula. east bay, 52. more rain on the way as we head through tonight with some very low snow levels potentially down to 1,000 feet. that's your latest weather. >> if you plann doing christmas shopping this weekend and you're looking for a unique gift like a rechargeable razor, we have really fun gadgets for you under $100. >> exactly. nice. >> may i first say, your mom -- >> she is a pro. >> did she make this dress. >> y look adorable. designer. >> shotut to mom. >> the first thing is this -- >> this is the gift alarm. check this out. $1 this prevents peeking. if youet within a four foot range it's going to fire and sound off. kids can't look at their parents
9:34 am
anymore. >> what if theyo a tom cruz and come from the ceiling. >> forget it. >> could you use this for your kids? do they try to peek? >> no, they don't. let's talk about a heated ice raper. if you grew up in the northeast or midwest, you can feel the heat coming off of it. >> here's the deal, it has an led lightn it. it als has a 5 1/2 inch extendible handle and you can get all the way around the car. go to the gas station and it has that tre too. it can melt the ice. >> i've nevereen anybody so excited. >> you've seen nothing yet. >> okay. virtual keyboard. >> i like this. >> i love this because the price point now, i is under $100. it's $99.99. works on any flat surface. hook it up to your computer.
9:35 am
nice when youe traveling. >> can we write something like al is cute. >> a lot of folks have problems with theirs. >> the keyboard. i have found the perfect keyboard. from is $49.50. from an iphone 4 all the way to the 5-s. works off of bluetooth and it's great. >>t's basically like the blackberry. >> exactly. >> i hate to say it but this is grea >> all right. >> chargers, more phone gadget this is the solution for any guy orirl in your life. this is the new line-up of my chge chargers. from $13 all t way to $130. what'sool is you can see there's muiple connections there. it is gog to hook you up on the android and ios side. nothing is wse than the anxiety when you see it come on. >> this is the swiss army knife
9:36 am
of chargers. >> yes. >> every year i test and look for the best bluetooth speaker at a qlity price point. this is favorite this season because it's $49.99 and it's at walmart. 12 hours of battery life. love this sucker. >> i'm getting this powerball for my husband. this is amazing. >> you go to no shave november. >> can we practice? please, just a little. >> this is awesome. this is from the sharper imagine. usb rar. hook a man . get him jenna. >> oh. did that hurt? >> no, not much. >> wait, think we have to get this for al for christmas. is deborah watching. deborah? >> no, she never does. it's sad, really. >> i'll e-mail her. >> okay. drinks. >> i'm waking up at 2:00 in the morning and drinking a diet coke just for the bubbles.
9:37 am
>> you wake up at 2:00 in the morng to have a coke. >> i'm obsessed with carbonation. >> you have to cut back on the caffeine. >> the carbonated water, girl. >> it's bad. this is for the holiday season. >> what was in the? >> it was just juice. >> oh. >>'ll get you something better. hold on a second. >> get all crazy up in there. >> so i'm going to let out the carbonation. you actuay put in co unit. you get them in a 10 pack for about $5. you can do just about anything. >> what di you say before you drink it. >> is that wine? >> it might have been. i c promise you is orange juice. >> this was somebody's specimen. >> pour that out. >> this is le the practical jokes they play on the new kid. >> so you can do anything from juice winend it giv you the carbonatn. >> what goes better with orange juice than a twink.
9:38 am
>> nothing was carscarier than twinkie being extinct. nowou can make it. >> i would have bee the biggest hit had i had this. >> cheers. >> and if you had brought this. >> cheers. >>katie, thank you so much. coming up next, some of your favorite apps and we're not talking text. >> we'll show you how to indulge without the bulge and promise >> we'll show you how to indulge without the bulge and promise you it's not a twinkie this holiday we'repulling us and putting down phones. we're raising our glasses and lifting our spirits. here, the hottest gift is a fresh baked breadstick. heartwarming new recipes are coming right out of the oven and we're touring the clasy without leaving e table. at olive garden, the best holiday gift is bei together. so join us! cause we're all family here. get together for unlimijust $6.99.alad & breadsticks lunch
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9:42 am
announcer: today's holiday kitchen is brought to you by hershey's kisses chocolates. >> a lot of you find yourselves going from party to party during the holidays and you may find yourself harder to resist the finger foods they putout. >> luckily we he devon alexander that came up with skin any versions of our favorites to cut down on the calories. >> i lost 70 pounds and kept it off for 20 years. you have to take the foods you love and make better versions of them. >> i called you the biggest chef loser. biggest loser chef. >> i was goingo let that go. >> happy holidays. chef loser. >> you're going to make it healthier. >> so ese are baked baby bells. we just take this and press this out. >> what is this?
9:43 am
>> this is wholeheat pizza dough. a lot of grocery store specialty stores have it and you literally stick it in and cover it up. you can do somethingy if you want. >> that's it. >> yes, that's it. >> now i also -- you'll notice the seasoning, that's a garlic seasoning. if you wanted to do it with m marinara sauce you could do it that way. >> this is real crab with green onions and red pepper and put that in there. >> what are we mixing it with? >> a little bit of natural light mayonnaise and then give it a kick with hot sesame soil. >> yeah. >> so put these on brown rice crisps because they're crispy. they taste like a fried cracker. >> and there gluten free. >> yeah. >> i lov that you know that. >> scoop it on and there you have it.
9:44 am
i don't ha a lot of time to slave over the stove. especially if you're doing a big party. >> next, we have beef skewers. those are like 22 calories each. >> what? >> yes. >> you can eat the whole plate. >> here we go. it's japanes obously. you just take this. really easy. now i mix up ginger, gre onions -- >> wha kind of beef? >> extra lean ground beef. it's only 150 calories for four ounces. and you make about two ounces here. terally just skewer them up and super simple. >> and the dip you have with it? >> that is a meso dressing you can y. get a light one. be careful to read them. >> bigs in a blanket. >> i call these pigs in comforters. >> i've never seen them that
9:45 am
big. >> they're only 145 calories. so you can eat the whole thing or you could cut them up and do them individually. here we have chicken sa. great party appetizer. >> those are only 25 calories each. i use natural turkey bacon. you could use a cter cut bacon if you want to indulge. >> homemade chips are awesome. >> if people want more tips they should go to my facebook page and of course visit your page. >> >> tha youo much. >> thanks. good to see you. >> jenna and i take one for the team. getting up close with really smelly dogs to when you host as many get-togethers as i do, you learn a few things. [doorbelrings] like the millers are always early. dave's a bit clumsy. hey, hey, hey! ana party is only as good as its scks. hosts who know serve tyson any'tizers snacks. available in these tasty varieties. they're the warm, hearty, delicious snack that always satisfies. rty time, game time, or any time.
9:46 am
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he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! no matter how cute, no one really wants to be around a stinky dog or human for that int. >> what? >> but for many pet owners -- not you. >> oh. >> for many pet owns this is a huge problem. so we brought in area arden to help uslear the air. >> also with us, karen jones and her dog ruby. today amanda is here with murphy. her husband peter and s have two dogs, rambo and batman. let's start with ruby. i just heard the most terrle thing. ruby smells so bad you dress her up like a skunk somemes. >> is that dog torture. >> there he is. whwh is ruby's problem?
9:50 am
it's a skin issue. >> she smells. >> well, a lot of dogs do smell. so oiously make sure you talk to your vet to make sure there's medical condition but y want to make sure you regularly shpoo and condition your dog's coat at an appropriate amount. the line is great and smells good. there's cool stuff like doggie lotion. >> you have to smell this and you literally put it right on your dog's coat and rub it in. >> does she ever go to a doggie spa. >> she's never been to one o those. >> and a little at home remedy. >> apple cider vinegar and you take this and put it directly on the dog's coat. >> cool. amanda, this is your parent's dog. >> he is. >> stinky ear issue. >> smelly ears. >> he's not going to bite me? >> no, very friendly >> stinky ears is yeast and it's beuse, especially dogs with
9:51 am
long floppy ears. >> i smelled a little yeas it didn't smell pretty, amanda. >> it's not pretty. >> one of the most important things you wanto dos you hang out on the cch and let s ear flaps up and let the air circulate. >> can you go like this? >> not even a ltle bit. >> but get yourself something really good like ear rinse and you can pu it in the dog's ear. >> and you're saying do not go inside the ear. >> absolutely not. >> peter and rambo. >> we have bad stinky dog breath. >> you're going real texas in this segment. >> i am? we talk about stinky dogs down there in texas. >> are we going to brush his teeth? you need to brush their teeth at least once a week. >> and willie you need to do it a little bit more than once a week. >>ental hygiene is important. if a dog had teeth it could mean underlying condions.
9:52 am
you also say we could u these types of -- maybe he doesn't want his teeth brushed. >> if you have a dog with a problem with getting theireeth brushed, you want to give it to them. >> these teeth are great. >> l's move on to e most important problem. >> this is a problem a lotff men have but dogs tend to hav gas themselves too. >> that means they tend toave more of a problem with this. dogs tha eat very quickly tend to have this problem. so the green interactive feeder is great problem. you put the food in there and it means it slows down theirating so they're not as likely to gulp air. another thing is activated charcoal in it. >> but you say it's a treat with charcoal. you don't go into your fireplace and pull out coal. >> absolutely not. it has to be the treats. and we have stains and odors in
9:53 am
the house. urine finder. good cleaner is gre and set to go. >> we can't leave the cats out. >> work this out. andrea thank you so much. thank you all. good to see you guys. this i"today" on nbc.
9:54 am
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9:55 am
financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. the 20th annual toy drive i full swing. >> bar rangebara is the publish random house children's books. >> we have in honor of dr. seuss, c and t chat. >> so important for kids to have books. >> thank you so much. happy holidays. >> if u would like to donate head to our website r [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade.
9:56 am
you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. good morning, everyone. 9:56. sunnyvale's strict new gun law took effect today. gun owners who have had their guns lost or stolen have to call the police within 48 hours and the city will start tracking the
9:57 am
sale of ammunition. the nra has promised to fight the new law in court. that's a new wrinkle in google's plan to open a fancy show room for the products on the san francisco bay. reuters reports the work on the google barges is on hold while the coast guard makes sure that google has the proper permits to build the barmes. they're also making sure that the pier has the permits and google has not permitted. christina has been waiting to do the weather. >> waiting in the wings, as usual, scott mcgrew. temperatures are looking good. it will be cold out there again tonight and we have more changes ahead. another winter storm on the way. and you can see here from our live picture of san jose plenty of birds making their way through. we'll be about 49 degrees at lunch time. 51 at 4:00 p.m. looking good overall. until we get into tonight. look what's headed our way.
9:58 am
11:00 p.m. lots of shower activity and a mix of rain and show, down to 500 feet as we meet back here tomorrow morning. let's check the traffic with mike. in the last 20 minutes to half an hour, a slow drive getting on to the lower deck of the bay bridge out of san francisco. a crash just as it starts to rise past. and a picture tweeted from christie smith, but look at the map, very slow over toward treasure island portion. they hope to clear it in the next 15 minutes. >> see you back here at 10:25.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoka kotb. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> what day is it? >> it is friday. friday, december 6th, 2013. >> and you all are running out of time to g ready for -- i don't mean that way. running out of time to get everything done for the big holiday. >> i have to say, i'm enjoying having a lot of people on the plaza during this time of year. everybody comes to look at the tree. >> and they linger. >> and we like when it they linger. all right. so here's a question for you. think about your best female friends, good female friends, what do you think the rules are when it comes to your female
10:01 am
friendship? ♪ >> love it. >> elle magazine created the rules of friendship. anyway, here are some of their rules. tell us if you agree with them or not. never hate a woman you've never met. >> oh, i disagree with that. i think that's actually good thing for -- i don't think we're supposed -- we're not supposed to hate anybody. you can dislike people immensely. hate, i hate. >> you agree? >> i do agree. >> i think if you dislike someone immensely or if karen or if any of my close, close friends disliked somebody i would dislike them. and i don't care what the thing is or why. >> you would trust your friends' analysis. >> why am i going to befriend or be friendly to that person, why the one person they don't like?
10:02 am
if people don't get along with lots of folks, that's one thing. if karen said that guy, wow, he really rubs me the wrong way. i tried many times. there's no way i'm going to -- i'm judging him. i am. >> well, we all judge. can't help it. but the truth, is you know, when you've been the objective of that yourself and people decide you're one way and then they meet you and discover oh, you're not like that, why -- why did i believe what i read kind of thing? that's why i'm sensitive about it. i read stuff in the papers and, you know, magazines all the time about people that i know and love that i know are not true. >> right. >> and so i'm -- >> what if i told you, i can't stand that guy? >> it would affect me. yeah. but, i'd try not to -- this one i think we both agree on. never date a friend's ex. even if she says go ahead. we've been broken up for months. you know what? it's got trouble written all over it. you'll be stepping on land mines
10:03 am
left and right. >> and don't marry him. whatever you do. remember shania twain. i have some friends that have done the same thing. and it's scary. it's scary. >> all right. so never reveal another female's secret. >> we're never supposed to reveal anyone's secret. >> this is a thing for female friends. >> all right. >> never leave a friend drunk alone at the bar. >> that is totally true. totally true. yeah, yeah, yeah. too much can go on in this world. they're not in any capacity to take care of themselves. never invite a friend'sen my to a party. >> i agree. >> don't do it. it changes the whole vibe. >> yeah. >> it makes everyone uncomfortable. never, ever dine alone with your friend's boyfriend. >> unless he called you and says, listen, i want to talk to you about getting such and such the perfect gift for rebecca. can you grab a quick lunch for me? i want to show you. i have a couple things on consignment. i want you to tell me which one she likes best.
10:04 am
what's wrong with that? >> nothing. but sometimes if you ever had a friend's husband, boyfriend, whatever kind of -- you feel like he is flirting with you? >> yes. >> and that's -- >> it makes you uncomfortable. >> you feel awkward. your friend is standing there. oh, my god, what is happening? it's subtle. he says you look great and your friend is standing there. that is a terrible feeling. >> somebody says your advice looks even better, don't you think? >> so here's another question for you. what makes someone marriage material? so, of course men and women have completely different views. there is another study out that says that we, men and women have very different opinions. okay. so women believe -- let's go from number three. they believe the third most important factor is what your friends and family think. number two is they say it's a gut feeling. you just know. and the number one reason is they say trust is the most important factor in a relationship.
10:05 am
>> i think it's an important factor. i think for me it's shared values. you have to believe about the core things in life the same way or you're going to have trouble. you're going to have trouble anyway. i don't care what anybody says. fairy tales should not end with the words and they lived happily ever after. yeah. they learn to cohabitate in a mutually respective way is what it should say. >> james carville and mary matalin, they are so different politically -- >> personality-wise. >> that's an interesting couple. >> i know. >> they're still together, aren't they? >> the last i heard. and, of course, sexual attraction. >> is the number one. listen to what number two. >> they're so deep. >> number, two willingness to look after me. and number three -- >> like your mother. >> and number three, should enjoy sports and let me watch sports. >> or at least let me watch them. yeah. >> i couldn't even believe those are the top three. sex, pick up my clothes and watch sports with me. >> wash my socks.
10:06 am
>> wash my socks. >> yeah. get in bed and then clean up and make it after i leave. >> that's exactly what it is. >> yeah! not good. >> we're so over you. >> yeah. >> so this is the time of year when we talk about everyone is rushing to the malls and not paying attention to the real meaning of christmas and stuff. there is a lot of good going on lately between the tips for jesus who is leaving tips for people and some people are paying other people's groceries. but there was a tv commercial that caught our eye. this one was obviously manufactured by our mutual eye. >> yes, by us. >> it's a commercial that might inspire you. take a look. ♪ the blessing keep you always may your wishes all come true ♪ ♪ may you always do forrers and let others do for you ♪ ♪ may you billed gratitude
10:07 am
may you stay ♪ ♪ forever young >> that is -- that makes me cry. >> thank you. >> that is so sweet. oh, my god. that is the best thing. i love! you know, best christmases -- >> oh, my god. >> we try to do is read the newspapers a few weeks ahead. there was a story that touched all of us in our family. and one year we tried to do it local now because one year we found a family that lived in -- i think it was the bronx or brooklyn or somewhere. we didn't know how to get there. it was before gpss. our kids were little. it is a family that lost everything. we said, let's do christmas for them. and we all went -- we all did the shopping. we find out every size, there were ten people living in one little room. and on our way there it was a blizzard. it was an absolute blizzard. and we got there and, i'm telling you, it might have been
10:08 am
the best christmas ever. the best christmas ever. >> think about that. we're all thinking about do we have the right gift for this co-worker or friend or boyfriend or spouse. i'm so touched fwha commercial. that is the most beautiful thing. >> maybe instead of getting something for somebody that has everything, look around to that person is so lonely. nobody to say a kind word to them. especially the elderly, you guys. our culture doesn't pay attention enough or appreciate them enough. you know what? now that i'm very close to being one of them, start taking little better care of everybody, okay? >> we also have something, you're going to love. this. >> speaking of the us, reading glasses. these are crazy. they are the friday eyeglasses. if you found you both need glasses. >> i can actually see myself for the first time. >> this is what the glasses do. you can share them with your spouse. >> hoda wears them. i put them on. what you do is adjust to your vision. you turn the little knob on both
10:09 am
sides. now it's perfectly clear for me to read. >> usually they're different. >> now you try these. so if you say, i can borrow your glasses. whoa. hoda. and then i go wait a minute. and you twist them. perfect. >> and then can you see them. i'm not kidding. this is going to put the glasses, the 1.25, 2.5 glasses you buy in the drugstore out of business. >> they have to start making them a little cuter. these are very unattractive. i have such a crooked face that they always sit like this. >> the glasses are crooked. >> no. the face is -- >> it's your ears? >> no, it's my nose, my eyes. pull up your eyes -- pull up your hair. >> okay. okay. oh, my god. >> i think that ear -- no this ear is higher -- is lower than
10:10 am
this ear. >> anthony, come closely. this is why it's always askew. only one nostril closes and it throws my whole symmetry off. >> check out our website for more information. >> what time is? >> it's time for your friday funnies. i live for the day that i actually get that kind of a laugh from these. okay. this is from facebook fans. gene vermilion. a young boy was reading his grammar book and getting confused. he asked his dad for help. daddy, what is the difference between confidentiality and confident? the dad thought for a minute. see, you're my son. and of that i am confident. see, we look alike. we look alike and live in the same house. now little jimmy who lives down the road, well, he's also my son
10:11 am
but that's confidential. >> let's hear it, folks. that's a mercy laugh. >> all right. time for our johnson's baby of the week. >> we love this. >> the announcements. we celebrate new mom ands new additions to their family. the first johnson family is memphis jax. he was born on october 8th. weighed 9 pounds, 9 ounces. he watches kathie lee and hoda every morning with mommy. >> our next baby is madison amira belgrave. she was born on november 18th in brooklyn, new york. her parents say they chose her middle name because it means princess in arabic. >> now to a baby born on october 14th, thomas wait hays. thomas was born needing a hair cut. >> i had more hair on me -- never mind. elaina faye rustler.
10:12 am
this little darling was born on november 13th in evansville, indiana. her parents say that elaina loves to cuddle and is definitely daddy's little girl. >> if you want a chance for your baby to appear on the show, go to our website for details. >> you know we have sitting on a little sofa? we have one of our little adorable ones. this is our producer tammy's little darling ash lyn. >> and she's going to be in a fashion show! exciting. >> look how thrilled she is. now she's thinking, mistake. made a big mistake. all right. coming do you ever grab the cheese pizza on the mall while shopping. >> we're going to show you how to pack good choices to you don't pack on the pounds after this.
10:13 am
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10:16 am
the mall this shopping season, the chances are you're not going to take the time for a healthy meal. >> that doesn't mean that you can't even stay health in the food court. here to help us with those choices is carry glassman. >> so all monthly choices are not great, period. >> they are not. you're correct. this is not uber nutrition we're talking about. this is about making the best choice you possibly can with not so many great options. >> okay. >> these are restaurants we know, right? >> exactly. >> this is panda express right here. and here is for 180 calories the chicken and mushroom dish. 14 grams of protein. it will hold you over. there is a lot of food in there. you have to really chug back the water. if that's not going to fill you up and you need something else, don't go for the fried rice, go for the side order of veggies, 70 calories, five grams of fiber will help fill you up. >> what about the white rice? keep that off the plate?
10:17 am
>> go for more veggies. >> okay. pizza. >> i know. >> okay. so now we have barros. this place was really hard to find a great option. 610 calories. >> for one slice. >> that is a lot. you really have to think of this as a meal. you got your chicken for your lean protein, broccoli for your veggies and then your starch here. you can't have two or three slices. you really have to stick to that one slice. >> you know what i like to do is just eat all the toppings off. is that saving much? >> it absolutely s i have to tell you, i do the same thing. >> you do? >> i have done that. or you can just cut the crust off. >> i don't eat the crust at all anyway. but, yeah. >> good. >> okay, so remember the days when starbucks just had coffee. >> yes. >> they are long gone. they've had food for a while. they are taking it up a nutrition notch with this zesty chicken and black bean bowl.
10:18 am
we've got chicken, black beans, corn, we even have quinoa in here. that's good nutrition stuff. >> so starbucks. >> eight grams of fiber. we have fiber. vegetables. >> and what is the sauce like? >> a little bit of a dressing there. >> it's good. taste it. >> okay. >> how many calories? >> i think it's an additional 70 calories. >> it's good. >> is it? >> oh, yeah. i'll get that. >> and then we have au bon pan for 180 calories, the 12 veggie soup. what i love about it, of course, it has 12 veggies in it. it is gluten free and veegian. and it is also loaded with vitamin a and c. here's the thing. not enough protein for a meal. i like to think of it as that hold over snack. five or six. you have two more hours to shop. this is your perfect option. >> that is a great option. >> subway, of course, six inch sub, go for the whole wheat.
10:19 am
i skip here on the meat so you're not getting all that sodium. so only 370 milligrams than sodium. a lot less than the option. we have olives, pick wills, tomato. but we have cheese in there. >> there's no meat. >> where's the beef? remember that. >> and then last thing, jamba juice. many juices are loaded with sugar. 100 calories in this. this is just pure carrot juice. it's good. >> try it. >> i had a green juice today and i loved it. >> and we have a wrap for 290 calories. >> you don't like carrot juice? >> no. i like carrots but i don't like that. >> you might like the wrap. fiber in the wrap and then cheese and turkey here. the whole thing together, less than 400 calories. good options. >> thank you so much. all right, the holiday season is about gifts and giving. so why not doo boast at the same time? >> bobbi thomas has gives that give back. >> good girl, bobbie! reaction would be a little like,
10:20 am
you know, "what are you thinking?" oh, i had a knot in my chest. i didn't really want her to go but...i knew she could do it. i felt like there were bigger and better things for me to do. [ mom ] she took what she was doing seriously. [ hosmer ] my self-confidence just went through the roof. [ dad ] it was awesome to see her transform from a girl, in a small town, to a soldier. [ male announcer ] you made them strong. we'll make them army strong. talk to your son or daughter about joining the army. find out how at talk to your son or daughter about joining the army. with windowsue 8 pro is one awesome machine. can i do my work stuff on it? work and play. it's got the new windows and powerful intel processor so you can do it all like mixing pleasure and business. that sounds so rebellious. yeah, like mixing fire and ice. like polka dots and plaid. hey hey, careful. i could pull it off. own the season. get the hottest windows tablets like the dell venue, with intel inside. get 6, 12, 18, or 24 months special financing with a walmart credit card. minimum purchase and certificate required. valid in-store only through 12/31/13. walmart.
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it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
10:23 am
it is time for "bobbie buzz." so many gifts to choose from. how about one that also helps those in need? >> today's style editor and author, bobbie thomas is here with gift that's give back. >> it's the thought that counts. why not be twice as nice? i love this idea. echo designs share the warmth campaign. when you buy one, they'll give two. >> that's great. >> and it's fantastic through fashion delivers, they're going to donate comparable items to people who are afoekted by hurricane sandy. there are so many things. look at the hidden ear pockets. >> look at how soft those are. i love these. >> i know. >> everyone can wrap up this season. >> this time of year. >> so i think about december 27th. >> this is another great idea. women for women's international has the share cookbook. they collected recipes from
10:24 am
women around the world. 100% of the proceeds go back to help them and part of a collection. can you go online to get the details. >> now these are beautiful bracelets. >> gorgeous. >> what i love is that each color from the charity correspondence to ten different charities. they're $10 apiece. they donate back to the charities. blue is for, et cetera. >> lovely. >> and for a hostess gift, balls of steel. 25% goes to help fund testicular cancer research. and last but not least, i could not touch beauty. they give 100% to ovarian cancer funds for their shop for the cause. jane cosmetics gives products to women's shelters. and ops tailor blue helps with donor registration. >> you did it, bobbie! >> happy holiday. >> we love you. all right. coming up, random acts of kindness. the scientific reason you might want to do something good for someone today. >> and the perfect dress for your precious little girl. >> is that tammy's daughter
10:25 am
ashlyn? >> yes. i wonder how she got booked. we're going to show you how to dress up your kids for the holidays after your local news. you can get the latest smartphones for boost mobile. phone. and...shrink your bill. and you don't even need a shrink ray. just pay your monthly bill on shrinks. what if i could build a shrink ray? we would use it to shrink something else. even bigger than a phone plan. something really big. a bandicoot. yes! nice! nice! what's a bandicoot? i don't know -- i'm not sure. own the season with the best price on the latest smartphones for boost mobile. pay from $55 down to as low as $40 a month unlimited talk, text and data. walmart. of your most hypnotic lips. new color elixir creamy lip lacquer from maybelline new york. the magic? our trio of concentrates creates the saturated color and shine of a lacquer the cushiony feel of a balm. new color elixir ♪ maybe it's maybelline. rich, dark chocolate meets sweetened soft centersrkable tastes come together. flavored with exotic fruit juices.
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it's chocolate combined in ways you've never experienced before. discover brookside. it cleans, fights stains and brightens your clothes. so all that other stuff people use in the wash doesn't really hold its weight, does it? so try tide pods. why? the proof is in the pop. they may be little, but tide pods pack a punch. they're made of 88% active ingredients. and the competition clocks in at 13%. so with tide pods, you know what you get, and what you get is an amazing clean. so try tide pods. why? the proof is in the pop. good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police have cleared the scene of a crash which injured an officer in san jose. officers say someone rear-ended a police car that was stopped at
10:27 am
a red light. it was the officers said the driver tried to run away from the car but a security guard from the nearby hotel caught him and held him back until backup officers arrived. the officer and suspect were both taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. sunnyvale's strict new gun laws take effect today. gun owners who have lost their firearms who have had them stolen will have to call police within 48 hours. the city will start tracking the sale of ammunition. the nra has promised to fight that new law in court. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after this break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back now. another chilly day headed our way with plenty of 50s and clouds. inkri increasing as we head throughout the afternoon. as we get into the evening, i want to show you what piece headed to the bay area. all the green indicates rainfall. but look what happens when i stock the clock for you, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning a mix of rain and snow from san jose south. potentially all the way to gilroy. make sure you travel cautiously if you're out tomorrow morning. overall a warming trend toward the end of next week. well, that we can look forward to. a speeding up trend, i guess. this is hospital curve north 101 jammed still approaching that lower deck approach. the crash has cleared up from the earlier big backup we had getting out of san francisco. christie smith was able to make it through as well.
10:30 am
slow drive coming up from 280 past that scene. smooth over to east bay. back to you. >> thank you. another update coming at 11:00 a.m. with more of "today" with so many acts of kindness happening around the country and the man that let $1,000 rain down on the malls in america to anonymous people leaving tips for people across the country, $54,000 and counting. >> to the most recent story that surfaced about the late paul walker. ten years ago the fast and furious star was in a jewelry store where he overheard a soldier and his wife say they couldn't afford the wedding ring she wanted. the couple left only to be called back by a store employee. >> when we walked in, the clerk came out holding the bag and said here's your ring. it was bought and paid for in full. and i -- i just -- out of utter amazement and gratitude.
10:31 am
here is gratitude. >> that is such a lovely thing. and with his passing, the couple and store employees wanted people to know about his good deed. so what makes people want to perform random acts of kindness for others? and does it cause others to pay it forward? here to answer the questions are our psychologist dale atkins and laura shroth, the author of a great book called "the invisible thread." >> we both loved. >> we sure did. >> when i watch a piece of video like we've been showing, it makes you want to go out and do something. it triggers it, doesn't it? >> it does trigger it. what happens is we feel what that person feels. and you say if they can do it, i can do it. and you are, even if you're not doing the act of kindness at that moment, your brain is changing. your heart rate is going to come down, your immune system is going to be strengthened. >> it's an endorvein'. >> you get a helper's high. even if you are watching. >> and laura, you did this for this young man. you thoit it was an initial
10:32 am
lovely thing when you started to feed him a little bit. next thing you know, a homeless kid, i assume everybody knows this book. he's become a life long friend to you. >> yeah, 27 years ago. you know, when i think about it, it was just a small act of kindness. young boy was hungry. and i took him to lunch. and before we knew it, we developed a friendship that's lasted over 27 years. >> one of my favorite parts of your book is when he wanted -- you asked if he wanted lunch money or if he wanted a bag lunch and he said, no, i want a bag lunch because i want them at school to know someone cares about me. someone packed it for me. it was so moving. >> a friend of mine was walking on the george washington bridge yesterday and saw a woman very distraught. she got to the top and was -- and my friend was able to talk her out of it. get the police there. can you imagine? there are no coincidences, right? >> no. >> but your story has triggered so many people to do -- to have -- perform acts of kindness. >> i never could have imagined
10:33 am
when the book came out, you know, where it would go and what it would do. but it is a book that is inspirational. and what i am seeing is how people are inspired to want to make a difference. they see that you don't have to save the world. you don't have to empty your bank account. but you can fact do a simple gesture that can make a difference. >> one person. >> one of my favorite stories is a young girl 11 years old, she read the book with her mother. she made me her hero. and after visiting with her school about two weeks later, she was driving out of a shopping center and saw a man with a sign asking for diapers and milk for his child. and she said i thought about your book. and i made my mom go back to the store and buy diapers and milk for this man. and that simple act of kindness, that gesture, will stay with her -- >> for the rest of her life. >> it will stay with her and stay with the man who was the
10:34 am
recipient. the interesting thing about the contagion of kindness sakts that when you do something for somebody, the person you do it for is likely to do it for three or four other people. >> wow. >> so this keeps multiplying. and when you say that, you know, you may not change world, you are changing the world. and we are changing the world one act of kindness at a time. one person at a time. >> and you get hooked, it's like a hichlt once do you that. it's like going to a soup kitchen. you want to do it the next week. it just gives you so much more than you give. >> that's true. you know, winston churchill talked about, he has a wonderful quote. it's we make a living by what we get. but we have a life, we make a life by what we give. and we have the opportunity to give. it changes us and changes our world. >> just as your book is now doing for so many people. >>way want to thank you both for being here. perfect topic. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> how to dress your kids up for
10:35 am
the holidays. talk it was awful.ident. i woke up with ink stains washed and dried. but you made it. clorox 2 saved me. save stained clothes. pretreat to remove tough stains even after they've gone through the dryer.
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10:39 am
we spen the season tressing our trees, table and house and all kinds of holiday decor. what about dressing our kids? >> here for the latest fashions for kids is the style expert and author of "the cheap chica's guide to style." nice to see you. >> this is always fun. >> you see the little kids dressed up in their holiday best. >> i tell people, look for fashion that's are festive, not so holiday specific. so can you wear it long after the season. >> and comfortable for them. >> yes. >> we're going to bring out ashlyn. you can come on out. logan, can you come out, too. >> yeah. >> and she's doing the slow walk. here she is too. adorable. >> here they are. so beautiful. >> ashlyn has a gorgeous gold sparkly dress. she's got an adorable headband. >> good-bye, logan.
10:40 am
>> logan, turn around. logan is in an adorable little suit. so he has a great little bow tie and plaid. suspenders. >> i love that look. >> a little blazer from h & m. >> now he's getting into it. >> now he's into it. and how adorable? for little kids, a boy red and green, go for a different color palette. >> look at ashlyn's dress. >> she looks like a modern person. >> she is the daughter of tammy filler who is our executive producer. >> yes, she is. >> i that i is the fourth time we said it. >> yes. >> i want to be clear that we do home cooking. >> they're lovely people. good-bye guys. thank you. >> they want to stay. >> all right, next we have elementary school kids. melody and kegan. >> there is this great fair
10:41 am
aisle sweater. this is from h & m. >> like that. >> he can pull down that style. on mel any, it is all about texture and print. a cute plaid jacket from jcpenney with a little ruffly skirt dress. there from h & m. the kids are fun and playful. they want to be ujful looking. throw-in a in some tool kits from vans. >> next we have our tween models. come on out, guys. how cute are they? >> here's the thing, they want to have a say in their own clothes. they need holiday looks with a lot of coolness. so on caroline, she is wearing this great dress. it's plaid but it's subtle. and to make the whole thing festive, we added a sequin bomber jacket. and every little girl needs a
10:42 am
fabulous bag. this adorable bag is from the children's place. i found it for under $10. i love that. >> and then on anthony again, they want to pick out clothes they can wear long after the holidays. a plaid shirt he can wear to school. a chunky sweater. every boy needs a pair of skinny jeans. >> do you like those skinny jeans? >> even the little ones are asking for the slim and skinny jeans. it's all trending all the way down. and great little boots from timberland. >> and his pants are pulled all the way up. >> i love. that. >> very hip and wonderful. >> we're going to bring out all of our models and maybe even logan. >> logan, can you make it? >> sorry. now that we got the kids down, it's time to what? >> time to look at what every woman should have at home. >> we're going to get you back to the basics right after this. [ bells dinging ]
10:43 am
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you know what they say, having a good foundation is the key to success. >> we're going to learn the base frikz beauty wardrobe and more. >> here to teach us how to ace our base is the editor at large at "shape magazine." >> hi, ladies. >> hi. >> look at those underwear. >> i was looking at that. >> you can't beat that. >> let's start with concealer. >> we have mallory here. >> all that beauty foundation, the two easiest ways is with a great foundation and a great under icon sealer. i have done one side of mallory's face. you can see very light weight. i'm going to show you how light weight this concealer is. >> that is the foundation. yeah. the key with this is find something that doesn't feel very heavy. no woman really likes to wear heavy foundation every single day. what is cool about this formula. it turns into like a powdery
10:48 am
finish. >> should concealer be a shade darker or lighter? >> your under icon sealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation. we want our under eye area to look bright. >> and that's important, too. that is thin. >> very thin. >> mallory is, 12. >> 20. >> and that under icon sealer is from covergirl. it's easy to blend. >> all right. let's go on to the panty lines and things. is this a man or woman? >> i don't know. >> all right. >> so with our undergarments, the typical panty creates the panty lines that are unflattering. not every woman likes to wear a thong. >> that's for sure. >> no. >> a great solution is to wear seemless undys. these are adorable seamless undys. they're hand dyeed. they're really comfy. plus in the summer time, they double as bikini bottoms. >> which i'm also not going to wear. but they're adorable.
10:49 am
>> now if you're a fitness buff, i know you love to work out, champion usa has great undys. they have moisture wicking material so when you're sweating, you stay dry. >> i can say something that is gross, i don't -- >> what? >> i don't wear underwear under my walkout clothes. you wash them right then. >> interesting. >> am i the only one? >> some people don't. >> do you? >> i don't either. >> you don't either? >> no. >> why? you're washing it right there. >> this is like second skin. you all know that pantyhose have that elastic band that is really tight. xmand yoe came out with this genius invisible edge. >> that's g. >> you don't feel it at all. and you put it over -- >> no this is just -- you put it on normally. >> oh, yeah. >> that way it doesn't dig into your tummy. that is from commando. the slip is back in a big way.
10:50 am
especially since we're wearing the holiday dress that's are form fitting. you need a good slip like this one is going to flatten your tummy out and hit the problem areas and give you a very sleek and smooth silhouette. i love the extra thick bands. that way your bra straps don't show. >> we're moving to the kitchen. how to ace your kitchen base. if you buy one kind of knife, you should buy a chef's knife. this does everything. it cuts, it chops, it minces. >> be careful. these are sharp. >> an eight inch is the way to go. >> no, i know. that is the typical chefs knife. >> i've had a tough week. >> this one is exclusively sold at williams & sonoma. >> i love that store. >> i love it, there too. >> i can just go in there and walk around. so much fun. >> so fun. now in terms of cookware, a lot of us are basic cooks. we don't know what pots and pats to buy. i say buy a set. that way you get items can you boil food, saute. this is from tefal, $100.
10:51 am
>> for all of it? >> 12 pieces. >> that's amazing. >> and these are nonstick. if you're a beginner cook, i recommend none stick. if you buy one shoe, the cross train certificate shoe four. zumba, dancing. >> it's by acor? >> they're excellent, right? >> yes. >> and don't forget about your sports bra. it doesn't matter if you're big chests or little chested, you have to support the girls. make sure you support the girls for health and safety. >> what do you recommend there? >> i recommend these from adidas. again, you want that moisture wicking fabric. sfw i will not say it. >> i recommend the capri length because then can you wear it winter and summer. >> we'll be back with a very special guest and more of "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
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10:55 am
while we celebrate this season, there are still too many children living in poverty right here in this country. >> our 20th annual holiday toy drive is hoping to put smiles on the faces of all those children. helping us do that again this year is willie willcock. >> good to see you. >> thank you. over ten years you've been helping us. >> very excited to be back. >> tell us what you're donating this year. >> today, we're donating motion control battling robots. it is one of the hot toys. it's in all the top toy lists. basically, when you move, they move. >> can i tell you something? i get why people would love this. we don't even know what is hot and we love this game. >> so we know -- >> get -- i'm down. i'm down. >> there you go. >> there is only one standing, people. >> how many of these do you donate? >> we're donating a total of $150,000 in toys. and this one in particular there are a lot of boys in need. we know that is going to get
10:56 am
kids very excited. >> and why is it so important? you could give to a lot of different charities yshgs is this important every year for you to do? >> we take it very seriously as a toy manufacturer that we really help make kids dreams come true. we want to make sure every kid has that feeling and that experience. >> that is better than a little kid has been forgotten. >> so great. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much for joining us. all right, our toy drive continues through december 20th. you can come and donate in person and go to the nbc experience store or go right here at our plaza or online for details. >> press that connect button. >> yeah. >> next week, mariah carey, the e street band and the adorable miranda cozgrove from "despicable me." >> we have a great week. >> an amazing week coming up. in the meantime. have an awesome great weekend, everybody. >> where is your guy.
10:57 am
>> you're going down, kotb. >> i'm out of controls. >> go. go. go. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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nbc bay area news starts right now. >> good morning. and thanks for joining us. we begin with developing news. three teen-age boys are accused of raping two girls in a public park. and police say it happened a week ago at the regional park in richmond. nbc bay area's christie smith is there live with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. i got off the phone with the east bay regional park police and they're confident that they have all the suspects involved in this sexual assault. but they're still asking for the public's help. but that may be difficult and i'll show you why. this is the park area where it happened but i wanted to swing


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