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tv   Today  NBC  December 19, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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arrested for dui. >> we're going to be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> nbc bay area news at 11:00 and have a great day. >> good morning. bulls eye. a major credit and debit card breach at target stores. some 40 million customers at the secret service investigation now under way. hacked, the very personal voicemail messages just revealed in a london courtroom this morning. we'll be there with the latest live. what nasa is planning for a high-stakes space walk to repair the international space station. and the controversial comments that have led the patriarch of the duck dynasty clan to be put on permanent
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hiatus. today, thursday, december 19th, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on a thursday. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer. attention target shoppers. some 40 million people had perhaps information from their debit cards and their credit cards revealed. >> it's hard to fathom. couldn't come at any time and think it would be good. at the holidays, the height of the holidays when everyone is shopping, it is bad timing. >> this is our top story today. went on for weeks at one of the largest retailers. cnbc mary thompson has been looking into this. mary, exact lly how did the breh occur? >> impacts customers who use their debit or credit cards at one of target's 1,800 stores.
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the breach took place for 19 days starting on november 27th through last sunday, december 15th. in a statement ceo saying we take this matter very seriously and are working with law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice. target is also working with a third party forensic firm to investigate the incident. >> do we know exactly, mary, what kind of information could have been called by this breach? >> on its website including the ca cardholder's name and the expiration date and the three-digit security code. it's embedded in the magnetic strip on the back of a card. security experts say it can be used to make fake credit or debit cards and a lucrative business for thieves sells for three to four times more than a thief may steal from an online purchase. >> secret service involved in this. mary thompson, thanks very much. turn now to breaking news
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out of london. voicemail messages from prince william to kate middleton have just been played in court. jim, good morning, what can you tell us? >> good morning, savannah. the trial revealed for the first time today that in addition to movie and sports stars, authors and victims of violent crime, now the royal family's voicemails were hacked, as well. today's revelations refer mostly to the hacking of the duchess of cambridge cell phone a rupert murdoch tabloid that he later himself shut down. messages to the jury, including a voicemail left boy prince william in 2006 while dating kate middleton saying he was almost shot in a training exercise. i got horribly lost and i walked into some other reg minute's ambush, which was slightly embarrassing because i nearly got shot. not by live rounds but blank rounds, which would be very embarrassing.
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in another message william called saying, hello, baby, it's me. another voicemail from william, this one to his brother, prince harry, he mimics the voice of then girlfriend chelsea davies the message proving, too, prince harry had been hacked. the trial began in october and all seven defendants are facing various charges of phone hacking, paying bribes to officials for information and a cover up. the defendants so close to murdoch she was known as his adopted daughter deny all the charges. they could face years in jail. the prosecution claims that phone hacking was standard operating procedure at the news of the world. editors were not only aware of it, but financially supported it. >> jim maceda in london, thank you very much. let's go to washington where a group appointed by president obama to look into surveillance programs is recommending big
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changes and they include a major overhaul affecting the phone calls of every american. pete williams has the latest on this. hi, pete. >> matt, good morning. civil liberty groups are applauding this report, especially the recommendation that the phone companies themselves, not government store the records of all phone calls made in the united states to be checked only when there's a specific need. commissioned by president obama after the revelations in edward snowden's leaks, the report says the government has a legitimate reason for wanting access to the records of all phone calls made in the u.s. but it recommends ending the way they're gathered now in a massive collection by the national security agency. instead, the group says the phone companies themselves should store the data or some private entity they set up to hold it all. and it calls for tighter legal controls on how individual phone numbers are checked to see if there is a connection to terrorism. >> the report recommends stopping very little, if anything. what it focuses much more on is the way in which the information
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should be collected, who should approve that and how that information might be used in the future. >> reporter: among other recommendations, the nsa should get a court order each time it wants to check a phone number in the data bank and phone and internet companies should be allowed to reveal what kind of information the government requires them to turn over. it also says the director of the nsa, who has always been a senior military officer should, instead, be a civilian. confirmed by the senate to provide more oversight and recommends cutting back on surveillance of foreign leaders and exploring agreements with more countries to stop spying on each other's officials. civil liberty groups say it's a good start. >> if these 46 recommendations were implemented and if the president and the review group took the recommendations, we would be back to the america we knew prior to the nsa surveillance program. >> these recommendations are not binding but provide new ammunition that want to make the kind of changes that the report calls for. >> pete williams in washington
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on this story, thank you very much. that urgent mission to station has taken an unexpected turn. the astronauts doing the spacewalk will be wearing snorkels after the last astronaut performed one nearly drowned when his helmet filled with water. let's get to tom costello with more on this. hi, tom, good morning to you. >> the snorkels are not unlike the snorkels we use in the pool or the ocean, but cut from rubber tubing onboard. they think they've solved the water leak problem and the snorkels are just in case. it's the kind of mcgirve moment is famous. using what was available to bring a crew home safely. >> we have to find a way to make this fit into the hole for this. >> reporter: now, another urgent repair mission some 230 miles above the earth. astronauts will conduct three spacewalks to remove and replace one of two 780-pound ammonia
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pumps that keep the space station cool. it's been down for more than a week forcing the station to conserve power. but the last space walk ended with an italian astronaut nearly drowning in his helmet after it started filling with wallimater. >> astronauts pulled him back into the station and when they did, water poured from the helmet. nasa ordered no space walks until they solved the problem. they think they know what happened swamping out many space suit components. now they're checking their suits for saturday's job, but nasa engineers have a few on the flight fixes in case the water returns. >> so, this is our first line of defense. >> reporter: an absorbent pad worn behind the head to collect any extra water and a snorkel cut from rubber tubing. >> this snorkel is installed the suit with the crew member. between water restraint bag and the suit.
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this is your last resort if water is they it use this to lean down and breathe. >> one of the most demanding challenging physically difficult and fun things you could ever imagine doing. >> each spacewalk is scheduled for 6 1/2 hours. not an unusually dangerous walk, but any time you have an astronaut on a spacewalk, everyone at nasa is on high alert. savannah? >> i think they are incredibly courageous. especially when they say, take a snorkel with you. there's new developments this morning tied to a controversial arrest that occurred here in new york city. natalie has details on that. >> india today is demanding the u.s. drop its case against a diplomat who was arrested here in new york city and strip searched. the female deputy council general is accused of lying on visa documents about bringing a baby visa and paying the worker about $3 an hour. the case has killed relations
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between the u.s. and india. defending the treatment of that diplomat. as a humanitarian crisis in syria is getting more critical, the u.n. general assembly is now accusing the syrian government of widespread and systematic gross violations of human rights. the long conflict in syria has claimed more than 100,000 lives and having a profound impablct children. >> good morning, natalie. both sides in this war are increasingly ruthless. today a report by amnesty international says one extremist group is torturing people and imprisoning children as young as 8. whole families to flee here to damascus. at this soccer stadium, children play while parents register for food. gunfire rings out. this man waits for help an explosion.
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his sons hardly notice. soccer coach is trying to give these children hope, but it's not easy. an explosion, just as we're talking. he says mortars have landed here before. thiss where it landed. one 10-year-old boy tells me his family fled terrorists. yes, he says, very. and nearby these children wait to be given food to their family. 4-year-old helps his family carry away basic provisions from this distribution center. the u.n. is trying to feed more than 4 million syrians. >> the humanitarian crisis is getting to a point that i've never seen in any other country i've worked in. >> reporter: 11 brothers and sisters, all hungry. she gets hot noodle soup. strug toogles to carry the heavt home. no time for a childhood here.
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mean whwhil meanwhile, natalie, that report condemned widespread violations and suburbs of this city are cut off by the government. being used as a weapon of war. >> so sad. well, if you are in the market for a new car, we do have some good news this morning. a lot of safe, new cars to choose from. the latest new car crash test found 39 new cars did so well that the insurance institute for public safety has chosen all 39 as a top safety pick for 2014. and of those 39, 22 got an even higher ranking of top safety pick plus installing front crash prevention systems. as the list is too long to name all the top cars, we'll give the top three small cars. honda four-door civic, the mazda 3 and the toyota prius. check this one out, a christmas greeting for some students in texas with a little bit of a scary twist as the students and teachers are recording their merry christmas.
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they have no idea that lurking inside that tree is another student. gets you every time. the project by the school's media class a big hit. you can see why on youtube. >> that's amazing. >> we can do that here out of our rock center tree. >> perfect. exactly. yeah. natalie, thanks very much. tracking another storm. i can't believe it. >> starting out west and is going to continue to make its way to the east, but right now, beautiful day in san francisco. you're going to see plenty of sunshine now not too bad as we look at all the satellite equipment on the roof here. just moments ago we had a lovely shot of the bridge. that's how it gets here. has to go through that. out west, we are looking really
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from michigan all the way to california up into the pacific northwest. winter storm warnings and winter storm watches and freezing rain advisories out of this system. here's what we have for you today. you can already see activity spreading from salt lake city and denver you should be okay today. we're looking at partly cloudy skies to cloudy skies and 45 degrees. billings, montana, awfully chilly. 11 degrees. salt lake city light snow and phoenix still on the cool side. 69. look how chilly los angeles is today. 59 only a degree warmer than san francisco. seattle looking at 41 degrees and the way it looked right now. as you can see for today, sunshine up and down the east coast and we'll have 79 degrees in beautiful downtown miami and 40 in boston. icy conditions. and this is going to start spreading out even further today, tomorrow on into saturday and sunday as this system makes its way across the country. look for light snow making its
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way throughout the plain states and the good news for southern california, southern nevada. looking at wet weather temperatures about 59 degrees and gorgeous day and some snow down in parts of southern alaska today. >> how about on hawaii? >> we did have snow in hawaii. >> yes. >> about 12,000 feet above, they got some snow. that's what's going on around the country, but we're going to
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this is what al was trying to show you. look at how the start to the day is in san francisco. temperatures mostly in the 40s. headed towards the 60s for today. about 60 degrees today, we'll be in the low 60s. about 60 degrees, mid-60s in the east bay and the trivalley that's your latest weather. you guys ready for nearly 70 degrees on sunday? >> i thought we were going to the islands or something. >> thanks very much. the future of the popular reality show "duck dynasty" could be in doubt this morning. suspended the show's star over remarks made in a magazine interview. people are already weighing in,
7:17 am
including sarah palin. >> reporter: the "duck dynasty" characters led by their patriarch phil robinson are undeniably stars. on barbara walter's list of the most fascinating people of the year. talking with matt on "today" about their phenomenal run. >> business is really good, yeah. >> reporter: phil robert zorn called home sexuality sinful. he said morph out from there the beastiality the swindlers, they won't inherit the kingdom of god. it's not right. a & e's reaction, extremely disappointed. placing phil under hay aus the from filming indelaware. what happens to the other "duck" stars? will a & e fight for the show? >> this is their hit show. it remains to be seen how it affects their viewership and how it affects their advertising. >> reporter: the show is getting huge support on social media, including a photo ought group posted by a former vice
7:18 am
presidential nominee sarah palen, those instole rants hating and taking on the "duck dynasty" patriarch are taking on all of us. still, reality tv stars often become stars because they live on the edge. as robertson once pointed out. >> there is only a thin line between genius and infinity. i'm right on that line. >> reporter: a crisis for one of the genre's hit shows that could go on its way. for "today," nbc news, los angeles. >> well, carson is back in the orange room. i thought that was exciting. then i saw his special guest. i love you. >> it's great to be back, thank you, guys. it's good to see al roker. >> guys, so much thanks. >> i'm excited to be here with the winner of season 5 on "the voice." tuesday night people watched this moment as i got to hand this to you tessanne. how has it been the last 24
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hours? >> it's a beautiful one. i'm so happy. i'm living it, enjoying every moment. >> i took it right back. i handed you a microphone. time to go to work, right? you feel like you are working? >> i feel like "the voice" trained me. >> we are glad to have you on "today." we will sit down and talk to you today. i got the queen of music, guys. we will chat with her in the next half hour. >> that is cool. >> so beautiful. >> now about you, carson. >> no problem. >> we love you, too, carson. all right, also ahead this morning, president obama's decision to skip the sochi olympics and send the openly gay athletes as a part of the u.s. delegation. getting a lot of headlines. we will talk to that person coming up. how the winner revietnamed how she picked the winning numbers. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, a passenger on a seattle bus fights back against a gun wielding robber, an incredible story. from heart break, to triumph, a look back at how we brought you the biggest stories from 2013. we will look at the headlines we covered here on "today" the news we broke, our biggest grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. ♪ you're daddy made this when he was a little boy. ♪ this is your dad in my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here, mom. me too. ♪ look who's here!
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. a very good thursday morning to you. a man is under arrest accused of leading deputies on a chase before crashing into a gas station in oakland. it happened at the 76 station at 98th and eves. sheriff's deputies tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver took off and crashed into two gas pumps. the driver has been arrested for driving under the influence. target says up to 40 million credit and debit card accounts may be vulnerable after a nationwide data breach. the chain says anyone who used
7:27 am
cards at target between november 27th and december 15th may be at risk. the secret service is now investigating. crews hope to have a big fire up u in big sur under control by tomorrow night. it's drivewayed more than a dozen homes, one of which belonged to the big sur volunteer fire chief. more than 1,000 men and women fighting the fire from the bay area. wabt to check the forecast with christina. >> taking a live look at san francisco. an interesting sky over head. our camera is shaking a little bit and that's because we have some wind out there. temperatures this morning are mostly in the 40s. about 46 degrees in the north bay and the wind is starting to drop off a little bit, but we were sustained about 32 miles per hour in san francisco earlier this morning and still breezy for today. we're going to end up in the low 60s for today. mill valley, 60. same for fremont, not in the try valley. touching on the low 60s.
7:28 am
4ñ right here at the bottom of your screen. >> we've been talking about a lighter volume of traffic. it's a thursday and we have a back-up off the 880 overcrossing for most lanes and off the berkeley curve. we'll look at the maps and see the cross from san mateo bridge and a smooth flow there. a lot of congestion off of 880. northbound routes in the 50s. back to you. >> another local news update in half an hour. we'll see you then.
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. >> we are back now at 7:30 on a thursday morning the 19th day of december, 2013, a pretty shot of the sunrise. we want your shot to grow. share them with us "today" sunrise. >> good morning, nice to have you along with us. here's the stories making headlines today, a massive security breach at target t. retailers of credit and debit card information of some 40 million americans may have been stolen between november 27th and december 15th. >> meanwhile, nasa says astronauts will be wearing specially designed snorkels when they perform a space walk to repair a cooling pump problem on the international space station. during the last walk an astronaut nearly drowned when his helmet filled with water.
7:31 am
and a georgia woman claimed her share of the $636 million of the megamillions jackpot. she picked the members, herself. the holder of the other winning ticket sold in california has one year to come forward. yeah. >> get your ducks in order. get your ducks from a row, as they say. >> meanwhile, coming up, we will look at the past 12 months and unforgettable people that defined 2013. >> the winner of the "voice" tessanne chin. everybody loves her voice, her accent. she is here to talk to us, carson. >> we will talk to her in a couple of minutes. let's begin this half hour, though, with new detention on russia's anti-gay laws, with the winter games now just 48 days away. president obama will not attend. he picked two openly gay athletes to be a part of the u.s. delegation. we will talk to one of them in a
7:32 am
moment. first, nbc's white house correspondent peter alexander has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. as we speak, president vladmir putin of russia is speaking to reporters in that country. he told us a top responsibility the host of the winter games will insure equal conditions for all athletes. so far, he has not specifically addressed the u.s. olympic delegation for the first time in years will not include a member of the first family, the vice president or even a current member of the cabinet. with seven weeks until sochi welcomes the world the u.s. move marks the latest chill in an already frosty relationship between president obama and russian president vladmir putin. early this morning, putin addressed the game t. main thing for us is the good organization of these competition, he said the creation of equal terms for equal athletes. with russia facing fierce criticism the white house said it wanted its dell gigs to represent the best of america,
7:33 am
diversity, determination and teamwork. enlisting openly gay athletes like two time olympic hockey medallist caitlin kahow. and tennis legend billy jean king who said she hopes the game will be a watershed movement for all people. in september, king encouraged the american athletes to speak out. telling usa today sometimes i think we need a john car loss moment. referring to one of the two american sprinters kicked out of the 1968 mexico city olympics for protesting racial discrimination t. white house has been well represented in the past olympic games. problem traveled to buy jing in 2008. and his wife laura went to torino two years earlier. one long time olympic observer insists the president's decision is a significant snub. >> this is sending an absolute signal of complete and total disrespect for the russian federation and russian president
7:34 am
vladmir putin. >> reporter: they described that american decision about his delegation as what he called a clear disregard for the international olympic committee as well. he wondered if the move could actually impact u.s. chances in sochi, matt, where, of course, many of the competitions there are judged sports. >> now whether it will be held against them. peter alexander, thank you very much. indicate lyn kahow. she'll travel to sochi as a member of the official u.s. delegation. kate lyn, it's good to see you. good morning. how did you hear the news? >> i had a member of the white house to call me. that was a surprise to get on my cell phone unknown number. so i answered it. i heard the news. i was elated. i was thrilled. >> people are saying because you were openly gay and billy jean king is openly gay, there is a statement. this is a message being sent to russia's government and president. do you feel as if you are a part of the statement? >> honestly, matt, i think the president has been very opened about his feelings about russian
7:35 am
policy, he has been very opened about lbgt policies here at home, too much i'm going over to sochi representing a country that has made the most dramatic solicit on some of these issues in the last few years. i am very proud to be represent tack diversity. >> let me ask a blunt question. i don't mean any disrespect by this dunk you would have been chosen if you weren't gay? >> i can't speak to that i. i wasn't on the election committee. i think i stand for a lot of issues when i'm in sochi. the reality is right now i have been selected and i will do my best to support our athletes. >> billy jean king said perhaps it is time for a john car loss moment. you are too young to remember that moment in 1968 in mexico city, john carlos and johnny smith stood up and gave the black power salute because they wanted to suppress racial inequality. would you be willing to be a part of a john carlos moment in sochi? >> actually i think my john carlos moment is going to russia and representing the united
7:36 am
states. like i said before this delegation represents so much more than lbgt diverse tip. we have a remarkable diversity in the united states. i think that's what all the athletes will be demonstrating. >> some people criticized the president already criticizing politics in sports. there is a lot of disagreements between the united states and russia. not only this issue. we have edward snowden, the issue of syria. as an athlete and someone who has participated in the olympics, does it distract an athlete when politics are brought into the olympic competition? >> i think the olympics are going to have politics involved. it's hard to divorce the two. what i would say is the great thing about the olympics is every two years we get the opportunity not only to be inspired by amazing human achievements, but to hold the mirror up to our faces and say what can we be doing better? we can be better. there is still inequality in the united states that has nothing to do with lbgt rights. i think it would be great to be
7:37 am
inspired and come home and get back to work. >> the russians said there will be no repercussions for any athletes or bystander wearing rainbow arm bands. do you think we will see protests? >> i think many people feel strongly about the issue. i think there will be statements that are made. i would say my main goal is to make sure athletes and spectators stay safe and this is a peaceful olympics and everyone is able to appreciate and take in the amazing quality the olympics provide. >> quickly, a question i didn't expect this morning because the story developed overnight. the patriarch of the "duck dynasty" show has made some controversial comments about homosexuality. do you care to respond to them at all? >> obviously, i'm disappointed. words that are negative in that way hurt everyone i think. they reflect poorly on us as a society. i do understand there are changing ways in the united states and people are adapting and evolving and i like to give people the benefit of the doubt.
7:38 am
so i hope that some minds are changed through those statements. i look forward to tomorrow when these classifications no longer exist. >> kate lynn, congratulations on being named to the official delegation. with elook forward to seeing you in sochi -- we look forward to seeing you in sochi. now, let's go over to al. . >> this time of year a lot of people think, hey, let's go to hawaii. it's so beautiful and warm. this is manikau 12,000 feet up. look at this, the observatory, they got about six inches of snow. you are looking north and south:it's really kind of amazing pictures. >> that is very, very cool. all right. ready for a big warm-up. >> here it comes. jet streams this morning up to the north. so much above normal temperatures will be making their way from the south into the northeast. look at how these temperatures will be changing. for today roanoke 12 degrees
7:39 am
above normal. 'van fa, 69. friday, 73. not you, savannah, that have a vanna, georgia. >> that's when i started paying attention. >> it's not all about you. 80 degrees in daytona. new orleans, 76. saturday, washington 63. boston will be 48. macon 77. look at what happens on sunday. cincinnati 60. 66 in new york. that's 24 degrees above normal. if you are heading to orlando, you are a big winner. of course, universal theme parks, the best theme park in america. >> don't get used to. look at this, i'm just going to keep going. look at this cold air coming in. we got temperatures coming in anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees below normal. so don't get used to it. >> okay. anything else? >> you look lovely. >> thank you. >> by the way, my family a couple weeks
7:40 am
nice save, al. and yes, flattery will get you everywhere. temperatures are looking good. it's pretty mild across the bay area. our camera is shaking a bit. san rafael bridge not stopping that mariner from getting out there, but it will be choppy on the bay with those winds increasing. the next couple of hours, starting to die down, they will be strong enough to knock you down. throughout the day, looking pretty good and then temperatures climb for tomorrow. . >> by the way the best looking ceo of a company -- >> right and dhor. man. not steve burke him roller costar thor. >> guys. >> what? >> the hulk. whatever. coming up, a natural disaster, hard not political battles. the new pope, how we cover the important stories of 2013. up next, she is "the voice."
7:41 am
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[ male announcer ] get the all-new 2014 cla250 . >> that was the big moment on tuesday when tes anne chin cap choourtd season five of "the voice." it has been a non-stop whirlwind for the jamaican power house singer. we are so happy to have you here. >> i love being here. >> we loved watching your face, it was a mixture of i don't know if you were touched. you started laughling. >> i was laughing at my husband. because i think his reaction trumped mine, definitely. wow, wow, babe. >> you had so many highlights during this run, but i know one of them was getting to sing with celine dion. can you take us through what that experience was leak for you? >> you have to understand for me, she has always been that lady, that artist that i look up to the most and just to be able share a stage with her and she's even better in person. within i tell you, just a
7:46 am
gracious, wonderful lady. you know, put me right at ease, because it's nerve racking. i'm standing next to miss celine dion. oh, gosh, what an experience. >> did she give you career advice? >> yes, she did. >> what did she say. >> she asked me if i was married. she said, hmm. it's like pause and stuff, okay, i'm going to do it. >> good advice. >> we are so happy for you. i love your voice in every way. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much for being here. >> congratulations. >> best of luck in everything. >> on a different note, coming up, a would be robber who got more than he bargained for when he targeted that passenger on a crowded bus. we'll tell you that story. these samsung gadgets are great, and you can buy 'em all with your walmart credit card. can i show you something really cool? he's really into this stuff. sure. these guys can read each others' minds. so when the galaxy tab 3
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7:51 am
. >> here's what's a killer. >> feeling ready? >> we are ready. >> we are ready. >> have fun. >> don't get angry. >> bye-bye. >> oh! whohhoo! whohoo! oh! aha, aha. >> you go okay? >> that was cool! >> dafy duck. daffy duck. >> it was uncontrollable. >> was julie andrews in there with you? >> you have to understand, he was supposed to be the pilot. he was supposed to be steering. he hit every wall he could hit. you you had no idea.
7:52 am
>> i was ballast. i was weight. that was it. we hit every wall on every turn. >> i thought that was a pole. >> we have more respect for those who do it the right way. carson, thank you for bringing us that record from the archives. >> any time, guys. >> i don't know how you guys will top that, though, in sochi. >> actually, it's like a trip down memory lane. >> that is a gift that keeps giving every time. you have goals for hitting the wall, al. for you, if there is a favorite moment, we love them. send them all on in. we'll show it to you. >> we want to remind people the real olympic competition gets under way on february 6th. of course, it happens right here on nbc. >> like the cool aid guy. >> the kool aid guy is like oh yeah. >> pill bury dough boy. >> we have more this morning. guy, a very personal voice mail
7:53 am
from kate leaked in a london courtroom. then the year it was, from controversy to triumph. the stories that had us talking ♪ as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way, rethink how you're invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity i.r.a. has a wide range of investment choices to help you fine-tune your personal economy. call today, and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity i.r.a. has some very special power. ♪
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good morning to you. 7:55. bart and its two largest unions get back to the bargaining table. at issue, a health policy that helped epd the most recent strike. bart says the policy was accidentally included and now wants it remove. the union say a deal with a deal. just yesterday, bart revealed another glitch in a contract with one of its smaller unions invol involving a start date of a retiree medical benefits program. >> talks between ac transit and its union appear to be making some progress. a 60-day cooling off period ek pyres on sunday night, meaning drivers could strike as early as monday morning. ac transit's president is hopeful. let's see what christina has to say about the forecast today. >> looking a lot better out
7:57 am
there. good morning to you. so close to the weekend now, good air quality has returned. you can make out the tops of these buildings here. haven't been able to see these for the past few days. we spared a air pr 11 straight days. have a nice fire in your home, our air quality has improved dramatically because of the fact that the wind is starting to drop off. nid, we're going to hold on to good to moderate air quality. should be okay to burn through this weekend. check your drive with mike. >> oakland, northbound, looking a little slow. that smoke drifts over, that's industrial smoke, not a concern. northbound 880 is a concern from basically 238 in towards downtown. southbound side, slow froms;n t san mateo bridge, south down in toward hayward, union city and fremont. we have your typical slowdowns in san mateo. also, a stalledáñ big rig.
7:58 am
back to you. >> and we'll be back in half an hour. -those other store cards... -...preferred shopper... ...kept sending me coupons for cat food. i'm just not a coupon clipper. i buy what i want to buy. can i get a reward for that? [ brina ] something extra from raley's, bel air, and nob hill. you get something extra rewards... ...for the way i shop... for buying the things i like. instant offers, points balance, right here on my smart phone. [ brina ] join today at raley's dotcom, or at your store. rewards you... for being you. [ brina ] something extra -- now rewarding over 1 million members.
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8:00 am
[ brina ] something extra -- it's 8:00 on "today." coming up -- >> four more years. >> terror in boston. >> absolute ly heartbreaking. >> the year in headlines. we'll look back at the stories that impacted our world and touched our hearts as we reported them to you here on "today." plus, hitting the jackpot. one winner of the mega millions lottery is identified but where is the other winner? ♪ have a holly jolly gist mass and not your grandmother's gingerbread house. some of the edible creations you'll see this holiday season "today," thursday, december 19, 2013. i'm al's number one fan.
8:01 am
>> wishing my brother a happy birthday in new york city. >> hello to everyone in fra franklin, tennessee. >> merry christmas to everyone in allen, texas. >> we came to celebrate christmas with you. we brought the presents. good morning, everyone. glad to have you along with us on a thursday morning. i'm is a vsavannah guthrie alon matt lauer, al roker and carso. we want to go right in because natalie has this morning's top stories including some breaking news tied to the duke and duchess of cambridge. natalie, what's up? that's right. good morning, guys. here is what's happening in l london. key testimony in the ongoing news of the world phone hacking
8:02 am
trial. and today the court heard messages from prince which wiild kate middleton. nbc's jim maceda is following it all from london. what can you it tell us? >> reporter: today's revelations deal with the hacking of kate middleton's cell phone by the news of the world, that murdoch tabloid paper that was subsequently shut down by murdo murdoch. prosecutors read messages to the jury including a message in 2006 from prince william who was tating kate middleton at the time, that he'd been almost shot on a training exercise while at the officer training school. he said, quote, i got terribly lost and i walked in a some other regiment's ambush. another time he called saying, hello, baby, it's me. calling her, quote, babykins. now the hacker served time in 2007 for hacking the phones of royal aides. this, natalie, is the first time that there's any indication that royal family members themselves have been hacked. back to you.
8:03 am
>> thanks so much from there in london. a white house panel is recommending changes in how the government here collects and stores records on nearly every phone call in america. it suggests that the data be held by phone companies themselves and not by the national security agency. and it calls for tighter controls on the way individual numbers are checked to see if they are connected to terrorism. however, the report maintains that the government does have a legitimate reason for wanting access to the phone records. newly released video shows a life-or-death struggle on a city bus in seattle. a gunman boarded the bus last month demanding passenger cell phones. but when he pointed his pistol in one man's face, the would-be victim grabbed the gun and fought back. other passengers then helped him tackle the suspect and held him for police. the woman who holds one of two winning tickets in this week's near record mega millions drawing has now been identified. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the
8:04 am
details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. she only bought one ticket. that's all it took. the woman who lives here in suburban atlanta, skipped the press conference. it's unclear if she skipped town. ira curry will take half of the jackpot, the second largest in u.s. history. >> two doors down from millionaires. it's awesome. >> reporter: inside an upscale atlanta office building curry bought the winning ticket at this newsstand. she picked a lucky number based on family birth dates. imagine her shock when she turned on her car radio in the morning. >> she said she didn't veer off the road. that was my question, how did you not veer off the road? she said she was in a state of disbelief. >> reporter: curry will take the cash option for her half of the jackpot worth $173 million. lottery officials will withhold 25% for federal tax and 6% for georgia tax leaving her family with about $120 million.
8:05 am
meanwhile in california, the winner has a year to come forward. this san jose gift shop owner is getting a $1 million bonus check for selling the lucky ticket. >> a very good day. i'm so excited. i win $1 million, too. that's all. thank you. >> reporter: that's a happy guy right there. here in georgia, though, the rules are different. the store owner who sold the winning ticket hear will not get that million dollar retail bonus, just a flat 6% commission on ticket sales, natalie. >> i'm sure he did well on that as well. gabe gut fwut, thanks so much. well, there's no limit to what you can build with the lego set, even a full-sized car. take a look. this lego mobile had a test drive recently near melbourne, australia. it uses compressed air to keep its pistons pumping. it dubs the super awesome micro
8:06 am
project, you can tell why. it took 20 months to build using half a million lego pieces. that is genius. it's 8:05 right now. here is a check of the weather with al. thank you so much, natalie. everyone hanging out here in columbus, ohio. we love it. let's check your weather, see what we've got for you. okay, so let's show you we have clouds, satellite activity, dallas right now just cloudy skies. but we have changes coming this weekend. and what are your chances for an inch of snow, having a white snow on the ground. boston, a 20% chance. then let's take a look and show you our next in new york city 12%. going upstate, albany, 50%. head out west, buffalo. pittsburgh, 34%. and buffalo 64%. the rest of the country today we are looking at, again, some showers and thunderstorms making their way out to the west. we also have clouds in the
8:07 am
8:06. good thursday morning to you. i'm christina loren. temperatures are going to be comfortable for today, and, hey, we just had a preview of some christmas forecasts across the nation. i'm going to give you one for the bay area in just a minute. we want to point out first, though, it is going to be breezy to windy for today, and the winds will taper off throughout the overnight hours. we're looking at a california christmas this year. all across our various microclimates here in the bay area. 62 for san francisco. 65 on wednesday in san jose. tahoe at 40 with no snow. . >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. coming up, jamey wright lynn spears on being a young mom, britney's sister, she will perform. then from your spouse to your pet. last minute gift ideas for anyone left on your list. >> up next, the stories that impacted our world, plus in 2013, we look back at the year in headlines right after this. . [ laughter ]
8:08 am
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8:12 am
. >> the first interview with the newly reinaugurated 44th president of the united states. >> controversial issues facing the obama administration right now. hillary clinton faces
8:13 am
intense grilling on capitol hill today. >> the fact is, we have four dead americans. >> a senate measure calling for the expanded background checks has now failed. >> these families are in the midst of their grief. it's right now. do you feel personally responsible for them? >> when you say he doesn't have the guts to stand up to his own party, mr. speaker, couldn't you face that same accusation from democrats? >> the public needs to decide whether these programs or policies are right or wrong. >> therefore the man that exposed that program has even more to reveal. >> no, i'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> edward snowden was supposed to get on a plane in moscow this morning headed for havana, cuba. we have a producer on that plane. good morning, closed for business. the government shut down this morning. >> we have a hashtag, dear congress, all day long yesterday, it was the no. 1 topic at one point. >> dear congress, do you ever wonder why young people don't
8:14 am
vote? this is why. >> the government shut down now preventing the families of fallen soldiers from collecting death benefits. >> president obama falling on the health care rollout disaster. >> it's health care president obama's katrina. >> good morning, breaking news, terror in boston. the city in mere lockdown right now as police search for a fine-year-old suspect. >> there is a lot of concernant someone might have an ied. a category ef-4 tornado touched down. >> standing on the slab that was the driveway. that's all that's recognizable. >> absolutely heart breaking. now this right here is the plaza towers school. >> it pancaked down on itself. >> correct. >> we are following that incredible breaking fuse, three women who each vanished about a decade ago. >> i have been mace i missing for ten years. i'm here, i'm free now. >> an emotional day in court.
8:15 am
>> i hope you live in hell. your hell is just beginning. >> we find george zimmerman not guilty. >> as you can imagine tlvlgs emotional reaction to the jury i's decision outside the courthouse and all across the country. >> we will talk to shelly zimmerman. >> i don't know what he is capable of. >> so you now doubt his innocence. >> 19 members of an elite firefighting crew killed in the line of duty. >> they are here in our home, they're heros to our community. they are heros to the people they helped there. >> 214, heavy emergency vehicles are responding. >> it was come income low to snow. they tried to abort at the last minute, it was far too late. >> what caused that new york commuter plane to derail, killing and jurying so many. >> such a gentle man. >> i have a dream. >> thousands will be filling that mall as they did 50 years
8:16 am
ago this morning. breaking news now from the supreme court. vindication. it was the day san francisco castro district has been waiting for. >> new calls this plrng for benedict of the 2014 winter olympics in sochi. >> if an athlete marches in the opening ceremony with a rainbow camp, will they by a rested? >> absolutely not. >> a growing sense of desperation. >> when people come in how, what do you say to them? >> we will say we are sorry. >> if this is confirmed, it would certainly be one of the worst atrocities of the war if syria. >> do you think the u.s. has the right and obligation to ask militarily? >> the president is not taking that threat off the table. >> large explosion rocked that mall in kenya, armed terrorists are holding hostage force a third straight day. >> there have been five americans who are wounded. >> this is certainly unexpected. pope benedict xvi announcing he is stepping down. >> we spoke on the phone a half
8:17 am
hour ago. you were giving word of this. >> you can verified i was start startled. >> papa of 1.2 billion clm catholics around the world. >> to the official opening of the boardwalk as al mentioned a 5 mile long ribbon. >> good morning, guys. i hope you can hear me over the roar of my engine. >> on a scale of 1-10. where does recovery stand? >> looking up at the beacon on the top of 1 world trade center that welcomes new york city back to the top of the western hemisphere. 'vanna, natalie, what a great mornin morning.
8:18 am
. >> i stand before you tonight the iran navy of the western world. >> do you feel that you ever obstructed justice? . >> thumbs up from me. ♪ one day love never walked by ♪ oh, guess what happened >> th. ♪ one day love never walked by ♪ oh, guess what happened today. >> in the news this morning, the israeli cabinet has just -- ♪ we are mousekedeers ♪ midnight chango, anything rare
8:19 am
>> honor and family and loyalty [ music playing ] . >> who was to blame? where did the bucks stop? >> pat summerall here with john maddon and all that buildup and the hoopla. >> i will wake up every sunday. >> i love you. >> and you. >> he's more than a person in the audience. he's a part of the show. . >> smaut scott carpenter reports. >> no prisoners! no prisoners!
8:20 am
[ music playing [ music playing ] >> we will build a society in which all south africans form a blessed world will be able to walk tall without any fear in their hearts. ♪ [ music playing ] >> excited about little prince blank of cambridge. >> the baby prince entered the world weighing 8 bounds u pounds, 6 uns. >> has to lay eyes on the few royal t. world around is already celebrating. >> his royal highness prince george alexander louie. >> he is a big boy, quite heavy. >> so i'll ask it to you bluntly, are you a racist? >> no, no, i'm not. >> facing death, what was that like? >> well, it was strange but peaceful. >> for two weeks now, mayor ford
8:21 am
has been under fire. >> i was very, very inebriated. >> you told me this behavior that got you into trouble is behind you? >> yes, that is correct. >> by saying i will not go back there, some people look at that decision and say it's a sign of guilt. >> i look at it as an ad mission of innocence. >> stunning drunk driving crash. >> could you agree to being the posterboy for drinking and driving. >>. >> he has provided us with a statement. i am chelsea manning. i am a female. >> the news unfortunately is that you won't 'in sochi. >> my road to sochi ends here. >> no doubt that this is a result of all those hits? >> i can't say for certain, mat. i will assume so. >> were there any truly heart stopping moments for you? >> there were points where i was thinking, man, i wish i could just relax. >> i don't think it's smart to bet against you. i think i've lost money doing that in the past.
8:22 am
>> you, yes. don't. >> ryan, something happened this morning that hasn't happened to you in almost a decade. you woke up as a free person. how did that feel? >> i haven't yet gone to sleep. so. >> you took a short maternity leave, just a couple of weeks. was that hard to pull off? >> we have exclusive video of that frightening midair collision between two skydiving planes. >> raids your hand if you are happy to be alive. >> at what point did you realize something's really wrong? >> he told me that he was going to kidnap me and take me to idaho. >> after 53 hours through jellyfish, sharks and rough seas, how are you feeling physically this morning? >> it's amazing who you the emotional can lift the physical. >> have you call the local authorities? have they refused to help you get out of that factory? >> they do things different over here. >> had you heard the name mante tao? >> i never heard who he was. >> let's show you this video
8:23 am
everybody will be talking about. [ music playing ] >> have you heard about the kid president? >> this is my time. it's our time. >> oh. >> usher and kid danceoff. antoine alexander. [ music playing ] >> it's going to be "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. >> that's something. >> do hip etty who. >> are you surprised by the attention you are getting right now? >> not really. i mean, it's kind of what i want. >> jennifer lawrence, silver lining play pook. >> you woke up this morning, you weren't feeling too good. >> all it takes is a golden globe. >> while we were sleeping, beyonce was proving why she is queen bee. >> come on in, theresa, you haven't had a chance osee erin since se won the miss usa. >> oh my god. >> oh my god. >> complete strangers came to
8:24 am
your aid. what does that teach you? >> there is good people in this world. >> have you been surprised by how much love and outpouring you have received? >> yes. i can feel the intensity. i really feel great. >> this couple will meet near e their newly adopted baby girl for the first time on air. >> can you describe how you are feeling? >> i'm in heaven. [ music playing ] >> well done. wow, a lot happened. >> you are right. >> such a well done piece. >> incredible feat to pull off. what a momentous year. a wonderful team that worked on
8:25 am
it. we got to name everybody. >> who didn't work on it? >> monumental effort. >> i understand why. >> for four days. >> i take it your prostate exam didn't make it in that? >> thankful. >> the one finger groove. >> oh, really. >> it was for men's health. >> you are starting to sound like my doctors. congratulations. anyway, it is interesting to look at those things, sometimes you just forget that we covered these things and we were will. >> we covered everything. >> it's hard to believe the inauguration was this past year. amazing. >> incredible to look back. quite a year ahead as well. ahead, we get a live performance from jamie lynn spears singing a
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. sims metal management being talked to after the second fire in two months at that recycling plant. they want to come up with "immediate actionable items" the plant can take to prevent further fires that impact air quality. tuesday's fire sent smoke as far south as gilroy. november fire triggered a health advisory in three bay area counties. the bay area fined sims for the november fire. it's preponderanced to fine the company for this most recent one as well. time now to check the morning commute with mike. how is it looking? >> we got a slow drive right now heading over the san mateo bridge. look at the approach towards foster city. that's not the slowest point. that's 29 getting over the water, and the wind advisory was
8:27 am
issued by chp overnight. when we see a smoother drive approaching the 101, it is 101 itself that is jammed southbound to the scene, and also 92 at elcamino reports of a disabled big rig might be adding to the slowdown as you head through the san mateo hills. the rest of the bay crossover there for southbound 8808 is smoothly south, and slower down towards the union city fremont and into the south bay, and your northbound route for 880 just jammed up to oakland. 23rd, we had an earlier crash that cleared pretty quickly, but it was enough to set off slowing across the castro valley y. >> another local news update. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
8:28 am
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8:30 am
so make your holiday merrier than ever before. ocho y media esta mañana de it's 8:30 now on a thursday morning. the 19th day of december. 2013. as we say hello to everyone on the plaza. we have a nice holiday crowd. some people by the way bringing unwrapped toys as part of the 20th annual toy drive. if you want to take part, come on down. if not, go to our website at >> al, i'm sorry for stepping on your toes. >> thanks. boom.
8:31 am
>> i'm not that heavy. just the heels, sorry, sorry. coming up, we've got a -- jamie lynn spears is here. she's got a great country voice. she had to put her career on hold when she became pregnant at 16. she has a new single. she has a lot of support from her big sis, britney too. >> want to save some money though? >> you bet. >> but first, we have some new 12 days of christmas bargains. we have the lifestyle expert and "today" show contributor, elizabeth, happy holidays. >> we're getting towards the end, we have some great deals. you have to go to to get the special christmas gifts, the discounts only last 24 hours. >> start with bargain number one. >> number one, they're not a bargain because they're so beautiful, i'm wearing a pair. we have chrissy from tampa. >> hello.
8:32 am
>> they're semi-precious stone earrings. jade, pearls, all hand made from a company, they usually retail for $130 to $88. today you get them 60% off. they have never discounted before. go to they can be yours. they're so beautiful. they come in different sizes and shapes. >> but wait, there's more. go ahead. >> so alicia, she raises alpacas. she wins best in class every year at trade shows. you can get her throws. 30 different colors. these retail for $315, you can get them for $99.50 today. she has scarves you can choose from and i love her travel sets. a little blanket. and hillary clinton gave them to everyone last year when she was secretary of state. all different colors. $99.50. go to 68% off. >> great job, elizabeth.
8:33 am
thank you for modeling for us. we'll see you with two more bargains before the holidays end. thanks very much. sorry about that. we're photo bombing your segment. >> video bombing. time for the weather. again, we are looking at denver right now. some clouds but other than that, not a bad day. temperatures dropping into the upper 30s. and again, a chance for a white christmas, inch of snow on the ground. indianapolis, not looking too bad. 30%. chicago, 43%. let's head north to green bay, 77%. 8:33. good thursday morning. i'm christina loren. getting so close to the weekend at this point. a lot of people will be traveling over the course of the next 24 hours. do keep in mind we have gossy wind that's starting to drop off, though, as we speak. want to go to the east shore and show you how it looks right now. in oakland you can actually make
8:34 am
out the tops of these buildings. not as hazy today. it is not a spare the air day. we're back in the good air quality range. highs are going to be comfortable. he wanteding up many the low 60s with the wind continuing all the way through tonight. . >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. we have a special tourette for a long-time fan this morning. about a month ago, pat macaphee e-mailed us to say it has been my dream for years to say that famous line "this is "today" on nbc." that dream is about to come forward. >> i am looking forward to it. you have been in my living room 55 years. now i am in yours. >> i haven't been there 55 years. did you get a good night sleep? you loose? >> i did. >> did you have a good breakfast? >> no, but i'm doing okay. >> all right. get ready. >> all right. >> up next, jamie lynn spears on motherhood and music, plus she'll form for us live. >> at 8:50, still shopping for that perfect christmas gift,
8:35 am
don't miss our last minute holiday hot list. pat. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc! [ cheers ]
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> at 16-years-old, jamie lynn spears was at the height of an acting career and had a hit sit-com and life came calling in the form of a baby girl. >> now at 22, jamie lynn is planting her boots in country music with her debut single "how can i want more?" good morning. >> good morning. >> you had this great career, it was put on hold with this unexpected turn of events. >> yeah. >> what have you learned? and is this the time, you feel this is the right time to get back into music? >> music has been a part of my life. but i really believe that obviously having a daughter, i
8:38 am
took a lot of time to go away, figure out who i was, what i wanted and the kind of example i wanted to leave behind for matty, so it's made things a lot more important for me. like every decision i make is to the heart and ultimately makes me put my heart into it. so this is more of a genuine move for me. >> now you are out with more music. you have music in your family, obviously, any advice from sis? >> yeah. she says never let your self doubt come in. always trust your gut. >> good advice for anybody i guess. >> what are you going to sing? >> i'm going to sing my single "how can i want more?" >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, jamie lynn spears. [ music playing ]
8:39 am
[ music playing ] ♪ lying in the green grass ♪ underneath the blue sky ♪ looking at a good mon ♪ who ought to be the rightgy ♪ he's got the kind of heart that any girl would di for ♪ so how could i want more?
8:40 am
♪ how could i want more? ♪ treats me like a princess ♪ lets me have it my way ♪ i can tell he's hanging ♪ on every word that i say ♪ all he does is love me ♪ swears that's what he's here for ♪ so how could i want more? ♪ how could i want more? ♪ more fire ♪ more feeling ♪ more stars than what i'm seeing ♪ more hope for what i'd find behind that door ♪ more power shots more passion ♪ instead of just acting like i'm the one that he's been looking for ♪ i ought to say i'm sorry ♪ i ought to say it's over ♪ let him live his own life ♪ stop crying on his shoulder ♪ he'd probably say it's all right ♪ and hold me while my tears fall ♪ so how could i want more? ♪ how could i want more?
8:41 am
[ music playing ] ♪ more fire ♪ more feeling shots more stars than what i'm seeing ♪ more hope for what i'd find behind that door ♪ more power ♪ more passion ♪ instead of just acting like i'm the one that he's been looking for ♪ lying in the green grass ♪ underneath the blue sky ♪ looking at a good man ♪ and i know he's the right guy ♪ he's got the kind of heart that ♪ any girl would die for ♪ so how could i want more? ♪ how could i want more? [ music playing ]
8:42 am
[ applause ] >> jamie lynn spears, thank you, sounded so good. coming up next, jenna bush hager introduces us to the duo behind the most incredible ginger bread houses you have ever seen. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
[ music playing ] >>. >> back now with a bit of a classic holiday tradition. building a ginger bread house. contributing correspondent jenna bush hager caught up with them. >> i did. these are not your grandma ginger bread houses. two artists say that sometimes it's okay to play with your food. the ginger bread house, a sweet tradition since the days of hansel and getyl.
8:45 am
from this, to this now to this. artists are putting together a modern twist on a holiday tradition. >> henry and i challenge ours and picked the most difficult famous art galleries from around the world to make out of candy. >> why art galleries? >> for us, when we travel, we love to go to see these galleries. it was fun to make it. >> we decided to take the traditional ginger bread house, turn it into more of an architectural photograph. >> from the louvre in paris, to new york guggenheim, they have a taste for edible art. they have long been playing with their food. with a culinary portfolio that includes deep fried gadgets, edible macs, even jello presidents. >> food has become such a trendy, cool thing these days. we want to push the limit with what we can do with foods. >> we love them to tell a story. >> the story of henry and kate lynn's latest project starts
8:46 am
here in new york city. owner dillan lauren, an ad mirer of their work asked this emto create pieces for tear stores. >> henry and kate lynn came back with a fantastic story to merge our story in miami to a christmas ginger bread of a big exhibit. >> it was actually perfect. you have always loved creating ginger bread houses yourself. >> it came full around. i think he taken it with a whole new level that is not like anyone can do it. >> so, guys, you have to be inspired by this push. right? >> i mean, we have become food candy store gifters. >> you guys will teach me how to live the dream, right? >> it was my turn to get in on the candy fun. on this day, they were working on the ginger bread model of london's cape modern. my job, adding trees. in this case, cotton candy covered in cocoa powder.
8:47 am
>> does that look like a tree? >> perfect. i learned not to play with your food. you guys proffered that theory wrong. >> we love playing with our food. >> once the candy version was complete, henry started photographing and eventually this was the finished product. building a nostalgic memory. these artists are spreading the magic of the holidays. >> has this project brought up the kid in the two of you? >> i think we are kids at heart, anyway. we bring it into everything we do. we love playing with our food and having fun. >> henry and kate lynn were nice enough to create a piece of art for us, our new logo. >> i love it. >> this will last, although, i'm going to have a piece. >> we will have to break some of the ginger bread off there. >> you go right ahead. >> go ahead and break the creation they made. >> that's okay. >> we got to eat it. >> we can't wait for years and years. >> we thought we would put it into the orange room until the holidays are over.
8:48 am
>> the good news is we don't have any rodents. >> sorry, a last minute holiday gift, hot list for everyone on your list. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
¿todavía buscan el regalo well, we have an e-news
8:50 am
correspondent and fashion editor fore marie claire. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> there's a buzzy it gift this week? >> not a pair of socks in sight. >> let's bring in the first group of items. what do we have here? come on in. hello. these are our plaza viewers by the way. >> we have ballet flats they're having a hiatus. we are all about the loafer. these are the perfect with the sparkle. we can overdo the glitter at christmastime. these are from gap you can wear them with jeans. >> and watches are big. >> they're made from recycled wood. $120. perfect for the man, who you don't know what to buy for. >> a man or a woman could wear these. they're great. >> by the way, they're lovely.
8:51 am
>> let's bring in another elf. what do you have on your tray? >> good morning. stationery. >> i think the art here of sending thank you notes is dying. before you send the e-mail, look for these. they come all -- i mean such a good quality and such a reasonable price. $16 for a pack of thank you cards. really sweet. beautiful and they have charm to them. we have the shinola, made in america. all leather bands. leather bound. perfect for the man in your life. again, maybe the professional or the woman who wants to tidy up their desk. >> no more snow globes. >> these are classy accessories. thank you so much. >> our next elf is going straight to my heart with some food. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what do we have here? >> first, we have the danish bakery. this is macaroon of the month club.
8:52 am
you know can subscribe to receive 12 macaroons every month. this month we have peppermint and white chocolate. you'll receive a new flavor every month. >> great. thank you so much. we have a couple of elves coming in at the same time. some elves have four legs i see. >> elves are wearing the gorgeous monogrammed sweaters from old navy. $15. >> so cute. >> so personalized and a great value and bargain. these are from old navy. >> yes. >> these are beautiful little colors. this says princess. $29. we're a nation of animal lovers so why not treat our pets well? >> they're not overpriced, they're good bargains. >> they're still available now for the last minute shoppers. >> thank you so much. have a great christmas. over to matt. >> cute. thanks very much. now we want to share our holiday card with you. this year we decided to take a digital -- digital and make a
8:53 am
video. take a look. >> new word, digital. >> ready? me me me me. >> one, two, hit. ♪ dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ over the fields we go laughing all the way ♪ ♪ ho ho ho bells are about to ring making spirits bright ♪ ♪ oh, what fun to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight ♪ ♪ oh, jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ ♪ oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh hey ♪ ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ ♪ ring ding dong ♪ oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh ♪ >> oh, my gosh. those dogs are barking right now. >> justin long busting in on our christmas -- >> yeah.
8:54 am
>> i brought him in. >> that was fun. >> we can't carry a tune. >> no. >> none of us. >> you have the crooner thing going. michael buble. >>ly steal that for next year. >> you're breathing into the microphone. >> you think you know a song, but you're like is it over -- >> you know there are three versier have -- three verses to the song. i'm googling to make sure i got the chorus right. >> how many other christmas songs do we not know the lyrics to? >> lots. >> is it on a sleigh or in a sleigh? >> i think that's a very probing question you ask. i would say in a sleigh. >> look at the outtakes. ♪ dashing through the snow on a one horse -- >> oh, my gosh. you're right, my gosh. it's a classic. all right?
8:55 am
you don't start to change the words? >> you ride on a sleigh, not on a sleigh. ♪ dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ over the fields we go -- everybody -- oh [ bleep ]. how does it go? ♪ what fun it is to ride and sing -- what is it? ♪ what fun it is to ride in -- hey! ♪ oh what fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight ♪ ♪ jingle bells ring ding dong ♪ ♪ hey! >> i love that. >> more practice. >> next year we'll do god rest you merry gentlemen. >> we're back with much more on
8:56 am
a thursday morning. but first a check of your local news, weather and these messages. >> buble called and said it doesn't sound like buble. helpin the barriers, including new opportunities for women. now and in the future. on "today." good morning. it is 8:56. i'm terry mcsweeney. we are just getting word of a three vehicle accident in livermore. one of the vehicles involved, a school bus. this took place at stanley and murrietta boulevard. we have a hospital on the way. we have confirmation from the chp there is one minor injury. we do not know if it is a child. one of the drivers of the other vehicles. for more on the situation over
8:57 am
there let's go to mike. >> you told them the nuts and bolts of the situation. let's get them an idea of where that is. there's your tri-valley commute. a live look. a nice smooth drive. it is just off of isabel there. 48. let's look at stanley and mieri at the ta. we'll follow the minor injuries there.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> from nbc news, this is "today requests" take live from studio 12-a in rockefeller plaza. [ music playing ] >>. >> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, it's december 19th, 2013. >> whoa the countdown. >> 49 days until sochi. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> i'm willie geist along with al and natalie. we have a great update on a story we brought you yesterday about the blind man here in new york city whose blind dog stayed by his side when they stayed on the subway tracks in new york city. orlando the dog slated to retire in january and says sesil williams, the man, his insurance
9:01 am
will not pay for the dorg. however, he will get to keep that loyal companion. >> fan taft tick. >> his story first aired on "nightly news." we talked about it on "today." we put it on our facebook page. we are happy to report from several inquiries, he will. several organizations, all of orlando's expenses will be comforted. >> he actually is such a sweet man. sa sesil. he was saying i don't need any more donations, this is great. he would like those fwundz funds to go to all organizations to people who are blind. >> so others may benefit from his unfortune. >> we are happy, those two need to be together. clearly t. dog saved his life. they should be inseparable. >> a great ending. we are so happy. we suspected that would happen t. american people stepped up. >> it's the holidays, 'tis the
9:02 am
season, right? >> a lot of people are talking about this morning "duck dynasty," that largely popular show in doubt. phil robertson for comments he made about homosexuality. phil robertson called homosexuality sinful. he said, quote, just morph out from there the bestiality the male prostitutes the drunkards, they will not inherit the kingdom of god. >> he said much more than that. >> the fact that i don't think there is any doubt the show is in any jeopardy. they have already taped the fourth season. it's airing now. i don't think a & e will pull the show off the air. >> barbara walters has picked up "dynasty" as their most fascinating people. >> i think obviously a lot of people will be talking about this at the end of the day, "duck dynasty" will still be on the air. >> a statement by a & e. we are extremely disappointed to
9:03 am
have to read phil robertson's comments on gq which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series "duck dynasty." his personal views in no way reflect those of a & e networks. >> phil and "duck dynasty" gets support online. >> sarah palen weighed in with her support. you know, so she said those intolerants hate him, taking on the "duck dynasty" patriarch for voiceing his personal opinion are taking on all of us. clearly, they're getting the support from their fans. >> yep. and criticism from both sides. this is one of those sort of cultural flash points. >> we are growing as a country. people's views are certainly changing as we go. >> that's right. help me understand this next story. okay. this is expectant ballet instructor. >> this is a great story from new york. >> dancing. 39 weeks pregnant, expecting her
9:04 am
first child next week, as a matter of fact. she has created a ballet beautiful she calls it prenatal workout for pregnant women. >> good for her. >> she says it has enhanced her pregnancy. she is the dancer that trained natalie portman for "black swann." >> i think it's fantastic. it's wonderful. i worked outp until two days before i gave birth to both my. i would go for runs. once i was running in my town and with my husband and a guy looked at me and said, "should you be doing that?" and looked at both me and my husband, should she be running? i was like, yes, i feel great. this makes me feel better. the doctor says go for it. >> the doctor says it's okay. it's great. >> i ate right up until the day when mine was born. >> you worked out your digestion. >> yes. i think it's all right. >> i ate morning of, during the delivery the whole thing, right on through. >> i brought a dozen krispy
9:05 am
kremes into the delivery room. fantastic. >> it's amazing. >> they said she needed a donut. >> it's amazing, she still has her balance. that's the first thing that goes. when i was pregnant, i was bumping into things as the center of gravity changes. she looks like she's got it perfectly. amazing. >> go for it. this is an interesting concept here, this is an article on mothers should get a post-nup before quitting their jobs. divorce financial adviser says the post-nup forms the foundation of a happy marriage. quote, both you and your husband can thoughtly the consider important factors, such as the amount of salary you are sacrificing and the value if dollars and cents of the child they're you are providing. because your post-nup defines your issues to leave your job, it is likely you will find it strengthens your marriage. i am getting cash. >> it's in my career, what you expect to be, your years where you will make the most money, so
9:06 am
a lot of women walk away from that. so they can stay home and raise a family. so they are giving up a lot. obviously, for a good cause. the best cause in the world to raise children, absolutely. >> i'm not saying you shouldn't. i think it's probably a great idea. should it be also the same for dads? >> to stay home? i think nowadays perhaps, whoever chooses to stay home. more and more is happening, dads are staying hopinme, too. you should talk about what your game plan is and as women, when you do make that decision, i think you do have to also consider what could happen and how do you continue sort of stay in the game a little bit? yeah. you don't want to give everything up. and then say the unthinkable happens and then what are you left with? >> it's hard, christina has for a long time in decades, keep her foot in the game, freelancing,
9:07 am
things like that. so. this is an interesting story about a grinch policeman, a florida policeman is dressing up as the grinch and handing out-month-old onions to speeders this holiday season. there is an approach. >> i this i they are getting off easy. >> major lou capuo. he says he portrays the fictional character to give motorists a break but to highlight the ned to obey speed limit in school zone, motorists who travel 5 miles an hour or less above the speed limit get to choose between a citation and an onion. >> definitely. a-month-old. that stinks up the car. >> you can chuck that out the window. exactly. here we go [ music playing ] >> then you get a violation for throwing it out the window. >> if you go over 5 miles an hour, you don't get that choice. >> i like the officer. brings creativity to the job. you will slow it down. especially in the school zone. >> by the smell alone, you will remember. >> there you go. >> al, what's going on outside?
9:08 am
>> let's check it out, see what we got for you today. we are talking about another storm that will be happening, we already have freezing rain advisories. we got winter weather advisories. winter storm warnings, stretching from california, all the way to michigan. this system is going to be getting itself together. you can already see snow in salt lake up into billings, castro, wyoming. over the next few days, we got a lot of ice. it will be dangerous by friday morning from kansas all the way up into michigan. we are talking about a quarter of an inch of ice. heavier ice forming saturday morning all the way up into upstate new york and new england and heavier rain developing. so we will have flooding issues and significant icing from topeka down into parts of central oklahoma, up to a half an inch. >> that can be very dangerous. and to add to the insult to injury, we've got this warm air coming up, the cold air coming in between the two, we got damaging winds, a possibility of tornadoes, from san antonio,
9:09 am
little rock, on into mobile saturday night on into sunday. we got a lot going on. a lot of folks >> we've got tricky travel around the state of california for today. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures here in the bay area are warming nicely. upper 40s to low 50s. just about everywhere. finally after 11 consective spare the air days we have much better air quality out there for today. we're back in the good range, and we'll stay in the good to moderate range all weekend long. should be okay to burn all the way through sunday. temperatures today are going to be comfortable. we'll end up in the 60s. camera shaeking from time to time. . >> all right. al, do you know your hgi from your pixel? i have no idea. we will break down the tech talk. that's right after this. turn to roc® retinol correxion®.
9:10 am
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[ music playing ] >> tv, laptop, dvd players. such popular items to boy during the holiday, whether you give them as gifts or you want to get a deal for yourself. >> the choices and the tech talk can be overwhelming. here to help us physical out what to buy is technology expert natalie morris. good morning. >> good morning. >> we got you. okay. >> let's talk tvs. tip no. 1 you say is to look for a tv with at least 4 hdmi ports. explain what an hdmi port is and why we need four? >> it's where you plug in your consoles, gaming consols.
9:14 am
i don't like to have less than four, i don't like to switch things out. maybe have you popups or an apple tv, an x-box, a play stakes, a cable box. the dvd player. so if you have to redrill and pluck it back in. it's dangerous. it's not good. i go for at least 4. >> you want your tv to be web enabled, a smart tv w. that you get, why 120 hertz. >> there is a number that higher is better. when you are watching tv, it's a series of images. that refers to how often it is refreshing. faster is better. if you future proof your tv to the gaming on it later, 3d later, you want at least 240, 120 is also a good number. if are you going to splurge on a football that, one is a good one. >> witness you have your tv and you are in the market for a blu-ray or dvd player, you say you want to make sure it is web
9:15 am
enabled this time around? >> then you can save yourself set top boxes. a lot of dvd players can stream media as well. you like to watch youtube, net flicks, hulu, get one that can do that. >> a lot of times they update the software, the firm wear. you want to be able to play the forward compatible and backward compatible dvd and blu-ray. >> you don't want one that can only play blu-ray. most of them can do that. i think if you get a blu-ray or dvd player. you should go for one of the gaming consols. this year x-box has one. so you are getting more bang for your buck. >> that is also web enabled. >> they play blu-rays as well? >> they do. moving on to tablets, of course the christmas gift as always, how much storage do you really need when you are buying a tablet? >> you don't need a whole lot. tablets we use to stream media. you don't want to store a whole lot. you remember when you download an app, that takes up storage.
9:16 am
>> or a movie. >> sometimes my kids favorite movie, that eats up a lot of video. >> then you have to keep eraseing that. >> if you are on a plane, it's hard to stream. >> exactly. i wouldn't go lower than 16. you don't a whole lot lower than 32. that's not really the number to splurge on. i would splurge on the speed. when you see the gig gigahertz number. you don't want to wait for the apps, that's annoying. >> how high to go? >> it's a good starting area. the higher you can boost that number the better performance. >> they say you should match your tablet with the same manufacturer of the phone. >> if you use an iphone, get an ipad. if you are using an android foerngs you want an android tablet. >> that would annoy me. you don't know me at all. >> laptops, what should you be
9:17 am
looking for? >> so storage not quite as important in the laptops, again, we don't store a lot of stuff there. most of the time we're using the cloud. they are cheap these days. don't get less than that. ram is the number you will want to beef up here. at least 2 gigs or move. higher is better. battery life is something i have these days. i don't like less than 5, even 5 is pretty low. now you can get between 10 and 12. so i'd go for a higher number will. >> if you watch a lot of movies, you want a high resolution screen. >> absolutely. high definition is the industry standard. high resolution is like low calorie. you don't know what it means. higher than the last version. go for either a retina display or high definition. >> over to the wireless speakers. what should we be looking for here? >> i like the ones that have their own apps. my kids are into the christmas music. i open up the apps.
9:18 am
i am able to stream it exactly. i can control the volume, skip the songs. that's really nice. make sure you are using the right protocol. if it says air play and you don't have an apple device, that's not for you. bluetooth, everything can do bluetooth. if you see an airplay and don't have an apple device, that's not for you. you can't hear that in the store. >> portability. if you are the person that likes to move your speakers around wherever you go there there are some great ones. >> great information. i feel like i learned so much about tech. i don't know anything about. coming up next, i will get you caught up on all the news you need to get your day started. you thought about food for your holiday table. how will you present it? we got some good ideas. tell me you can't wait for christmas.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
headlines, target has consumers feeling anxious, today target is conif i recalling 40 million credit and debit cards may have been compromised at its stores starting on black friday.
9:23 am
the store says it regretz any inconvenience and is working with security. they are telling customers to check your statements carefully. in you are in the market, good news t. latest new car crash tests found 39 new cars did so well the insurance institute for public safety has chosen all 39 as the top safety pick for 2014. 22 of them got an even higher ranking as the list is too long to name. all the top cars will give out the top three small cars. the honda four-door civic t. mazda 3 and toyota prius. most jet blue and delta airlines say they will not allow inflight cell phone calls, even if the ftc decides to lift its ban. however, delta will let passengers text, e-mail or use their phones for other silent activities if the rules are changed. many last minute shoppers out there don't seal to be too concerned about checking off their list. according to a new poll from consumer reports, 64% of people
9:24 am
that haven't begun shopping say they have things under control and may be ready in time. that's my excuse as well. for all those festive decorations around the house may be holiday hazards for your pets. veterinarians are saying people should keep an eye on their pets, holly, miscletoe and pointsettias. pets shouldn't drink the tree's standing water because that is where bacteria grow. beware of tins em, ribbon and on apples. the highest mountain in the alps is more stunning. a glass box is now suspended from more than 12,000 feet up in the air in france. when people inside it look down, they see a drop of more than half a mile and some amazing views of the friendp alps. got to love that. i wish i would be there right now. >> amazing. don't look down, guys. >> natalie, thanks. so when people say you know
9:25 am
what to do to turn your failure into success, make in a world full of dictates and conventions, could there be another way? la vie est belle. la vie est belle, the new eau de parfum, lancôme. now at macy's, your fragrance destination. just unroll, fill... top, bake... and... wow. this is your best ever. thank you. [ female announcer ] pillsbury pie crust. make the holidays pop.
9:26 am
>> good morning. 9:26. i'm terry mcsweeney. we have video to show you just in. a school bus with eight children on board involved in a crash this morning in livermore. the chp said it happened about 8:00. at east stanley and murietta boulevards. there is one minor injury. to someone in that purple car. the car that rearended the school bus. no children injured. a man is under arrest this morning accused of dui and more in the alameda county sheriff's office said he led deputies on a chase before crashing into a gas station in oakland early this morning. it happened at 76 station at the corner of 98 andth eades. deputies tried to stop the vehicle. the driver took off and crashed into two gas pumps at that station. sparking a fire. that prompted officials to evacuate a nearby apartment complex.
9:27 am
no one seriously injured. targets up to 40 million credit and debit card accounts may be vulnerable after a nationwide data breach. the chain says anyone who used credit or debit cards at target between november 27th and december 15th may be at risk. the secret service is now investigating. we'll have weather and traffic after this.
9:28 am
9:28. the temperatures are getting more and more comfortable, and the winds are starting to drop off. reason we're in the 50s in san francisco. 46 degrees in san martine, and 47 in san jose. want to show you oakland at 50 fwreez. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures are going to climb nicely into the 60s, and you can see from the sky it is not as hazy. we actually have high and midlevel clouds. the storm suspect heads out of here. it is going to keep those winds many place for the next few hours. overall, these are temperatures that are hard to beat late december. 62 degrees along the peninsula today. 61 in the south bay. 068 in the east bay. let's check your drive. here's mike.
9:29 am
>> we're looking to the san mateo bridge. look at the bottom of your screen. there's a tow truck facing us. they just hooked up another car, and it's been taking quite some time. it's been clearing lanes, and we have a smooth drive. just so let you know, that's what i do between the breaks in case you're wondering. palo alto, a smoother drive away from us southbound into palo northbound 101 also slows out of san jose. tip cal for that stretch, and oakland still slows a bit as you head north past the coliseum. a lighter commute, and the maze, no problems. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. he'll have another local news update for you in half hour.
9:30 am
. >> welcome back to "today" thursday morning december 19th, 2013. i'm willie along with al and natalie. we got your conventional christmas music going. how about unconventional christmas music? this is called music from a christmas tree. it posted online a couple days ago. the entire song created by ornaments, wrapping paper and a tree skirt. you notice miley cyrus gets in on the act. >> a little blurry. >> created by canadian musician chris howell. check it out. [ music playing ]
9:31 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's like stomp a little bit, right? >> yeah. >> oh, there was miley. i guess. [ music playing ] [ music playing ] >> a little help on the percussion. >> yeah. >> there we go. [ music playing ] >> there was miley. >> yeah, there she is. >> oh boy. >> okay. >> there it is. >> cool. >> that's pretty well done. >> nicely done, chris howell. well done. al, what's going on with the weather? >> let's check what we've got going on. we are looking out west. things not too shabby. with see clouds now making their way into the pacific northwest. let's check out our friends in seattle. we are getting ready to see sun schein later this morning. getting up into the upper 30s. so a little unusually chilly there for today. we are looking at sun schein
9:32 am
along the eastern seaboard. but we expect to see the beginning of a real mess coming in. we got snow across the plain states, icy conditions in the mid-west and even a little oh, hey, earl. well, we're not getting any rain out of that system. we are getting wind out of it. wind will continue to play a factor, although the speeds are dying down. 51 in san francisco. you're at 47 degrees in mountain view. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures are going to climb nicely. look at the sky above the bay area. finally we are not sparing the air. much better air quality, and that will continue to be the case as we head throughout the next few days. low 60s for today. across the board hope you have a fantastic afternoon. your latest weather. >> thank you, a.m.. well, in just six day, everybody will be coming over to your house for a christmas feast sure to impress, we hope. you won't want your holiday
9:33 am
setting to be just as memorable. >> that's right. here to help you decorate everything from the buffet table event party designer. good morning, nice to see you. >> it's nice to see what you have done with the place. >> it looks great, it can be overwhelming. what's the first thing you tell people? >> no. 1, take it easy. this should be easy and simple. what i like doing is, the things around your home during holidays, ornaments, easy, mixing bowls. put an elevation on that. i personally love birds and collect them. simple odds, porcelain birds, just simple greenery to fill the center of the table. >> so you tart with tstart with here? >> i love these, these are placemats. they're disposable and tear. i'm using it as an oversized runner. >> genius. >> centerpieces from around the house. >> it should be really easy and inexpensive. >> what did you do with the fame cards here?
9:34 am
something unique. >> i like name cards. what i have done here is, they're simple little. >> actually it's tape. it's really easy. tape. then i wrote, you know, a name on it. >> exactly. >> whoever is at your table. okay. let's move on over to our buffet table. it makes things a lot easier during the holidays. you literally elevated the buffet table to show us certain aspects of the meal. >> what i like to do, here i got a cake pan and another platter on top. it's about elevation which will make it much more visually beautiful. you know. >> can i stand away? you are from front of us. >> so how did you decorate. what are the ideas here? >> here again, it should be simple. i'm using a butcher block for the ham. it should be easy things you have in your house. look around, i got vintage.
9:35 am
>> tea sets. >> for my dressing for the salad. it's about elevation. i have another kickstand with roasted vegetable. it gives at this time height. >> it makes it so much more interesting. >> there is the smell of the brussel sprouts. >> all morning. >> what about keeping the food warm? you got any ideas will? >> my hoping is let's keep it easy. room temperature food is fantastic. it doesn't all need to be warm. that's my big trick. >> it's looks good. >> perfect sauce. rice. in this one, what i do is i love to setpy table first and then i like to sort of put out little things. this is not a mistake here. this is my smoked salmon and pull per nickel toast later on. >> a reminder to yourself then. >> the other important thing, i know people want to put a table cloth. i'm about. i like to use my kitchen table or the counter and i'm putting different placemats for tex cure. sometimes it gets messy when
9:36 am
there is a tablecloth. you can easily take it down. >> here's about being interactive. >> right. >> i got two young ones. i know you all have children. >> yeah. >> for me, i want to make it fun and keep them entertained. so it's so, just a little placemat that they can sort of draw in. >> right. cute. >> and then we love these like little my drops. they were disposable. >> fantastic. >> very holiday. >> i stole this idea from one of the restaurants that my children's favorite ones, where they designed the cookie. then they bake it while you are having your meal. it smells great. we have reindeer and snowmen, again little cupcakes, you know, inexpensive to fill the little decorations for your cookies. so there is our little reindeer, chocolate chipped eyes. >> this comes after dinner, my kids would be like. >> you want to start there. >> right. >> suddenly, great ideas, thank
9:37 am
you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. happy holidays to you. >> coming up next, why failure could be a good thing. a can of del monte green beans? ♪ ♪ if i was a flower growing wild and free ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee ♪ ♪ and if was a tree growing tall and green ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves ♪ grown in america. picked & packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life™. we have a situation. what? we're out of dunkin'.
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even if you say it every day. just tell me. [ female announcer ] everyone you love has something they need to hear this holiday. tell them with a hallmark card. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the "getting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so let me ask you... what's in your wallet? >> look, we all go through rough patches, losing a job, a project turns out to be a flop. >> there are two ways you can handle it. you can dwell on them or turn
9:41 am
that failure into success. leslie jane seymour is the editor-in-chief and this is a psychiatrist. >> this article in the current issue of "more" magazine, you talk about how failure often can lead to success if you use at this time right way. >> i think women are terrified of failing. we have a culture of fear of failures. so it's a big hurd him. it actually can ton out good for you if you know what to do with it. >> so, doctor, it's tough to, some people suffer from they have this failure, it's imposter syndrome. what is that? >> al, imposter syndrome is when that failure touches on that biggest fear which maybe we are not good enough or worth it. it touches women more so. that i are nurturing, they look inwards. guys, we look to the outside environment. we are a hunter/gathererer. >> that tends to blame something else, when a guy fails, they go, but he was a jerk. my boss was a jerk.
9:42 am
it wasn't going my way. women are, oh my god, i'm a failure. i'm a terrible person. i'm a bad mochlts we tend to like broaden it so that it becomes a shameing thing for us. >> so true. >> instead of just this little tiny incident. >> leslie, talk about ways how we can bounce back after we experience a setback. really,er that setbacks, not necessarily failures. >> yes. >> you said we should let ourselves feel the devastation. >> don't avoid it. >> don't be paralyzed by it? i think if you try to avoid it and pretend it doesn't exist or you are moving right through it, it will come back and bite you at some other point. so you can go with it for a little bit. you don't want to sit with it forever. again, women tend to ruminate things more than men. >> you have to feel it. let that frustration motivate you and change your approach now. >> how long do you sit is there before you start moving on? >> not forever. that's the one thing women tend to do. they spend all the time with their friends, keep going over
9:43 am
it, over it. move on, girlfriend, you know, you can have a little of that. then you got set a time and say,ly give myself two weeks. i will cry. then i will move on. sometimes asking your girlfriend to do that for you is helpful. >> sure, it is. it can be. >> find your support system. you find your girlfriends. you say, be patient. don't worry about trying to be successful so soon thereafter. right? >> yes. you have to give it some time so you can get some learning lessons out of it. i have to say, really, failing is quit freeing because you are then no longer worried about the worst. women tend to worry about devastation and if you have already been through the devastation, somehow, you can feel better about yourself. >> i think so. lot of people done
9:44 am
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9:48 am
chance. >> can you believe every day millions of you are clicking on youtube to find out the next big sensation? who is gaining hundreds of thousands of fans with each crafty upload, here with some of them is youtube's abby tatten. >> the people behind the videos have more than a billion views between them so there is pretty populared a vice for the holidays. >> let's start with the christmas tree napkin folding. a diy project. >> this is easy for you. this is from handy-mania that's getting really popular. and you can see she's demonstrating how to fold a napkin into a christmas tree. we'll try to do it here. i promise you it will be simple. to start off we'll fold the napkin into quarters and then put the pointy end down here. fold them up. doing pretty well, al. >> not really. >> oh, i see what you're saying. >> go up like that. >> where did all my other stuff go? >> and what you need to do is fold it out like that. flip it over.
9:49 am
put the corners up. you're going to see it start to resemble something like a christmas tree pretty soon. and when you get there, fold it over. flip it over. whole thing. >> whole thing. >> something's gone terribly wrong over here. >> i'll just keep going. and here's some we prepared earlier as you can see, but you'll see you'll tuck these in like this and you'll get something that starts to look like a christmas tree. >> that's a christmas tree. >> and you can decorate it with a little bow, and go to the channel handy-mania. it's a dual-purpose thing. >> gourmet is a huge one, the chocolate bowl. >> i've heard of that before. >> this is a channel out of japan and it's one of the more popular food videos of the year, you can see them blowing up balloons and you dip them in chocolate and the idea is if you then burst the balloon you'll be left with this lovely perfectly formed chocolate bowl. that's what we'll do. we've made some here. >> right. >> pop them. >> pop them? >> i'll let you do it first and
9:50 am
see if it works. you pop the balloon and it should -- >> sure. >>-- leave you -- >> mine worked out pretty well. >> it's getting there. if you take that out -- >> there you go. >> there you go, really good. so that's a more perfectly formed one. and then you can put a scoop of ice cream in there. >> oh, i love that. >> and then there's a little chocolate bowl for the holiday. >> al's struggling over there. >> yeah. >> al's got a very porous bowl. >> there we go. >> you can check out the instructions on youtube. they probably do a better jonathan us. >> how about nerdy nummies. >> this is the most popular baking channel on youtube. the woman behind it has three of the top two videos of the year and here she's demonstrating this lovely idea to make holiday cookies that you can put on the edge of your cup of cocoa. we're going to try this here. you can take any kind of cookie cutter. so, punch out some of these. >> right. >> and then what you do is
9:51 am
you're going to cut a little sliver in it before you bake them. like this guy here. >> uh-huh. >> oh. ouch! oh. it's like a cookie bris. >> that's what it ends up like! i don't know -- i don't know if doing it with a little man is the best idea. it may be better with the christmas tree. >> oh, because you can put it on the side. >> what did he ever do to you? >> he ends up like that. >> i am missing something but one of my feet is in chocolate. fantastic! >> you can try it with this guy. >> i don't think so. >> thank you so much. find out more about these youtube stars of today. >> can i ask you one more thing? michelle fun. >> michelle fun. >> this monster makeup. >> yeah, sheaf h has more than billion views on youtube, how to take the perfect selfie which i know you guys are into. we can do it. she said it's all about finding
9:52 am
the light. she said there's a universal selfie angle that makes for the perfect one. hold it at arm's length. >> what do we do? >> the three-quarter head tilt and no duck face. there you go. perfect! >> that was perfect. >> wow. >> she's got, like, a billion followers? more than a billion views. she's launched her own makeup line and she knows a thing or two about how to do it. >> incredible. >> amazing. >> thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
9:53 am
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9:54 am
we are starting to pack up santa's sleigh this morning with toys on their way to children in homeless shelters in delaware county pennsylvania as part of our 20th annual toy drive. >> we're really excited, we've got the catcher from the boston red sox, instrumental in their world series win. >> thanks for having me on.
9:55 am
>> i have a great toy here. >> your sports toys and mlb we're sponsoring a give to the chir charity, the boys and girls club. they'll donate a bunch of field sets and mini me with the beard. the beard trimmed up a little bit, they'veot the gray in there but that's all right i appreciate that. >> what a special year giving to the city of boston after everything that happened in april with the marathon and end it with the world series. >> it's amazing. i'm on the "today" show and to lift the spirits of a city like boston and win the world championship all in one, it feels like bigger than the championship. it was a citywide championship and lifting people, it was really good for us. >> congratulation for your year and thank you for being. tomorrow is the final day of the toy drive, come down to the plaza or donate online at
9:56 am
good morning. it's 9:56. i'm terry mcsweeney. bart and its two largest unions are back at the bargaining table at this hour. at issue a medical leave policy that helped end the most recent bart strike. both sides signed the deal, but bart says the medical leave policy was accidentally included
9:57 am
and now it wants it out. the unions say a deal is a deal. just yesterday bart revealed another glitch in a contract with one of its smaller unions involving a start of the retiree medical program. bat kid. take a look at vallejo. this is a flash mob of schoolchildren celebrating wonder girl. monica romo is a 10-year-old cancer victim. she's traveling the city today ridding the streets of super criminals. a full report on nbc bay area at 11:00. let's check your forecast. christina. >> what a beautiful story. good morning to you. good morning to you at home. temperatures are climbing nicely. it's still pretty breezy out there. there's a bit of a wind chill factor. mountain view looking good. i'll show you san bruno. the air quality has improved substantially. in fact, it's not a spare the air day. the first time in the past 11 days we are not sparing the air. san bruno, looking nice and clear here. that will be the case for most of the weekend. you should be able to burn with a clean conscience, and, yeah, no illegal restrictions. 60 degrees san francisco for today. 62 in the north bay.
9:58 am
you can see it is stacking up in the east bay. let's check on that grooif. here's mike. >> exactly. we're looking west 80 just past that sign. you see the remainder of some activity over on the shoulder. there were a couple of lanes blocked for about ten minutes there that caused a big backup. this is the east shore freeway out of berkeley. a slow drive there. stacking up from before you get to golden gate field. a lighter volume of traffic saves the commute. it's actually just back up to that stretch, and not much worse. also, on the peninsula we have slowing through palo alto both directions, but you're starting to ease up there. at oakland northbound 880 auz approach the coliseum. earlier crash on the shoulder coming towards us. just flashing lights underneath the overpass. i don't know if you can see it in the middle of your screen. part of your slowing blocked as you approach. back to you. >> there you go. good eyes. >> another local news update in half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. and welcome to thirsty thursday. december 19th. we're so happy you're here with us today. we have a huge show. guess who is here? tessanne chin. by the way she's another one of the people, the more she speaks the more you love her. you love her more and more. >> she has a beautiful mhumilit about her. >> we can't wait until she gets here. if you're one of the people who
10:01 am
are complaining because the airlines are talking about allowing cell phones on the plane, can you imagine 800 of those -- not that many, but 80 of them? delta, southwest and jetblue says they don't care what the ftc says they won't allow cell phone conversations on the flight. delta is a no. jetblue. i think it's -- >> my thing said it would. delta will allow the passengers to text and e-mail. >> that's what i'm trying to say. most people believe the ability to make calls on board would definitely detract, not enhance the flying experience. which is not great this anyway. what if you want to sleep? if you take the red eye from l.a. back to new york, there are -- yes, there are always -- >> not just the phone.
10:02 am
but people that just decide, wow what a great time to talk. >> do you talk to people next to you on the plane? >> not on the red eye? i have though. i have been that person on occasion that was -- you don't realize how loud you're talking. you know what bothers me and i usually get along beautifully with flight attendants, they're hard working, but on a flight recently, i will not say which -- -- which airline. everybody, everybody was in the galley yakking the whole time. from l.a. to new york. they were so nice. i didn't want to say can you guys hold it down? but they should have held it down. >> they should. >> have a little party. all right. so a lot of christmas cards going out and holiday cards. prince charles and camilla sent out their holiday card. >> oh, look at this. >> oh, my, this is not what you'd expect. >> look like they're happy and
10:03 am
relaxed. >> i think they do a nip or two at the horse event. >> royal ascot races. >> he looks very loving toward her. >> we remember what he used to say about her, i think the man is in love. there's no other explanation for it. we asked you the other day to follow up on facebook about how you all feel about the cards that come with the five pages long of, you know, updates of, you know how many cavities your kid has. you voted on the website. >> 68% said bragging has gotten out of control on christmas cards. they think it's too much. >> keep the highlights. >> and i think when it comes down to, when you have time to sit and -- >> and read. >> when you get them from people that you don't remember or know that well at all, oh, my gosh. that's bad. if i have to ask frank who somebody is that's bad.
10:04 am
but we appreciate everybody sending them. >> but the question came up about those cards with the photos on it. that look like real pictures. i hate to toss them. so our facebook friend jennifer rosenbergen she says said take a picture of the card. then put it in your phone and have that be like when that person calls you, that's the photo that comes up. so then you get to be reminded like there they are. >> that's a great idea. probably not going to do it because i don't know how. but i think it would be great. okay. we want to show you -- we don't want to give it away. but students in texas who decided to play a little -- have a little fun with their teachers. so the teachers were recording a merry christmas video next to the christmas tree. >> here's what happened. >> oh! >> merry christmas. >> oh, no. >> my first christmas experience -- [ laughter ] >> merry christmas. >> oh!
10:05 am
>> it was a year -- oh! >> great times. go dawgs! >> i'm just terrified somebody going to have a heart attack. >> i get scared on some of those things. that was so funny. by the way that was the media class project. >> very, very smart. all right. you have to talk about kim basinger for a moment because she signed a modeling contract at age 60. >> yes. >> i first met her -- she's my age. she looks darn good. >> she looks great. >> first met her when we were both 20 years old and there's a restaurant called moon shadows out in los angeles. you want to get depressed go into the ladies room and be at the mirror with kim basinger. you know, even when your only peak and i peaked some i'm in
10:06 am
1942. there you are thinking you look okay and there's kim basinger next to you. she was so nice. she really was. the same age as me. her sister -- her daughter ireland, i think we'll see some mother/daughter stuff. >> you know what's cool? a lot of the different modeling agencies are using older models. diane keaton and andy mcdowell both for l'oreal. here's the thing by the way, people her age, our age, we buy things. >> we have more money -- >> more disposable income than in our 20s and we need the products more. and we like to see people like us, so we can go oh, diane keaton looks so great. i could too. >> okay. you know what i want to know, i want to know if the life lifts work, like debby boone. how does someone go in on their lunch hour and get a face-lift?
10:07 am
let's get her on. i went to see "anchor man 2". there was a throw back song that came on and i was singing the song, which nobody liked but i didn't care. the song was called "i'd really love to see you tonight." >> that was one of my favorite songs. >> oh, finally, hoda, i love this song. okay. ♪ >> play the whole thing. ♪ hello, yes, it's been a while not much, how about you ♪ ♪ i'm not sure why i called i guess i really wanted to talk to you ♪ ♪ and i guess i want to see you later on ♪ ♪ we could get together for a while ♪ ♪ it's been such a long time and i really do miss your smile ♪ ♪ i'm not talking about moving
10:08 am
in ♪ ♪ and i don't wanna change your life ♪ ♪ but there's a woman and i'd really love to see you tonight ♪ >> that's the part i love. >> is that not a great song? >> you can put me in the best mood, hoda. >> "anchor man 2" has the great songs. ♪ ♪ walking through the park take a drive along the beach ♪ or stay at home and watch tv and it it doesn't really matter much to me ♪ ♪ i'm not talking about moving in ♪ ♪ and i don't wanna change your life ♪ ♪ and i'd really love to see you tonight ♪ >> all right, kids. that was the longest you ever -- that you allowed hoda and i to
10:09 am
play. usually you cut it off. >> all right. is it okay or not okay for tv and movie stars to make holiday albums? here's what we said. >> you know what, if they're talented, why not? >> i agree. >> you do? >> yes. >> here's my answer. yes, it's okay. kathie lee gifford, need i say more? >> oh, hoda. >> i've listened to it once. >> all right. coming up, it's so long ago you can't get it anymore. i was seven months pregnant when i recorded that. it's almost time to check out the ambush makeover. >> and she's got the beauty and the voice, hello. yes. ♪
10:10 am
♪ ♪ ♪ there's a better way to save.! ahh! at the sears one-day sale. get 60 percent off coats, fleece and more. kid's and women's boots start at $16.99. plus, save up to 30 percent on small kitchen appliances. holiday a better way. sears. you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david.
10:11 am
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10:12 am
hi girls! what?! get the samsung galaxy s4 on at&t for $99 and pick up katy perry's prism limited edition zinepack today. walmart.
10:13 am
♪ come on. oh, my gosh, i don't even want to talk over it. she is the singer taking the country by storm. boy, does this girl have the voice. >> after 13 weeks of intense competition, jamaican powerhouse tessanne chin was crowned champion of season five of the hit "the voice." >> okay, let's hear it. ♪ don't walk away from me >> sorry, honey, i know you're here -- ♪ i have nothing ♪ nothing >> oh, oh! >> we want the -- >> go ahead and finish it for us, tessanne. ♪ if i don't have you
10:14 am
>> early on. >> we didn't want to brag, but from way in the beginning, we heard your voice. >> because you have the combination of everything. we call it "the voice." it's spectacular. it's also personality. every time we heard you talk, we fell in love with you even more. >> we sure did. >> because the person of you is so beautiful. >> thank you so much, i appreciate it. i remember my friends, this is how i knew it was a big deal, they took a picture of you on the phone and they sent me, like, kathie lee and hoda were talking about you. i'm, like, no, they didn't! i couldn't believe it. like, for real? >> we meet talented people all the time. there are some people that just cut through -- we met celine dion when she was 15 --
10:15 am
>> talk about your connection with her. >> that was amazing. >> i can't. i just -- this is a dream for me. i can't believe i got to meet her. i'm so happy to see. when you think of someone -- >> you don't want to be disappointed -- >> a sweetheart. one of my favorite parts of watching you sing is watching your coach's reaction to you. he look, s at you -- >> like he's in love, right? >> like he's never heard that before. was there ever a point when you felt scared a little? >> all the time because he kept giving me these songs and i'm, like, i don't know about that, and i think, you know, that's -- he pushes you past what he thinks is -- >> was he right every time? >> he was. >> i said, i don't want to do that song. he's like, no.
10:16 am
>> because it's so synonymous with that other artist like whitney or sort of thing? >> for example, with whitney, that was terrifying because people are very connected to whitney, not just her voice. as a person. it's still very fresh, her loss also. >> can i say -- >> yeah, yeah. >> look at this face. close-up please. really zoom in. >> don't stay back like you do with me and hoda. this face. you are going to be cover girl or knocnoxema. if you could see this skin. >> we want an ad. >> and we want 10% commission. >> what's next for you? >> what's next is i get to do the rose parade. >> i will see you there. >> oh, it's going to be fabulous, with jackie and will. i get to go home tomorrow and have a little bit of downtime. and then i record. >> you have a husband who -- has he been cheering you on? >> i've been saying, it takes a
10:17 am
strong man who allows his woman to shine, you know, and he has allowed me to. he just lets me be me. i think his reaction trumped mine. he was really -- >> he's heard you sing in the shower. >> well, we'd like to make a toast with your favorite jamaican rum. you asked for this when it was over. >> give our love to those wacky crazy talk show hosts in jamaica, simon and neville. >> we love simon and neville. >> you all were so good to us when we were there. you are going to be one of the biggest musical stars the world's ever seen. >> thank you very much. >> we love you. >> thank you. >> we're going to go out with no talking -- >> when a christmas gift is a good investment. >> we can't talk. ♪ don't walk away from me i'm over the hill.
10:18 am
10:19 am
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10:20 am
10:21 am
all right, it's time we play a fun new game we call stock or stop. >> we're going to find out whether it's better to spend our holiday dollars at the store or we should invest our cash in the company itself. >> here is cnbc's personal finance correspondent sharon epperson. you look so pretty in red. >> it's been a record year for stocks and people may want some stocking stuffers so we'll talk about that. now, we're looking at based on the last six months, you're going to tell me whether they should have gotten the stocks or the stuff. we'll start down here with your favorite. a little bit of wine and spirits from constellation brands. what do you think about this company? >> you got it. >> stock. >> you are right. the stock is up. and if you had bought one bottle of vodka, one bottle of wine at
10:22 am
the beginning of the year, you would have doubled your money if you just invested instead. >> abercrombie & fitch. >> stock. >> definitely. it's not done really well. kids love it but investors not so much. >> look at that bag. >> for the new year, exercise gear, you want to get ready and get in shape. dick's sporting goods. dick's sporting goods. >> they're huge out in l.a. i'm going to say stock. >> the stock has gone up over the last six months. it's not done quite as well as the overall market. a lot folks are saying the economy is getting better so maybe the stock will continue to get better. it is definitely stock. >> what's next? >> macy's. >> what do you think? >> i'm going with stock. >> you're going with stock and you're right, it's up over the last six months. good for you, you did well. >> it's 2-2. >> that's my second one. >> i don't think so. you were wrong on abercrombie. >> i was right on abercrombie. >> here's the next one. trip adviser. trying to figure out whether you
10:23 am
want to go to this hotel this restaurant, this location. what do you think? stop and stuff. >> what do you mean, stuff the trip? >> you could buy a trip. >> i say book the trip. >> you say book the trip. well, you're not right, hoda. no, the stock is good. the stock is definitely done very well this year so you might want to think about that again. >> okay. >> now, it's snowy out here. over the holidays, a lot of people want to stay in and rent movies, watch movies, stream movies. netflix. >> that is stock. they've got to be going through the roof. >> absolutely, through the roof this year. >> so all of these companies you could have bought the stock for less than $100. including netflix at the beginning of the year. that stock is now $370. it's nearly quadrupled in value this year. >> you've turned me on to "house of cards." can you buy someone shares? is that a possible christmas gift? >> you can definitely buy
10:24 am
someone shares. there's different ways. best way to do it, online through one of the discount brokers and e-trade, scott trade. a great way. so those are ways you can buy it. and you may not have to have any type of minimum balance in the account. a lot of people think they have to have hundreds of dollars to do it and you don't have to do it. >> what stocks did the very best last year? >> this stock has done, of all of our stocks, this is definitely the winner in our group. >> what did i win? >> nothing. >> a happy holiday season. >> hanukkah's over. did you say happy hanukkah? >> i said happy holiday season. >> they're ready to check out
10:25 am
in a world full of dictates and conventions, could there be another way? la vie est belle.
10:26 am
la vie est belle, the new eau de parfum, lancôme. now at macy's, your fragrance destination. >> good morning to you. i'm laura garcia cannon. a man is under arrest akousd of leading don'ts a chase before crashing into a gas station in oakland. it happened early this morning at the 76 station at the corner of 98th and eddie.
10:27 am
investigators say sheriff's deputies tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver took off and crashed into two gas pumps. the crash sparked a fire that prompted officials to evacuate a nearby apartment complex. the driver has been arrested for dui. target says up to 40 million credit and debit card accounts -- from november 27th and december 15th anyone that shopped there may be at risk. we're going it to have a look at weather and traffic after this. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99,
10:28 am
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10:29 am
>> it's going to be breezy to windy just about all day long. comfortable conditions. we're back in the good to moderate rake for air quality. that will continue to be the case for friday, saturday, and sunday. am not looking at spare the air days. that's good news. let's fiend out how we're doing on your morning drive. good morning to mike. >> a better morning right now for the east shore freeway. we that a lot of backup after the earlier crash. about a half hour. i showed you just as it cleared. we have a slower dwrooif, and things are starting to move much better. as you come past the golden gate field off of that merge and off the richmond san rafael bridge. traffic is very light right now. no problems after an earlier issue there across the bay. maybe we'll get a different shot. there's the bay bridge toll plaza. earlier oak labor day, that was past the coliseum, like my brain is working right now. i put them in the wrong order. still, it's not so bad around
10:30 am
the maze. >> it all works out. you left us with a clear shot out there. another local news update coming up as your full newscast starts at 11:00 a.m. all right, welcome back, everybody, for more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. it must be time for ambush makeovers. >> two lucky fans were plucked from the plaza outside for head to toe brand-new looks. >> let's do it one more time, shall we? ♪ lewis lacari ♪ la, la, la >> and author jill morrison. >> hey, guys. >> you're making these choices quick. >> it's cold, number one, two, we had so many signs. one sign was especially for me. instead of lacari it said bacardi.
10:31 am
>> all right, first up, alexandra. she has had that same look for as long as she can remember so she wanted a brand-new look for her fast approaching 50th birthday. >> we notice the sign. luis bacardi. because you thought his name was luis? >> yes. >> so you wanted this for me. you googled the name. this is what you came up with? >> yes, ma'am. >> so why do you want this for your mom? >> because she's been talking about the "today" show and how she really loves it and -- >> aw. so what do you think, we picked you. >> i'm really excited. i'm looking forward to a change. i'm really excited. >> ready for a different looking wife? >> absolutely, a little adventure. >> oh, a little adventure. >> she's already beautiful. >> she really is. keep your blindfold on. >> he's already cheating. >> here is a picture of
10:32 am
alexandria before. let's see the new you. [ applause ] oh, my god. >> oh, my goodness. >> take off your blindfold, and get ready to freak. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> say something. >> whoa! >> alexandria, you've got to see yourself. turn right around, sweetie. >> i love that! >> oh, my god. >> that haircut is fantastic. >> this is a bob, jagged on the bottom, pushed to the side. it has layers and a new length. everything about this is new. i took away highlights which were a little bit frosty. i made her this soft natural looking warm brown, which is very close to her natural color, by the way. and of course her makeup. >> christy, what do you think? >> i'm speechless. >> you're also adorable.
10:33 am
>> you are. >> yes, yes. and you love it too, richard? >> oh, yeah. >> jill, that dress was made for her. >> imagine, major, right? look at this body on her. i mean, winter white is still appropriate. we love that for the winter. >> beautiful. >> a big round of applause. >> oh, my god. >> go join your family right over there. >> richard saying thank you. >> aw. >> all right, our second lady is rob robin. she's 46, from hattiesburg, mississippi. when we asked her about her daily beauty routine, she laughled out loud. so she was thrilled for the opportunity to pay it forward for just a few hours. >> mississippi lady needs a makeover. a lot of signs today. someone came to us and said, i want to be a redhead. >> i want to be a redhead, yes, absolutely. >> you're in luck, because luis does that. what are you looking for? >> great, great. just bright red nice hair.
10:34 am
>> luis' dream, here we go. >> i'm ready. >> she said bright red. i can't wait. >> all right, she's here with her very handsome husband burt. hello, burt. if that's your real name. >> hello. >> let's bring robin the redhead out. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> hey, now. >> i hope you're on your heart medicine. take your blindfold off. >> wow, that looks great. really great. >> it really does. >> turn around and see. >> get ready. >> that is unbelievable. >> it's julianne moore. >> i know. >> gorgeous. >> oh, my gosh. >> that looks great. >> oh, wow. >> notice, i want you really to notice the hair color. the old hair color was very dark, a bit harsh on your facial
10:35 am
features. this is softer. you look so glamorous. and it is so much more flattering to your complexion. >> you look like a natural redhead. >> today's redheads do not have to look garish. they don't have to look like a corvette. they can look like -- >> they look smashing. >> look at burt. >> burt, what do you think? >> she looks fantastic, absolutely. >> so now you're going to live in hottiesburg instead of hattiesburg. >> like a dream. >> just do a turn to show this cutout in the back. look how pretty, how beautiful her body is. >> bring alexandria back out. a round of applause. >> good job. >> we're going shopping. >> we are, for life in the techie lane. for that person in your life. right after this. i was living with pain -- all over. the intense ache made it hard to do the things that i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia --
10:36 am
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[ donkey snorts ] that's why i started drinking this new lipton natural energy tea. come on! it's naturally has more caffeine and theanine than regular lipton. here. you'll thank me. mmmm... tastes amazing, right? i feel better already. [ donkey brays ] [ man ] two minutes! tea time. [ female announcer ] for a little oomph, try new lipton natural energy tea. [ donkey brays ] technology moves very fast so whether you're looking for a gift for the techie in your life or you like to stay on top of things for the digital world, this segment is for you. >> digital expert carly is here with some personal presents for under 100 buckaroos. >> it doesn't have to break the bank. >> can be inexpensive. >> we love it when you're here every week. >> is that an open invitation?
10:40 am
>> it is. >> okay, done. this is for the control freak on your list. it is a sensor you can stick on nearly anything in your home and then you can monitor it on your phone. this one's on a door. it's going to sense motion. i'm going to open the door like somebody came in and i'm going to close it. in a matter of seconds, i'm going to get an alert here that says someone came in. >> that would be great when you have holiday parties and people come over and they use your -- they go in your medicine cabinet. >> see who's looking in your medicine cabinet. >> that's a good one. >> it will also monitor light changes so good for inside a cabinet and also vibration. >> okay. >> this is the netflix of books. this is called oyster. $9.95 a month. all you can eat buffet out of 100,000 and more titles. >> how can they do that? >> they just do that. >> volume. oyster. >> name of the game. okay. this is for the germ aphobe on
10:41 am
your list or the slob whose gadgets look like they've been encrusted in something. these are a range of products from a company called am. you can't just spray your tech with any old household cleaner. this is a range of products. it's wipes, sponge, all tech friendly. i love this one because it's a little spray. and then the sides are a sponge. >> clever. >> so these little ones you can fit in your purse. they start at $9.95. this is a really cute project for kids. kids are technically inclined but you don't want them in front of a screen the whole holiday. it's from sparkle labs. they make these little lunar module thingies. it's hard to see in this light, but there's a little circuit and they light up. >> oh, cute. >> so put a little light bulb in there, very crafty, 16 for 3. >> why is there cereal here? >> this is for anyone who's busy
10:42 am
or anyone who needs groceries. this is for everybody. it's called the haiku. it's the smartest refrigerator magnet you can imagine because it will -- and the bar code is underneath. okay, yeah, it's glued. so it's going to scan the bar code and talk to this app, which the phone is not on, but if it were, it would show you instantaneously that -- >> anyway, we believe you. >> you also can -- excellent. it says "raisin bran." you can also say bananas. and it would put it on there. my kids love this. they tell me when they finish something. >> i love that. >> that's $79. >> we have a couple seconds. >> okay, it's impossibly affordable, it's under $50. >> what is it? >> more streaming media from the internet. free and paid stuff like netflix and hulu. you don't even need an hd tv to use it. it's incredible. amazon, hulu, music, sports. >> how do they do it?
10:43 am
>> carly says it, it's true. >> happy, happy holidays, sweetheart. >> you've heard his voice in hundreds of films, commercials, tv episodes. >> now the grammy-nominated singer/compos singer/composer. i think it's a pretty special holiday song. >> first, these messages. these samsung gadgets are great, and you can buy 'em all with your walmart credit card. can i show you something really cool? he's really into this stuff. sure. these guys can read each others' minds. so when the galaxy tab 3 or galaxy s4 have a holiday film,
10:44 am
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i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good.
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10:47 am
all right, we have a very special guest with us today. an accomplished singer, producer and two-time grammy nominee who also happens to be klg's good friend. >> yes, that's right, recently i sent him a song that david freeman and i wrote, like, 20 years ago. he recorded it and has agreed to come here and sing it today. it's called "miake my heart a manger." >> you have known each other forever. >> since 1970s. >> right. he's been the voice of "moses" in "prince of egypt," 100
10:48 am
episodes of "the simpsons." most sought after singer in hollywood. >> when you saw this song, what did you think? >> loved it immediately. just did a little arranging, we orchestrated it, recorded it -- >> he asked me to change a lyric. i was happy too. he was right! he was right! >> thank you. >> you're going to sing it for us. >> absolutely. >> here it is. amick byram. ♪ ♪ now that i know the wonder of a child of my own ♪ ♪ i wonder at the love that our father has shown ♪ ♪ sending such a gift in such a simple way ♪ ♪ as a young mother wept
10:49 am
♪ and shepherds knelt to pray ♪ i don't comprehend it can't begin to understand ♪ ♪ but i gratefully accept it as i touch the tiny hand ♪ ♪ lord make my heart a manger too ♪ ♪ be born in me tonight breath in to me a life brand-new ♪ ♪ and fill me with your light ♪ don't let me long for gifts or praise or angels songs on high ♪ ♪ but help me live my hours and
10:50 am
days ♪ ♪ reaching for the sky ♪ and touch again that tiny hand now scarred because he came to bring new life ♪ ♪ to everyone who calls upon his name ♪ ♪ lord make my heart a manger too ♪ ♪ be born in me tonight breathe in to me a life brand-new ♪ ♪ and fill me with your light ♪ now the star has faded from a sky that shone so bright ♪ ♪ but the wisest men still seek him in the darkest of the night ♪ ♪ and still the light is burning ♪ ♪ in the hearts of all who call
10:51 am
on the prince of peace the son of god the loving lord of all ♪ ♪ oh, lord make my heart a manger too ♪ ♪ be born in me tonight ♪ breathe in to me a life brand-new ♪ ♪ and fill me with your light ♪ the prince of peace ♪ the son of god ♪ the love iing lord of all ♪ >> oh! yes. oh, it's so great to hear you sing. >> excellent. >> people can download that, right? >> yes.
10:52 am
>> you can download "make my heart a manger" at >> all the downloading sites are there. >> all right, special guest ahead, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
we are in the final days of our holiday gift drive. besides toys and books for the kids, we love giving families help with the ness sechts. necessities. >> since everyone has laundry that needs to be done, our guests are here to make a cuddling contribution. >> dan jackson from nature of pet projects is here to help with that. a double whammy. >> hey, guys. >> hi. >> how are you? >> why did you think it was important to donate this year? >> some products -- we believe that families have a lot of
10:56 am
expenses that are unexpected. so to offer some everyday household expenses by getting laundry products, they're able to spend money on other holiday items. >> how much are you giving away? >> $350,000 of laundry products and 35,000 snuggle bears. >> and that's a snuggle bear. >> kind of cool, that one, huh? >> yeah, it's soft. >> we can't forget about pets. >> that's right, blake, i heard. >> yes! >> so how much are you giving away? >> we're donating $250,000 of california natural dog and cat food which is a natural cat food made with the fewest possible ingredients so ideal for cats and dogs with sensitivities. >> so many people have to give away their animals because they just don't have the money to take -- to care for them the way they should. >> this time of the year, it's great to give back. it caps off our shelter program where we donate throughout the year. it's a great way -- >> most of these companies, you guys give year round. >> we do. we believe in employee gift
10:57 am
giving and charitable donations. so we have a lot of our employees at a very local level that give away. one of my favorite ones is hug, across america. which is for children in need at special times. >> did you notice how white -- >> their teeth. >> you guys have blinding -- >> you don't use all on your teeth, do you? >> all's great for wine stains. >> oh, oh! >> thank you so much. thanks, sweetie. >> only one more day to donate so log on to for details. >> tomorrow, mary j. blige is going to sing for us. >> also, gifts that won't cost a thing
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, step aside bat kid, you've got competition. a bay area city makes wonder girl's dream come true. plus a target security breach with 40 million credit and debit accounts compromised. what we just learned about how you can tell if your information is at risk. and fire ball at a gas station. how this overnight crash and v full of people scrambling to safety. good morning, thank you for joining us. >> we all remember bat kid, miles scott, the 5-year-old who saved san francisco. for that day it was gotham city. now it's wonder girl's turn to come to the rescue. >> nbc bay


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