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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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b.a.r.t. to get around are breathing a sigh of relief. they have ended a dispute on a contract provision overpaid medical leave. we have the details and reaction from riders. monte? >> reporter: terry, good evening. it appears this long fight, which has gone on for months, can finally be at an end and that is music to the ears of b.a.r.t. riders. a tentative deal was reached in october but then there was a dispute of a provision that b.a.r.t. never wanted to put in the contract, and that gave employees six weeks of paid leave. now that provision is gone, but b.a.r.t. will extend its bough ravement leave policy to allow paid time off in the death of a family member. the deal gives them more
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flexibility in using vacation days to pay for the time off. they have to vote on the deal, but b.a.r.t. riders are relieved an agreement has to be reached and another strike does not appear eminent. >> i don't take b.a.r.t. to work every day, but when i do i like to know it's there as an option, and not all the b.a.r.t. commuters will be on the freeway. >> we got some of the stuff we wanted. that was beneficial to everybody, and even the stuff that we wanted will be beneficial for the system. >> reporter: as you just heard, union leaders are calling the deal a fair resolution. and there was a written statement released that says after eight months of uncertainty of the riders this will guarantee every ounce of the focus will be directed to providing great service to the bay area during the peak holiday period and beyond.
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both b.a.r.t. and the union say they plan to ratify the deal as soon as possible but have not specif spesfied a date. several people are out of a home tonight after a fire in the south bay. kimberly, what was lost? >> reporter: they are not sure yet. they have not been able tpog inside and assess the damage. but they know 17 people are displaced, at least for tonight. probably for much longer. let me show you what is going on right now. you can see firefighters are still out here, and you can see they have a ladder up and are making sure the fire is completely out. they got the call at 4:30 this afternoon, and firefighters say it was almost immediately upgraded to a two-alarm fire. it was under control in 20 minutes, but not before it
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caused damage. one of the upstairs units is heavily damaged and one is partially damaged and the downstairs has water damage, to what extent they don't know yet. >> this is a tough time of the year with christmas coming up, and you think about these kids, you know, christmas is a few days away and they may have lost what gifts they may have gotten on christmas, and it's tough for anybody. >> there were people inside the building when that fire started, but everyone was able to get out and there were no injuries. the fire started in an upstairs unit and an investigation into the cause is underway again. 17 people are displaced and that is including children and red cross is on its way to help those families find housing for tonight. live in san jose, kimberly
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terry, nbc news. and claire davis had been in critical news after being shot pointblank last week. davis appeared to be a random target, and the shooter, 18-year-old karl pierson killed himself. and then the search continues for suspects in a shooting in the san jose campus. somebody fired shots about 10:00 last night. and this is just around the corner from christmas in the park, and in addition to being close to san jose state, and the shooting drew a heavy police presence which is also near several bars. police found two victims, and one in critical condition, and police are trying to figure out if those shootings were gang related. police in palo alto arrested a massage therapist. he turned himself in on wednesday, and police charged him with misdemeanor sexual battery, and the 35-year-old man attacked a woman last year when
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he worked at the spa on elcamino reale. police say he didn't work at the salon by the time the last three investigations were underway. the family of a 13-year-old girl on life support could learn more about what led to her condition. she went to children's hospital on december 9th to have her tonsils removed and she suffered complications that resulted in her being declared brain dead three days later. and a court agreed to keep her on life support until a doctor can come in monday and determine if indeed she is brain dead. and then a 2.7 magnitude
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earthquake hitting 3:30 this morning. scientists said it could be felt as far away as oakland and alameda. now to an nbc bay area follow-up, officials are ordering a boosting of staffing at sims. they want them to staff the facility 24 hours to prevent future fires. it triggered a health advisory in as many as three bay area counties, at least the one in november did. dennis rodman is back in north korea to visit his, quote, friend, kim jong-un. he is putting together a basketball team that will play a team of nba veterans in a game next month. >> reporter: courtside in pyongyang, dennis rodman is calling the shots. a lot is wristing on these two
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shoulders. he is putting together a team of north koreans to represent their children against a team of nba veterans on january 8th. they lined up to celebrate the birthday kim jong-un. a man dennis rodman calls him a friend. >> a lot of people give me a hard time saying he is my tprepd. i am proud to say he is my friend. >> he is probably aware of his colored past, but the reality tv, and publicity stunts, and rodman knows all about kim. >> i got nothing to do with that. nothing to do with that. >> reporter: but it's troubling others rodman is having a hard time convincing some of the veterans to make the journey. >> it's all love, man. it's all love man, here, and this country is cool. >> reporter: cool, is also
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describing the relations tween the u.s. and north korea's relationship. >> i don't think anybody is putting any faith in rodman's ability to achieve any breakthroughs. >> reporter: is it just basketball, but the stakes are high. next at 6:00, millions of shoppers have their credit card information stolen after going to target. what one bank is doing to impact how much you can spend there. plus, we'll show you how cruise are getting ready for what could be the last game. more and more stores starting to take the big coin. some accepting digital currency. temperatures in the warmest locations, got close to 70 degrees. more of this kind of weather is headed our way, but we have travel concerns across the midwest to talk about. we'll explain coming up.
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new details on the target security breach and the largest bank in the u.s. jpmorgan chase is telling customers today that they are limiting transactions on debit cards used at target. they can with draw up to $100 in
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cash, and limit $300 for purchases. the hackers stole the information of 40 million target customers. and then start accepting bit coin. the shopping website will be the first major u.s. retailer to accept the electronic currency. they sell everything from cameras to bed sheets to patio furniture and cars. plans to accepting the digital currency next year. they have announced new rules in dealing with the bit coin. still to come, getting home for the holidays might be a nightmare for travelers. a look at the winter storm that is blanketing much of the country. that's right. as we take a live look at the storm moving through the midwest, we have rain, freezing rain and snow. we have got some tornadic action to talk about. we will explain coming up and let you know what we can expect.
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a widespread storm is threatening to cause problems for christmas travelers from texas all the way up to nova scotia. right now the midwest is seeing a dangerous combination of ice and snow. ice coated roads today in topeka, kansas, created dangerous driving conditions and the conditions deteriorating as conditions change to snow. in northern parts of the country, they could see up to a foot of snow. people gathered in oakland today to celebrate the life ofi high winds last month. there was a ceremony of appreciation for the downed
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eucalyptus tree. it brought down the 150-year-old 120-foot tall tree. the plans are underway to refuse the tree to demonstrate oakland history and other projects. >> we are going to create a new garden, a workshop garden, and it's a mini amphitheater, and we are going to use these logs as benches. >> the city is getting business to remove the best of the tree. it's going to remain on site through the end of the year. we talked about the rest of the country and the high winds in oakland some weeks ago, and our meteorologist here to talk about what is happening here and now. >> we had a beautiful day across the area. and up and mid-60s across most location pz that fog-free conditions and good visibility. we are looking at clear conditions and you can see the
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christmas lights in the city and the lights on the bay bridge, all lit up on the bridge right now. and so tomorrow morning we will wake up to a little coastal fog, but it will be very isolated and a bright day for tomorrow. we were stuck in the northwest flow that kept some of the cool air aloft in place for the morning hours, and high pressure is going to continue to take grip of the bay area, and this is going to be the scenario. we will be dry and sunny, and air quality will begin to suffer as we head towards christmas eve and day. here is your forecast for sunday. temperatures going up just a little from today. 67 in morgan hill. the peninsula, just a few degrees cooler back in the mid and low 60s, and san francisco, low 60s towards the outer rich phupd district. the north bay expected to see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, and some of the other locations will be in santa rosa. east bay and trivalley, expect
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to see the low 60s. let's switch gears and talk about what is happening across the midwest. weather advisories, and so if you are doing traveling to the midwest in the next 12 hours that's when you will run into the worst of conditions. we have about 40 reports of trees down, and power lines down across parts of louisiana. stretching up towards memphis, and even towards kentucky. and this is going to continue to happen as we head into the overnight hours, and the line of storms right now racing through parts of the ohio and tennessee valley, and even stretching down towards the mississippi valley where we still have tornado watches in effect until midnight tonight. really, the next 12 hours is go to be the worst time to do traveling if you have to head to the next area. tomorrow we are expecting showers, and not expecting severe weather, just plain old rain for places like new york city and washington, d.c., and stretching down towards atlanta by the afternoon hours.
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the good news, tomorrow, the storm system does start to weaken and it's not going to have a whole lot of punch expected, and the next 12 hours will be the most treacherous if you have to do traveling across the tennessee and ohio valley. here, spectacular conditions continuing. 63 for san francisco, and oakland at 64. picture perfect weather here across the bay area. >> great news, anthony. coming up, what may be the last 49er game at candlestick park. crews have worked for decades to the 49er games.
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special day today for thousands of needy kids in san francisco. the memorial church gave about 8,000 toys away today. look at the line. organizers say the need is go
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great kids and their families started to lineup last night at 6:00, and kids say it was worth it. >> it's very helpful for those that could not afford toys, and it's very generous that they give toys. >> it makes me happy to see all the kids getting toys, and waiting in line for something special. >> the giveaway is over, but the church is still asking for the public to donate new unwrapped toys. there is that need. and then the countdown for the 49ers. monday night's game against the falcons, and they have been painting the 49er logo on the field for decades, and they may have painted their last logo today. >> we always took pride in the appearance of it. we tried to prepare the field
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like it was a championship game every time. >> sounds like coach harbaugh getting ready for every game the same way. and they are playing the final home football game last monday night and there's a chance there could be a playoff game there. and all leading up to the implosion next year. let's check sports. >> yes, a very busy day for sports. 49ers feeling a sense of urgency. coming up, hear from the san francisco 49ers, who are gearing up for a monday night showdown with the atlanta falcons, and it's another so cal showdown at oracle. hear from mark jackson, the head coach, as the warriors get set to square off with the
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welcome back. in the nba there is no such thing as an easy victory. just ask the warriors. tonight the warriors will try to avoid another disappointing the lakers are in town, but kobe bryant is out with a knee injury. >> we're going to be fine. stay true to process. no sense in panicking. get healthy and whole and play better. we had not put a run together,
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and we will not panic as a basketball team. the western conference is tough. you look and there is a lot of teams close to us. so we will be just fine. absolutely. >> over to the nfl where the post season is right around the corner, and the 49ers control their own destiny. if they beat the falcons monday night they are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, and harbaugh is counting on a good performance when they play what could be their last game at candlestick. >> there is nothing that makes you feel like winning. >> i think we're pretty good. we can still improve, but compared to last year, i figure -- i think we're on the
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right track. >> we keep getting better, and we're still on the right path. >> with two games left, the oakland raiders are ready to face-off against the san diego chargers. oakland lost eight of the last ten meetings against the chargers, dating back to 2003, and silver and black did beat san diego in their week five match-up this season. the victory this time contains phillip rivers. >> you want to press the pocket not allowing clean windows to get to him, and the key is to keep the constant pressure and keep the pocket, you know, consistently collapsing around him. >> what we have been doing throughout the season properly, to show what kind of defense we really are and we are going to
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expose the way we have been. >> let's get over to the ice where the sharks get back to business tonight when they host the dallas stars at 7:30. they will take the ice with hurdle on the sidelines. he is expected to miss a month with the knee injury. the sharks have one of the best home records in the league. they are 11-1-3 at home, and goalie alex staylock will make his first home appearance with the sharks. >> he is a likeable guy and he is able to provide energy for the team, not only in the games that he plays, but in practice situations around the teams. so players have a tendency to play for him, but it's about him getting his chance to go again. >> i usually try to do the same thing, and obviously if i go home, trying to play, but it's
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how i am tpaefeeling that day. >> got to be excited for alex. over to basketball, number three tennessee and number six, sanford. second half, mckaya to sene, underneath for the easy deuce. sanford up nine. next stanford possession. missing the layup, but she has her back. 32 points. and amber lays it in, and no harm no foul for stanford. they win, 76-70. giants fans, it's officially announced today they have sold the rights to bret pill to korea. he must pass his physical which is expected sometime by the end of christmas. that will indict for now, teary. much more coming up tonight.
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>> henry, are you going to miss candlestick park? >> i am going to miss it. i have only been out to candlestick a few times, but a beautiful place with a lot of history, and i think everybody is going to miss candlestick. >> i am looking for new memories elsewhere. >> everybody will miss it. thomas shares some of the most memorable stories of the past year, including one touching story that resinated with people all over the word, and that's coming up next. we will see you back here tonight at 11:00. tonight, we investigate. >> i think most medical professi professionals were --
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>> 911, emergency. >> we're in an accident. >> he thought he was going to change lane like all the other vehicles. >> truck drivers logging too many hours behind the wheel. we investigate the driving records. >> it's a challenge. >> cyber attacks on state computers, holding your data. how much it is costing taxpayers. >> you are very antagonistic. >> do you not know the answers? can you tell us where this stuff is going? >> plus, we look back in 2013, a year of investigations, holding the powerful accountable. here is our chief investigator. >> for the next 30 minutes, we investigate. we like to call it accountability journalism, uncovering issues and fixing problems that need to be fixed. many of americans are leaving the country to get medical procedures on the cheap. an option insurance companies are


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