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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 27, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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. >> good friday morning. here's what's coming up on "early today." both of the northeast still in the dark and cold following that sunday ice storm. 1.3 million people face losing their emergency unemployment benefits tomorrow. we will go live to capitol hill. ice breaker race to antarctica after a big trip trapped with nearly 70 people on board. plus two massive pile u.p.s. in pennsylvania. dozens of people attacked by carnivorous fish. and captions on a web glitch. "early today" starts right now. it is friday, december 27th.
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. >> good morning good morning. it's nice to see you. tens of thousands are still in the dark and the cold and it could get worse, more snow is on the way leading some this holiday season wants heat and power. nbc's kevin tibbles has more. >> reporter: across the mid-west and northeast, crews have been scrambling to restore power to those who lost it during last weekend's massive ice storm. >> pretty much a blip through the area and going along. >> reporter: in lancing, michigan the danz inc.ers have been in the hotel room the last three nights. >> still no power. >> they spent christmas tree opening presents. >> all the other things don't matter. we were together and we still had a great christ. >> reporter: in may, 94-year-old grace burley has been in the dark since sunday. a friend came by to spend the
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night to make sure she is okay. temperatures in her home dropped to the 40s. >> there you go, grace. >> there is nothing you can do, really. you wait it out. you keep your sense of humor, because this too shall pass. >> reporter: they say they are worried about carbon monoxide poisoning. there have been multiple deaths in the u.s. and canada. >> we ask anyone using an emergency generator use it outdoor only and never, ever, ever, in a basement or even in an attached garage. >> it is i equally grim north of the border if parts of canada where at least 100,000 also remain without power from toronto to the maritimeles. electrical crews continue to work around the clock in frigid icy conditions. in pennsylvania, those icy conditions are being blamed on several multivehicle pileups and crashes along the pennsylvania turnpike. >> it's winter. it is cold. we say it's going to get a
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little of a warm-up. we are still talking about just in the 30s. >> reporter: but in spite of spending the halliday in the cold, many are keeping their christmas spirits up. many 70 day in this red cross shelter in lanceing. >> it's definitely a lot better than being at home. >> that was nbc's kevin tibbles reporting there. 1.3 million people stand to lose their unemployment benefits tomorrow. president obama has found the bipartisan budget compromise in the law. congress extends the benefits as a part of the physical framework. democrats joined by a few republicans will push to reinstate them in the new year. but the outlook is uncertain. nbc's daniel lee joins us live from washington. daniele, good morning to you. can it be resolved? >> reporter: veronica, that's the early question we will be look for in early january him when you tack about the impact.
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it's about $300 a week. it's what americans unploild for more than six months rely on for necessities, food and heating. they say it won't hurt the unemployed, losing these benefits can slow the entire economic recovery. >> that is why some lawmakers will push to reenstate these benefits and extend them three months. as you mentioned, its future is uncertain. it will be a tough road ahead in terms of this site to reinstate these benefits, especially considering that the extension didn't make it into this budget compromise that president obama signed into law yesterday. another bill signed into law yesterday by the president's defense bill, that is going to crack down on sexual assaults and the military and make it easier for people to be transferred from guantonomo bay. veronica. >> danielle, thank you. following breaking news in lebanon now, a car bomb exploded killing five people including an ambassador to the u.s. more than 70 others were
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injured. the blast was heard across the city and ensent thick black smoke billowing downtown. ups and fedex are still scrambling to deliver those late christmas packages, they are expected to be delivered today two days after christmas. they blame poor weather and overcapacity. >> that left a small percentage of customers without gifts for their families. outraged customers pummelled the companies on social media. workers are firing back. one riding on the "today" show facebook, quote, i drive a ups truck and worked 10-14 hours a day for a month straight. did not see my wife, did not go christmas shopping an most of the days did not get to eat until nighttime. you people have no idea what happens pence that brown truck. the russian spip ship that has been stuck innanta
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innantant ---antarctic ice, nbc's martin fletcher has details. >> reporter: easterna easternant antarctica. >> the vessel hasn't moved for the last two days. >> reporter: professor chris turly, 47 more passengers and crew of 20 are trapped. >> i was surrounded by seaize. we just can't get through. everyone is safe. but we can't make a message forward. >> they set off from the southern most point of new zealand 1,800 miles away. they've made their way to the base, an icon offant arctic exploration. 100 years ago, explorers established the business camp, which remains unremarkably well
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preserved. everything went well until 18 days on the way home, icebergs the size of cathedrals. it's lonely out there. even penguins are stranded on the fast moving pack ice of the huge iceberg known as bo 9 b. it's cupcake dennisonned off from the ocean. >> we are in a blizzard at the moment. >> reporter: it didn't upset passengers, they messaged fans they had a wonderful christmas. the latest news the snow dragon, an ice breaker, should arrive within 24 hours to try to cut them free. martin fletcher. nbc news, london. >> at least a dozen people will be spending their days in hospital after a major pileup west of philadelphia. 35 vehicles were involved in the pileup causing a 4-mile backup. officials say the crashes were likely due to a fast moving band of snow coming through the idea. for a look at your friday's forecast, here is nbc's dillan
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dryer. good morning. >> that's right, veronica, we have been seeing pretty nice weather. even seattle, just going to see a couple of clouds then later on today a spotty sprinkle is possible. we have it sunny as you head into southwestern parts of california where we have red flag warnings posted because it is so warm and dry, any fire that develops could spread quickly. in the northwest, we have a up couple of alerts. it's that air strag nation, there is no wind the ground level air splugs at higher levels. >> that actually will be in effect until saturday. on the west coast of oregon, again, we are looking at still air. >> that allowed for theing to develop with temperatures down around freezing, that could create freezing fog. keep that in mind as you go through your morning. by this afternoon, we tap out at 39 in medford, oregon. 48 in seattle, increasing
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clouds. it looks nice and warm. 60 in san francisco, 80 degrees in los angeles. that's about 12 degrees above normal for this time of year. it should stay in the upper 7 >> so ever since christmas, it really has been a nice stretch of weather through the the west coast. it will continue through the weekend. >> 80 degrees in the mid-west. thanks. business headlines straight ahead how retailers faired this holiday season. a sliver nightmare, carnivorous fish attacked unsuspected beach-goers. you are watching "early today."
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>> good morning, welcome back. the u.s. sent air to ground missiles for use in the ongoing campaign against al qaeda forces. iraqi intelligence says the missiles have destroyed four militant camps. the man accused of the november 1st shootings pence an lax terminal pleaded not guilty tuesday. he is accused of killing a cia agent and wounding and killing other people. people were attacked by biting fish in argentina while some children lost parts or all of a finger t. fish are believed to be a relative of the piranha. one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, a man hopped the fence at phoenix airport and ran onto the tarmac. he caused a southwest jet to stop in its tracks before running away from airport security. authorities say the man was most likely intoxicated and under the
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influence of drugs. well, stocks finished higher as traders returned from the christmas holiday. investors were encouraged by the sharp drop last week t. latest sign of improve him in the job market t. dow rose 122 point. the 50th record high this year. mastercard says scales of electronics and jewelry rose 2.3% over the holiday, online sales surging 16.5% over 2012, that's according to ibm, digital and analytics. meanwhile, amazon says 2013 was its biggest shopping year yet. on cybermonday alone they sold 36.8 million items worldwide. >> that is 426 items purchased per second. delta airlines ran an after christmas special without needing to. some delta websites and booking
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sites were incorrect because of a glitch. one round-trip flight between minneapolis in february sold for just $25.05. delta is honoring the purchases. and a new associated press times square new year's eve poll finds americans are looking at the new year with optimism. 49% think their own fortunes will improve in 2014. 34% say they don't expect much to change. well, forces just ahead, including number 12 back on the frozen tundra. plus, michigan will be one player short next week. you are watching "early today."
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>> the 2015 olympics making organizers optimistic there will be no shortage of the white stuff when it begins. unusually warm temperatures hit the area causing organizers to store snow in the mountains as a caution. they will have exclusive coverage beginning february 6th. moving on to sports now the green bay packers are prepping with sunday's game with number 12, aaron rodgers and keep mike mccarthy announced rodgers will be back against the bears.
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this will lead to a playoff spot for the packers. >> really. we have a chance against our rivals and what a better way than to go down there and get some redemption and post a playoff game. >> linebacker mike bullough has been suspended from the rose bowl due to violating team rules. he says it is extremely disappointing for all parties involved. lebron james has been name the associated press's male athlete of 2013. he is just the third nba player to receive that title since 1931. the pittsburgh panthers took home a win in detroit and the little cesars pizza bowl with the help of freshman tailback james conner. the panthers one 30-27 over the bowling green falcons.
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the houston chronicles reports two members of the team were homosexual. the team new, respected them and did not outcast them. the team of bruno morse is getting ready for the super bowl halftime show. he said everyone is put telling fear of god in me like there is going to be a blizzard. i know it's going to be cold and i just got to face it. yep. james franko on his year in the southeast. plus peruvians use an annual festival to air their grievances. you are watching "early today." .
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>> good morning and welcome back. we are seeing a whole lot of n sunshine out west. you see that will be in the form of freezing fog. so keep that in mind if you are out and about early this morning. the roads certainly could be slick in spots. so something to watch out for. we will warm up to 39 degrees in medford, so fog and freezing fog will be an issue later on today. down through california, 80 degrees in los angeles. that's again about 12 degrees above normal for this time of year. it's very dry so in los angeles county, we do have red flag warnings posted because of the danger of fire weather. 44 on saturday. seattle looks good, portland and in order, you will start off with freezing fog in the morning. it will be less than an inch or two in the afternoon.
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l.a. drops off a little bit. very, very pleasant as we head into the weekend. >> it's so unfair, 76 degrees. all right. thanks. now for sore entertainment news, the drum about justin bieber's retirement didn't drum up much. it grossed $1.2 million. miley cyrus commented on the person that leaked her video. she wheated this we all know smilers would break another record if it wasn't for the expletive who leaked my video. all good, keep smiling. cyrus' goodmother kept it g-rated when she announced 20 years with her husband carl dean. they are renew their vows in 2016 "game of thrones" was
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downloaded close to 6 million times. "breaking bad" series finale was a close second just under $5.5 million. a new york op-ed piece by james franko's reveals the actor's thoughts on celebrity selfies. he wries, it has value regardless of the photo's quality because it is ostensibly an intimate shot of someone the public is curious about. it is the prize shot that paparazzi would kill for. he is definitely one of the king of the selfies. i am veronica cruz, we hope it is just your first stop of the day on nbc. .
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. >> a tragic story leading the news, father/son drowned while attempting a challenging cave dive in florida t. son received the diving equipment as a christmas gift. authorities say the 35-year-old father was not certified if cave diving. sharks in west australia using twitter to warn swimmers of their presence. at left 320 sharks were transmitted when the shark nears shore and some stories that you might have missed. reversing course in utah. the last of the counties holding out on gay marriage licenses are now giving them out to all eligible applicant. clerks said the court declined to intervene and halt gay
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marriages. they plan to take the fight to the supreme court as early as today. ups and fedex are scrambling to deliver these package, they are all expected to be delivered by today, two days after christmas. the bungt agreement funds the government through 2015, but 1.3 million americans stand to lose their long-term unemployment benefits. the defense, meanwhile, in part cracks down on military sexual assault. so in one peruvian town christmas is a day of getting shiners, believe it or not. residents take part in bare knuckle brawls as thousands of spectators look on. referees are on hand to make sure the fights are fair and that no one is seriously injured. are these two girls duking it out? >> this is even more weird. >> wow, the yearly tradition is held as a way for beam to actually settle their conflicts
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before setting off the few year. maybe members of congress could battle it out. >> then we're all good to go. >> don't youly the? >> it's not a bad idea. >> you never know. it's time now for a look ahead and a look back. state authorities in connecticut are expected to release their final report on last year's newtown shooting. they say adam lanza acted alone and his motive may over in be known. during the last three days, more than 5,000 sophie combat troops have been airlifted into kabul. another 50,000 troops have masked along the border. some combat troops went into action seizing a radio station and otherwise helping to engineer a coup d'etat that patriot marxist into the presidential palace. happy birthday to the "today" show savannah guthrie.
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good times tur
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breaking news. a powerful blast rocks beirut killing at least five people including a former ambassador to the united states. dozens are hurt. what officials say caused the explosion coming up. >> plus t family of a 13-year-old jahi mcmath wants her moved to another facility for care while officials at oakland say they won't do a critical procedure necessary for the move to take place. >> unemployment benefits for millions of americans expires tomorrow. what lawmakers are doing today. >> a look out to the bay bring. the lights shining, a nice day, but a spare the air day too. it's friday, december 27th, this is "today in the bay."


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