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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 1, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. . good morning. i'm peggy bunker. we begin with breaking news in oakland. a sig alert has been issued after a deadly crash near 580 near the on ramp. the chp says the ramp should reopen in 15 minutes. something caused a car to flip over and someone was trapped underneath it. it is unclear if the person trapped was the person that died. we have a crew heading to the scene. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. also, this other top story this morning. the first day of 2014 and our first nonspare the air day. good morning, christina and happy new year. >> happy new year, peggy.
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happy new year to you at home. maybe you are not going to sleep just yet. maybe you are enjoying the evening. it is chilly out there. 29 in santa rosa. cold enough for black ice to form. 32 in napa. the temperatures are going to climb into the 70s in some cities. i'll let you know if that is you coming up. right now, i'll send it back to you with the rest of the top stories of the day. more breaking news out of the east bay. a 19-year-old mother has died. she was taken to the hospital last night along with her three-month-old baby after they were hit by a truck in fremont. the woman was carrying the baby in her arms and walking with her 17-year-old sister on the parkway when all three were hit by a truck. the baby was thrown from the mother's arms. someone driving by took the baby to a nearby hospital. the child has severe injuries. the 17-year-old was treated for minor injuries.
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the driver of the truck, a 64-year-old man, said he did not see the three walking and is cooperating with police. no alcohol is involved. we will continue to keep you posted. a setback for the family trying to keep their brain dead daughter on life support. a judge has denied the request to force a breathing tube into her. another facility has agreed to take her. she has been on life support since she went into cardiac arrest following tonsle surgery. they have ordered that they keep her on a ventilator until january 7th. welcoming 2014 is also welcoming a series of laws for californians. new rules and new safety measures to protect the wildlife. >> a big change for k through 12, particularly those that identify as transgender.
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they can join the sports team or use the bathroom where they identify. they can join a girl's basketball team if they were born a boy but identify with being a girl. the state requires you to tax any tips that are added to the bill. employers will no longer be able to fire an employee because they are a victim of domestic abuse and sexual assault and the employer is required to change the work phone if it will help protect them from a stalker. drivers must give bicyclists three feet for passing or slow down and let them pass. there is a grace period. police will issue warnings and start fining drivers in mid-september feechb there is no crash or a cyclist is not hurt. teens under 18 are completely banned from texting while driving. the state has made it illegal to
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use voice recognition devices while teens are behind the wheel. law enforcement has more power to prosecute hit and run drivers that kill or seriously hurt someone in a crash. under the old rules, prosecutors had just three years to charge someone with the crime. now, the statute of limitations has doubled. drivers of hybrids that love to drive solo in the hov lane will get to do so for another five years. there is new protection for abducted children. law enforcement must now activate an amber alert if the kidnapper is a custodial parent or a guardian that poses a serious risk to the child. wildlife warden shot and killed three mountain lion cubs found in a half moon bay backyard instead of rolo kating the cubs. they must capture or scare off mountain lions unless they post a threat to people or public
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safety. tough new rule force the paparazzi. any photographer or paparazzi caught harassing children of celebrities or judges could face a fine for up to $10,000. u.c. campuses are going smoke-free. no use of tobacco on any of the ten u.c. campuses. it includes all tobacco products and e-cig rett's. many are seeing a jump in pay. state-wide, the minimum wage is now $9 an hour. as of this morning, minimum wage in san jose will jump from $10.15. san francisco's minimum wage is also going up today. workers will now be paid $10.74, up 19 cents from last year. san francisco has steadily increased its minimum wage based on the consumer price index
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every year since 2004. a baby born in the south bay appears to be the first one in the bay area to be born this year. she was born two seconds past midnight at kaiser permanente. she weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces. another boy was born at california pacific medical center at 12:01. four new little ones to welcome to the bay area in other parts of the area, thousands of fireworks light up the sky. despite chilly temps, thousands of people still line the embarcadero. while the rest of the world rung in the new year, one country, even attempting to land in the record books with theirs.
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today in the bay's stephanie stanton gives us a look at different city celebrations across the globe. >> midnight in new zealand brought fireworks over auckland's sky tower. in sydney harbor, more than 1 million people ushering in the new year with fireworks that lit up the city's iconic opera house and harbor bridge. it was temple bells in japan ringing the customary 108 times. a solemn, dignified tradition bringing in the new year. 2014 was welcomed with a bang by the chinese. from the great wall to shanghai and if that wasn't spectacular enough, dubai's new year's celebration was one for the record books, literally. the world's tallest building center stage for an attempt at the world's largest display.
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at the same time, moscow rang in the new year in red square. in paris, tens of thousands celebrated at the eiffel tower. while in london, big ben rang out the old and rang in the new. >> in new york city, millions celebrating the famed ball drop and the coming new year. stephanie stanton, nbc news. take a look at new york city's times square. crews hit the deck removing tons office confetti and other debris. roughly 1 million people jammed into times square for the party. you, like me, were probably sound asleep. >> yeah, until the fireworks started going off in campbell
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last night. you know what, it is the fireworks in combination with our pattern that we've had in the weather department. spare the air day for the first day of the year. temperatures this morning are chilly. travel cautiously. i do want to point out, you won't be alone. you really want to take it easy out there on the roadways, as a lot of people have been celebrating. a nice, clear start to the day yesterday. we had a lot of fog. even flight delays as a result of that fog. not the case for today. looking pretty good. all across the bay area, you might find some patchy fog in the north bay where temperatures are cold enough for a little patchy black ice. looking pretty good. take a look at where we're headed for the first day of the year. 2014, record territory. the 70s in the east bay. 67 degrees in the south bay. about 10, 15 degrees above
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average in some cases. we'll let you know how long longer this will last. plus, i'll talk about the system that will bring in better air quality. that's all coming up. kind of a slow morning. just you and me this morning, peggy. i'm happy to be here with you. >> happy new year, girl. >> all right, christina, see you in a bit. in a few hours, a pair of bay area marching band will begin performing on the streets of london. oak grove's band posted these photos of the kids ringing in the new year. now, they are standing at the starting part of the parade in picadilly square. they will pass some of the most famous landmarks in london. pittsburg's band and oak grove's band are expected to march by the cameras in london just before 7:00 this morning.
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a lot of people looking forward to the 100th annual rose bowl. the cardinals are looking to make it a back to back win. they favor stanford by a touchdown. the rose parade and a playground for children with disabilities will be featured on one of the floats. visionary liz lamach will ride on the float along with a 17-year-old boy with cerebral palsy. you can see the rose parade with hoda kotb and al roker. they will cover from pasadena. it follows at 8:00 a.m. following a special one-hour
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addition of the "today" show. welcoming 2014 with new predictions for you. what some expect to see in the coming year. plus, the pope welcomes the new year as well. the message he had for the world during his first mass of 2014. passengers aboard that stranded ship near antarctica celebrate the new year together. the latest on the efforts to bring them home after this.
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three, two, one, to the fireworks! there you go. the las vegas strip lit up with fireworks early this morning as the west coast welcomed the new year. not only was the stratosphere lit up by the fireworks were going at a number of other hotels. the treasure island hotel had its own display. there were lights behind the mini eiffel tower. russia's president is in the ci city of vogoglad.
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they talked about counter terrorism attacks after the attacks killed 34 people, one on a bus and a train station. russia prepares to host the 2014 sochi winter olympics. sochi is located 400 miles from vogolad. >> just as sonia sotomayor blocked the law to provide coverage for birth control, a federal appeals court rejected a stay filed by an organization of catholic numbers. that's when justice sotomayor stepped in. government officials have until friday night to respond to the justice's order pope francis started out the new year at the vatican this morning with mass. the pope offered words of
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strength, courage to onlookers at st. pete terse basilica. the catholic church dedicates january 1st to the promotion of world peace. the argentine-born pontiff urged catholics worldwide to follow faith that promotes gospel without borders. >> the first day of 2014, we have had so many spare the air days, christina, another one here on tap? >> another one today and probably, possibly another one tomorrow. as we get into the weekend, better air quality on the way. the driest year on record for the bay area. those hills certainly show it thursday for rain. san jose, 38 degrees to start the day. you are in the 40s in san francisco. a lot of people waking up here in the bay area. you may be from out of town. welcome to one of the most beautiful parts of the country. bay bridge toll plaza, nice and calm right now. you won't be alone out there if you are going to be on your morning drive. we gave mike the day off.
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a lot of people have the day off f anything happens and you do have to get to work, we'll let you know. temperatures today are going to be here. you are going to find the best air quality along the peninsula and as close to the ocean as you can get. 70 degrees at 3:00 p.m. out in santa cruz. everywhere else, slated to hit the upper 60s to low 70s, even in san francisco. we are expecting upper 60s. seven-day forecast is right here. it shows you a bit of a cooldown as we get into the weekend. we'll take a look at some of the events happening across the bay area. if you have the day off, have the kids with you, we have a lot to go over. there is a changing pattern on the way. right now, we'll send it back to you, peggy, and the rest of the top stories. retired formula 1 champion, michael schumacher, remains hospitalized. his condition has stabilized but the brain injury he suffered
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during a ski accident is still labeled as critical. the doctors said he showed small science of improvement yesterday. since the accident on friday, schumacher has undergone two brain operations and does remain in a medically induced coma. they refuse to give a prognosis and are focused on his immediate care. >> passengers stuck in antarctica are still awaiting rescue. two ice-breaking ships have failed to reach the boat. yesterday, passengers stamped down snow where the helicopter is expected to land. early this morning, the australi australian maritime safety authority said they are waiting for weather to improve before attempting a rescue. barbara maki, famous psychic, has predictions for 2014. she says citizens will dismiss local government and take matters into their own hands and thinks that somebody will
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discover a cancer vaccine and president obama will be surrounded by a scandal in 2014. economists predict the year will end with an unemployment rate of 6.2. a little bit less than now. mackcy this is that britney spears, miley cyrus and ryan gosling will have a big year with a quickie wedding and divorce for miley cyrus. >> last year in my resolution, i got six cookbooks. my resolution was to cook something new every day. i lasted until almost april. i might try that again and see if i can get into the spring. >> i always try to restate my vow to not cuss. there it goes again. >> just, you know, become a better dancer, better performer. i'm doing that every day now. >> it would be to try to stay off my iphone. i love social media. i love my instagram. i love twitter. >> i just really have to
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remember not to get into my work zone 24 hours a day. i want to take a whole day and be with one of my kids or one of the grandkids and have fun and remember that that's what life is all about. >> kids change party plans too. >> i'm probably going to sleep when lorenzo goes to bed at 8:00. i'm tired. being a new parent is so tiring. >> there are stars heading the road. >> i'm going to texas and hang out with my family and friends and eat wanna burgers and stuff. >> we are going to be out touring and i'm going to australia and switzerland. a lot of fun things going on in 2014. >> they are hoping for a silent night. >> maybe slow it down a little bit and spend time with my family. the more i miss them. >> whie are showing up. >> to have a new year's. i feel like it has been go for a couple of years. i would love to see my friends, go kamping, something simple. >> michael buble has his heart
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set on a new year's wish. >> i would love world peace or a new rolex. forget about world peace. screw world peace, just bring me the rolex. the olympic games in sochi russia are just 36 days away. we will find out which men and women will represent team usa. the player expected to wear red, white, and blue coming up. an nbc photographer getting national attention for that right there. someone recruit that guy. plus, the story after the break.
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nfl tickets are already sold out. tickets went on sale after season holders had their shot. the game is set for january 11th. the opponent has yet to be
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determined, either the 49ers, green bay packers or new orleans saints talk about an amazing catch. you can see a tv cameraman catch a 50-yard boom. turn around, refs, check that out. the ball came at brian. he ais a photographer with kusa. give that guy the job to the ice now where the nhl winter classic returns to nba. michigan stadium in detroit has undergone an amazing transformation, turned from a football field into an ice rink. the video was released by the nhl. you can see the rink taking shape for today's game against the maple leafs and the red wings. work on the field started the day after christmas. this could be the largest crowd in history. michigan stadium is capable of seating 105,000 fans.
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we will find out which hockey players will rep tresent the us. center, joe paf leafsky is expected to be on the team. 4:57. the new year is going to cost you a little bit more. the transit and energy price hikes that will have you digging deeper into the pocket book. the hunt is on for a south bay bank robber this new year's eve heist coming up after this.
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breaking news. a mother carrying a baby hit by a truck while crossing the street, the baby fighting for its life. we have had an update on the mother's condition. we will bring you the update coming up next what we're learning about a rare winter brush fire that sparked east of san jose. >> that wasn't good for the air
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quality. another spare the air day. we do have patchy fog we forecussing in on this morning developing up in the north bay. we are expecting more to continue to develop for the next couple of hours. 70s on the way. your full forecast in just a few moments. all right. let's take you outside for a live look here as we see the bay bridge twinkling in the background. gorgeous start to our brand new year. wednesday, january 1st, happy new year. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you for joining us on this first day of 2013. laura garcia-cannon has the morning off. we have breaking news out of the east bay. a 19-year-old mother has died. she was taken to the hospital along with her three-month-old baby after they were hit by a truck in fremont. the woman was carrying the baby in her arms and walking with her 17-year-old sister on pa say owe


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