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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 24, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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fire danger for parts of the bay area. your forecast is straight ahead. >> we expect a minor flow of traffic it's 5:00 so we're seeing that but i'll show you where we had slowing for the east bay coming up. >> a live look outside at the bay bridge. it sparkles this friday morning, january 24th, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. happy friday. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker. laura is off this morning. an update to tell you about. officials in cairo say no one died in a third bomb blast as egyptians prepare to mark the third anniversary of the uprising that ousted hosni mubarak. witnesses say people opened fire after the first bomb went off. coming up in the next half hour tracie potts will have a live report on the deadly bombings.
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>> now to a developing story out of oakland. police looking for a 14-year-old boy who they say shot and killed his own 17-year-old sister. then ran away. christie smith live in oakland with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. i reached out to oakland police this morning and an officer at the patrol desk told me sfashs he knows so far no arrests but they are looking. the family of mario tolliver is urging him to turn himself in. they already lost loved one. they don't want to lose another. 17 jerald justice tolliver was shot and killed, a young mother survived by her 2-year-old daughter. her cousin says justice and her brother argued inside the family apartment. this is on franklin street. there was an argument and the chronicle reports that it may have been over the fact that she bleached his clothes doing
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laundry. one cousin says they are not sure where he might get a gun but it isn't a big surprise. >> if he wasn't my family member i wouldn't be surprised if these young kids don't carry guns. that's the nature of what they do and what is at stake in this day and age. and being from here. >> reporter: relative sas tolliver worked and took care of her baby daughter but also spent time looking after her grandmother. we went by the apartment this morning. it is quiet but oakland police still looking for the 14-year-old. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> a vallejo woman accused of killing one person and trying to kill another will be in court. investigators say angela black shot a 47-year-old man and another person at a mobile home park located at interstate 80 and 780. she was arrested trying to leave the mobile home park on
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wednesday. police say that's when they found her and she was naked at the time. court records show black was found mentally incompetent previously and committed in 2012. >> police need help finding a hit and run driver in the east bay. we have video captured by a camera mounted on a bus. a warning the video is hard to watch though everybody does survive. this taken last friday morning on willow avenue yards from the hercules police station a. man walking across the street. the suv jumps out and runs him down. witnesses say the driver did stop and got out and approached the victim but then the driver got back in the suv, drove around the victim and took off. the victim suffered a serious head injury but he is recovering at home. >> memorial services will be held this weekend for a south bay teen who died while crossing rail tracks. danica was hit by the train last week while she was on her bike going to class.
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the collision happened in the intersection of stoke street and southwest expressway in san jose. just feet from the tracks is a huge memorial with messages from classmates and friends. the family is waiting for an official report from the sheriff's department. >> the importance in knowing what happened is that it doesn't happen again. you know. that there be an awareness of what happened. >> sheriff investigators say they are looking at surveillance video and also talking to dozens of witnesses to determine what happened out there on the tracks. >> several performers holding a benefit concert for the family of andy lopez, some of the artists include gravity hill. lopez was shot and kill bid a sheriff's deputy last october who thought the teen's replica rifle was a real ak-47. that concert starts at 4:30 this afternoon at the arlene francis center on 99 sixth street. >> a former hell's angel biker
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accused of shooting a club member will hear the evidence. steven ruiz is accused of shooting another at a funeral in 2011. it's unclear why the shooting took place. he was arrested at a fremont hotel in 2012. he has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. the two men were at the funeral for hell's angel leader. the marin teen convicted in a string of crimes could spend the rest of his life in prison. max wade was 17 but tried as an adult. he will be eligible for parole but not for several decades. prosecutors say he tried to shoot and kill the boyfriend of a girl he liked. 2012 shooting investigation led police to wade's storage locker. that's where they found the chef's yellow sports car along with several fake i.d.s. >> today is the day the world's best surfers are here in half
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moon bay getting read the ride the waves in the mavericks surf contest. this year's event could feature the biggest waves ever seen. bob redell is live at pillar point in half moon bay with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. a couple of hours 24 of some of the gutsiest athletes will leave this harbor out for the open sea to do something most of us wouldn't dare. talking about surfing waves the size of buildings. you got to give credit to the o organizers for picking today. there is a high surf advisory with waves predicted to be 40, possibly 45 feet tall. this is an invite only event. 24 surfers, two of whom were hurt this week during practice. they will be replaced by alternates b. half are local from santa cruz, pacifica, the others from hawaii, brazil, south africa, arriving here on
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36 hours notice. they will compete for cash but for a lot of these guys the prize is this trophy. and the pride of being able to say they conquered these monster waves better than anyone else. >> i would say this is close to the lombardi trophy for surfing. it takes everything you know about the ocean to compete and survive and be successful when it's this big. >> reporter: these waves could be as big as they were in 2010 when several onlookers were injured. spectators are no longer allowed on the beach or the bluffs above. that's the only place you can see the waves from shore as they do break about 100 yards offshore. but the organizers set up a viewing area with big screen tvs. you can watch on line or better yet, charter a boat if there are any available. the first heat at 8:00 t final to happen around 1:30.
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i want to send to the our meteorologist. rob, high surf advisory. are you hearing anything otherwise that could be good or bad for the competition? >> they were watching the swell height there, bob. also the wind direction. they didn't want to see strong winds out of the south so good news on both fronts. we're seeing wave height at 10 feet, as that starts to approach the coast the speed slows down and the waves rise. expectations are we'll get breakers above 20 feet. some up to 30, possibly a few up to 40-foot plus. 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts out of the east and the southeast so far. so the forecast if you are heading out there and enjoying some of the sights without having to ride through the wave like that, our temperatures through the day cool out there. patchy low clouds. 64 degrees. temperatures on the coast turning warmer toward this weekend. we'll see temperatures in the
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70s. santa cruz saturday and sunday. 30s and 40s, we've inherited this desert climate around bay area where chilly mornings. then toward the afternoon you'll see highs in the 60s and 70s. any place close to 70 today would be breaking a record high. we had about seven of them. offshore winds for now. that's the problem for fire danger. but this brings low humidity, gusty winds in the hilltops parched without rain and this is the reason why north bay, east bay and south bay hill tops have the red flag warning up. then as the wind speeds back off we'll see fire danger condition s decreasing slightly. you may notice high clouds and low clouds on the coast as a low moves to the north and west of us. our strange winter continues. near records for areas south of san jose. upper 60s, near 70.
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breezy at times. around san francisco mid-60s. highs warmer in the seven-day forecast, especially the second half toward tuesday and wednesday next week we'll see mid 70s around santa rosa. you notice the tri-valley, still 70s. temperature steadily warmer. by wednesday highs in the mid 70s. in the 10 day forecast, the first weekend does look like we'll see the ridge break down and maybe get rain. >> we need the rain. i want the snow for the skiing. we're looking forward the incline. not a major problem. not ever caught with snow though. this is a smooth drive, this is the bay bridge. it moves nicely westbound with the taillights, the earlier road work has cleared and we'll show you the map as you approach auch the east bay, the maze moves as well. a little slower drive. down to 60. not a big deal but a change.
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i'll track that. its early for problems. southbound 880 off of that bend there, as road crews move from the overnight construction we still have one crew north 880 around fifth so that may be an issue through the downtown area as they move in the next half hour. an easy drive across the richmond/san rafael bridge, slowing there as well. it has cleared up. it happens, moving slower. no problems for 580 toward the dublin interchange. a look at san jose, easy flow northbound. you have company but no dips to the speed. >> thanks, mike. still ahead, b.a.r.t. going international. >> the future of the iphone, could the look be changing again. details on that coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back. 5:14 now. you made it to friday. taking a look at the commute. mike inouye is watching all of the roads for you letting you know about hot spots. investigators are looking into what caused a police dog to attack its handler. this happened yesterday afternoon when the dog attacked the police officer from the back seat of the squads car. the officer was able to pull over and get the dog under control. the officer suffered injuries to his face and hand. the canine was taken to a kennel where it is being monitored. police will decide if the canine will undergo more training. >> b.a.r.t. is teaming up with its sister agency in china. yesterday b.a.r.t. directors approved a plan to affiliate with shanghai metro. both will work together to try to find solutions on how to move lots of people during rush hour.
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they are also exploring smart car technology and advanced train control systems. a final agreement will be voted on by board members from both transit agencies. >> the winner for a popular contest in the peninsula to help create new state laws will be announced today. the announcement will be made this morning at 10:00 in front of millbrae mills high school. the winning entry is looking to change a state law which invalidated hundreds of test scores at the school. last year scores were thrown out due to a seating chart violation forcing students to retake the test. there ought to be a law contest is run by senator jerry hill. it gives people in-is district to submit ideas to revise laws. >> rob, i assume christina is out surfing. rob is in for christina. >> great day to be out. especially toward the weekend we're going to see 70s. the story of this week has been the chilly mornings followed by warm afternoons.
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41 in san jose. in the north bay 32 degrees closer to santa rosa, we'll be at 70 degrees later on. so it's not too common that you start near freezing and then finish the day close to 70 degrees. that little area in blue there showing you the coldest air, notice the areas in yellow and orange in the hilltops, 50-degree temperatures in the hilltops. but down below a chilly 39 degrees in livermore. it's the off shore winds which continue to be a problem. we like the temperatures, that's nice getting up to 70. but this is drying out the air, it's acting like a hair drier and the hilltops, with the winds offshore turning slightly stronger after sunrise, red flag warnings for north bay, east bay and south bay through mid afternoon, then as the wind speeds back off we should see humidity levels coming back up. let's look at the long-range forecast. the seven-day forecast on the bottom of the screen shows you a warm-up that's going to take us
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tuesday into wednesday, high pressure strengthens early next week. but we'll jump ahead now into the beginning of next week where you see high clouds going on by. the weekend is fine. notice by the time we get toward thursday and closer to friday we're starting to see the storm track dip to the south. and the plan is here into february that jet stream north up to alaska, may start to drop down the west coast is into february we expect a pattern shift that should try to bring us rain and snow. as we head to next weekend we could see a change in the forecast that may finally bring us some of that much-needed rain. 68 in san jose, 70 in morgan hill, around the peninsula mid to upper 60s, north bay temperatures running in the 70s today with breezy and dry conditions, tri-valley locations highs in the low 70s, around pleasanton and livermore. if you head to the coast look at santa cruz for saturday.
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toward sunday you'll see temperatures climbing into the low to mid 70s g. conditions today. highs in the 60s but beach weather, just in time for this weekend. >> gosh, problem. great temperatures. a great flow of traffic. slowing for 880 through fremont. no incidents but we'll cover the bay area. first the south bay. the road krcrews. the other crews up through palo alto, mountain view have cleared. we have little blips for 87 and 101 as more start to hit the road a lighter flow now so we see a later build traditional. look at the travel speeds up the peninsula. smooth from 101 and 280. not a problem out of or into san francisco. the peninsula area, 280 and 101 moves as well a. live look at the san mateo bridge.
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so westbound for the cars traveling away, over the high rise, continuing over to half moon bay. there will be folks driving over there. we stream that on line. and comcast sports is following the results as well. over to the east bay, the tri-valley with some build here. 580 out of the dublin and off the grade, a little slowdown typical even on a friday. nothing dramatic here. it is westbound out of the altamont pass we see light flowing past grant line road without big surprises or incidents. the bay bridge toll plaza. a pause for the folks paying cash, no problem for the fast track drivers. an easy live for the bay bridge. back to you. >> mike, thank you so much. new this morning at 5:19, a face-to-face meeting between
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serious government and opposition forces will not happen today. today was to be the day the two sides would sit down for negotiations. they are in switzerland meeting to help out in the cause. both sides meet separately with the gornter today for the second time in as many days. a u.n. spokesperson did not rule out direct talks later on. >> protesters seized a government building in kiev. early this morning protesters broke into the building without facing resistance. on thursday, opposition leaders met with the president of the country. the leaders told the crowd that the president promised to release dozens detained after clashes. leaders said he promised to stop further detection. >> a john peter smith hospital in ft. worth says it cannot
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remove her because it's against state law because the woman is pregnant and doing so would harm the baby. the family attorney says the fetus is distinktly abnormal. >> 5:21. a new development in the bridge scandal involving chris christie. prosecutors want more information from his re-election campaign. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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>> welcome back. good morning. this morning a new twist in the political payback investigation in new jersey. the re-election campaign for new jersey governor chris christie now has less than two weeks to comply with subpoenas from the federal prosecutors. the state republican party has also been subpoenaed. federal attorneys are looking into claims that chris christie's aides created traffic jams intentionally as political
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payback against a democratic mayor. four people close to christie have been fired or resigned as a result of the scandal. >> overnight a power glitch shut down train service for nearly two hours in new york city. thousands were forced to wait inside trains or at rail stations. look at grand central. this as crews worked to fix the problem. the metro north system out of grand central has not released the cause of the outage. power was restored about 10:00 last night and trains started returning to service with delays. >> new this morning an unmanned rocket lifted off from cape canaveral in florida. the telescope and other things in orbit, the rocket also carried a special tribute etched on the side honoring engineer arthur maki jr. who died in november. if you don't know the name you
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probably know the voice. he was the voice of nasa in the 60s and 70s during a broadcast of countdowns. i can remember in preschool they wheeled out the black and white television. certainly wasn't the first time. >> don't date yourself. >> it was later. later in the apolo program. >> amazing. always cool to see that. we'll check in, getting a look at the weather. >> the rocket launch caused by the pacific ocean later on. we'll see wave heights up to 20 to 30 feet, we'll have high clouds drifting by as a low-pressure system drifts away from the bay area. we'll see patchy low clouds closer to the coast line. highs from the upper 60s to near 70 in san jose, mid-60s closer to san francisco and low 70s inland around toward sausalito.
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>> fremont, we're looking at light volume. there is a gentle build. we have lighter volume early and we'll see a commute but more condensed. we're looking here. 880 farther north. where the headlights going into the coliseum. road crews have completely cleared. heading up to the bay bridge toll plaza. through the north bay a light volume and there you go, these are the kurns approaching, a smooth flow of traffic. not a problem as far as along the coast he mentioned the mavericks. probably for spectators hoping to catch a glimpse, you can check it out on line. >> always better parking. still to come on today.
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surf's up. getting under way just a few hours. we'll have a live report from half moon bay. >> an over night fire rips through a nice house. what they found inside that makes them suspicious.
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>> reporter: this morning oakland police still looking for a 14-year-old suspected of shooting and killing his 17-year-old sister. i'm christie smith. i'll tell what you the family has to say coming up. >> a brand new home goes up in flames overnight. we hear from investigators about why this fire is suspicious. >> a chilly start to the morning, followed up by another day we could be breaking record highs around the bay area. we'll talk about that and windy conditions in the hills coming up. >> coming out of the wind we have a crash that could be affecting your drive. we'll sort that out. >> a live look outside this morning on this friday, january
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24th. this is "today in the bay." >> good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker in for laura. >> i'm scott mcgrew. a pot grow house in pittsburg went up in smoke. you can look at this. the flames so big firefighters had to call for backup. they were able to keep the fire from spreading to other homes. investigators say the house was vacant, nobody there when firefighters arrived. the cause under investigation. but they say they have seen this before and have some idea how it may start. >> we do get a fair number of grow house fires, a lot of times it's related to the electrical use. and so our investigators are looking at that in this case. it is unfortunately becoming relatively common. >> the fire is out and nobody was hurt. >> now a developing story out of the east bay. oakland police looking for a
5:31 am
14-year-old accused of shooting and killing his own sister. christie smith is live in oakland and christie, just a terrible story here. >> reporter: good morning. yes, it is a terrible story. i spoke with the patrol desk. they say still no arrests. one family here is grieving what has happened, a 14-year-old is now accused of shooting and killing his 17-year-old sister. this happened late yesterday afternoon. justice tolliver, a young mom only survived by her 2-year-old daughter. a family member tells us that the sibling mario and justice, got into some sort of argument in the family's apartment yesterday. the chronicle reports that they may have been arguing over the fact that she had bleached his clothes while police sort out what happened stunned relatives are worried about the little girl who no longer has a mom.
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>> justice was a beautiful young lady. she was -- she is a young mother, she is a caring -- she just wanted to be there for her daughter. >> of course the family is in shock. they want mario to turn himself in. certainly they lost one relative and they don't want to bear the thought of losing another. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. an autopsy shows that the b.a.r.t. police officer killed in the line of duty died from a single bullet wound to the chest. sergeant tom smith was the first b.a.r.t. police officer killed on the job. investigators say he was shot by a fellow officer during a probation search in dublin on tuesday. the bullet struck smith in one of the small areas not protected by his bullet proof vest. it's unclear why the officer fired his gun. a service will be held wednesday at 10:00 a.m. at the
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neighborhood church of castro valley on john drive. a memorial fund has been set up. to find out more on that and this story go to our website,, and search tom smith. a deadly shooting was not captured on the officer's body camera. the paper reports that the five officers were not wearing cameras or not turned them on. they can be clipped on offers lapel. officers should turn on the cameras. >> today palo alto police expected to release skeechs of three wanted in connection with a home invasion robbery. this happened on palo alto avenue. not far from downtown. it was an elderly couple in the home, they heard a knock at the door, they opened the door, three armed men forced them to the ground and ransacked the home stealing credit cards, and a gun. the pupal was taken.
5:34 am
>> there is an escalation of arrogance and violence and that's something to be concerned about. >> police say it appears the attack was random. they are working on a more detailed description of the men they say took off in a light colored four-door sedan. >> happening today the super bowl of surfing kicks off in hours. >> this is going to be quite a show. organizers expect some of the biggest waves seen. job redell joins us where the mavericks surf contest is being held. this is all the buzz on line, bob. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, peggy and scott. we're talking about 2, 2 1/2 hours, 24 men will grab their surf boards and risk their lives to conquer a mountain of water. we're talking about the
5:35 am
mavericks invitational. it's very dangerous. two of the surfers have been replaced after they were hurt doing practice. the waves today which is about 100 yards are predicted to be very large, 40 to 45 feet tall because of swells created by a storm that just hit california. >> really powerful, really dangerous. this should be called a high surf warning. it's going to build all morning, early morning, then at light it should be full on like right in the meat of it. >> reporter: the waves could be as big as they were in 2010 when sneaker waves came ashore and injured spectators, hence the reason you are not allowed to watch this from the beach or bluffs above. 24 of the west surfers, about
5:36 am
half the swervers are local. pacifica, santa cruz. the others from hawaii, australia, brazil, south africa. arriving on 36 hours notice. the organizers have set up this viewing area at the oceania hotel and spa. you can watch on line or you have a friend with a boat you're more than welcome to head out to the open sea to watch the stiffers from a distance. 8:00. the final scheduled for 130. what the where is looking like. i'm hoping our meteorologist can add to that. >> we're watching the high surf f. you are lucky enough to have a boat not a comfortable ride. you got 10 foot swells and as the wave energy heads to the coast the speed slows down.
5:37 am
and we'll see breakers at least 25 feet. 30 for mavericks. it's the undersea ridges that we could see those heights getting close to 40-foot bases through late morning. we've got winds out of the east cease. so the forecast if you are viewing safely, a little on the chilly side. patchy low clouds. perspective on an eight-foot wave. not 40-foot. mid-60s for the afternoon. pchy low clouds, climbing into the 70s. good beach weather. watch for large waves tapped high surf advisory. 49 degrees in san francisco. temperatures again today warm for this time of year due to the offshore winds which unfortunately are caused by an area of low pressure that's not bringing us rain. it's bringing us dry air.
5:38 am
winds shifting out of the southeast the should be dry. we got the red flag warning through the afternoon as the wind speeds come down we should see those weather warnings start to drop. so a few high clouds inland as this low tracks away from the bay area with patchy low clouds, then high pressure is going to build on top of northern california so our temperatures you can see in the seven-day forecast are climbing back up. areas south of san jose, 68 degrees. closer to season fan and in the north day. try valley in the low 70s f. you like 70s looks good approaching wednesday. >> i love 70s too. stripes and patterns were kick. 580 westbound, well bottoms as well. a smooth drive here through dublin around el charo. that's the overpass across your
5:39 am
green. you see it's congested on the live shot. it's not to severe but right in that area west grant line road off of the freeway reports of a crash. any disturbance could mean folks rereported or whatever they here on the radio is their interpretation out of the altamont pass. let's look at the toll plaza. cash lanes are starting to back up, these are between the hov t diamond lanes and the fast track lanes. you see the same on the left side as well. the build for the commute but no problems for the east shore fray. >> 5:39. we column breaking news. several bomb blasts in cairo.
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>> ra breaking news in cairo where at least five people are dead, dozens of others injured and three separate bomb explosions in the city. right now it appears all three of the blasts were aimed at the police. for more on the violence right now let's go to tracie potts who is monitoring the situation live from washington, d.c. good morning to you. >> reporter: peggy, good morning. the latest since this happened earlier now we're getting word about 2,000 people clashed with security forces in the pyramid district not clear on injuries but we know bombs were thrown, tear gas, all of this after those blasts this morning, take a look at the aftermath. you can see windows blown out, there was glass, one of the buildings nearby had just undergone a multi-million-dollar renovation. it appears they were targeting police. the first blast went off at
5:43 am
police headquarters in cairo. four were killed. the second at a metro station, police cars targeted. one person killed there and the third one in the pyramid district, apparently no one killed in that. there were more than 100 people we're told injured and all of this, peggy, happened on the day before the third anniversary of the overthrow of president mubarak. now there are protesters expected to be out on both sides of what has become quite a volatile situation there in cairo. we're following that this morning. >> continuing to develop. thanks so much for the latest. >> 5:43. new details on the pileup that killed three people in indiana. officials say it could take weeks to figure out what caused the crash. it happened about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, shut down both sides of busy interstate 94 near michigan city in indiana. 20 people hurt, witnesses say it
5:44 am
was near white-out conditions and took officials hours to rescue people from cars. crews spent the rest of the night towing 30 tractor-trailers and cars off of the interstate. in quebec an absolute tragedy, officials there spending the rest of the day delicately picking through an iced over burned remnants of an elderly care facility. 30 residents still missing, that facility caught fire yesterday. five people have been confirmed dead. nine hurt. the town's mayor says many of the residents in this complex were in wheelchairs or used walkers, many had alzheimer's. >> to follow up to a federal judge approving the settlement of a class action lawsuit to term limit use of shackles on immigrant who is appear before immigration judges. the settlement only applies to the san francisco court. immigration officials will now avoid shackling immigrants unless there is a safety threat.
5:45 am
they will be shackled at a brief hearing where several appear along one another. edward snowden says he is not against spying but the us sus going too far. the contractor who held a live web chat from russia where he said coming back to the states would be the best resolution for him. >> it doesn't look like that's going to happen soon. he denies stealing pass words. he wasn't working with russia from the beginning. >> i don't think that there is strong evidence indicating that he operated with any foreign support. >> he ought to be returned to the united states and face those charges. >> in his live web chat snowden says he doesn't think there is any way he would get a fair trial in the united states. if you have a home security camera police may be knocking at your door. sam proposing a central data base where they would let the department know they have cam a cameras and are will be to share
5:46 am
cameras. >> the ability to provide immediacy to the department by letting them know there is a video camera nearby they can talk to the owner and ask for permission to use the video. >> the plan suggests discounts for homeowners who want to install crams. it will be on the agenda next week. >> experts say justin bieber's latest troubles could make him eligible for deportation. >> yesterday as you may have heard, he was arrested in miami. charged with dui, dragracing and resisting arrest and climbed on top of the car. he was released on bail he admitted to drinking, smoking pot, taking prescription drugs and is still being investigated for reportedly egging his neighbor's house in los angeles. the fact that multiple agencies are investigating beeb here is
5:47 am
canadian make it easier for officials to have him deported. >> interesting sming. getting on top of the car the way the fans -- i don't know about that. with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> we're seeing chilly temperatures. mostly clear skies and a few spots down to 3. 2 you can see that pool of blue on the map around sonoma county. the coldest by far around the bay area, 39 at livermore. 49 in san francisco. we do have offshore winds keeping temperatures in the 50s in the hills. and very dry too. you can see as the winds stay gusty. red flag warning not just the north bay hills but the east bay and south bay. this is going to continue through mid afternoon. elevations above 1,000 feet. dry and gusty at times through the afternoon, then by this evening the wind speeds back off
5:48 am
and we'll see fire langer decrease. a low spinds to the north. not a lot of paste, it is managing to pull high clouds which you'll see and patchy low clouds on the coast. into the weekend high pressure is going to build back and expand. that's going to lead to the warm-up and the seven-day forecast. especially tuesday and wednesday. inland starting to see the temperatures climb up. around the bay area we'll get high clouds, then maybe by this time next week, the long-range forecast next 7 to 10 day shows the jet stream trying to dip. notice by thursday and friday now, starting to see rain around the california board. er we'll see the rain line come back and give us some of that needed rain and snow. 68 in san jose. upper 60s. palo alto close to 68.
5:49 am
for the north bay you see those highs in the 70s. try valley seeing temperatures in the low 70s and the trend as we go through the weekend will be turning wofrmer. low 70s monday and the highs in mid-70s by the middle of the week. plenty to like there in that forecast. >> who doesn't like 70s and sunshine. >> this is 92 westbound. i took a wider shot. this is off the san taet bridge. there you go, you got company but a smooth throw. that's starter than our camera can see. that would be an issue but lanes are clear now. also 92 over to half moon bay. you know it's been crowded and you can't get a good shot.
5:50 am
great food and great visiting. a smooth flow across the dumb parten bridge. let you a look as we move the map to the south bay with the northbound, the first slowing up to 880. other than that. a slight build for 87 and the follow on 85 starting as well. looking to the tri-valley to the dublin interchange westbound 580 continues with the build out of almost and a slower drive down to value a see lus. a smooth drive as well. nobody with the headlights fast coliseum. you not no problem. the cash lanes backing up back to the end of the parking lot here. fast track lanes moving smoothly. we're going to see some lights might be turned on 15 to 20
5:51 am
minutes from now f. they don't likely not before 7:00. >> 5:50. today apple's macintosh turns 30. it debuted in 1984, retailing for $2500. that's almost $6,000 today. 50,000 were sold that year and more than 200 million over the years. featured innovation like a sleek look. at that time the mack used a miscellaneous. people had never seen a miscellaneous before. i got to tell you in the mcgrew house we had computers before the mack. back in 82. >> love to see that now. coming up an unexpected guest pays a visit to a cute unexpected case. >> speaking of cute, seth surry
5:52 am
got to stop no warrior has done for 20 years.
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. 5:54. a look at the bay bridge, we've got more good weather ahead. good morning to you. after being snubbed last season warriors star steph curry will start in his first nba all-star game. curry received more votes than any guard in the western conference, second for the west. curry is the first warrior to start in an all-star game since
5:55 am
latrell sprewell in '95. tip-off is february 16 in new orleans. >> good for him. now is your chance to own a piece of baseball history if you've got the cold cash. babe ruth's 1923 world series championship pocketwatch is going up for auction next month in new york city. the 14 karat gold time piece is expected to fetch about 750 grand. the pocket watch was thought to be lost for decades until it ended up in the hands of an east coast sports memorabilia collector. players who won the world series were given these instead of the championship rings. >> rings make more sense. you wear two rings. you can't wear several pocket watches. >> at the time the pocket watch was the thing to have. >> let's check in with rob. he's in for christina. >> pretty nice start to the morning. a little chilly. in the north bay, the valley, it's in the 30s, novato and santa rosa. 41 in san jose.
5:56 am
so south bay the numbers climbing to the mid-60s around lunch time. peninsula about the same. san francisco looking pretty good. mid-60s in the forecast. and it will be tri-valley upper 60s highs close to 70 degrees again today. >> we're looking at san jose. 101 starting to jam up at 680 to 880. the first consolidating to this portion. that's it for san jose. no incidents, they should start moving better. we'll look at fremont coming down in the south bay. a build for this traffic flow heading to mission boulevard. more crowded than the freeway. oakland to san francisco t backup for the cash lanes, no metering lights and a smooth drive for the fast track drivers. the southbound direction for 101, pick up company with speeds close to the limit. back to you. >> some people in southern california were visited by the unexpected but cute guest. >> this young black bear spotted
5:57 am
wandering in pasadena. a news helicopter tracked the bear. at one point we're told the bear even sniffed the windows of the news van. they locked the doors. he has been visiting since he was a cub. >> still ahead flames tear through a new home in the east bay.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> breaking news, three explosions in cairo targeted at police. new details about the deadly aftermath and why today's date may be influencing the violence. >> the search for a boy accused of killing his teenage sister. we have the family's public plea to their son just ahead. >> and new this morning, a fire
6:00 am
with a secret stash inside. what firefighters found when they went in the house to douse the flames. >> don't let the chilly temperatures fool you. we're on our way to possibly more record breaking highs along with high fire danger in the forecast. a look at that when we come back. >> trying to get to the mavericks, there may be an issue, a problem getting to the competition. we'll show you the traffic coming up. >> and we have a live look outside at san jose. it's friday, january 24th and this is "today in the bay." >> good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. breaking news for you in cairo. three blasts have gone off each targeting police. the latest struck a police station near the famous pyramids. a car bomb targeted the headquartersam


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