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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 28, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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i'll have your full forecast, let you know when showers are slated to hit your rooftop. >> it's a light drive now, scott, but we're looking at the latest report whiches that combination of big rig fuel tanker and sparks. i'm tracking this down with chp. >> i was eager to make a correction. i think i saw something that wasn't right on that one sketch. we'll take a look. live look outside, tuesday, january 28, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. happening now police on the peninsula looking for a missing teenage boy with autism. christie smith live in belmont at the school where he was last seen. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. police and the sheriff's department looking for tyler edward simmons, checking the high school that he attended which is close by where we are
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but also this middle school, ralston middle school. this is where he was last seen yesterday. he is 6 feet tall, 140 pounds with brown hair and green eyes and a thin goatee. the family showed pictures of him last christmas. they are scared. they want him home a. custodian saw tyler at the middle school around 7:00 p.m. yesterday. and contacted the family. they looked for him, they couldn't find him. then they called police. now, there is additional concern here because he has autism. tyler is a student at carlmont high school and lived in belmont until about 18 months ago, then moved to fremont but still attended school here. normally his dad would pick him up at the library. he went there yesterday but couldn't find him. he was wearing a gray zip-up sweater, black jeans, a black beanie, white shoes and this may stand out he had on an orange back pack also he had with him a
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nintendo ds and dell lap top computer. it's possible that he may have had some sort of dispute or disagreement with his parents and that's why he may have left but of course they want him home desperately. and again, the search continues for him this morning. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. it's 5:02. president obama putting the final touches on his state of the union address. but he'll be hard-pressed to satisfy his constituents. peggy bunker joins us with the new poll numbers, showing how dissatisfied the people are. >> good morning. talk about a lot of pressure here. some call it the president's last chance to turn things around. the pressure is on for him to address head on the public pessimism about what our government has or not been able to accomplish. poll numbers show the president will address the country with a 43% job approval rating. very tough. tough number to rally the country on and they get worse, take a look at these recent nbc news poll numbers which show a
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huge level of dissatisfaction. 68% say the country is stagnant or worse off since the president took off. 31% say we're better off. 6 of 10 think the country is headed in the wrong direction and a huge percent of americans, 70% action are dissatisfied with the economy. the most telling a whopping 81% disapprove of congress. so not just the president taking heat here. so the numbers are what make tonight's speech one of the most important of the president's career, on a brighter note bay area will be well represented tonight. the first lady is hosting three people you'll recognize in her viewing box for the speech, keeping wake-up the tradition of hosting extraordinary americans for the state of the union. first up is mayor ed lee who will have a prime viewing spot next to the first lady, and v.p. wife joe biden, now the white house does not say specifically why mayor lee has been chosen but like the president he is an advocate for immigration reform and minimum wage increases. also stanford grad jason collins
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in april became the first openly gay player. also joey huddy. you may not know his name yet. he is 16, he is the youngest intern ever at intel. he calls himself a maker. he is famous for attending the white house science fair at 14 and introduced president obama to the extreme marshmallow cannon he designed. he is a huge proponent of science and tech education. he got the intel internship, his motto is don't be bored, make something. so well deserved seat for tonight's speech. >> a 55-year-old. first lady will have heroes in her box tonight. carlos and jeff were the two men in the image taken on the day of the boston marathon bombings. carlos is there in the cowboy hat rushing jeff to safety.
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jeff lost both his legs in the attack but from his hospital bed played a vital role in identifying the bombers. since the attack the pair have become close friends. that will be nice to see. also joining the first lady, fire chief gary byrd who managed the team looking for survivors after a tornado hit moore, oklahoma. the night byrd promised to comb through every piece of property at least three times before calling it quits. the tornado killed 25 people and damaged more than 1,000 homes and businesses. we of course will have full coverage of the state of the union address starting at 6:00 tonight. we'll also stream the speech on line at the come accused of using a job at pet snoort commit a crime spree will be in court. they will attend a preliminary hearing this morning. kirk worked at the pets hotel in
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san carlos. police say she used her knowledge of when people were on vacation to plan at least eight burglaries. they have pleaded not guilty. >> police have released a sketch of a man accused of exposing himself to a group of cheerleaders in a high school locker room. a person looking like this reportedly walked through the girls locker room at south san francisco high, naked. police say the man made eye contact with several of the girls and then lext he has not been seen since. investigators say she white, 45 to 50, 5'10" with an average build and a pot belly. >> people in the south bay could soon have to tighten water use. bob redell joins us from the lexington reservoir with a look at the low water levels across the bay area. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the santa clara valley water district can't force its water customers here to cut back on
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their water use but the board can certainly ask. and that's what the board is expected to do at its meeting tonight because the water levels are low. the lexington reservoir behind me is at 30% capacity. this is video of the almaden reservoir south of san jose, you can see the soil there is parched, cracked. that reservoir is at just 3% capacity. the district wasn't going to consider this voluntary reduction until spring but because there has been so little rain they decided to move it up for consideration tonight. the board expected to ask its customers to cut back by 10%. that's 10% which is actually on the low side when you consider that other bay area water districts and the governor are requesting 20%. >> our plan looks at the water supply that we have available, all our different water sources, and with those calculations at this point it looks like what we need locally is a 10% reduction and then as things go on in the
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winter that might go up. >> 10% reduction means using about 20 gallons less each day. if you were to cut your shower by roughly 5 minutes that would save 20 gallons right there. it should be noted though the south bay reservoirs are low, the ground water supply is in fair condition. calfire also taking measures to deal with the dry condition, asking homeowners to cut back on dry brush and maintain 100 feet of defensible space around homes. why is that request so unusual? because cal fire doesn't usually make that request until the summertime but here we are in january with conditions that are typical of august. reporting live at lexington reservoir, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we all have to make a difference. thanks so much, bob. a quick shower is tough. two minutes? >> as early as we get up sometimes it's that fast. meteorologist christina loren has joined us with a look at the
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forecast. a little bit of rain ahead. >> yeah. actually it's looking pretty good. i can tell you right now i've been watching this system that's going to come through for the first week of february and we're talking about the storm window as far to the south as big sur. we're fair game for two or three systems. really that's all it takes sometimes so yeah, it's looking okay at least for now. 52 in livermore, 49 in san jose, something i like to do, turn the water off as i'm brushing my teeth. that's a good time saver. excuse me water saver for you. you don't want to save time brushing the teeth. 3 minutes. 67 at 4:00 in san jose. we head throughout day it's going to be nice so. you know, thanks for waking wake-up us every morning aus know these showers are something that i hold near and dear to my heart. i'm watching them every time the model runs come out. it's looking good. yesterday we didn't have a good handle on things. today much better. today san jose and san francisco, starting on wednesday here in san jose it's going to
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be mostly cloudy tomorrow. a little bit of activity. we're going to get showers starting tomorrow in san francisco. the main event arrives on thursday morning so keep that in mind. wet commute, mike and i will be here to guide you through it. then on friday residual precipitation. and we could be measuring between a quarter of an inch to maybe an inch and a quarter in the higher elevations. we need that rain so desperately at this point. we're looking good and hey, it's not unusual to have an active spring here in the bay area. we could see showers go well into may. and june as we've seen so. keep that in mind. i can tell you right now they try to get the hurricane forecast right every single season. never get it right. and those are the the best guys in the business so i can tell you right now, well, they get it roughly right it's never an exact science. we're still looking okay. i'll keep you updated. here is mike. >> i will forecast slowing at some point in some part of the bay area. that we can be sure of. we're looking here, 101
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northbound, this is right at 680 and we're looking at the area because i heard about some cans and bottles spilled off the back of a truck. i haven't seen anybody swerving or diverting their flow of traffic. we'll continue to watch this but watching north 101, i marked with it the arrow toward the 680 interchange. and again we marked that debris no. crashes so far but we want to avoid that. southbound 880 at 101, the interchange where we had the report coming to chp about a big rig fuel tanker described as dragging something behind that tanker with sparks. that's not a good combination. no follow-up as far as the calls. chp has not found anything. the tri-valley now, we'll look at the live view past the peninsula at palo alto 101 northbound with the taillights an easy drive here into san mateo and san francisco. back to you. >> 5:11. tickets to the dalai lama go on
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sale. he will give a talk focusing on organizational life, ethics and compassion at santa clara university. the talk will feature lloyd dean t ceo of san francisco-based dignity health. tickets $130. officials say that price covers direct expenses of the event and neither the city nor the dalai lama will take home a profit. >> it's 5:12. we'll tell if you the marriages during the grammy awards were the real deal coming up. >> plus, federal regulators now investigating after reports of brake failures involving toyota camera hybrids.
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>> welcome back everyone. it's 5:14. federal regulators are considering issuing a recall of certain camry hybrids. dozens of drivers have complained to the national highway traffic safety administration about power
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assisted brakes failing in gas electric hybrids. regulators are investigating and the probe covers -- a toyota spokesperson says the automaker is cooperating with investigators who will determine if a recall is necessary. >> angry postal workers outside two bay area staples stores to protest a deal between the u.s. postal service and staples to offer mail service. the postal union is angry the sites will be manned by staples employees, not post of workers. under the deal the staples-run post offices will be open for longer hours and on sundays. protesters will be outside the staples on van ness in san francisco at 10:00 and staples on burrnell road in san jose at 4:00. >> to the market as pair of bay area companies will issue earnings reports after the bell. redwood city's electronic arts will announce earnings. the company's battlefield 4 had
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so many technical problems future games were delayed so the bugs could be fixed and we'll see if that affects earnings. yahoo! will announce earnings today, the company's revamed its website and mail accounts still trying to figure out how to make money out of ads. we see how much they made this afternoon. also, apple announced iphone 5 sales topped more than 51 million over the holiday season. the company posting a modest profit growth less than hoped. morgan brennan live at chnb with the dele tails. good morning. >> good morning, scott. watch apple shares today. they dropped 8% last night, the company reporting quarterly earnings that beat forecasts, apple sold 51 million iphones but analysts were expecting a lot more. as much as 54 million. sales fell in north america, also projecting sales short of
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wall street estimates. ahead of the opening bell futures are mixed after another down day for the markets on monday. the dow closing at 6-week low t index having its worst five-day losing streak since april 2012. invest terse will look for the demand for big ticket dushl goods and consumer confidence and earnings from comcast, the parent of nbc universal. dupont, ford and pfizer. the dow falling to 15838, the nasdaq losing 44 to 4084. back to you. >> thank you much. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren right now. you've got a lot going on. >> yeah. good news, great news. a lot of people have been suffering from allergies because it's so dry, so this will help. we have showers coming on shore. very light activity at this point as i zoom in you can see mostly marin county not a lot of action south of the golden gate bridge. i'm watching this cell that developed right over the bay bridge. so travel cautiously there. we're looking pretty good with for today. this is called prefrontal
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precipitation. usually it comes in before we get a significant cold front in the bay area and that is what we're expecting as we head throughout tonight, tomorrow and really the main event comes through wednesday night into early thursday morning. we really need the rain. it will impact your morning drive. 54 in san francisco today, we do have soupy conditions out there as that system comes in count on plenty of low clouds, fog developing especially in the north bay. later on we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds and a nice finish to the day. let's get to your microclimates. there will be significant separation. it's going to be warm later on today. in the south bay you need your jacket till about noon with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s until that point los gatos 66 degree, along the peninsula same deal as yesterday. a mix of sun and clouds. mostly cloudy the first part of the day. the sun will come out for the second half. in san francisco temperature thes on the cool side. you'll likely need that sweater. in the north bay a nice looking day even with showers on the radar. we're slated to hit the mid-60s,
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the east bay is looking good. more sunshine today than yesterday. we're getting word of that atmosphere mixing t gray clouds won't linger over the east bay and the inner bay throughout this afternoon. out in the tri-valley plenty of sunshine and temperatures approaching 70 degrees. so as we head throughout day, we'll see that drizzle subside, sunshine and 60s on the way. getting into your wednesday the real changes arrive. this is the day you want to dress for winter, have your umbrella ready to go. and you're going to use it. work that umbrella out on thursday morning into friday. we have that cold blast and widespread rainfall headed our way. this is a first system that's going to come through. tuesday, 6:00 a.m. you can see prefrontal precipitation, we get a nice day today, clouds will clear out of here throughout the second half of the day, then as we meet back here tomorrow morning look at this, showers on the radar spreading south in sonoma county, as we progress throughout wednesday and then as we head through overnight wednesday into thursday, the heaviest rainfall comes through. i stop that clock for you at
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5:00 a.m. thursday morning look at this. getting some of that moderate rainfall right where we need it right along the peninsula where people suffer from allergies. that will spread into the south bay by about 8:00 a.m. and then high tail it out of here which is good news because we've got more on its tail. we're going to see another round of rain early friday morning, then another round on sunday. let's check your drive so we're looking good in that delaware how are we in your department? >> we're okay so far. when the rain comes in it will be an issue. the oil has had a chance to settle so. we're going to be watching that as you know. this is west 580 a good amount of traffic as you approach, the off ramp here, westbound toward el charo or eastbound not a problem. the map shows the same thing. the speed sensors, the dublin interchange. overnight road work cleared so 84 is open. it was closed. a little slowing through livermore but the bigger issue a stall in lanes 505 at 20 -- 580 at 205.
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that might cause slowing. we don't see much of a change though. and there is your typical flow out of the altamont pass. the rest of the east bay light now as you approach the bay bridge t east shore freeway, through the caldecott, no delays and the toll plaza, a live look out there we see no problems for the cash lanes, just the pause to pay. a nice drive into san francisco. a look at the north bay, a little more company but no problems here south 101 through san rafael. back to you. >> thanks very much. new this morning the ukrainian frim minister stepped down hoping to stop violent protests calling for his resignation. right now there is an emergency session of parliament as lawmakers decide whether to scrap harsh anti-protest laws recently enacted. the laws are partly responsible for the flare-up in violence. protests by the pro western opposition started two months ago when the ukraine president stopped a planned economic treat we the european union and accepted financial help from russia. protesters are still calling for
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the president's resignation and they vote for new leaders. >> fans remember american folk singer/songwriter pete seager this morning. his family says he died last night in a new york hospital. seager best known for songs like "where have all of the flowers gone" and "turn turn turn." still marching in the new york city occupy wall street protests in 2011. he was 94 years old. >> a lot of people talking about the mass wedding ceremony we showed at the grammy awards. many wondering if it was the real deal. >> turns out it was. yahoo! reporting that queen latifah is sworn in as a commissioner for the state of california, giving a few days to perform the weddings before the commission expired. all of the 33 couples were told to show wake-up a marriage license in hand, after latifah signed all of the certificates. >> it's 5:22. why super bowl win by the
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seahawks would give one california university a very special honor. i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome. that's the doctor i want. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive.
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5:25 now. the winter games in sochi just nine days away and there are a lot of great stories to look out for. such as this man who will represent mexico on the ski slopes. he will compete in the slslolom. the first games 1984, he's competed in cal agree, lillehammer and vancouver. so doing it in style. >> to the super bowl where if the seahawks win it will be a special win for one california university.
5:26 am
university of the pacific in stockton no longer has a football program but it does produce super bowl winning coaches. if pete carroll wins he would be the third from there to win a championship. if you count offensive and defensive coordinators. >> we'll see. want to check the forecast now. meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you. i'm watching these showers coming in and you know, they are looking pretty good. you can see from this picture of the embarcadero it's still dark and we don't have enough low clouds overhead to really get in the way of your morning drive yet. we expect some of those to develop like we had yesterday. right now looking pretty good. let's check your drive. >> rain ahead, right now we get a break and this is north 101. we're seeing a little more traffic flow. it's not a problem at the limit 101 at 680, that clear camera shot shows you clear roadway.
5:27 am
we had reports of a truck dropping bottles and cans through the area but again, haven't seen other follow-up in the last few minutes. over from the east fwa san mateo bridge getting more company. back to you. >> 5:27. the president preparing to give his state of the union address. why capitol hill republicans say they already have their response mapped out. that coming up in a live report. >> a convicted sex offender arrested after allegedly walking onto a south bay school campus. the quick thinking that kept him away from students next.
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>> the search continues for a bay area teen with autism who spent the night in the cold. where police are focusing their search. >> plus, water worries a number of bay area counties are taking action. >> good news, showers on the radar to tell you about this morning. mostly north of the bay area. but we're going to sock to the that drought.
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i'll let you know when the heavy rainfall moves here into the bay area. >> and i'm tracking fremont, we have one crash, two vehicles and nine tire, i'll explain the count coming up. >> let's take a live look outside this morning. what a pretty glow over the south bay overlooking san jose. it's tuesday, january 28, this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. happening now police on the peninsula looking for a missing teenage boy with autism. christie smith live in belmont at the school where he was last seen. >> reporter: good morning. scary when any teen is missing but as you said tyler simmons also has autism and police are saying that he's developmentally equal to an 8-year-old. he was last seen here at ralston middle school overnight police did have dogs, they had that
5:31 am
sheriff's department helping to search for him. tyler simmons is 16, 6 feet tall, 140 pounds, with brown curly hair, green eyes and last seen wearing a thin goatee. these are pictures that his family shared from last christmas. he was last seen wearing a gray zip-up sweatshirt, black jean, black beanie hat, white shoes, and he was wearing an orange back pack. he also had a dell lap top computer and purple nintendo ds game player. a custodian spotted tyler at ralston middle school last night around 7:00 p.m. he contacted the family. the family searched, had no luck. about an hour later they called police. tyler attends carlmont high school, lived in belmont till about 18 months ago. that's when his family moved to fremont. but tyler still goes to school in belmont. normally his dad would pick him up at the library after school before 5:00 p.m. between 4:30 and 5:00.
5:32 am
this time he wasn't there. as you can imagine, very upsetting, the family wants him home. dog teams have searched for him. investigators don't suspect foul play. they think he may have had a disagreement with his family and may have led him to walk away. everyone wants him home safely. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> 5:32. officials want to talk to anyone who came in contact with a registered sex offender caught trying to get into a south bay school. theodore lorigo allegedly showed up at the day school in december. police say he usually dresses as a woman but looked like a man that day. the head master says lorigo said he was interested in the school for his kids but didn't have an appointment like most families. he left when asked but was recently arrested for being a sex offender on school proxt the megan's law website shows she registered as a sex offender in
5:33 am
2001 after he kidnapped a child under the age of 14. >> the b.a.r.t. officer shot and killed by a fellow officer will be remembered today. b.a.r.t. officials say sergeant tom smith was accidentally shot by another officer while they were searching an apartment in dublin. the public is invited to pay its respects for sergeant smith tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 at the chapel of the chimes church in hayward on mission boulevard. a funeral will be held tomorrow at 10:00 at the neighborhood church of castro valley. >> south bay homeowners could be asked to cut back on water use because of the drought. bob redell joins us from the lexington reservoir with a look at how low the water levels are across the bay area. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you laura. they are low enough that the district is going to be asking its customers expected to at least, to cut back on their water use. the santa clara district can't force its customers to do it but
5:34 am
they are going to make that request or expected to at their board meeting. the lexington reservoir behind me, talking about how low it is, it's at 30% capacity. take a look at this video. looks like something from death valley. that parched soil and cracked ground is from the almaden reservoir south of san jose where it's now at just 3% of capacity. the district wasn't going to consider this reduction until the spring but because there has been so little rain they decided to move it up for consideration to tonight. the board is expected to ask its customers to cut back by 10%. one customer we spoke with doesn't think that's enough. >> i think that's the minimum. it's clearly been a drought. we haven't had rain for months. so we need to cut back. >> reporter: cutting back by 10% means using about 20 gallons less each day, cutting your shower by five minutes. for some comparison 10% is what
5:35 am
the district in the south bay is asking. other districts in the bay area even the governor of the state requesting 20%. should be noted though the south bay reservoirs are low, the district tells us that the ground water supply is in fair condition. cal fire also taking measures to deal with the dry conditions. it is asking homeowners to cut back on the dry brush and maintain 100 feet of defensible space around homes. you probably wonder well, we hear that all the time. but not until the summertime. that's what make this is request unusual. here we are in january with conditions that are typical of august. i have a bad feeling that meteorologist christina loren is going to confirm there's not enough rain on the way to change that soon. >> got more after good feeling to be honest with you. we're going to see action, bob. i love hearing that report. just to put things in perspective for everybody. march 2011 the lexington reservoir was over flowing into a spill way so it goes to show
5:36 am
all it's going to take is about three to five systems and we're talking a different story. we have really big deficits to make up, nonetheless we're still looking okay at least for the next two weeks. that storm system is going to stay to the south where we need to the be. that's where it's been missing. as a result the east coast has been stuck in this really brutal cold winter pattern. they are going to get that ridge of high pressure over there so they will be able to warm up as we're starting to get more of a normal pattern for winter in the bay area. that is really, really good information as long as we're still in the drought, conserve water. it's always a good idea whether we're in a drought or no. marin county getting light activity. as i widen out most of the bay area starting out dry. that's pre-frontal precipitation. that's not all we're expecting. the heavier stuff arrives throughout tomorrow and especially on thursday. but for today, you might want to grab a light jacket, maybe a hoody if you are waking up with us in the north bay.
5:37 am
we'll see the steady drizzle for the next few hours. and as a result you'll hit the mid-60s out in the north bay later on today. so let's get to the good stuff. future cast agrees with me at this poychblt i'm able to show you with the graphic how that storm window is going to affect you where you live. we stop the clock tuesday, 6:00 a.m., you can see here are showers moving into the north bay. that pre-frontal precipitation will subside. then as we head through tomorrow the storm track starts to dig to the south. you can see that here wednesday at 6:00 a.m. getting that moderate precipitation just to the north of sonoma county. it moves in by about 11:00 p.m. on wednesday. remember, the seven-day forecast shows you what this cold front is going to do to your temperatures. throughout all of my broadcasts, let's get this thing moving, we stop the clock for you heading through 5:00 a.m., look at that, moderate rainfall. that could potentially bring about a half inch of rain right along the peninsula. we need that rain. it's also going to potentially produce up to two feet, that's
5:38 am
right i said it, two feet of powder above 7,000 feet in tahoe. it's the snow pack we're concerned about. at 8:00 a.m., all of that rich moisture moves in so as long as this maintains its organization we're looking good but that means you and i are going to be busy again. what are you tracking now? >> right now we're tracking a build for fremont for 880 with the visual here, the live camera. those are the headlights heading south. no problem for the speeds. the sensors showing at the limit, toward mission boulevard. 880 and 680. mission itself slows a bit heading from 680 over to 880. the arrow at the bottom of the screen, north 680 approaching scott creek road. we had the pickup truck and a passenger vehicle there reportedly got into a trash. the truck swerved after reportedly hitting a tire so that's the nine tire there is, two vehicles in the center divide. we don't know where the tire is. chp has to check it out.
5:39 am
880 north a smooth drive fast coliseum. picking up the company for both directions of the nimitz but close to the limit throughout downtown oakland to the san mateo. back to you. >> thanks a lot. 5:39. president preparing for his state of the union address and it is expected to include a major announcement regarding minimum wage. we'll have details 18 live report. >> new video in, why these people are lined up outside a business that doesn't even open until tomorrow morning at 10:00.
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president obama will face a divided congress tonight when he delivers his state of the union address. peggy bunker joins us with a preview plus a new poll just out that shows how much of a challenge the president is actually facing. good morning. >> good morning. boy, you can't underline that
5:42 am
enough. some call this the president's last chance to turn things around. the pressure is on for him to address head on the public pessimism about what our government has or has not been able to pleasure. poll number shows the president will be addressing the country tonight with a 43% job approval rating, that is a tough number to rally the country on and they get worse. this recent nbc news poll which shows a huge level of dissatisfaction. 68% say the country is worse off. 31% say we're better off. 60% of americans think the country is actually headed in the wrong direction, and a huge 70% of americans are dissatisfied with the economy. most telling a whopping 81% disapprove of congress. so those numbers are what will make tonight's speech one of the most important of the president's career. and in fact, before the speech has been made already republicans are ready with their rebuttal. we turn to tracie potts in washington, d.c. boy, a big night for the
5:43 am
president. >> reporter: it's a big night for republicans too because this is going to be their chance to get their message out that they don't think this administration, this president, is working for the economy to help the health of the economy of this country. you are right, they have written three responses from the republican party, we'll hear that tonight after the president's speech. there is already an ad by the rnc on line t the republican national committee questioning why people would want to watch when the president is going to say the same thing he said last year and the year before. they pulled snippets from the addresses from the last two years, where he repeated some of the things that he wants to do. their message this president is all talk and no action. >> i at least want the american people to understand that while this president enjoys giving speeches he doesn't actually enjoy following through on his promises. it would be nice to hear how he is going to put all of these speeches into action. >> translator: white house is hoping that criticism won't be
5:44 am
valid after the president speaks. we'll hear what republicans have to say immediately after the president's address. >> boy, this is amazing already speaking out before the speech has been made. thank you so much. we'll be very busy there tonight. on a brighter note the bay area will be well represented at the state of the union. the first lady is keeping up with the tradition of hosting extraordinary americans in her viewing box. and mayor ed lee will be one of them. he'll have a prime viewing spot for state of the union speech, the white house did not say exactly why mayor lee had been chosen but like the president he is an advocate for immigration reform and higher minimum wages. next to the first lady will be jason collins who in april became first openly gay player on a major american team sport. and in the box is joey huddy. you may not know his name but it's likely you will. he is 16 but when he was 14 he did this. famous for attending the white house science fair where he introduced the president to the
5:45 am
extreme marshmallow cannon he designed. he is the youngest ever intern at intel. he got that after the ceo noticed him at a science fair, offered him a job there on the spot. joey's motto is don't be bored, make something. great advice. >> thanks, peggy. we're going to have full coverage of the president's state of the union address, our coverage starts at 6:00 with brian williams, we'll be streaming the state of the union on line at happening now, millions are bundling up against the cold winter weather including fast falling snow, frigid wind, in ohio a perfect example of the extreme weather, high winds and snow creating something i've never seen, snow rollers. people bundled up in chicago all the way down to houston where icy roads are making travel dangerous. officials asking people to be
5:46 am
mindful of the propane shortage. and conserve even though demand continues to soar. the deep freeze in the midwest has caused problems, it's created this t spectacular ice caves out of trees in wisconsin. they are accessible by foot for the first time in five years because of the cold temperatures. made the ice thick enough to support the people who visit and say it's worth the strenuous hike to see these. >> back to the days of studying stalactites and stalagmites. >> which is which? >> stalactites. >> i phone two friends. i'll go with that. >> yes, there is a chance. will you verify that. let's get to that. pretty sure that's how i remembered it. it holds tight to the ceiling. i could be wrong. 52 degrees, i don't like when i am. livermore 51 in oakland and 54
5:47 am
degrees in san francisco. so we've got a great looking start to the day, temperatures are not that cold. and we got plenty of low clouds circulating around the bay area. as you know the fog, low clouds don't stay stationary. fog on your morning drive. san francisco is nice and clear over the embarcadero to start the day. let's get right to. today temperatures unseasonably mild again. very close to seasonal averages, in downtown san francisco it's 64 degrees. but you're going to bypass that in the east bay about 10 degrees. so upper 60s headed our way there. throughout the remainder of the week, the real changes come into play. so let's get right to it. this is what you can expect. today a.m. drizzle. at the coast, up in the north bay, you do have something to protect your nice clothing as you head out. tomorrow, the major pattern shift begins. that front arrives as we head throughout tomorrow night. means we're going to get soupy
5:48 am
conditions before the front arrives so count on showers tomorrow especially. areas around san francisco north of the golden gate bridge. thursday into friday t front moves into the south bay. in the south bay we could pick up a quarter inch. that's what i'm looking at. that's the ball park i'm figuring in for this thursday. the storm window opens up and it's looking good to get significant rainfall. especially as we head throughout your thursday. so let's get right to it. a little bit of soupy conditions, a soupy trend all the way through about 6:00 a.m. on wednesday, then the front comes through and look at this, it organizes on its way down to the bay area. 11:00 p.m. wednesday, showers start, that all moves to the south as we head throughout 5:00 a.m. thursday. that means when you hit the road on thursday morning it is going to be slick. that will continue into the heart of the commute. showers pressing into the south bay and look at all of the snow on the way to tahoe. we'll have a live report from tahoe tomorrow as this is coming down.
5:49 am
we really need it. ski week, two weeks away. what are you working with in >> possibility of skiing perhaps. we're looking at a nice drive though, a smooth drive for palo alto, 101 north toward san mateo no delays south into the south bay. look at the map. bay shore, 101 and 280 move between san francisco and the south bay. pretty predictable. and also predictable, slowing north 101 up to 880 for the first start for the south bay. 87, 85 and 280 will follow. you travel northbound, building here and into silicon valley proper. we're looking toward the east bay and the tri-valley. a smooth drive at the dublin interchange. 84 really starting to slow then around your build out of the altamont through livermore. again a big smooth drive here once you get naft into the east bay, the castro valley y, a nice drive, we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the cash
5:50 am
lanes starting to back up for our traffic tuesday a bigger build off of the east shore freeway. westbound 80 and through the north bay, some slowing into novato into highway 37. and here in san rafael, you still are very close to the speed limit. >> thanks, mike. twin brothers are in jail in connection with a killing of a student. police say 18-year-old anh and duc tong stabbed the victim at a birthday party for his girlfriend. it happened sunday morning. however, witnesses say they are not sure which twin actually carried out the stabbing. investigators say richard phan was trying to break up a fight outside the home when he was killed. he was 22 years old. new video in this morning, dozens of people outside at livermore spending the night waiting for something more practical than concert tickets. buffalo wild wings opening a new restaurant in livermore today. the first 100 people in line get
5:51 am
free wings for a year. we talked to one woman, waiting since 4:00 yesterday afternoon. >> i'm going to get free buffalo wild wings. for a year. >> wow. you're going to love those wings. >> there you be. i want to throw in you're bright stalactites. yes. wings and stalactites. >> buffalo wild wings opens tomorrow at 10:00 too. >> outstanding. >> 5:51. how your insurance company could soon be covering the costs of your google glass. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
5:52 am
hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] add a u-verse wireless receiver today. ♪
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you are looking at a live
5:54 am
picture of times square in new york city. this is where media day will take place for the super bowl, my friends murf and mac are there. you can start listening to them come 7:00. the justice department has reached a deal with silicon valley internet companies allowing them more transparency when it comes to nsa spying programs. the deal is with google, microsoft, yahoo! facebook and linkedin initially, but could expand once it's approved by the koufrmt under the terms companies can reveal how often they are ordered to turn over customer information in national security investigations for the first time. however, they have to wait six months before releasing that information, and the disclosures must be in very general terms. tomorrow the house is expected to vote on a new farm bill, the poor would get less but farmers get their checks. the measure will cut back food stamp benefits by 1%. but the bill would also continue
5:55 am
to heavily subsidize major crops, corn, rice, wheat and t cotton. republicans say the program is spending too much but cuts are small enough that some democrats may support it. if the bill passes milk prices will remain stable, that new bill continues aid to dairy farmers. without that aid the price of milk would have doubled to $8 a gallon. >> california's egg law survived the fight over the farm bill. it means eggs sold in california must be laid by hens with enough room to spread their wings. opponents of ha law say california should not be allowed to regulate how other states produce their agriculture but the measure failed to make it through the final farm bill. >> so spread your wings little hens. google glass about to get more stylish. it's adding prescription frames and detachable sunglasses to the
5:56 am
goggles. google goggles. the frames will cost $225 t shades $150. right now they are only offered to a select group of people who are testing and creating apps for the device. google is working with vsp to subsidize the frames. google glass is $1500. my glasses are so thick i don't think that google could afford it. >> you look great in glasses. >> christina has seen them because we're close friends. good morning. >> can we say sex i lie librarian. if you wanted to get out doors and you know the rain is coming in today is your day. 67 degrees in the south bay, you'll see warm reading but it will be cool until about lunch time so pack that heavy coat. along the peninsula cooler day headed your way. we'll see a fair mix of sun and
5:57 am
clouds for the first part of the day. mid-60s there, low 60s in san francisco. with those low clouds burning off by about noon. in the north bay we're getting light drizzle but fair game for the mid-60s and sunshine for the second half of the day. east bay good, low to mid-60s. the same in the tri-valley except out in pleasanton and livermore you're going to get close to the 70s. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. >> 5:57. two farmers responsible for nationwide listeria outbreak killed doss are preparing to learn their fate. >> what we are learning about the search for a missing teen with autism who disappeared nearly 12 hours ago. these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors.
5:58 am
and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
5:59 am
tracking down a missing teen with autism. where investigators are searching right now. >> plus, bone dry reservoirs in the south bay, details on the urgent new plan to conserve
6:00 am
water during the drought. >> we hahave showers on the rad. temps are going to hit the 60s a. good looking day for outdoor plans. who could see over an inch. >> tuesday's traffic kicking in. we have a good build for the cash lanes. metering lanes should follow. we'll show you that build for the fremont crash as well. >> a live look outside, look at the beautiful bay bridge right now. spanning across the water on this tuesday, january 28th, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. happening now investigators are searching the area around a bay area school looking for a teenage wer autism. he has not been seen since yesterday a. staff member at ralston high school reported seeing the teen but hen'


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