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tv   Today  NBC  May 1, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, it's winesday wednesday. it's april 30th. we're so happy you're here with us today. it's a really happy day because it's a "little house on the prairie" reunion. >> people are busting. just to know the level of busting that's happening here, there happen to be some fans on the plaza -- >> yeah. >> one woman named her son landon. hi, landon. >> there he is.
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>> after michael landon. and they're freaking. they met some of the cast, and they're going to see the big interview later. so we're glad you guys are here. >> and michael landon jr. is going to be with us as well. >> very sweet. and if you love "veep" -- >> who doesn't? >> matt walsh. he's this tall, red-haired guy. he's so funny. >> the imaginary dog. >> it is so good. >> good news and bad news, hoda woman. >> what's the good news? >> the good news is that prince harry and his girlfriend, cressida have split. bad news for her but good news for all those girls, how to marry a prince, whatever it is -- >> the reality show. how you're going to marry harry. here's what you pointed out which is i think the best point. most people, look. this is the whole thing, by the way, the reality show where girls think that guy is actually prince harry. but he's not. >> yeah. >> so maybe the --
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>> they're rocket scientists. >> maybe the twist at the end of the show is harry walks out. >> he seems like the kind of guy that for a chuckle and a giggle -- >> would do it? >> yeah. he would do it just for the stupid fun of it. >> i think you made a good point. we're not so invested in that relationship. >> i made that point in the dressing room. >> but i attributed it to you. but it's true, though. we don't really -- >> yeah, i never saw them as a couple. we never heard a lot about them. i think because they're both so young. you get the sense from prince harry that he wants to sow some wild oats, if you know what i mean. >> for some reason, i keep picturing that picture remember when he was naked? remember? >> yeah. you were already in love with him then when that happened, you were over the moon! >> so we have some news about george clooney and his fiancee, amal. they did show a picture of the engagement ring. "people" magazine showed it. they said it was seven carats. that's a rock. >> apparently he helped design
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it. she's lovely. she's so elegant. >> before the proposal, he apparently traveled to dubai to meet amal's family. you know what's funny, and i don't know if this is true, but i read it on some website. >> it must be. >> the "daily mail," actually said it. they said she turned him down twice when he asked her out. >> yeah. >> and then said yes on the third date. what do you think of that? >> i think she's smart. everybody knows she's intelligent, but i think she's also smart. savvy, you know? i mean, who says no to george clooney? >> i know. >> that had to intrigue him. like what? >> what? everybody says yes to me. >> i'm george clooney! she goes, and i don't care. which made him go, my mother always said make them chase you until you catch them. yes. but i said to hoda, you would have gone out with him -- you would have said -- >> yes. >> -- what time and what do you want me to wear? >> yes. immediately. and to would everyone else except for amal who's the smart one.
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>> well, maybe she's seen, you know, maybe she's just not interested in celebrity. so unused to anybody in this world who's not interested in celebrity. that seems to be all people are interested in. and by that i don't mean talent. i just mean celebrity. >> yeah. tori -- >> the document. >> docuseries. it's about her life and divorce. it's been very painful, her separation, it's been very painful watching it. and if you watched last night's episode, the couple is in therapy, and her husband, dean, reveals some new details about the day he had a breakdown. let's take a watch. >> we're sitting here in the room where i had my breakdown. and i remember looking at that crack that day while we were waiting for the emts. i was thinking, i've got a window of opportunity here while i'm waiting for them to kick that out and just dive out it. and i sit here today looking at
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it. and i know i will not take my life. >> you have to understand that was not something i thought needed to be addressed or talked about because it is so [ bleep ] scary. so scary. you know? >> you okay? >> huh? >> you okay? >> yeah. i'm telling my story. >> that's what i love about you. >> i just want to make sure that you are completely comfortable because it's something you don't have time to talk about. >> wow. >> i'm so uncomfortable watching that. >> yeah. >> it's so painful to watch them be this public about it. i mean, yeah, we've all been through very, very difficult times in our lives. i can't even imagine if there had been cameras. >> right, right. >> i just -- i just -- i want them to heal.
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you know, i remember one time tori came -- she hosted for you one time when you were out. and she came -- i invited her to lunch. and i was not a fan of tori's. i wasn't not a fan. >> wasn't familiar. >> you know, i didn't know her, and i liked her on the show. and i said, what are you doing for lunch? would you like to come up to my house in connecticut? she ended up spending all afternoon. she and her assistant came up. i fell in love with her. she was so sweet, candid and lovable. i basically said to her, you know what, tori? i don't know what your issues are with your mom. you know what you should start doing? start texting your mother pictures of the children. that's it. you don't even have to put in any words with it. just -- she'll know -- so she gets to see her grandchildren, and things will start to heal. it starts with a little thing like that. but if she'd had cameras on at the time -- >> right, it wouldn't have. >> it seems manipulative. you don't know if it's for show or if it's for real. >> yeah.
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>> and i don't like to watch train wrecks. they make me so sad. >> the thing -- you know, the thing i took away from it, uncomfortable as it was to watch, he looks horrible. like he looks -- >> and he's a very handsome guy. >> first i thought, you know, he's kind of a jerk and he cheated. when you watch this guy -- and i mean, look, all my sympathy goes to her, but you watch him, you see a broken guy, clearly. >> this is the face of a guy who has addiction issues that he's admitted to. they are not separated, by the way. they're just trying to work through this. i mean, what a terrible thing. and it also does -- it's a window into him that i didn't know before. now, what difference would it mike if i know or don't know? who cares if i know? >> i just hope they're doing it just because they need the money because i do think that she could privately go to her mom. we know candy. and say mom, we are really hurting, and would you please help us out so we can turn these cameras off. i hate it when anybody has to do something just for the money. >> i bet you partly it's money and partly it must be something else. >> i don't know.
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god bless you guys, okay? now let's lighten it up a little bit. >> please! wow, debbie downer. >> by the way, "the voice," we should point this out, "the voice" has invited our program -- >> yes. >> -- to go there on monday and tuesday. >> yes. >> we are going to do our show in some fashion from l.a. on monday and tuesday and may even be present at "the voice" on monday night. >> can you tell that this is a plan in flux? >> it's working its way there, but we should point out that last night -- >> yeah. >> -- a couple of singers were sent home. so here's the bottom three. and only one was saved when the fans tweeted. let's see who you think was saved. let's take a look. ♪ ♪ crazy on you ♪ let me go crazy, crazy on you ♪
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♪ oh ♪ until we meet again ♪ and time makes it harder ♪ i wish i could remember ♪ >> okay. >> wow! >> i think the third lady is by far the finest vocalist. >> i liked her, too, that's kat from team adam. let's see who america saved because we don't know. >> america instantly saves -- kat perkins!
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>> all right! we were right. oh, my god! we were right! it's so exciting when you don't watch the night before. we have some great auction winners who are here and we want to give them a big hello. thank you for bidding on us. why, we don't know. >> it's a weird thing, but thank you. >> the cast from one of the most popular tv shows of all time, "little house on the prairie." >> here is the music. they're all back here together for the first time in more than two decades. we're going to catch up with them, find out what's going on right after this. hey, have you guys heard about probiotics?
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♪ that sure does bring back some memories, doesn't it? >> uh-huh. >> that is the opening of the hit nbc show "little house on the prairie." >> oh. it's hard to believe 40 years have passed since the pilot aired, and thanks to re-runs, the show's fan base has continued to grow across the globe. >> "little house on the prairie" aired for nine seasons and made the ingalls family a household name along with their friends and their neighbors and their enemies in the town of walnut grove. >> each week viewers were transported to a time when life was simple and family meant everything. and you can capture that feeling all over again with the first few seasons now digitally remastered in hd, by the way. >> and blu-ray. and they're all falling apart already! sobbing. please, people, you're professionals! hold it together. together with us for the first time, as we said, in over 20 years, the cast. the entire cast, melissa gilbert, karen grassley, melissa anderson. >> go slow.
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>> lindsay greenbush. dean butler. there he is. alison arngrim, matthew labyorteaux and michael landon jr. welcome, everybody. >> what was it like, you guys, watching that clip? >> well, i got tears in my eyes. first of all, i'm sitting here with these three daughters, really for the first time since michael's funeral. >> wow. >> and then to see them come running, and this one following me just kills me. i'm not really that sentimental. >> we heard you don't even really like a lot of people. just kidding. let's go down the line, melissa. right after she started, you started. >> yeah. well, i'm a crier anyway and also incredibly codefendant. it's a very emotional experience.
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especially because we were all together for so long, and it was such an intense experience. and we were a family there. and to see it all again and to see it the way it was originally -- the way it was meant to be seen. >> because you were 9 when you started? >> i was 9 when i started and 19 when it ended. >> how old were you when it started? >> 11. >> so you guys grew up there. did that feel like your childhood home when you look back at it? >> it did. the set to me was like a warm blanket, you know. paramount studios at that time. it really felt, you know, i remember going in after lunch in the warm lights on you. i don't know, there was just this setting up a scene, and it was very comforting was a great word, you know? >> did you get sick of playing the blind girl after a while, or did you love it? >> yes, i did. >> i just wanted the truth. >> i did. i've heard every joke under the sun. yes. >> i'm sure. you're such a good actress. a lot of people thought that might be the truth.
2:23 am
>> i got letters from many blind people saying how nice of the writers to write it in. >> dean. dean. >> they listened. >> they listened to us. sorry, sorry. sorry. >> send the letter to dean. >> he did not mean that in any negative way. >> nothing derogatory. >> you know. >> sorry. >> lindsay, what do you get asked the most about the show? >> probably if it was me or my twin sister that fell down the hill in the beginning. >> who was it? >> my twin sister. >> but it was one of them running? one of them falling and the other one, you know, continuing on? >> yes, yes, it was. it was. so my sister did it first, and she fell. and then they wanted her to do it again, and she said no. >> how old were you guys then? >> 3. >> oh, my gosh. >> good for her, standing up. >> even then.
2:24 am
>> it wasn't staged, you know, it just happened, and it was so adorable. they said oh, keep that. >> there were wire flowers put in. >> there were? >> yes. >> i think we did trip over them. >> all michael landon's fault is happened, right? >> he was a prankster. indeed. >> so's this one, really. him, too. >> maybe it's the time right now that we should ask. everybody said that he was like the father to everybody on the set. did you sometimes think, well, how come my father's so late at the set and not home with me? >> you know, the great thing about the series, though, is the hours that my father set. >> yeah. >> it doesn't happen anymore, but he was home for dinner. >> he was? >> yes, yes. >> that's unheard of. >> yeah. >> our set wrapped so that everybody could be home, the crew, everybody could be home
2:25 am
for dinner at 6:00 at night. >> indeed. >> there are three hunks in the back, obviously, but our backstage pass people were dying to meet both of you, heartthrobs in the back there. what kind of reaction do you get? >> fermented. what do you miss the most about it? >> i just think it was a magical experience to be part of something that has touched people in their hearts. >> yeah, it really has. >> for so many years. now, in watching -- none of us would be here today without michael. >> yeah. >> having brought this thing to life. and for me as an observer of it, to come in, i came in the sixth season. we're here to celebrate seasons one and two, but watching it all develop, watching this one grow up. everything. the world. >> we're going to take a tv break. your segment is all next. >> yeah, yeah. bring it. >> after the break.
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we're back now with the cast of "little house on the prairie," reunited for the first time in more than 20 years. and it is now time, everyone, that you've been waiting for. alison is in the back, also known as nellie. did people -- and i read this -- did people, strangers, walk up to you and instantly dislike you, harm you? >> still. >> still? >> yes, still. it's quite difficult.
2:30 am
i was pelted with a cup of orange soda, ironically, in the hollywood christmas parade. >> that made worldwide news. >> they kind of now, it's all the villains, people kind of love the villains. now people go, i loved hating you. >> did you love playing that kind of a role, the mean girl? >> god, i loved it! >> of course you did. >> see, i want to see the dvds because i want to see hi-def when her first goes into my face. >> i want to see that. >> have you all seen the new -- >> i haven't. >> i've seen pieces of it. >> it's supposed to be fantastic. >> it is more beautiful -- it is more beautiful now than it was when it was new. >> sweepingly beautiful. >> sitting back there, handsome. >> tell us a little bit of trivia, hoda, in between. i didn't know. share, please, what you were sharing with us. >> i think die-hard fans who watched the show religiously would know that i played michael landon as a little boy in flashbacks to his youth.
2:31 am
they did one really sweet show where charles, his father, was sick. and he was reminiscing about his childhood. i played him, young charles. >> and how old were you at the time? >> i guess i was about 9. about 9ish, maybe 10. and then the next season they had an episode where ma met pa. i just rewatched it. my goddaughter, piper, is addicted to the show. >> you're kidding. >> so i still see them all the time. i just watched that episode again. and then i was asked to play albert, the adopted brother. >> "star wars" is doing it all over again. did you ever think for a minute, hey, let's all have fun together on the prairie? >> there's so many of us missing now that would be so strange for us. >> please, no more tears. >> no, i'm not. i'm not crying. then i'll cry and then we're done. >> but you know, it's fantastic that people are still interested. >> yeah. a whole generation. >> and i wish michael could see
2:32 am
what it means still. to people. >> we should go back to you, michael. what's it mean to you in your personal life to have your beloved father at the time, so beloved now? >> "little house" is by far my favorite of my father's work. the fact that like we're saying, it's still affecting new generations to come. it's pretty special. >> well, you guys, we can't thank you enough. >> what fun was it having you! thank you so much. >> it's all going to be available -- it is available. >> get it! >> right after your local news. we ran out of time. >> we didn't! it was perfect!
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2:34 am
welcome back to more of "today" on this winesday wednesday. ready to play "who knew." this saturday millions will tune in to watch the kentucky derby. we're going to test your knowledge and culture of the kentucky derby.
2:35 am
kathie lee is right across the street at the nbc experience store. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to anyone who gets the answers right. and to those who don't, wah, wah, they get a kathie lee cd. here to help me in studio is nbc sports host, carolyn manno. hey, girl. >> hey. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. thanks for having me. >> let's play. >> this gentleman's from missouri. the kentucky derby is one of three races that make up the triple crown. what are the two? the preakness stakes? the travers stakes and belmont stakes? the preakness stakes and belmont stakes? or the travers stakes and santa anita derby? >> the preakness stakes and belmont stakes. >> that's exactly right. >> oh, yes. we have our first winner. tell us about that. >> that's right. the gentleman knows his horse trivia. well, those are the two correct answers. and a shot at the triple crown really only comes once a year for horses, as you know. it's run by 3-year-olds. you get one chance and there's only been 11 in history and 50
2:36 am
have come really close. >> oh, really? okay, let's see what happens this time around. >> you know what's hysterical? right after this gentleman won, his wife just took it right from him. i love it. and you're from? >> illinois. >> illinois. which of the following is not the name of a horse expected to run in this year's kentucky derby? california chrome? wicked strong? intense holiday? or aristides? >> "c." >> enjoy the cd. >> she was so happy. to get that. the correct answer is "d," aristides. >> he won the first kentucky derby in 1875. the other three have a chance at it. although the one at the top of the list, california chrome, is the favorite going in. >> all right. back across. >> beautiful lady from valencia. what year marked the last time a horse won the triple crown? >> '62. >> she wanted it. she so wanted it. >> she looks kind of like kath a little bit.
2:37 am
so the correct answer here, caroline, is 1978. >> yes. and the reason why is because horses don't run as much as they used to, hoda. so what you'll see now, what you didn't used to see is that if a horse doesn't win, they might take the preakness or, and then they might show up at the belmont stakes. a horse that wins the kentucky derby has a tougher road today because he'll be facing horses who maybe didn't run in the preakness. seven out of those 11 horses really won the triple crown in the '30s and '40s and it hasn't been that way in a little while. >> got it. back across. >> the mint julep has been served at churchill downs for nearly a century. which is not an ingredient? fresh mint? simple syrup? bourbon? and rum? >> i'll say trick question, fresh mint. >> oh. >> i wanted the cd. >> wow. >> that's how badly she wanted the cd. that's love. all right, the correct answer, we could have figured this one
2:38 am
out, rum. >> yeah, but i like her style. she really wants to get after it at the derby, and that's okay. there's a lot of bourbon, a little bit of mint and a little sugar water and that makes up the julep. that's why it's so popular at the derby. >> everybody loves it. it's a good one. catch the 140th derby this saturday on nbc. we're going to show you how to choose the right frames from your face. and matt walsh is here. love it. but first, these messages. as a kid, i made a list of all the places i wanted to visit. i'm still not going to make it to mars, but thanks to hotwire's incredibly low travel prices, i can afford to cross more things off my list. this year alone, we went to the top of the statue of liberty... and still saved enough to go to texas-- to a real dude ranch! hotwire checks the competition's rates every day... so they can guarantee their low prices. so we got our 4-star hotels for half price. next up, hollywood! ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ save big on car rentals too, from $11.95 a day.
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matt walsh has a gift for making people laugh.
2:42 am
appearing in some of the funniest tvs and movies like "the daily show" and "the hangover." >> now he's the vice president of communications on the hbo series "veep," but sometimes he has a little trouble communicating. take a look. >> i have to take my call -- >> no. >> mcclintock, i have to take this! no! i'm trying to help you, you stupid cow. >> what did you just say? >> i might -- my dad called my mom a cow all the time. it's not bad. it's homey and friendly. i love you, baby. you're a cow. >> i love you, baby. you're a cow. you need a good laugh, just flip on "veep" in the morning and watch it all day long. you will wet your spanx. i'm sorry, you will. >> oh. i've never wet my spanx. >> you have not. >> i have something to look forward to. >> let's talk. >> do they make manx? >> they do.
2:43 am
>> we should point out that we're sipping something you brought us as a gift. >> i was offered a choice and it's vodka soda. that's my go-to. sort of light early morning cocktail. >> we wouldn't know. >> tell us about your character. >> as if you don't know. >> i love your character. >> hoda turns us all on to this. >> thank you for promoting "veep." mike mcclintock is the secretary for the vice president played by julia dreyfus. and he is a bit of a dinosaur. he grew up in the era where you could just sort of know the head of "the new york times" and "the wall street journal" where you could shut the story down because of those relationships. now because of social media, it's 24/7. he's trying to catch up and he's in over his head would be my description of mike mcclintock. >> the way you guys get along and the timing is sick. >> remember the pig roast? >> i love the pig roast. >> somebody else was talking about it. >> let's reference things that nobody knows what we're saying. >> exactly. >> that chemistry that bounces
2:44 am
around among the group, did that happen on day one or did it take work? >> we actually spend a lot of time rehearsing scripts. every season we'll spend four or five weeks throughout the season rehearsing scripts, putting them on their feet, improvising new lines and such. by the time we get to filming it, it's pretty tight. >> that's good. >> it's been tight. >> ultimately you save time as opposed, it seems like. >> we're not finding it on the day. we've kind of ran it a few times. >> i think that's smart. >> yeah, yeah. >> do you guys break up on the set? because some of those lines are so funny. >> the hardest scenes for me is when we're doing limousine scenes. we're driving to the capitol or something. >> there are a lot of them. >> there's a lot of limousine scenes. three people on one bench and three on another. it's very cramped. inevitably a cameraman is trying to make you laugh. those are the hard ones to not laugh during. >> did you think it was going to be such a big hit? >> no. >> julia's won three golden globes. >> i think she's won three emmys. somebody google that, please. don't we have an intern? >> there wasn't one when you started in communications.
2:45 am
>> no, there wasn't. mike doesn't know how to google. you don't google? >> i have googled. i'm just not interested. >> are you currently googling? >> i'm not curious at all about anything in the world. >> that's honest. >> that's honest. it's honest. >> i'm slightly not curious. >> yeah. >> we're so excited for you. i know, it's a bummer. >> i'll finish this and i'll be out. can i finish this or am i getting rolled? am i getting booted? >> sit with us. >> thank you. you can catch "veep" sunday nights on hbo. if you're taking, like, a long plane ride or something, if i end up going to l.a., i'll watch "veep" the whole way. >> or wherever it is. >> yeah, it's only half an hour from here to l.a. there's a little monkey business going on behind the scenes here. wait until you see what we're talking about. >> it's hip to be square or round or oval. how to choose the right glasses for the shape of your face right after this. avo: this is megan.
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this is megan's gym. for those who believe serious exercise doesn't have to feel so serious. one a day woman's vitacraves with key nutirents like calcium and vitamin d. all the fun of a gummy that's a complete multivitamin. in "today's style," glasses are the season's hottest fashion accessory. whether you wear them for fun or function, you want them to look great. >> it's all about the shape of
2:49 am
your face. and here to help you find the frames that are just a perfect fit is susan swimmer. that's her real name. >> uh-huh. >> fashion feature editor for "more" magazine. >> how are you? >> i'm excited about glasses frames. >> tell us why. >> yes, why are you. >> a couple reasons. it is a fashion statement, but more people are wearing glasses today. >> they are? >> yes. because actually, contact lens wearers report that they're wearing their glasses at least about 30% of the time. we have a longer allergy season. contact lens wearing is tough. >> we're working longer hours. >> yes. we're over-air conditioned and overheated. >> okay, susan swimmer. >> let's start with the shaped face. the first face is an oval face. >> you have an oval face, you want to introduce a little angularity to your face. so a square or rectangular-shaped glass is going to work better on your face. it's going to add angles. now, here's the trick. the glasses' frames should not be wider than your widest point.
2:50 am
so some people have trouble understanding. >> the jackie o. thing which was the big, big lenses? >> it's not best, although i love a full sunglass, i'm not going to lie. >> it's more protective. >> it also hides. >> these are great. >> you have an oval face. >> i do? i think people don't know what shape their face is. >> and you can get help with that. i will say lenscrafters has 900 stores and a great website. so you're creating angles. that's the takeaway for the oval. you have a little bit more of a round face. in between a round and an oval. >> that's just jowls. my heart, when you take my hair away, i have more of an oval. >> look at that. >> i know my face. >> and you're also -- >> those look good. own them. take them. >> okay. >> next one is square. >> next, square. you have a square face. you want to create a little more
2:51 am
softness. so you want rounder styles. >> okay. >> now, often keep in mind, the size of your face is going to impact the size of the frame. right? so if you are petite like, you know, if you're petite, you don't want this gigantic frame on your face, especially for glasses. i actually have an oval face. >> okay, let's see. >> yeah, those i don't like on you, i'm sorry. they make you look like -- >> they're the right fit. >> but watch these. okay, let's see. yes, much better. it works. >> keep these. >> square. you want to soften. and also, i just want to point out, we've got these pinks and blushes and nude color, which is a big trend in eyewear. there's a lot to choose from. pretty colors. >> round faces. >> a round face. again, you're going to want to create a little more angularity. you don't want teeny, tiny things. >> aviators. >> right, it's going to accentuate. >> what should you use? >> these are actually lovely. it's a square shape. because it's got the lucite, the
2:52 am
clear. >> those look crazy. >> totally crazy. >> we're just honest with you. >> no, no, no. >> hoda, those look good on you. >> look how smart you look. >> i do. i feel smart. >> she googles herself. >> when you're buying glass, they're now -- glasses, they're doing layers of color. >> i love that. >> so this is a dark frame, but do you see the interior is lighter. because some people, when they put on glasses, they are annoyed by the dark interior line for the peripheral vision. >> right. >> oh, dear. man down. so they're doing the lighter interior. >> i love those on you. >> i would love these on you. >> and you look great in green. >> they're not my favorite. okay. next. last one. heart-shaped face. okay. if you're heart-shaped, lovely and sweet as it is, your face is a little larger up top. so you want -- >> a beautiful shape. >> it is. reese witherspoon, classic heart shape.
2:53 am
you want to think about balancing a little bit. so you don't want a frame that's going to be too big up top. you don't want a heavy top line because then it creates that horizontal line. these, i don't have a heart shape. okay. also, cat eye. >> i don't like cat eye. they bring me back to -- >> but these cat eyes are a little -- >> let's try these on as we say good-bye to you. >> cute. good-bye, susan. it's a jungle out there and apparently it is here, too. >> yeah, things are about to get wild. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
2:55 am
so funny. >> oh, my god, in our "call of the wild," we're taking a trip deep into the rain forest. >> they make up less than 2% of
2:56 am
the world. but they're home to over half the world's creatures. and wildlife expert corbin maxey is back with some of them. and welcome back. >> wait a second. corbin -- >> he is not eating a marshmallow. >> this is a treat. we want to keep him occupied. >> tell us about this guy. >> this is a squirrel monkey, one of the smallest primates. isn't that great? >> is he full grown? >> he's full grown. these guys can be found in the rain forests of central and south america. >> he likes marshmallows. >> he does. he does. he would not -- he's excited, too. he would not find those in the rain forest, obviously. >> yeah. >> but in the rain forest, they would forage in big troops, up to 500 individuals. >> wow! >> size has nothing to do with intelligence, right? >> actually, they're very intelligent. they have the largest brain to body mass ratio of any monkey species. scientists think they're one of the most intelligent monkeys. >> does he like blue lollipops? >> i think that's for me, but yeah. >> okay. thank you so much.
2:57 am
>> i'm excited. >> this is going to be good. >> birds, and i hear you love birds. >> i love them. i don't know if they love me. >> they love her hair. >> a blue-footed amazon parrot. hoda, do you want to hold it? >> does he speak? >> actually, we are going to try. just say hi, hoda. say hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> can you say hi? >> hi. hi. >> hoda, you're doing a great job. >> he doesn't talk. >> hi. >> that is not nice. he doesn't speak. >> he might be intimidated by your hair. i'm being serious. they live in the trees. i'm being so serious. >> because it looks like a nest? i think it looks good. >> how do they communicate if they don't talk? what do they do? >> they actually have different dialects per flock. so they live in these family groups. each flock has a slightly different dialect. different language. >> bye. bye. >> hoda, are you sure you don't want it? >> we have a lot of animals to get through. >> a lot of animals. this is one of my favorite
2:58 am
animals. thank you, micah. >> this looks like a rabbit and a deer. >> this is a patagonian katy. they are actually a rodent. >> there you go. >> isn't that amazing? yes. he's only nine weeks old. he will get anywhere from 20, 35 pounds. they get pretty large. >> i can't believe this. don't you love to watch any little animal having a ba-ba? >> he's one of the only animals that's monogamous. they're monogamous. they stay in life partners. humans are not monogamous. >> oh, my gosh. get in there. come on. hey. >> you're putting it up his
2:59 am
nose. he doesn't like it. we're going to bring out the last one. >> kathie lee. because we just had a rodent on, he might bite. that's why we're -- thanks, guys, for leaving. >> yes. thank you all very much. >> this is an albino burmese python. i would let you guys touch it, but like i said, we just had a rodent. found in the forests of southeast asia. isn't that cool? >> i've seen a lot of them but not that color. >> that's an albino? >> it's an albino. a lot of people don't realize they are born out in the wild. a bird of prey, raptor, picks them up. >> vulnerable. >> they can get bigger. >> bigger than this? >> up to 20 feet, hoda, weigh over 200 pounds. >> what do they eat? >> monkeys, pigs and deer. >> look at the monkey! corbin, you rock. that is some kind of crazy. take care of yourself. tomorrow, we have a big show, don't we? >> yeah, tony and emmy-winning actress suzy kurtz is with us. >> plus, the tech gifts for mother's day. and tomorrow is thirstday
3:00 am
thursday. >> get the snake. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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