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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 1, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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right now at 11:00, a heat wave blanketing the bay area, as we give you a live look in san francisco and san jose. a big dome of hot air is bringing temperatures to near record highs. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon in for peggy bunker. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. let's get right the to meteorologist christina loren. she got to be outside in san jose, where apparently it's already well into the 80s. >> and what a treat it is, you guys. what a beautiful day. well, since you're not out there in it, you're likely in the ac of your home. but what you'll notice behind me, it is really hot out there. but i want to draw your attention to these increasing
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clouds coming from the pacific. that, there, is a sign of onshore flow starting to take shape. and that's what we need in order to get those cooler temperatures. let's go ahead and tell you where we are right now and where we're headed, as we head throughout the day. look at that, san jose, climbed up to 81 degrees. the warmest spot on the map is livermore at 83 degrees. mountain view's at 79 and 73 degrees, even in monterrey. so, today is the last hot day, and then temperatures tumble. we're going to drop like a rock. as of tomorrow, and then we fall even more so as we get into that all-important weekend. so i'm going to come back inside now and join you guys. because i definitely put on rightguard this morning, but it just turned left. so on that note, i'm come right back in. >> i want to make sure you have sunscreen too. >> thank you. now to new developments. brush fire burning in southern california. crews making progress in their fight this morning. the thousand-acre wildfire in the foothills east of los
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angeles did not grow overnight. and it's about 10% contained. however, hot, santa ana winds are forecast to return. that forced officials to order nine schools near the fire to remain closed. yesterday's neighborhood evacuations have been lifted. temperatures in the area expected to reach triple digits. no word, yet, though, on a cause. >> happening today, thousands expected to hit the streets across the bay area on this may day. nbc bay area's christie smith live in san jose, where protesters will be out in support of immigrant rights. good morning, christie. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. well, it's a may day march and rally, but organizers just wrapped up explaining what it means to them specifically. and we're talking about workers' rights, but also immigrants' rights, setting off a day of action here in san jose, before they hit the streets for a march and rally, as they've done in years past, with support of labor unions and immigrant rights groups. one of their messages, they say, is they want to see an end to
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deportation. but also less focus, they say, on immigration status. one of the organizers at our lady of guadalupe church explained how they come together and the message she hopes people take home today. >> the reason why we, i think, we click together, is because as immigrants, it's really hard to have a good job or have a better job, have a better opportunity. we come here for american dreams, which means a good job or better pay. but without a legal status, it's really hard to get that. >> reporter: now, they say that they're expecting thousands of people to participate today, leaving from two locations at 4:00. one of them here, our lady of guadalupe church, the other at story and king. they're going to march and then meet up for a big rally at 5:30 at city hall. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, christie. new at 11:00, a victory for san jose city workers. this morning, the police
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officer's association says a judge signed a stipulated order, stopping further implementation of certain parts of measure "b" until next year. voters approved the signature pension reform two years ago. san jose's police union has argued that measure "b" was depleting the force. more on this story at 5:00. we're learning new details about a deadly explosion at a florida jail. investigators say the blast may have been triggered by a natural gas leak, a leak caused by heavy flooding at the jail. nbc's chip allowski has the latest. >> reporter: without warning, a gas explosion leveled part of the florida jail. >> it's pretty much complete destruction inside this facility. it was a huge explosion. >> reporter: officials say more than 600 inmates and corrections officers were inside the booking
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facility at the escambia count jail at the time of the blast. those injured were rushed to several nearby hospitals. most suffered broken bones and other minor injuries. rescuers worked throughout the night, digging through dprebris looking for anymore victims. >> right now the building is still so insecure that our folks cannot make entry to do an appropriate head count of the inmates, again, and we're looking, obviously, for anymore that may be deceased. >> reporter: officials now fear that building was weakened and a gas leak triggered during wednesday's heavy flooding. >> we'll have to do some investigation, but it would seem probably related. >> make everything look pretty and neat, like everybody wants out here. >> reporter: family members lashed out at officials over not knowing where their loved ones are or even if they're alive. >> you tell us where our kids are! we've got people who love them. >> reporter: a community frustrated and praying for
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victims of the blast, while investigators search for answers as to why and how it happened. we have new video this morning of serious flames slicing through a home in san jose. the fire started just before 9:30 last night. firefighters had a hard time just getting to it, because there was some type of clutter in the front yard, but they managed to save about half of that house. it all happened on foxworthy avenue. crews did have to call for backup twice. two people and their dog was inside that home when it started. one was burned on the hand, but should be okay. the cause of the fire is under investigation. an iraq war veteran is in the santa clara jail this morning accused of kidnapping two women and now we are hearing from parents of both one of the victims and the suspect. investigators say 23-year-old kenneth middlebrook kidnapped two women in two separate incidents in san jose and mountain view on sunday. each time, forcing them to drive
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around. in the case of the first victim, it actually started with her giving him a ride voluntarily, and then police say middlebrook demanded he get in the truck. >> he jumped on her and tried to choke her. so when he tried to choke her, she started screaming and screaming. >> the woman got away by ramming her car into the car in front of her, and when they pulled over to exchange insurance information, she ran. middlebrook's father apologized to the women last night. he said his son needs help, not prison time, after a tour of duty in iraq. >> he came back completely, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually devastated. and he even said, numerous times, he said, i lost my soul in iraq. >> middlebrook drove the women's car away from the first kidnapping and then two hours later, police say middlebrook kidnapped a 61-year-old woman, forced her to drive him around for hours. here you see pictures of him.
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all the way to amador county. he was captured shortly. we are learning new details about the 2012 murder of a millionaire inside his own home. detectives say three men barged into the home and tied up robby kumra and his wife and beat them before robbing the home. he was gagged with packing tape and suffocated before the burglars left. they found a purse and bracelet inside the house of one of the defendants. a woman is also charged in that case, accused of providing information about kumra's home to the robbers. the coroner has identified the pilot who died when his plane collided with another over the san pablo bay. 33-year-old david plum from sacramento was behind the controls of the single engine cessna. on sunday, the plane collided with another plane, causing the cessna to plunge into the water. the people in the other plane managed to land safely. the teenager who was able to
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stow away on a plane in san jose bound for hawaii did that just three weeks after the airport passed a federal security inspection. tsa administer john passtole faced tough questions from barbara boxer. it was a 15-year-old from santa clara who apparently made it over a fence and into the wheel well of a hawaii-bound flight. he survived. pistole says he's been working on this nonstop, but sjc was inspected and found to be in compliance with security requirements. though with 350 airports, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. >> their fencing was in fine shape, but as at least one homeland of security official said, show me a 15-foot fence and i'll show you a 16-foot ladder. there's no perfect solution. we try to buy down risk in a measured fashion that allows us to make sure we're doing everything possible. >> he noted there are a number
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of opportunities for improving security at u.s. airports, but without money from congress, it would be an unfunded mandate. well, still to come, a mother makes a disturbing discovery in her son's juice box. what exactly is that? and good morning, i'm bob redell. i'll take you live here to oakland, where the warriors will try to force that game seven and why is this place so loud? one of the loudest in the nba. and it's not because people are cheering on that, i know that's for sure.
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welcome back, everyone. a wisconsin mom found something pretty disgusting this her son's
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juice box. black and green mold. her son was trying to drink the juice, but it wasn't coming out, so she cut the box open and that's when she found the mold. shockingly, the juice was unexpired, but a tiny hole in the box caused that product to go bad. other incidents like this have happened before. kraft has taken action to change its capri sun pouch to have a clear bottom. now an exclusive investigative unit reports the city of san francisco on track to collect more than $3 million in fines for fare evasion, twice as much as last year, but some riders are questioning whether their citations were valid. tonight the investigative unit looks into complaints about broken machines, problems with the card readers, and plagiarized tickets. >> the ticket that i had was mostly blank. it didn't have an officer number, a street location, it was moving very crucial information in terms of the validity of the ticket. however, the ticket that was scanned and put on file with the city system was completely
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filled out correctly. >> how confident are you that these tickets are fair? >> i'm very confident. >> what's behind the spike in fare evasion citations? and your likelihood of beating a ticket on appeal. we'll investigate tonight at 11:00. turning our attention now to the warriors, who are playing in the playoffs live against the clippers tonight. it's a live look at oracle arena this morning. >> roar-acle, right. this is where we're going to find nbc's bob redell. we gave you a mission, find of why it's one of the loud test in the league. what'd you come up with? >> good morning scott and laura. the warriors say they haven't done a specific noise level test to see if they are, in fact, the loudest venue in the nba, but they do point out they have some pretty loud fans who for whatever reason, seem to be more committed to rooting the warriors from these seats. and take into fact, you look at
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the oracle arena, this large, circular shape, it is one of the only arenas in the nba built specifically for basketball. >> the acoustics allow it to reverberate in ways that help to support fan engagement. so you hear yourself. it's not dry, right? you hear yourself clapping and yelling. you hear the reverberation, which helps to continue to support that sort of behavior. >> that was the vp of digital marketing with the warriors, talking about a new technology that they've been testing here. it's technology that captures in realtime all the sounds of the court and delivers them to the fans, regardless of where they are sitting in the arena. now, kenny lauer, the vp, doesn't believe this has been done before. they tested it out for a few games last season, installed small microphones on the backside of the backboard, on the floor, and other places in the court and piped those sounds in special speakers aimed at the back five sections here in the court. and as you heard him saying,
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what the fans were saying to him was that it felt like they were really inside the game. and at some point, they could close their eyes, and that's the whole idea. they could close their eyes and see the game, even though their eyes were closed. and some of the sounds that were picked up, not so well, some of the players, sometimes they heard a little bit too much from the players. they couldn't hear the ball all the time, but they were able to hear the refs really well. and if you come back out here live, they were able to hear the squeak of the sneakers. and also, because they had some microphones a to the backboard, they were able to hear the swish of a net, which you almost heard right there. and >> what was that? >> three times a charm. wait, hold on, is this somebody calling from me warriors, they need a subtonight? >> no, just me, telling you your live shot's over. >> swish or the whiff? >> the whiff. >> the air, very good.
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>> tip-off's at 7:30 here tonight. fur one of the lucky people who got tickets, it is sold out. you can come here at 5:30. that's when the doors open. a free t-shirt, which you can see on all the chairs here. 19,500-some seats, almost 20,000. and they'll come here, hopefully in their eyes to see the warriors send this to game seven in los angeles against the clippers. otherwise, if the clippers win, that's it. >> oh, come on! >> it's the jacket! >> he's getting all breathy. did you notice that? >> we'll let you practice, bob. there we go! >> way to go, bob! >> all right, let's talk about the sharks. a live look outside this morning at the shark tank in san jose. fans will have to wait until next season for a chance at that elusive stanley cup title. >> heartbroken fans, they just poured out of the sap center late last night after the sharks run was cut short by the l.a.
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kings. the defeat especially hard to swallow this time around, considering fans were hoping for a sweep of l.a. just last week. . with a 5-loss, they became only the fourth team to blow a three-game series lead. fans say this is going to sting for a while. >> this is probably the worst. of all the years i've been come welcome this has got to be the worst. >> as a loyal fan, how disappointing is this? >> we're getting used to it. that's all i can say. >> will you keep hanging in here? >> i'm going to keep hanging in here. i've been a fan for many, many years, had tickets for many years and i guess i'm glutton for punishment. >> one of the guys in our newsroom says, sharknado? no, shark nada. many fans wondering what's next for the sharks, as major changes could be on the way. this is the team's tenth straight year making the playoffs, but no stanley cup title. >> every year you lose is pretty
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low, but it's the type of series that will rip your heart out. >> it's a missed opportunity, because there's a lot of good things here, but that's a devastating loss. >> it just, you know, it's just a tough pill to swallow right now. >> well, the team is going to take today off before eventually clearing out those lockers tomorrow. they're hurting. understandable. >> we'll get them next year. let's check in with christina, whose map is orangey red. >> i was loving just looking at that video of the ice. something about what you're looking at. i can tell you right now, looking at these temperatures, just be happy you're indoors. 72 at half moon bay. 73 in san francisco, warming rapidly in san jose at 81 degrees. let me show you, yesterday was really hot. and we were telling you the difference between yesterday and today would be some mild conditions, developing at the coast. meanwhile, we'll stay just about as hot inland. what you'll notice is, your coastal cities are running about 5 to 6 degrees milder than 24
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hours ago. so that cooldown is starting to kick in. we'll have to wait for it to really kick in in your inland valleys. you can see, it's a little hazy through here. happy to report, good to moderate air quality pb you can see at&t park, clouds increasing. none of those flags getting any pickup. that wind is going to increase off the pacific, as we head throughout the day today. that's really going to drop your temperatures. onshore flow, very welcome, very invited friend to the bay area. that arrives later on. 73 degrees as a result in san jose. 92 degrees in the south bay for today. another hot one, but this is it. we'll shave off about 10 degrees between today and tomorrow an area of low pressure comes through. that's going to increase the fog. ocean air transported all the way inland. temperatures drop by 10 degrees tomorrow and an additional 10 degrees as we get into your weekend. that's when it's really going to start to feel more like late spring here in the bay area. temperatures will plunge over the weekend, just to give you an idea, take a look at this. we're starting that five-day forecast at 94 in san jose.
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by the weekend, 74 degrees on saturday, 72 on sunday. there it is. and i feel better just seeing those temperatures. hopefully you two do as well. >> exactly. looks pretty cool. thanks so much. well, history at the new 49ers stadium has nothing to do with the team or construction. >> we'll show it to you, coming up next.
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even though it's not even open, history has already been made at new 49ers stadium in santa clara. not the first touchdown, but the first marriage proposal. >> just like the 49ers are going to go to the next chapter, this is the first place for us to start the next chapter of something great. will you be my wife? >> yes. >> is that a yes? >> i can't even say it. >> is that a yes?
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>> yes! >> now scott and sarah. sarah thought she was going for a tour of levi stadium and a couple other friends, but when she looked at the message board, it said, welcome sarah and scott and "marry me." a friend of the friend with the organization made it all happen. >> this is like a girl's dream, really, you know? like, you picture this day your whole life and it happens and i think we're still in shock. a week later, we're just like, is this real? like, i keep looking at my hand, like, this is the niners. this is the niners we're talking about, you know? >> yeah, so school. >> the couple is planning to get married in august of next year, to put that into football perspective, that would be right before the start of the 2015 season. >> maybe it should be right on the 50-yard line. >> we'll see. tonight is your chance to meet some of the south bay's olympic skating sensation, or one. >> san jose's own buledmunds wi
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take the ice with about 150 of her biggest fans. that event starts at 6:30 tonight. next sunday, edmunds will be skating in stars on ice at the s.a.p. center. quite a talent. well, coming up, what's in the water? the surprising discover made at lake merritt, that's after the break.
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it's pretty amazing, something you don't see every day. there was a bat ray in lake merritt. >> we have a picture here. you can see the california bat ray near the bottom of your screen. biologists say the ray could have gone into lake merritt simply out of curiosity, maybe searching for food, like shrimp or clams or snails. it probably won't stick around for very long. and in case you're wondering, how does a bat ray get into a lake, there is an inlet that connects the lake to the bay. >> pretty amazing. good shot, too. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00 and then we'll see you again tomorrow morning. >> with that cooling trend, right? >> can't wait for it. >> have a good one.
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