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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a zip lining accident leaves a bay area woman dead. this story new tonight at 11:00. good even pg. thanks for being with us. >> it was supposed to be fun. instead it is tragic. friends and family mourning a 20-year-old woman originally from santa rosa who died in a zip lining accident in hawaii today. the woman wasn't a novice, but a guide for the zip lining ranch where the accident happened.
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here with the details, and at this point, do we have any idea what went wrong? >> jessica, fire officials are trying to figure out what went wrong. she likely died instantly. the victim was an expert at this thrill-seeking activity. popular with many from the bay area who visit hawaii. on her facebook page, she talks about missing her friends in california but loving her life in hawaii and getting to work in the rain forest. she was working this morning when tragedy struck and fell 150 feet into a deep ravine. >> it goes through the gulbuddin hekmaty hekmatyar -- gulches, so so it made it difficult where the lady fell. it made it difficult so they had to carry her to the side. >> rescuers reached her but it
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was too late. the accident happened where she worked as a guide. tonight the company reased a statement that says, that the piiholo zip line ohana skress its condolences and sympathy to those involved in today's tragic event. we pesh especially offer our con dole y condolences to the family at this time. this is video from the zip line's website. the company offers tours, tree top canopy tours and what they call an extreme zip and climb adventure tour. the company says it's cooperating fully with the police investigation. this isn't the first time a zip line accident turned deadly in hawaii. two years ago a 36-year-old man died because a zip line tower
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collapsed because of weak isle. another person was critically injuried in that accident. >> a series of reports have been done on travel dangers in hawaii. if you would like to see reports go to nbc bay all you have to do is click on investigations. >> no such thing as a froe ride. san francisco is cracking down on people who skip on our their fares. but is it fair? some using the clipper card are questioning penalties. invest gettive reporter vickie winn looked into concerns. what did you find? >> a ticket will cost more than $100. just pay your fare and you should be fine, right? not so fast. there are sometimes questionable actions of fare inspector that can lead to tickets that should be tossed. >> buses, trains and cable cars carry a quarter million riders a month. among them, elli, an author of
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this blog post, how to fight the sfmta and win. it is the first to show you up when you google mta ticket. >> sometime two or three people e-mail me for help a day. >> she said when she boarded with her clipper card, it beeped showing a low balance. but the rules are that you can still ride even if funds are low so you can add them again. >> before i could do that an officer pulled me aside and said i was evading fare. she took a day off work to appeal hr ticket in person and finally got her $103 fine refunded for a reason she didn't expect. >> the copy on file was actually plagiarized. the ticket i had was mostly blank. it didn't have an office are number, no street information. missing crucial information for validity of the ticket. however the ticket was scanned and put on file with the city
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system was filled out correctly. >> does that happen often with your inspector. >> no. that is very uncommon. >> acting enforcer of mta. >> the clipper website has very clear instructions for what constitutes a tag that will deduct the appropriate fare. >> i'm tech savvy, yeah. i would not classify myself as not being tech savvy. >> start-up founder, says clipper reader machines are often broken like this one he he recorded on the n line. when they are working he is convinced they don't always register payment. >> there are different sound it makes. i don't know which ones to be honest. it is definitely a noise you normally hear. and i can't tell you like what is the difference is in tones to know if it is right or wrong. >> hillier was ticketed for not paying fare even though he said he tagged his card. the inspector even wrote a note saying, you know, didn't scan
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properly. and then he even wrote on the note saying that has a valid clipper card with $70 on it. >> the various excuses that people will give us. i would say that's probably the most common. >> you're not buying it in. >> no. >> still, he acknowledges the system has flaws. this rider made headlines when he was cited for fare evasion. because of a mechanical mix-up the reader machine said he hadn't paid even though his statement showed he had. >> in that situation, he gets a ticket. >> in that incident he did, yes. >> what do you say it riders who feel it is unjust. >> we certainly have an appeals process. >> don't you can't on that process. records show while 20% of citations were appealed last year, only 1% of appeals resulted in a dismissed ticket. and we found the number of riders hit with fines ranging from $100 to nearly $300 has risen every year since clippers cards were put in service. in fiscal 2011, inspectors, u
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27,000 fares violations were issued. this year 30,000. >> there are 20 officers over the past few years. >> do fare officers have a quota to meet. >> yes, there are standards you and that is five per shift. >> still can't keep up with the estimated $22 million sfmta says it loses each year from fare evaders. until that members shrink, riders should not expect much lee way from law enforcement. >> they could not tell us how much fare evasion tickets are appealed based on climbs the clipper card weren't working. still, the city stand biy by it system saying at any given time, 90% of the machines are working properly. >> thank you, vickie.
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if you have a tip, call or send us an e-mail directly to the unit. >> now the best ride home ever. can you feel or hear the excitement? more than 20,000 warrior fans leaving oracle arena. >> the talk of the town, warriors had to win to keep their dream season alive. and they did. jody hernandez is in hernandez. jodi, a lot of people will have sore throats going into work tomorrow. >> reporter: that would include me. nba basketball doesn't get any more exciting than this. look at the crowd. celebration is under way outside of oracle arena. the game went down to the wire. the golden state warriors have survived to play game seven in round one of the nba playoffs. take a look at how it all went down.
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with a one-point lead, golden state warriors brought the game home tonight and the crowd went absolutely wild. it was a nail-biting game. but the warriors poured it on in the final quarter. cheered on by a pumped up crowd inside oracle arena. that was more like roar-acle arena tonight. the crowd couldn't be any prouder. >> oh, my god, it is great. i'm just looking for game seven. in los angeles. yeah! it was awesome! >> it is incredible. >> oh, my god. i mean, what do you say. the guys were playing really hard. i mean, they played hard down to the wire. >> oh, my god is right. you are taking a look at the crowd here where again the celebration is under way. again, the warriors will now head to los angeles to the staples center to play game seven of the nba final playoffs,
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that's round one. it will be a do or die game now for both teams. there will be more highlights on the game coming up later in our newscast. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. glad you enjoyed the game. now we have more from the racism saga. the jenkins, resigned as president of the group's los angeles branch. clippers owner donald sterling had been tapped to receive a second lifetime achievement award from the group that was rescinded when the racist statements became public. officials are investigating how sterling was even if line for that lifetime award. given past legal settlements over his refusal to rent apartments to blacks and latinos. meanwhile, his girlfriend who recorded the comments said she didn't release the tapes. she gave a handful of friends a
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tape for safe keeping and they released the tape. she taped a lot of their conversationes with his knowledge. a special nba committee held the first meeting to discuss forcing sterling to sell the team. >> okay, here comes the weekend. here cups the cool down. our heat wave is ending. chief meteorologist has our friday forecast. good evening, jeff. >> boy, a hot one today. we got to 95. that did set a new record. the 92 setback in 1996. dropping down to 68, also, 68 in walnut creek and danville. cooler temperatures at this hour. primarily because wind shifted in a cooling direction. 5 to 10 miles per hour and take a look for tomorrow as you can see, we will be tracking this storm system overhead. that drops temperatures even more. full details for how much coming up in the next full forecast.
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>> see you shortly. sobering sight of just how bad our drought is. surveyors hiked to echo summit to measure the snow pack. this is south of lake tahoe. you can see, there is no snow to measure. just dirt. typically this area would be under five feet of snow this time of year. >> still ahead, severe weather and dramatic video a scary scene on the east coast. >> also haunting words hear heard for the first time. final audio recordings from missing malaysian jetliner. >> a local hero you have probably never heard of receives a national lonhonor. helping military families through tragedy. >> doing more than snapping pictures. new feature snap chat hopes will change how you communicate.
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malaysian 370 -- malaysian 3770, good night. >> a report led to new questions. the vietnam controllers did not tell malaysia the plane was missing until 17 minutes after it disappeared from radar. that's way too long. in addition taking another three hours before the malaysian military reported and tracked
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the plane taking a u-turn. it has been eight weeks and search teams have still not spotted any wreckage. >> new at 11:00, a bay area audited for her work with the aso. that shines a unique look at the uso. >> families travel it retrieve the bodies of their loved ones. >> the uso makes sure the families are not navigating the airport alone at such a difficult time. >> it is. for most of us flying is stressful. when dealing with the death of a loved one flying can be stressful. that's where the volunteers of the uso comes in. >> you've probably heard the announcement of the uso. the center is like a sanctuary. >> sometime or another, whether deployed, reserve, active, we are away from our loved ones.
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it is cool to have a group of people you can relate to. >> volunteers, like lee an thornton, run the center. >> she was just named the top uso member in the nation for doing so much more. >> thank you. >> it is enough it write a book. >> thornton helped coordinate special moments like homecomings for medal of honor recipient ty carter. and veterans visiting memorial in washington, d.c. she also serves on the members of the fallen response team. jeff herndon says military families who arrive at uso on their way to retrieve a loved onis body needs special care. >> quite frequently, we have families that just, you know, they can't even stand up really. they are so grief stricken. >> thornton holds them up. >> if they want to be quiet, we are quiet with them. if they want it ask questions and talk, listen to stories
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about their fallen, then we are there too. >> she also helps them navigate the airport. >> get them priority seating on the plane. put them in a comfortable waiting area rather than the gate. >> so far this year, she has rushed to sfo nine times to help grieving military families. thornton says it's an honor. >> i don't think so much of how it is difficult to go through it. i just think of every step of the by i'm helping another family. >> she has a big heart. thornton also has a full-time job at bay area police department. and she is in the running for the uso's global volunteer of the year award. we will bring live at uso, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. a sight it see. thankfully no one was injured. this street literally collapsed. >> amazing to see that.
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this is in baltimore. parked cars that you saw, just disappeared. the sidewalk and street collapse node a railway. the street is a block long. now residents could be kept out of their homes for more than a month. again, no one was hurt. >> scary to watch that. all right, let's throw things over to chief meteorologist for the conditions to make that ground just fall apart there, jeff. >> they had between 4 to 12 inches of rain in a short amount of time. that's the same storm system that hit d.c. that produced the deadly tornados that began on this past sunday. so that storm finally getting out of here for tomorrow. now take a lock at our own weather picture after upper 9 os, close to 100 today. something big coming back. that is pretty extensive in the pacific. and as that continues to build in for tomorrow, we are seeing temperatures continue to go downward. in fact, take a look now. anywhere from 4 to 7 degrees cooler at this hour. key is westerly wind kicking in
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right now. 10 to 15 miles per hour in san francisco. we will see more cooling as we head through out tomorrow's forecast. let's take you outside of the sky camera network. this time last night, 70s and 8 os on this view. right now everyone is dropping pretty much into the 60s. some of the biggest chill with relatively light wind is north bay. currently at 58. fog free in the east bay. high pollen in the peninsula and south bay checking in the 67. san francisco, onshore wind, currently fog-free. over the next 24 hours we will see onshore wind coming back and also areas of cloud cover. key thing in the forecast for tomorrow, the huge change that we're waiting on here, is high pressure. this is gradually beginning to push off towards the west and also weaken as that continues to fade tomorrow. it is going to allow onshore winds continue to build and cool front passing on buy. and here is what it will do for us. not only fog building but temperatures from 5 to 15
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degrees cooler beginning on friday. then by this weekend, possibility of showers off to the north. so let's he look at that cool front as we head throughout friday's micro climate forecast instead of upper 90s. 89 in san jose. more comfortable. still above average. still considered warm. 87 in saratoga. peninsula, san mateo, dropping into the 70s, partly cloudy skies in belmont. also down by 5 to 7 degrees to 84. san francisco, after low 80s near the pair port today dropping down to 73. even in the marina at 72. tomorrow, likely feeling like upper 60s. you may need a jacket by the end of the day if you're heading to sf. napa valley good to go with shorts. for tri valley, 88 in danville and mid 80s in walnut creek and
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pleasanton as well. storms keep missing us, part of the storm, way off north as cold front gets closer. unfortunately our much-needed rain breaks up. 15% of showers as we head through the upcoming weekend. again, even colder by sunday's forecast from the supper 90s today. check it out. south bay 72 degrees. east bay 66. and tri-valley expecting low 70s. saturday, in between day. by sunday, chilly for us. compared to today. >> yes. anything compared to today. makes it chilly. still ahead at 11:00, an unusual selfie that's gone viral. >> we also have jimmy. >> hey, guys, andrew garfield is here. plus marilyn, music from churches. we're on next. check it out.
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ingredients for life. taking down a dangerous
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security. microsoft alerted users about the bug over the weekend. it allowed hackers to use internet explorer to take over your computer p. experts say it could steal personal information and track your on-line behavior. according to a cybersecurity firm about a quarter of internet users were affected by this bug. snap chat, big with the teens, unveiled a new instant messaging service that adds conversation into the mix. you may remember, it made waves after turning down $3 billion offer from facebook last year. about 20 million people used the service. the added live video chat which lookses like apple face time, stays competitive with other apps. we are going back out live to oracle arena, after the break.
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live at oracle arena, wow, what a game. a nail-biter. so close, so close. then they pulled it off. >> yeah, you know, earlier today we talked about how this is do or die and warriors needed to play offensive basketball in
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order to force a game seven. they only turned the ball over eight times. that's how they got this done. fourth quarter action. biggest shot of the game. iguodala wined up from behind the three-point line and knocks down a triple. plus he's fouled. warriors go up seven. and that was a huge lead in the fourth quarter. clippers come back, cut it down to four. with 20 seconds left. missing a three. missing north three. finally, matt barnes gets a triple to fall with one second left. now .4 on the clock. curry at the line. misses his free throw on purpose. warriors get ball out and hang on and win 100-99. >> i'm proud of my guys. been an incredible ride. and now against the three-seed, two of the top ten players in the world, and future hall of fame coach, we are going to game seven in spite of all the sideline music.
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>> all right. let's talk a little football. very important draft coming up for the raiders pch pressure on gm mckenzie to produce results right now. today mckenzie said he was open to anything, including trading down out of the fifth overall spot. also closing the presser by saying, this year we will be better. all right, finally, sec makes the decision to stick with an eight-game conference schedule today. urging several pac-12 coaches who play nine games, david shaw said quote, if we're going to go into a play off and feed into one play off system, we all need to play by the same rules. but the big story here tonight, warriors. they force game seven with 100-99 victory. that game will be played at staples center on saturday. reporting live from oracle, nbc bay area. more news coming up after the break. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom, what happened?
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this didn't turn out how he he wanted it. one tough lesson on selfies from a squirrel. started with a teenager from maine. he wanted a selfie with the squirrel. he frame had up his phone, smiled and snapped a quick photo. that's when the squirrel went from being cute and cuddly to fierce. the critter jumped on his back and eventually went down his shirt. now to capture all of this was the teenager's mom who took these photos.
11:34 pm
we are happy to report the squirrel and teenager are doing just fine. >> oh, terrible. >> and mom probably said, don't get close to the skir el. probably an good idea. and he took the selfie with the squirrel. >> listen to mom is the moral of the story. >> classic. >> we have time when we wake up in the morning. how are we looking. >> 67 and clear. warming up quickly tomorrow but not as hot. can you see by 3:00 p.m. instead of 90s, upper 80s. plenty of sun to snap a a selfie. >> but not with a squirrel. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- andrew garfied. mary lynn rajskub. musical guest, chvrches. an


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