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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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treaty between ukraine and russia. no summer spike at the gas pump. in fact, prices are going down, way down. we'll tell you why, next. so are your temperatures, which is relief for a lot of people. eight to ten degree dropoff for today. temperatures tumble even more so for your saturday and then we've got that rain chance on sunday. lots to go over in your changing forecast in moments. and the changing commute this friday we expect a lighter volume. we see that in most spots, but the bay bridge, look, the metering lights are on and we'll show you the impact on the east bay, coming up. a live look out at the city this morning isn't that nice? it's friday, may 2nd, this is "today in the bay." a very good frooifriday mor you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> breaking news overnight the driver of a subway that slammed into another train this morning
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said he applied the emergency brake after seeing a stop signal, but the train did not stop in time. as many as 200 people were hurt when two trains collided in south korea's capital. all of the injuries were minor. this preliminary investigation indicates the train's automatic system and comes after the ferry sunk off the coast of south korea killing 200 people. since then, the government has been so heavily criticized. the country's prime minister actually stepped down. new video just into our newsroom of a town in eastern ukraine overrun with tanks and troops. ukrainian helicopter pilot ends up in the hands of pro-russian forces. it is the result of ukraine's first major assault against the militan militants. "today in the bay" peggy bunker joins us with the latest developments. >> this video just into our newsroom within the past 15
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minutes and under way showing the fight between ukrainians and pro-russian forces continues to escalate. the latest village to be affected is this one we just saw. you can see ukrainian troops here facing off with the villagers in the eastern region of ukraine. helicopters landing in nearby field while those tanks were surrounded by angry and fearful villagers. armed soldiers lined up alongside the road to retake this part of ukraine from pro-russian separatists. a third pilot, as you see here had to make an emergency landing after being gravely injured. this is reportedly him being removed from the wreckage and this is from a russian television station and they're rotting the pilot is now being held hosage. all this to fall from ukrainian territory into a russian one. setting up road blocks in their attempt to hold prorussian
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separatists back. this situationen ukraine will come to a head as president obama meets with german chancellor angela merkel to discuss the conflict in ukraine. it's not that the president will be applying serious pressure to merkel to impose sanks on russia, but german has such a close trade they get one-third of their natural gas from russia. merkel is also known to be very close to putin. her loyalties will be tested to the west or to russia. back to you. >> very interesting. thanks, peggy. the situation in ukraine could impact gas prices right here in the bay area in the long term, but, for now, we're seeing a big drop at prices in the pump. bob redell joins us live at a gas station in san jose. usually we see a price spike in may, that is not the case this year, it seems. >> an analyst with that says we have already seen the peak in prices and prices could drop significantly over the next couple months and we
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see the prices really get high and then stay at that level for a couple of months. but he's saying by july, the prices right now, let's see we're at roughly $4.17 go down to $3.80 a gallon which would be a great relief for people like this man and other people filling up. take a look at the average gallon of gas price in the bay area. from triple-a overnight. you compare that to just 30 days ago and you can see the prices have increased substantially 25 to roughly 30 cents a gallon on average. but this analyst with is citing a few reasons why he thinks we peaked. one, the price for a barrel of oil has dropped below $100 over the past couple of days. the price of wholesale gasoline is also down and then you got to look at the refineries. there haven't been any major issues with refineries when you
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had the major issues like shut down. that cuts supply and you have demand going up and prices go up and he hasn't seen any major issues. matter of fact, they're very completed in their maintenance and have their summer blends going. three factors combined is what led them to believe over the next several months we could see a drop of 40 to 50 cents a gallon. >> they always say that. >> it's definitely put a dent into what i pay each month. so, i fill up every five or six days, so, that's, you know, quite a bit of money a month. so, 50 cents would be good, you know. but i don't, you know, i got to pay anyway. got to go to work. >> now, analysts with admits he doesn't have a crystal ball and nothing
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is ever 100% certain. there are negative factors that come into play and totally crush his prodiction. let's say there is a problem with the refinery, that is one. if the weather stays unusually hot and we have a heat wave, you know, when the temperatures go up, there is more gas demand and what the demand going up, you'd see a possible spike in prices. so, right now we're averaging that $4.20, $4.30 for a gallon of gas here in the bay area. his prediction we could see, perhaps, $3.80 come the fourth of july. be nice. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell. >> sound like a road trip. where are we headed? time to check the forecast. san jose, san francisco and the san mateo bridge. temperatures actually dropping a bit today. but still be on the warm side. maybe just stay right here at home. right, christina? >> really nice this weekend as we continue that dropoff, happy friday, everybody. you made it to the end of the week and you made it through that heat wave. always makes things a little bit
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more difficult especially if you work outdoors or take the kids to work. i saw a picture of mike inouye picking his kids up from school in a suit. didn't look very comfortable out there. 55 in livermore and 5 to 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. so, we're headed towards a nice day. cooling clouds in san francisco and i want to show you this shot because it has a little bit of a shake to it. onshore flow is not only increasing. these clouds not only rolling in a lot faster at this point, that wind is picking up, as well. that cool ocean breeze will move all the way inland for today and that means here in san jose and we'll drop by 10 to 15 degrees on average. as we get into this afternoon, these are your highs for today. 85 degrees and down ten from yesterday in the south bay and 87 in the tri-valley and warmest spots in the east bay, that will be hot. not see a lot of the cloud cover and 76 degrees for san francisco and 87 degrees up in wine country. now, this weekend, we have some changes coming our way.
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temperatures will tumable. by next week, nice and cool. here's the deal, even tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week, temperatures are going to stay right about at average. so, once we get am to the cooler weather saturday and sunday. we're actually going to hold on to it, at least for a little while this time, mike. we'll keep you updated. >> i'm watching the temperatures and i like them. watching this over here. flashing lights underneath the palm trees indicating warmer weather. we have palm trees even on the incline of the bay bridge. this set of flashing lights and this disabled vehicle is probably the reason they turned on the metering lights. the backup over here and i was wondering over here because the traffic volume didn't look like anything unusual and unusually early for the metering lights to be on. same for the east shore freeway as we look at the map and slower drive and disabled vehicle you saw was off on the shoulder and minor distraction and not a problem and the backup at the toll plaza and span moves smoothly, that's the idea behind the metering lights. 580 into dublin off the
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livermore area and starts to slow there and no problems through livermore and nothing unexpected for the tri-valley there. the south bay starts to build, which reinstates inself north 101 from story road up to the airport and watch the coast and because there may be some fog along highway 1. live look in the slower drive and not so bad. things are more gradual around the bay. new this morning a person had to be taken by helicopter to the hospital after he or she was hit by a car and it happened on the off ramp of eastbound 580 to the east grant line road just before 3:00 this morning. officials say they're not quite sure why the pedestrian was on that off ramp but was hit by a car. the driver stayed that scene and is cooperating with police. and the extent of the victim's injuries is not clear at this hour. also new this morning, investigators are looking into what caused this san jose house fire. minor damage to the roof. no injuries to report. it happened this morning near
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campbell. we're told that the house is actually abandoned and no one was inside. and this just into our newsroom, san leandro fire crews knocking down an early morning house fire in about ten minutes. authorities say that home was vacant, as well. broke out 153rd avenue right out of 580 the cause of the fire under investigation this morning. 6:10, still ahead on "today in the bay" peninsula construction project is supposed to help business, but a grilled cheese restaurant says it's getting burned, at least in the short term. why he says he has no choice but to shut down for the summer. plus, sit down at levi stadium without having to throw your stuff on the ground. the storage solution on every new seat, we'll show it to you next. plus, that was a little hint of a new single from the king of pop. why michael jackson's duet partner justin timberlake was a
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no show for the debut of the new song. you're looking at the bay bridge this morning. that's a new shot for us and a pretty one at that. you can see the sunrise there, we'll check in with christina coming up in just a bit. got a story for nbc bay area investigative unit? call the tip line at 1-888-966-tips or e-mail us at
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here's a look at top stories. ukrainian security officials say two government helicopters were shot down this morning by pro-russian rebels. two pilots were killed. it happened as ukraine launched its first major offenses that have seized government buildings in the eastern part of the country. a south korean's subway automatic distance control center malfunctioned before the
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subway slam undmed into another train this morning. the driver said he did try to hit the emergency brake, but the train didn't stop in time. a positive jobs report for the month of april just released. the economy added 288,000 jobs. that is the most in two years. the numbers sent the unemployment rate plummeting to 6.3%, the lowest level in six years. a massive construction project, meanwhile, meant to help business on the peninsula is actually forcing one rest ron to shut down this morning. >> the melt says it's going to stop selling grilled cheese for now because the restaurant sits right in the middle of a construction zone between primrose and live outside and had enough of the parking shortage and the torn up street. >> good morning to you. they're just saying too much dust and debris outside and at least for now they're temporarily going to shut their doors. right on the corner here, the
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melt. and their motto here is grilled cheese happiness but lately there hasn't been much happiness at all. what's going on outside, ultimately, help all the businesses here welcoming environment. not welcoming at all for customers, according to "daily journal" the downtown beautification project actually started last april, but the founder said that in january the dust and debris outside was just too much, so, they're going to temporarily shut down. now, they say that they've seen less parking, fewer customers in and this is all part of a 16-month, $16 million project. you're going to see wider sidewalks, outdoor dining options, improved parking in the end and the mayor weighed in on this saying we've tried our very best to run a major construction project with as little disruption as possible. we all went in with our eyes open and knew this was going it be hard, but in the end, he's
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saying that everyone will be happy. i wanted to show you this, now that it's getting lighter. i don't know what you guys think, but it's going to be really fancy. it almost has a rodeo drive kind of look to it. for now saying temporarily they're going to have to shut down and then they will reopen when this project is done in the fall. reporting live in burlingame christie smith, "today in the bay." >> are they the only establishment that is shutting down? >> from what we heard around here the only one shutting down, we haven't checked in with others, still very early. what they're telling their customers to do at the melt is go ahead and the employees here are shipped to stanford and redwood city location. they are trying to make things work. as far as we know, the other businesses are staying open and we may check in with them a little bit later. >> and they are getting a chance to remodel a little bit themselves. looks like we're going to have
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to head over there for lunch when it's all done. >> christie, thank you. grilled cheese and happiness. >> i think it is delicious. the new levi stadium expected to be one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the country. >> but a little piece of plastic that some are saying could put it over the top. check it out. what do you think? fans just won't get cup holders when they arrive at their seats, but also hooks. the 49ers have added especially designed hooks to the back of every seat and the fans can hang their stuff off the ground the seat manufacturer told the niners it is the first time they received a request like this. let's talk about your forecast as we give you a live look at some of the boats at the south beach harbor near mccovey cove in san francisco. nice day to take the yacht out, if you are so -- >> we've been wondering. >> it's going to be nice out there today because we don't have a lot of wind, so, it won't be choppy out there on the
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water. 6:17 now. now, you just saw that clear shot over the bay. let me show you the coast side of san francisco in just a moment. quite the contrary, you can see all the way to the tippy top here of the transamerica pyramid in the background. you can see here from emeryville able to make out the entire city of san francisco. temperatures this morning are pretty mild out there. i want to show you live, though, what the golden gate bridge looks like. that fog is just swallowing it up entirely at this point and the next couple hours we will not be able to make out the tippy top of it here and this is our friend, this is our cooling agent for today. return of those cooling clouds, at the coast this morning and also our onshore winds are picking up. that westerly flow will carry that cool ocean breeze all the way inland for today and that means we will see a ten degree dropoff in your afternoon temperatures. as we get into this evening, sun will set at 7:56. a beautiful sunset expected for tonight. the reds, the oranges, photographers heads up and we'll see a mix of sun and clouds as we head throughout the evening
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today. no fog really impacting your morning drive. half moon bay still have five miles of visibility at the surface and keep tabs on that for you. patchy fog out there this morning. temperatures later on this morning warmer than average. average in san jose about 72 degrees and 85 for today and 76 in san francisco and then cooling back to average as we get into this weekend. temperatures are going to be comfortable for all your outdoor activities and just getting outside doing any gardening and anything you want to take care of before spring is finished. oh, it's going to be a great weekend to do so. 67 in the east bay tomorrow and, hey, comfortable conditions. people will be headed out to the east bay for the livermore wine country festival. tri-valley on the east side and 75 degrees and a booth out there and our own mike inouye would love to meet you on saturday. at what time, mike? >> i will be there about noon. it's not just a booth, it's a
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pavili pavilion. we have celebrations, you can throw a football for the night or throw a baseball for the giants. the earthquake display and kicking some goals and lots of stuff for folks to win out there. that's what the losers get. looking over here from westbound 580 nice smooth drive and there's a stall reported at airway and not a big problem, but look at the slower drive and showing the map and the speed sensors and same thing showing up here. over towards the dublin interchange and a little easier than you might expect coming out of the altamont. everybody is quickly getting over here and that is why the cluster is forming and over towards dublin grade and the castro valley wide. the south bay, we had an early start predictable for north 101 and the slowing sort itself out and a gentle build for northbound 280 and that's about it for the south bay, as well. the whole day looking really good aside from 580 which is slowing down in dublin. a smooth flow of traffic on both
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sides of the bay getting across the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge at speed and great flow of traffic to the bay bridge. bay bridge backup. we did have a stall reported on the incline just as you're getting there and moved off to the shoulder, but for the reason the car doesn't clear the bridge and a minor distraction and they turned the metering lights on because of that. they sped the metering lights off and backup at the toll plaza is getting better now coming off of the maze and no problems off the east shore freeway. back to you. today, a new album from michael jackceson is available r downloads. >> the first single and it's called "love never felt so good." it made its debut last night on the iheartradio awards right here on nbc. ♪ >> now, you can see usher actually danced on stage during the performance. that kind of surprised people because it's justin timberlake the vocalest on the song.
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take a listen. ♪ now we checked timberlake's schedule and he's in tour in europe which is why he didn't debut the song himself during the television show. >> a little mix of "beat it" in there. nice. 6:22. still ahead on "today in the bay." the warriors win and the crowd goes wild. we have the highlights after the warriors take game six to the edge to force game seven against the clippers.
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happy friday to you. cleaning out their lockers this morning. good get the brooms of a different sort. live look at oracle arena and that certainly wasn't the case late last night. did you catch the game? fans heading into work a little bit late. the warriors hung on by a thread to beat the clippers 100-99 and force a winner take all game seven on saturday down in l.a. with their backs against the wall, head coach mark jackson said his players lived up to that warrior name.
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>> i'm proud of my guys. an incredible, incredible ride and now against a three seed with two of the top ten players in the world and a future hall of fame coach, we are going to game seven in spite of all the sideline music. now, the warriors may have to go to game seven without big man jermaine o'neal he is expected to undergo mri on his right knee. there you see it. o'neal left last night's game early in the second period on a play some players are calling a bit dirty. he appears to lower his shoulder into o'neil's leg. right now calling it a sprain and we shall see. 6:26. still ahead, new job numbers just released. what it means for the economy just ahead. plus a ziplining accident in hawaii leaves a bay area woman dead. new details about the 150-foot fall next. right now we've been talking about the hange in the forecast this week. take a beautiful, live look outside. you can see the palace of fine arts there to the left and the
6:27 am
golden gate just the top of it there to the right. we'll look at that. all fogged in. what a really, a few days makes. it was so warm across the bay area and now that fog layer that christina was talking about rolling in to many parts of the bay area cooling things off. can san jose do quite as well, well, no bridge and no palace of fine arts but a pretty mountain range and a sun. we'll settle for that, back in just a minute. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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a bay area falls to her death in a ziplining in hawaii. you made it to friday, big changes coming to your forecast. that cooling kicks in today. ten degree cool off and slight rain chance and early next week cooler than average weather and we'll show you the numbers for your microclimates in a minute. an early big backup there and things are starting to change, as well.
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i'll explain why, coming up. and we have a live look at the opening bell, just got the latest job numbers. they're spectacular. 288,000 jobs added in the previous month, 6.3 on the unemployment rate, that is the best we've seen in a good, long time. don't expect all good news out of wall street. we'll talk about it coming up in just a bit. today is friday, may 2nd, "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the family of a bay area woman who died ziplining in hawaii are waiting for answers about what caused that accident. officials say 20-year-old trish was officially from santa rosa and lived in hawaii and worked as a guide at a ziplining company and he was ziplining when she fell 150 feet into a
6:31 am
deep ravinravine. by the time rescuers reached her, it was simply too late. >> go through the gulches and so it made it kind of difficult. where the body was, where the lady fell. >> now, still not exactly clear whether the line snapped or her harness became undone. this is video from the ranch zipline where she worked. the company said it is cooperating with the police investigation. uc berkeley is one of 55 universities nationwide under investigation for how it handles sexual abuse complaints. earlier this year, uc berkeley students and alumni filed a complaint accusing cal of keeping victims of sexual aaltin the dark about investigations and not adequately disciplining alleged attackers. uc berkeley is cooperating fully with the investigation and working to improve how it
6:32 am
handles sexual assault cases. just because the university is under investigation, it does not mean it violated the law. a number of other high-profile universities that were also on the list, including usc, ohio state, harvard, princeton and dartmouth. let's talk more about the jobs numbers, they were absolutely spectacular. 288,000 jobs added in the previous month. the unemployment rate plunges to 6.3%. we had such a terrible winter with so many blizzards that may be why we saw so many jobs this morning because simply they weren't being, made available earlier. now, wall street is going to take a look at this and wonder if the fed is going to get rid of easy money. keep in mind, strangely enough, wall street cares more about easy money from the fed than it does about the economy itself. so, don't necessarily expect.
6:33 am
a different set of numbers coming up from christina. sunrise over san jose. the weekend, is knocking. >> and you can come in. >> 54 degrees in san francisco. especially on a friday, we know we have a good-looking day to shape up. much cooler this afternoon and and that means we are going to see a much cooler day. in fact, we're going to see that ggb, golden gate bridge under the fog and as a result temperatures cooler for today. ten degree dropoff and gorgeous sunset this evening at 7:56 and our days are getting longer and our temperatures are going to
6:34 am
drop off. the reason why is because that storm track is returning to the south. we're going to talk about a slight chance for rain coming up in a minute and one more pretty hot day to get through and we're out of the 9 oz, thou0s. 76 in san francisco. comfortable conditions. headed out of town and 75 degrees on sunday and hit tahoe temperatures on the mild side and this is where you trade in the skis and snowboards for the bikes out there and great conditions in tahoe this time of year, as well. we progress throughout the weekend in the bay area, i tell you what to expect in my next report. you have to go to work, mike will get you there on time. >> folks a bigger backup and you might want to get going after you watch as much of this show as you possibly can. backup at the bay bridge because we turn the metering lights on early. not a lot of problem on the bridge. a stalled vehicle over at the
6:35 am
shoulder on the incline and swing the camera around in the next break and see if it is still there, but out of lane. turned the metering lights just to make sure they can keep traffic manageable past the scene and cause an early backup and sped up the metering lights because no problems as far as the flow of traffic and now a backup and just off the berkeley curve and little slowing through eastbound 80. over here in the tri-valley, look at this, we have sorted things out. the dublin interchange is the focus of the build and earlier stall and slowing through livermore and clear now through dublin as you approach dublin interchange and the dublin grade and eastbound 580 moving smoothly. and little slowing for hayward and southbound 880 and typical spot easy build for friday and san jose north 101 and we'll look at san mateo. come off the san mateo bridge into foster city. steady flow of traffic and no drama on the peninsula and aside
6:36 am
from that fog on the golden gate bridge, prepare for that and enjoy it because it is collar there. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. next week marks one year since three women managed to escape a cleveland home where they were held captive for a decade. this morning one of insurvivors, michelle knight, well tell her story on "today" show. she talks about how her dark past made her stronger and also using a model of her captor's home. she shows how ariel castro would hide the women when visitors came to the house. watch the entire interview coming up on "today" show. still ahead, an elaborate attack has been stopped before it was started. we'll tell you how police were tipped off to a teenager's arsenal of weapons kept inside a storage unit. can you imagine witnessing that? cars swallowed by a massive sinkhole. we'll show you more of this
6:37 am
pretty incredible video, just ahead. a live look at the eastern approach of the bay bridge. it looks like it will be a much cooler weekend. we'll check in with christina in just a moment. got a story for nbc bay area investigative unit? call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at
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two alaska state troopers including one featured on the show "alaska state troopers" were shot and killed in a remote village today. gabriel rich and sergeant patrick johnson went to follow up on a report someone had brandished a firearm in that village. no roads leading into the village and the troopers flew in. officials are not saying exactly what led to the deaths, but they do say that one person has been arrested. 6:40 this morning. investigators say they prevented an unimaginable tragedy after foiling a teenager's plot to kill his family and bomb two schools in minnesota. it all started with a tip earlier this week. police say someone reported seeing a suspicious person near a storage building. that turned out to be a 17-year-old. during a search of the storage building, officers found guns and materials to make bombs he planned to use in the attack. according to police, the teen said he intended to kill as many students as he could. people in baltimore living
6:41 am
on what used to be a city street may be out of their homes for more than a month. we first told you about this story yesterday morning, now, we're getting a look at the shocking video of the moment the street gave way. a near block-long section of the road caved in during the heavy rains earlier this week swallowing cars, street lamps and anything in its path. incredibly, nobody was hurt. city officials do plan to meet with people who live in that street. 6:41 right now. coming up, two helicopters shot down as tension rockets up in ukraine. gas prices going down just in time for your summer road trip. why your next tank will cost less than $4 a gallon. construction site is creating a grilled cheese shortage in one peninsula city. no shortage of beautiful weather this weekend. 8 to 10 degrees cooler as of
6:42 am
today. by tomorrow, temperatures will tumble stronger onshore flow and then we get a slight chance for showers. that's right, showers on sunday. we'll tell you the changing conditions for your microclimate in moments.
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but the military facing
6:45 am
stiff opposition from pro-russian forces. now, we are just learning flights are canceled today and tomorrow to and from moscow and kiev. "today in the bay" peggy bunker joins us with the very latest. peggy? >> the situation developing by the minute hearing about the airports, that is something that is brand-new. fighting in the ukraine is along the east coast of the country, the part that shares a border with russia making it the most vulnerable. today's deadly violence was the strongest attempt to put out separatists. the ukrainian video and helicopters were landing in a nearby field and tanks were surrounded by fearful villagers. all part of an opposition to retake this part of ukraine from pro-russian separatists. two ukrainian helicopters were shut down killing the pilots. a third pilot had to make an emergency landing after being gravely injured. this is reportedly that pilot being removed from the wreckage,
6:46 am
but from a russian television station and they're reporting that the pilot is now being held hostage. checkpoints will maintain control as ukraine. today at the white house this situation in ukraine will come to a head as the president meets with chancellor angela merkel to discuss ukraine to take a stand against russia which she has yet to do and huge economic implications germany has major trade and get one-third of their natural gas there and merkel very close to putin. her loyalties will certainly be tested to the west or to russia. important meeting there today, guys. we'll let you know what happens. also happening now, the search for the missing malaysian jetliner continues. next week officials will meet to figure out the next step in finding that jet.
6:47 am
now we're hearing the audio recordings of the flight crew right before 370 disappeared. >> malaysian 370 -- >> good night 370. >> a standard handoff. the malaysian government said the vietnamese controllers did not tell them the plane was missing until 17 minutes after it disappeared from their radar. experts say that's too long. eight weeks and no wreckage has been found. >> still so tragic not to know where it is. affect the perimeter to try to figure out how to improve security in response to that south bay stow away. swalwell asked to assess the pim perimeters and last month the teenager hopped the fence and managed to wander around the airport undetected and even made it into the wheel well of a
6:48 am
plane. in a senate hearing committee earlier this week a tsa officials say sjc passed a security inspection just weeks before the incident. swalwell the only california member of the homeland security commit e. 6:48. let's check your forecast as we give you a live look around the bay area. san jose and san francisco. temperatures dropping just a little today, but, aapparently, still going to be hot. good morning to you. >> but you know what, mid-90s compared to the mid-80s, bearable. bearable conditions. i know, we here in the bay area are so spoiled with some of the best conditions in the entire country and a return of spring-like weather. just one more day with temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees above average and the reason for the cool down, the fog developing at the coast and want to show you the live picture over the bay and not getting the low cloud cover there yet. tonight completely clouded in the san francisco bay as we get
6:49 am
a stronger onshore flow and finally as that storm track starts to come closer to the bay area, look at this this morning. our wind arrows pointing from the pacific into your inland valleys and that cool ocean breeze will transport breeze inland for today. 76 degrees in san francisco and warm air that has to mix out before we can fall back to average. 83 from the peninsula and 85 degrees in the south bay as we head throughout the next couple days, temperatures really drop off. the last day of even getting close to 90. north bay warm and sunny and 87 degrees there. and east bay 78 degrees and 87 out in the tri-valley. your weekend kind of cool as an area of low pressure comes through here. little shower activity and i'll show you that in just a moment. down to 72 on sunday, comfortable conditions, no need for the ac and getting coolitiocoolition conditions at the coast. the reason why is that returning storm track. i stopped that clock if you. saturday at 11:00 p.m. you can
6:50 am
see that green trying to sneak into northern california and a better chance for that as you head throughout your sunday and maybe shower activity. sonoma coast, the best bet. everywhere to the south not looking that promising but temperatures will drop off and that will happen for sure and you'll see really comfortable start to next week. 69 degrees in san jose to kick off your monday, but, hey, we made it to friday and we did it together. mike, how are you doing? >> i have no more sweat, it's all gone. look over here towards the area and get a little chance to recover from that. the bay bridge recovering right here. over here right by the palm trees. that's where we had that disabled vehicle heading past the incline and it's clear, just left the area and look at the bay bridge toll plaza further back. all of your lanes backed up because those were turned on as the stall was reported and the backup continues to build slowly down over the maze and show you also the east shore freeway slow because of the volume coming towards berkeley and that orange range and that's causing more of a jam and coming off the berkeley curve. prepare for that a little
6:51 am
heavier than you might expect at the bay bridge and coliseum and through downtown. the tri-valley moves nicely, as well. it's over on the shoulder and backup through livermore and nothi nothing dramatic and presenton for south 680 at speed there, as well. gentle build for north 101 and just north of 680 and showing from capital expressway and 85 also shows some slowing and nothing dramatic lighter the rest of the week. peninsula represented by our view of palo alto. northbound past willow and into san francisco, no delays for the bay shore freeway or for 280, but watch the coast some fog developing and especially the golden gate bridge. we'll send it back to you. happening now, hundreds of firefighters are spreading dirt this morning, spraying water on a wildfire that's been burning in southern california for days.
6:52 am
the fire, rather, started near rancho cucamanga on saturday and at one point forced more than 1,000 people to evacuate. weather has been an issue since the fire started and crews face another day of high winds and warm temperatures. 6:52. tesla is being fined $89,000 for several safety violations related to an industrial accident that left three workers with serious burns. it happened back in november at the tesla factory in fremont and an aluminum casting press failed spilling hot metal on the workers. one of the workers spent several weeks in the hospital and is actually still recovering at home. cal osha says its investigation found the equipment was not working properly. it also says the workers were not trained properly and were not wearing the required safety protection. tesla says it will appeal the fine. new this morning investigators looking into what
6:53 am
caused this san jose house fire. no injuries to report. it happened early this morning off south bascom and curtner avenue. the house was abandoned and no one was inside. a popular restaurant says it will have to close its doors because a city project is driving away customers. >> the melt will stop selling grilled cheese sandwiches because it sits right in the middle of a construction zone on burli burlingame avenue. that's where "today in the bay" christie smith is. no soup for you, christie. >> no soup for you. all the dust and debris didn't mix with making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich inside. their motto here, grilled cheese happiness and apparently they couldn't do it with all the construction going on. the melt is closing for summer because of all the construction, which in the end will actually make the street more user e
6:54 am
friendly according to "daily journal." this project started last april. when it's done at the end of summer, it will bring in wider sidewalks, room for outdoor dining and make it friendlier for people who walk. fewer patrons, less parking, detours, torn up streets and the mayor did weigh in on that. telling the paper, we've tried our very best to run a major construction project with as little disruption as possible, but we all went in with our eyes open and knew this was going to be hard. he said that it's going to end soon and in the end, it will be something that people enjoy. for now, though, the melt, you'll have to go to one of their other locations in the bay area. again, they'll say they'll use this time to make some renovations inside and they will reopen in the fall. reporting live in burlingburlin christie smith. >> thank you much. usually around now we see a
6:55 am
pretty big spike in gas prices, but that's not the case this year. bob redell joins us live at a gas station in san jose and expecting to see a drop in prices at the pump. usually they go up right now. >> which is counterintuitive, l laura. the gas prices spike and an analyst at is predicting we can see prices go down, perhaps down to $3.80 range over the next couple months, which would be a nice break from what we're having to pay right now, which is roughly $4.20. >> pretty high. pretty high. i pay here about 50 cents more per gallon than i do in ohio. >> seriously? >> you're glad you live in california? >> if you look at the prices from san jose, oakland averaging in the $4.20 to $4.30 range.
6:56 am
and 25 to 30 cents. which is typically what you see happen, but there's this analyst at website who is saying he believes these prices have peaked over the past couple days in part because the barrel for a barrel of oil has dropped below, $100. he's seen the prices of wholesale drop, wholesale gasoline and also the fact that a lot of refineries, they've done their mantance and they don't have major issues. you have a supply/demand issue. those three factors right there is what leads him to believe that over the next couple of months instead of seeing prices go up, he think they're going to go down another 40 to 50 cents. just his prediction and he can be wrong, he admits that. could see high temperatures and that could, of course, cause gasoline prices to go up and if there are problems with the refineries, that could come into effect. bob redell, "today in the bay."
6:57 am
>> thanks so much, bob. the ongoing drought could mean a double-digit increase and east palo alto says rates will increase anywhere from 20% to 36% this summer. the increase will pay for the drought, new city water meters and seismic retrofitting of the city's system. a decision on the rate increase amount will be made later this month. when it comes to the drought, things are expected to get worse this summer. when crews went up to measure the sierra snow pack yesterday all they found was dirt. typically the area would be under five feet of snow this time this year. another sure sign the warm weather is here to stay. yosemite national park will open the popular east/west crossing through the sierra nevada is now clear of snow. park rangers warn there could be a little bit of ice in the back country. it will open to cars at noon. 6:57 roeth now. let's check in with christina one last time before we go. she has a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you, happy
6:58 am
friday, everybody. tgif and the f stands for fog this morning. it has returned to the coastline and we're in the mid-50s. as a result out of the 60s we had yesterday on our way towards the mid-80s. we're done with the 90s, at least for now and more changes coming this weekend. if you missed your seven-day forecast for whatever reason, don't worry about it. updates through "today" show and 11:30 even the kathie lee and hoda hour, mike. >> we love kathie lee and hoda, they are very exciting. northbound 101 and northbound 101 with a little slowing and look at the south bay, the build is on, not so bad for our friday. capital expressway and 87 and look at that 85 at the bottom of your screen and rest of your bay moves smoothly. crash has cleared to the shoulder and slowing hayward in towards union city and mild for this friday and a crash at 24 and watch it there. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:58. one final check of the top stories. getting word of a really big
6:59 am
fire on bright street in san francisco kind of near san francisco state university. firefighter husband to call for backup and a helicopteren the way and we'll bring you updates during "today" show. >> not too far from the san francisco golf club. a south korean distance control system may have malfunctioned before it slammed into the back of another train this morning. as many as 200 people were hurt. all the injuries, however, were considered minor. experts say gas prices could drop as much as 50 cents a gallon in july. aaa credits stable u.s. inventory. right now prices in the bay area hovering around $4.28 a gallon. san jose celebrating its annual banding day. those beloved little falcon chicks will determine if they're boys or girls and put little bands on them so we all know. a live look at the wall that is actually they will climb up and
7:00 am
catch all the action live online from the city's falcon cam. pretty cool. we'll continue to follow that fire on bright streets. we'll have an update for you at 7:25. >> that is in san francisco. have a great weekend. good morning. battling cancer? reports this morning that clippers owner donald sterling is fighting prostate cancer, as fellow nba owners take the first step toward getting sterling to sell his team. close call. we're learning more this morning about a terrifying plot to attack a school with bombs and guns. the tip that led to a 17-year-old's arrest and how frighteningly near he allegedly came to carrying out a detailed plot. "i did not kill my friend." amanda knox responding to an italian court's new explanation of her murder conviction and talking about her uncertain future. >> i think about everything that


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