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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 2, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and right now at 11:00, flames rip through san francisco homes, forcing several people to run for their lives. crews say the weather made it tough out there for them to put out the flames. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm peggy bunker. those flames broke out about 6:30 this morning in an englewood heights neighborhood. that's where we find nbc bay area's christie smith. christie, you talked to one man who said he barely escaped the flames and even got his hair singed. >> yeah, good morning to you. you know, a lot of neighbors telling us about close calls, but also telling us about how they came together to try and help each other. i mean, this fire started hours ago. it was intense, because crews
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are still doing overhaul at this hour. two homes, a total loss. this morning, flames poured from a san francisco home. before firefighters could even arrive, neighbors had started moving. >> i smelled the smoke. that's what got me up. and then after that, i seen the smoke and i seen the blaze and i came out. and the guy over there got me out. he said, come out of there. >> reporter: that guy was brent walker, who said he got his son up, but then he knew his landlords were still inside. >> i said, we've got people in there, i've got to go back in. i ran back in and came back out, and i said, i can't get back in there, the smoke's too thick. she gave me another fire extinguisher. and the second time, i guess he had opened the back door, and you know what happens with oxygen and fire. >> reporter: he carried those two fire extinguishers
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throughout the morning. when firefighters arrived, it had jumped to three alarms and spread to four homes. >> there's nothing in between. those are common walls, zero lot line separation, so once the fire gets going, these are all wood frame structures, you're going to get a lot of damage. >> reporter: the fog limited visibility early on as 90 firefighters had to knock the blames down. a neighbor snapped this picture of flames pouring from one home. two people were injured and the red cross arrived to help people who were chased out with just the clothes on their back. >> you know, everybody alive. but the house is gone, but it's a blessing of being alive. >> reporter: we are back here live. the red cross tells me they are helping 22 people at this hour. two people were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. one firefighter, i'm told, was also taken to the hospital with chest discomfort. neighbors say that they think they heard some arguing overnight, about maybe a lamp going on a bed, that sort of thing.
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they said it got kind of loud. i asked firefighters if they had a cause yet. they said the whole thing is still under investigation. again, two homes, they're telling me, are red tagged. two others have been yellow tagged. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> quite a big fire there. all right, christie. thank you. well, just into our newsroom, one by one, subway passengers are being brought back up, safely following a train derailment in new york city. this aerial view showing passengers coming up through a tunnel in a sidewalk grate. paramedics are on the scene evaluating passengers. the new york city fire department says 19 people suffered injuries. most are minor. no word yet on what caused that subway derailment. in south korea, the driver of the subway that slammed into another train this morning says he applied the emergency brake after seeing a stop signal, but the train did not stop in time. as many as 200 people were hurt as the two trains collided in seoul. all the injuries are minor. a preliminary investigation indicates the train's automatic
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distance control system may have malfunctioned. and new developments in ukraine. the country launched its first major offensive against pro-russian separatists today. the latest village to be affected is this one. you can see ukrainian troops facing off with villagers. helicopters were landing in a nearby field. these tanks here were surrounded by angry and fearful villagers. armed soldiers lined up alongside the road, all part of this operation to try to re-take this part of ukraine from those separatists. pro-russian forces also shot down two ukrainian helicopters and two crew members. this man, a third pilot, had to make an emergency landing after being gravely injured. this is him reportedly being taken from that wreckage. however, this is footage from a russian television station. they're reporting that the pilot is now being held hostage. and in the light of all of this activity, of course, today, very important meeting as president obama welcomed german chancellor angela merkel to the white house
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this morning to talk about diffusing the situation there in ukraine. both are threatening tougher economic sanctions against russia if it doesn't change its behavior. so far, the u.s. has stopped sanctions on individuals, but it has not targeted entire economic sectors, such as russia's energy sector. merkel says sanctions on russia's economic sectors are not her preference, but she is prepared to implement them. new at 11:00, a bay area congressman on the homeland security committee just finished a tour of sjc. it comes amid safety concerns following the santa clara teen stowaway case. nbc bay area's bob redell live at mineta san jose with congressman swawell's solution to improving security. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, scott. congressman swawell points out that mineta norman international is located here in the center of innovation. he is looking for pilot programs that would use silicon valley technology to better secure the fences here at norman mineta and
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throughout the country. the representative from the east bay arrived here just over an hour ago to meet with airport security and joined them on a private 45-minute tour of the six miles of fencing that surrounds the roughly thousand acres of taxiways and runways here. you might recall last week, a 15-year-old boy from santa clara was able to scale the fence here undetected, hang out on the tarmac for several hours, sneak into the wheel well of a 767, where he stowed away for a flight to maui. the congressman is looking for solutions that don't involve security guards, who would have to roam the perimeter 24/7. he tells us several private and public companies here in the valley have already reached out to him, to offer up their technology, technology that involved radar, lidar and motion censors. >> this is the fifth time in five years that someone has breached a perimeter. and only by luck have these individuals not caused harm to any of the passengers. i think it's only a matter of time if our perimeters are so
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porous that something can happen. so passengers want to know that only screened and ticketed the passengers are on this flight. >> reporter: the congressman and the airport point out that the perimeter fencing here at norman mineta international does meet faa and tsa requirements. the congressman wonders if those requirements need to be raised. >> reporting live at norman mineta international, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. just into our newsroom, police have arrested a man in connection with the city's 13th homicide of the year. officers say 22-year-old gabriel alejo stabbed a mother of three to death in her apartment on tuesday. detectives say he knew the victim, 28-year-old teresa maravilla. alejo was booked into jail for murder. and the mother of the bay area woman who died while zip lining in hawaii, they're waiting for answers on what exactly caused the accident. police say the 29-year-old who was originally from santa rosa
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lived in hawaii. she worked as a guide at the zip lining company. she was zip lining yesterday morning on maui when she fell 150 feet into a deep ravine. by the time the rescuers got to her, it was too late. >> shea go through the gulches and, so it made it kind of difficult. where the body was, where the lady fell, they couldn't access it with the helicopter, so they had to carry her off to the side. >> it's still not exactly clear what happened, whether the line snapped or her harness became undone. this is video of the zip line where she worked. the company offered several kinds of zip line tours. the company says it is fully cooperating with a police investigation. the united nations says oklahoma's botched execution of an inmate may actually violate international law. on tuesday night, a new drug combination left clayton lockett writhing and clenching his teeth, before executioners actually stopped the execution, but then the prisoner eventually
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died of a heart attack. the u.n.'s human rights office says it may amount to cruel and inhuman and degrading treatment under international human rights law. and this morning, investigators say they prevented an unimaginable tragedy, as they're calling it, after foiling a teenager's plot to kill his family and bomb two schools in minnesota. this all started with a tip earlier this week. police say someone reported seeing a suspicious person near a storage building. well, that turned out to be a 17-year-old boy. during a search of the storage building, officers found guns and material to make bombs that he planned to use in this attack. according to the police, the teen said he intended to kill, quote, as many students as he could. people in baltimore living on what used to be a city street may be out of their homes for quite some time. we told you about this story yesterday morning. the sinkhole, but now we are getting a look at the startling video, the moment the street gave way. [ yelling ] a near block-long section of the
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road caved in during heavy rain earlier this week, swallowing cars and street lamps, really anything in its path. amazingly, nobody was hurt. city officials do plan to meet with people who live on that street this morning. >> can you imagine? >> not at all. >> i emphasize with the woman screaming. i would be doing the exact same thing. still to come this morning, an amazing jobs report for april. so good, the unemployment rate hits a level it hasn't seen in six years. >> plus, going to great heights in the south bay. what this man was doing on the side of the city hall. you'll find it repelling. >> you'll find it appealing that it's actually nice and cool in san francisco at this hour. the good news is, those low clouds have returned to the coastline and now our wind is picking up. we're able to see all that cool ocean air transported inland. but big changes on the horizon for your weekend. we'll take you to that forecast coming up when "today in the bay" comes right back.
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welcome back. this morning the government released its jobs report for april. it was not what economists expected, with more about how people found work and what the new unemployment rate here. here is nbc's tracie potts on capitol hill. >> reporter: it's a blowout. 288,000 new jobs in april, a lot more than economists predicted. plus, 36,000 more jobs, not counted in february and march. plus, the number of people who have been jobless for six months or more, that dropped significantly. the unemployment rate is now down to 6.3%. >> so i think we're going to find out momentum's pretty good here in the second quarter. >> reporter: layoffs have slowed down, but employers are also slow about creating new jobs. >> companies are being very, very choosey in their hiring
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process and they're only selectively expanding. >> reporter: 344,000 new people applied for unemployment checks in the last week. the most since late february. in washington, the senate agreed to extend emergency unemployment benefits. now, the house has to act. >> it's paid for, it's responsible, it addresses the issue, it's workable. >> reporter: people are buying more. march saw the fastest consumer spending increase in 4 1/2 years. auto makers had their best april in almost a decade. people also spent money on utility bills and health care. and that's considered good news, because consumer spending, what we spend, makes up 70% of the economy. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. tesla is being fined $89,000 for several safety violations related to an industrial accident that left three worker with serious burns. this happened back in november, when an aluminum casting truck
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failed, spilling the hot metal on to the workers at the factory. one of the workers spent several weeks in the hospital and is still recovering at home. cal osha says the investigation found that the equipment was not working properly. it also says the workers were not trained properly and were not wearing the required safety protection. tesla says it will appeal that $89,000. and microsoft is issuing a security patch to fix a pretty serious bug found in internet explorer. customers who have automatic updates don't have to do anything, but otherwise, you should apply the fix as soon as possible. microsoft alerted users about this bug over the weekend. it allows hackers to use nearly every version of internet explorer to take over computers. well, here's some unexpected but welcome news. the summer gas prices are expected to fall 40 to 50 cents a gallon. that's not the usual pattern. typically, gas prices peak in the spring and then don't become cheaper until autumn. but this year, aaa is predicting a big drop in prices because of lower crude oil prices and
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stable u.s. inventory. so here's the breakdown of current prices in the bay area. the highest in san francisco, as usual, $4.33. in san jose, you'll pay $4.24. and the cheapest is in oakland at $4.23. now, right now the average price in california, statewide, $4.26. >> all right. well, today, a new album from michael jackson is available for download on itunes and other music sites. >> the first single is called "love never felt so good." it made its debut last night on the iheart radio awards right here on nbc. ♪ >> now, as you can see, usher was dancing on stage during the performance, because obviously mr. jackson is not going to be there. and the other one is justin timberlake that you're hearing. it's a duet. take a listen. ♪ love never felt so good
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>> now, why wasn't timberlake there? well, we checked his schedule. looks like he's on tour in europe right now, so he didn't debut the song himself, but had usher come in and dance to it. so if i'm ever not available, i'll just have usher come in. >> if only we could dance like usher. it's so amazing. makes you miss michael jackson, too, seeing that video. the city of san jose, home to four peregrine falcon chicks. today we know the genders of the bird. and take a look at this gusty guide. this biologist repelled down the side of the city hall building and banded the bird's leg. the bigger the ankle bone, the more likely it's a female. so what's up there right now, 18 stories from the ground? >> really, i've got two sixes and two seven-sized bands up there. we interpret that as the two females, two males. >> even steven. >> it will be another two weeks before the falcon chicks will be able to fly and learn a new home. >> you learn things, don't you? >> very cool. the monterey bay exhibit has
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a new creature. >> the deepwater sea squid and octopus are on display as part of called tentacles. that's the vampire squid. the october put can change its colors, be clear or orange with spots. >> beautiful. and that's what i hear about the weekend forecast as well. beautiful. >> a little octopus just told me, it's going to be nice out there. i want to start with the reason why. the warm-up is on here in the south bay, but you will notice, more clouds out there at this hour, than 24 hours ago. and look at this. those cooling clouds are back in the city by the bay. that fog has settled in. it's not going anywhere. and here's what's going to happen. now that we have that fog right at the coastline, that cool ocean breeze picks up and transports that comfortable air, that natural ac, all the way inland. so we're going to stick with this pattern all weekend long.
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temperatures, in fact, are climbing pretty nicely right now. but once this onshore flow increases and you can actually see that fog increasing here with the naked eye this morning, our temperatures are going to start to drop off. a lot faster than they did yesterday. so this is what we're expecting. as far as your highs go, 85 degrees in the south bay. 87 for the east bay. 76 in san francisco. and 87 degrees for you folks who get to live in beautiful wine country. north bay looking good. south bay, tomorrow, 73 degrees. san francisco is going to be a little on the cool side. you'll probably need to take a jacket. if you're going to be going into the city at 64, the north bay will be in the mid-70s. comfortable conditions out there. really, really nice-looking weekend shaping up. and here's what's interesting. as you know, we had triple digits earlier this week. as we get into the end of the weekend, we have shower chances in our forecast, especially for the sonoma coast. and you can see that our futurecast models now are starting to pick that up. let me give you a brief idea of
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what we're expecting this weekend and next week. that is much cooler weather. by monday, 68 degrees. back in the low 70s by tuesday, but the good news is, we're going to feel like spring for at least a full week. so we're done with this as we get into the next couple of days. back to you. >> good news there. thanks, christina. the in addition to levi stadium has us wondering, why didn't they think of that earlier? >> true. we'll show you what we're talking about, coming up next.
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and a live look outside right now at oracle arena. all certainly quiet right now, but boy, that wasn't the case last night. the warriors hung on by a thread to beat the clippers, 100-99 and force a winner-take-all game seven on saturday down in l.a. with their backs against the
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wall, head coach mark jackson says his players lived up to their warrior name. >> i'm proud of my guys. there's been an incredible, incredible ride, and now, against a three seed, with two of the top ten players of the world, and a future hall of fame coach, we are going to game seven, in spite of all the sideline music. >> now, the warriors may have to go at it again saturday without big manager o'neil. he's expected to undergo an mri today on his knee. he left last night's game early in the second period. some say this was a dirty play. clippers' glenn davids here coming down with his shoulder right there on o'neil's leg. right now, the team is calling it just a sprain. we hope that's the case. but we'll wait and see what that mri finds. >> yes, what's billed as the greatest two minutes in sports, other than the end of the warrior's game, happened this weekend at churchill downs. >> get your hats ready. the kentucky derby is tomorrow afternoon, and your favorite in this year's race is california
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crown. the 3-year-old horse was born at harris farms, the breeding division of harris ranch, which many of us see and smell along interstate 5. so far, only three california-bred horses have ever won this famous race. you can catch that derby right here. coverage starts at 1:00. >> and the new levi stadium in santa clara expected to be one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the country. >> however, it is a little piece of plastic that may put it over the top. fans won't just get cupholders when they arrive at their seats, but also hooks. all ladies with a handbag says, thank you so much. the 49ers have added specifically designed hooks to the back of each seat. you can hang your stuff there, get it off that sticky ground. the seat manufacturer told the niners it's the first time they've ever received a request like this. which is crazy. >> lots of things have hooks to hang things on. a squirrel has attacked a teenager. he's okay, but it had to do with a selfselfie.
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>> i love how his mom throw him under the bus.
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. well, these days, it seems like everybody's taking them, selfies. >> and when they include animals, you know anything can happen. and a teenager from maine found that out the hard way. he wanted to take a selfie with this squirrel. squirrel, not so into it. this is what happened. >> i saw the little squirrel and i started making the clicking noise with my tongue, which is kind of like, kind of thing. >> the squirrel said, yeah, i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anywhere. the squirrel there jumped on his back, went down his shirt. the teenager was not hurt, but to add insult to injury, guess who was taking these pictures. >> this is my favorite part. >> his mom. >> did she jump in and help? no, she just kept snapping those pictures. >> go tweet that selfie and the squirrel selfie, too. have a great weekend, everyone.
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