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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 2, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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that car virtually cut in half. he's hospitalized with life threatening injuries. we told you there was a second car involved in this. a family was inside that, but they were able to all walk away unhurt. a teaj card was killed. and the driver of that car, a 17-year-old boy is in the hospital with life threatening injuries. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you any updates as soon as they become available. the ruling found today that samsung did infringe on two of apple software's patents. they must pay apple $120 million. the jury also found apple infringed on samsung technology and must pay samsung $158,000 in damage. this is the second legal fight between the two companies. apple won first back in 2012.
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new at 6:00, a complicated medical fight. jesse alvarez was hit by a speeding car in march. doctors say they have done all they can and they want the boy moved to a special long-term care facility. but his mother isn't budging. damian trujillo spent time with the family inside a hospital room. he joinses from san jose and it's certainly an unpredictable predictment. >> reporter: it certainly is. the hospital says he needs to transition to another facility where he will still get quality care. jesse's mother says no. she wants her boy to stay here and get the best care. zbr it's happened hundreds of times over the last six weeks. a desperate mother trying to wake up her son who is in a coma. anisia says her heart has been
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broken since the traj tick day in march, when a car slammed into the boy as he was crossing the the street in a scooter. she says jesse was already flying through the air before she realized what had just happened. they haven't been able to wake him up. not even the pleas of the heartbroken mother. at this stage, they say he no longer needs the acute care of a hospital. and we have identified a place that was willing to take him and that we have sent a majority of our patients like him in the past. >> but alicia says no. she visited the site and didn't like it. she wants her son to stay. she says like any mother, she only wants the best for her son.
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it's something she can't afford with her farm worker salary. right now she sleeps in her son's room at the hospital. >> we have spent six weeks caring for him and trying to assist them through this horrible time. we hope that he gets better. just the be clear, the hospital says they are not going to kick out the boy and the the family. they want to work out a solution with the family. they still don't know when or if jesse will wake up. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. . a major bust from the south bay and east bay and peninsula. they say nothing more than fronts for prostitution.
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nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has more on the sting that agents say put a huge operation out of business. zbr we have seen gentlemen after gentlemen after gentlemen going to the facility. they say the business is anything but a spot for families. >> all we had ever seen go in there is men. what does that tell? you today they raided the spa and four other massage par parlors and served search warrants across the bay area. they said the businesses were far from legit. >> they were just fronts for prostitution that was going on inside. >> investigators removed all kinds of evidence including hard drives, computers, bank records and cash. they described 18 people, described as the owners and
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managers of their operation. we have 111 charges of which 107 with felon charges. those involved allegations of pimping and pandering. >> reporter: for those who lived by the businesses, the raids are a huge relief. they say it's about time the neighborhoods are cleaned um. >> i think it's good that they're cracking down on these shag shops up here and pretending to do business and it's not legal. we want it out of our community. continuing coverage on the teenage stowaway. the 15-year-old should not have been able to reach the airport. he toured the six mile fencing that surrounds the taxi ways and runways. last week the teenager was able to scale the fence undetected
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and stowed away on a flight to maui. the congressman says private and public companies have ufred technology to keep another breech from happening. >> what went wrong is tsa standards are strong enough to protect mass amounts of airport criminals. that's the bottom line. we don't have enough information about what is coming across to alert people as soon as possible. >> he says it should include technology to involve radar and motion sensors. a t-shirt controversy four years ago rekindled a hot button debate at the local high school. a vid wroe made national news in 2010 after four high school students wore american flag t-shirts on cinco de mayo. it became a free speech issue
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that decided campus safety o outweighs the issue. extra staff and police will be on hand monday. two dozen people without a place to call home tonight after fire in san francisco spread to four houses. two people were hurt, but the injuries could have been much worse if not for a father who risked his own life to help others. mark, he's pretty brave. >> reporter: twice he went into a burning house. the house is where the fire began. that's where brent walker and his son jordan lived. and it quickly spread from that house to three other houses. two of them were gutted. it started at 6:30 this morning when jordan walker started yelling. his father smelled smoke and opened the bedroom door.
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>> the fire was right there. >> he says it started in a room rented by a housemate. >> the house was blazing. >> he tried to douse the flames, but it wasn't enough. he got a second and ran back in. >> when i ran back in the second time, hazel had opened the back door. he says it looked like a scene from the movie "back draft." he got six people out of the house. a woman friend also taken to the hospital for breathing problems. fire chief joanne white says it was a particularly difficult fire because of the fog. >> you couldn't see the flame until you were half a block away. >> after the fog and smoke lifted, a dozen residents were allowed a quick trip back into
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their home. esther's home is damaged but she has already heard from insurance. >> your insurance company said go ahead and get a hotel. >> yes. skbl jimmy went to the red cross for help. his home for the past 35 years burned up. >> it's gone. the red cross is helping to get shelter. cause of the fire is still under investigation. nbc bay area news. thank you, mark. a major development in the high profile hate crime case at san jose state. three of the four students accused of bullying their black roommate was expelled. the university found they violated school rules and put the victim's safety in jeopardy.
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now the fourth student, joseph buamgarner must tak counseling sessions. are accused of putting a u-shape bike lock around their roommate's neck and taunting him because of the color of his skin. this is where he grew up. it's about 60 miles southeast of livermore. he also made the comment about a miami condo. that involved alcohol, marijuana and a woman who was taken to the hospital. no charges were ever filed. today he told a crowd that the incident made him look at things differently. he added it made him stronger.
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he asked fans for support during that report of that incident last month. kaepernick also talked about his faith on the field and in the locker room. this is the first time the breakfast was sold out in its 21-year history. well, they are the talk of the town for sure. they're going to hit the court at the staples center for game seven against the clippers. if they win tomorrow night they'll advance to the second round of the playoffs. last night they beat the clippers by one point. 100-99. we'll have more coming up later in sports. coming up right now at 6:00, you heard of toll bridges. what about paying to drive on neighborhood streets? the local city where it could become a reality. plus -- >> a spike in the number of tickets written for fare evasion.
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and a hump back whale in trouble along the coast. we'll show you what happens. and i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the livermore country wine festival is heating up. we'll talk to one the owner of one of the oldest wineries in the country.
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want to take you back to breaking news we told you at the top of the newscast. the tragic crash killing a 17-year-old girl and left the driver in critical condition. marianne favro has just arrived at the scene at the corner of 1st where it happened. >> reporter: you can see behind me they were investigating this accident where a black sedan crashed into a traffic signal.
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the vehicle is at the scene. a 17-year-old boy was driving a black sedan here near. he lost control and the car slammed into a traffic signal pole. the boy suffered life threatening injuries. he was taken to valley medical center. the passenger in his car, a 17-year-old girl was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say another vehicle carrying a family of four was involved in this accident. they were not hurt. investigators do not suspect drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident. they do tell me -- they also tell me that they believe the car was traveling at extremely high rate of speed. so a 17-year-old boy is in critical condition. a 17-year-old girl was pronounced dead at the scene, and they do believe speed was involved in the accident. the investigation is continuing.
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i want to tell motorists to avoid the area because they have closed off one section rrting live, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. san francisco is cracking down on people who skip out on their fares. some are questioning their penalties. vicky nguyen looked into their concerns and joins us now. >> a raj, a ticket will cost you more than $100. just pay your fare and you should be fine. problems with the readers and questionable actions of fare inspectors can lead to tickets that should be tossed. # these carry a quarter million
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riders a month. among them, the author of this blog post. how do fight the sfmta and win. it's among the first links to show up when you google sfmta tickets. she says when she boarded it beeped to show a low balance. clipper rules say riders may complete the trip if the fare exceeds the card's remaining value. she took a day off work to appeal her ticket in person, and finally got her $103 fine refunded for a reason she doesn't expect. >> the copy that was on file was plagiarized. the ticket i had was mostly blank. it didn't have an officer number. it didn't have a street location. it was missing crucial information in terms of the validity of the ticket. however, the ticket that was
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scanned and put on file with the city system was completely filled out correctly. >> does that happen often with your inspectors? >> no. i think that's very uncommon. it has clear instructions that constitute a tag with the appropriate fare. >> i would classify myself as tech savvy. like this one he recorded on the "n" line. when they were rorking, he's convince hd they don't always register payment. it's a noise you normally hear and and i can't tell you the tones. even though he tagged his card.
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he said he wrote the note on the citation. >> wrote on the note saying has a valid clipper card with $70 on it. >> various excuses that people will give us. i would say that's preebl the most common. >> you're not buying it? >> no. >> still, he acknowledges the system has flaws. and because of the mix-up the machine said he hadn't paid, even though his statement said he had. >> well, we certainly have an appeals process. >> don't don't count on that process. while 20% were appealed last year, only 1% resulted in a dismissed ticket. they have risen every year since
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clipper cards were put in service. in fiscal 2011 inspectors issued 20,000 fare evasion tickets. last year 70,000. >> how confident are you that the tickets are fair? >> i'm very confident. >> he says it's due to the hiring of 20 additional enforcement officers over the past ten years. >> yes, they have a performance standard. they still can't keep up with $22 million they say they lose each year from fare evaders. until that number shrinks, riders should not kpkt much lee way. they couldn't tell us how many are appealed based on claims that the clipper cards weren't working. still the city stands by the system saying at any given time only 3% of it have machines are broken.
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back to you. >> you can give us a call at 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail directly to authorities arrested a 26-year-old woman after screeners found 81 pounds of marijuana in her luggage. she didn't hide it well. the bags belonged to pa woman identified as anastasia murdoch. all right, jeff ranieri is not in studio today. >> it's so beautiful out here. it's really incredible. we're here in downtown. you can hear the buzz happening
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this saturday and sunday. the reason i have wine is it's vineyard wine. cheers. thank you. and wine has been produced in liver more for over a century? >> yes, my great grandfather started in 1883. it was one of the first wine countries in california. >> it's nice. 42 miles east of san francisco. we're very easy to get to. there's only 56 wineries here. >> you guys will be sampling and tasting your wines, right? >> yes, we are. so we've got a nice variety there. >> thank you so much for coming out. you told us some of the hot weather and cool fog from the
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coast makes this the best wine. let's look at weather graphics as we head throughout the forecast. the fog is building in right now at the coastline. it's pretty widespread. that's going to impact temperatures for tomorrow. what you're going to see now is we've had quite a bit of cooling compared to this time yesterday. temperatures averaging in the 60s across san francisco. 72 in the south bay. now tomorrow we'll see high ps go down cooler. it's still going to be comfortable with the sun and clouds. we'll have more on the time of the festival coming up. notice anything different about my wardrobe? >> what are you wearing? >> i got a lei greeting. you may be asking why? if you head to nbc bay area booth, we're giving away a trip to hawaii.
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find nbc bay area and you may get a may greeting. >> maui specifically. >> we are a generous station giving away a trip. all right. coming up, a rescue operation in monterey. the challenges from crews trying to reach that. it's an adult hump back whale. >> also the bay area college charges students admission for this year's graduate ceremony.
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rescuers are trying to determine how to help a marined whale. that i spotted it yesterday 12 miles offshore and realized it's an adult humpback whale. it has something tangled around its upper body and one flipper appears to be injured. some challenging and tricky
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weather may hamper efforts. cashing in on pomp and circumstance? the money covers the campus wide event on the 17th. nancy pelosi is set to deliver the commencement address. according to the website, cal charged $10 per ticket and students could buy up to 20 tiblgts. the ticket sales covered the cost of staging the event. they had been selling the ticket it's the last ten years. still ahead, the crisis in ukraine. we'll sew you where the first case has turned up. you already pay tolls in bridges and freeways. could city trees be best? [doorbell rings]
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[ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! crews were working on crash that kill ald teenage girl and left after teenage boy in a hospital. marianne favro has been gathering information. you talked to someone who knows the teenager? >> reporter: yes, i talked to one man who says he believes the teenagers were on the way to his house. his son is best friend with the person driving the car. here's what we know so far. a 17-year-old boy was driving a black cadillac and slammed into
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a traffic signal pole. his passenger, a 17-year-old girl was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver suffered serious injuries. one man says he knows the boy and just talked to his family at the stan that clara county medical center. >> he wasn't alert or anything. he said he's talking now. just talked to his family at the hospital. >> reporter: he says he believes both were on the way to visit his son, who lives very close by. at this moment, investigators say they do not believe drulgs or alcohol were involved. and because of the investigation, there is a lot of investigation here. several lanes had been blocked off. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. it is a busy corridor with the
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tech companies and a lot of apartment complexes as well. in mountain view, a problem that many bay area cities would love to have. they were charging drivers the to use these three exits. nbc bay area annette is there. how much would the tolls be? do we know yet? >> reporter: it's just in the study phase and would only be used as a last resort. this would apply to the city streets that lead to north bay shore park. where google and other companies are located and expected to expand. 3.4 million square feet of new office space is slated over the next three years.
6:33 pm
the more traffic there is, the more it would cost to drive on those streets. dave lioni said he would pay it. >> i think it's a good idea. >> it provides the money top investigate back in the infrastructure. >> not everyone has a well paying high-tech job. they say it's regressive tax that hits the people who can't afford to pay. the people who are commuting the greatest because they can't afford to live here. >> the goal is to get people out of their cars. the city will likely ask cities first to offer incentives to employees. and it's the final tool in the tool belt that we can use do
6:34 pm
drive changes in behavior. >> some residents think more housing closer to companieses and slowing down job growth are answers that should get higher priority. they worry companies will take their jobs elsewhere with congestion pricing. z >> as you can imagine, google has expressed concerns to city leaders. >> okay, thank you. now to a developing story. tensions have reached an all-time high in ukraine after a deadly day of clashes. fighting is spreading across the country with many innocent civilians caught in the middle. he has some strong political backing. nbc bay area's janelle wang has more on the developments. it seems to be spiraling out of control.
6:35 pm
they kill ld more than 30. in eastern ukraine, ukrainian forces are ramping up the defensive against pro-russian militant who is have seized government buildings. ukrainian government says russia is continuing to send money and militia across the border to support the fighters. president obama is drawing a new line in the sand. he threatened a new round of sanctions against russia if it interferes with the may 25th presidential election in ukraine. the goal is to give them an incentive to choose the better course. outside experts call that ridiculous, saying the country has every right to defend
6:36 pm
itself. as for a full-on russian invasion, experts add it probably won't happen. instead, vladimir putin will try to get what he wants by constantly interfering, causing chaos and disarray in ukraine. it's a situation unfolding by the hour. a deadly virus in the middle east has turned up here in the united states. they are suffering from the drom. the people with mrsa have flu-like symptoms and it can be deadly. the patient flew from saudi arabia to london to chicago and then took a bus. passengers who traveled with the infected patient will be notified. good news at the pump. the reason behind a drop in upcoming gas prices. >> and i'm stephanie it may soon
6:37 pm
be harder if r you to get one of these tables. we'll explain why coming up in a live report.
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it's been painful, but get ready to see relief at the pump. analysts say gas prices are expected to fall 40 to 50 cents. aaa predicts the price drop is due to lower crude prices. here's the breakdown of current prices in the bay area. san jose at $4.24. the cheapest is oakland at $4.23. right now the average price is $4.26. >> there's a new business in the
6:40 pm
bay area operating out of a truck raising some eyebrows. it's called the hook-up truck. it's designed to offer a people a place to have sex. it was unveiled today. it's parked at an oakland art warehouse. later it's headed to the mission district. the creators say customers don't have to hook up to enjoy the project. it's not what the fee is to enjoy time inside of this truck. they thought of everything in santa clara has an interesting feature. the 49er fans can use it to hold beverages or use it to keep your purse or other belongings off the ground. it's the first time they've received a request like this one. >> perfect your purse. >> i don't like putting my purse on the ground. >> translator: let's go to jeff rap ree, our chief meteorologist in liver more.
6:41 pm
beautiful night for pizza and chardonnay. >> reporter: yes. i'm waiting to taste that. i'm still on the clock now. a lot of people coming to downtown liver more right now. kind of the preparty tonight. and coming up, we're going to talk to this man right here. the chef of a beach hotel in maui. we'll explain what mou away has to do with food and the nbc bay area booth and a possible trip to maui and how you can win it all coming up in a few minutes. and both the giants and a's in early action on the east coast. highlights on the way. and they make a decision on the option for linebacker smith. i'll tell you all about it coming up in sports.
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if you have driven through p palo alto, you know how bad it can be. the city is on the the verge of cracking down on downtown businesses. stephanie is live in palo alto. isn't it good to have people on the sidewalk for businesses? >> reporter: we are down here in front of university avenue where the city says a few years ago a car jumped the curb here and ran into a table. thankfully nobody was at the table, so no one was hurt. he says that's why there needs to be space on the sidewalk. make room or prepare to pay up. >> being able to sit outside is the biggest draw to being in downtown prk alo alto.
6:45 pm
>> yeahious they always seem to be trying to make this area quieter. >> sort of downtown sidewalks and much bigger. it's really super nice. >> the city says it's always had complaints about sidewalk space and not just from the usual residents, but also from visitors. but for missy collins, the cost is a lot more than that. she had to get rid of tables outside for rules she was unaware of. she also has to hire people to steam clean the sidewalks. >> there's the cleaning of the sidewalk and losing the tables.
6:46 pm
it's a lot. we understand, but it's definitely impacted our business. >> reporter: and he says the city isn't trying to bury businesses but protecting them. >> when you put furniture on the sidewalk you have to be conscious of ada regulations. #. >> this customer says all of this is much adieu about nothing. >> now the city says the code enforcement officers will be back here checking sidewalks for the code enforcement. # he's praning a trip to hawaii apparently. >> when i'm not your friend, raj? >> i take that back. you are my dear friend, jeff. >> all right. all right. thank you so much.
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we talked about this lei earlier. i got a lei greeting. i put it on backwards about 20 minutes ago. the reason i had this on. you may wonder what does it have to do with the livermore wine country festival this weekend? if you head out to the wine festival, you could enter to win a trip to maui. all the way over, we have the executive chef of the beach resort. it's great to have you here, man. long flight. >> aloha. so people can come out and get a taste of maui? >> here i'm making up with of the dishes, okay. so they have to come by the the nbc bay area booth. >> they have to come by and taste it. >> go ahead and tell us what you're doing as you do it. >> we're mixing tomatoes. a little maui onions.
6:48 pm
code ingredients. all code. >> speed it up for tv here. kampachi. raw kampachi. a little cilantro. a little avacado. then a scallion and ponzu sauce. >> then like a tortilla with that? >> you can put it on a toasted cracker? a little baguette. a sliced baguette. or just eat it raw. >> you have to come out to the nbc bay area booth. you can meet tom or get a chance for a trip to maui. let's get you to weather graphics. the biggest thing today was the cooler weather. 18 degrees cooler compared to
6:49 pm
this time yesterday. o so the onshore flow is back. now as we head throughout the weekend, the additional thing that is going to cool us down is the storm track. additional cooling across the bay. that is going to mean numbers will come down from 20 to 30 degrees. that will be 75 in san jose. san francisco, good-bye to the 80s and 90s. hello at the 60s. we can expect 74 degrees. you can see we expect 72 by the noon hour and by 4:00 p.m. we're rooking at mid 70s in liver more. you have to come out enenjoy it.
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it took a lot of people to put this live shot on. cheers to you and the studio. did you see the cheers on air? >> yes, we did. >> i wanted to rub it in a little bit more. >> well, you did. >> i'll be out there this weekend. >> we are saving you both a spot. >> we are still recovering from the dramatic warriors win. we have big 49ers news as well. >> we do. whenever i'm on location, there's never wine to drink like jeff gets to do. it appears 49ers decided it still invested in them as a team. exercised the fifth year option for the 2015 season. now the 49ers can still get out of fifth year if he were become injured. but the latest legal woes seemed
6:51 pm
to have caused management to not lose hope that he cannot only stay out of trouble off the field but contribute on it. and giants starting the the ten-game roadie nn atlanta. there is no doubt about the distance here. score tied at one a piece. that's his seventh homer of the season. 2-1, giants in the seventh inning. to fenway park. a's and red sox dan started the series opener. he's given up the home run in every start this season. gets away allowing brady
6:52 pm
sizemore to score. that rolls all the way to the wall. the throw home is off line. we have an injury update for you on jermaine o'neil. the warrior center underwent an mri that showed a bone bruise in his right kneecap. there's no ligament damage. even without that, the warriors found a way. 19 over the clips. >> it's just been a lot of fun. the mind set. that we find ourselves against two of the top ten players in the world. future hall of fame coach.
6:53 pm
to be where we are says a lot about this organization. it says a lot about this group of players. >> the sharks cleaned out the lockers and called it a season. they left plenty of offseason decisions to be made and probably created upcoming sleepless nights. >> it was pretty personal. it was a long season to get to where we were. and it's, you know, probably the toughest loss that i've ever gone through. >> it's definitely the worgs loss in my career. and yeah, i'm not going to get over this for a long time. >> did we hold the personnel to
6:54 pm
correct the mistakes we were making? of course we did. we weren't capable of doing it. we didn't get it down. >> now todd mcclel lan appears to be one of them trying to get it right. that they remain in place for the 2014/2015 season. one of the big decisions for the sharks coming up, who will start at goalie? he still has one year left on his contract, which is expensive for a backup in the nhl. >> a lot of talks about what the sharks should do in the upcoming season. watching sports net central at 10:30 tonight. >> we're back in a moment.
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tonight we're live in san jose as plils begin a major crackdown. that's a that's at 11:00 tonight after h hanibal. the glass session will be at roe ma na street at the cooper cafe. it's from 7:00 to 9:00. google is hoping it will dispel myths about the device. it shoots video and does online searches, but a lot of people say they're a little uncomfortable with people walking around with those glasses. this is a good twa to get up close. >> will we ever wear them here? >> we will see. #. >> have a great weekend.
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lock up your daughters. prince harry on a girls gone wild vacation after his breakup now on "extra." >> dirty harry, the bachelor friend shirtless in miami kissing strangers and hitting the strip clubs? breaking baby news. carrie washington is a mom and we have all the details. plus, clooney and his new fiancee hopping a private jet, the first sighting since their engagement. rihanna's new look, booty jumping with j-lo causing a freakout at the i heart radio muse ache wards. >> we're backstage at the music


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