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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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how about deandre i mean, every player -- >> season is over for the golden state warriors. the team couldn't pull out a win in tonight's game seven. good evening. thank you for joining us. diane dwyer is off tonight. golden state warriors came oh so close to pulling it out. the warriors season comes to a sudden end. we are joined from comcast
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sportsnet. take it away. >> reporter: terry to win a game seven on the road you have to play great. the warriors were very, very good tonight. but not great. and very, very good wasn't good enough against the higher seeded l.a. clippers team with the undermanned in the series. seth curry would need a legend-like game for the ws to pull this one out. he was very good in the first half. the triple. warriors leader looked lake he may find a way to pull off the upset of the nba first round single-handedly. he was fouled. the four-point play. two second left in the first half. put the warriors up seven. it was not enough. with 13 seconds to go. within a bucket at this point. down four. under 10 second to play.
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curry's one-legged prayer from beyond the arc is not answered. warriors fall 126-121. the final. of course, going to have full high lights of this one coming up. hope to get post game for you as well. >> thank you. >> shines bright in the kentucky derby. >> a california horse in the spotlight at today's kentucky derby. the humble bay area beginnings of the stallion that has taken the horse racing world by storm. for the first time in half a century, a horse from california won the kentucky derby. saw it here ons n nbc bay area. california chrome putting a shine on the horse industry. mark matthews at golden gate field where chrome's trainer got his start and where his son is working now. mark? >> reporter: terry, i can tell you, the favorite to within today. and california chrome is certainly the favorite here at golden gate field. as the you stay, art sherman
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started out here at golden gate field. his son, steve, still a trainer here. and for california trainers and california breeders, this one was something special. >> california chrome broke out of the gate, never seemed to strain. and when he rounded that far turn, jockey pulled away from the rest of the pack. the race never in doubt. one of chrome's co-owners, lives here in yuba city. in the town's watering holes, neighbors were cheering him on. back at golden gate field. the assistant trainer says the win kind of settles a score with some of the blue blood breeders back east. >> they always make us feel like we are less because we are out here on the west coast in california. >> reporter: we heard that from more than one trainer here. it must have had a lit to do with the co-owner, steve coburn saying this. >> all i have to say. do you nonbelievers believe the horse now and this man train ape
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horse. itch you don'ty need to have your head examined. >> little chip there. understandable when they paid the $#,000 for the mare that produced california chrome, the blue bloods thought they were, well, let mike bogue tell you. >> you guys are a couple of dumb [ bleep ] if you buy this horse. and they kind of like, beavis and butt-head and looked at each other and said what a great name for our stable. dumb [ bleep ] partners racing. >> both pointed with pride to the logo on his hat. and from now on. kentucky, florida breeders they will have to give them some respect. >> really makes you proud if you live here in california to see this horse do exact lely what h did to the california breds at santa anita and in there at kentucky on the biggest stage in the world. >> you can bet trainer art art sherman and steve sherman are celebrating tonight sxch, and i expect a heck of a welcome when
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they return here at golden gate field. >> great story, mark. thank you. the teenager who survived a 5 1/2 flight from san jose to mauien the jet wheel well is back on california soil. kim kimberly? >> the family is not talking. authorities in hawaii confirmed the teenager is safe and is no longer in honolulu where he was hospitalized for nearly two weeks. the 15-year-old reportedly flew out earlier this week to bring his son home. sources tell us the father is traveling back alone. reports say that on friday, a judge apareparently transferrede by out of the department of human services into the custody of department of family and children services. likely a social worker who escorted the teenager back to the south bay some time yesterday evening.
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officials will not comment tonight. the boy got to maui, april 20th after he climbed a fence at san jose international airport and got into the wheel well of a hawaiian apparently was disoriented and hospitalized for breathing problems. the teen was run away from home trying to get to his mother in somalia. the family hasn'tspoken to the media. but his dad said his son always talked about going to africa. he was having academic troubles. so farm no sign of him or whene might return to santa clara to be reunited with his family. >> comecome -- >> cokimberly thank you very mu.
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>> the shooting before 1:00 on the eastbound lanes of regatta boulevard. witnesses reportedly heard shots fired from a vehicle in the blue suv before it crashed. richmond police are coaching witnesses come forward to provide a suspect and vehicle description. >> at this point, it is still a preliminary investigation. we don't have a motive, our detectives are trying to determine what the motive might have been for the shooting. >> of the chp shut down all eastbound lanes of 580 for several hours. when they collected evidence the roadway was reopened before 6:00. >> the search is on for a mystery woman who walked away after a fatality on the train tracks in richmond today. happened at 2:00 this afternoon. investigators say a man and woman were walking together near the tracks. she made it across. the man who was using a cane, was struck and killed by an amtrak train. a woman just kept walking. police don't know who sunny is
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or where she went. the victim's name not released. looks like a clothes dryer may hatch cove cost a family a . at noon, a fire, crews had to be called in to assist. the home belongs to the former palo alto city manager, and burned to the ground. daughter and friend were inside when the fire started. a neighboring home caught fire but was not damaged. an elderly woman and two dogs rescued from the second home. a sunnyvail couple, a home invasion on the 1,000 block of syracuse. the victims e s elderly. the robber came in at 3:00. getting a suspect description. hispanic male between 35-40. 5'7." average build. full beard. sunnyvale police are asking for the public's help on this one.
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>> a big loss for the golden state warriors tonight. big development off the court as well. three hours before tonight's tip-off, the nba announced it will apin tpoint a chief execut officer to supervise. the ceo appointment will happen quickly. tuesday the league banned donald sterling for life after racially charged comments. the woman behind the recording, v. stiviano, is sharing her story. she says she does not think sterling is a racist. >> mr. sterling's right hand arm, man. i'm mr. sterling's everything, i am his confidant, his best friend, his silly rabbit. >> she did say silly rabbit. a big step for the nba, to forcester long force st sterling to sell the clippers. next at 11:00.
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hundred turn up to try to get a job at tesla. most are turned away. didn't get a chance to hand in their resume. show you why. plus, golden gate park, filled with thousand of marijuana lovers last month. now city gets the bill. how much it cost to clean upment mess. >> of breezy night around the bay area right now. another cool forecast in store for your sunday. highs in the 60s to near 70s. also tracking a chance of putting a few showers headed our way. look at that in the sunday forecast. when we come right back.
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>> new at 11:00, a congressional race watched around the country.
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challenging, a silicone strvall representative. talked about everything from climate change. immigration reform, equal pay to education and campaign finance. also address the importance of affordable housing here in the bay area. >> so, look at -- mixed housing, where you can have a variety of folks with different income levels. live in a neighborhood. maybe about re-creating what a neighborhood looks like. and the reality is we run the risk of, having communities where teachers, firefighters, police, nurses, can't live in the very communities that they serve. >> the candidates for congress agreed on most of the issues. the biggest news to come out of tonight's debate was from representative honda who agreed to debate. >> a memorial is growing in san jose after a high school student is killed in the car crash. we know sunny was a student at
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will cox hi wilcox. hit a traffic signal pole. yesterday afternoon. two teen tajeagers were reporte headed to a friend's house they don't believe drugs or alcohol played a role. the boy may have been speeding and possibly ran a red light. police in san francisco looking for a hit-and-run driver that killed a man this morning. the driver sped through a red light. broadsided one car. slammed into another vehicle. he ran away from the scene. police were able to talk to the passenger in the car. and that person is, we're told, cooperating with police. the identity of the victim has not been released. more than 100,000 dollars. what a marijuana party cost the city of san francisco last month. reports say at least 15,000 people attended the annual event which celebrates pot smoking and culture. gathererers, stay they saw extra police this year, the officers cost $43,000, while extra
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transit staff and parking officers cost $36,000. of course, had to clean up after all of that. park workers, left 20,000 pound of trash. collecting that cost $23,000. a dozen people were arrested at the gathering. a tesla job fair that had more job candidates than expected. hundred showed up at the tesla factory. they wrapped up after two hours because of all the traffic in the area. police worried what would happen too. many people. one man's car broke down before she dropped off her resume. >> people go through a lot. the sshg stancircumstances peopo go through. i knew my car was acting up. i would do anything to get a job. >> do anything to get a job. tesla accepting applications by the way on its career website. >>
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>>. >> cool out. high temperatures today. down by as much as 10, 20 degrees from what we saw son friday. moseley 50s outside. wind tip s continue to be the s. san francisco. wind, 10, 20 miles per hour. and did have stronger gusts before 8:00. the air was pointing inland. steady sea breeze. will bring in clouds. possibly some spots. mist along the coast. possibility we could get drizzle at times out of patchy low cloud. tomorrow morning. into the afternoon. part low cloudy skies. and then, partly cloudy skies. head into monday. a better chance of brief isolated showers. next system come offing in during the day. good enough for a few showers. north bay hill tops. that will be monday afternoon. then watch as we go into monday night. tuesday. watch the system coming in during the day monday. kicking off some light scattered showers. possibly across parts of the bay area earlien the day. then 3:30 in the afternoon.
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the line we well watch. napa county. solano county. most of the action off to our east. see a few stray showers over the bay area. time frame. mid afternoon monday. early tuesday morning. before for the most part the morning commute. after the system clears on out. high pressure building in. which is the reason why the seven-day forecast. thursday, friday, we're going to see the temperatures coming back into the 80s. mean time, fairly cool forecast. next system, monday, tuesday. rainfall propose jekttijections. monday, tuesday. that would be nice news. give us improvement over the dry conditions over the last couple of days. this really reflecting possibly, some drizzle at times. we will see if we can manage that. if we get into monday. early tuesday morning. around the bay area. 71 degrees. san jose. patchy lo low clouds. low 60s near san francisco. around the north bay tomorrow. upper 60s for highs. areas of low clouds for the morning.
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around the trivalley. see the temperatures mainly in the 70s. out there near livermore. 72 degrees. a cool day. and we'll see more of the cool days to come. and the forecast at lest through monday and tuesday. temperatures staying right where they are. if not slightly cooler on monday. mainly 60s. even for san jose. then we head through the second half of all the week. temperatures starting to come on up. by friday, we could see the numbers around. inland valleys climbing back into the mid to upper 80s. in time for the beginning of next weekend. >> terry. thank you very much. >> joining us from comcast sports net. you know warriors couldn't pull it out. but it was -- they left me feeling -- really good about these guys. giving it everything they had. >> you know what, without andrew bogut and jermaine o'neal. played a great game. everything a game seven was to be with the exception of the ws on the winning end. warriors fight off to the final buzzer. a few three pointers short. in a heartbreaking law. we have the highlights and post game on the way.
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>> there is a reason why the nba plays its 82 game regular season schedule. what a team does during the stretch is important. three game sevens today. deciding the first round series. each team with home court advantage. wound of victorious. trying to pull up the upset at staples center. without andrew bogut. hobbled jermaine o'neal.
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second quarter. off the offensive rebound. seth curry. gets the three. gets the foul. warriors up, 8 at the half. and this one was interesting. a minute later. andre iguodala knocking down the three ball in the fourth. warriors back up a pair. clippersbattle back off the lob. clippers back in front. and then blake griffin. the foul. warriors couldn't recover. they lose game seven. 126-121. >> we took the lead. and they -- you know they made their run. we made it back. came down to the last few plays. made the necessary flay with 1 1/2, two minutes to go. you know i think we fought awe
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fought. when it boiled down. made the plays to win. >> turner field. giants, braves. both sporting old negro league uniforms. lipscomb. buster posey gets the pitch. and goes to work. the georgia native. first home run. giants retake the lead 2-1. in the seventh. michael more. brandon bell take the lead. home run lead. didn't like it. they win, 3-1. game two, between the as/red sox. fenway. bottom first. bases loaded. at the dish yesterday. and cashed tine day. gomes offing his rbi total. a 4-0 lead. plenty for lester. in the eighth. and josh reddick. caught looking. lefter career high, 15 strikeouts. boston wins, 6-3.
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so. sharks are gone. unfortunately, terry, the warriors are done. great season. we know todd mcclellen is coming back with san jose. interesting how to see what happens with the mark jackson situation. >> yeah. will be. thank you straer muc
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. >> you know the difference between a tattoo and the koch brothers. they're both painful. but you can get rid of a tattoo. >> great politicians from hollywood, julia louis dreyfuss with joe biden, helped introduce the president with the video at the white house correspondents dinner. night for black ties and truly biting humor. >> i am happy to be here. even though i am a little
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jetlagged from my trip to malaysia. the lengths we have to go to to get cnn coverage these days. i think they're still searching for their table. >> all right, the president also had a zinger for the fox news table. he said they're going to miss him when he is gone. he said, quote, it will be harder for you to convince americans that hillary was born in kenya. good stuff. everybody getting, getting whacked there. >> the gloves are off. >> the gloves are off at those things. >> we have a warm-up end of the week? >> yes, right now. what's happening outside tomorrow. cool, breezy. drizzle. temperatures for the afternoon tomorrow. upper 60s. low 70s. thursday, friday, see 80s, 90s. again in the valley. >> all right. thank you, rob. thank you for watching nbc bay
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area news. "saturday night live" up next. andrew garfield hosting with cold play. have a great night.
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thank you for being here. [ cheers and applause ] after hitting mr. sterling


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