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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 5, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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right now, at 11:00 a.m., a peaceful protest outside a high school. why a four-year-old feud is flaring up again. the video hard to watch. we'll show you how acrobats hanging from their hair, fall to the floor in front of a packed audience at the circle. light showers hitting the bay area as we give you a live look at this radar right here. meteorologist christina loren tells us how long those showers will be around. breaking news going on at travis air force base. that's where the ntsb is going to give an update on a deadly plane crash at the weekend air show. thank you for joining us. >> let's go right now to nbc bay area's christie smith, she is live at travis air force base
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right before the press conference takes place. good morning to you, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. the press conference expected to begin any minute now. there are so many questions on how something like this could happen to such an experienced pilot who had done this stunt before many times, and done it safely. right now we're waiting to hear from ntsb investigators. there's video of him performing. it skidded on the ground and then there was smoke and flames. crowds of tens of thousands at the air show were absolutely stunned by what they saw. he's been flying since he was 16 years old, and a stunt flyer for
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20 years. >> performed an inverted move. he was flying approximately 40 to 50 feet over the runway. his plane sort of stair-stepped down and impacted the runway in an inverted formation, upside down. >> reporter: no spectators were hurt in this. the show was immediately shut down. people had to leave quickly. waiting for the press conference to start. we'll bring it to you live as soon as it does. >> christie, thank you very much. we're waiting for this to get going. we'll get more details on the faa and ntsb investigation as she told us. we'll check back with her on this cinco de mayo. protesters holding american flags surrounding a south bay high school.
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>> bob is live at live oak high in morgan hill. bob, even though police were there, this is all very peaceful. >> reporter: it was peaceful and relatively quiet. you had a group of tea party patriots, out here with the red, white and blue, to protest what they say was the school's unfair treatment of students four years ago. they were students who showed their american patriotism on this day, to celebrate the mexican holiday. there was these four students, showing up wearing the american flag, and they were asked to go home. there's since been a lawsuit. we talked actually to one of the parents of one of those boys. and they filed a lawsuit. a recent ninth circuit court of appeals ruling upheld the ruling saying it was right to send the students home. that wearing the american flag on a mexican holiday was
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stirring up tensions between whites and latino students. today they were protesting peacefully. police officers running security, and the protesters were upset by the fact that the school district set up that temporary chain link fence. the school put it out there, so it was very clear on where the property ended and began for the school. they didn't want any of the protesters coming on campus. students had indicated they didn't want the media here this morning. they did not want the protest s protesters, the people having the flag rally because they thought it was too much of a distraction, especially given the fact of the testing. the tea party group did leave here at roughly 8:15 this morning, since that's when classes started. they're making the point that, yes, we will leave once classes start because we do not want to cause any problems. the students here spoke to us. one said this whole thing was stupid. another thought it was a waste of time as they drove past the people holding their flags out
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here this morning. again, very peaceful, according to morgan hill police. the protesters did stand there in silence with their flags. again, expecting what they said was their first amendment rights, freedom of expression. reporting live in morgan hill, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i'm sure we'll see you out this next year as well. let's take you back to the news conference that just started with the ntsb giving us an update on the crash. >> it will occur in pleasant grove, california. the investigators in charge is mike huhn. and any further reports will come out of him. our public affairs office in washington. >> we'll now take questions. >> [ inaudible ]? >> the planned maneuver was a
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low-level inverted pass to cut a ribbon. >> how far off the ground was the ribbon? >> i don't know the exact height of that. that will certainly be part of the factual report. >> can you describe the type of pilot of his caliber, what type of plane he needs for this performance? >> the faa does provide guidance. they work closely with the international council of air shows to come up with pilot certification standards. that will also be part of the investigation in the factual report. we don't have the exact numbers that are required at this point, but that will be part of our factual investigation. >> what part of the investigation will response time for emergency crews fit into your investigation? and why did it take five minutes for them to reach the crash site? >> that fits in the operational factors of the accident. that's a typical part of our
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investigation is looking at response time. that will be part of the operational factors of the accident. that will also be in the factual report. >> how helpful are the videos? we know there have been video posted on youtube. are you still looking for folks to turn those in? and how helpful is that for your investigation? >> that's always helpful. you get the different angles and viewpoints. i believe we have the accident sequence, so i don't believe we'll request or get any more at this time. but that's always very helpful. >> have you been able to get anything from that? >> we have a lot of videos. obviously, we have not had time to look at all of those. we're focusing strictly on the perishable evidence, which is the site with the ground scars and wreckage as it sits before it gets moved for further evaluation. >> are there regulations regarding the distance of the responding crews and fire department, the housing, where
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they would be responding? and is there a regulation regarding the amount of time? >> those regulations are also part of the operational factors that we will be looking at. there are standards. and that is part of what we will evaluate. and if we determine any deficiencies, where we could give a recommendation to change those regulations, we will do so. >> what are the regulations? >> that's part of the investigation. we're just now focusing on the factual part right here. >> do you guys have the exact response time by virtue of the responders? >> this from the ntsb investigators right now, giving a sort of preliminary update about the death of the 77-year-old pilot, flying a 1944 biplane when it crashed at the thunder over solano air show. you can see what happened in the aftermath there. the faa and ntsb are investigating. still giving preliminary details
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there in this initial press conference. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on this story. as always, get the latest information on our website at 11:09 right now, investigators are trying to find out why eight women fell from the high wire at a barnum & bailey circus. it was all caught on camera. this video is disturbing to watch. nbc bay area news has the latest. >> reporter: it's not what children and their parents expected to see. some thought it was part of the act when eight women hanging only by their hair, came crashing down on a ninth person at the circus in rhode island sunday. >> we thought it was part of the show. all of a sudden you see the cable break. >> it was scary. it was. it was really scary. >> reporter: all nine suffered serious injuries, mostly broken bones.
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none are believed to be life-threatening. some required surgery. this morning we've learned the circus is considering flying in their families from the ukraine, brazil and bulgaria. it was a 25 to 40-foot drop. >> all of the material that goes into one of these performances, all of the rigging are materials we bring with us to every single show. every single city we go to. and it's inspected every single time it's put up. to my knowledge, we've had no reports of any problems with any of this rigging in the past. >> reporter: still unknown, why that platform collapsed. >> within the next 24 hours, i believe that with the help of osha, the state and local officials, we'll have a good idea of what failed. >> reporter: osha, the occupational safety and health administration, is helping providence public safety commissioners investigate. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. investigators say they have pretty good description of the man who broke into an elderly couple's sunnyvale home and
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robbed them at gun point. she said the man sat on her front porch for a while before knocking on the door the day before. he appeared frantic and couldn't understand them, so she apologized and shut the door. the next day the man broke into the house and robbed the couple. >> think about your mother. would you like someone to treat your mother and father, what you did to us? he took from us things that meant a lot to us that we can never replace. >> the man took her purse, all her jewelry from a case in the bedroom, snatched a necklace off her neck and rings right off her fingers. he also took a watch her husband was wearing. here's a description of the man. he's hispanic with a full trimmed beard, between 35, 40 years old, about 5'7", last seen wearing a green t-shirt, dark pants and dark jacket. still to come this morning,
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surprising results about the safety of baby gates. plus, flames rip through homes in oklahoma. the latest on desperate efforts to save communities and people. it might be the last thing you're anticipating this cinco de mayo, but we're talking about showers on the radar. the clouds increasing in san jose. that wind is whipping in san francisco. and light rain on the radar. we've got big-time changes to take you through your full forecast when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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11:14. wildfire in oklahoma forced hundreds to evacuate their homes as thousands of acres went up in flames. jay gray has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a bit of a break from the blaze.
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>> we have been able to get a handle on this fire. we still have hot spots flaring up. but for the most part, we do have control of this thing. i'm still going to say 75% containment. >> reporter: containment that came overnight as hundreds of firefighters battled the raging wildfire. but on sunday, thousands were forced to evacuate as the wind-swept wildfire burned across 4,000 acres. one resident, a 56-year-old man, refused to leave his home and died in the fire. they fear the numbers could climb of the number of homes burned. >> several housing additions in a couple of miles of where the head of this fire is. that's our area of concern this morning. >> reporter: investigators say the wildfire may have started when a controlled burn pushed by the winds suddenly burned out of control. they say whoever started that fire may have to pay the cost for fighting the flames. >> by the way the law is written, they will be held responsible. >> reporter: teams on the ground will get help in the air from the oklahoma national guard as
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they continue to battle the flames today. that, while investigators begin their search into how and who started the blaze. jay gray, nbc news, guthrie, oklahoma. >> despite dry conditions, a ban on controlled burns was not put into effect until yesterday. in new york city, a former police officer now under arrest for spraying anti-semitic messages in a mostly jewish neighborhood. he's charged with hate crimes accused of spray painting swastikas and profanity on cars in the brooklyn neighborhood. one area is a religious elementary school. it shows the former officer spray painting at that school. the suspect's parents say he suffers from mental health issues. baby gates may not be keeping your children safe. the new study shows nearly 2,000 people in the u.s. go to the emergency room every single year with injuries associated with the safety gates. that is three times the amount seen 20 years ago. most were from children falling
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through or climbing on the gates. and were not serious. however, researchers at nationwide hospital in ohio say parents need to take more steps to protect their kids. they say use the bolt eed gates rather than the pressure ones. a move effective immediately comes five months after hackers stole credit and debit card numbers from millions of customers of target. he's been with the company 35 years. the ceo for six years. he's also resigned from target's board of directors. the company says its chief financial officer, john mulligan, will serve as interim president. coca-cola will no longer use a controversial ingredient linked to a flame retardant. it's a raw vegetable oil not approved for use in japan and much of europe. however, it can be found in powerade and pepsi's gatorade. gatorade stopped using that
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ingredient after a mississippi teenager started a petition because she was mad the unhealthy chemical was used in the drinks. a couple of flavors still list bvo as an ingredient. the fda said it's used to keep certain ingredients from separating. prices for limes are on their way down. prices climbed steadily since december, due to bad weather in mexico, and citrus disease hit crops. they're dropping now because of larger supplies from mexico. the biggest exporter to the u.s. many restaurants have not seen the impact yet. they're still paying $8 for a 40-pound box. >> but they're going down. that's good news for my margaritas. >> i know. there's going to be a lot of people headed out and about for cinco de mayo across the bay area. if you're one of those people, make sure you're ready for potentially a little shower activity. and that wind is really cranking up this hour. we started out in the single
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digits. right now we're in the double digits just about everywhere. the storm system right now starts to get organized, and pushes into the bay area. as you can see, we're not seeing a lot of action here, just some clouds rolling onshore, light pesky showers. that will be the case as we head throughout the day today. we'll see more of this as the system continues to press to the south. what you can expect the rest of the day, that wind will continue. the system will bring light shower activity. i'll show you that in just a minute. temperature-wise, this is where we're headed. mid-60s now, only wrapping up into the upper 60s before the day is done. jet stream positioned on top of us, so you can actually see the moisture associated with the storm track. watch what happens when i set this in motion for you. we take you through the second half of the day. picking up some showers on our futurecast. especially through the east bay hills, also the santa cruz mountains and western facing slopes surrounding san jose. that will keep going until 3:00 p.m. but it clears out through the
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overnight hours. tomorrow, the wind still fierce, we'll start out nice and clear in san francisco down to palo alto. the wind will play a factor again for your tuesday. the long-range weather story is the fact we have a big warm-up into your mother's day weekend. cooler than average most of the week, then those temperatures soar. take a look at this. warming you up steadily across the board. by thursday, we're, oh, so close to 80 degrees. mid-80s by friday. closer to 90 by sunday, mother's day. >> wow, how about that. thanks, christina. still to come, bad blood off the court. >> a devastating game seven loss.
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shining bright! >> favorite california chrome won the 140th kentucky derby, set himself up for a possible triple crown. at 77 years old, art sherman became the oldest owner to win the derby. having a well-deserved hay break. california chrome expected to compete in the preakness stakes. today the warriors will likely be cleaning out their lockers after a heartbreaking loss to the clippers over the weekend. this morning, we're learning the fight didn't exactly end on the court. in fact, after the game, the bad blood spilled into the tunnel which connects both the home and visiting locker rooms at staples center. witnesses say someone with the clippers yelled about how quiet the warriors locker room was. some of the warriors players apparently heard that, came out, no punches were thrown, but police and security were called in to calm things down.
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the final concert at the stick is now officially on. >> at 10:00 this morning, tickets went on sale for paul mccartney's farewell to candlestick show. no surprise here, they're already sold out. i try three minutes after 10:00 -- >> sold out. >> -- sold out. candlestick park, general admission tickets range from $50 to $275. oh, imagine that. they'll be on the secondary market. the show is scheduled for august 14th. paul's done it before. check out this video here from the chp. officers not just dealing with speeders, but this. a herd of goats. took them about half an hour to clear the goats off the road on highway 24. they brought traffic to a standstill over the weekend. this video was posted on the chp oakland facebook page. as far as we know, no goats were hurt in this incident.
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as we continue your animal news, we'll have a special delivery from overseas. >> what makes these tiger cubs so unique, coming up.
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all not all bad news coming out of crimea. >> check mom out. the rare bengal white tiger gave birth to four little cubs last week. three are boys, one is a girl. how they figured out with mom standing by, you've got me. one of the cubs is an albino tiger, while the others have visible black strikes. it is unusual for a bengal tiger to give birth to so many cubs. their unusual white color made them very popular at the zoo. >> fun to pet at that age. >> so cute. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> have a great one.
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