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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 8, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good thursday morning. coming up on "early today," return the girls. the u.s. ups the ante as the pursuit and rescue of the kidnapped nigerian teens gains global urgency. health care scandal ignored and neglected. some american veterans are not getting the care they were promised and some are dying because of it. food crisis. worse than heat waves. climate changes undeniable impact on the nation's food supply. plus, how this little boy's life was saved by his own dog. also a top nfl draft pick gets busy with jimmy fallon. and a new type of relief pitcher. it is thursday, may 8th. "early today" starts right now.
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good morning. i'm frances rivera. the global campaign to bring home hundreds of kidnapped school girls in nigeria is growing. but boca haram, the group behind the attack, is showing no signs of freeing the girls anytime soon. first lady michelle obama is one of several big names lending support to the abducted girls. she tweeted, our prayers are with the missing nigerian girls and their families. it is time to bring back our girls. former secretary of state hillary clinton is calling the kidnapping an act of terrorism. malala yousufzai, the pakistani teen who survived an assassination attempt by the taliban is calling the kidnapped girls her sisters. she offers a message saying never lose hope because we are with you. other celebrities like amy pole a poehler and chris brown are lending their support as well. there are more than a million tweets being published using the hash tag. nigerian police are offering a $300,000 reward for information
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leading to the rescue of the kidnapped girls. the u.s., china, canada and other countries have offered help to free the girls. eric shinseki is facing calls for resignation. this comes amid allegations that some veterans have been ignored, neglected, undertreated and mistreated at va hospitals sometimes with fatal consequences. let's get right to nbc's tracie potts in washington. tracie, good morning. shinseki is indicating he's not going anywhere. so what is he doing about these allegations? >> reporter: well, right now he's waiting to see what the inspector general has to say. keep in mind shinseki himself is a decorated veteran, a four star general before he took over at veterans affairs. and even though veterans say they respect his patriotism, his sacrifice for the country, the largest veterans group in this country wants him out. whistle-blowers claim thousands of appointment requests were diverted to a secret list to
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improve performance and as investigators were closing in, some of the records were destroyed. >> i am angry. >> reporter: but he's not giving up his job, not yet. >> general shinseki's time as secretary of veterans of affairs has come to an end and needs to step down. >> reporter: he says he'll await results of an internal investigation. >> will you resign? >> i would say i serve at the pleasure of the president. >> the president remains confident in secretary shinseki's ability to lead the department. >> reporter: the inspector general is looking into allegations that as many as 40 veterans died waiting up to a year and a half for appointments at the va hospital in phoenix. >> you have to breakthrough or basically do a full frontal assault in order to get an appointment. >> i do not have the 40 cases that the allegation is centered around. >> reporter: there are new allegations that records were falsified at va hospitals in texas and colorado. >> just absolutely infuriating because to have your son survive
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three combat tours to come home and to be treated like this. >> reporter: now, lawmakers on capitol hill want their say. they're frustrated about this situation as well. already talking about hearings. but first, frances, they want to wait until that investigation, the inspector general's investigation is over. >> even more frustrating for the families, i can imagine. tracie potts in washington, d.c., thank you. an early heat wave is wreaking havoc on the central plains, breaking records and debilitating crops as growing season kicks off. nbc's janet shamlian has more from wichita, kansas. >> reporter: it is the biggest crop in kansas, but wheat this year is in trouble all over the state. >> this is probably one of the worst crops at this stage that i've ever seen in my 52 years. >> reporter: john jenkinson is an ag specialist. his family has been in farming for generations and he knows this year's harvest has been hard hit just by looking tat. >> wheat should be waist high on both of us.
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>> reporter: that's less than half of where it should be. >> and we're going to have more than less half of a crop from what we should have. >> reporter: kansas is locked in a heat wave. august-like temperatures in early may. it was as high as 103 last weekend. >> what you see on this map is where we expect temperatures to be either colder or hotter than they normally would be. where the drought is so bad, temperatures are going to be hot because the atmosphere is just going to continue to bake. we expect the drought to build even more so into the plains as we go through the summer months. >> reporter: in oklahoma, it could be another 1930s type dust bowl says the usda. 39% of the wheat crop there is in poor or very poor condition. a tour last week of farms in kansas forecasts the weakest crop in 18 years, in the top u.s. wheat producing state. >> all the rain in the world isn't going to help this wheat. >> that was nbc's janet shamlian reporting for us. bill karins is here with a look at today's forecast. more severe weather here, especially in the nation's midsection. >> as they saw, they need the
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rain, but in some cases too late, especially for the winter wheat. here is what we're dealing with out there. yesterday, we saw five tornadoes or so. most of those were in areas of colorado. they were very weak tornadoes, didn't do any damage. didn't have any reports of injuries or fatalities. all the green dots are reports of large hail. it was widespread. really from the northern plains all the way down to texas, and some of it was big as baseballs. the same area today will watch the threat of severe weather. we have a better chance today of seeing a damaging or maybe even a deadly tornado than we did yesterday. in the area of red up there. if you hear anything really bad, most likely it will come out of iowa or minnesota. hope not. hopefully bad storms that form will miss instead of hit. as far as temperatures, cold behind that storm. only 37 in denver. it is snowing in some places of colorado. still kind of cool in the northwest. we have a new system coming on shore, little weak system. warm front comes on shore this morning. we're watching a little bit of rain out there. then the cold front isself wits
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be this afternoon. expected rainfall, impressive totals, seattle, another inch. portland, up to two inches. we'll see,000 a how it all play. that's your national forecast. showers left over for tomorrow, still looks like we're going to clear it out for a nice mother's day weekend. >> that's always how we like it, bill. thank you very much. this story could have had an awful ending. a 3-year-old boy is home safe thanks to a furry member of the family. hundreds of volunteers in north dakota searched for that boy for nearly seven hours in the cold and rain. >> can you imagine? >> just as teams were about to give up, rescuers found the
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family dog, cooper, laying with the boy, keeping him warm. the 3-year-old was taken to the hospital. doctors say he's in good shape thanks to his loyal friend. great story. still ahead, meet the 90-year-old busted for a ton of cocaine. and the most republican company in america by donations may surprise you. an australian wedding with a twist. you're watching "early today." hi. i just finished an energy audit of this building and started my own dog walking business. what did you do to deserve that thin mints flavor coffee-mate? it's only one of the most delicious girl scout cookie flavors ever. i changed the printer ink. really? it's actually tricky. you're lucky i like your tie. enjoy our caramel and coconut girl scout cookies flavor. now available in powder. nestle. good food, good life.
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[ maey can see the lighteyes. of a single candle... ok after them th centrum silver. multivitamins for your eyes, heart and brain. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. welcome back. south korean officials say they have detained the head of a ferry company involved in the disaster three weeks ago. authorities believe improper stowage and too much cargo are partly to blame. over 300 people mostly students are dead or missing. doctors at rhode island hospital say it will take months to heal for the injured in that circus accident on sunday. four performers are in serious condition, two with spinal cord injuries. the hospital says the two can
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feel their legs, but have only minimal movement at this point. president obama spent much of yesterday surveying damage left by the deadly tornados in arkansas. it was part of a massive storm system that killed 35 people a week and a half ago. that storm system also moved through tupelo, mississippi. we're getting a dramatic new look at the tornado. it is courtesy of a mississippi church. high winds plow through a children's playground. a man in detroit sentenced to three years in federal prison on his 90th birthday. the crime, hauling more than a ton of cocaine into michigan for a mexican drug ring. he was one of 19 people charged. two grooms men stole the spotlight at an australian wedding. the new couple and wedding party were taking pictures on a beach when they saw that capsized boat. the two grooms men stripped to their underwear and swam back to the boater. they even finished the wedding photos with a slight change in attire. time to get down to business with cnbc's courtney reagan. good morning, courtney.
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>> good morning, frances. the department of transportation rejects calls by two senators to tell owners of recalled gm cars not to drive them until they're repaired. secretary anthony fox said its owners followed advice. colorado lawmakers approved the first financial system for the marijuana industry. the network of insured co-ops would help pot businesses shift from cash only roots, giving access to banking services. top tech companies including google and facebook are urging the fcc to make new net neutrality plans with how they manage web traffic. they say the proposal presents a grave threat to the future of the internet. strong words. frances, back to you. >> courtney, thank you very much. back to the business of pot. vancouver medical marijuana dispensary has installed what they say is the first pot
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vending machine. it holds a variety of weed packaged up and sealed in amounts -- over an eighth of an ounce and only takes cash. according to the new york times, america's most republican company happens to be flowers foods. they make wonder bread, tasty cakes and nature's own baked goods. since 1979, they have given 99% of their political contributions to republicans. and nbc universal has inked a deal to carry the next six olympic games, that's through the years 2032. and at a cost of $7.75 billion. and includes athletes who haven't even been born yet. just ahead, we'll have all your sports highlights fit for a thursday morning. keep it right here. everything your mouth does in a day is building up layer, upon layer, of bacteria. and to destroy those layers? you need listerine®. its unique formula penetrates these layers deeper than other mouthwashes, killing bacteria all the way down to the bottom layer.
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this morning on "today," actress zoe saldana is live in studio to talk about starring in a remake of the horror classic "rosemary's baby." sports headlines this morning, the nba's reigning mvp revved up oklahoma city fans in a special pregame ceremony. kevin durant gets most valuable player award and goes on a tear. 17 points in first quarter. los angeles and oklahoma city shoots the lights out. we're talking about literally here. because it gets dark. combining for 117 points in the first half until the lights actually go out. they play the final seconds in
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the blackout. in the second half, the lights return as the thunder surge to 112-101 win. the semifinal matchup is tide at 1-1. indiana evens their series with washington. hibbert scored 21 points. the wizards had their chances but the pacers shut the door with the late basket. 86-82, indiana, it is 1-1. get set, go. >> that's what happens when jadeveon clowney hangs out with jimmy fallon on "the tonight show" on the eve of the nfl draft. 6.9 in his 40-yard dash. but clowney, 4.53 time and his ferocious tackles could make him the number one pick tonight, giving him enough millions to buy his mom the dream house, another vacation house, a condo, and then some. seattle seahawks richard
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sherman's new $57.4 million contract makes him the nfl's highest paid cornerback. he's guaranteed $40 million of the deal, but he's also making headlines for the time magazine interview where he explains why the nfl wouldn't have banned l.a. clippers owner donald sterling for racist remarks, saying this, we have an nfl team called the redskins. i don't think the nfl really is as concerned as they show. the nfl is more of a bottom line league. if it doesn't affect their bottom line, they're not as concerned. arnado's hit streak extends, he ties the franchise record and could break it tonight in texas. he's close to dying ji tying j o dimaggio's record. a game delay at a bolivia soccer match. obviously not a dog lover. he's booed as he roughs up the pooch. easy, guys. it is a little puppy.
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the pup was rescued and removed by a kinder and pet friendly official. just ahead, president obama on a three-day west coast democratic fund-raising tour gets up close and personal with springsteen, streisand, spielberg, and others. you're watching "early today." beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. frequent heartburn? the choice is yours. chalky. not chalky. temporary. 24 hour. lots of tablets. one pill. you decide. prevacid. ♪ 24 hour
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pretty rainy thursday starting already in areas of oregon, i-5 and pushing up to the north. the cold front will sweep through. when that happens, things get windier, a burst of heavier rain. that will be this afternoon in the northwest. and then tomorrow, behind this system, the upper level low, that's the storm in the upper atmosphere, will sit near the region, and that could cause additional showers. heaviest rain today. friday, cold systems, we have a chance to get small thunderstorms, maybe small hail out of that. we don't get a lot in the desert southwest. temperatures remain kind of cool in california. nothing like how warm we were about two weeks ago. >> all right, bill, thank you. the mighty morphin power rangers will go back to the big screen. lions gate will make the first movie of the children's series in 17 years. the same studio produced the hunger games, so we'll see what is due for the power rangers series. valerie harper called on members of the senate to dedicate more funding to cancer
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research. yesterday, she testified before the special agent committee, she said new research innovations have helped her live quite a year and four months past my expiration date. nbc's long running drama law & order svu has been renewed -- >> just a little drumbeat there. >> renewed for the 16th season. it is the longest running drama series currently on tv. president obama kicked off his west coast fund-raising tour by accepting an award from steven spielberg's shoah foundation. at the performance by bruce spring ste springsteen, he was presented with the award. the foundation records the testimonies of genocide survivors. and actor hugh jackman went back in time and gave his 1999 self some career spoilers. >> hey, it is going to sound
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narcissistic, believe it or not, who's the biggest star in the year 2014? >> well, hugh, i know you're going to find this hard to believe, really hard to believe, you are by far and away the biggest star ever, ever to actually be in motion pictures. >> really? so i've become huge jackman. i like that. >> huge jackman. so would 1999 bill karins say, you're going to be a huge national meteorologist on national network early morning show? >> happiest sleep deprived person on the planet. >> right. happily so. i am right there with you. my 1999 self doing stories in oklahoma would say the same thing. this is "early today." we hope it is your first stop of the day here on nbc. say so long to touch-ups. revlon colorstay makeup. breakthrough time release technology keeps skin balanced for a continuously fresh look.
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leading the news in a wall street journal, artificial dna breakthrough could lead to new treatments. researchers created microbes containing artificial dna. it would lead to new drugs and antibiotic and cancer screening and therapy. jordanian tv guests destroy studio in on air brawl. two men were discussing the war are in syria when it got heated. one accused the other of supporting the revolution an they began shoving each other. shoving the desk there. production staffers had to break it up. wow. some other stories we're following this morning, the state supreme court in new hampshire held up a decision in favor of a man with this license plate. it says copslie. he was denied the plate because of a restriction on vanity plates that some might find offensive.
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now he's free to use it and the cops are still free to give him speeding tickets. gentlemen, start saving the paychecks. in another life, in another world, look at that sparkler. any lady would love it. it is called a vivid yellow. that's 100 carats. it is expected to sell for $25 million at a jewelry sale in geneva next week. the white one, that one i'll take. a cow in california was caught on video roaming around a shopping center. ranchers called out to her, but it was just in one ear, out the udder. >> look at the cowboy. >> you're ignoring me. did you get this? >> i did. i ignored it. >> they got a hold of her in a nearby area. out the udder. a park has gone jurassic. this pitch throu the first baby t-rex opening pitcher. it took quite the maneuver to get the ball across home plate. the mascot baseball was not the
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only thing on this dino's mind. close, huh? now for a look ahead and a look back. the 2014 nfl draft takes place in new york city. franchises are meeting at radio city music hall to select newly eligible players. on this day in 1984, the soviet union announced it would boycott the upcoming summer olympic games in los angeles. >> the soviet announcement caused the white house and visiting olympic officials by surprise. they discussed what if anything could be done to reverse the decision which they called retaliation for 1980 when the united states boycotted the moscow olympics. >> it appears we're paying the price for 1980. again, the ones that are hurt are the athletes. and on this thursday, happy birthday to singer even en reokr enrique iglesias, 39. don rickles turns 88. i'm melissa
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well, good morning, everyone. 4:30 in the morning, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's say good morning to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning and so close to the weekend for you. we have showers on the radar this morning. we told you they were coming in and they have arrived right on time. now, for the most part this activity stay well to the north of the golden gate bridge and we'll see two very different parts of the bay in the north bay versus what we're expecting here in the south bay. dive into the forecast coming up and tell you what is on the way for mother's day weekend. for now here's mike inouye and


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