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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 13, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good tuesday morning. coming up on "early today," unstoppable. nasa says glaciers are melting at record speed. it is an irreversible thaw causing the world's oceans to rise many feet for this generation and the next. home explosion. a police officer is shot and killed right before this inferno. details ahead. negotiating with terrorists. the kidnapped nigerian girls threatened and used at bargaining chips. while the u.s. uses manned aircraft to search for them. also, incredible new details of america's spying operation. plus, where is former radio jock casey kasem. and help wanted. panda caretaker. it is tuesday, may 13th. "early today" starts right now.
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good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. scientists are warning of rising ocean waters now that a large section of the western antarctic ice sheet appears to collapsed. look at these images from nasa. the areas in purple are being eaten away by warming sea water. the melting glacial region has passed the point of no return and the sea level could rise ten feet or more in the coming century. now, if this glacier seen here melted, it alone would cause the sea level to rise two feet. this glacier acts as a linchpin to the rest of the antarctic ice sheet. you put all of this in perspective, here is lower manhattan. and this is the projection for areas flooded if water levels reach ten feet above tide, according to climate central surging. areas in dark blue are inundated areas and areas in white are dry
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grou ground. perhaps most shocking at all if question we look at southern floor, here it is if waters surge ten feet as projected. the nigerian government is allowing the u.s. to fly manned surveillance planes over nigeria in the search for nearly 300 missing school girls. the news comes after the terror group boko haram released a new video which appears to show many of the girls praying. the girls, most of them christian, are seen wearing conservative muslim dress and reciting the koran. let's bring in tracie potts from washington. what is the latest in the search for these girls? >> reporter: the late set of that the u.s. intelligence analysts here are taking a close look at this video. it tells us two things on the surface. first of all, that boko haram is willing to use these girls as a bargaining chip, but also that many of them may still be alive and still in nigeria. the u.s. now has manned surveillance aircraft flying over nigeria sharing commercial satellite images and according
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to officials may consider unmanned drones to help find the girls. >> we are providing intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance support. >> reporter: this video not yet authenticated is the first hard evidence that the girls are still alive. >> our intelligence experts are combing over every detail of it for clues that may help in the ongoing efforts. >> reporter: in the video, the kidnappers, boko haram, offers a trade, some 200 girls for the release of its prisoners. in the past, boko haram has been paid millions for the release of hostages. experts disagree whether nigeria will negotiate. >> nigeria has no intentions to pay ransom. >> the best question do is quiet negotiation which keeps them safe, which gives you more time to identify where the vast majority are and potentially some sort of rescue. >> reporter: right now, the u.s. has about 50 people there from the state department, and the
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pentagon. communications, security and medical experts. and fbi hostage negotiators. and here's the thing, that video you just saw that many around the world have now seen, some of the families haven't even seen yet because they're in a village with no electricity. we're told, they're going to be traveling to the capital today to take a look at that video and try to identify their daughters. >> tough for the families. tracie, thank you. back in the u.s., police officer steven arkell was shot and killed while responding to the scene of a domestic disturbance. this home in new hampshire, after the shoot thing, the house burst into flames and exploded. the force was so powerful, it blew off the front of the house and just leveled it within an hour. the suspected gunman is michael nolan, he's presumed dead from that blaze. the investigation continues. now to the nsa.
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kate snow has shocking details. >> reporter: a secret surveillance program -- >> an international manhunt is on tonight. >> the most wanted man in the world. >> reporter: edward snowden may go down as the most famous whistle-blower of our time and now the man who he leaked secrets to has a new book revealing more allegations of widespread surveillance by nsa employees. >> internally when they thought they were talking in private, they both -- the fact that there is a system of ubiquitous -- collecting all forms of communication between everybody on the planet. >> reporter: this power point slide from the nsa says snow kn all, collect it all. and with this, any employee can search a giant database. >> all they need to do is enter the e-mail address, pull down a justification that entitles them to do it and hit search. >> reporter: greenwald writes the nsa can tap into skype video
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chats, a broad range of facebook data and e-mail sent by people using wi-fi on an airplane. no way of knowing how widespread this is. >> we know it is systematic, that there are divisions in the nsa and teams in the nsa devoted to doing this. >> reporter: the nsa says the implication that the foreign intelligence collection is arbitrary and unconstrained is false. their activities are focused on valid foreign intelligence targets. greenwald says he has thousands of documents and plans to reveal more on the intercept, a digital magazine whose parent company has a collaboration agreement with nbc news. >> several of the top, say, five or ten are stories that are left to be told. ones that will really shock the world. >> and that was nbc's kate snow reporting. beyonce and jay-z don't seem to be too bothered by all the media buzz surrounding video of sister-in-law solange apparently attacking jay-z in an elevator in new york.
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this video was released by tmz. in the video, you see a bodyguard pulling solange off jay-z while beyonce stands close by. beyonce and jay-z have not responded to questions about the elevator altercation. the couple did seem just fine last night, though, while they were taking in the brooklyn/mmi game at the barclay center. more than 280 firefighters are battling new mexico's first major wildfire of the season. the fire has burned more than 4700 acres since it started on sunday. a break in the windy weather allowed air tankers and helicopters to join the fight. the parched state has experienced record-setting fire season during two of the last three years. meanwhile, firefighters have stopped the spread of a 2,000 acre wildfire in the texas panhandle. it forced the evacuation of about 2,000 residents. so is relief on the way?
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let's check in now with meteorologist bill karins. >> not really. california saw the attention for their three-year long drought. but areas of new mexico and nevada and texas, everybody is starting to join the party. let's show you what happened yesterday. we started our warming trend. yesterday was a very mild day. we were all the way up to 78 in portland. 90 in los angeles. we look cool initiate vegas and phoenix. but that will change in the days ahead. temperatures this morning, off to a warm start, nearly 70 in l.a. still, 72 in phoenix. warm air already in place. and we're just going to continue to get warmer. really no clouds that are going to stop it. the winds are coming out of the north and out of the northeast and that's a warm wind coming down out of the mountains. and all the marine cool air should be blown out to sea. we have excessive heat advisories from san francisco to san jose and red flag warnings for l.a. down to the mountains
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outside san diego. 96 in l.a. that's hot. that's your national forecast. >> you know, we get 90 around san jose, and san francisco, couple days in a row, that's hot. >> i would say so. thank you. pope francis comments on creatures from out of space. a case of road rage caught on tape. you're watching "early today." say so long to touch-ups.
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investigators are scrambling to contact 500 people who shared a flight with him. while there are 538 cases confirmed worldwide, with 145 deaths, the cdc says the risk to the public is low. the only other patient in the u.s. with a confirmed cases with released from a hospital in indiana late last week. the man running against former american idol star clay aiken in a north carolina primary has actually died after an apparent fall. clay aiken tweeted, i am stunned and deeply sadnd by keith crisco's death. he was a gentleman, a good and honorable man, and an extraordinary public servant. he went on to say that he would be suspending all campaign activities. a judge in l.a. wants to know just where is casey kasem? an attorney for kasem's wife jean says the former top 40 host had been moved from l.a. without his children's knowledge. this is the latest chapter in a dispute between his children and their stepmother over kasem who suffers from advanced park ed
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parkinson's disease and can no longer speak. cars collide and veer off the road. look at that. it flips. the truck flipped over. a recent study found that among the 25 largest cities in the u.s., san diego drivers ranked second most likely to acknowledge purposefully bumping other drivers who they think did something wrong. they ranked just behind atlanta at number one. pope francis is becoming famous for his sense of inclusion, which now apparently includes aliens. that's right. the pope said yesterday if a martian came to him seeking baptism, he would not turn it away. imagine that. let's get to cnbc's jackie deangelis. good morning, jackie. >> at&t is reportedly in active talks to buy direct tv in a deal that would be worth nearly $50 billion. now, a merger would create a media giant close in size to where comcast would be if it completes its purchase of time warner cable, but would likely face a tougher view by
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regulators. new surveys by bank of america and wells fargo show that small business owners are cautiously optimistic about the future. well, many companies are willing to hire, they're not going to do so at the explosive pace seen a decade ago. and you may have to pay a little bit more for that microbrew these days. an explosion in growth and the craft beer industry pushed prices for hops to levels not seen since a drought hit the market in 2008. craft beers use up to ten times the hops found in beers made by big brewers like anheuser-busch. that's it for us here at cnbc. back over to you. just ahead, the nba playoffs reach do or die time. and a table tennis phenom like you've never seen before. this guy has got skills next. ♪ ♪
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this morning on "today," savannah guthrie sits down with donald sterling's wife and clippers co-owner shelly sterling and we'll get her reaction to her husband's televised apology for making racist comments. you remember the video we showed earlier of the alleged scuffle between jay-z and beyonce's sister solange, well social media erupted over the controversy. they sat court side for the brooklyn miami game. the good news for brooklyn fans,
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lebron james tied his career high to lead brooklyn over miami. san antonio team us about collides with a city bus on the way to playing in portland and all downhill from there. portland's damian lilard. an incredible show of strength. and shaquille o'neal and crew member did their best imitation of the act. following the half, portland continued the offensive assault, beating the spurs 103-92. san antonio leads the series 3-1. bubbling over with excitement to get that opportunity. door has that come up -- >> right in his shirt. >> what are the odds of that? insane play in houston as door can't make the play on this routine ground ball, but he'll probably make the team's gag
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reel. he had his bright spot. he hit his first career homer and the rangers downed the astros 4-0. at an nba promotional event in spain with the help of a trampoline, one participant pulls off an acrobatic dunk. too bad the league doesn't allow trampolines in the all-star dunk contest. meet ibrahim hamacho. despite losing both arms in an accident at ten years old, he managed to gain worldwide attention for his table tennis. he recently squared off with the world's best players and wowed them with his ability and inspiring story. don't say this very often, but that indeed was amazing. just ahead, the latest addition of the caped crusader's batmobile and the scar face mansion for sale, next. to pitch in for an industrial-sized smoker, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time, and 2% back at the grocery store, even before he got 3% back on gas
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fearlessness. apply daily. introducing nespresso vertuoline. now coffee becomes an experience like nothing you've ever had before. [ penelope ] nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. all right. let's talk heat over the next couple of days. sunshine is the rule. 90 up to medford today. 96 in l.a. san diego is going to be just a couple of degrees cooler than that. it is not often that you're about 13 degrees warmer in l.a. than vegas. that's the case today. as we look toward tomorrow, tomorrow will be the peak of this little mini heat wave it appears. 90 in san francisco. 88 in portland. as far as when does the heat break, san diego used to wait until friday. >> all right, thank you. and batman versus superman, still two years away. but director zach snyder is throwing fans a bone. snyder tweeted a glimpse of the
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new batmobile, check it out. the fans are saying that the caped crusader's fresh ride looks like a combination of modern and classic batmobiles. if you have 30 million bucks hanging around. the scar face mansion is on the market. the villa is located in santa barbara, california, not miami, as portrayed in the film. the 9,800 square feet at the mansion would certainly be a nice place to say hello to your little friends. grammy award winner kenny g is as surprised as anyone to find out that one of his smooth jazz hits has become a chinese cultural icon. the 1989 song "going home" is played at closing time across the country, even at tiananmen square. here is a short sample of the song in question. ♪
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>> i'm relaxed after hearing that. aren't you? right? go home and take a nap. child star macaulay caulk en tweeted a photo of himself wearing a t-shirt of ryan gosling wearing a macaulay culkin t-shirt. it could go on and on and on, right? >> macaulay culkin isn't in the news a lot anymore. he stopped acting and he's a musician. he's in a band, yeah. like pizza underground. >> yeah. maybe go back to acting. i don't know. i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." we hope it is your first stop of the day on nbc. let me get this straight... [ female voice ] yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, because it's milk without the lactose.
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leading the news in the wall street journal, still paying for the civil war. veterans benefits live on long after bullets stop. the u.s. department of veterans affairs pays $73.13 every month to the last surviving child of a civil war veteran still on its payroll. it causes tension to the fiscal cost of wars after they have ended. and from nbc sports, adam silver apologizes to magic johnson for donald sterling's comments. the nba commissioner was referring to new comments from the clippers owner on cnn while apologizing for his racist remarks, sterling disparaged magic johnson's hiv status and his business and chaer ty work. other stories we're keeping an eye on for you today, for a long time, people were happy to
4:27 am
believe that red wine drinking helps you live longer. sorry to spoil it for you. close your ears. a new study from johns hopkins says there may be no link between wine and better health. we'll call it all sour grapes. a new map from the world health organization shows the world's heaviest drinkers. the darker countries consume more total alcohol per capita every year. you can see russia and its neighbors lead the way. canadians drink more than americans. look at this, theft caught on camera. this guy is mad. a south florida man was apparently angry over the price of cookies at this subway restaurant. he lunges over the counter, grabs a handful of $5 bills from the register and runs away. why didn't he just grab the cookies? that's what he wanted, right? one fruit is this year's must have fashion accessory for rabbits. luna the bunny loves raspberries. >> why is that so funny? it is, though. >> look at the lips.
4:28 am
>> i know. >> she probably doesn't realize it, but the juice from the red raspberries gives her the impression she's wearing lipstick. cute little video seems to strike a chord with the public going viral at over 8 million views since friday. i love it. i could watch it all day long. now a look ahead and a look back. president obama will award kyle j. white the medal of honor for his gallantry. sergeant white will be the seventh living recipient of the award for actions in iraq or afghanistan. on this day in 1981, pope john paul ii was shot and seriously wounded in st. peters square by a turkish assailant . it happened while the pope was entering the square for his weekly general audience. happy birthday to robert pattinson, 28. tv host stephen colbert, 50. and stevie wonder, 64. i'm betty nguyen. thank you for watching "early today."
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we hope you have a good one.
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well, good morning, everybody. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. city of dublin, one of many across the bay area opening up cooling stations. the city library one of the places people can go to stay indoors as today's temperatures could reach record levels. for exactly how hot it will be, let's turn to meteorologist christina loren. >> it will be a scorching, a spring scorcher. we are still a month away from the official kickoff of summertime. temperatures this morning are very mild, we're mostly in the upper tos. just one degree away from 60. in concord, mountain view and


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