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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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west virginia. new details as families gather at the gates demanding answers. plus, a 7-year-old girl missing in oakland, but police are not calling for an amber alert. we're live as investigators search her home. melting hot temperatures. where the rubber meets the road. how today's heat advisory could affect the amgen bike race. >> the riders put to the test for today. hot and hazy, spare the air day as we get into tomorrow, hottest day of 2014. then we'll see a little bit of cooling towards the end of the week into the weekend. your full forecast in moments. and some south bay drivers going to get put to the test, as well. local reroutes and i'll give them to you. a closure for the major interchange and two freeways and the ripple for the south bay. i have that coming up. good morning foster city and a live look at the san mateo bridge. it's tuesday, may 13. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. two people are dead in west virginia after an overnight mining accident. this is happening in boone county. we understand ambulances are at the mine right now. the minors' families have gathered add the entrance of the mine and they're waiting anxiously for answers about what happened. we have a picture of the entrance of the mine. we are told emergency rescue teams have been on the ground for hours now. it is a remote area and our views have not arrived yet. just moments ago investigators revealed a ground failure at the mine killed the workers. the brody mine was investigated by the feds last year and received 253 violations. many of them dealing with safety. since that review, another company has taken over that mine. new this morning, oakland police searching for a missing 7-year-old girl. she was last seen yesterday near
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her home not far from the ca colise coliseum. "today in the bay" christie smith joins us from oakland where police are keeping a presence by that girl's home. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura. they canvassed the area shortly after this little girl was reported missing, which was now 12 hours ago. since then pretty quiet out here but they are asking for the public's help this morning in locating this 7-year-old girl. she is four feet tall, 50 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and black tennis shoes. last seen near her home on the 1400 block of 73rd avenue. this was yesterday around 6:00 p.m. in the area sort of behind the coliseum. oakland police have been parked on the block overnight and would only tell us this morning she is still missing but they haven't released the circumstances of her disappearance, was she alone? what were the factors? they tell us she is considered
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at risk, of course, because of her age. now, earlier, we spoke with the missing person's department and told us they were trying to determine if the case was eligible for an amber alert, but that hasn't happened this morning. again, they are asking for the public's help. everyone just hoping that she returns home safely. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot, christie. let's check your forecast this morning as we give you a live look at san francisco. usually a fog city, but not today. that is just gorgeous. temperatures today expected in the 90s. >> in the meantime, a live look at san jose and also in fremont where temperatures will also climb into the 90s. some spots getting hotter than that. we have team coverage and a look at how the heat wouill affect t bike race. let's go to christina loren with a look at those soaring temperatures. good morning, christina. >> good morning, guys. upper 50s to low 60s. an indication of a warm day
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ahead. just show you the difference between now and 24 hours ago. we're running seven degrees milder at this hour in sawnen for. a warm start out there tonight. could be difficult getting to sleep in the city, if you don't have an ac. temperatures will climb into the mid-90s for today. a heat advisory in place for most of the bay area, including the south bay and that is through tomorrow when we get the hottest point of this heat wave. very warm today at the coast, as well. you can see none of the flags getting any pick up at at&t park and the stagnant air mass overhead. another stir the air day and temps for today in the mid-90s and warmest cities across the bay, trade for the triple digits. as we head through tomorrow, we'll take you through that forecast and right now back to you, scott and laura. >> thank you so much. our temperatures are beginning to soar just in time for hundreds of the world's best cyclists to pedal into town for stage three of the amgen tour of the stage three bicycle race. >> bob redell live in san jose where officials will deal with
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some of these heat concerns. how are you feeling out there on the road, bob? >> thank goodness for water. good morning to you, scott and laura. to the right of me, lake cunningham park east san jose and a few hours late this morning is when stage three of the amgen tour will be leaving here. this is a third of eight stages taking riders on a 720-mile trek down the coastline of california with ending sunday in southern california and today's is around 108 miles, considered to be perhaps the most grueling. if you look at the map, you can see why because you've got two monster climbs. it starts off with mt. hamilton and a lot of switch back up that mountain and then you come down into the livermore valley where you're going to be at high noon. and that's where we're going to see those temps. livermore, of course, one of the hottest places in the bay area. and that is only going to
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prepare the riders for the final climb. almost 11 miles up mt. diablo. it's considered just to be very, very brutal. and what the race organizers are doing, they are going to have a car, this hydration mobiles, if you will. they will be there to provide water for a bicyclist. they're expected to drink twice the normal amount that they would in let's say the race conditions weren't going to be as hot. again, we are going to be having this heat wave today. so, you're going to have 128 of some of the world's best bicyclists out here not only fighting gravity, but the sun, hold on just a second. got a call. >> sounds like you're wheezing. >> it's lance armstrong, just a minute. hey, buddy. you have a friend who is racing today who needs an extra teammate. yeah. yeah, no, i'm not available. i actually like this thing called a challenge, but thanks.
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amgen tour, it's so easy. only 720 miles. and, today, 108 in the cool temps. i got better things to do. all right, the festival starts here at lake cunningham park. i don't see them setting up yet. they don't set up until an hour before. 9:00 stage three takes off at 10:45 this morning. again for that grueling ride over mt. hamilton into the tri-valley and then up mt. diablo. >> you're wheezing, my friend. >> probably should have that checked out. >> i'm just trying to make people feel good about themselves. >> and work out for a big breakfast this morning. warm up the maple syrup on your pancakes. thank you very much, bob. 6:07. we have continuing coverage of the heat online, as well, at maps, radares and temperatures in your neighborhood. just click on the weather tab on our home page. going to be a hot one. >> let's continue our amgen
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coverage with mike inouye. sg sin >> since that covers most of the east bay and moves very smoothly. this is the bulk of your commute route and that is out of most of your early race area. the race area along this portion of the east bay. when i say this the tri-valley and east bay, i motion over here where there's not a lot of speed sensors. we'll talk about that. first of all, we have to point this out for the south bay. that connector is closed all day. so, that will be a commute issue as you travel through san jose. moving smoothly there and emergency repair work going on and a typical pattern for north 101. over here mt. hamilton and where bike was biking very ableably throughout the area and that is where they'll start the race. take folks up into the tri-valley and this is not a commute issue unless you're heading to the area and you have surface street traffic which typically takes you for tesla and eastern livermore.
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over here, they'll remain clear for this morning and westbound 580 has your typical build coming out of the altamont. this portion of the tri-valley. getting closer to the the commute spots of blackhawk and mt. diablo state park. and that is where there is a lot of surface street traffic. not until after your morning commute and surface street traffic. go to amgentour of california and it is very, very important. 680 itself moves very smoothly now and expected to stay clear of all that race traffic and related issues, as well. here is the rest of your bay. concord, no problems. 24 towards the bay bridge and toll plaza moves very smoothly. the toll plaza has the backup as the metering lights were turned on. the heaviest volume of the week typically today and no big surprises off the berkeley curve or coming out of the maze, you're slowing to west 580 on the approach. across the san mateo bridge a
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smooth drive, as well. heading over to the peninsula. a stalled vehicle off of the connector and sounds like it's off to had shoulder now, as well. we'll watch as it starts to build right about now. >> thank you, mike. 6:10. still ahead on "today in the bay" a new pot crack down in the south bay. mark zuckerberg sued by his own neighbors. why it might be backfiring in palo alto. city by the bay from a distance. things will heat up and a beautiful day in san francisco. yep, the heat really going to kick in tomorrow. when will it cool down? we'll check in with christina. 6:10.
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welcome back, bay area. we have a hot day shaping up. heat advisory for all the places
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shaded in red. the greater bay area with the exclusion of the immediate coastline. it's going to be hot out there, mid-90s even in the south bay. triple digits tomorrow. we'll take you through your forecast in just moments. too hot. we're looking over here and heating up for the commute, as well. this is your second burst of traffic for north 101, but i have an even bigger issue to watch for the entire day in san jose. we'll let you know about that and freeway closure and connector, coming up. here are today's top stories. two people are dead in a mining sdnlt accident in west virginia this morning. a cave in at the brody mine trapped minors last night. this morning crews. a 7-year-old girl who has not been seen since yesterday. she was last seen at her home close to coliseum last night. she is four feet tall and last seen wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. she is considered at risk because of her age. a nigerian official says all
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options are open in the search for 200 kidnapped school girls. the government had initially suggested it would not negotiate with the terrorist group that took them. meanwhile, we have a live report on the search for those girls coming up at 6:30. it's 6:14 right now. pot shops have flourished in the city of san jose, some say a little too much. the san jose city council will meet discuss reigning in within the city limits. >> peggy bunker joins us with the proposed changes. good morning. >> good morning. san jose will give this another go and not the first time they tried trying to put a few boundaries around the medical marijuana collectives. 80 set up shop in san jose. there just needs to be more regulation. two years ago the marijuana industry was able to get rid of many of those regulations while 60% of san jose residents say they want medical marijuana to remain available to those that need it and they also want clear controls to manage the stores.
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san jose does not want to ban the shops completely noting they bring in $5.6 billion in business tax revenue. they are proposing a dramatic reduction of how many stores can operate within city limits. here's some of the regulations they will discuss today. they want it limit the pot shops to commercial and districts. pot must be grown on site, a big change there. 1,000-foot buffers need to be in place between the stores and day cares, schools, churches. they also need to be 500 feet from drug rehabs and homes. council members say the proposed changes will actually protect the right to buy marijuana in san jose rather than buying it outright like neighbors who have done so. part of the suggested relati ee regulations to keep marijuana away from teenagers. the number of marijuana-related suspensions in schools has doubled since 2011. that will surely be a talking point today. back to you.
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>> thank you. palo alto officials will listen to another day of testimony as residents try to save the city's only mobile home park. residents pay about $700 a month for rent. the owners have run that park for nearly three decades and now a developer has offered more than $30 million for that property to make room for luxury apartments. if all goes through, the families will have to get out. >> going to start crying just to think about that feeling. i mean, it's our home. it's where i grew up and i have so many memories. >> she says that she wants to stay here because of the kids and because she wants them to come to these schools because they are good schools. >> the owners' attorney says the deal meets with city requirements. after three days of testimony, the city-appointed administrator will determine whether the sale should go through and whether to compensate the families. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg faces more fallout from his real estate spending spree in palo
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alto. research developer suing zuckerberg saying he did not live up to his side of the deal that they made. reportedly bought a piece of property near his palo alto home from the developer and promised introductions and referrals to other wealthy people who might buy homes. the developer said that never happened. zuckerberg went on to buy four other homes and lots near his property spending more than $43 million. let's check the forecast right now because that is free and it's lovely, as we give you a live look outside at palo alto. in the meantime, san jose and san francisco, as well. temperatures are going to soar today. christina has been there keeping tabs on the forecast for us. >> going to be hot. you know if we're talking about temperature in the triple digits here in southern california and bay area they could see 110 degrees in so cal tomorrow and palm springs could see 115 degrees. now, they're going to see that heat on thursday. for us, the biggest part of that heat wave that you need to be
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concerned about is today, tomorrow and thursday. specifically tomorrow when we are expecting to peak potentially at 105 degrees. i will show you where in just one minute. let's start with your current temperatures this morning. 58 degrees and south bay nice and mild to start and we're at 59 for the peninsula. this is at&t park. look at that, just glassy out there on mccovey cove this morning. we have no wind, no wind to even get these flags moving. as a result of the stagnant air mass moving over head. another spare the air day in place. 6:00 a.m. is your official sunrise. as we head through the next couple days, we're getting very long days as we head through the evening hours and your sun doesn't set until 8:07 and we'll feel the heat and the effects of this big ridge of high pressure as we head throughout the day today. ten degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. that's 95 degrees in the south bay. it's very hot, hottest day of
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2014, though. that comes into play as we come into tomorrow. if we see any record, likely to do so in santa rosa and the record is 88 and forecasting 94 degrees there and the record for gilroy is 105 degrees for today and 97 is the forecasts high and i think we'll get to that 105 as we head through your wednesday. that translates to 97 degrees here in the south bay and slight cooling towards the end of the week. let's check your drive and it's traffic tuesday. >> we're looking at the build for the northbound direction and also see slowing for southbound 101 and the reason i have my eyes peeled what would be a blip on my radar. the closure of northbound 880 to southbound 101. we'll show you the ramp closure to show you that i'm not kidding about this. it says ramp closed. there it is written out there. this is traffic northbound. now, as folks familiar with the area know you approach 101 and you tend to slow down anyway. more bottle neck as folks see this transition close even if they don't take it, they'll slow down to see what's going on.
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back to the maps and you'll talk about your alternate. take north first and get on to southbound 101 first. 87 northbound you can use that alternate to get around the rest of your triangle and that will bog down heading towards the airport, as well. just an advisory for everybody in the south bay. this is going on until possibly 5:00 p.m. and last for a while down here on this tuesday. now, west 580, that is your build out of the tri-valley and looking that dublin interchange. heading into northbound 680 and hasn't presented much of a problem. still watching that. san ramon up towards walnut creek and southbound side shows a little slowing through pleasanton and sunol the build for your tuesday. castro valley and out of hayward and into fremont. the peninsula moves smoothly. the stall at 101/92 doesn't have an issue as far as the slowing. getting over towards the bay bridge and east shore freeway does slow a bit through sunol
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and, of course, the bay bridge metering lights are on. and all the avenues coming off the maze and east shore freeway and the live look shows you traffic backing up and coming off of the bridge you have the sun in your eyes heading into the city and a smooth drive once you get past the metering lights. from the north bay, it's slow down san rafael and no problems once you get south of that in towards the city. send it back to you. >> thanks, mike. time now 6:21. still ahead, where is casey kasem. coming up, why his family is having trouble tracking down the legendary disc jockey. an apparent case of road rage. we'll show you more of this video, next. a live look next at downtown san jose. it is going to be a warm one today and a bike race, as well. we'll tell you all about it, coming up.
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and a live look at san rafael. it's going to be a scorcher today. several cooling centers are set up throughout the bay area. in livermore the senior services center on east avenue and santa clara at the city hall cafeteria and walnut creek at the senior club on civic drive. a complete list of cooling centers on our website, an apparent case of road rage involving two women was caught on camera in southern california. in the video we're about to show you, you can see the driver of
6:25 am
the pickup pull up alongside the car as the two speed down the freeway. then the driver of the truck suddenly swerves into that second car forcing them both out on to the shoulder. the truck ended up flipping. neither driver suffered serious inju injury. if the driver of the pickup did intentionally cause a crash, she could face a range of charges including attempted murder. a police officer in new hampshire has been shot and killed and a house leveled by an explosion, as well. officer steve arkel was at the explosion or the home, rather. he was at domestic dispute. the home was covered in flames and then blew up. it's not clear how the house caught fire or exploded. the man inside the home is presumed dead. he leaves behind two teenage daughters. a judge ordered investigators to find out where casey kasem's wife has hidden the legendary disc jockey.
6:26 am
82-year-old kasem was at a medical facility on monday. one of kasem's daughters said her stepmother took him from the facility and will not tell anyone where he is. conflicting information he was at an indian reservation in washington state or somewhere out of the country. >> the speculation being those two places the indian reservation and out of the country might protect the wife from u.s. law. >> parkinson's disease and can't even speak for himself. >> so, she has control and custody. >> one to watch. well, time now 6:26. still ahead, the u.s. takes to the sky in the search for the missing school girls in nigeria. the planes may provoke controversy. the new rules one peninsula city is considering for electric cars. it is going to be a warm one. air quality issue, as well today. we'll check in with christina in just a minute. >> probably a little cooler than
6:27 am
on the east bay. looking at the sunol grade this morning. inland temperatures soaring and tomorrow even hotter. we're going to check in with christina and mike with a look at that commute. 6:27.
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u.s. aircraft take to the sky to find kidnapped school girls in nigeria, but the planes themselves are attracting controversy. get ready for the hottest days of 2014 so far starting today, hot, hazy conditions develop, peak heat tomorrow and then we're going to cool you off, but just a touch as we head into the end of the week. your full forecast in moments. and continuing through the heat of the day and actually causing a lot of slowing expected for the south bay. this ramp is closed and we'll let you know how these crews are going to progress and how you're going to get around the south bay closure. >> a live look at the opening bell, you know, may is supposed
6:30 am
to be sort of a selloff time. but not this month. the dow industrials set another record yesterday. there's the bell. over on the nasdaq, as well. no records, but there comes the start and the confetti. today is may 13th, this is "today in the bay." well, good morning to you, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. developing story and new search for hundreds of girls kidnapped in nigeria. the u.s. has manned aircraft flying over nigeria to help track them down. "today in the bay" tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c. will they negotiate with the terror group that took those girls? >> there are different opinions about that. the government said, no, they're also saying all options are still open. we're helping out with manned aircraft and maybe even this. take a look. there are some u.s. officials
6:31 am
saying that drones, unmanned drones may be used at some point to aid in the search. right now just the manned surveillance aircraft. boco haram not only demanding that girls be exchanged for prisoners of theirs but showing the girls in muslim garb and the girls were also reciting muslim prayers and reciting parts of the cur the koran and apparently still in migeria. this is the first evidence that we've actually seen since some of the girls disappeared. finally, the united states has about 50 people on the ground there that we know of from the state department, from the pentagon and all of them trying to assist in the search. >> now, tracie, we understand many of the girls' parents have not been able to see the video of the girls. why is that? >> you know, they live in villages, laura, that are so remote. some of them don't have
6:32 am
electricity. i heard in one village they were trying to get together a generator so that they could power some equipment to show them that video. but some of the families are already in nigeria's capital and others are supposed to be traveling there today so they can watch this video for the first time and try to identify their daughter. >> it will be interesting. boy, we just want to get them home safely. thanks a lot, tracie, for the update. let's check your forecast as we give you a live look at the golden gate bridge today. don't forget about that early exit and let's go over to the eastern approach of the bay bridge, as well. and it's going to be hot and gorgeous. >> and gorgeous is what's key, if you like the heat, love the kiddy pool, christina. >> you know, the sooner you get out there, the better off you will be. if you have any sort of heat wave event, like if you've got to get that trash taken out, it's going it be a little bit too hot for you to do so, that motivation might deterrierate as you head throughout the day today and those temperatures climb. right now the coolest point of
6:33 am
the day by 10:00 a.m. we're talking 70s and by noon we're talking mid-80s. the sooner, the better if you have any prolonged events outdoors today. sunrise straight up 6:00 a.m. this time of year and i want you to keep that in mind because as our days get longer our heat really comes up. the hottest day of 2014 tomorrow, but as for today, ten degrees warmer than yesterday and it was pretty hot. i had to use my ac yesterday. if you do not have an ac. good idea to combat that heat by closing the blinds in your home and don't let that sun come blazing in and also probably a good idea to invest in some sort of a fan if you have not done so just yet. as we have hot days ahead even in the extended future. 95 degrees for the south bay and 94 degrees along the peninsula and your average is 72 degrees. so, well above average. for today 86 degrees in san francisco and 89 in the east bay and we're talking about temperatures 25 degrees above average today up to 30 degrees
6:34 am
above average as we get into your wednesday. take a look at some of the temperatures we forecast in gilroy. 105 degrees for tomorrow and 101 in morgan hill. stick around, i'll tell you when that heat will break. right now, though, a traffic tuesday and a couple surprises out there, especially in the south bay. good morning to you, mike. >> good morning, christina. you are trained to read the meteor logical signs. i am trained to read the traffic signs. specifically the sign that says ramp closed. that ramp is closed. northbound 880, i'm a genious. folks in the south bay. this doesn't take much to forecast. look at the maps slower drive that will develop there. we already have your commute kicking in as the arrow shows you north 101 slows coming up towards 880 and that interchange and the opposite direction. it is northbound 880 and southbound 101 where that connector will remain closed auntil possibly 5:00 p.m. repair work for significant pot holes continues and that will be closed and as folks start to slow as we have the build late in the commute and that will be
6:35 am
a big problem as you head up towards 87, which will be your alternate and first street if you can see on the surface streets and just enter southbound 101 in that area. again, watching the approach to the transition because the transition itself is closed. tri-valley moves very smoothly and slow down continuing to build and southbound 680 out of pleasanton and a typical pattern for your traffic tuesday and heavy volume kicking in there and slow for 580 north 238 and south 880 coming through hayward and approaching the san mateo bridge. d dumbarton bridge move smoothly and a slow done off the east shore freeway typical and a look at oakland as we take a look 880 past the coliseum and still moves nicely past high street and as you're making that bender around. >> mike, thank you. palo alto city council
6:36 am
discussing hotels and commercial building to come outfitted with electric vehicle chargers. the city already requires new homes to come with the chargers under the new proposal, 10% of parking spaces at hotels will need to have chargers and every unit at new apartment complexes will have to have a charger built in. mountain view city council expected to vote on a plan to allow google to take over work along permanante. google says its employees would rather have an undercrossing so it's willing to pay for it. easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross charleston road in that area. 6:36. still ahead your orange and black update. amy g. has a preview of tonight's game against the braves. update about a newcomer's night at the plate. in the meantime, a live look, in fact, where the g-men
6:37 am
play. there's mccovey cove if you're lucky enough to catch a ball that hits the water out there. a lot more ahead, 6:36. got a story for nbc bay area investigative unit. call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at this is what we want to show. wireless routers have certain speeds going in. but with our xfinity wireless gateway, you get more speed going out, giving you three times faster in-home wi-fi. got it. we know what to do.
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nice shot. a live look at at&t park. the home of our san francisco giants. >> speaking of, the giants are playing there tonight to take on the atlanta braves. >> game time at 7:15. but amy gutierrez from comcast sports net joins us right now with a preview. >> good morning, everyone. i'm amy gutierrez coming to you from at&t park and things are looking really good in giants land after they beat the braves 4-2 last night. they're going to go back at it again this evening. 7:15 first pitch. ryan vogelsong on the hill for the giants and the giants are going to go up against lefty mike minor and fans can expect to see buster posy back in the lineup and they will also see michael morse at first base. they have good numbers against minor and how about kylie colburn made quite a splash monday night. literally hit home run splash number 65 here at at&t park in
6:41 am
his first at-bat as a giant at at&t park. he went on to add a couple runs with a two-run triple later in the game. as skipper bruce bochy keeps his word anyone who hits a home run will be back in the lineup the next day. quick update on brandon belt who went on the disabled list last saturday with a broken thumb. he will undergo surgery later today. he's having two pins placed in his left thumb. he will likely be out for six weeks. i'm amy gutierrez and that is your giants update for "today in the bay." >> thanks, amy. 6:41. an update to breaking news. two dead in a mining accident in west virginia. new details as families gather at the gate demanding answers. plus, a 7-year-old girl missing in oakland. but police are not calling for an amber alert. melting hot temperatures. where the rubber meets the road. how today's scorcher cou eer co affect the amgen bike race. >> we get a first-hand look at
6:42 am
what the amgen cyclists are up against. a precise forecast for that tour coming up. want to remind you it is a spare the air day across the bay area. triple-digit heat in the forecast and we'll tell you when and, more importantly, when that heat will break when "today in it b the bay" is back right after this.
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6:44 am
an update now to breaking news in west virginia where two people are dead after an overnight mining accident. it's happening in boone county at the brody mine. investigators revealed a ground failure at the mine trapped and killed those workers. here's new video just into our newsroom and ambulances leaving the entrance to the mine.
6:45 am
we're told emergency rescue teams have been on the ground at that mine for hours now. now, according to published reports, the brody mine was investigated by the feds last year. if received 253 violations, including many dealing with worker safety. since that review, another company has taken over the mine. let's check your forecast this morning as we take a live look at san jose and san francisco and the san mateo bridge. temperatures today could soar well into the 90s and above. in fact, let's take another look at san jose here. this is our downtown camera. a spare the air day throughout the bay area and a heat advisory is in effect for most of us for tomorrow. let's take a live look at dublin which is opening up a cooling station at the city library this morning, that's at civic plaza. a complete list of all the cooling centers on our website, let's start our team coverage right now with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you.
6:46 am
it's going to be a hot day and as you know, we have a lot of bicyclealists coming into town and the best of the best and the amgen tour and in the hottest location, the south bay the warmest for today. let's talk a little bit about what they are experiencing. temperatures mostly in the 80s for that tour. however, it's 3:00 p.m. and temps will climb into the 90s. so, they'll be on top of mt. hamilton. about 4,200 feet there. and we're talking about 75 degrees. you know when we get that warm that high up here in the bay area it will be a hot one with temperatures in san francisco approaching the mid-80s for today and closer to 90 in oakland and closer to 95 degrees right here in san jose. want to talk about that warming trend, focused really on the south bay, but this is the trend for the entire bay area. between noon and 3:00 p.m. that warming really kicks in, up to 95 degrees at 3:30, 4:00, even
6:47 am
when that sun starts to go down. 6:00 p.m. and 83 degrees and be at 76 degrees at 9:00 p.m. might be one of those nights and difficult to sleep if you live in a home without an air conditioner. 94 for the peninsula and 86 degrees full sunshine today in san francisco. so, it's going to stay hot for today and even hotter as we get into tomorrow and then that heat will break. right now, back to you, scott and laura. >> thank you much. in just a few hours the streets of san jose will be crowded with cyclists all vying to be the next winner of the amgen tour of california bicycle race. this year competitors face another foe and that is this heat wave. >> bob redell along the race route in san jose this morning. what are these riders in for? >> a lot of heat. especially when you get in the tri-valley, guys. here we are east san jose where you can see the organizer of the amgen tour has got the stage set and the festival will open at
6:48 am
9:00 this morning. stage three starting today at 10:45 and you want to talk about a grueling stage. this is going to be a 108 1/2 mile stage three. the third of eight stages in the 720-mile long race. they are going to start here, as i mentioned, cunningham lake park. they'll go up mt. hamilton to the summit. first time approaching the summit for this side of town. that is a 2,300 foot climb roughly and dip down into the tri-valley. and those temps expected to be low to mid-90s. going to trek through there and then they've got the monster of all monstrous climbs. we are talking about the almost 11-mile climb up. mt. diablo they will escalate roughly 2,800 feet in temps that are, again, hovering in the 90s. they are saying that they're expected to drink roughly four
6:49 am
times as much water as they would during the stage of let's say the temps that maybe have been ten degrees cooler. but with this expected heat wave, it is certainly going to be a lot for these riders. 128 of them. some of the best in the world on their way down to southern california. expected to arrive there on sunday. if you want to see the race, best advice just want to show up early wherever along the route is. assuming you can find a parking spot and when they come by, i tell you, quite a thing to see this blur of speed. >> similar to what we're witnessing now. >> right. i'm surprised you guys. what is that speedometer. 50? 50 miles an hour inside a park. >> i really want to see the whole bike, though. >> can we see the whole bike? >> see the whole bike. there you go. can you see this. >> pop a wheelie and i'll get
6:50 am
you a sense. >> actually, just keep pedaling for a second, bob. i just want to say -- there we go, perfect. i always wanted to do that. all right, bob redell. >> pull over and get a drink of water, bob, please. >> hope he's okay. >> continuing coverage of the heat and the amgen race online at nbcbayarea pot com and maps and radar in your neighborhood. let's continue our amgen coverage with mike. bob redell except i'm not winded. looking over here at the rest of the bay. bob is talking about amgen and we're looking at the peninsula is not a problem and we see your typical pattern and let's see how it pertains to your commute and, of course, the expected congestion for that race. northbound 101 we do have your build and really kicking in for 87 and 280. that is one concern. another concern for the morning
6:51 am
commute that connector right here is closed until possibly 5:00 p.m. the emergency road work is going to cause some drama north of 280 as this continues to build. now, getting over to the race. bob is over at lake cunningham. the first part of stage three today goes up in mt. hamilton and that will be a switch back. 22. a big, big effort for these folks, but it is out of the commute and that is over here for the east of most of our freeways. now, they're going to head up to the tri-valley and roadways and take you up to tassajara. not a like a few years ago when they had the closure of the golden gate bridge. this will take you around blackhawk and diablo state park and after the morning commute and in these areas off of the freeway. 680 should be just fine and we're not expecting a lot of problems for this, but, again, surface street traffic. if you're heading over there go to
6:52 am
over here a very slow drive kicking in. morning commute through the same area. west 580 and a stall in the middle of your freeway and that is causing a big backup here. benefit from the folks in livermore and dublin for west 580 slow down continues south 680 and typical pattern right here on your traffic tuesday and heavier volume of traffic right here. the rest of your bay and 880 through hayward and union city and slow down there and a slower drive down the east shore freeway and out of the maze, a typical tuesday pattern headed towards the bridges and san mateo bridge we talk about the crowd heading there and over the water moving smoothly once you get past the toll plaza. earlier stall at the 101, 91 interchange. no real slowing and the building there for the southbound side of the bay shore freeway, back to you. >> mike, thank you. new this morning an oakland family desperately trying to find their 7-year-old daughter. she was last seen yesterday near
6:53 am
her home not far from the coliseum. "today in the bay" christie smith is joining us live in oakland where police officers are keeping a presence by the girl's home. christie? >> good morning. we just heard from one woman who walked out of the home who said, look, i already gave my statement to police and that's it, i have to go, i'm late for work. so, still, a lot of unanswered questions this morning. police have canvassed the area and it has been 13 hours since this little girl was seen around here and they are asking for the public's help in finding her and she is just 7 years old, as you said. her name is kianna orer and we have a picture to share with you this morning. she is four feet tall, 50 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. last seen wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and black tennis shoes. that was yesterday around 6:00 p.m. now oakland police have been parked on the block pretty much overnight.
6:54 am
we shot some new video for you this morning. what they told us only is that she is still missing. but they haven't released the circumstances of her disappearance. whether she was alone or not, but they say, of course, she is considered at risk because of her young age. earlier missing persons department was trying to determine if this case was eligible for an amber alert. that still hasn't happened yet this morning. of course everyone out here hopes she returns home safely. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. it's 6:54. one of san francisco's most dangerous intersections is about to change. the city will put in a traffic light and countdown crossing signal at the corner of sunset boulevard. in february, a 78-year-old man was killed in that crosswalk. two other pedestrians were hurt this year. be careful, the traffic light won't come until july, but it will be something to get used to. in the meantime, there was extra police presence at last
6:55 am
night's giants game urging thousands of people walking to the ballpark to be more careful. our cameras caught quite a few close calls near the park. san francisco police chief says the number of collisions is down and ticketing is up. despite those stats, number of traffic deaths has not decreased. today san jose will once again address the issue of pot shops within city limits. previous attempts to reduce the number of shops was shot down by voters. >> peggy bunker joins us with the new rules the city council will consider. >> they are not trying to shut the shops down, but they want to put controls on them. the medical marijuana collectives are so numerous here, in fact, 80 of them have set up shop in san jose. more oversight is now needed. two years ago the marijuana industry was able to get rid of many of the regulations that were placed on the pot shops while 60% of residents want medical marijuana to remain available to those who need it, they also want clear controls to manage the stores. san jose brings in 5.6 million
6:56 am
bucks in business tax revenues from medical marijuana and pot is taxed at 10% and the city does have a keen financial interest in keeping the shops open. here are the regulings they will discuss today. they want to limit the pot shops to commercial and districts. the marijuana must be grown on site and also must be a 1,000-foot buffer between pot shops schools, parks, churches and businesses. 500 feet from drug rehabs and homes. city council says the proposed changes will protect the right to buy marijuana rather than buying it outright like many san jose neighbors have already done. part of the suggested regulations are to keep marijuana away from teenagers. the public defender's office says that the number of marijuana-related suspensions in schools has doubled since 2011. keeping marijuana available to medical patients but out of the hands of minors will be a major talking point today. scott and laura, back to you. >> peggy, thank you. governor brown will release his latest budget plan today and
6:57 am
even though revenue is ahead of expectations by more than $2 billion. brown is expected to ask lawmakers to remain thrifty. talk about the need to pay down debt and long-term liabilities. it is expected to reach a record high exceeding $107 billion. that's a big turn around from just a few years ago when the state was forced to furlough workers and issue ious just to make ends meet. let's have a final check of your forecast as we give you a live look at san francisco today. christina says it's going to be hot and fabulous. good morning. >> good morning to you. if you're looking for the fabulous over the hot, that's where you want to go as close to the ocean as possible. temperatures today are going to be hot even in san francisco, i've got to tell you 58 degrees right now in the east bay and 50 in san francisco and on our way in the city by the bay to 86 degrees in the heat of the day. 85 and poet and didn't know it. 95 in the south bay. here is the deal for tomorrow when we peak.
6:58 am
we're talking about triple digits up to 105 in gilroy and no worries, we'll be here for you tomorrow morning to guide you through the changes and then i just want to put everything in into perspective for you. just a couple more days of this heat and start to break getting into the end of the week. wow, i just impressed myself, mike. over to you, let's see what you got. >> always impressive. the south bay where this is not impressive but a long closure and southbound 101 and we'll double check over there. the ramp was closed this morning and live look and photographers and expected to continue to build with this distraction as we go back to the map and i want to know about the alternates here and go over that transition and still get southbound 101 and turn around and add to the congestion that is already building around the airport. the rest of your south bay shows a pretty typical traffic tuesday and really kicking in in the last half hour and as you look towards the bay bridge and the approach slow and southbound 880
6:59 am
and the build there same for the tri-valley and no surprises and fremont a live look shows you 880 southbound past the truck scales. seeing a little trying to calm down at mission and that will get worse over the next hour. back to you. >> mike, thank you. one last look at your top stories at 6:59. a police officer shot ask killed moments before a home exploded. the officer responding to a domestic dispute call, by the time the officers got there house on fire and exploded and the suspect presumed inside and dead. nigerian officials say all options are open in the search for 200 kidnapped school girls. the government had initially suggested it would not negotiate with the terrorist group who took them. and coming up next on "today" show savannah guthrie's one-on-one interview with shellie sterling, the wife of controversial clipper owners donald sterling. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local news update.
7:00 am
join us for bay area news at 11:00. >> try to keep cool. good morning. digging a deeper hole. clippers owner donald sterling apologizes in a new but then creates a new controversy, slamming nba legend magic johnson. >> and what kind of a guy goes to every city, has sex with every girl, then he catches hiv. >> we're there as sterling's wife watches, and in a new interview says she will fight the nba's new move to force her out. how far will you go fighting the nba? >> as far as i can go. joining the hunt. u.s. planes flying manned missions over nigeria this morning to try and track down those hundreds of kidnapped girls. does this new video provide any cl


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