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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 15, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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new this morning, a flaming semi truck slams into a funeral home sending two people to the hospital. plus developing news out of san diego where more than half a dozen wildfires are burning out of control this morning. crews fighting through the night to gain control of the flames. the latest details there, coming up. two men in jail this morning accused of hacking large parts off of california redwood trees and then selling them. how police managed to track those men down. taking a live look outside this morning. a beautiful shot of the bay bridge. the water glistening there in the distance. this is "today in the bay."
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well, good morning, everyone. 4:30 on this fine thursday, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker, laura gar garc garcia-cannon is off this morning. alum rock park will be closed today due to potential fire danger. weather conditions just too dangerous to keep that park open. for a look at how hot it is going to be, we turn it over to meteorologist christina loren. good morning to you on a toasty thursday. >> good morning to you. yes. we made it through the hottest point of this heat wave together. as of today, we're already seeing some cooling out there. for example, take a look at half moon bay starting out the day at 48 degrees versus 67 degrees. in san francisco, well, here's what's happening. that marine layer has actually reached half moon bay and will make its way into san francisco and your natural ac will turn back on here, but not for all the bay area and that means we have another round of record-breaking heat in the forecast for today. we'll show you your highs in
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just a moment, let's check your drive, here's mike inouye. >> light traffic as you would expect. let's take you to the map. we're going to show you the same light traffic and as you look on both sides of the bay. san mateo bridge and towards the bay bridge. i did hear about a new crash at caesar chavez off ramp in san francisco. sounds like a car was swerving and then to the off-ramp and freeway itself is clear. chp arrives on scene for that one. the red stretch for highway 37, the overnight closure we have been having for the last week or so. the farther north on highway 29 a crashert reported, as well. freeway 101 moving smoothly towards san rafael. back to you. >> thank you, mike. police and firefighters remain on the scene at a san francisco funeral home after a big rig on fire slammed into the building around 12:30 this morning. the driver of the truck says the refrigeratored unit he was
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towing blew up. that caused him to lose control of the semi clipping the side of the building. the driver and the passenger were able to get out of the semi as it was on fire, both taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. the crash happened on market near sanchez street in the castro district. a live update from the scene in our next half hour. now to a developing story out of southern california this morning, life is just really on hold for many who live in and around san diego as crews there struggle to contain seven wildfires. they have been burning down houses and blackening the sky and all schools in san diego and 20 nearby cities will be closed today, including cal state san marcos that has canceled a graduation ceremony that was scheduled for this weekend. the flames race ing up the sidef the hill. in some cases just minutes before flames devoured their home. right now the various fires burned 9,000 acres and destroyed
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13 homes and an 18-unit apartment complex. the biggest fire has caused hundreds of marines to evacuate there. crews will have to battle high temperatures and strong winds today. take a look at the perfect mixture of fire and wind and created a small twister of flames. taken at the highway fire which is burning in the deer springs area. that fire is only about 5% contained. walnut creek police looking for your help in solving three suspicious fire. the brush fire broke out from the lime ridge regional open space. cause of the fire is unknown, but investigators think they're suspicious. if you know anything, you are asked to call the arson hotline. 4:34. the woman accused of beating a 4-year-old girl with crow bar will make her appearance today. near 280 and 101. the girl's father who asked us not to show his face said the woman hit his daughter twice on the head and once on the shoulder before he got in between them.
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>> she entered the store with the weapon, which makes us believe that she was going to attack somebody no matter what. >> and i look my daughter and i see my daughter, yeah. and then. >> police say the woman is homeless. she's facing charges with assault with a deadly weapon. pacifica police say they're looking for a man who tried to lure a girl into his delivery truck. here's a sketch. this happened last friday near ocean shore school. the suspect pulled up in a white delivery van and asked her to get inside the truck. if you know anything about this incident, please call the police. two men poaching wood from redwood trees in national and state park.humboldt park.
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they were illegally cut from the trees and depending on the size, it is worth anywhere from $200 to $2,000. a judge, lawyers and other court officers are headed to the beach today to tour a controversial piece of land near half moon bay. a nonprofit is suing the billionaire after he or someone working for him cut off access to the road leading to martins beach, a popular spot among surfers. this week in court, the property manager says it was his decision to block the public access road and the billionaire knew nothing about it. the nonprofit surf rider foundation has sued saying the california coastal act gives everyone a right to access the beach. his lawyers point out an even older law gives him total control over his own property. as we take another look at the weather outside with christina, temperatures are
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expected to climb. what is it looking like? >> at least it's going to be cooler than yesterday, but staying hot and i don't like to sugar coat anything. if you're somebody who works outdoors, if you have a little one headed off to school this morning, make sure they're ready for another hot day ahead inland. here's the great deal about living in the bay area. we always have the microclimates making a big difference. at the coast today, you'll see significant cooling by about 10 to 15 degrees. 67 degrees to start the day in san francisco and definitely mild and a lot of people probably sleepless in the city by the bay at this point. we know you don't usually need an ac in san francisco and as of today, you're not going to need one. 93 degrees for the south bay. staying hot here and 90 along the peninsula and 9 5 degrees in the east bay. if you're headed out and about, this is what you can count on. sunrise just before 6:00 a.m. and a few isolated 70s. as we head throughout the day, five to ten degrees cooler at
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the coast and in some cases 15 degrees cooler and that is pacifica and the fog returning to the golden gate bridge as we head throughout the evening hours and the natural ac turns on. definitely heat relief in sight. you notice in your seven-day forecast we'll keep cooling you off as we get into that weekend and take a closer look at that and right now let's check your drive. good morning. >> friday eve. we'll take anything mentioning friday in the vicinity. the toll plaza moves smoothly across the span. no problems and a very clear view christina is talking about fog rolling in and that coastal cooling that we like to talk about. looking over here to the maze and the east shore freeway we'd like to talk about that and right now nothing that is good news and we'll take it over to the peninsula. southbound 101 at caesar chavez, the off ramp there, that's where we talked about the crash. reportedly the vehicle swerved around and rolled over at the off ramp and now chp still getting details on that, but witnesses said one person is
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walking around the offramp. so, if you are using that off ramp, slow, slow, slow, if you're leaving now, hopefully chp will have that in hand by the time you get there. the rest of the bay moves very smoothly and the first burst of traffic, we'll look at dublin. not reach dublin yet. a good volume but slowing out of the altamont coming up in 20 minutes. could amazon be moving to the bay area? new signs the tech giant could open up a facility pretty close to here. could the drought be causing earthquakes? one uc berkeley professor thinks so, we'll explain next. the search for survivors after more than 24 hours after a an explosion trapped hundreds in the turkey mine. they continue their efforts to free minors.
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welcome back. taking a live look outside over san jose. beautiful start here at 4:42 on this thursday morning. a new report suggests that pumping water from the central valley could cause earthquakes. the report was co-authored by uc
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berkeley geophysics professor. water pumpinghich is especially intense during the drought can create pressure change on fault lines. that could make small quakes more likely and potentially lead to bigger events. >> it's not a red flag warning. the earthquakes happen anyways. what this might do is just make an earthquake eventually happen a little bit earlier than it would have naturally if left on its own devices. >> bergman says the intense water pumping in late summer and early falls corresponds to an increase in microquakes. more clues this morning it is amazon that plans to open a huge warehouse in the bay area. might be planning to set up shop in newark and job listing was published earlier this month that seeks a person who can work with machines "in a fulfillment center in newark." fulfillment centers are what you see here. use to store and pack and send
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products. warehouses, basically. city leaders wouldn't confirm whether amazon was coming to the area, but they did say an internet company signed a lease for 575,000 square foot warehouse. the fcc is taking on the issue of net neutrality this morning. what happens could affect what you pay for for services like netflix. for details on that and a look at the trading ahead, let's turn to jackie deangles. >> good morning, scott. we're watching the futures and pointing to a lower open. the dow snapped its five-day win streak as we saw some weakness picking up late in the day. now, the market did end the session lows. we'll get data today on unemployment and consumer prices and manufacturing and housing and earnings from walmart came in light not too long ago. the dow dropping 101 points to 16,616 and nasdaq losing 29 to 4100.
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meantime, the fcc will unveil a proposal today for so-called net neutrality rules. net nutrality that comcast, the parent of nbc universal must treat all internet traffic equally. the fcc will prevent broadbound companies from blocking or slowing down websites but would allow some deals like providers could pay for a fast lane for their streaming video. finally this morning gm is recalling about 140,000 2014 chevy malibu because a vacuum hose could become disconnected meaning drivers would have to apply more force to the brakes and cars take a little longer to stop. it ups the number of recalls for gm this year to 20. >> the list of gm cars that haven't been recalled at this point. 20 recalled. six months into the year. hopefully not recalling
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today's weather. >> no, we want to recall this weather. take it back. >> we didn't feel like it was just six months into the year yesterday. in fact, we saw levels that are hot by august standards right here in the bay area. plenty of records, for instance, 100 degrees in santa cruz. in santa cruz. that's the first time we have seen that kind of heat this early on. starting out nice and clear, nice and mild this morning in san jose and this is your shot right now over the bay. we'll see the clouds increasing and that ocean breeze building as we head throughout the afternoon. as a result, much cooler temperatures headed your way at the coast. it's going to be slightly cooler for your inland valleys and right now starting out really mild, so, temperatures will yet again reach into the 90s. 93 degrees for the south bay today. 79 for san francisco and the north bay is at 95 degrees down from the triple digits we saw yesterday. this is what you can expect. as we head throughout the day today, you'll see the clouds build up over the coastal mountains but not quite making it over as a result we'll see
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about ten degrees sharp dropoff in your coastal temperatures versus a cool down inland. two to five degrees at best. as we head through tomorrow, friday, we're so close now, my friend. gradual cooling will continue and then the fog returns to the coastline. big cooling on the way as we get into the weekend and back to the 70s and 80s and want to show you the next five days and temperatures dropping off steadily and looking really comfortable for your outdoor plans this weekend. right now we'll send it back to you, scott and peggy. >> sounds good. looks like a nice weekend. rescue crews pulled more bodies from a collapsed coal mine where hundreds died in western turkey yesterday. 187 people inside that mine when there was an exmroegplosion. so far crews have found 282 bodies and most died from carbon monoxide poisoning. a fire is burning underground so crews there having trouble getting to the trapped miners.
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the captitatain of the sout korean ferry is on charges. all accused of failing to protect passengers. the captain was among the first to abandon the ferry as it sank on april 15th off the coast of south korea. 281 people have been confirmed dead and another 23 are still missing. if convicted, the captain could face the death penalty. the v.a. secretary will testify in front of a senate committee to address the scandal that put his agency under fire. eric shinseki is expected to defend allegations about a secret waiting list that hid lengthy delays and treatments for sick veterans at the agency's hospital. nbc has obtained an internal memo that shows the v.a. tried to hide long wait times for at least six years and now senators want answers. >> the question, i think, is what should have been done ahead of time to prevent this? what needs to be done now to stop it?
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>> in the wake of these allegations, president obama signed a close adviser to oversee a review of the veteran affairs policy. another twist in the bizarre disappearance of casey kasem. late last night he was found in washington state, just hours after his daughter filed a missing person's report. no report on his medical condition. kasem is 82 years old. he reportedly has dementia and his children are tied up in a legal fight with his stepmother over his welfare. the warriors new head coach talks about why he chose golden state over the knicks. >> no, it's not me. come on, you guys know that. san mateo bridge moves very smoothly. it's not a problem either. we'll talk about san francisco and a couple issues, coming up. here's a little secret, voice control is the future.
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taking you outside right now, 4:52. this morning and the giants continuing their homestand tonight starting a new series against the miami marlins. matt cain will be on the mound. the warriors, meanwhile, have a new coach. >> all right, finally. >> steve kerr agreed to a five-year deal worth $25 million. nbc vet and has never worked a as coach in the nba. he chose the warriors, in part, to be near his family.
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his daughter plays volleyball for cal and his son is in college in san diego. kerr says one thing a lot of the coaches i talked to said, you have to have talent and golden state has talent. >> we thought he was going to the knicks and then at the last second, boy, we get him, boy, that's cool. moving on, technically we find out where the pac-12 football championship game will be held. this is not a well-kept secret after the news conference announced it will be held at levi's stadium. during that time the details of the conference championship will be unveiled, as well. the pac-12 expressed the need for the neutral site. the past three games was held at one of the schools participating in the game. well, you know, you heard of a guard dog, right? how about a guard cat? a pretty vicious one at that. look at this video. >> this was 4-year-old jeremy. he's riding his bike. here comes a dog. the dog attacks him from behind and look at that.
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that's scary and then out of no where, yeah. that's tara the family cat flying in to help. jeremy did get ten stitches he was pretty badly hurt. mother also attacked. the dog is in quarantine and will be euthanized. >> you saw him follow them around. tara followed them home from a park six years ago and after this she will be treated like a queen for the rest of her life. >> i'd be terrified. >> you just got terrified. >> that's it. all right, looking over here towards the bay bridge. a smooth drive. a live look over to oakland where traffic flows smoothly past the coliseum, as well. the new home of steve kerr, you
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guys just talked about. welcome home. looking over towards the maps, as well. smooth drive on our sensors, as well. circled right under oakland and the webster tube from oakland to alameda and closures in the next couple of minutes and watching right now and then you can leave and traffic should be resumed under the water over to alameda over across the bay, we're looking at southbound 101 cesar chavez and all the activity from the earlier crash is on the shoulder. chp has not given me any reports in the last few minutes. you guys talking about the big rig into the funeral home and that fire, still got market closed. that's just one block, but still, it's a big roadway. the rest of the bay moves very smoothly across the bay for the bridges. looking at the south bay with no issues and just a tiny bit of start way over on the right coming out of the altamont. send it back to you guys. >> thank you, mike.
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the world's largest blue diamond has been sold for $24 million. the diamond auctioned off in geneva yesterday purchased by the u.s. jeweler harry winston. the pear-shaped stone over 13 carats been described as the world's most flawless and fancy blue diamond. >> i'll take it. i like it. >> that's beautiful. right now, 4:56 on your thursday. a bay area police officer arrested accused of possessing child pornography. what the police chief is now saying. we'll continue to follow developing news. more than a half dozen wildfires burning out of control in san diego county. fire crews working through the night to gain the upper hand. >> a terrible situation going on down there. taking you here, though, to the bay bridge. what a beautiful shot as we wake you up on this early thursday morning. right back after this quick break.
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developing news.
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wildfires wreaking havoc and as many as seven different fires burning as we speak. a live update coming up. plus, the woman accused of attacking a young girl with a crow bar inside a crowded walmart will make her first court appearance. not as hot for today, you made it through the peak of that warming trend and much cooler at the coastline, for example, today. heat backs off considerably as we get into your friday and then over the weekend, that cooling trend kicks into high gear. your full forecast is just moments away. that's good news. your tires won't melt today. not quite that bad. a smooth drive over the san mateo bridge. show you where things are starting to slow in san francisco. taking a live look outside as we get a beautiful picture at the approach to the golden gate. you can see looking pretty calm so far. 4:59 on this thursday. may 15th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you, thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker, laura is off this morning. >> i'm scott mcgrew. live look at san jose. temperatures will cool off. it will still be hot. we'll check the forecast. >> depends where you're waking up and where you're headed to work. right to the short sleeves and even the tank top if you're so inclined. mostly at the coast this morning that impact of the marine layer returning as a result of that increased onshore flow. temperatures will drop by three to five degrees and meanwhile five to ten degrees of cooling at the coast and around the bay. we'll talk about when we'll really return to spring-like averages coming up in just a few minutes. but, yeah, i'm happy to report the good news this morning, we're done with the


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