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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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right now at 4:30 the growing mystery around a woman's body found inside a south bay home. who police now have in custody. well, do they have an arsonist on their hands? bay area fire crews on alert this morning for someone starting fires next to houses. only on nbc bay area, she felt violated and exposed. what a bay area teacher is saying about a game that went on inside a local school. a live look outside this morning. a beautiful look at the bay bridge. it is friday, may 16th. this is "today in the bay." well, good morning to you, 4:30, it's a friday, i'm scott
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mcgrew. >> it is a friday. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that friday's forecast with christina. >> funny how your mouth turns up into a smile at the end of friday. >> temperatures finally showing that cooling trend. i can show you right now, quite a bit cooler in san jose. we're expecting the 80s down from the 90s we saw yesterday and as we head throughout the weekend we'll keep dropping the numbers for you. keep in mind it is going to be nice out there. 84 degrees and the natural ac kicks back on for today and then we do have some changes to tell you about, especially if you're going to be hitting the beach this weekend. i'll take you through that forecast in just a few moments. right now, want to welcome anthony slaughter in for mike. >> good morning. it's so early this morning, i had to think to myself, i don't even talk to jesus this early but here i am filling in for mike. a lot of green on the map and that does mean things are moving smoothly and no big surprise there. let's take you into martinez an
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accident not causing any slow downs on the roadway but if you are coming in from fairfield moving over towards 880 southbound but you can see it's not imposing traffic and things are moving smoothly and, of course, as we continue to move through the morning, it is friday, that means traffic should be light. my fingers are crossed, laura. >> all right, we will see, we will check back with you, thank you very much. prosecutors will likely file murder charges against the man who was charged with 16th homicide. officers say the victim is a woman who was stabbed to death by someone she knew. according to police, the suspect was one of the people who called 911. when officers arrived, he was still there and they immediately arrested him. the victim later died at the hospital. investigators are working on a motive and trying to figure out how the two knew each other. investigators believe the suspect lives at the home at one point. >> any time somebody gets
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stabbed, saw blood. yeah, the scene was not pretty. the person died. detective's job to make sure there will be justs for the victim. >> neighbors tell us they think a teenager also lived at the home, but there was no indication that the teen was present during the deadly stabbing. coming up at 5:00, a report on the very latest in this homicide case investigation. in east bay, officers shot and killed reportedly suicidal woman. it happened last night at a home just north of the concord b.a.r.t. station. when officers arrived, the woman came out of the house pointing a dw gun at them. that's when one officer fired at her and she died at the scene. officers say the 57-year-old woman has a history of mental illness. investigators in walnut creek are looking for someone who was setting fires near homes. four grass fires have been set in the arbolado neighborhood in the past week just as the bay area has been dealing with
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scorching triple-digit temperatures. the latest fire on a hill above a park burned for half an hour while have fires have been fairly small, there is growing concern because of the dry conditions. >> the problem is that the fires are getting more and more continuous, in other words, we're getting them sooner after another. just in the last five days we had three of them and, so, that's probably our biggest concern. particularly given what the weather has been like the last few days. >> investigators say a witness spotted two kids in the area of one of those fires. the faa is looking at claims that the flight the san mateo man was on nearly collided midair with another plane. he was flying from hawaii to l.a. when the united airlines jet he was on almost hit a usairways flight. the plane went into a steep dive at 30,000 feet over the pacific oce ocean. happened a few weeks ago, but the man just told us about it.
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>> it suddenly cut into this deep dive, coffee pot in the back fell down, passengers started screaming. there was a kid behind me who started crying. it was noisy and violent and really terrifying. but over quickly. thankfully. >> townsend says he's not afraid to fly in the future. hawaiian airlines, meanwhile, will resume nonstop service from san jose to honolulu today. the airline says demand is so strong it decided to reinstate the flight. right now nonstop service from san jose to maui and also change its service in oakland next month adding a bigger plane so more passengers can catch the nonstop every day. development activists in san francisco mission district are organizing to fight a massive housing project at 16th and mission. hundreds of people gathered last night to discuss the 350 unit
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project and how it would transform an entire city block. a company called maxmous has filed with the planning department. into housing with retail. opponents expect rents to begin at $3,500 a month. a group called the plaza 16 coalition says members are fighting to make sure the people who called the mission home for decades are not pushed out. >> if we're not able to stand up for them and if we're saying you don't make, you know, if you can't afford $3,500 in rent, then you shouldn't live here, then we're actually losing not only community, but we're also losing a workforce. >> not everyone at the meeting wanted to derail the project. some are hoping new housing will deliver a new beginning to an area where crime is common. the man convicted of gunning down two rival merchants at fisherman warf will learn his faith today. he walked into a shop near his
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in january 2011, opened fire killing two people. the police said he had frequently argued with the victims because they sold similar knockoff scarves and purses. a marin county man is expected to be sentenced today for trying to throw his wife off the san mateo bridge as part of the deal xavier mcclinton will spend no more than seven years in prison. in december he was driving on the bridge when he got into a fight with his wife and their car crash under to the guard rail and he tried to his throw his wife off the bridge and ended up falling off the bridge into the water and he ehad to be rescued. a south bay security guard accused of child molestation expected in court today. derrick hammond was hired by santa clara county and provided security at valley medical center. he is expected to enter a plea this morning. hammond was arrested in march and charged with child molestation and child pornography. his victims are apparently adults now and were minors at the time of the alleged offenses. a new wildfire at camp
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pendleton forcing new evacuation orders. the fire broke out yesterday and it's kus completely uncontrolle. still no word what may have sparked it. battling another larger fire at camp pendleton. more than 6,000 acres about the size of daly city scorched in that fire. meantime police arrested a pair of suspects who started another fire in san diego county. >> we have a couple people in custody and we don't know what this will lead to in terms of other fires but certainly in this case a fire that could started off would immediately extinguished and we have a suspect in custody. >> firefighters battling nine wildfires that have broken out since wednesday. nine homes and several businesses have been destroyed totaling more than $20 million in damage. 4:38 right now. want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. hoping for that cool down.
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>> oh, yes, it will kick in for today. noticeable for today for your inland valleys and significant cooling at the coast and welcome back, laura. good morning to you, scott. everybody at home. happy friday. taking a live look. bay bridge right now highly visible and we don't have any fog to show you at this point and temperatures running quite a bit cooler than 24 hours ago. we're back in the 50s, it's comfortable. that cool ocean breeze is back. take a look at your wind speeds. in fact, all that beautiful ocean air transported into the south bay at this point. san martin not getting a lot of marine influence at this point and you will later on today. comfortable levels for today along the peninsula 81 degrees and a little bit on the warm side in the south bay and staying warm in the east bay, 87 degrees and 73 for san francisco and not quite as hot in the north bay, but still get into the low 90s as we get into this afternoon. here is where we're headed as we get into this weekend and the low clouds continue to increase. we're talking about to 70s, just perfection in the south bay on
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saturday. 73 degrees by sunday. we'll drop off a little bit more so for monday and we might actually get a little bit of drizzle on monday morning as weak storm system comes through and i'll show you that and what's to come for next week because we always want to keep you two steps ahead of the game. giants back at it. right now let's check your drive, here's anthony slaughter. >> more traffic for the rush hour, keep that in mind, folks. a lot of folks take off early and maybe work at home, if you can. wish we had that option. let's get to your drive and dublin starting to pick up traffic at the altamont pass. not an unusual scene here you notice as we look at the maps. traffic starting to pick up and the green and yellow just past livermore coming through 580. accident 680 southbound in martinez right at marina vista. but lots of green on the map and not slowing traffic. as we zoom out a little bit across the rest of the bay, a lot of your commutes will shape up to look pretty good from the north bay to the south bay and
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right along the peninsula and speed sensors are showing things moving without a problem. will it be another wild ride on wall street today? we're live from cnbc world headquarters with a look at your money, next. several bay area students expelled as the tuch teacher fi lawsuit because of videos that went too far. texting or talking behind the wheel about to cost you big time. the new proposal by state lawmakers, next. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, public service nbc bay area, we investigate.
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welcome back, everyone. a very good friday morning to you, as we take a live look outside of san jose. cooling temperatures finally prevailing just in time for the weekend. we'll check in with christina coming up. 4:44. a number of new facts in the case of a woman accused of attacking a little girl at walmart. 20-year-old maria garate attacked a 4-year-old girl at the walmart on story road in san jose and they originally told us she was 18 and hit the girl with
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a crowbar and now it is a wrench and she's 20 and turns out she's being charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon and prosecutors say this is a hate crime. >> she came into walmart and targeted the family because they were asian and she attacked them and that this is a premeditated, willful, deliberate act on her part. >> garate is believed to be homeless. she did not enter a plea yesterday. shoppers at the walmart say they see a lot of homeless people at the walmart. there is an encampment nearby. >> you feel safe now? >> no, no, of course. >> that little girl is recovering at home this morning. san mateo teacher is suing the school and the san francisco archdiocese. biology teacher kimberly bonert said they failed to protect her from sexual harassment and
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emotional distress. the scandal came to light last year. the co school expelled six students and six more for taking and sharing what is known as upskirt videos of three teachers. she says she feels violated. >> every time i look at a kid and every time i see a student now walking down the halls i think, has that kid seen my video? videos? what photos have been seen? those thoughts go through my head and it's traumatic. >> some guys last year did something horrible and they got what they deserve. in the midst of all that horrible experience from last year, reminded what a beautiful place this is. >> investigators determine the upskirting was part of a competition that some claim went on for years. the fcc yesterday voted to move forward on two tiered
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internet that may affect what you pay for certain services. for details on that and a look at the rest of the day, let's turn to jackie deangeles at cnbc. >> good morning, scott. stock futures pointing to a downward open after what many are calling a brutal day for stocks yesterday. the dow had the worst day in five weeks and a disappointing housing sentimentnic. today's data on housing starts is going to be important and to see how it moves the market. meantime uber seeking another round of fund-raising that would value the company at $10 billion. nearly five times the $3.5 million valuation. at $10 billion, uber would be worth more than staples and best buy and raising some concerns of a little bit of a tech bubble here. finally the fcc approves new net neutrality rules and they allow internet providers to charge content sites more money
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in exchange for faster, more reliable service by creating a so-called fast lane. the vote was 3-2 and now going to move forward for public comment before the final approval. scott, back to you. >> all right, jackie, thank you much. 4:48. want to check in with christina and she has a look at the friday forecast. >> really nice weekend shaping up. the natural ac is turning back on. you can see that, all your wind arrows at this point pointing from the school pacific ocean making its way all the way south into the south bay this morning. san m martin not getting a lot of ocean influence at this point, but you will. let me show you what that does to your temperatures today. starting off in the 40s and 50s. 11 degrees cooler as we get the onshore flow this morning than 24 hours ago in san francisco, six degrees cooler here in san jose and that ocean influence is reaching out to livermore this morning where you're also starting out five degrees
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cooler. headed out and about this friday, we hope you are, it will be nice out there especially for the first part of the day and our good air quality has returned along with the onshore flow and 50s and 60s to kick off the day and we lost a lot of the haze and that wind will increase. here's the deal for the weekend, our only caveat almost perfect except for breezy or windy conditions. by this weekend the fog will settle in and may gray and clearing out to a nice, sunny day. temperatures, though, will remain on the warm side. you want to keep that in mind. 76 degrees for today in the east bay. we'll take a closer look at what's going on this weekend, beta breakers, for example. that's coming up later on. back to you, scott and laura. >> going to be cold, keep your clothes on. 4:49. an online petition asking the governor to close down the petaluma wildlife museum is more than 1,000 signatures. group of animal lovers started that petition after they
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videotaped other students killing rats at the museum. the rodents are used to educate students and some are even used to feed other animals. senior animal control officer started investigating the animal abuse charges in january. >> she took the videos back several years ago and i'm just surprised nobody has come forward sooner or with more information. >> the petaluma school district superintendent says the students involved in abusing the rats have been punished. following the investigation, petaluma animal control gave the museum 120 days to teach students to euthanize. a bill that would more than double the fee for texting or talking on the phone while driving is headed to the state senate this morning. the california assembly passed the bill yesterday under the proposal of first-time violation would cost $50. right now the penalty is only $20. the second offense would cost $100, as well as a point on your driver's license.
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well, team teal cleans house. who won't be returning to the ice next season. a giants ace looks for the first win of the season. matt cain goes up against the red hot miami marlins. how he faired against the fish, coming up next. if you're fairing to get outside here this morning, traffic is really light. no problems to report. we'll detail some of your traffic speeds around the bay area, coming up after this break.
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welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside. kind of a little hazy shot out there of the san mateo bridges. folks up and about already getting a jump on their friday morning. >> i'll see your bridge and raise you one. how about the golden gate bridge. looks like a little pimist on t air on the lens of our camera. we'll check in with christina in just a minute. 4:54. but the giants matt cain has his first win this season. miami jumped out to an early 4-1 lead but the giants would fight back. michael morse crushes one to the opposite field and his tenth home run of the season and then in the bottom of the fifth, buster posy rips a blast to triple alley scoring pagan and hunter pence. giants win it, 6-4. cain's first win.
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you can watch that game right here on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 7:00. there are a few new millionaires in the bay area this morning. linebacker mack signed on the dotted line yesterday. he took a four-year, nearly $19 million deal that includes nearly $12 million signing bonus. he wasn't the only rookie to get paid, though, both 49er running back hyde and quarterback johnson also signed contracts with the red and gold. terms not released on their deals. after their disappointing collapse to the l.a. kings in the playoffs. the sharks are making major changes. doug wilson says 37-year-old defensiveman boyle will not return and, meanwhile, brent burns will be moved back to a defenseman. now, we have moved mike away, but it's only because of
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the vacation, so, let's check in with -- >> he's in a wedding, i think. >> not his own. >> pretty soon you won't be able to call on me because i will be gone because you have babies coming. you guys probably don't know i am going to be a dad soon and i am very excited. i have babiy eon the brain this morning. 166, our sky cam looking outside on 101 coming in northbound you can see traffic moving smoothly there and no problems to report speeds and up to 60 to 70 miles per hour. moving through fast there. palo alto shows the same situation. wide open lanes on the northbound side and traffic starting to pick up on the southbound side and wide open lanes there and the lights have not been turned on and probably not turned on for another hour or so you're good to go as we get you in the next hour. >> you think you have baby on
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the brain now, every day, my friend. bay area technology keeping you safer. the ideas being unveiled today by one state senator. first it was bolts and now another defect has been found on the new span of the bay bridge. we'll tell you if the drivers may be at risk because of it. and let's take another peek outside, this time from san jose. a lovely look on this friday morning. a lot more news ahead. it's 4:57. here's a little secret, voice control is the future.
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beer. dog. music. yikes. skip track, please. i'm hungry. impossible?
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maybe, but honeywell's latest innovation gives me hope. hello, thermostat? "hello. please say a command." i'm feeling hot. "changing set point to 68 degrees" the wi-fi thermostat that listens, learns, saves. from honeywell. the mystery surrounding a body found in a south bay home. one person in custody this morning. we'll have the latest on the investigation, next. plus, a new defect found on the bay bridge that could cost millions of dollars to fix. you made it to the end of the week, considerable cooling for today as we get into that weekend, a little breezy, even
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windy at the immediate coast. then we get a comfy start to next week. we'll show you the changes in your microclimate in moments. and good morning anthony slaughter in for mike inouye. get you up to speed in those hot spots on this friday morning. a live look outside this friday morning. today is friday, may 16th and this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. a woman accused of attacking a little girl at a san jose walmart is charged with a hate crime. maria garate attacked a 4-year-old girl at a walmart on story road. there you see garate behind her lawyer. investigators originally told us


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