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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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windy at the immediate coast. then we get a comfy start to next week. we'll show you the changes in your microclimate in moments. and good morning anthony slaughter in for mike inouye. get you up to speed in those hot spots on this friday morning. a live look outside this friday morning. today is friday, may 16th and this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. a woman accused of attacking a little girl at a san jose walmart is charged with a hate crime. maria garate attacked a 4-year-old girl at a walmart on story road. there you see garate behind her lawyer. investigators originally told us she hit the girl with a crowbar,
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not a wrench. now she is being charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon and it is considered a hate crime. >> she came into walmart and targeted the family because they were asian and that she attacked them and that this is a premeditated, willful, deliberate act on her part. >> garate is believed to be homeless. she did not enter a plea yesterday. shoppers at the walmart say they see a lot of homeless people in that area. there is an encampment nearby known as the jungle. >> we need to feel that we are safe in the city, that is very important. that is very, very important. >> you feel safe now? >> no. of course. >> the little girl is recovering at home. it is 5:01. this morning local congressman eric swalwell will present in light of the recent stow away case. he toured the perimeter of sjc a few weeks ago to evaluate the fencingpet a news conference later this morning, he'll
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recommend implementing new radar technology to protect the perimeter at sjc. comes after a south bay teenager hopped the fence last month and stowed away in the wheel well of a plane all the way to hawaii. two south bay light rail stations were supposed to be shut down today for construction but now that work is being rescheduled. the nine-day closure will now take place in sunnyvale starting may 30th. both reamwood and vienna stations will be shut down. riders should allow an extra 15 minutes to their travel times. ramping up service preparing for the b.a.r.t. extension and games at levi stadium. engineers have reportedly discovered a new problem with the bay bridge. hundreds of steel rods anchoring the bridge's main cable may not stand up during a large earthquake. christie smith joins us with details about how cal trans claims to fix this new problem,
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christie. >> good morning, scott. happy friday. this time we're talking about steel rods that have shifted since they were installed. just the latest issue that popped up on this new $6.4 billion bay bridge, that according to "the chronicle" this morning. engineers say more than 200 rods can actually move towards sharp edge plates in the event of an earthquake, possibly damaging the eastern span's main cable. this latest concern came to light fairly recently within the past couple of months. what they're saying is that when cal trans inspected the rods they held the mile-long cable in place but the rods have moved and now no extra wiggle room needed between them and the steel reinforcement plate. this isn't the first issue here in 2013, 32 high-strength rods failed and it was also brought to light that there were leaks when it rains. repairs are in the works now for this latest situation. they may come from simply trying
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to center the fasteners, again, or create bigger gaps for more wiggle room in the event of a quake. we're told that the repairs could take until the end of the year, possibly at a cost of about $2 million. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. get ready for delays at a busy bay area airport starting tomorrow sfo will shut down two of its four runways for the summer. the airport has to shut down those runways to finish a federally mandated safety project. the airport is building construction zones at both ends of runways 1l and 1r. they handle most of the airport's departures. now, the work will cut a number of flights that can arrive during peak hours and over san bruno and daly city. in fact, those cities could see as many as 10 to 12 more planes per hour flying overhead during peak times in the morning and
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evening. prosecutors may file murder charges against the man who was found at the scene of san jose's 16 lth homicide. it happened last night where we find "today in the bay" peggy bunker. investigators say the victim and the suspect knew each other, right? >> that is what they think at this time that they did know each other and the alleged suspect in this case actually knew who this person was and might have even possibly lived in the home at some time. i'll stand back and show you this house here. a very quiet residential street and police say this is highly unusual, not only that when they arrived at the scene of this stabbing, they have found who they believe to be the alleged suspect in the home. in fact, they say, he made one of two 911 calls to san jose police but they were quite surprised to find this and also the weapon used in this, a knife in this stabbing and they also found here on site. we want to tell you that lieutenant jason dwyer who is here and gave us a report said
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the scene was very grisly and disturbing. >> any time somebody gets stabbed, there's blood. now it's the detectives job to make sure there is justs for the victim. >> now, when the police got here, they did find that victim here. they say she had many stab wounds and quickly rushed her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. the man who was in the home at the time was taken into custody. right now police are saying they just don't have a motive for what exactly could have gone on in this home here. they're not sure exactly what the relationship was between the suspect and the victim and they're looking into that now. it's possible the suspect that they do have in custody will be in court today and also a second 911 call came in yesterday. they think that also could have been from somebody who was living inside the home. we'll follow up on those details as soon as we can get them. back to you. >> thank you very much, peggy. san mateo teacher who was
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victim of a game where students took pictures up a skirt is suing the school and archdiocese. biology teacher kimber lar bhonert say eththey failed to protect her. the school expelled six students and suspended six more for taking and sharing what is known as upskirt video of the three teachers. bohnert says she feels violated. >> every time i look at a kid and every time i see a student walking down the halls i think has the kid seen my videos? what photos have they seen? could that kid describe my private area to me and those thoughts go through my head and it's traumatic. >> some guys last year did something horrible and they got what they deserved. in the midst of all that horrible experience from last year, we are reminded what a
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beautiful place this is. >> investigators determine the upskirting was part of a competition that some claim went on for years. a new wildfire at camp pendleton is forcing new evacuation orders in san diego county this morning. the fire broke out yesterday and it is completely uncontrolled. still no word on what may have sparked it. this comes as crews are also battling a much larger fire at another part of camp pendleton. more than 6,000 acres about the size of daly city has been scorched in that fire. meantime, police have arrested a pair of teens who allegedly started two other fires in san diego county. >> we have a couple people in custody. we don't know what this will lead to in terms of other fires, but certainly, in this case, a fire that could have started off would be immediately extinguished. >> firefighters are battling nine wildfires that have broken out since wednesday and nine homes and several businesses
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have been destroyed, as well, totaling a damage more than 20 million. >> so much damage down there. want to check our weather conditions right now with meteorologist christina loren. >> their winds will drop down a little bit there for today. good news when it comes to the firefighting efforts. that cool ocean air that we want for the cool down. now, we had to get through a pretty substantial heat wave, the hottest stretch of weather so far this year. as we head through the next couple weeks so far temperatures are looking a lot better. i don't see anything like that, at least for the next 15 days. headed out and about this we can expect. coastal clouds increasing here behind the bay bridge, beautiful start to the day. heat relief this afternoon as temperatures fall by five to ten degrees and then this evening that cool ocean air will intensify even more so. going to be a beautiful evening out there for a barbecue. high clouds today in the south bay and 84 degrees and 81 for the peninsula and you're going to hit about 70 degrees. lots of fog moving in later today along the golden gate
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bridge and that will curve by about 3:00. 87 degrees for the tri-valley today and 76 out in the east bay and a nice warm finish in the north bay. 90 degrees and this is the last day of the 90s for you. a lot happening across the bay area as we get into this weekend. i'll show you that forecast coming up in just a minute. right now, though, check your drive and say good morning to anthony slaughter. >> you mentioned barbecue, i'm like, are you barbecuing? we're all headed to christina this weekend. >> palo alto traffic moving without a problem. this is right at 280 where one connects. this is at 280 southbound on john daly boulevard. not slowing traffic and pushed over to the right-hand shoulder. you zoom out and you see lots of green on the map and that means things are moving without a problem. no major accidents other than that to report. that means speeds are moving without a problem and take you outside and show you what it looks like.
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here speed sensors are averaging 30 to 45 miles per hour. moving again through the altamont pass and another final stop into oakland where traffic is it starting to pick up just a little bit. but, again, the great news here, 5:11 and no major accidents to report. back to you guys. >> sounds good. still ahead, bracing for another wild day on wall street. cnbc world headquarters. lucky dog. first rescued from 680 and now another stroke of good fortune. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and service and journalism. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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good friday morning to you. the maker fair features scientists, inventors and engineers who show off what they've made. it's pretty cool. bob redell with a preview of this year's fair. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you, laura. you're familiar with wikipedia. the online encyclopedia created by users throughout the world and this right behind me is wiki house, same idea where people have gone online and they've posted their own architectural designs and they amended them. you've been doing wiki house for how long now? >> we started back in september of 2012. >> did i get that right? you go online and tweak the designs and anyone can download them and build what you have right here? >> that is the case. we use a program called catch up and people get to design all the parts and all these type of things and then they upload it on the website and test it on a
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big router machine. >> computerized router. >> yes. >> i'm looking at this. how long did it take for you to assemble this? >> worked a full day and probably done by midday today. >> like a big ikea project. >> like a big ikea project that comes in a big box. four to five peopling to help and nice ladder at the top. >> a lot of screaming. when i'm putting something together from ikea i scream my head off out of frustration. >> the first time we built this in september there was a little bit of this but now we get rolling. >> there is very few screws and nails. >> the parts come right out of the computer routing system and then you put that together and you have a system of pegs that just go and to secure it you need some other on the other side but the rest of the structure, that is how everything is assembled. >> let me just make sure this thing is sturdy.
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that is pretty solid. >> it is pretty solid. >> download these plans and go to my local home depot and computerized routers and by monday in my backyard i could have one of these. >> you get help from the internet community and the architects around the world to make that possible. >> thanks for getting up that early. i guess another 12 hours this thing is going to be a little more filled in. the wiki house one of the many things you can see starting tomorrow and running through sunday here at the san mateo expo center. >> it is extraordinary. after setting record highs stocks took a tumble. jackie deangeles with a look at how futures are trading and a look at everything else. good morning, jackie. >> good morning to you. the futures are pointing to a downward open after a brutal day for stocks after all accounts. the dow had its worst day in five weeks, closed down 1% and a disappointing housing sentiment
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number that contributed to that selloff. today look to see how today's data on housing starts will move the market. back to you. >> okay, quick and concise. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren as we check our weather for the weekend. it looks fabulous ahead. >> i'm actually doing a little jig off camera there. have to get myself nice and confined. i can tell you why. we ehave a beautiful, beautiful weekend shaping up. you made it through that heat wave and it was really hot. temperatures did exceed 100 degrees in many cities across the bay area we'll trade in the triple digits for the 70s inland as we get into this weekend. temperatures this morning are pretty comfortable. still in the upper 50s, but a couple sleepless nights in the city by the bay for people who don't have air conditioning units. at this point we can see here what's happening. that ocean air has returned as a result. running eight degrees cooler at this hour than 24 hours ago in san francisco and five degrees cooler in oak town and five degrees cooler in san jose.
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noticeably cooler later today as that onshore flow picks up even more so. mostly clear at the coast and another hot day in san jose, but this is it. by tomorrow, we are in the 70s and the good news is, we had a spare the air three times this week. as of today, back to the good to moderate air quality range. so, go ahead and breathe it in, open up the windows in your home. once that wind picks up later on today, it will be nice. you can give your ac a break, if you're so inclined. as we get into next week, temperatures are going to stay comfortable. so, that's the good news. in fact, a little bit below average as we head through your monday. a little bit of drizzle on the way, as well. the only thing i have to put on your radar if you have to go to the beach is that we have some wind picking up in the city by the bay and at the immediate coast from saturday and sunday. could actually see a wind advisory go up or a small craft advisory. otherwise looking really cool inland. right now, let's check your drive, here's anthony slaughter.
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>> accident 101 and tully and you can see traffic really moving through here coming through san jose and even, again, accident that did occur has been pushed over to the shoulder. this is, right, again, near 101 and tully. let's take it to the maps and you can see it if you're one of the visual learners like i am. once you get past 680, moves smoothly. let's hop over towards the altamont pass and oakland and the east bay and this is on 880 and even southbound starting to pick up, as well. there you can so on our maps, no problems to report. as we take you in closer to the bay bridge approach, traffic starting to pick up on some of those curves, but, again, no problems to report of. wide-open lanes as you can see outside. no problems to report here and, really, for that matter anywhere else across the bay this morning. back to you. >> did you hear this story, anthony? a little dog rescued from an east bay freeway finally home with her family. we told you about this little
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chihuahua last friday. spotted her on 680 in walnut creek. one officer used a protein bar to get her to come to him. martinez dropped her off at the animal shelter and her family showed up yesterday. the little dog's name is actually charm. >> charming. you know the video by now, speaking of cute animals. the family cat that saves the little boy from a dog attack. the unlikely reward given to that brave feline. get out of my yard.
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and welcome back to you. happy friday. isn't that just spectacular? i love that. let's not do any news. let's just stare at that all morning. that is outstanding from the bay bridge. "new york times" pushing
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back against claims that its executive editor was fired because of a fight over pay. publisher arthur sullsberger jr. said she was not paid less because she's a woman. he also said abe rusome's pay similar to other. first female editor in september of 2011. 5:23. after years of countless labor the construction process of the 911 memorial museum that opened in new york actually yesterday. in this time lapse video from rth cam, you can see the construction of the decade's long project. all condensed into a 2 1/2 minute long video. pretty amazing to watch. >> very cool. let's check in with christina with your friday forecast. >> not super cool, but cooler as
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temperature temperatures drop off by five to ten degrees. happy friday, my friends. we made it to the end of the week and it was a hot one. i can tell you, we are going to get rewarded with a gorgeous weekend. 73 degrees for today in san francisco. noticeably cooler in the south bay at 84 and 81 degrees for the peninsula this afternoon. we will show you what's happened across the bay area this weekend and we're going to tell you what's coming up next week. you might just be surprised, actually, might need that umbrella. only one spot across the bay area, that's a tease. stick around if you want to know where. here's anthony in your drive. >> we want to show you right now the san mateo bridge because things are starting to slow down on some of our bridges. we don't have any accidents but a little bit of haze and possibly even some marine layers. you can see on the dumbarton bridge no problems there and san mateo bridge, no problem. things are starting to slow down. the good news the bay bridge toll plaza is wide open. cars speeding through that area. in 30 minutes those lights will
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probably be turned on. guys, back to you. still no word on who is behind a hoax in san francisco. the electronic message board flashed the warning, godzilla attack, turn back earlier this week. some people thought it was part of a marketing campaign for the new "godzilla" movie. others were concerned. the message board was supposed to warn drivers about delays for sunday's race. the most talked about cat is going to try her hand at baseball. bakersfield rescuing a little boy from a dog attack. she's featured on tmz along with kim car dakardashian and jay-z. they want tara for a cover shoot now and tapped out to throw the first pitch for the bakersfield blaze. no word on how she's really going to manage that with those
5:26 am
paws. >> that would be hard. i bet she would probably throw a hair ball. it is 5:25. still to come on "today in the bay." a new problem on the bay bridge and what could put drivers at risk. new evacuation orders in san diego county overnight. this as we learn two teens are arrested in connection to a couple of the wildfires. let's take you back out live to san francisco this morning and another angle of our glorious bay bridge. can you imagine there was a day when lights weren't on that bridge? >> i remember not too long ago. let's face it,
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most people don't know how to choose a new dentist. that's where we come in. we've helped over 8 million people find the right dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ the growing mystery of a woman's body found inside a south bay home. who police now have in custody. plus, do they have an arsonist on their hands? bay area on alert for someone starting fires close to homes. after breaking close to 50
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temperature records this week, considerably cooler for today getting into tomorrow, breezy to windy conditions and then we start out nice and comfy next week. we'll take you through the changes in your microclimate. good morning, anthony slaughter in for mike inouye, checking your traffic. give you some of the speed sensors and let you know what your travel times look like coming up. sun up over san jose this morning. getting ready for the weekend. it is friday, may 16th, this is "today in the bay." a very good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. a man was shot away from miller mccolumn elementary school. the man taken to the hospital
5:30 am
where he was pronounced dead. police now looking for a shooter and a motive. this is the city's 17th homicide of the year. in the meantime, prosecutors will likely file murder charges today against a man who was found at the scene of 16th homicide. it happened last night. officers say the victim, it was a woman stabbed to death by someone she knew and according to police the suspect was one of the people who called 911. when officers arrived, he was still there and they immediately arrested him. the victim later died at a hospital. investigators are working on a motive and trying to figure out how the two knew each other but investigators believe the suspect lives at the home at one point. >> any time somebody gets stabbed, saw blood, so, the scene was not pretty. the person died and now the detective's job to make sure there was justs for the victim. >> neighbors tell us they think a teenager also lives at the home. no indication the child was
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present during the deadly stabbing. in east bay officers shot and killed a reportedly suicidal woman. it happened last night just north of the concord b.a.r.t. station. officers say when they got there the woman came out of the house pointing a gun at them. police say that's when one of the officers fired at her and she died at the scene. officers say the 57-year-old woman has a history of mental illness. the man convicted of gunning down two rival merchants at fisherman's warf will learn his fate today. he faces a possible life sentence without parole. he walked into a shop near his in january of 2011, opened fire killing two people. police say he had frequently argued with the victims because they sold similar knockoff scarves and purses. fed up with development, activists in san francisco's mission district are organizing to fight a massive housing project at 16th and mission. hundreds of people gathered last night to discuss the 350-unit project and how it would transform an entire city block.
5:32 am
a company called maximus has filed with and turned a grocery store and a bar into housing with retail at the bottom. opponents expect rent to begin at $3,500 a month. a group called the plaza 16 coalition said members are fighting to make sure the people who called that mission home for decades are not pushed out. >> if we're not able to stand up for them and if we're saying, well, if you don't make, you know, if you can't afford $3,500 in rent, then you shouldn't live here. then we're actually losing not only community, but also losing a workforce. >> now, not everyone at the meeting wanted to derail the project. some are hoping new housing will deliver a new beginning to an area where crime is common. the new eastern span of the bay bridge facing an old problem. engineers say hundreds of steel rods designed to anchor the bridge could fail during a big
5:33 am
earthquake. "today in the bay" christie smith joins us with details on how cal trans is responding to this issue. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura. happy friday. we're talking about steel rods that have shifted. they're basically below deck. and now what cal trans engineers are saying they are close to sharp edge plates and closer than they should be and could get yanked in an earthquake. they don't want that to happen. what they're looking at are a couple possible fixes according to "chronicle" this morning recenter the fasteners so more wiggle room or widening the opening altogether so these rods can safely vibrate in the event of an earthquake like they're supposed to. this is, of course, just the latest in the series of issues that have popped up on the new $6.4 billion span that need repair. it started in 2013 with the failure of 32 high-strength rods and then the discovery of road deck leaks when it rains. this latest issue, though, came
5:34 am
up with cal trans was inspecting the rods. why they moved, that's not clear. they're saying these repairs could possibly take until the end of the year. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." investigators in walnut creek looking for someone who has been setting fires near homes. four fires have been set in the arbroleta neighborhood in the past week. the latest fire happened last night on a hill above arbolado park. it burned for half an acre and then the fires have been quite small but growing concern because of the dry conditions. >> the problem is that the fires are getting more and more continuous. in other words, we're getting them sooner after another. just in the last five days, we had three of them. that's probably our biggest concern. particularly given what the weather has been like the last
5:35 am
few kaydays. >> a witness spotted kids in the area of one of those fires. a marin county man sentenced today for trying to throw his wife off the san mateo bridge. xavier mcclinton will spend no more than seven years in prison. in december he was driving on the bridge when he got into a fight with his wife. their car crash under to the guard rail and mcclinton grabbed his wife trying to throw her off the bridge. he ended up falling in the water, instead, and had to be rescued. the faa looking into claims from a san mateo man who said the flight he was on nearly collided in mid-air with another plane. he was flying from hawaii to l.a. when the united airlines jet he was on almost hit a usairways flight. the plane went into a steep dive at 35,000 feet over the pacific ocean. after the pilot saw the other plane coming towards them. it happened a few weeks ago, but the man just told us about it. >> it suddenly cut into this steep dive. a coffee pot in the back fell
5:36 am
down and passengers started screaming. it was noisy and violent and really terrifying, but over quickly, thankfully. >> townsend said he's not afraid to fly in the future. hawaiian airlines will resume nonstop service from san jose to honolulu today. demand has been strong, so, it decided to reinstate that flight and also change service in oakland next month adding a bigger plane. so, more passengers can now catch the nonstop flight every day. a south bay security guard accused of child molestation is expected in court today. derek hammond hired by santa clara county provided security at baly medical center. he is expected to enter a plea. charged with child molestation and child pornography. his victims are apparently adults now but minors at the time of the alleged offenses.
5:37 am
forcing new evacuation orders in san this morning. still no word on what might have sparked it. crews are battling a much larger fire at a larger part of camp pendlet pendleton. about the size of daly city has been scorched in that fire. in the meantime, police have arrested a pair of teenagers who allegedly started two other fires in san diego county. >> we have a couple people in custody. we don't know what this is going to lead to in terms of other fires, but, certainly, in this case, a fire that could have started off and would be immediately extinguished. >> firefighters are battling nine wildfires that have broken out since wednesday and nine homes and totaling more than $20 million in damage. >> one fire talking about how they never left fire season. the fire season never ends. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren
5:38 am
with a warm and dry forecast. >> especially in southern california where we're seeing the worst of this california drought, it has been very dry. for us here in the bay area we officially kicked off fire season last week. so, it is that time of year where if you're headed out to go camping, even just having a barbecue at a local park, you don't want to leave that barbecue until it is completely out. no fire left behind. concord right now at 55 degrees. what a welcome sight. if you're waking up in san francisco, you look out your window and low clouds returning and, yes, that's an indication of a much cooler day ahead. temperatures back to average for this time of year. want to show you what you're working with here in the south bay. a gorgeous start to the day. so, you've got through the heat wave as we get into the weekend, we continue that cool down. heading out and about for this friday, temperatures are going to be really comfortable out there for the next few hours and we will start to see some warm conditions, especially out in the east bay and the north bay. we're expecting our warmest temperatures for today.
5:39 am
but we're talking below 90s and not much more than that. that heat is really going to start to settle as we head throughout the next couple days, i should say simmer. as we head throughout the weekend, we're talking about the 70s returning and sun sets at 8:09. we'll show you that weekend forecast in just a minute. right now, though, friday light. that's the question on everybody's mind. let's ask anthony. >> in some parts it is friday light, but here you can see behind me, this is 101 coming through san jose and traffic starting to pick up in the last 20 minutes. speed sensors showing things down to 40 miles per hour and another area 87 starting to slow. we usually don't start to see that to slow until 7:00, 8:00. folks to get off early later on this afternoon. altamont pass and things are slowing and heading over to 84 and also coming through dublin, things are starting to slow there. speed sensors starting to show things slowing. not too bad. let's also show you what's happening in oakland approaching the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:40 am
there on 880 things are picking up on the northbound side and look at this right before i came out and had to check. look at all that traffic at this early in the hour. this isn't what it looks like about 6:00. i'm sure folks are headed in early to get off a little bit early to start that weekend with some nice weather outside. guys, back to you. >> looks like the metering lights are on, too. veteran affairs secretary refuses to step down. we're going to go live to washington for the very latest, next. plus, he used a racial slur to describe president obama. now many people calling for him to step down as his job as police commissioner. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and public service and television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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welcome back the veterans affair secretary refused to step down following a tough hearing in front of the committee. it was eric shinseki first responsible for 40 veteran deaths. melissa is live on capitol hill this morning. the secretary claims there are problems, problems are not system wide. >> that's right, scott. he's saying these problems are not system wide. we know at this point the investigation is still very much under way. we know that the white house has appointed someone, a top aide in the white house to oversee the investigation and now the secretary's job really is on the line. he testified again at that senate hearing on thursday. the retired four-star general and vietnam vet, of course, under fire amid reports that as many as 40 veterans died while waiting for medical care from the v.a. hospital in phoenix. so far the v.a.'s top
5:44 am
investigator says none of the 17 deaths he has reviewed are linked to long waits for care. the v.a. not sure how many deaths it is supposed to look at. an initial report on all the deaths is in the next three weeks or so and an extensive review completed by august. scott? >> melissa, thank you. about two dozen people demanded the resignation who used a racial slur to describe president obama. 82-year-old police commissioner robert copeland used the slur while he was in a restaurant in march and someone heard him. the woman who was new wrote to the town manager and he e-mailed her back and admitted to using the slur but refused to apologize. a record turnout for india national elections. the count will solidify what most people already know. the country's next prime minister. early results predict a landslide victory for who is the
5:45 am
son of a tea seller. the politician is offer contrasted his humble roots. in 2005, the united states refused to give him a visa because of the role he may have played in 2002 religious riots that killed at least 1,000 people, mostly muslims. he has denied any role in the violence. in russia, a rocket carrying an advanced satellite crashed shortly after liftoff this morning. no one hurt in that crash. russian space agency says an emergency situation prevented that satellite from going into orbit. it was designed to provide affordable internet access to people in remote parts of the country. not clear how much it will cost russia to replace that satellite. putting the finishing touches on things they've made just in time for this year's makers fair. "today in the bay" bob redell live with a preview with some of the crazy things we can expect to see out there. very innovative, bob. >> yeah, laura, i feel like we
5:46 am
should be cuing some pink floyd music with this going on here in the background. this creation right here is called cool neon. this is created by a maker out of oakland and this kind of gives you a sense of the do it yourself projects, things that are just, i would say not run of the mill you could come and see here at the ninth maker fair here for the bay area at a san mateo expo center. you co-founded this back in '06. >> 2006. who knew? >> when you walk around the expo center, you see how much space you're taking up and how much has grown. i assume you didn't anticipate this. >> i think in the first year when we started we knew we would want to do a festival to celebrate makers. people came and we had about 22,000 people the first year and this year probably over 125,000. >> when you look at the projects that were being created then and you compare them to now, obviously, technology has changed. what has surprised you the most? >> i think a number of trends
5:47 am
like 3d printing and drones and wearables right now and i think cool neon is a perfect example of electronics and how they're being built into people's everyday lives. the spirit of the makers have stayed the same. we have over 1,000 maker entries this year and 93 of them are from young makers. so, kids working on projects. >> the average joe when they come here, how much of it is they get to be on hands on versus -- >> you know, we try. a lot of hands-on activities. everything from lock picking and you can learn to knit and solder and we have a lot of different activities for putting things together. we really try to get hands on. >> with the lock picking do you give out the addresses of the people on vacation? >> no, no, no. there are rules to lock picking. >> there are? >> never pick a lock that you don't own and never pick a lock you use every day. tool, the association or the online lock picking group does a
5:48 am
great job. >> no kidding. makers fair tomorrow and sunday here at the san mateo county expo center. in about an hour sharry and i will take you outside and show you what is the name of this project? that's all you need to know. we'll check it out in about an hour. i'll go on wiki italia to look up what that means. >> bob redell. i have taken the lock picking class. if you want to stop by my desk, i will show you how it works. >> i do. show me where you keep your safe right after. >> lock up my lipstick. >> you may not know this about mr. scott mcgrew. he is a maker, really cool stuff at the makers fair. one of the beautiful parts of living here in the bay area, we get to see all the cool gadgets before most of the rest of the nation and the world as they come out. so, if you want to head out there. you can also learn how to become part of that and make your own
5:49 am
stuff, like our own scott mcgrew. now, temperatures out there this morning are comfortable. upper 50s. upper 40s out in the north bay and i.e. 10 to 15 degrees cooler in some cities than 24 hour uz go. the reason why, you can see it clearly the cooling, low clouds have returned. temperatures in the upper 50s as we head throughout the day today, pretty warm in the tri-valley and also in the north bay where we are expecting the upper 80s to low 90s. take a look at this, though. san francisco we have a ship coming through and just a beautiful start to the day here. temperatures are going to end up comfortable for today, especially when you consider where we have been this week. 102 degrees early on in morgan hill, for example. today we'll see about 86 degrees in morgan hill as onshore flow strengthens. tomorrow the wind will pick up and not a great beach day. by sunday, we lose the wind and we keep the cool weather if you want to head outdoors on sunday just fantastic conditions for a local hike or maybe a bike ride
5:50 am
and this is what we're expecting temperature wise for saturday and sunday. look at that looking really good. mid-70s south bay and then low 70s on sunday. let's check your drive, here's anthony slaughter. >> let's talk about some traffic this morning. coming through the altamont pass and speeds slowing down to 20 to 30 miles per hour coming off the 84. that's why we highlighted that area. another area that is starting to slow right through dublin. in fact, you can see the yellow on the map does note that things are slowing up to 40 miles per hour but some slow going, even slower going through this area. let's take you outside and show you the look in dublin and here's the strip coming through 580 and moving without a problem here, but as i mentioned, starting to stop and go in certain spots and switch back over towards oakland and 880 oakland and northbound moving without a problem and southbound starting to get heavy through hayward and into fremont and our last stop takes you into palo
5:51 am
alto and southbound wide open and, again, really light here on this friday. friday light really living up to its name, scott. >> fair enough. >> we'll take it. 5:50. team teal making some changes. coming up, who will not return to the ice next season. a giants ace looks for his first win of the season. matt cain goes up against red hot miami marlins. how he faired against the fish, next.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back, everyone.
5:54 am
5:53. it took a while but the giants matt cain has his first win this season. the giants would fight back. bottom of the third. michael morse crushes one to the opposite field and his tenth home run of the season. then in the bottom of the fifth, buster posy rips the blast to triple valley scoring. and hunter pence. giants win it, 6-4. cain's first win in seven starts this season. go, cain. a live look at at&t park this morning. giants taking on the marlins in game two of that series tonight. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 7:00. few new millionaires in the bay area this morning. mack signed on the dotted line yesterday in alameda. he has a four-year, nearly $19 million deal that includes nearly $12 million as a signing bonus. he was not the only rookie to get paid, though. 49er runningback carlos hyde and
5:55 am
daunte johnson also signed four-year contracts with the red and gold. but terms on that deal not released. 5:54. after the disappointing collapse of the l.a. kings in the layoffs, the sharks are making major changes just weeks into the off-season. general manager doug wilson says dan boyle will not return to the team next season. wilson also says marty havlat and brent bur back as a defenseman. let's check our weather with christina. >> going to be nice out there. we made it to the end of the week together and here's a reward for you. sunrise over san jose this morning, just spectacular. it's nice and cool out there. temperatures this afternoon are going to be running about five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday and that's 73 degrees for san francisco and 84 in the south bay with additional cooling as we get into the
5:56 am
weekend. we're talking about the mid-70s and that's it in your inland valleys and a touch warmer up in the north bay for saturday, 82 degrees and santa rosa, down to 77 degrees by sunday. which, by the way, comfortable conditions out there, keep in mind, a lot of foot traffic on the streets of san francisco on sunday. here's anthony, you might be headed out there, right? >> maybe. last year i think it was 80 or 90. i don't know. i might stay in the south bay. let's show you what is happening. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza really bogged down and the metering lights are on now and switch gears and show you what happened on the map. crews have moved it over to the shoulder and also heads up that giants game tonight more added traffic to the roadways along 280 and 101, as well. even coming in from the east bay. heads up on that, as well. scott, back to you. tickets for beonza and jay-z
5:57 am
second show. tickets to the august 5th show were snatched up so quickly ethe couple decided to add a second one. starting at 11:00 this morning through live nation. it is 5:57. still ahead, a new problem with the bay bridge. what could now put drivers at the risk and the million dollar fix engineers are trying to figure out. new evacuation orders in san diego county overnight. this as we learn two teens are arrested in connection to a cup off of those wildfires. i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome.
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i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive.
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right now at 6:00, a deadly shooting on the streets of san jose. plus, a woman found stabbed to death and a man who knew her now in custody. but who is he and why did he want her dead? new questions as the investigation unfolds in the south bay. plus, a new problem on the bay bridge that could make the span unsafe during a quake.
6:00 am
this time the bolts are not to blame. plus, pads at practice, but no tackling on the field. the new rule that could change the way football is played at schools throughout the state. doing anything outdoors, whether it's exercise, sporting events, a lot more comfortable as we get into the next couple days. we have that considerable cooling starting today. breezy to windy over the weekend. and then next week, little bit of drizzle on the way, comfortable conditions we'll show you your microclimate forecast in moments. and anthony slaughter in for mike inouye tracking your traffic in the south bay and coming in through san jose a look and a full report, coming up. let's take a look at the bay bridge out as the sun comes up. it is friday, may 16th, this is "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura


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