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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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legal drama following a former supervisor from the south bay. nbc bay area news starts now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. only in san francisco may be the best way to describe tomorrow's bay to breakers race. the city is getting prepared for anything and runners better be prepared for changes along the route. it starts at the bay and finishes at breakers. monty francis live with the details. >> reporter: runners will not be allowed to stop here at alamo square. you can see there are fences surrounding most of the park to keep runners out. that is because the iconic park has been a place for runners to stop. in past years neighbors complained about public intoxication, trash and people
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urinating. many people view it more like a parade. those in the last category tend to drink, dress in costume and some people go nude. city officials banned alcohol from the race a few years back. many drink before the race and while it is going on. the race has a long colorful history and started as a way of lifting spirits following the 1906 quake. earlier today we talked to a few people preparing for tomorrow's race. >> i thought they said rum. >> another one says i hate running which is 100% true. >> i come to san francisco a lot for other running events. i think bay to breakers is going to be a really fun one. >> reporter: also, this year san francisco police say they are increasing the number of officers patrolling the race by 20%. the southern part of alamo square will remain closed until monday. bart trains start running at 6:00 a.m. the race starts at 8:00 a.m.
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live in san francisco. a south bay politician is out of jail but not out of trouble. last year george shirakawa who was a santa clara county supervisor pleaded guilty to several charges. he was released from jail this month. now he is facing more legal problems. kimberly tere joins us. >> reporter: george shirakawa is on probation on one case while another case finds its way through court. shirakawa released from jail after serving seven months and one day. the focus is on a separate criminal case. a jury indicted shirakawa last october on a felony charge of false impersonation. he pleaded not guilty. he is expected in superior court on this case in september.
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nbc bay area's legal analyst steven clarke says the felony conviction could effect the outcome of the other case. >> this was a very public case and george shirakawa made a very public pronouncement of his guilt. so now every perspective juror will know he already committed a felony. it will make him have a difficult time getting a fair trial because people are going to know he already committed one felony if not more. >> reporter: for the current felony conviction shirakawa is required to report to a probation officer, make restitution to citizens and stay away from gambling. he admitted to using public and campaign funds for his gambling addiction. it was a bit like the wild west in hayward today. three men wounded in two separate shootings. paramedics rushed both victims
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to the hospital. a couple hours later another shooting at an apartment complex in north hayward this time. they found another wounded man. all three victims expected to survive. an 8-year-old girl is fighting for her life in oakland after a stray bullet hit her in the neck. officers say it happened at her home in east oakland last night. according to the oakland tribune she was playing on her front porch with her brother when two men got out of the car. the unintended victims, the girl in critical and her brother not hit. so far no one has been arrested. a warning for parents and students in the east bay. it happened friday afternoon around 4:00 when the boy was walking home from hersh elementary school. a man reportedly asked the 10 year old if he wanted a ride. the boy says he was scared and ran home. the man is described as hispanic or indian about 30 years old
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with black spiky hair in an older blue four door car. police say they will have extra patrols in the area during school hours next week. firefighters say they are finally making progress on the fires burning in san diego. the fires burned more than 31 square miles including dozens of homes and other structures. >> it feels like armageddon. >> reporter: from charred landscape to burnt stucco the fire left its mark. amazingly this community is still standing. >> holy -- >> reporter: saturday morning the family returned home for the first time. despite a little damage to the yard the house is still intact.
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the neighbor's car not so much. the hill side next door still smoldering after a fire came dangerously close to their home. >> 12 feet between fire and our house. >> it's just amazing. the first thing that comes to mind is to thank people that do what they do every day. >> reporter: that appreciation spread across twin oak valley road when dozens of residents returned home. >> can't even explain. just happy to come back and have everything we worked hard for. >> reporter: a situation exhausting but also emotional for residents like mike mcginnis. his wife rushed in to save their cat in the middle of eevacuation orders. >> the fire is to the door sp she still went in it. >> reporter: fortunate, relieved and thankful not only for what was saved but also to those risking their lives on the front line. >> it is amazing that anybody
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has the guts and the courage enough to do that. thank you. >> authorities have arrested three people on arson charges in just the last few days there. the fires in southern california affected several animal shelters. sea world took care of 15 dogs and 30 exotic animals when one of the shelters had to evacuate because of the flames. a northern california horse is one race away from making history. >> california chrome has won the preakness! >> just a couple of hours ago california chrome completed the second leg of the triple crown. there were hundreds watching the race at golden gate field today. many people supporting the horse that no one thought would make it this far. >> i think he is going to take the triple crown. i really do. i have seen santa anita derby and kentucky derby and rooted
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when no one else did. >> the last horse to win triple crown affirmed back in 1978. >> thank you for that. >> i just looked it up. the final leg will be held june 7 and you can watch it here on nbc bay area. >> it will happen again. >> you think so? >> i am confident. i know nothing about horse racing. >> you betting? >> no. another multimillion dollar problem with the new eastern span of the bay bridge. what it needs to be fixed. and passengers at sfo can expect delays all summer long. the big changes at the airport that may impact you even if you are not flying anywhere. we are watching a breezy evening around the bay area right now. one that will make for a cooler finish to the weekend and possibly a chance for seeing showers in the seven day forecast. a look at that when we come right back. nbc bay area, honored with
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more adjustments are needed on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. a cal trans spokesperson says some of the rods are offcenter
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and need to be fixed. he says neither driver safety or seismic safety are impacted by the problem. we are told the bridge will remain open during repairs and a metropolitan spokesman says repairs are likely to be in the millions of dollars. passengers can expect delays all summer long at the airport san francisco international which closed two of the four run ways for safety upgrades today. an airport spokesperson says flyers leaving will be the most impacted as planes taking off will have to take longer. there will be fewer flights to choose from. you are not traveling still might notice a difference. flight patterns changing. more planes flying over south san francisco, san bruno and pacifica. it is one of the biggest days of their lives for thousands of berkeley students and families.
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it is graduation for the class of 2014. house minority leader nancy pelosi delivered the key note speech calling on students to use their education to change the world. the biggest applause came when pelosi addressed one particular group. >> let us unleash the power of women in our economy. [ cheers and applause ] as president obama has said when women succeed, america succeeds. >> pelosi also focused on freedom of speech. this year marks the 50th anniversary of the free speech movement at cal. vice president joe biden coming to the bay area next week to raise money for the democratic committee. tickets for the fundraiser start at $500. and coming up next rescued out at sea.
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we'll tell you how sheriff's deputies were able to save these people in the water. we are seeing a cool down many spots in the area 14 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. we are watching cooling temperatures plus a chance of seeing showers dropping into the new week. we will look at both in the seven day forecast when we come right back. got a story for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips.
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today eight boaters rescued
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near coyote point in san mateo. a marine unit rushes to the scene about noon at the yacht harbor. the disabled canoe was sinking about a mile offshore. boaters were in the water holding on to another canoe. all eight people did make it back to shore safely. it was pretty windy out there, too. >> a canoe a mile offshore scares me i can't tell you how much. >> you won't tell us. >> a lot. >> let's check in with rob mayeda on the weather. it was windy. >> sea breeze picking up early in the day. we had winds ten to 20 miles per hour. towards the afternoon wind speeds close to 30. livermore in the mid 60s. quite cooler in the trivalley. you can see gusty conditions around san francisco. white caps across the bay and sign of ocean air conditioning back in full force one of the
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reasons why tomorrow will be a relatively cooler day around the bay area. livermore 66 right now. that is the big difference from 24 hours ago. this is two days ago well into the mid and upper 90s. a big change in the weather. marine layer about 10,000 feet thick. you can see the wind still kind of gusty out there through about 8:00 tonight we see wind speeds 15 to 25 miles per hour and then will come back again around the same time tomorrow keeping temperatures finishing somewhat cooler. we can see interesting changes heading our way early next week. breezy and cool this evening. tomorrow morning you wake up to low clouds. with the extra low clouds temperatures mainly low 50s. you will see the temperatures in the 60s and 70s. don't expect showers for the end of the weekend forecast. monday night and tuesday might be a bit of a different story. you can see the spin of the clouds off the coast of western washington. that will dive towards northern
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california during the day monday. so you will notice well to the north of bay area we may see stray showers. tuesday could be the interesting day. the upper level low. we have hill top showers across the south bay and to the south of livermore. you couple that with spring time heating and gives us a chance of seeing a few brief showers and maybe could see isolated thunder. that is something we have to watch out for in terms of fire danger risk as the system continues to move on. as we watch the forecast for the second half of the week things turn warmer as we watch the low scoot towards the east. high pressure will build in and we see temperatures thursday and friday feeling like summer. we are talking valley temperatures mid to upper 80s. a bit of a roller coaster ride ahead. tomorrow cool around san jose. 72 degrees. san francisco bay to breakers
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looks fine. 50s to low 60s out there tomorrow and temperatures up towards the north bay perfect for your sunday plans. low to mid 70s after morning clouds. upper 70s around the trivalley. temperatures trending cooler from tuesday and rebounding by next thursday. back to you. coming up former warriors head coach mark jackson already has a new job. it is worth millions and he starts tomorrow.
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an unusual treat for families in the south bay today. they arrived at happy hollow zoo to find an olympic gold medalist and several celebrities reading and entertaining the crowd all for a cause. it is the reading adventures event. janelle wang was the emcee for the event. among celebrity readers author dana king. sharky showed up.
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olympic gold medalist crihristy yamaguci. bringing families together and stressing the importance of reading and developing the love of books for kids. >> the annual event is put on by and raises funds for the always dream foundation. former warriors head coach mark jackson has a new job calling the games on e serspn. jackson was fired last month. he is going to announce the eastern conference finals and nba finals. his first day of work is tomorrow. this is millions of dollars more in addition to the money the warriors are paying him to sit out next year. warriors hired steve ker.
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he was an espn announcer. >> they are switching spots. >> can't afford him. that is the biggest lie i have heard in a long time. $1,000 and i will do it. when we come back we have a lot cooking just for you. you heard where mark jackson ended up. we have more details of how steve kerr ended up in oakland. we have the running of the preakness stakes. will we get a triple crown winner? spoiler alert, the triple crown is still alive.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. 39 years, make it 36 years since we have had a triple crown winner. there is a 3-year-old horse named california chrome who could make history. california chrome won the kentucky derby and today he entered the starting gate in the second leg of the triple crown, the preakness. 139th running of the preakness. seth curry hanging out with tom brady. california chrome was the three to five favorite. all eyes on that number 3 horse and the jockey victor espinosa. decent start for california chrome but best work on the back stretch and came around the turn
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and it was all business for the horse named california chrome down the final stretch. >> california chrome comes into the final furlong with a two length lead. california chrome reaching for the wire! another 0.16. california chrome has won the preakness! >> california chrome wins keeping the dream going. chrome's owner can't hold back the tears. chrome is the 13th horse with the shot at the triple crown since 1978. >> it was complicated in the beginning of the race. second turn and then another horse that wants to take the lead and take my position. i got it done like right behind.
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and the other horse moves earlier. it is still a long way to go for california chrome. he was good enough today and we got it done. let's keep it rolling to baseball. as at indians. scott cashmere starts against his former team. he argues with the home umpire and showing that displeasure got him ejected from the game. in the second inning they lose their pitcher for arguing balls and strikes. that was a close pitch, by the way. to the third inning. there is a squirrel on the field. makes his way to the tarps and disappears into the crowd. this was a crazy game. same inning tied at 1-1. one on for brandon moss. two run shot for moss. his ninth homer of the season.
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right now as are leading 5-2 in the seventh inning. staying with baseball tony larusa returns to major league baseball. the diamondbacks hired him as chief baseball officer. the former as skipper will oversee the entire baseball operations department in arizona. the diamondbacks are 16-28. that is their worst start since joining the league in 1998. also, reportedly the knicks offer to steve ker was significantly lower than what the warriors were offering. new york post reporting the knicks initial offer was three years, $13 million. some knicks fans consider that a low ball offer since the team consecutive recently agreed to a five year deal for $60 million. so the big man gets paid and wants to cut it a little bit tight when it comes to paying
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his coach. that is not going to work. that does not work. maybe in the news business i guess. >> are you speaking from experience? >> absolutely for sure. >> want to get insight into what is going on behind the scenes there. >> i don't want to say too much. i do value the job that much. >> good to know, though. >> we won't ask you what you are making. thank you very much. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. "the mix" coming up next. seems like about every 15 years there is another big major scandal. >> governor jerry brown and the head of the state's democratic party weigh in. >> i remember saying to me that is a crazy, stupid idea. >> anyone who knows ann gust
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brown knows she calls her own shots. the governor's wife joins us for a rare conversation about her life with governor brown. "the mix" starts now. hello and welcome to "the mix". i'm janet reilly. this week the damage control. the biggest case is that facing senator leeland of san francisco. here is john berman. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> i know you do not embarrass easily. is it embarrassing that we have one democratic senator convicted of perjury? will this hurt the dem


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