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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 20, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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virus will begin later their week. >> reporter: good evening, raj. a three-mile area along the san jose/campbell border will be sprayed starting thursday night at about 11:00 as the west nile virus makes its earliest appearance the south bay has ever seen. >> adult mosquitoes right here. >> reporter: inside the vector control offices, they've tested the mosquitoes, along with the birds, and they say west nile virus is back. >> very intense virus activity, the kind we never thought we'd see again. >> reporter: but the spraying starts thursday night in this three-mile area within san jose and campbell, the earliest spraying our area has ever seen, and you can blame the drought. >> we've also had an unusually warm early spring and early summer now. and so the virus is pretty much everything that happens in the
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mosquito, including the virus is all driven by temperature. so the warmer things are, the faster they move. >> i started getting very sick, big headache. >> reporter: if you don't think this is big business talk to max, the first west nile patient back in 2004. >> and by sunday night my vision was starting to chan ing to col. >> reporter: ten years later he still suffers with symptoms and stays in contact with other survivors. >> we're survivors, but we're really the walking dead. >> reporter: testing and spraying to try to keep the virus from spreading. the spraying is expected to last for about three hours here come thursday evening. earlier today vector control workers were passing out flyers to neighborhoods that will be affected. scott budman, nbc bay area news more details now on west
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nile virus. over the last decade, more than 4,000 californians have been diagnosed with it, last year alone there were 379 cases, 15 of those cases were deadly. a developing story now. a worker falls to his death at a construction site on the peninsula. this happened just before 4:00 at the old race track in san mat mateo. the worker fell around 15 feet. construction crews are transforming the old race track into condos and houses. no word yet on what may have caused that accident. investigators are now on site, and we'll have more on the story as soon as we get it for you. let's take you outside and talk about the chance of lightning. it's on its way. here's a live picture now above the foothills of east san jose. you can see the clouds gathering. those clouds could produce lightning, and there's already plenty of action in the sierra. take a look. snow in lake tahoe.
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this is mid may and right near heavenly valley on the south shore. let's bring in jeff ranieri who's tracking all of this activity. >> the thing that we're looking at is we're not seeing a great risk of lightning. there's just a slim possibility and even a 20% to 30% chance across the bay area is good enough for us to mention that risk. the storm system producing it is currently centered across lake tahoe. as that gets closer tonight we could see things shift. but across the sierra, check out the totals. 4 to 5 inches across the higher elevations right near 7,000 to 8,000 feet. we've gt these yellow arrows on here. that's where the circulation of this storm system could still funnel some activity down toward san jose, also portions of the north bay as we continue throughout tonight. the risk is slight, but, again, we may see some isolated lightning as we head throughout
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tonight's forecast. we'll leave you with this and have more later in the forecast. check out how temperatures surge up there. for the valleys, 90 this upcoming sunday. we'll have more details coming up. new details in a troubling case of vandalism. and those attacks have been caught on camera. on the left you can see what happened overnight. surveillance cameras found someone putting a liquid on the car and lighting the car on fire. someone poured paint on another family vehicle. why fire investigators say there's reason that this could be solved quickly. >> reporter: that video surveillance that you showed us is very, very clear. and those cameras went up on this house after the man says that his family was terrorized more than once. in the surveillance video you can see a person dowsing a liquid onto this suv and set it
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on fire. it's unnerving to watch. and for the father who lives in that home, it is infuriating. >> i'm angry, very angry. >> reporter: he was home with his five teenagers when his daughter heard a popping sound. they saw the suv engulfed in flames. they tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher and hose. his daughter called 911. >> yes, it could have burned the house down. as you saw from the footage, palm trees got, you know, burned as well. >> reporter: as you can see in the footage, the palm trees were really close. the trees got singed on the flames and about $10,000 of damage to the garage too. but perhaps even more frightening is why he put that surveillance system up in the first place. he says someone is terrorizing his family. three times in the last six weeks someone's vandalized their
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cars. in this picture they're throwing paint and a paint can at the suv. they're hoping the police will track down these suspects and he thinks the public can help. >> if you know anything, this will help get this guy behind bars. >> reporter: san jose fire investigators say that the video evidence is very good and could help them solve this crime very quickly. and that's without enhancing it, which we know when they have the technology to do. the father of five hopes that someone will see something in that video that will lead police to an arrest. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. a live look inside san jose city council meeting tonight where leaders are debating the fate of pot dispensariedispensa. the idea would be to create a buffer zone around day cares and schools. pot club advocates are angry
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about the idea of selling all the marijuana they grow at the dispensary on site. businesses next to pot clubs are dealing with vandalism and bad behavior from some of the buyers. how do you know if your local restaurants are clean and have passed more inspections. now we may see scorecards right there on the windows. a similar rating system was passed earlier this month in santa clara county. we have the latest. jenna? >> the san mateo county civil grand jury released this the report today citing our undercover investigation. it recommended san mateo restaurants have placards with their scores. it found what we did, that they need more accountability and enforcement. all are required to post the most recent inspection report.
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only one that we visited had the current report posted. the report shows how the restaurant scored from excellent to poor along with major violations that could affect your health. the grand jury recommends developing a program that would require restaurants to display results with window placards and fine them if it's not up. they also found some information online was inaccurate. the director tells us the department is working on improving it and looking at the possibility of a placarding system. the board of super visors has received copies of this report and has until august 19 to respond to the allegations. bitcoin getting a higher political profile from gavin newsom. as mayor of san francisco you may remember he opened the door to same-sex marriage back in 2008, performing the first ceremony himself. now as he runs for lieutenant
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governor he is breaking from the pack becoming one of the few politicians accepting bitcoin. that's the virtual currency. earlier this month, the federal commission voted unanimously to allow bitcoin for political donations. new information on the vice presidential visit next week. he will visit a power couple. minimum donation to attend? $500. the priciest ticket? $10,000. it is being billed as an intimate little gathering with the attendance capped at 50 people. the 11-year-old girl from the peninsula swinging her way into the record books. she's making national headlines. what this doll face has never done before. >> it was the most egregious violation of standard protocol i've ever encountered in 35
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years. it is one of the bay area's most toxic sites, but some claim it's been botched. and a big rig causing big trouble at a major port. the crash that brought business and the commute to a halt.
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a big rig crash is to blame for knocking out power to hundreds of homes and businesses in the east bay. see that truck there? it hit a power pole about 9:30 this morning at the entrance to the port of oakland. the crash knocked out power to some 200 homes and businesses, including the port. bart even had to shut down some
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trains. the power is now back up and running. if your holiday weekend plans involve driving into san francisco, there's some information you need to know. caltrans is closing southbound 280. and it's going to be for several days. crews will be replacing a hinge under the roadway. and this is just the beginning of that hinge work. closures are also set for the july 4th holiday weekend and the labor day weekend as well. >> all these things were taken into consideration. and what we did was did traffic counts on different days of the week, on holiday weekends. and the impact is a lot less on those weekends than it would be during a normal commute time. >> work begins at 9:00 in the evening thursday, due to wrap up 5:00 next tuesday. drivers are being told to take 101 as a detour. it's one of the most toxic sites in the bay area. we first told you back in february about insiders who questioned whether the cleanup
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has been handled properly. tonight we hear from two whistle blowers. here's vicky nguyen -- >> a quarter billion of your dollars have been used so far to clean up hunters point. they want to build homes and offices on that site. they say corners are being cut and public health is at risk. during world war ii, hunters point was a navy shipyard. used as a research and testing lab for nuclear weapons and licensed for the unrestricted use of radioactive materials. but this site, with its toxic legacy is undergoing a renaissance. city of san francisco plans to turn hunters point into one of the most beautiful pieces of land in the bay area with 800 acres of water front homes, retail and parks. >> i would not feel comfortable moving there, having a yard
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where i could grow a garden. absolutely not. >> san francisco's absolutely beautiful. i left my heart there, but it's a shame that this is happening. >> burt and susan worked for navy contractor tetra tech. they have decades of experience working in nuclear power and radio logical safety across the country. >> how would it compare to any other site you've worked on? >> it was the most egregious violation of standard protocol i've encountered in 35 years. >> reporter: a year into the job he witnessed questionable behavior. >> the disposal of radioactive materials. >> reporter: he sent these photos and e-mails, documenting trucks shipping dirt away without being surveyed. and watermarked as contaminated.
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>> the most the common are radium, cesium and strontium. you are the concern with bone cancer. things like that down the road. >> reporter: he says the public can't be confident soil leaving hunters point and soil that remains here to be used as back fill underneath future development is radiation free. he alleges tetra tech management cut corners to save money. >> it's been botched. it's been botched. >> it's not right. they can't be shipping potentially contaminated soil as clean landfill into the city of san francisco. this can't be done. >> reporter: andrews says she raised a red flag when she discovered that tetra tech managers made a decision involving this, a portable monitor that sounds an alarm when it detects radiation. this is an internal manual
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obtained by the nbc bay area investigative unit. it shows in 2011, the set point was raised to 8.5. its original level in 2008 was 6. andrews says that dramatically lowered how much radiation the monitors would detect. >> they're trying to get dirt out that's contaminated that should never have left hunters point shipyard. >> reporter: andrews began documenting major problems she witnessed and shared with us her personal logbook that tracked the trucks leaving the site. >> there was 17, 20, 12 a day that never passed the monitor. >> reporter: they witnessed other questionable behavior. they took their concerns all the way up to the nuclear regulatory commission and submitted 30 complaints between them to the nrc. >> what i was told in hunters
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point shipyard, shut up. don't talk to the nrc because they won't help you. >> reporter: we obtained these reports indicating inspectors traveled to hunters point to investigate but in each instance responded that they were unable to substantiate the claims. >> did they do what they should have done in response to your complaint? >> in my opinion, not thoroughly enough. >> as an american i believed in the nrc, i'm not sure i believe in them any more. >> reporter: both bowers and andrews lost their jobs. >> taxpayers are paying thousands and thousands of dollars, everybody across the united states is paying for that clean up, and it's not being done correctly now. >> reporter: tetra tech denied our request for interview. meanwhile, bauers and andrews are suing tetra tech for retaliation. they say they were fired after raising their concerns. the company denies those
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allegations. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for vickie or anyone else, give us a call or send us an e-mail. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. he has our micro climate forecast. >> we are still tracking some of that shower activity and a few lightning strikes near lake tahoe. and we still could see just a little bit of this come our way tonight. it's only about a 30% chance but some of these rogue thunderstorms have made it very close to the bay area tonight. we'll continue to be tracking that. we do have windy conditions throughout san francisco. most temperatures near the coast in the 60s. and also clearing throughout the peninsula. but some dark clouds still lingering here throughout the south bay. the most important thing as we get you into the forecast tomorrow is temperatures are going to warm up. we'll see numbers anywhere from 4 to 7 degrees warmer for wednesday's forecast, and you'll be able to see we'll likely have
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the largest average in the north bay with the low 80s. it will stay cool in san francisco with upper 60s. now the trend over the next three days, you can see here for the north bay, east bay and tri valley will be a warming one. as weigh head throughout thursday we're going to go up an another couple degrees in the east bay and north bay, and for the tri valley, mid-80s in the north bay, we'll also expect temperatures at 86 degrees in the tri valley. the only problem i could find in the forecast is the fact that pollen is at the moderate levels for tomorrow. and check it out. >> as we head throughout this upcoming week, we'll see it spike to the high category at least by saturday's forecast. we'll have more coming up in a little bit. thank you, jeff. ahead, a major move for stanford and the fight to stop climate change. they will no longer invest in
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co coal companies. a 11-year-old golfer making history, and it all started right here at this golf course in foster city. i'll tell you all about it coming up.
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explosive allegations against the national football league tonight. some well-known retired players are suing the league saying they were injected with risky and illegal drugs during this playing days. newbery and dent are listed in this lawsuit filed today in san francisco in federal court. also jim mcmahon. the players say the teams gave them dangerous painkillers to mask their injuries and keep them on the field which has led to medical complications. the nfl has yet to comment. she is 11 years owed and is set to compete against some of the best golfers in the world.
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>> lucy lee is the youngest person to ever qualify for the u.s. women's open. cheryl hurd is in foster city where she got her start, and i'd like to get lessons from her. >> reporter: yeah, me too. her coach tell please that he knew she was good but didn't know just how good she would become. a 11-year-old making history, and it all started right here. those who watched lucy lee bring home a trophy in her age bracket at the augusta championship back in april probably didn't know she was about to make history. but during an interview, you could tell the 11-year-old might have known she was on to something special. >> just a chance to be here is amazing, and i really want to thank the pga, usga and masters to let, allow us to play here. >> reporter: she not only has the victory at augusta under her belt, at age 11, she is the youngest call with fire to play in the u.s. women's open.
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her coach jim mcqueen is proud because he knows the girl from redwood shores can play. >> she's learned all the shots in golf, how to curve the golf ball, short shots, long shots. and she hits the ball very square. >> reporter: you can see her determination in this youtube video posted by her father. she was only 7. toby ross, an instructor where she got her start saw her from the very beginning. >> at the end of the day when they leave, a lot of times she'd throw some tantrums crying and i'd ask the aunt or the mom what was the problem, and she would say oh, she's mad because she has to leave. >> reporter: lee is a household name at mariner's point golf course. the kid with the fantastic swing has a lot of people cheering her on. >> if your head is not in this game, you're absolutely not going to have a chance to win. it's so quiet and though one's there to help you out. you're by yourself and everyone's just watching you.
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>> reporter: now lee will go against the best women in the world in north carolina next month. reporting live in foster city, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. good for her. t it is ready. how much the drought is hurting california and which area is hit the hardest. live in san jose where students arrived to find the campus was closed. coming up, new developments in the last hour about when the school may reopen. >> and i'm sam brock. one of the bay area's most prestigious schools. saying it will no longer invest in coal companies.
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i walked into class and seen the sheriffs, no trespassing, like, whoa. >> right now at 6:30, a tough lesson for students arriving at college in san jose. what they found -- trespassing signs and locked doors, now those students may finally get some answers. >> the school may have struck a deal that could re-open the doors. marianne favro joins us with
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this new information. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the attorney for the property owner here. he says financial arrangements are being made right now, and there is a very strong likelihood that brieman college will reopen as early's tomorrow. >> it just put a whole new corkscrew on my future. >> reporter: for him, that corkscrew came in the form of this notice posted on his classroom at his college in san jose. he showed up to take his daily air conditioning technician course today and found out he had no class and no answers. >> i thought i was supposed to come to class today and this is what happened. no trespassing. it's a little odd ball, you know, briman college is a big name. you don't expect this from a college or strad cool. >> reporter: deputies posted notices on the classrooms yesterday. the locks were changed and the
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school for dental, medical and other specialties were closed today. in a phone interview, robert baker, an attorney for biohealth college inc. would only say there was a dispute with the landlord and we expect everything will be resolved later today. that doesn't seem likely. the property is owned by winchester payne, llc. biohealth college owed at least $80,000 in past due rent. he says eviction proceedings started back in february, and this was the fourth time the ten apartment had received an eviction date. alexander is worried about his own finances. he shelled out $3,000 to bryman for a month and a half of classes and doubts he'll get any money back. >> they're conniving, they're being weasels, you know? >> reporter: while they still have not received official word from the college, they do plan to come here tomorrow to see if
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they can in fact get into classes. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. researchers have put a price tag on california's drought estimating that the state economy will lose nearly $3.5 billion. the agriculture industry alone has lost $1.6 billion. that's because hundreds of thousands of eriacres are going unplanted. no water to grow anything. not enough jobs. >> there are seasonal and full time jobs that are going to be affected by the water shortage. it's very significant, particularly in the rural communities that depend on agriculture for their economic sustainability. >> we're talking --
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>> locally stanford says it's committed to fighting global warming and recently announced it will no longer invest in coal companies. sam brock looks at stanford's promise to see if it holds weight. >> stanford university did make national headlines just a few weeks ago under student pressure. it would divest its investment in coal companies. but is the university really washing its hands clean of coal? on a spring day, the campus is flooded with bikers, and electric powered shuttles have just scored another victory. this petition signed by more than 1800 students and faculty nudged the university from divest from coal companies. knicks a stanford junior. it's one of his chemical engineering classmates who helped get that petition off the
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ground. >> if more campuses are able to do this elsewhere in the nation hopefully people will start following suit. >> reporter: now stanford easily has the highest profile of those who have recently decided to divest from coal, but are they really going to be coal free? they say they will not make direct investment in coal companies. >> i think it's a symbolic gesture. >> reporter: he says the university is still benefitting from coal in other ways. like, say, in the many building and construction projects popping up all over campus. >> we use many products derived from coal, steel, cement which goes into the buildings is produced from low-cost electricity which is likely to have been row deuced from coal. >> reporter: this divestment only focuses on coal for energy,
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not steel production or any other by-product, but it says that coal energy has the biggest footprint of fossil fuels. >> i do think it is a step in the right decision. the nation needs to start moving away from other coal-based products. >> hopefully they'll be able to use energy for building buildings that does not involve coal-produced energy. >> i thought it was an actionable or big step in the right direction. >> reporter: they called for the university to freeze investment in things harmful. they picked coal. coal stocks have plummeted in the last two years while shale and natural gas are exploding. maybe the university is
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straddling the line between being eco conscious and not shooting itself in the foot. a follow up now to city college of san francisco and its battle to keep its accreditation. the school is fighting to keep its accreditation after an evaluation in 2012. the department of education told bay area congresswoman nancy pelosi in a letter that the accrediting commission can extend its deadline to give the school more time to fix the problems. pelosi has been an outspoken supporter of city college. ahead, hard to stomach. the salary you need to learn to buy an averaged-priced home in the bay area. why dozens of america's historic sites are in danger. plus. and a new twist in american, san francisco's crookedest street that could put a kink in your summertime sightseeing. and i'm jeff ranieri.
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clouds building across san francisco all the way down to san jose right now. and while we're tracking this slight thunderstorm chance tonight we'll talk about a warmer forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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yesterday it was oregon. today, pennsylvania. a federal judge striking down pennsylvania's ban on same sex marriage. the ruling is especially significant because pennsylvania
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was the last northeastern state where same sex couples were banned from getting married. the judge's order is expected to go into effect immediately unless the republican governor in pennsylvania is granted a stay while they appeal. today the auto maker announced four new recalls. the biggest recall is for more than 1.3 million cars including the buick enclave, chevrolet traverse and the gmc acadia made from 2009 to 2014. gm says the front seat belts can wear out over time and separate. they have issued 29 recalls so far this year involving roughly 11 million vehicles. if you have a lot of money, no problem, but that's not normally the case. a new study compares your salary to the median home price in seven u.s. cities. to buy a home in san francisco,
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they calculate you need to earn $137,000 a year after taxes. earn half of that you can buy a house in sacramento. in l.a., you need $86,000. you can go to cleveland with a median price of $102,000. it requires the lowest income, less than $30,000 a year if you want to buy a house in cleveland. >> i'm not moving to cleveland. >> it's a beautiful area. >> i'm sure it's very nice, but i'm not moving to cleveland. >> have you been to cleveland? >> i have, actually, in a snowstorm. >> you know what that means? he's not moving to cleveland either. >> we're going to get a lot of e-mails from clevelanders. >> check it out. in san francisco, you can see we've got a little bit of wind we're tracking right now. we'll talk about the potential of lightning in the forecast and a much hotter week coming up.
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from janes town, virginia to the kennedy space center, america's historic sites are in danger, that's the message from a particular group of scientists studying climate change. they have put together a list of 30 american landmarks they claim are in jeopardy. three of those happen to be in california. nasa's research center would be impacted by rising sea levels. and according to these particular scientists, the national monument near bakers field would be threatened by extreme heat and drought. when you're out of town, friends and family come to
6:45 pm
visit, driving down lombard street may not be an option. >> mark matthews is live on lombard. tourists have to be upset i'm guessing. >> reporter: you got it. this is really one of the iconic landmarks of san francisco. as you can see, people still lined up here, checking out the view. but for the folks who live on this street, the popularity's become a pain. picture this. lombard street between hyde and liefen worth, closed to cars. residents living on the most photographed switch backs say the traffic's gotten to be too much. >> the entire neighborhood gets gridlock gridlocked. >> reporter: he tells me it's a health hazard. >> there's smog and all kinds of pollution. >> reporter: they want it closed at least part time to all but residents and taxis. we watched as cars snaked past
6:46 pm
the condo. he told us this is nothing. >> usually it's about this much apart between cars. >> reporter: the neighborhood goal is to close the street during most of the summer and during holiday weekends. and that's a big ask considering driving down the street is such a tourist draw. >> it's a tradition for people to come down here. >> reporter: to drive down here. >> to drive down here, yes. >> i think they will still have some cars. >> reporter: but today, the metropolitan agency decided to ban all but local cars and taxis. people driving the street were not happy about that turn of events. >> i don't know if i will come back here. >> reporter: a tour operator at this afternoon's city hall meeting told me it's ridiculous. >> the idea that you shut it down, that's the point is that you drive down it. >> reporter: the metropolitan transportation agency says that
6:47 pm
it will study the effects of closing lombard in this block for four weekends this summer, but i can tell you, tourists wanting to drive down are just going to have to park their cars and walk it. and parking on russian hill is already at a premium. on russian hill, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> yeah. that is one congested area. >> i prior walking it, with the stairs right there. >> if you can find a parking spot. you drive around in a circle and leave me. and pick me up. >> i will be your uber. >> generous, this chauffeur. this storm has produced lightning strikes and late season snow. we saw a stronger storm pop up over mt. hamilton. but that's just about out it for today. we'll have to monitor at least through tonight the chance of maybe a stray lightning strike.
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let's look at the snow cast, right up south lake tahoe, that led to 7 inches at kings bury grade. anywhere from 1 to 4 inches down to yosemite. and you can still see a few spotty snowshowers from south lake tahoe to bear valley. temperatures are in the 60s of the even still some low 70s throughout the north bay and also the peninsula. visibility at about 7 to 8 miles here across the bay. and we've also started to see some blue sky building into the forecast. partly sunny here in san jose as, again, that storm system moves off to the south and east. not a bad evening for us again and only about a 30% chance that we may see something pop up for tonight. let's take you into the next thing. that is the future cast. we're going to show you as we head throughout tomorrow we still won't be able to shake the
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cloud cover for all of the bay area. right around 6:00, 7:00, check out the fog at the immediate coastli coastline. we head throughout the afternoon and we expect mostly sunny skies through the interior valleys. along the coastline that fog is going to stay put so do expect the cooler weather there. but the overall trend for the next two days, you see that system move on out. high pressure builds on in. it's going to bring sunny skies, temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above what we had today. it's going to help elevate our fire threat, and it's going to remain gusty at the coastline. it will stay partly cloudy at the south bay. san jose looking for a high of 76. right about where it should be for this time of the year. looking good here in the south bay. 77 in morgan hill. for the peninsula, also warmer, close to 80 degrees in palo
6:50 pm
alto. san mateo getting cooler, closer to the coastline at 71. and 60s along the embarcadero. and the marina expecting 656789 let's take you to the east bay and tri valley. sausalito, cooler by the bay with 69. but it's still a beautiful afternoon expected with partly cloudy skies. walnut creek 78. by this weekend, i'm calling it looking great. never too early to look ahead towards the weekend. san francisco, 74 and check it out -- the north bay, the spot to be if you like the heat. 92 saturday. sunday, 94 degrees. >> he gives the weekend a title -- looking great. >> you got to add a little extra. >> yes, you do, jeff, you do. let's bring in gerard
6:51 pm
moncure from our comcast sports net studios and steve kerr was in the studios. a lot of pressure on the warriors new coach. >> a lot of pressure, but i think it's a welcome challenge. he seemed very, very relaxed at today's press conference. a knew era officially began as steve kerr's introduced as the man to take the dubs to the next level. as a player, analyst and front office executive, he's one of 25 players in league history to win five championships. his entire nba body work he believes has him prepared for this opportunity, which he knows has great potential. >> the mentality of the golden state warriors is entirely different right now than what it was three years ago when it was perennially the worst rebounding club in the league. and they were just hoping to outscore teams. i'm coming in here knowing this is a good team, this was already a good team, and they've done a
6:52 pm
great job. mark, the front office, what they've been able to build is impressive, and i'm just trying to continue the progress and keep that going. >> all right. early baseball. giants and rockies. before the game tonight at coors field, hudson warmed up for thursday's series finale. buster posey sitting this one out. bum gardin nergardner on the hi. right now no score in the fourth inning. coco crisp facing jake and that ball is trouble. derrick norris and sogard score, 2-0 a's. drew pomeranz induces the play from jennings, getting out of the inning with no damage done. joe maddon challenged the ruling
6:53 pm
but the call was upheld, in the seventh, 3-0 oakland. finally, a very special day in alameda for a hardworking student. he was treated to a raiders image shopping spree at the team headquarters. the oak land native is on his way to yale on an academic scholarship after finishing with a 5.0 gpa. >> people are going to say you can't do things. people are going to judge you a certain way based on your appearance. but at the end of day it's up to you to do what you can do, do what makes you happy and what you can to be where you are at the end of the day. >> as if he's not busy enough, he plans to play baseball for the bulldogs. we'll have much more on this highly motivated young man later in the week. and you'll hear what streeter and jones think of his
6:54 pm
achievements. >> that is an impressive sat score. 2100. >> that's all like the highest classes you can take and you ace them all. >> that doubled my gpa. >> thanks, gerard. >> you got it. >> for a whole lot more and more with steve kerr, you can watch sports net central tonight.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, we investigate the quality of your child's day care and what the state won't or can't do, which is post safety inspection records online. what those documents show might surprise you, that's tonight at
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11:00 after the voice. a bart station agent is being hailed a hero after he located a man with autism. john was on duty when he got a call from bart police. a 24 year old man with autism had not gotten off the train with the rest of his group. he found the man outside the bus area. he knew exactly what to look for and how to approach him because he himself has aaughter with autism. the young man's mother says he saved her son. >> very nice story. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we hope you have a great evening. >> and we hope to see you at 11:00, too. ♪
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hollywood murder shocker, a tv star under arrest for shooting his wife in front of their kids. now on "extra." "shields" star michael james in handcuffs, his wife of ten years dead inside their l.a. home. why the tv cop opened fire in a shocking 911 confession. new video kim and kanye hitting the gym in paris. their new mission impossible wedding operation from secret cell phones to private jets. plus, "modern family" in a wedding work with kim-ye. >> kim and ronde, try to top this. >> i think it's kanye. new


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